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(t/n: this was posted before their eating show on vlive)

Translation: Hazel @ FY! NCT (NCTINFO) | Source: NCT 127 Official Instagram

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How much money do you need to get to work on Friday? I want to help!

Honesty anon, my bank account is -$25 right now so sending something would be like no use unless it was like $36 lmao, 25 to knock out that negative overdraft and about $5.50 for a metro card to last me to Friday but if anyone wants to help out a broke black girl who’s first paycheck is gonna take a while to hit since she just started her new job my PayPal is and my cash app is $PetraS96

small brain: GLaDOS is bad

bigger brain: GLaDOS is good

expanding brain: GLaDOS is a complex character, and while we don’t really get to see much of it in the first game, but we do see a lot more of her in the second game, especially after Wheatley takes over the facility. GLaDOS has a long history of trauma with Cave Johnson and others, and while that can’t be used as an excuse for some of her offenses, but when it comes to the high popularity of defending Wheatleys actions, despite him not seeming to suffer from anything and his actions including betraying Chells trust, attempting to kill her directly, and telling her to kill herself, it raises some questions about the fandoms treatment to victims of trauma, which is why so many people are passionate about defending her.

ascended brain: GLaDOS is gay

Episode One: Let’s Get Started 

The Nylanders

Originally posted by nhlinfluenced

You sighed taking your normal seat on the train. You hated taking the train but it seemed to be all you were doing these days. The hour and a half train ride both ways was now part of your almost daily commute.

You had accepted the job while you and Alex were still in Buffalo. But when Alex was sent down to the Americans, you made the move but decided to keep the job. It wasn’t so bad, you used the time to get work done on your laptop usually.

Alex was quite against it. So was William apparently. And neither of them allowed you to forget that little detail. Alex didn’t like the fact that your commute was so long and was also concerned for your safety. William agreed, which made your blood boil.

William having an opinion on your arguments with Alex was a common occurrence. You loved that the Nylander boys were close but there needed to be boundaries. You married one Nylander, not two. Alex didn’t seem to understand your frustration.

You leaned your head back against the headrest of your seat as your phone vibrated in your pocket. It was a long day and all you wanted to do was get home. You slowly pulled the phone from your slacks.

Hubs: When shall I expect you from the stupid train?

You rolled your eyes as you typed out your reply.

Y/N: I just got on so, like every day, an hour and a half.

You waited for a response.

Hubs: Ugh. Always too long.

You went to respond again but a second message appeared before you could.

Hubs: Anyways, Will is here and we want to go out to dinner once you FINALLY get home.

You groaned. After a long day at work and the commute, the last thing you wanted to do was go to dinner.

Y/N: Babe, it’s been a long day. If I would have actually known Will was going to be in town, I would have left earlier…

You knew what his response was going to be the minute you saw the bubbles appear on your screen.

Hubs: It wouldn’t be a problem if you didn’t keep that job you know…

You knew if you argued, neither your husband or your brother-in-law would shut up about it.  

Y/N: I should be home by 6:45. Dinner at 7?

Hubs: See you then. Love You.

Y/N: Love you too.

You put the phone back down in your lap and glanced out the windows. You watched as the scenery flew by the window. You knew what this dinner meant. You were going to sit down with the Nylander brothers and William would voice his opinions on what was going on in your life and marriage. You were honestly sick of it. You closed your eyes with your head against the headrest. Let’s just hope you didn’t let it get to you tonight…

sickfic headcanons (bc who doesn’t love good old fashioned sickfics)
  • Whizzer never admits to being sick. He’ll suffer through it and be grumpy, but he will never give in and say that he’s sick. He drinks tea and takes aspirin behind Marvin’s back.
  • But Marvin is more gentle when he can tell if Whizzer is sick. He tries getting him to rest or see a doctor. He buys him cold medicine that never gets used. He gets a little closer to Whizzer to comfort him, stroking his hand and hair and holding him closer at night. He’s patient and soft. 
  • And Marvin never gets sick more than once a year, but he always gets the worst flus that keep him down for a few days. Whizzer is very doting and adores the chance to take of Marvin even if he does feel bad for him. 
  • Jason, like Marvin, hardly gets sick. Sometimes he gets sick while staying with Marvin and Whizzer. 
  • Whizzer’s heart swells when he sees Marvin taking care of Jason. Marvin tucks him in bed and strokes his hair and talks to him until he falls asleep. If Jason can’t sleep Marvin stays up with him, and once he falls asleep Marvin will get up during the night to check on him.

There’s More Than One! (8/10)

Honestly all three of them helped me in very different ways. Laverne opened the door for all trans people in some degree, she was literally the first trans person to play a trans person on TV. When she began talking about Trans issues I winced thinking that maybe we’d end up with a terrible role model being panned as the spokesperson for all of us. Turns out she said all the right things. And continues to do so.

I first stumbled upon Alok while watching a series of interviews from StyleLikeU. Honestly I’ve always found the concept creepy, they take fashionable people and sit them down for questioning, which they do while taking off their clothes. I dunno. Seems creepy. But I get it. Nevertheless the interview blew my mind, and frankly they spoke words I really needed to hear.

Pamela Raintree is not someone who appears on a lot of people’s radar. But three years ago footage of her confronting a local politician surfaced on Facebook at a time when I felt particularly weak. I reached and found her to be a rolemodel on multiple fronts. Just goes to show you don’t have to be a famous celebrity to help/transform someone in need. Here’s that video.

Bed bugs disappeared for 40 years, now they’re back with a vengeance. Here’s what to know

They’re small, blood-sucking parasites perhaps living in the corners and crevices of our beds, feeding off us while we sleep.

Bed bugs, for decades, existed as myths, part of a rhyme our parents told us before bed. Now they’ve made an unwelcome return and those who know the buggers best say it’s high time we start taking them seriously.

After all, getting a bed bug infestation “is a bit of a crap shoot,” conceded University of Kentucky entomologist Michael Potter, meaning all of us are at risk.

Bed bugs used to be “incredibly common” in the early 20th century, Potter said. Back then, people routinely checked for them and carried insecticide while traveling.


when i first made my blog as a teen, i opted against using my real name but it’s been years since then so here it is: my real name is teodora (teo for short) not selene 

i realize that some of you have known me as selene for years and this will take some getting used to but i’ve wanted to do this for a while so i hope you’ll understand ❤️

john “incorporeal blob of rage” hungersmith being super stoked about having a body again but also being a little weirded out. like, FEELING things with your SOMEWHAT HUMAN SKIN is such a weird thing, it takes him a while to get used to holding water cups and feeling the fabric of his suit again.

and all that, of course, has nothing on the feeling of being in proximity to another actually living person. so its a bit of a shocker when merles hand accidentally touches his for the first time (they both tried to grab the water pitcher or smth). like, his hand is Warm? and Calloused? and Covered in Dirt? What the Fuck? its a sensory whirlwind for a guy whos ten minutes every year being an individual Person is spent clutching a water glass and adjusting his tie on occasion. and once hes slightly panickedly rushed them through the rest of the conversation and merles gone he. misses it. a lot, actually

and so begins johns not so subtle habit of trying to get that to happen again without having to outright ask merle if he could hold his hand for two minutes. and merle being incredibly smug when he realizes whats happening (he obliges, of course)

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I'm wondering if I should bring my Steelix with me from where I left him in storage. Its been a little while as my town can be a little restricting for a giant tunneling Pokemon like it. Is there any tips you can give me in regards to proper handling? He's used to making at least one hole to tunnel down if he needs his proper environment but I'm worried about taking him into the city.

It might be recommended to go on a little Poke-vacation; going out of town for a bit with Steelix to let him engage in some burrowing behaviour. That way he can get it out of his system and be more comfortable in town. Of course this depends on what kind of area you are in, and what is nearby.

Fortunately, you may actually find the city to be more accommodating for large pokemon! Since cities have the resources, there may be bigger buildings for bigger pokemon, and some cities will even have underground areas to mimic tunnels (Though your Steelix still wouldn’t be allowed to dig in these, it’s simply too dangerous considering the buildings)

Steelix may live their entire lives underground. Yet, for trained Steelix burrowing behaviour is typically observed when it is hungry, nervous or sleepy. This is the key to handling this pokemon!

  • Steelix often ingest soil and when hungry and may attempt to dig for nutrients. So, keeping your Steelix well fed will curb its digging urges.
  • Steelix will dig deeper underground when threatened, so keep him calm through words, gestures and by avoiding whatever may get on his nerves.
  • Lastly, Steelix love to sleep in nice cozy tunnels. Finding a large dark area for it to snooze or relax in will curb this. You may want to put him in his pokeball, but this is also what those artificial tunnels in cities are used for…relaxation!

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Reading the drabble list you posted, so sad people are not requesting Pearlet the most :( the ones you've written are super fun to read! Pearlet is def the best ship out there;) Pearlet drabble: high school boys Jason & Matt cutting classes together and discovering they are gay while hanging out so much together. Thank you xx

Thank you darling! Currently not taking requests
I’m spoiling you guys today! (Don’t get used to me posting this much please 😂)Every time there is a page break it’s another time. I imagine this being set in Florida. Some mentions of abuse and self-harm.

Greener than green fields. Spring sun on their skin. Laughter. Long silences. Deep conversations. Two adolescents discovering things about each other, and about themselves. Those few months changed everything.

The blunt dangled loosely between Matt’s lips and the smoke slowly rised in to the still sky. Jason watched the side of his face as he inhaled and exhaled, the blunt never leaving his lips. He watched the way Matt’s cheekbones moved ever so slightly; the way his plump lips tightened and loosened on the end of it. He watched his eyelashes as he blinked.
‘I can feel you staring at me.’ Matt spoke around the blunt not looking at him. ‘What are you thinking about?’
What was he thinking about? Things he certainly shouldn’t be thinking about that was for sure.
‘Smoking kills.’ Jason told him, turning away from him and looking off into the distance. Matt took the blunt from his mouth and held it between his fingers.
'We’re all gonna die some day, might as well have fun while we’re alive.’


Cutting classes. Going places they shouldn’t. Soft breezes on sun kissed skin. Memories in the making. Memories that would last a lifetime.

The welcome breeze caressed the bare skin of his chest. He breathed in deeply, inhaling the sea salt. He exhaled just as deeply, a feeling of contentment filling his bones.
'Have I ever told you about my dad?’ Matt extinguished the blunt in the soft sand under him. Jason rolled over onto his stomach on the towel and raised his sunglasses on top of his head.
'No?’ He looked at the blonde curiously. Matt kept his sunglasses on, staring out to sea.
'He was abusive.’
'Oh.’ Jason didn’t know what to say to that. 'Where is now?’
'Prison.’ Matt picked up the pack of cigarettes from the sand and lit one. Jason stared at him but he knew Matt wasn’t looking at him even if he couldn’t see his eyes. Silence descended. Jason stared. Matt smoked.


Lazy afternoons. Ice cream by the lake. Longing stares. Secrets revealed. Stories shared. A bond growing.

'Can I ask you something?’ Matt eyed Jason up, making the brunette feel a little uncomfortable. Matt never looked at him like that. And for some reason, Jason already knew what he was going to say.
'My scars.’ He ran his fingers over the pale slivers on his inner thigh. Matt bit his lip.
'My parents suck.’ Jason sighed. 'My childhood sucked.’
'I know that feeling.’ Matt pulled a blunt from behind his ear and lit it. He handed it to Jason. Jason didn’t normally smoke but thinking about his childhood made him feel the need. He took it from Matt. 'It sucks when the people that are supposed to protect you, to love you unconditionally…when they just don’t.’
'Amen.’ Jason took a drag on the blunt. He coughed a little but he loved the way the weed felt as it made its way to his brain. The two boys looked at each other for a moment. Something was changing between them. Something was shifting in the dynamic of their friendship. Both of them knew what it was. Neither of them was ready to admit to it.


Rain clouds. Running for shelter. Stormy skies. Water droplets on skin. Feelings developing. Sexualities becoming realised.

They were both out of breath and soaked through when they reached the shelter at the side of the building. Matt leant against the wall panting a little, a soft chuckled leaving his lips.
'Holy shit.’ He laughed. 'The weather changed quick.’
'I told you there was a storm coming.’ Jason wiped his sopping wet hair out of his face.
'And I told you I didn’t care.’ Matt smirked at him and pulled his soggy cigarette packet from his pocket. He managed to get one lit and held it between wet fingers that seeped through it.
'We should have stayed at school.’
'Oh come on.’ Matt rolled his eyes. Jason turned to look at him. There was a bead of water rolling down the side of Matt’s face and a small droplet clinging for dear life on his hair. His clothes were sticking to his body, his vest top almost see through at this point. Jason felt that familiar pitter-patter in his heart he’d been getting a lot around Matt recently. Matt took a drag on the cigarette, Jason wasn’t even sure it was a light considering how wet it was but Matt dragged on it anyway. Matt’s blue eyes had a spark to them, something Jason couldn’t put his finger on. He had a small smile dancing in his lips.
'What?’ Jason folded his arms and acted as if he was annoyed at Matt staring at him.
'You really are something else, you know that?’ Matt raised an eyebrow at the brunette and sucked on the cigarette.
'What’s that supposed to mean?’ Jason pulled a face at Matt. Matt couldn’t help but laugh at Jason’s defensive nature. Jason wasn’t the only one that had been discovering these feelings. When Matt looked at Jason he felt as though he lit up. He had no idea when things had changed, when he stopped seeing Jason as his friend and started looking at him as something more but it had.
'Why are you so sure I meant it as a bad thing?’ Matt looked at him like he was challenging him. Jason swallowed.
'Didn’t you?’
'No.’ Matt took one last drag on the damp cigarette and flicked it out under the shelter into the down pour.
'What did you mean then?’ Jason unfolded his arms and let them drop to his sides. Matt smiled at him, his body somehow moving closer to Jason’s.
'I don’t know. There aren’t words for it.’ Matt shrugged.
'What the fuck does that mean? You know you’re really annoying when smoke too much weed and sometimes-’
Jason was silenced.

Wet bodies colliding. Lips binding. Pleasurable moans. The sound of raindrops on rooftops. At last.

Matt pulled back from the kiss and was still smiling at Jason. Jason, always on the defensive frowned at him.
'What did you do that for?’
'Why do you think I did it?’
'To mess with me?’
Matt’s smile faded a little and he cautiously cupped Jason’s face.
'Guess again.’
This time when their lips met Matt wrapped his arms around Jason tightly. Their wet bodies pressed together and Jason couldn’t help but wrap his arms around Matt too. It felt like all these months had led to this. The culmination of their time together. And it couldn’t have been better.

Limbs entwined. Actions driven by passion. The suns gives up another day. Relentless torrent. A faultless ending. The ultimate beginning. A perfect storm.

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*smiles* Well you definitely have a lot of friends out here big guy. Just know we're always here to help if you need it.

Sev is quiet for a long moment as he chews that over.  Friends, pokemon who cared, who would help if he needed it.  It was going to take a while to get used to that.  They eventually offer a slight smile, delicately touching one of Remy’s paws with a claw.

“Thank you.  I’ll do my best to remember that.”

You know...

Skam is coming to an end and I’m one of those fans who started out with season 3. I’d had never heard of the show before that season so I def came in as a evak fan first off and a skam fan second and then that transitioned and flipped as I went into the second season. However, as the show pulls towards it’s end I find myself even more so thankful for Evak than when I first joined the fandom. When I first started out I was a dreadful complainer - I didn’t really want to take in the bipolar story-line because its most used mental health issue used in entertainment media and at the time I really was tired of only this mental illness being the forefront ‘they’re human people just like everyone else’ while the others were getting left behind. I even made a post about it, and then afterwards I told myself that I could be grateful for another story coming for the lgbqt party or I could be a bitter ass complaining bitch - which one is more important. Obviously, I decided that keeping with the story was more of where I wanted to be.

So today, I’ve seen Even’s clip and the special evak clip and I know I made the right decision because we spoiled…beyond. I think thats why the complainers always annoy the shit out of me. Really the creator just put everything on a platter and just served us since the first episode of season 3 and has mad sure our plates kept food on them (basically shes been doing nothing but giving to this part of the fandom). Thats important because the reality is most shows don’t do that - the gays are either nonexistent, used to draw a crowd(baiting), attached to the background/shadows, or given a tired as story-line that’s not taken seriously. So personally when someone comes along and they really are about doing something, and creating characters that represent us and having a authentic story thats what I’m about because its important. Don’t get me wrong, I would never say you have to like everything a writer does, but theres def a difference between analyzing a story and just straight up being petty boots. For example - after the clips people are side-eyeing the fact that they’re both happy. Before people just didn’t find it realistic for Even to be happy - or that the writer was not showing him in the ‘down’ mode.  I could only wonder at all the negative spaces that would’ve came along if they’d had a whole season (Even’s POV) to criticize.

So, I’m really happy that I didn’t spend all my time finding something to hate because really I think the greatest thing I took away from the evak story was to just chill and allow myself to be happy and enjoy the moment I’m in.

I love the casting, I’m thankful for the story and how much it became what I needed. Looking back on where I was, to where I am now in feelings toward this piece is amazing. There were so many moments where I couldn’t stop cheesing, I cried - I’m a baby. I appreciate it’s existence, because honestly the fact that I can count my lgbqt ships…tells me we don’t have enough stories out there. I don’t know about other people but now-a-days I feel that it is my responsibility to be open with positivity and show appreciation even when those I’m appreciating might not even see it. Before I was def the type that would collect and silently enjoy what I loved without thought of the creator but the older I get the more aware of how selfish that is I become.

So Thank you - Julie, Tarjei, Henrik, Nrk, the fans that came before me and showed love to the show allowing it to even get to a 3rd season, to the wonderful people who translate and sub videos/text (where would us poor only English knowing people be without you!), awesome gif, fan-video makers, and analyzers (ya’ll the real mvp - got me in my emotion in the matter of seconds) and to the people that came in season 3 and sky rocketed the show to a whole other level of popular allowing more people to become aware of this slice of goodness, thank you - because it was here that I first heard about Skam.

I’m happy with where this storyline has taken me.

Now if we get here to Sana’s celebration and that random homophobic guy shows up and kills isak…then you’ll see me complain. This is a joke that better not happen!

Lew “Chuckler” Jeurgens Married Headcannons

Originally posted by elijahwood

Anon:  Chuckler married headcanons

  • You two eloped right after the war
  • With Hoosier as a witness
  • And your honeymoon is in a little cabin in the middle of nowhere
  • Because you’re both sick of people and beaches.
  • He’s an amazing cook
  • So he ends up doing most of the cooking around the house
  • And you were a nurse during the war
  • So you go to work in a hospital
  • While he stays at home
  • Because he’s struggling to get a decent job
  • That can pay well
  • Because you both want to start a family at some point.
  • He’s a very loving husband
  • Who strongly believes in weekly date night
  • And will take time out of his week to plan something sweet an simple
  • For just the two of you to spend time together.
  • He is also a big believer in making fights as short as possible
  • So he gets ideas from his friends (I’m using Tumblr for this)
  • Sometimes when you say you’re mad at him
  • He’ll pull out a cape and put it around your shoulders and tells you
  • “You’re not just mad, you’re super mad!“
  • Or he’ll get some balloons and inhale helium
  • And argue with you until you can’t help but laugh
  • Because his goal in life is to make you laugh as much as possible.
  • He loves wrapping his long arms around you at the end of the day
  • And falling asleep with you in his arms
  • And he’ll let you know in the morning
  • When you wake up to him brushing the hair out of your face
  • That he’s never felt more at peace then when you’re laying in bed with him.

when i first made my blog as a teen, i opted against using my real name but it’s been years since then so here it is: my real name is teodora (teo for short) not selene

i realize that some of you have known me as selene for years and this will take some getting used to but i’ve wanted to do this for a while so i hope you’ll understand ❤️

Shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t look like they belong on the street style blogs, shout-out to girls with hijab that are not fashionistas, shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t have strong eyeliner game, shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t wear any makeup, shout-out to plus sized girls with hijab that feels like no hijab suits your face shape, shout-out to girls with hijab that gets catcalled on the street despite the coverings, shout-out to girls with hijab that have to remove so many pins when they’re shopping for clothes, shout-out to girls with hijab that are having a bad hijab day where everything is wrong and you feel like you just look plain messy, y'all look beautiful today. Thanks.

They actually played this song and it’s forever stuck in my head

i haven’t drawn johnny in a while but i still love him