this will sustain me for the next 3 months


Well, I finally found the time to work on my shot for @gemanimate 2. The original shot had some pretty dramatic dialogue but visually I felt it was a little flat so I rejigged it a little to be a bit more “cinematic”. 

While I was working on this today I got given 2 weeks notice by the studio that employs me, after almost 3 years of service to them and spending thousands of my own dollars to be able to leave Canada and come back to continue working for them on a new VISA. Sounds like its because they cant find enough work to sustain my role (I cant legally work on Canadian productions on my VISA due to how the tax credits system works) Getting this animation done feels pretty bitter sweet. If anyone is looking for commissions etc I am opening myself up to try to save the money in the next few months I need in order to ship myself and all my equipment back to Australia. <3

Seven seeds of Abundance Spell

Best if performed during the New Year

The seven seeds of abundance is a pretty older tradition in my family, specifically done by my super cool Christopagan aunt <3


  1. Seven to Nine bags of different seeds
  2. One candle

Optional ingredients:

  1. Quartz, stones, or anything else for your own meaning
  1. Take your seeds - My aunt used nine this year - and lay them out around your candle. If there’s a specific meaning to any of your seeds, I’d suggest thinking of them while laying your seeds out.

For example: Lentils are largely considered a sign of health in my family! We eat them every New Years for good health in the next 12 months <3
Also, beans and rice are basically a staple food group for us. To me, they’re a sign of having enough to sustain ourselves: even if things get hard, there’s always rice and beans!

     2.   Carefully select each stone, if you chose to use quartz or seashells or
           whatever, and place them around your candle.

     3.   Light your candle! We prefer taller candles, like the kind you’d see with                the Christian iconography. If you’re not a fan or candles or fire, I’d go                  with an image of whatever deity you worship! If you are big on candles,              chose a candle with a significant color meaning for you in the new year!              My aunt went with purple, for wisdom and money this year <3