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I had to get teeth pulled yesterday and i get your not taking prompts so i feel really bad for asking but i could really use a fic where alex or maggie gets teeth pulled and its just funny because laughing gas and novicane

Of course she’s avoided going to the dentist.

“I have worlds to save and a superhero little sister to take care of, Kara, I don’t have time to let some stranger poke around in my mouth with sharp implements.”

But Kara pouts, and Alex has a acquired a limited immunity to it, but when Maggie joins in with a “Danvers, you were in so much pain last night we had to stop while you – “, Alex yelps and blushes and “alright, alright, alright, I’ll go to the damn dentist.”

Of course her wisdom teeth are impacted.

Of course they are.

Maggie holds her hand even though Alex mutters something about being a grown woman, but Kara just laughs gently and spills the secret of how much Alex hates, hates, hates needles.

Alex would normally mind, but it’s Maggie; it’s Maggie, and Kara knows this, and sure enough, Maggie doesn’t laugh – she hates needles, too – and she doesn’t tease. She just kisses the inside of Alex’s arm, the underside of her wrist, gives her hand to Kara, and tells her she’ll be right back.

Turns out she’s asked if they can give Alex gas before they give her any needles, and she’s given them death glares when they tell her they usually only do that for children, and they’ve acquiesced and Alex?

Alex is bad enough at being taken care of normally, but coming out from under laughing gas while on novocaine? She’s an absolute terror.

“Alex, hey. Maggie’s in the waiting room, do you want her to come in, too?”

“Kara! Heyyyy. You know those glasses don’t make you look all that much different. Maggie knew. Maggie’s so smart. Isn’t she smart, Kara? And pretty? Isn’t she so pretty? Hehe, my girlfriend. Isn’t it funny that she’s so smart and she’s so pretty and she’s so my girlfriend? And your glasses. Hehe. People are stupid.”

Kara fetches Maggie immediately.

“Hey soldier, how you holding up?”

“Hey, Kara look! It’s my girlfriend! You know I was just talking about you. I mean, I think I was. Was I, Kara? It’s… did they do the thing yet? Oh, hey, there’s all this stuff in my mouth… That was fast, wasn’t that fast? Hey, Maggie, you know if you kissed me right now I probably wouldn’t feel it? How weird is that? Not feeling your kiss? Because your kisses are amazing, I’ve never – “

“Well, I’ll leave you two alone – “

“No, little sis, stayyyyy! Stay, we won’t make out, Maggie doesn’t kiss me when I’m not sober, she’s annoying like that, all consenty and stuff – “

Maggie kisses her forehead and Alex preens and her gauze slips out of her mouth and Maggie chuckles as Alex splutters and she replaces it tenderly with a fresh one. Kara’s heart melts and Alex’s heart swells.

“Oh heyyy, I get to have smoothies, right?”

“Yes, babe, I got you all kinds of – “

“Ugh, is it vegan ice cream? Because I… it… gross…”

Kara and Maggie exchange smirks as Alex passes out. It’s another half hour or so before she wakes up again, before she’s cleared to be taken out of the recovery room and into Maggie’s car home.

“Ally, it’s okay, you’ve gotta go slow – “

So naturally, Alex tries to sprint down the hallway.

Kara and Maggie both wonder when they became the parents instead of Alex and Maggie.

In the car – another ordeal, because Alex is exhausted and high and rebellious all at the same time, and keeps trying to get into the driver’s seat, something about Maggie’s legs not being long enough to reach the gas pedals – Kara pulls Alex’s head into her lap in the back seat and strokes her hair until she falls back to sleep.

Maggie adjusts the rear view mirror before she pulls out of the parking space so she can take a long glance at her Danvers girls, a soft smile on her face and an unfamiliar warmth in her heart.

She’s not sure, but she thinks the warmth might be something like family.

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Komaeda and the Warriors of Hope welcoming Monaca after her little trip from the space.

a while ago @novatoast and I were talking about how Monaca would get down from space since it’d be impossible for her to get down unless there was an outside force… namely Hinata’s boundless talents! Monaca’s ticket back to earth would be through a rocket ship ride, courtesy of Hinata. but of course… it would take a while for her to get used to it.

So like funny story

Today I went to work (Real Sports Bar and Grill) with a funny feeling (almost like an inkling) that I would see a professional athlete walk in. Now, RS is owned by MLSE and Leafs/Raptors/TFC players come in, but not often. It’s not exactly surprising when they do, but I’ve been working there for six months now and I’m still not used to it.

ANYWAYS, I get to work and there are like 10 resos - the place is basically dead. Around about noon, Jake Gardiner and Lucy Cashin walk in and I recognize them immediately obviously. Jake asks if they can get a table and since it’s just the two of them I assume they’re on a date (though why they would come here for one I have no idea) but I say of course (duh) and I ask one of the other girls to take them to our lounge reserved for MLSE players while I let a manager know.

Before they walk off, Jake turns to me and says that there are a few more coming, and I ask how many and he says one or two, so I make a mental note that obviously my favourite human being in the world (aka Morgan Rielly if you didn’t know that you clearly haven’t been a follower for more than a day) so I say that’s fine and that we’ll send them over when they get here.

So Jake and Lucy walk off and about ten minutes later I see Morgan walk through the building doors because even though his head was down I recognized that damn Pittsburgh Pirates hat he always wears (I swear he doesn’t own a single other hat). He comes in and I have to literally tell myself to calm the fuck down under my breath.

Morgan walks in and looks at me standing at the hostess desk so I smile and say “They’re in Players Lounge.” And he smiles back (WITH THAT BIG TOOTHLESS GRIN FUCK MY LIFE) and says “Thanks.” And walks off towards PL.

Mitch Marner joined them about an hour later and they were watching March Madness and just chilling but I’m not gonna lie, Morgan made my entire day just by making eye contact with me

If you’re still reading this I commend you because that was long af. Also Raptors players came in too - Delon Wright, Patrick Patterson, the whole crew.

So that was my story of the day, thanks for listening as I vented lmao

but can we also appreciate how gloriously defiant kallus remained even after being tortured? dude had been beaten within an inch of his life and was still handing out burns to the imperial commend while flanked by deathtroopers and probably coughing up blood or some shit

and it’s clear he was tortured, even though disney obviously can’t show us much, being disney. they made a concerted effort to make sure we knew. it takes a lot of effort to create a new character model for someone, and we see characters get smacked down hard in fights and reaching near death all the time in the series without any changes to their character model at all. so the fact that they made a beat up cut and bruised kallus and even went to the lengths of changing his hair model and animating the little floppy bit (lol)? that MEANS something. that is some significant shit. they wanted to make a definite POINT here. and the cuts and bruises definitely weren’t from his fisticuffs with thrawn because we don’t see them when he’s apprehended, only AFTERWARDS on the ship. 

and that pose he’s in with his arms strung up? textbook torture pose. whenever you see someone in that pose you know they’ve been tortured, like you don’t pose characters like that unless it’s some dark shit going down.

i feel like this is setting him up to be a lot more trusted and accepted by the rebellion going forward, since he has in a sense already martyred himself for them by being tortured because of being a rebel. like i don’t even think any of the main cast have had to suffer literal torture yet due to being a rebel. so i think this is really a huge turning point/transformation point for him as a character and definitely cements his redemption

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#2 I’m lucky because I’ve gotten to know a thing or two about Beth (mum’s the word but bless her) so going off that ... let’s say Will takes the two of them somewhere & gets caught up talking to a girl across the room and Beth is all ready to swoop in there but Amelia pulls her back because she either A) is enjoying herself watching Will talk his way out of an awkward situation or B) has learned to enjoy a little mischief once in a while and uses the opportunity to take a page from Beth’s book

Sooooo… this took me three days because I’m absurd. Way to fail at flashfics, self. However, like a true flashfic, it hasn’t even been reread much less proofread. 

September 2045 - Galloway Position

There’s a kind of exhilaration whitewater rafting that fifteen-year-old Bethany’s never quite found anywhere else. The rush of the current, the way the whitecaps lap over the edge of the raft and her attention goes hyper-focused on what she’s doing… she loves it. She always has. Hiking is great, rock climbing is better, but whitewater rafting is the best.

She laughs, the spray of the surprisingly cold water peppering her face as they hit a class four rapid aptly named The Undertow and she has to hold on to the rope running along the side of the raft to keep from being bucked off into the water.

“Reverse on this side!” their guide shouts, gesturing to the opposite side of the raft where her big brother is easily doing the work of any two people on the other side. It keeps throwing them off-kilter. There’s too much power to his stroke with the oar and he’s used to his dad levelling that out on the other side, but the only Queen here today is Will.

Well… for now, anyhow. Beth’s pretty sure the woman sitting in front of her is gonna be a Queen before too long. And the thought makes her nearly as giddy as the spray of water splashing her face and the rush of adrenaline as the raft pitches. She loves Amelia, loves how happy Will is with her and Beth is more than ready to interfere to make sure he stays that way.

“Even it out, guys!” the guide yells again from his spot in the back of the raft where he acts like a rudder, controlling their direction as best he can. He’s okay, but Beth’s had way better guides in the past. Including ones who realized she actually knows what she’s doing and used the correct terminology. Then again, maybe it’s not her the guide is dumbing things down for. There’s two other groups on their raft. A young couple with a guy who looks more than a bit terrified - Beth’s pretty sure his boyfriend dragged him on this excursion and it will be their last rafting experience together - and three twenty-something women who seem to have limited experience but the right attitude and focus.

Or… they have the right focus when they’re not blatantly checking out her brother.


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the hand you’re dealt

the big bang happened a while back  
and we won’t get another anytime soon  
so it seems like this is what we’ve got to
work with for the foreseeable future at least

someone’s searching the ruins of Alexandria
reading biographies of the greats
getting lost in youtube comments
all of them searching suggestion boxes  
for what to do with what we have

we’d all better hurry up
entropy won’t let us have it for keeps
you and I can take our time though
it’ll be here longer than us  

somewhere a new galaxy spins together
as a supernova tears another apart
dispersing and draining agents of change
while distance keeps us safe

our industries have been revolutionised  
many times over by now
the next step is computerised  
so we can live like they were never there

a hunter-gatherer goes to a drug store
a father roughhouses with his kids  
watering holes are as busy as ever
the sun beats down just the same  

“if we take france we lose the wine vote”
“hurt the swiss and we lose cheese”
“we don’t want our factories in flames”
“I guess we can settle for peace”

somewhere fine minds and lab assistants  
attempt to unravel the world  
and some time from now the sum
of their efforts  
will give them an answer of two

somewhere else a dog licking itself  
reaches the same conclusion  
and I can only assume it feels just as good

somewhere an orchestra is playing Vivaldi  
moving together perfectly in time
but when the song ends  
it’ll never be played the same again
the applauding crowd will carry it home

my yiayia gave me a puzzle box once
that wouldn’t open to my touch
not to brute force or persistence  
and after I figured out the mechanics  
it was empty all along

Like Father Like Daughter

Ruby: *Geeks out over a Signal Student’s weapon while Qrow and Taiyang watch* Ohmygodisthataharpoonspear? I love those so much! I remember trying to build a ejectable blade from my scythe but  kept putting holes in my uncle’s house…

Qrow: *Chuckles while taking a drink* Remind of anyone Tai?

Taiyang: Yeah, she’s got her mother’s love of weapons.

Qrow: *rolls eyes*


(Young Taiyang geeks out over a Beacon student’s Semblence while an annoyed Young Qrow watches)

Young Taiyang: OhmygodthatwasaspeedSemblencewasn’tit? I love those, you can zoom around Grimm, cutting and punching them all you want and you never have to worry about getting hit! I tried using my Semblence for speed alone once, that was a painful trip to the hospitial, not to mention what I did to my grandfather’s wall…

(Flashback end)

Qrow: Not who I was talking about.

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H-hello, me again~ Can I request some EE x MM fluff time?~ Like, EE protecting MM from monsters because he gets distracted too easily and he heals him and stuff.>//////< And maybe some hugs too? Thank you. ;/////;

“The only reason you keep getting hurt is because you keep messing with those drones,” Ain scolded, wrapping a bandage around Add’s arm. While Blatt Blume certainly helped, he couldn’t hold it up forever. He resorted to taking care of Add’s wounds himself until he could use it again.

“Don’t be so nagging, I could’ve handled myself there!“ Add spat out in response, amusing Ain greatly. He doesn’t want to admit he’s wrong.

"First, who’s the one taking care of you right now?” To make his point, Ain pulled on the bandage tightly enough to make Add wince before letting go. “I’m only saying that because you should look after yourself more. Those machines can’t help you when you get hurt.”

He started on another bandage. Nothing was said between them as Add bitterly thought back to that dungeon he was almost killed in if Ain wasn’t there. So preoccupied he was with perfecting his attacks he never noticed the demon lunging towards him before its life was cut short by Ain.

Add turned his head away from him, refusing to look at the angel. His plan to just ignore him failed when he suddenly felt the temperature rise all around him, Ain holding him closely. Exhausted from the fight, Add could do little to fight back the hug he was entrapped in now.

“Don’t be so cold… let me protect you for once, alright?“

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i just got enrolled for a new school and i came out to my mum a few months ago and told her my preferred name and everything. she then wrote down my dead name as my preferred name :/. any advice to try and get her to realise that my dead name aint my name?

I’m so sorry your mom did that. That’s really shitty of her.

If you haven’t already, it could be worth trying to sit her down and explain to her how much it hurts to be deadnamed and how important your chosen name is to you - and that it is important to you that she at least tries to remember and respect that.

Since you came out fairly recently, it might also be a good idea to let her know that it’s okay if she slips up sometimes - that you understand that it might take a while forher to get used to your new name. But also that she can’t use that as an excuse for constant deadnaming. She needs to make a serious effort to use your new name.

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Ive been this disappointed in my life I really thought he was smarter than that but the devil played him ofc she doesn't have a career or young to care about all she wants is his bank account I really think she got pregnant without planning this with liam bc he's going yo start a career and be a father at the same time let alone that he spent the whole pregnancy thing away from her and barely he's there which is sad like why would you be into a relationship with an old woman +

who’s been planning to have a baby with her team when she finds the perfect daddy and which is better than a young naive celebrity who’s trying to buld his career now we will never get music and I hate him much for promising us soon but we got a baby instead it’s sad that I thought he loves music more this his life but he seems enjoying changing diapers while watching his former bandmates take all over the world

Well if you hate him so much, you’re at the wrong blog, I understand frustration but its not your life anon, it’s none of our lives.

And 33 is NOT an old woman for  goodness sake.  70 is an old woman and that’s questionable these days actually okay, but don’t get me started on the ageing population okay or we’ll be here all week? 

I do agree that this wasn’t agreed or planned.  However, anyone tries to paint this, the facts are that we had media headlines talking about pregnancy back in March last year, and then speculation about a bump from May when she had her baby on Wednesday apparently which means conception in July. 

Beyond all that. We WILL have solo liam, we can still enjoy all that. I personally still believe and support Ziam but I certainly won’t sacrtifice my own values in this belief. 

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I mean if I was dnp i would have like dan take Mother's Day one year and Phil the next while the other took Father's Day and switch around every year may as well use it as a second Father's Day and get a cadburys milk tray and flowers twice a year instead of once lmao! gotta get those presents!!!

you have the best kind of mind and rationality

let’s chat about dnp

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The RFA members (+ Saeran and V) eating Samyang (those spicy af Korean ramen?) as in, who'd cry eating them because they can't handle how hot it is and who eats them for breakfast lunch and dinner with a poker face? Thx thx!!

Hm I kinda want to try that one

I would cry too !

I too ate spicy food before so I just use my personal experience with these

I hope you are happy with this anon

and sorry  it took too long


  • He gets curious about what you are eating and he wants to try it too.
  • You tell him that it´s very spicy but he does not listen.
  • Since it does not affect you at all.
  • Zen just takes a few spoons and he acts like he is fully okay but he has tears in his eyes.
  • Soon he rushes to the fridge for milk.
  • While you just lough at him.
  • Zen will not admit his defeat and suffer threw the entire bowl.
  • He is secretly jealous of how cool you are with this.


  • He wants to try the ramen too I mean how bad can it be.
  • You warn him but he wants to show you how manly he his.
  • Yoosung takes one spoon at first its not too bad so he has a second one and then he feels the burn and he is crying hard from the heat.
  • You feel bad for him and give him chocolate.
  • Yoosung thinks you are so cool for being able to handle such spicy food.
  • He will try to learn your ways.


  • You are so cool with this she first thinks you are being overdramtic when you say it´s really spicy when people  are not used to it.
  • After she tires some and she starts tearing up she realizes that she should had never doubted you.
  • Jaehee finds new respect for you and your ability to handle such spicy thinks.


  • He is curious of your commoner food habits even when you tell him that normal humans don´t ever eat this spicy stuff you just really love to eat it.
  • He is willing to learn from you so he eats some of it actual he eats the whole bowl and he does not even react till he is done.
  • You are thinking that he might is just used to spicy food too.
  • Then he walks casually to the kitchen and drinks a whole container of milk.
  • So he could not handle it after all and he will just let you have your ways with your spicy commoner meals.


  • You made him some to try it out but you warn him of course since he is not even used to normal food.
  • So he tries it and he is tearing up but he still eats it all while suffering.
  • You offer him milk and chocolate but he sticks to his Dr. Pepper even when you tell him it wont help.
  • He is basically a sobby mess at some point he even thinks your bowl has no spice in it but you offer him some of your and nope just as spicy.
  • He thinks you are really tough but he wont loose he will spend month to build up and then he requests a showdown with you.
  • You still win but he tires at least.


  • He wants to try it even you warn him he thinks its probably not that bad.
  • He eats it and its much more spicy then he thought but he does eat it all he would feel awful to waste food.
  • Specially if you made it for him.
  • So he really suffers he tears up a bit but he gets threw with milk.
  • He really likes that you handle this so well  you must be really tough.


  • He wants to see how bad it really is I mean if you can handle it its nothing.
  • He just takes a bit from your bowl without even asking.
  • He is regretting it already but he can not show this that would make him look weak so he just takes the rest and finishes it off.
  • He pretends it´s nothing but he disappears to get some milk and you know it since he was tearing up from the heat.
  • You not say anything about that though and tell him how strong he is to pull this off.
  • Probably never eats spicy food again.
Translation Updates

So as some of you noticed, since even before I got the prologues up for the Sunset novel the part 2 of Chapter 4 was already available. I did that scene a long time ago, and I didn’t see the point of combining that scene with other parts. I feel most of you have probably read it or parts of it, so I would hate to have most of it be something you already read. For those that have not read it, you can read it here. Or just click on that part when you get caught up on the Translation Works page.

I DID go through it again and brushed up some grammar mistakes and fixed some lines. Two which you should take note of:

1. I changed the line with “monsters who try to act human are better than that” to “I prefer monsters who try to be human than that.” The original text/word used really clarified he would very much prefer monsters attempting to be human while still being a monster compared to humans who throw away their own humanity. So I reworded it in an attempt to better clarify the statement.

2. The other is unfortunately a quote I’m sure many have already seen for a while.

“I at least accepted this much, but the next time I do harm to myself…I have a premonition that I will probably lose my life.”

Got changed to: “…..the next time I slip up….”

This got changed because I at the time had very little understanding of the meaning and use of a certain word. I don’t think the overall meaning changed, but I fixed it anyway.

The only other minor changes were grammar, typos, and changing spoken character names to “you.” For those that don’t know, in Japanese it’s more rude to say the word “you” so usually you replace it with a person’s name or title. Even when talking to said person. It’s a weird concept at first and sounds weird to do in your own native language I assume (definitely English), but it’s extremely common in that language. The only reason why I did it that way the first time was because I wanted to show how the characters addressed one another.

Anyway, happy reading. ;)

Lifetime Supply of Blood Tests

Many people do not understand that the medications we are on can affects the levels in our blood. I am on Mercaptopurine myself to help manage the symptoms of my Crohn’s Disease and I have to get a blood test every three months to check my liver. Inflammatory bowel disease is not just simplified to us taking a lot of pills for the rest of our lives to manage the symptoms of our disease and hopefully one day put us in remission. The medication we are on always helps with one issue and affects us other ways. The medications we are on, our gastroenterlogists have determined that the benefits outweigh the risks while on them. I get the CBC and the Liver Panel tests done every single time in combination with testing other levels. My gastroenterologist gives me lab slips in advance so that I can go when I am due for them. My GI’s office even calls me when they’ve noticed I am late and due for one when I forget that I haven’t done with the hustle and bustle of life in general. I have to say that needles do not fear as much nowadays because of the blood tests. I have had them countless times. The only anxiety I get with them is who is going to administer them to me. I get kind of in a panic when I do not get the same person I usually have or she is not there. That is when I find myself get a bit nervous because I grow comfortable with one phlebotomist and then all of the sudden I have this random person who I know nothing about draw my blood. I have had both good and bad experiences, but I know I have to have them for the rest of life, so it just comes with the territory of IBD I suppose.

Hugs to All,



Dracaena Lemon Lime (Dracaena Deremensis

aka Snake Plant, unofficially. A new species I haven’t featured yet on my blog before!

I first bought this from Kroger, both crammed into one single pot. After I brought them home, they initially were really struggling and dying down and I wasn’t very happy with my purchase. It was hard to love a plant that was gaining streaks of brown and dying away and refusing to grow.

However, over time one of them recovered and has been growing more and more new leaves! The second one (in the top photo) has been recovering a little more slowly but it has stopped dying so that’s something! This species is so sensitive to change that it’s taking a while for it to get used to the new place with new light sources.

Hope you guys enjoy this new species!

imagine being out with hoseok and some other friends, and near the end of the day, hoseok gets quite close to you and starts subtly grabbing your ass, nuzzling his head into your neck to nip at your sensitive spot, and letting his hand rest high up on your thigh. after your friends are gone, and hoseok and you are home, he comes on strong and hard, pushing you into a wall and kissing you, taking over the situation. he leaves lots of marks on your neck as he gets yours and his clothes off and he doesn’t bother to bring you into the bedroom before lifting you up and entering you while you’re against the wall, telling you to moan his name loudly, telling you how tight you feel around him, how good you feel, how hard he is. he knows how to use his hips and he grinds into you, hitting just the right spot to make you cry out in pleasure. he drives both of you to your highs, and you hit them at the same time.

I really appreciate people’s messages and I want to keep them in my inbox to re-read. Thank you.

I talked with my mom a bit too and took back my earlier first steps to detach (from my dietitian) because the urge is to be alone and it’s stupid. My brain is swinging wildly through all or nothing thinking and while the choices in my life may be mine (which is still something I am not used to as recovery has often been out of my own hands when I was younger and/or sicker), but I don’t have to make my choices in isolation. That’s where support comes in. There is a middle ground between utter dependence and adamant independence. I have supports, use them. Get feedback and make choices together.

He just asked me to think about things, not take on the whole world of decisions left in my life.

I need to focus on running the meal process group (supported eating group) tomorrow and then working all hours of the evening/night (ugh.) But just one thing at a time. It’s all I can manage right now.

okay so this is the first time I’ve used this headcanon.

But basically the idea is that Glimglam is a mad genius when it comes to magic and that she mixes spells and it allows her to get away with more Dark Magic than Twilight probably realizes. Because she doesn’t take on the “evil wizard with green/red” glowing eyes that most dark magic users have in the show. 

I’ll have more about it soon, based on a long theory I read a while back that I found actually pretty thought-provoking and makes her interesting as a spellcrafter. 

But just now in Komisch she just annihilated a tree instead of just setting it on fire or turning it to dust. Pretty dark stuff. It blew up and killed all life that was living inside of it. Like it was specifically designed to be cruel.

Shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t look like they belong on the street style blogs, shout-out to girls with hijab that are not fashionistas, shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t have strong eyeliner game, shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t wear any makeup, shout-out to plus sized girls with hijab that feels like no hijab suits your face shape, shout-out to girls with hijab that gets catcalled on the street despite the coverings, shout-out to girls with hijab that have to remove so many pins when they’re shopping for clothes, shout-out to girls with hijab that are having a bad hijab day where everything is wrong and you feel like you just look plain messy, y'all look beautiful today. Thanks.

They actually played this song and it’s forever stuck in my head