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Optional Rule: Mixing Potions

A character might drink one potion while a previously imbibed potion’s effect persists, or pour several potions into a single container.

The strange ingredients used in manufacturing potions can result in unpredictable interactions.

When a character mixes two potions together, roll percentile dice and consult the Potion Miscibility Table.

If more than two are combined, roll again for each subsequent potion, stacking up the results.

Unless the effects are immediately obvious, reveal them only when they happen.

Potion Miscibility

01 The mixture creates a magical explosion, dealing 6d10 force damage to the mixer and 1d10 force damage to each creature within 5 feet of the mixer.

02–03 The mixture becomes a potion of poison.

04–08 The mixture becomes a potion of delusion that appears to have one of the mixed potions’ effects.

09–15 Both potions lose their effects.

16–25 One potion loses its effect.

26–35 Both potions work, but with half their normal effects. If an effect cannot be halved, at least in duration, it is instead lost.

36–90 Both potions work normally. 

91–99 One potion has twice the normal effect. If no effect can be doubled, at least in duration, both potions work normally.

00  Only one potion works, but its effect is permanent. Choose the simplest effect to make permanent, or the one that seems the most fun.

For example, a potion of healing might increase the drinker’s maximum hit points by 4, or oil of etherealness might permanently make the user ethereal.

At the DMs discretion, dispel magic might end this lasting effect. 

shout out to oswald for making a grand comeback with his beautiful lounge and looking pretty while doing so. i know jim and half of gotham wanna take him down and life will be Hard for him again very soon, but baby bird is a fighter. i love seeing him thrive.

Found in 11 year old me’s journal:

“Everyone says Hufflepuffs are just the average people, but the Sorting Hat’s said on two different occasions that they’re the most honest, just, and hardworking. I think that’s a bit more important than being smart or brave, because you can learn those things. Hufflepuffs have character. They’re the backbone of what it is to be human. That’s important.”

I’m so so so proud of Johnny Depp. i know i’ve said this about a billion times, but i can’t get over it. He is doing so good, working, surrounding himself with caring people, being his sweet self. after all the bullshit he has survived, transcended. My inifite respect and admiration for this gem.

inkuisitivskins  asked:

Royai, Role Reversal!AU [Riza is the State Alchemist w/ Roy as her assistant] owo

“I never thought Isaac McDougall would resurface,” Riza muttered as flexed her hand to stretch the material of the fresh glove Roy had handed her. “And like this, no less.”

Roy wrung out the drenched set of gloves she had handed him and nodded. “He said something about the military being corrupt.” He looked up at her and locked eyes. “What do you think he knows that we don’t?”

Riza chewed her lip as she mulled over his question and Isaac’s proclamation. The instant he had vanished following Ishval he had been labeled a traitor, and a massive bounty was placed on his head. She had been fed the rhetoric regarding his status shortly after her return from the front lines and was not-so-subtly reminded that if she were to do the same, similar action would be taken against her. She wanted to know what he knew.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Roy smile. As always, he knew exactly what was on her mind. 

“Definitely something that’s worth fishing for,” she said as she flicked her thumb and middle finger together and produced a spark. “Shall we go check the lines, then?”

I contacted Pixelberry about the whole diamond issues and gave them a few examples on how they can change it. They replied back, “thanks for your feedback. We appreciate your input and will look forward your comments to our designers. We are looking into adding more ways to earn extra Keys and Diamonds for future updates!”

Just goes for show that Pixelberry do hear us out and are working on making the game better for us.