this will probably lose me a few followers

seventeen when losing followers

s.coups: probably wouldn’t care too much; posts more to compensate

jeonghan: “i lost a follower, they lost a masterpiece”

joshua: looks through his last few posts to see if anyone could have gotten offended

jun: petty af; reblogs a quote about people who stab you in the back

hoshi: randomly yells “WHO UNFOLLOWED ME” out loud; everyone else tells him to shut up

wonwoo: makes a really salty post about it but deletes it the next morning

woozi: probably doesn’t care bc he has like 10,000 followers

dokyeom: is upset; gets over it in 2 seconds

mingyu: “fuck you too” *unfollows them back*

minghao: “which fake hoe unfollowed me this time”

seungkwan: *while sobbing uncontrollably* “ULGO SHIPJI ANHA”

vernon: makes a meme about it probably

dino: “oh god did I do something wrong”

a-broke-in-heart  asked:

HI! Omg I love your blog so much!! And can I please request the RFA+ V, Saeran Dealing with an MC who has severe anxiety and insists on grabbing onto their shirts in large crowds or in public?

aah thank you so much!! i also want the rfa, v and/or saeran to grab onto in public ;-;


  • When you first met at the party, you were constantly blushing and touching him somehow, holding his shirt
  • He found it really adorable! His new girlfriend was so cute!
  • You felt safer with him around without him even noticing, and he was really talkative so you didn’t need to talk too much
  • After you told him about your anxiety, he hugged you and promised to try his best to take care of you


  • He thought you were just worried about losing him in the crowd after every play he performed, so he found it adorable
  • When he noticed that you gripped his shirt every time you even stepped out of the door, he started wrapping his arm protectivly around you whenever you went out in public
  • “Let me protect you, princess”’
  • Probably kissing your head reassuringly every few minutes


  • She noticed that you followed her around the RFA party and shyly held the sleeve of her cardigan, but she didn’t comment as she was quite nervous and shy herself and just grateful to have you by her side
  • When you held onto her shirt again when you went grocery shopping, she guessed that you were probably anxious in public
  • She asked you as she figured it would be kind of rude to assume you had a mental disorder, and found out that her suspicions were true 
  • Made sure to not send you out of the house alone, so you would always have her for support


  • At first he was slightly annoyed that you wrinkled his shirt during meetings, but as soon as he realized that you did it in fear, his heart melted
  • He didn’t judge you at all, he understood that business men were intimidating 
  • Would probably suggest that you tried to not wrinkle his shirt as it looked unprofessional, but he didn’t really mind too much if it helped you cope
  • Bought wrinkle free shirts, but still preferred when you held his hand instead


  • You luckily didn’t leave the bunker often, so it wasn’t too big of a problem
  • He saw that you had been prescribed anxiety medicine when he did his background check on you, so he figured that you probably wasn’t too comfortable in public
  • Always made sure to stand right by your side, holding out his arm so you could hold it if you needed to


  • Being practically blind, he first thought that you always held his shirt because it would be easier to lead him like that
  • He was slightly confused as to why you grabbed his shirt instead of his hand though, so he decided to ask you one day
  • When you told him it was a coping mecanism for your anxiety, he offered to take you to therapy sessions
  • He would be really supportive no matter what i love this man okay


  • Let’s be real, he was probably just as anxious as you
  • Even if he grumbled and sounded annoyed gotta keep up that bad boy reputation, he would take your hand back to his shirt if you let go
  • If you didn’t hold it in fear of annoying him, he got nervous and held your shirt instead
  • As you became closer, you started holding hands as soon as you left the door, as that would calm down both of you at once


BTS reaction to you on ‘We Got Married’

Anonymous said: Hi!! I have kind of a silly reaction request if you wouldn’t mind doing it. How would bts react when their friend/crush goes on we got married and is a super cute couple with the other idol. Hope that makes sense, thank you~

It’s finally up, sorry for taking a while to get to it! And it’s not at all silly, I enjoyed writing this! Thank you for requesting~

Rap Monster (Namjoon):

Originally posted by xchiiban

Namjoon probably wouldn’t show his feelings on the surface, as he would understand that it was all simply acting, and you weren’t actually a couple with the idol. However, under the surface, he may have some lingering feelings of jealously, and possible worry. I imagine he would be the one to approach you about it first, asking you about how your time on the show was, what the guy was like, etc, generally being polite about the whole thing.

Jin (Seokjin):

Originally posted by jinakin

Jin, being the gentleman he is, wouldn’t show any dismay or negative feelings about the whole thing, instead approaching you and asking about how the show was, how the guy was like, was he nice, was he sweet? He may feel slightly anxious though, with his growing feelings towards you. He’d ask many questions about the idol you were paired up with, worried about his treatment towards you. Jin would only want the best for you, and so he’d try not to show any feelings of jealousy, so as to not make you feel uncomfortable about the whole thing. (Ah our Jinnie is so cuteee!)

Suga (Yoongi):

Originally posted by mn-yg

I feel like Yoongi, in general, isn’t the type to show much outward emotion about a lot of things. As a result, he’d probably remain quite calm about the whole thing, instead acting like nothing has changed, and hanging out with you normally as always. However, like Namjoon, I imagine he would feel rather jealous and slightly annoyed about how adorable you looked with the other idol.

“Maybe she really does like him.” He’d think to himself, sighing as he sat, watching an episode of the show on his phone.

J-Hope (Hoseok):

Originally posted by ihatebts

Hoseok would feel quite conflicted about the whole thing. He’s a sweetie at heart, and so he wouldn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable in any way. As a result, he would keep quiet about it at first and instead act like his usual bubbly self. But as each episode begins to air, and he sees just how cute of a couple you two made, his conflicting feelings of jealously, anxiety, and his feelings towards you would begin to grow, until the point where he’d feel like he has to say something.

“(Y/N)-ah…” He’d fiddle with his hands, as he tried to work out what to say. “I… I mean… do you like him?” He’d look up at you with clear anxiety and slight sadness in his eyes, taking you back with surprise.


Originally posted by aestheticvbts

Unlike the hyung line, I imagine Jimin wouldn’t find it as easy to hide his feelings towards you and towards the show. He would constantly worry that you actually really liked the other idol, and therefore would never notice his feelings for you. You’d notice that something was very clearly up, as he would act strange and uncomfortable around you for the next few days, until you’d finally stop him one day and confront him about it.

“Jimin-ah, what’s going on? Are you okay?” You’d touch his shoulder in concern, causing him to glance down at your hand resting on his shoulder, and sigh. Running his hands through his hair, he’d ask, “(Y/N)… do you… possibly… like him? Like like him, that is?”

V (Taehyung):

Originally posted by j-miki

Taehyung would probably also be slightly upset by it, as his feelings for you were forever growing out of control. Unlike Jimin and Jungkook though, he’d become more clingy to you over the next few days, following you around a bit like a lost puppy. He wouldn’t know whether to confess his feelings to you, or stay quiet about it, but he’d worry that if he didn’t say anything, he’d lose you to the other idol. (Writing this is giving me so many feels, ahh. TT)


Originally posted by jjks

Jungkook, still being fairly young, would probably get quite jealous and protective. Even though he knows it’s all just acting, he’d still worry that you developed feelings for the guy, and so he’d get flustered and wouldn’t know how to react. He might give you the cold shoulder for a few days, eventually giving in to your constant pestering.

“Kookie? What’s up with you?” You’d nudge him as you approached him one day.

“Ah… How do I say this?” He’d look down at his hands, avoiding eye contact with you. “I think I like you, (Y/N),” he’d blurt out suddenly, finally looking you in the eyes.

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6. “You can’t die. Please don’t die." Dick and Damian (preferably with Dick hurt!)

Sorry it’s taken me a little while with this one, anon. I’ve been sitting on this subject, wondering how I’m supposed to approach something like this, mostly because it’s hard for me to imagine Damian begging Dick to stay alive in this way. I think I managed it somehow, so I hope you enjoy! Thanks for the prompt!

“Get Red Robin and meet back here in ten.”


“Comms are down, and someone need to get him.”



“I’m not leaving you here by yourself,” Damian hissed as he jumped over the bat that swung towards him. All without looking at his opponent. Dick was impressed, and he would probably tell Damian that if they weren’t in the middle of a fight.

Dick ducked under his own opponent’s swing, barely missing getting brained by the butt of the guy’s gun. Taking a deep breath, Dick relaxed his shoulders and pushed into the man’s space in an instance, taking the man off guard. Dick managed to get in a few hits, one sinking into the guy’s stomach before Dick knocked him out with an elbow.

“I’ll be fine,” Dick told Damian as Damian knocked out Mr. Baseball Bat. When Damian turned and scowled at him, Dick just sighed. Sometimes getting this kid to do something was like pulling teeth, especially if it had anything to do with Tim. “Look, I can hold the area here, and the longer you wait to go get him, the longer it’s going to take to leave.”

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This morning when the smell of fresh poured coffee woke him up, he felt like something was off, it was like his own brain was sending him warning bells but he was too troubled to notice, he got up and took a shower, dresses and rushed to the door without a second glance at the girl that was waiting for him, his day was going ok he even let out a relieved sound escape from his lips when he managed to put the final touches on the new album, he even felt happy, Teddy hyung smirked at him.

“What?” he asked with a satisfied smirk on his lips

“Nothing, I just though you wouldn’t come today” he said making him frown, why wouldn’t he come today?  “Y/N must be an angel and truly understanding of you working on her birthday” he said with a smile “I called her wishing her happy birthday and send with Seungri my present” he said as an after tough, but he stopped listening, your birthday, today is your birthday and as he saw his watch it was already late your birthday was yesterday, his mind just froze, Teddy hyung voice was no longer in the back ground, he turn to look at him, teddy looked at him in shock  “you forgot?” he asked half yelled at him, he run to his car, your birthday, he forgot that and also their anniversary last month, the anniversary of your parents deaths…  if he was honest he didn’t recall a day when the two of you shared dinner or spend more than an hour together, you didn’t say anything to him, there was no yelling or emotional fights, you just took it…

He managed to get there in no time at 3 in the morning there was no traffic and no people around, his apartment was dark when he went in, he turn on the lights he saw various colored wrapping papers, some boxes and soft blue and silver star balloons in the living room, but you were not there, in the kitchen was a half eaten cake and dirty dishes in the sink, he went to their room just to find it empty, he found himself in yet another empty space, but right there in the night stand he saw the ring he gave you, a note stood beside it, he lifted afraid of what it might say but he had an idea of its contents.


Oppa, don’t worry I understand. you have an important job and many expect a lot of you so I won’t burden you with petty fights or feelings that you so clearly don’t want or care about, so I will remove myself from your life but still I wish you the best, happiness, health and everything good because I love you.

I took my stuff already, don’t worry about the mess, I was leaving when friends came and surprised me but the cleaning lady comes early in the morning so go to sleep and rest, I programmed the coffee maker and the alarm clock for you, I really hope you take care of yourself better, eat healthier and sleep more.

Love you, always  Y/N

Pd: Congratulations on the new album, Teddy oppa and Youngbae oppa say that is getting quite awesome and that you are working really hard at it, like if I didn’t knew that already…but I know, it will be amazing… Fighting!

The tears never stopped, he wanted to scream and break everything but that wouldn’t solve anything the fact that he missed so many things, he can remember now all the times you wanted to start a conversation with him and he didn’t even glanced at you, the times you made meals for him that he never tasted, the times he found you asleep on the sofa waiting for him to come back home, he cursed at himself and he felt so empty so… alone…


You are exhausted, if you were honest with yourself you have been waiting for Jiyong who has come home pretty late every day, you knew he was busy making the new album for their comeback so you haven’t complained about it, the silence of his part was discouraging when you tried to talk with him, your job was getting demanding and tiring but still you managed to get home and cook for him even if he didn’t tasted anything you had done, slowly but steady you have been feeling like you lived with a complete stranger and you hated it, you cried and got angry at him, but at the end you understood that he was after all G Dragon.

You watched Jiyong last night or better said early in the morning enter your shared bedroom, change and freefall in the pillows next to yours, he was asleep instantly, according to Teddy oppa call that morning he didn’t want to see your boyfriend today in the studio so you knew that he would be staying in; that your boyfriend needed rest, and a healthy meal, so you left quietly the apartment to go to the grocery store.

At your return the apartment was in silence, you left the bags in the counter, put things away in the right place and began to cook, trying to reach for a plate in the other side of the stove without looking you grabbed a hot pot with your bare hand making you yell and throw the hot pot in the process, the hot liquid splashed in the floor making you jump in pain when it hit your bare legs, you stepped away turning off the stove…

“what the fu… Y/N!” Jiyong yelled making you jump and turn to look at him surprised you forgot he was in the house too, you have grown accustom  that he was always out

°Oppa° your voice was soft, your eyes were wide rimmed with tears and your lips formed a pout in pain “I’m so sorry, I forgot you were her… sleeping; I’ll clean this, just go to sle…”

“oh my god Y/N I’m sorry, god I’m so sorry!” he said cutting you off and running to hug you

“oppa?” you asked shocked forgetting the pain in your hand, you have never seeing him this upset and this behavior was worrying  you “babe, what’s wrong, did you had a bad dream?” you asked holding him, he froze and separated from you, then he turn to look at the apartment you looked at him and then at the apartment soft rays of light entered the apartment making it bright and homey, he looked at you again you were frowning  worried, then he saw his clothes soft gray sweatpants and white t shirt.

“what day is it?” he asked you before you could ask anything

“uh, Sunday?” you asked confused by his behavior, tears were still in his eyes

“no, the date?”

“are you trying to trick me to tell you if you forgot an important date? Because you haven’t you still have a month for our anniversary” you said, he smiled and you had to smile with him because you haven’t seen that smile in a while he hug you again and started to kiss every surface of skin that was visible “oppa you ok?” you ask; he was worrying you more by every second that passed

“yes!, god I love you, Y/N  I love you, never forget that, I know I been busy and distant but I love you and I’m sorry” he said in your ear, you embraced him and hissed when your hand touched his back, that made him pull back and look at your hand which was red and hurt a lot

“I’ll take you to the hospital come on” he said pulling you by your good hand, you followed him still a bit confused, in the car he was quiet and at every opportunity he stared at you, it was making you over conscious of your appearance

“jiyong, is something wrong, do I have something on my face or something?” you asked pulling down the small mirror in front of you, you didn’t noticed anything different maybe the dark circles under your eyes were a bit more dark and big, or maybe it was the paleness of your skin, but apart from that you looked normal

“is nothing” he said, he parked the car and before he could get out you stopped him

“Jiyong, you don’t need to come, I’ll go you return home and rest ok, you need it” you said, smiled at his surprised face and opened the car door with your healthy hand, you closed the door and began to walk to the entrance of the hospital, he jogged to reach you and took your uninjured hand in his, you stopped surprised and turn to look at him, he was looking at you with fear in his eyes, you frowned

“I don’t want to lose you” he said making you more confused

“What? They are probably just going to put some cream and bandages” you say “you can go home Ji, seriously you need to sleep” he denies

“no, I… no, come on” he says pulling you to the hospital, you follow the medics are fast and you were right cream and bandages…

“Kwon Jiyong what is it, you are starting to scare me” you ask because he hasn’t let go of your good hand and hasn’t stopped staring at you for the last few hours, he bites his lower lip and look at your interlaced hands, you saw how he began to blink away tears, you were getting nervous, was he going to tell you that he really didn’t love you anymore, or that he was tired of you?

“I… I had a nightmare” he said in a soft broken whisper, you felt relived at the admission but frowned

“What was it about?”

“I lost you” he said still not looking you, you frown

“Babe, it’s ok, I’m here, nothing has happen to me” you say he denies

“I neglected us, I pushed you away, I ignored you, I came home late and leaved early, I… forgot…”

“You forgot what?” you ask because this doesn’t sound like a nightmare, its pretty much what has been happening for a few months now.

“Our anniversary, your parents… birthdays… everything” he said still not looking at you

“so I left you” you say simply your voice sounds estrange to your own ears he looks at you now, tears flowing freely now but he nods, and in that moment your heart breaks because maybe you have been thinking in that yourself, your relationship hasn’t been good at all, you verily speak to each other, you don’t see each other anymore and yes maybe the alternative of leaving was a choice that popped in your mind in your darker days “I’m sorry” you say he looks at you searching for something in your eyes, his eyes grow wide at what he sees there the fear returns and more tears roll freely in his cheeks, you pull your hand from his and the fear spreads like fire all over his face, you clean his tears with your fingers

“Kwon Jiyong, I love you that won’t change, we will work hard for this relationship, I won’t give up if you don’t” you said he nods fervently making you smile and he smiles widely tears still flowing but you know that smile is a happy one, you press your lips to his and he responds immediately.

hey guys

you may have noticed i’ve been less active than usual. a lot of it is down to simply not having enough time but, if you’ve been following me for more than a month, you probably know about all the fall out with the gotham rogues fandom.

so i’ve decided to take a break, or at least a semi-hiatus from tumblr. in less than two weeks, i’ll be flying off to costa rica to do some work in wildlife conservation. it is the opportunity of a lifetime and something i’m really passionate about but it also means i’ll have a lot less time to sit around on tumblr. you win some, you lose some.

thanks to everybody who has been supportive of me these past few months, stretching back years and everyone new who’s followed :)


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Isaac x Reader (Requested by

I was wondering if you could do a Teen Wolf Isaac Lahey femreader where she’s a mute ice fae. So she’s always cold to the touch and can freeze things/people. But she hides it from everyone till she’s out with Isaac for whatever reason and maybe Kali or Enid (or was it Enis lol) attack which causes her to reveal herself by freezing the attacker behind Isaac.

When you moved to Beacon Hills, you had a feeling you would fit in. You didn’t know why though. It was a town of humans and you were anything but. Sure, you looked like one, but you were something else completely.

When you were little, people would ask why you were always cold and you would tell them the truth, but you were so young they just thought you were playing pretend and would ask your parents instead.

As you grew up, you became better at lying. You had a list of lies in your head to tell people if they asked you anything to personal.

It wasn’t until you were in middle school did you tell someone the truth again. You thought you could trust them and let’s be honest, you had a small crush on them. You thought they’d like you if they knew. How wrong you were. Turns out, they were from a family of hunters.

That was the point in your life that made you mute. You had decided if you couldn’t think about what your big mouth was going to say before you said it, then you weren’t going to say anything at all. So you learned Sign Language and learned how to write fast so you could reply to people.

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Rhysand’s selective feminism

I’ve been thinking about Rhysand’s character lately and how he seems to be this paragon of feminism. I’m aware that there have already been discussions of his behavior in ACOTAR, drugging Feyre, etc. and how his behavior there was not the best (to summarize a complex issue poorly). But, I want to focus on his role as High Lord, specifically, the way he handles the Court of Nightmares, and the Night Court culture in general. If there has been an in-depth discussion of this, someone please let me know and point the way (but also, new perspective and not everyone has been hanging around the fandom from the beginning).

Quick thanks to @acowar​ for talking with me about a few of these ideas, even though we definitely have our differences of opinion. :)

Basically, it has been bothering me that Rhysand is supposed to be such a feminist and seems supportive of females having agency, but he condones the culture that exists in the Night Court. His support of female agency is actually very limited to the women he is close to (IE Morrigan and Feyre. I don’t think we’ll count Amren here because she is just her own creature, clearly). But he doesn’t extend this in any meaningful way to females in the Night Court when he could, and in my opinion, should.

We should probably establish the culture of the Night Court/Court of Nightmares first. This is a culture that led to Mor’s virginity and power being sold to the highest bidder, a practice that seems to have been common and completely acceptable to Rhysand’s father, as he was unwilling to help his niece out of this situation.

“For all her power, all her wildness, she had no voice, no rights with those people. And my father didn’t particularly care if his cousins used their offspring as breeding stock.” (chp. 41 – my emphasis – I’ll come back to that later.)

This is a culture that allowed Mor to be brutalized by her family in ways that we don’t fully understand outside of the concrete fact that she had a note nailed into her body. This is a Court that half-heartedly tries to combat the Illyrian practice of clipping the wings of female Illyrians so that they are stuck at home breeding.

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so i’ve just wrapped on the writing for the final chapter of gravity on the open road, which if y’all have been following me for the past five months you know has taken a lot of my effort and probably half of my soul, but it’s done. it’s been a long road (pun lmao) but i’m proud with how it turned out and most importantly i wanted to be a sap and thank a few people before i get too far into editing and lose my will to live

first of course a big shout out to the rucas squad, @matthewsjosh (with her hilarious livemessaging as she reads that always makes my day) @ginsharry (who never failed to make me laugh with her updates as to how gotor was longer than the hp books) and @grantsass (who started later but also gives me life with her feedback), all of whom have been nothing but supportive and the best cheerleaders. also a special shoutout to @hannahbaker, who hasnt read gotor and probably never will but has put up with me talking abt it for five months now and never has one bad thing to say and that’s a special gift all on its own.

@unimportant-gifs has been a god send as far as this fic, especially in the last few days as the story has wound down. her sardonic wit and great understanding of the characters always keeps me on my toes, but she’s also an amazing friend and was willing to listen to me vent and allow me to freak when i needed it, and for that i can never repay her.

if it weren’t for @hardlet, this fic would not exist. she is my biggest cheerleader, my best brainstorming buddy, my riley matthews expert and the person who never fails to brighten my day or help me find inspiration when the fic needed some energy. she encouraged me to make it into something more than a concept, and i’ll never forget sitting there with her for hours trying to decide where they would all go to college and drawing that first roadmap of their route to california. or how she talked to me all day while i was writing the first couple of chapters, and the many, many conversations we’ve had abt these losers since then.

and of course, a special thank you to everyone who has read this fic and found something in it to love or relate to. whether you’ve been here with me since the beginning or joined along the way, it’s been an honor to interact and share with you all and the comments, kudos, and feedback have meant more to me than i can ever describe. thanks for taking a chance on me and this silly little fic (that isn’t so little anymore), and i hope the last chapter is worth the wait.

thank you again!!!!! until tomorrow, my friends. prepare for the drop.

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I’m not sorry. I thought I was but I’m not.

If you follow me you probably noticed that I make personal posts once in a while (ok, more like a few times a week). I vent. I talk about my feelings and how bad my day was a lot. 

I noticed a while ago that whenever I make a post like this I lose at least one or two followers.

Today something happened. I had a breakdown. I didn’t have one this bad in maybe two years. I locked myself in my room and cried my eyes out. Choking on my sobs the tears were falling down my cheeks like waterfalls and I wanted to talk to someone so desperately.

I wanted to have someone listen because I felt alone. I always feel lonely. Since I was a little kid this feeling has never left me like heavy luggage chained to my ankle. I’ve always been the third wheel.

The problem today was that I refrained from making a personal post like the ones I made before. I thought to myself that I did’t want to annoy anyone.

But you know what? Fuck that.

I’m lucky that I have friends like @damnandriel-in-hell @pretttypadalecki @imgetting2old4diss @deantulip and @mickey-m399 who have helped me through the bad days before and I’m not gonna go back to feeling lonely when I know these amazing people who actually listen to my problems without brushing them off.

I don’t care if you unfollow me. I did care today when I thought of talking to you about that breakdown but I don’t anymore.

When I made this blog I had two goals:

  1. Writing fanfiction
  2. Being a part of the spn family and making friends

It wasn’t being a popular blog with thousands of followers.

I’m going to keep posting personal stuff because it helps me. 

Those of you who have messaged me before when I shared what was going through this little mind of mine are what keeps me sane.

I’m serious when I say that I can’t put into words how much of an impact you guys have on my well-being. Your asks, comments. messages, jokes and compliments make me smile and feel loved even when I feel like the people who surround me in real life hate me.

Thank you for that. I can’t express how grateful I am.

Argument, Car, Drunk?


-Can you do a sis fic where the reader and her brothers are driving home one night from a hunt and the reader and Sam get into an argument and then they crash and the reader gets the worst part and she has to go to the hospital and lots of fluff please?

-Can you do a sis fic where the reader and Sam get into an argument in the car and a drunk driver hits them and it puts the reader in the hospital??

“That was stupid, (Y/N)” Sam told you, again.

You and Sam had just finish up the case by burning the bones of this angry as hell spirit while Dean was protecting the victims.

“But I got the job done” you pointed out crossing your arms.

“And you almost got killed” Sam added “even Dean and I don’t do such reckless things and we are full trained hunters, you aren’t”.

“Doesn’t mean I’m fifteen I’m not capable of doing something” you spat.

“I’m not saying you aren’t capable” Sam sighs “I’m saying that you shouldn’t do things like that, you could have been killed. Do you know how hard it would be? I would have to tell Dean? Bobby? And then try to live without you? I’m telling you, we shouldn’t have started to train you if we knew you would be reckless”.

You look at him, your eyes meeting as you just want to scream at him that this is the job, put yourself in danger to save innocents that can’t do it themselves.

Though, you don’t have the time to say anything, because something suddenly hits the car. A deep pain shocks through all your body and everything goes dark.

“What do you mean, coma? She’ll get out of it right?” Dean asked the doctor.

“She will, she the biggest of the impact. The man’s truck hit her side of the car. Broken arm, fractured leg, dislocated shoulder, blood lose, heavy concussion, wound to the head and a few scratches from the shattered windows” he pauses letting Dean the time to take everything in “I’m telling you Mr. Collins, you’re little sister is one fighter. It is going to take some time, but she’s be good as new”.

Dean nods. The second he got the call from the hospital that his little brother and sister was in hospital, he didn’t even took a moment to think he stole a car and went to the hospital.

“He’s resting, he has a concussion, bruises and cuts too, he is a solid guy. He should wake up any second now”.

“And what about the driver of the other car?” Dean asked.

“He… we found some trace of alcohol in his blood, he’s just bruised and confused”.

“Alcohol?” Dean repeated “he was fucking drunk!”

“Mr. Collin, I understand you are angry” the doctor said calmly “but we can’t do anything now, what happened, happened. The driver will probably lose his permit and get a big ticket”.

“I hope he does” Dean growled “where is my siblings’ room?”

“We placed them in the same room” the doctor said “follow me”.

“Thank you” Dean silently said as he enters the room.

The first thing he sees, is Sam, lying in bed, sleeping peacefully. His face is bruised and has a few cuts. Dean advances towards the curtain separating the room and slowly opens it, scared of what he is about to find.

He looks at you, if he didn’t know it was you, he wouldn’t have recognized you. Your face is bruised, almost all of your face is full of colors and cuts. You’re right arm is in a cast and your left leg is hanging up, also in a cast.

“(Y/N)” Dean breathed out.


He turns around to see his little brother awake and confused.

“It’s okay, Sammy”.

It has been a week, Sam has been checked out, though they never left, staying at your side.

Sam had told Dean the argument you two had and was now feeling guilty of telling you those words.

“S’my? Dee?”

The brothers both jump out their seats and look at you, finally glad to see your eyes open.

“Hey, (Y/N)” Dean smiled.

“Hey” you greeted back weakly.

“I’ll get you the doc” Dean said smiling wider.

He leaves the room, Sam at your side as he grabs your hand.

“God, (Y/N), I’m glad you’re okay… I was so worried, I’m so sorry about-“

“Nah, I’m sorry, you were right… I guess I learned from you, again” you laugh, but soon it transforms in a grimace.

“Shh… don’t talk, okay? The doc will be there and give you something”.

You nod, bringing more pain, but just having Sam’s hand in yours, makes you feel better.

“Oi, shouldn’t this be an armchair challange too?”- A thingamajig about 3 Wishes.

Inadvertently, all wishes are selfish in nature
and of personal gain, so to speak
but if i can fool a genie, I’d try to do so
I’d probably wish to get more likes and reblogs on tumblr
cause these 200 something ain’t enough for me
by making it about the people and stuff
because its beneficial to read my works
I’d probably cause a population decline
cause I’m a god forsaken nihilist
a malthusian renegade or a whiny pissant
who has not place in 4 chan, let alone here
and finally I’d make it that…
(the following wish was censored as to not lose any followers
however, as a manchild, it should noted that my next wish is known
to the few followers that know me irl, at least some of them.
Ask them if you dare wish to know my third wish.
But i am most likely sure you won’t)

Shut You Up, Didn’t It?

Title: Shut you up, didn’t it? 

Summary: Gabriel gets bored easily, but he thinks he found something…or someone…who may be able to keep his interest! 

Tags: Let me know if you want added to the tag list! :D 

Originally posted by spngayngels

Gabriel sat at a small table in the corner as he looked over the people in the room.  He nibbled on his chocolate muffin as he watched everyone come and go from the little pastry.  He was feeling a bit down as of late.  Messing with the Winchesters was just so much fun, but now he was bored. Sure, he could pull the trickster card and serve some just desserts, but that required effort.  He would have to find the person, then pick a plan…ugh, that sounded too hard.  

So instead, he was people watching, hoping eventually someone would do something interesting or entertaining.  He was beginning to lose hope when he saw a young woman walk in.  She was probably about 24 or 25.  Her light brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail, her brown eyes searching through the crowd as she pushed past the first few people.

Gabriel’s eyes followed her as she moved behind the counter.  “You’re late!”  The manager screamed at her.  Gabriel made a note to teach that guy a lesson about being a douche bag later.

“Sorry, Mike. My car wouldn’t start.”  She said as she moved around the counter and put on a stained white apron.  “Where do you want me today?”  She asked with a slight smile.  The manager said a few words and then she was out in the bakery tending to the people sitting at the tables.  

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What is upppp followers

I’ve noticed somehow a bunch of you appeared, so here’s a mini re-intro, I’m Caroline, I’m 19, I’m suer into molecular biology, probably wanna go to med school but idk, I play d1 softball, I love to lift heavy, I love dogs // please interact with me more!! I love seeing more and more of you here every day but I only really interact w a few 

Anyways today I had my physics final (yeehaw, so glad to be done) and I also did the first days of 13.1 (like c25k, but for a half marathon!) which was nice because rfesses yesterday have my glutes SORE AFFFFF 

Anyways I’m super excited to get to go home tomorrow (home is Connecticut for me) considering I’ve been home for 60 hrs total since the d1 softball season started in january and I’m getting to go home for the weekend!!

Circuit work in the morning :-) 


hey i’m alive.

honestly i’ve been distracted from this blog lately. i don’t really feel the need to apologize for it because it’s kind of a good thing to keep myself busy in ways that aren’t thinking about him. that, and i’ve mostly exhausted my inspiration for posts, so new/original ones from me will probably be few for a while. at least of the lovey variety. apparently i’m slowly becoming a self-confidence/motivation/positivity suggestion blog lmao.

i also kinda want to start making more personal posts here, or share random personal thoughts/stuff about me? but i’m not sure because on one hand i don’t want to lose like all my followers but on the other hand this is My Blog™ so like i can do what i want. idk, let me know if something like that would bother you or not!

either way, i guess this is a heads up that the kind of stuff you’ll see from me is changing, since i know a lot of you originally followed me for the mushy shit. don’t get me wrong, it’s some good shit, but you gotta know i’m very quick to move on from one thing to another whenever i feel like it, so the theme of this blog will constantly be changing as i do. however, i want the basic underlying theme to always remain positivity.

thanks for reading this if you did, and let me know if you have any thoughts/comments/concerns about anything. and as always, i’m here for you guys if you ever need/want someone to talk to! (my ask box is literally empty at all times, what is this. i’m not that scary, am i? :( )

I'll heal the hole in your heart - chapter 9/?

Chapter 9/?

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A/N: Warnings and other informations are to be found in chapter 1.

Summary about chapter 9: (They’re 18 years old) Dan and Phil have been living in Manchester for a few months now and are finally trying to start a normal life together.

Words: 3.622

I’ll heal the hole in your heart chapter 9

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Creepypasta #432: The Puzzle Box

Yesterday I was at a self-storage unit I rent for old furniture, boxes, etc. Anyway, when I went back out and got into my truck there was a envelope on my seat. I left the doors unlocked, but I was only 10 feet away the whole time. I might have been moving stuff and didn’t see, but I had no idea anyone was even in that section of the place, let alone walking by my truck. That was a little freaky, but nothing compared to what I found inside the envelope.

It was a USB memory stick. My name was on the envelope, but the stick was totally generic. Maybe I shouldn’t have let my curiosity get the better of me, but when I got home later I put it right in my computer to see what it was. Without even clicking anything a text file immediately uploaded to my computer and opened. This is what it said, (redacted identifying names):

“Hello (my full name),

You don’t know me, but I’ve been following you around for a while. Something nice you did for someone else made me take notice of you, so I’ve chosen you to help me. You see, my life isn’t kind, or normal like yours. I hurt people, and when my job requires it, I kill them.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to kill you. I’ve done enough killing, and my own number is up soon, so I wanted to do something different with the last few weeks I’ve had. I’ve been watching you, and whether or not you know it yet, you have a very important decision to make.

First, let me talk shop. Disposing of a body is generally an easy thing to do. Wrap it up in trash bags then stick it in a large 5 foot long storage bin. The problem arises when you have two bodies, but only one bin. Then it becomes a puzzle. You can’t just cram them both in, it won’t work, so you have to do some cutting. Once you have more manageable pieces then you can work the puzzle. Let me just give you a hint, you gotta start with the torso, it’s the biggest piece and the rest you can fit in as needed.

But let’s get down to business. I own the storage unit to the right of your unit. The bigger one. The key is currently under the doormat outside the back door of your house. Also, on your next bank statement you’ll notice that you’ve been renting it for several months. Don’t worry, I took care of the charges.

Inside the unit you will find, stacked from top to bottom, storage bins filled with bodies. Most of them are there for a good reason, some maybe not, but what you should be more concerned about is the body of your old boss, (name). The one you had a very public falling out with when he fired you for bogus reasons. Probably one of the few times I’ve seen you lose your temper. You made some pretty serious threats.

Before you stop reading and attempt to contact authorities you should do yourself a favor and keep reading. Inside the storage bin with his body is a pair of your work gloves. The ones you thought you lost. Why am I doing this? Because I want you to do something for me, something I can’t do. And I want to be sure you follow through, not just go to the police.

Inside one of the other storage containers is all of the money I’ve made over the years. More than I could spend, more than you’ll be able to spend. I don’t want it going to the police when they eventually find the storage unit. I want you to use it. I could never donate it with blood on my hands and a guilty conscience, but I think you’ll do the right thing and use it to help others. Like I said, I’ve been watching you, and getting to know you pretty well. I know what drives you, and I know if you had the resources you would try to make things right. For her.

You have a choice to make. Go to the cops right now and take your chances with the justice system. The evidence might be circumstantial, but you’ll be lucky if you don’t get death row. Or you could try to find your boss’ body, but you’ll have to go through a lot of storage bins before you find the right one, putting your DNA all over the place. That would be even harder to explain.

So you really only have one option. Find the money and use it to destroy all the evidence. That should be your first priority. Hell, you could buy the entire storage company and demolish it. I’ll leave that up to you. I have no doubt you’ll do the right thing.”

I figured it was a joke, someone that knew a few details about me trying to freak me out. Then I went out back and looked under the doormat. The key was there.

Credits to: thedreadlordTim