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Requests:  HI! ❤ ur blog! I was hoping you could write a 1 shot where reader and Newt are both hufflepuffs while at hogwarts and he has a crush on reader and they end up together and fluff please? if it’s not too much trouble can it be in his pov? thank you!💛 kind of changed yours, sorry abt that

Hello! Could you please write a scenario during Newt’s time at Hogwarts where he’s comforting the reader, who’s very stressed about finals? (I have college finals in two weeks and I’ve never been more stressed in my life)

Notes: This is quite short but sickeningly sweet, hope you enjoy!

Newt was looking at a bedraggled girl, pages everywhere, hair a messy bun atop her head and glasses perched on hr nose. She was scribbling away, studying, probably getting a few last minute things done. He couldn’t help but stare at his lovely girlfriend, because she truly was lovely. He chuckled softly when he saw her sigh and reach for some white paint to correct a mistake. He started walking towards her, he pulled a chair up behind her and put his arms around her middle. She turned around and Newt felt that same tingly warm feeling he always got when she looked at him. She leaned forward to press a soft kiss to his lips, and pushed his hair out of his face for him.

“You look beautiful, but you also look exhausted, c’mon let’s go to the Common Room.” Newt said softly. The girl shook her head.

“I have to finish these notes, exams start in a week and this is the last of notes I’ve got to do. Please just let me finish.” The girl pleaded sticking out her bottom lip. Newt kissed her but picked her up, much to her dismay and carried her to the dorms. They got a few strange looks and Leta gave the girl a glare which she ignored, but nevertheless arrived in the Hufflepuff Common Room. “You know I love you but really?” Y/N said, smiling.

“Really.” Newt replied, tucking a hair behind her ear. She cuddled right up to his chest and subconsciously listened to his heart beat, it was going quite fast.

“Sweets, your heart beat is going a million miles an hour!” Y/N whispered.

“I have a beautiful, amazing girl lying on me right now, why wouldn’t it be?” He said playfully.

“Well, you are handsome and extraordinary Mr Scamander.” Y/N whispered, placing a delicate kiss to his lips. He smiled, and turned a little bit pink, much to Y/N’s joy. She poked his cheek teasingly and giggled softly.

“Aren’t you a delight?” Newt asked laughing to himself. The sweet girl laughed. Newt wondered how he could get such a perfect girl when he was just, him.

“Don’t you ever say that again.” Y/N said, stern.

“I said that out loud didn’t I?” Newt mumbled. Y/N nodded and kissed him.

“I love you. So much.” Y/N said earnestly. Newt pecked her lips happily.

“And I love you too, with every fiber of my being.” Newt said honestly.

“I’m glad.” Y/N whispered.

I’m writing an article to tie in with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them coming out (I’m honestly still torn on whether to go see it myself. I probably will, I’m weak. And my mom will want to. Probably won’t see the sequel though. SIGH)

and remembering the little Fantastic Beasts textbook is making me happy because honestly it was so adorable? The fact that it is canon that Harry and Ron shared the same textbook because Ron’s fell apart and so now they are just co-owners of Harry’s. And Hermione had to write in it to lecture Ron about getting some Quidditch thing instead of a new textbook. 

And they spent the class writing sarcastic notes in the margins. And played hangman. And when Ron lost Harry doodled a spider about to eat him just to be an asshole. AND THE PHRASE HARRY WAS HAVING RON GUESS IN FIRST PLACE WAS THE TERM FOR GIANT SPIDER. What a great friend.

And the fact Harry’s notes were stuff like “WEREWOLVES ARE OKAY REALLY” and “BASILISKS HAVEN’T BEEN SEEN IN HUNDREDS OF YEARS HAHA FUCK YOU NEWT SCAMANDER THAT’S WHAT YOU THINK” and “HUNGARIAN HORNTAIL: WOULD NOT RECOMMEND”  And Ron’s were like “FUCK SPIDERS” and “oh i had that as a pet before Fred friggin’ killed it.”

I just love them so much.


Pairing: Young!Remus Lupin x Reader

Requested? Yes.

Warnings: none.

A/N: Feel free to spam me with requests! :) P.S. I would really love some angst ones, and I posted an angst prompts list not too long ago. Note I will probably end them really emo because I love emo. Unless you specifically ask for a happy ending, I’ll try my best going from emo to happy. xoxo

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“Rem, I’m going to get you sick just by laying in your bed,” you sighed, staring up at Remus as he had your head resting in his lap. His fingers ran through your hair, playing with it soothingly. He rolled his eyes, brushing your comment off. “Don’t worry about it, love. That just means that you will be taking care of me,” he smiled shyly, a small blush laying across his cheeks.

You tiredly smiled, raising a hand to caress his cheek as you spoke quietly, your voice a tad bit scratchy, “Then I guess it’s a win win if you really, truly want to get sick,” you smiled back. Soon enough, your arm grew tired, so you laid it back down. There you go again, getting lost in his eyes. Why was he so adorable? You did not deserve someone as sweet and kind and handsome as him.

What you did not know, obviously, was that Remus thought the same about you. He really had no clue why you had said yes to going out on a date. To him, you were way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way…way out of his league. Everything about you screamed perfect to him. Whenever it came to him, he found himself as a monster. Of course you already knew about what had happened with him and where he and his friends run off to. He couldn’t keep it away from you, but that didn’t mean that he told you right away.

“You look tired, (y/n). Get some rest,” Remus said softly, smiling down at you again as he continued to play with your hair. You frowned, scrunching up your nose slightly. But how could you turn down a chance of taking a power nap? “Alright,” you mumbled in defeat, turning on your side as your arms wrapped around his waist, pulling yourself closer to his body.

Remus had his head back against the headboard, his eyes close as he shortly fell asleep after you. The other three marauders (James, Sirius, and Peter) loudly came into the room, laughing, and going on about the prank they just recently pulled. Remus mentally rolled his eyes and groaned soon after the three had woken him up. He immediately shushed them, “will you three gits be quiet? (Y/n) is asleep…,” he trailed off, looking back down at you.

Sirius gave the other two boys a smirk before looking at Remus again. “Awww, how sweet. Tell me, Prongs, such puppy love, yeah?” He grinned, even as Remus glared at him. James soon joined the banter and smirked as well. “Tell me, Moony, just how love sick are you?”

Again, Remus glared and ignored that comment as well.

By now, you were quite awake, but decided to stay asleep.

1. You were comfortable,

2. You actually did this quite often when the boys woke you up.

“Are you in love with her, Remus?” Peter asked, not in a teasing way (although he probably would have any other day), but out of curiosity.

Remus thought for a moment before answering. “You know, I am in love with her, and you all toe rags can laugh about it and tease me all you want.” There actually hadn’t been a time that he sat down and just thought if he was in love with you, but he did know there was never a moment where he stopped liking you.

And merlin’s beard, did it take a lot in you to not smile.

Or tackle him in a hug.

Or kiss him.

Soon later when you were ‘awake,’ you were leaning against Rem’s side on his bed as the other three snuck off to get you food. “I heard you earlier, Rem,” you spoke, looking over at him after lifting your head off of his shoulder.

He stared at you, panicking on the inside. What if she’s not in love with me? She still likes me though, right? But what if she doesn’t?

You were snapping your fingers in front of his eyes for a few mere seconds before he was snapped out of his thoughts. “Oh, you didn’t hear anything I said, did you?” You laughed, leaving him confused. Were you laughing at him?

“I’m in love with you, too, Remus,” you said, smiling shyly as you turned his head for him to look at you. “I have been for awhile now, actually.”

He began to grin, pulling you closer to his side as you both sat there in comfortable silence.

You both were perfectly happy.

Sad Serenade (M)

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Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4

Plot: You got involved with one of the most dangerous gangs in the country, it was too late to back off

Group: BTS

Pairing: bts x reader (in the next chapter you’ll know for who the leading character -I mean you- is rooting for)

Genre: all genres

Warnings: Violence, implied death and implied light smut

Word Count: 1,834

Well, my mind is all over the place, I hope this turns out well, enjoy! Please read the note at the end of the chapter, it’s really important.

You looked the time on your phone, sighing loudly after seeing it was just 12. You wanted to get out of there so badly, you hadn’t come up with an excuse yet just to make Seulbi, your best friend, happy. She made you come here and you didn’t really wanted to leave her alone. Anyways, you didn’t see her for half an hour already, you didn’t want to know what could she probably be doing in one of the bathrooms. You frowned and walked across the club to the bar table. You leaned to ask for a bottle of water, making sure it was closed. Of course you wouldn’t take any risk and let yourself get drugged. It was a really common thing mostly in this neighbor, even though it was one of the best in town, thanks to the plenty money of the sons of rich people around it was more common than anywhere else. You took the bottle going back to one of the empty tables around. After drinking a couple sips, you look next to you when you felt a presence. Almost ready to yell expecting them to be Seulbi but it was just a guy, looking really drunk and so out of his five senses. You knit your eyebrows. Annoyed and confused at the same time. “Can I help you?” You ask loudly, so he can hear you even with the music filling your ears. He didn’t say anything, just leaning against you as he starts to kiss your neck. You frown and push him roughly away from you. He tumbles on his feet and laughs going back to you. Yi put your hands on his chest to stop him but he pushes harder, grabbing your hips. You scream a curse than barely sounds, you knee him in his parts and walk away as fast as you can. Bumping with many bodies in the way and almost tripping, you finally get out of that goddamn club. You were angry, you didn’t have to deal with those type of guys. You checked your phone, nothing from Seulbi, you had to go, there was no chance you’d go back inside again.

You walked, sending a text to Seulbi, saying you suddenly felt sick and that you’d see her in the dorms. She’d probably read it at some point of the night. Walking across a dark alley, you heard some weird noises and by weird you didn’t want to believe what you heard they were. Screams and countless curses, it pierced your ears. You walked slower, before getting just in the middle of the street. Curiosity got the best of you and you regretted it for ever. You walked a few steps closer to the sounds, you waited while your eyes adjusted to the complete darkness, the lights from the streets didn’t get there. You walked one more step when you saw many silhouettes, you didn’t count them but it seemed like 6 or 7 people around something. It screaming again, this time you could hear clearly, it was a man’s voice. You covered your mouth when you saw liquid around him what you assumed was blood, what else could it be? You covered your mouth and bit your tongue so the screams wouldn’t come out of your throat. You tripped with something behind you making you fall and many pair of eyes turned to look at you. You froze, not knowing what to do. They weren’t just giving him a beat up, they were killing him if he wasn’t already dead. You opened your eyes widely and got up as you could. One of them took a step to your way and you let out a sob. You turned on your feet and started running to the main street. If you were fast enough and if they were chasing you, you could lose them in a couple of streets. The dorms weren’t that far away.

You ran, using all the air you had in your lungs. You hear footsteps behind you, running as you did. You felt the tears running down your cheeks. You took your phone and tried to type 911 on the screen, your hands were shaking and you dropped the phone. You didn’t hesitate and kept running, turning right in the next corner and after running a couple streets more zigzagging randomly you stopped listening the footsteps. You looked back and no one was there. You his yourself behind a trash can. You had to recover and then walk again to the dorms. You didn’t want them to know where you lived. You sighed almost on the edge of a panic attack. You took some deep breaths. You couldn’t go back for your phone, it was probably in their hands or just completely crashed and useless.

You wanted to cry so badly but if there were still around they’d hear you and you didn’t doubt they could kill you there.


After almost an hour, you looked to the sides, peeking your head slowly. Your muscles were stiff from the curled position you kept. You stood up, slowly and cautious. You didn’t hear or see anyone near. You walked again, wiping away the tears of your face. You looked back many times, paranoid. You finally got to the dorms and walked the stairs to the first floor almost crawling. You shut the door behind your back, falling to the floor and staying there. You didn’t cry this time, you were mentally exhausted and on the edge of collapsing. As you expected, Seulbi wasn’t there yet. Good, you wouldn’t have to deal with questions. You crawled to your bedroom and got to the bed, covering yourself with the covers and closing your eyes. Wanting to disappear the memories from that night.

The light of the Saturday’s sun woke you up, you opened your eyes slowly, not wanting to get up and stay in bed all day. You covered your face with the sheets and sighed. The memories from last night kicked in, like a bowl of cold water. You frowned, did that really happened or it was just your imagination? Your legs hurt and that was proof enough that you were chased last night. And the absence of your phone prove it even more. Where were you supposed to get a new one? You didn’t have enough money until the next month when your parent send your allowance. You sigh in disbelief.

You manage to get out of bed, noticing you didn’t change clothes and you were still using the same black dress. You got to the bathroom and showered. Trying to get away all the bad memories. You get out of the bedroom and find Seulbi in the kitchen eating a huge bowl of cereal. “Good you wake up! I was starting to worry you died in your sleep” she laughs and you try to smile. You get another bowl and pour some cereal on it, feeling nauseous yet. “God, how much did you drink?” She asks looking your face. You laugh a little. “Nothing, I just couldn’t sleep that much” you sigh eating a spoon of cereal. She nods. “I got your text last night, I called you but didn’t answer” she says slowly. “Oh… I lost my phone, I must have left in in the club” you shrug like it was no big deal. You didn’t want to talk about what happened last night. She hums and gets back to her cereal. After a couple of minutes, she turns to you. “Why don’t we call your number? Maybe someone found it and we can get it back” she suggests and you think about it. What were the chances that those guys had it or maybe someone else really found it? You frown thinking about it. You nod finally, you had to get back your phone one way or another. She hands you her phone and you press the call button on your contact name. It ringed a couple of times until someone picked up. You didn’t know what to say, you stayed silent until someone talked. You froze, what if it was one of them? You were about to hang up. “Is this you? The girl from last night?” You gulped, frozen in your place. “Yes” you say, finally. In a low and shaky voice. Seulbi was cleaning around the kitchen so you got up to the living room so she couldn’t hear.

“Listen carefully” he starts, with a slow and soft voice. “If you want your phone and stay alive, I’ll see you in the cafeteria close to the club near your house, go alone and if you say something or if you don’t come, you’ll see what happens.” you heard every single word, the threat tangible in his voice. You gulped and hung up. Not saying a word. You shook your head, did you hear right? Was he threatening you? And was that a death threat? What could happen if you didn’t go? You frowned leaving Seulbi’s phone in the table and getting again to your bedroom. You got changed slowly, processing the words you heard on the phone. He didn’t say something about calling the police but if you ever learnt something about those kind of movies, it was that involving the police was never a good idea. Ever. You sighed, at least he mentioned something about keeping you alive. What could go wrong? Maybe they would make you swear you wouldn’t say a word about what you saw and that was it, you could live normal again.

You walked to the entrance and waved to Seulbi. “I’m going to get my phone, I’ll be back” you say, hoping you will actually be back with all your organs. You walk looking for the cafeteria he mentioned, it wasn’t that far away and you wished it was more far, so you could have time to think or regret what you were about to do. I’m so stupid. But at least he wanted to meet in a public place, you could scream and someone would help you. You nod to yourself, walking slowly to the door. You open it and stay near the entrance for a bit, looking for him. But wait, how would you know it was him? You gulped about to go back but he stood up, waving a hand at you. He seemed so harmless and almost nice but what you saw last night didn’t let you keep that image of him.

He was tall, many inches taller than you. His body was slim but still shaped. His hair fell upon his forehead, looking soft and smooth. You wondered how it felt to brush your fingers across his hair. But you were staring too much already, you cleared your throat and walked to his table. Sitting without saying a word. You bit your lip, afraid of what could happen know and what fate you got to yourself after making such a reckless decision.


Surprise! I made a new series, if you haven’t noticed it’s a gang one, I don’t really know where it’s going so, we’ll see! I didn’t give an exact description of the guy you meet at the cafeteria so maybe I can do a voting? I wanna know which member you’d like to see as the main! So please let me know, would you like it to be Yoongi or maybe Taehyung? I can go with whoever you want! Thanks for reading and my ask box is always open for comments, yells and reviews 💖
The Piano Man

Looks like I’m doing Fluff Fiction Week.

Here are the other fluffs I’ve done.

Day Four Prompt: Music/Song

When she first heard it, Ladybug thought she was going crazy. It was faint, almost teasing, piano music floating past her ears but never catching. She wanted to stop and listen, find the source of the haunting notes, but she had to get back to the mall before Alya noticed that she’d disappeared. She swung out of range and it disappeared as quickly as it came.

The second time, Ladybug was racing to intercept an akuma. She almost tripped when she heard the music, louder than it had been before. She looked wildly around, hoping to catch at least the direction it was coming from, but the notes abruptly stopped before she could narrow it down. She sighed, but kept running. There was an akuma to fight.

The third time, Ladybug had nowhere to be. Honestly, she probably shouldn’t have been transformed at all since there wasn’t an akuma, but she’d just needed… something. To feel strong, perhaps. To feel like she had control over something. Or maybe she just needed an escape. Either way, Ladybug was suited up and she had nowhere to be and she heard it. The elusive piano music, beautiful and ethereal and annoyingly distant.

Ladybug didn’t stop to think, she just acted, leaping from the ledge of the building she was standing on and swinging towards the source of the music. It wasn’t very far, but it took a frustratingly long time to pinpoint the location. It sounded like it was coming from everywhere, echoing off buildings and down alleys. But eventually, Ladybug found a direction that brought the music steadily closer.

She found herself in a garden. It wasn’t a big garden, but it was lovely, with vibrant flowers spilling over onto the neat stone path and large trees providing shade. Ladybug followed the path, hoping that she would find the source of the music at the end of it even if she couldn’t fathom why there’d be piano music in the middle of a garden. That is, she couldn’t fathom it until the path turned a corner.

There was piano music in the garden because there was a piano in the garden, protected by a large white gazebo covered in ivy. It wasn’t a particularly fancy piano, with its plain, worn wood, but it sounded lovely. Ladybug continued up the path, eager now to see who was playing the piano, to finally find out who had been drawing her in all this time. She got close enough to see blonde hair and a white shirt and-


When he first found the piano, Adrien was almost certain that it wouldn’t work. He was wandering a little garden he’d found by his house and he stumbled across it, old and worn and forgotten. He sat down at it anyways, hesitantly placing his fingers on the keys, prepared for it to be out of tune or even completely nonfunctional. He pressed down and was surprised when the chords played perfectly, not a note out of tune. He started to play then, gradually gaining speed as he gained confidence in the piano. It was freeing, playing this piano far out of the earshot of his father or his tutor, with no one to critique him or hold him back or frown at his choices. He allowed his fingers to pick out its own melodies and let the music carry him away for the first time in a long time.

The fourth time Adrien returned to the piano, he only got to play for a little while. Normally Adrien lost himself in the music for hours, but this time he caught a flash of red and looked past the edge of the gazebo to see Ladybug pause on the roof of a building. A thrill flashed through him and he immediately stopped playing, quickly checking his phone to see the akuma alert that he’d silenced. He leapt into action, calling for Plagg to transform him and running after his Lady.

The tenth time Adrien went to the piano started the same as every other time had. He slipped away from his house and his father and his responsibilities and he lost himself in his piano and his music, his fingers playing out his stress and worry note by note. He’d been playing for a little over half an hour when he caught movement out of the corner of his eye and he looked up and saw her.


Ladybug was standing there, watching him play, her eyes wide, her mouth slightly open.

Adrien’s brain went offline for about thirty seconds. His fingers faded to a stop.

“Adrien?” Ladybug asked, her voice tinged with disbelief.

Adrien’s brain rather abruptly came online again and he leapt to his feet.

“My L- um, Ladybug! Hi!” Adrien said quickly. He winced internally at his voice, a little too high, a little too loud. “What are you doing here?”

“I was following the music,” Ladybug said simply, her eyes flicking to the piano before settling back on Adrien. If Adrien had been paying attention, he probably would have caught the nervous note in Ladybug’s voice that harmonized with his own. However, he was a little preoccupied with trying to appear nonchalant and cool without giving away his identity.

He failed.

Because instead of suavely leaning against the edge of the piano like he’d intended, Adrien leaned on the keys, jumped at the dissonant bang, tripped over the bench, and brought it down with him in a tangle of wood and limbs.

“Oh my gosh, are you alright?” Ladybug asked. Adrien sat up, trying to regain his bearings so that he could assure Ladybug that he was just fine, but then he was suddenly face to face with a pair of bright blue eyes and speech was eliminated as an option.

She was so beautiful.

“Adrien?” Adrien shook his head, focusing back on Ladybug, whose expression had shifted at some point from concern to a shy smile. Shy? When was Ladybug ever shy?

“Y-yes?” Adrien asked, suddenly breathless.

“Would you play me something?” Ladybug asked, looking at Adrien through her eyelashes. Adrien blinked at her, rendered speechless again. She wanted him to- “You don’t have to, of course. I just really liked-”

“No!” Adrien blurted. Ladybug’s face fell and Adrien scrambled to disengage himself from the piano bench and clarify. “I mean, yes. I’ll play for you. Definitely.” Ladybug’s face immediately brightened and she straightened, holding a hand out to Adrien. Adrien did his best not to freak out as he took it and was pulled to his feet and he redoubled his efforts when Ladybug took a seat on the small piano bench and looked up at him expectantly. Adrien took a deep breath as surreptitiously as he could and sat down next to Ladybug, pressing against her from calf to hip in order to fit them both on the bench.

Blushing furiously and thanking every lucky star he might have, Adrien placed his fingers on the keys and began to play.

Exo’s Reaction to you not being by their side when they wake up


*Last night you two had a little fight in which you woke up thinking about. You were still a bit mad with Minseok so you get out of bed before he wakes up and go for a walk. A few minutes after you left he wakes up and sits up on the bed. He looks to see if you were still sleeping but you weren’t there. He sighs realizing that you were probably still mad with him so he just lays back in bed until you get home so you two could talk.*


*Today you went to the gym early without telling Luhan. So he wouldn’t worry about where you were, you left him a note on your pillow. Luhan turns to face your side of the bed because he thought he was going to open his eyes and see your beautiful face; but when he slightly opens his eyes and notices you weren’t there his eyes grew bigger wondering where you could be. He sits up and looks at the time and then looks back at your side of the bed and notices your note.*

Y/N: “I went to the gym by myself so you could get some sleep since you’ve been working hard and need some rest. I’ll be home soon! Saranghae! -Y/n” 

*He smiles at the fact that you cared so much for him and his health.*


*While you sleep at night you always need to find warmth so when you guys sleep together you always get really close to Kris in order to sleep better. In the middle of the night you get a call from work telling you that they needed you. Without telling Kris you leave the house and go to work. You eventually would text him later that you went to work. When Kris doesn’t feel you close to him he wakes up in shock but then realizes that you probably had to go work so he happily enjoys the whole bed to himself and falls back asleep.* 


*You and your best friend were going on a trip in a few days so since today was your only day off you woke up early to go get the stuff you needed for the trip. You didn’t bring Suho for the fact that he wasn’t feeling that well so you let him rest. After being gone for a few hours, he finally wakes up and is about to cuddle you but as he reaches for you, you weren’t there. He texts you asking where you were and you told him you were on your way home. He tries staying awake waiting for you to cuddle him but ends up falling asleep.*


*Lay went to sleep last night hoping you’d be by his side when he woke up in the morning but you had to stay working all night. Even though he was sleeping you text him that you won’t be home until the morning. As morning arrives you try to get home before Lay wakes up but sadly he wakes up before you arrive. When he wakes up and doesn’t see you by his side, he starts to worry but then he looks at your text and feels less stressed about it. But he still worries about the fact that you haven’t gotten any sleep so when you get home he stays in bed with you until you get your proper rest.*


*Today you had a very important interview you had to go to. So you wake up before Baek and get ready. After getting ready you place a kiss on his forehead without waking him up and then leave. As you were on your way to the interview Baekhyun wakes up and as he sees that you aren’t next to him he immediately calls your phone.* 

Baekhyun: “Jagi, where are you? You need to be the first thing I see when I wake up! Why aren’t you here?”

*You laugh at the fact that he sounded like a little baby asking for his mom but that’s why you loved him.*


*Your friend invited you to a party last night which meant that Chen had to fall asleep without you being there with him. But since you told him you’d be back before he woke up made him feel better. The party ended so late you decided to stay at your friends house and come back home in the morning. Excitedly Chen wakes up in hopes to see your beautiful face but as he turns his head to look you weren’t there. His mood drops and he stays staring at your side of the bed missing you.*


*This morning you got called into work even though it was your day off. You didn’t want to wake Chanyeol up since he came home late last night and you wanted him to rest. You thought he would figure out that you went to work but he didn’t. When he woke up and touched your side of the bed, since you were always by his side when he woke up,he immediately sat up when he didn’t feel you there and looked around the bedroom for you.*

Chanyeol: “Where is she?”

*He ends up texting you and you tell him that they called you in for work. He got a bit mad for the fact that you didn’t tell him but then told you not to do that again and to tell him next time.* 


*Kyungsoo was always the first one up and the one that made you breakfast. This time, however, you wanted to be the one that cooked him breakfast so you woke up earlier than him and started make breakfast. He gets woken up by the smell. Without opening his eyes he reaches for you next to him. As he doesn’t feel you there, he opens his eyes and realizes you’re the one cooking. At first he was surprised but then it made him happy that you cooked him breakfast.*


*At 4:30 AM you receive a text from your friend that says that she needed you to stop by her house because of some situation. You didn’t want to leave Tao by himself that long but she said it was only going to take a few minutes so you quickly went. After being gone for only a few minutes, Tao suddenly wakes up form a nightmare. When he looks for you next to him, he gets mad at the fact that you weren’t there to comfort him. So when you get home you find him awake and mad but that fades away as you cuddle him and tell him you’re sorry for leaving him.*


*You couldn’t sleep so you got out of bed early and just stayed in the kitchen drinking some coffee. Kai was going to cuddle you so as he was going to embrace you he notices you weren’t there. He gets up and goes to find you.*

Kai: “What are you doing here?”

Y/N: “I can’t sleep…”

Kai: “I was going to cuddle you but then you weren’t there and you made me get up. Come on let’s go back to bed.”

*He grabs your hand and drags you to bed. As you to settle in he cuddles you and you both fall asleep.* 


*You get up extremely early today to pack since you were leaving for a trip today. Sehun still half asleep reached for you on the bed but doesn’t find you. He opens his eyes to see where you were and notices that you were packing.*

Sehun: “Jagi, why are you doing this so early? You’ll have time later after we wake up.”

*You tell him that you would prefer to pack now but he doesn’t agree and keeps winning until you go back to bed with him. He wraps his legs with yours and embraces you to make sure you don’t leave until he gets up himself.*

Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 11

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 11 (and with this chapter we’re finishing the second season of the show :))

Please, note that I am French and so there might be some grammar mistakes.

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You had been stuck in this room for a while now. If you weren’t worried about the others you probably would be starving. It was passed midnight, you wondered how everything was going.

The door opened and you see Katherine enter. “You can get out of the room now, but you still can’t leave” she sighs. She doesn’t even look at you. You figure it’s better this way. You make your way to the kitchen, to look for something to eat.

“Do you think they’re gonna fail?” the vampire suddenly asks you.

You look up at her. “I hope not” you say.

She sighs loudly “Your hopes are no good to me…or them.”

You sat on the couch, giving up the idea of eating anything.

“What should we do?” Katherine says, you’re not sure she’s speaking to you. She turns on the radio and starts dancing. She takes a bottle of alcohol and starts jumping around. You just sit there, listening to the music, wishing for the best.


Several dead bodies were on the ground. The fires lit up the night. The sound of thunder joined the screams and the cries. Elijah had his hand in his brother’s chest. “In the name of our family, Niklaus.”

“I didn’t bury them at sea” the hybrid quickly says to his brother.

Elijah was about to rip his brother’s heart out of his chest but stopped. “What?”

“Their bodies are safe.” Klaus reassure his brother. “If you kill me, you’ll never find them”

Elijah hesitates. He doesn’t know if he should trust those words.

“Besides, I have your little human under my surveillance. Imagine what will happen to her if I never go back?”

Elijah frowns. He doesn’t understand who his brother is talking about. “She is quite lovely, your little artist.” Elijah’s eyes grow bigger with realization. He looks at Stefan and Bonnie “I’m sorry” is all he says before vanishing with the new hybrid. If he was lying about his siblings, he knew his brother well enough to know he wasn’t lying about you.


You fell asleep on the couch. Katherine was destroying the apartment and the sounds of her destruction woke you up.

“I’m still stuck here! He’s still alive!” she screams, throwing a chair against the wall, making you jump.

You look at her with a sorry look. You sigh. You had no idea who had survived last night and more importantly, who hadn’t.

You watch Katherine falling on the floor, panting.

You decide to make breakfast. That you didn’t know how long you were gonna be stuck here and that, maybe, with a little luck, the “psycho bitch” liked pancakes.

You were in luck. She devoured your pancakes like it was the best thing she’d ever eaten, but you figured she just hadn’t eaten in days.

“You’re lucky you’re a good cook” she says “I was planning on eating you as my breakfast”

You look up at her to see if she was kidding but judging by her tone and by the fact that she wasn’t even looking at you, she was probably serious.

You spent a couple of days with her. She liked to talk a lot about herself, but you didn’t mind. You had to admit that she had lived a very eventful life. You drew her at her request and liked every piece you had made of her. She tells you ridiculous stories that makes you laugh so much you almost fell from the couch several time.

Finally the front door opens. You expect to see Klaus but it’s actually Stefan who shows up.


Katherine doesn’t let any of you say anything. “Two days I’ve been waiting, I’m supposed to be free of Klaus’s compulsion by now. He’s supposed to be dead.”

“We ran into complications.”


“Doesn’t really matter” he tells her “I just need to see him, do you have any idea where he might be?”

He was expecting an answer but not to be pushed against a wall. You jump out of the couch when you see both Klaus and Elijah enter the apartment.

Katherine pulled Stefan by his jacket “Look who decided to come for a visit”

Elijah was looking you up and down, checking for any injuries before his eyes fell into yours.

You both stay silent.

“You just keep popping up, don’t you?” Klaus says to Stefan.

“I need your help, for my brother”

That’s right. Katherine had told you that Damon had been bitten by Tyler and that he was going to die.

“Whatever it is, it’s gonna have to wait. You see I have an obligation to my brother that requires my immediate attention.”

Elijah’s eyes move from you to Stefan as Klaus left the room. “You understand how important family is or you wouldn’t be here” he says. “My brother gave me his word that he would reunite me with my own.”

You jump, seeing Klaus suddenly standing behind Elijah.

“And so I shall” he says, daggering his brother once again.

You scream “No!” you were about to go to him but Katherine stopped you. You look at Elijah’s unconscious and once again grey body and tears were filling up your eyes.

“Katherine” Klaus says. “Be a dear and compel this lovely young girl to forget she just saw that”

“No!” you start to cry. You were trying to get to Elijah but Katherine was too strong.

“Please” you tell her “don’t!”

“It’s for the best, trust me”

You closed your front door behind you. Robert was at work. You look in the mirror before you step in the shower and you looked like you had been crying, which was weird. You take your phone and call Bonnie. She tells you about everything that happened. You learn that Jenna had died, that Caroline’s mother and Matt knew about vampires. Today, Jeremy got shot by Sheriff Forbes but Bonnie brought him back with her magic. You couldn’t believe in all the things you had missed. But what astonishes you the most is that she doesn’t even ask about you. You had been gone for 3 days, you had missed Jenna’s funeral and nobody thought about asking where you were. You were starting to feel something and it wasn’t good. You clean up the house with loud music to forget about all that had happened. You wanted to forget about it all. No more Elijah, no more Klaus. You weren’t getting involved anymore. You wanted to go back to your old life. You wanted to be alone, you wanted the feelings to go away. You were starting to care and that was just the best way to get hurt.

You hear knocking. You sigh and wonder who might be knocking at your door at this time. When you open the door you are surprised to see Katherine standing there.

“Hey” she says

You frown. “Katherine” What did she want ? You weren’t gonna be able to go back to your old life if every psycho vampire in town decided to come knocking at your door.

“Damon is gonna be okay” she quickly says.

“Good for him” you reply.

She raises an eyebrow. “I got something for you” she says raising her hand. She was handing you a very beautiful bracelet. “It has vervain in it” she says “you can’t be compelled if you’re wearing that so never take it off, okay?” She puts the bracelet in your hand and then she disappears.

That was weird… What’s gotten into her?

You close the door and sigh. You look at the bracelet for a while then you put it around your wrist. You decide to follow her advice and to “never take it off”.

First Ever

*Requested: (ONE SHOT) Y/N was the first Glader to arrive, and Newt tells Thomas her story.*

Thomas looked around aimlessly. Then his eyes landed on a girl. He looked around again, noting the fact that she’s the only girl. He watched as guys went up to her and she laughed or pointed or seriously listened in to their words. Everyone always walked away with a relieved look.

“That’s Y/N.” an accented voice said and Thomas turned around to see the taller blond boy staring at the girl.

“She was the first one to get here. I’m Newt.” he said and Thomas returned his gaze to Y/N.

“Was she alone?” he asked and Newt sighed.

“Maybe. Probably. It’s like she was always here. I don’t know what she did when she first got here, but according to Alby she was sitting right outside the Maze just staring in. It’s like she didn’t even care about the Box. He had to get him and a few others out himself.” Newt explained and Thomas observed Y/N.

“She’s the one in charge. She’s the one everyone goes to. She knows everything there is to know. She spent at least a month here alone, maybe more. She said she just spent her time sleeping and eating grass. She can’t kill animals. She’ll kill any one of us shanks though. Step out of line and you’ll really feel her bloody wrath.” Newt said and the boys stared at her from across the Glade.

“I want to ask her questions.” Thomas said and slowly started walking over.

“Oh. One more thing.” Newt said and stopped Thomas for a second.

“Don’t let her physical appearance weaken you. She’s a buggin’ looker.” Newt grunted and walked away, leaving Thomas to approach the leader alone.



He was sitting up on his bed, huffing and puffing and staring at his hands as he tried to figure out where he was, though it didn’t take long since the stark white sheets were a bit of a giveaway.

He’d know that bleached color anywhere: it was the medic wing.

Nico sighed. Great, not only did he sleep the rest of the day, as noted by the lack of light, medics, and other patients, but he was also probably condemned to another three days of hell.

He really shouldn’t have shadow traveled. Really. But there was a monster and a young kid and, look, he had morals, and not allowing a child to get mauled to death by infinitely endless claws and teeth was one of them.

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Imagine Fighting Crime With Daredevil

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“I had him on the ropes!” you glared at Daredevil, your partner, as he threw a box to knock the goon you were fighting unconscious.

“He had a gun,” Matt noted. Yes, you knew what you two were doing was dangerous, but you weren’t the one nearly getting killed and having to go to Claire on a near-nightly basis. In retaliation (and a little bit of defense of your pride), you took a hard step forward and punched through the wall.

“And I have THAT!” you snarked, running at another goon and taking him to the ground with ease.

“Lucky strike,” Matt grunted. You sighed. And Luke called Jessica the hardest hero in Hell’s Kitchen to get a compliment out of. (Which, she probably was, but Matt was a whole different nut.)

(For Anon)

Finished my @lordminion wall painting!
I live in an apartment now so I can’t actually paint on the walls like I used to at my old house. Sigh 😕
So I use this brown paper that came in a giant roll so I guess it’s kinda okay. Wish it was white paper tho 😂 but hey, that just means I can do more wall paintings!

On another note, I think this is the first piece of art I’ve ever done of Wade. Why haven’t I done more? Idk. I’ll get on making more soon. Probably a portrait like the others soon.

33) “You are beautiful”
 34) “I just wanna impress you”

Sammy’s POV

I woke up with a not so bad hangover, remembering what happened last night. Julia was just some girl, nothing happened between us, i got stopped before i regretted anything. I remember coming back to y/n’s and feeling regret in my stomach, like i actually did something.

I walked outside the master room and stopped when i saw y/n sleeping in a guest room. I sighed knowing i probably fucked up, again. What’s new. I went downstairs and decided to make breakfast for y/n, make her feel special again, little by little. I started making her favorites, chocolate pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast, orange juice. I heard the upstairs shower turn on. I rushed to set everything up, for it to be presentable. With flowers and a note on the table and a clean kitchen, so she does not have to worry. I went into the kitchen to get some napkins and I walked back out to see y/n standing at the table, reading the note, smiling down at it. I walked up to her from behind quietly and wrapped my arms around her waist. She jumped a little but calmed instantly when she realized it was me. “Sammy, what is all of this?” “I made you breakfast.” “Why?” She raised an eyebrow. “I have to have a reason to make my girl breakfast?” She chuckled and shook her head no. “Thank you my Sammy boy.” She turned around in my arms and pecked my lips. “So, you’re not mad at all about last night?”

“No. I believe you that nothing happened. I trust you.” I smiled at her and kissed her nose. “Thank you for believing me and trusting me.” I pushed her away just a little and looked up and down at her outfit. I bit the bottom of my lip, “You are beautiful” She blushed and hid her face in my chest. “Now, what’s the real reason you made breakfast?” She pushed away looking at my face.

I just wanna impress you with my cooking skills,” I smirked at her. “Thanks for not burning down the house.” She sat down and started making herself a plate. I watched her every move and realized how blessed i am to have y/n in my life. She stopped, turned to me and smiled, “You going to eat?” I nodded and joined her.

Half Right

Gyuhao (Mingyu x Minghao), fluff, College!AU  

Summary: Minghao does a last minute studying session for an exam and meets a student who happens to be studying for the same class.
Length: 1454 
A/N: HI MAJA @minghaon // Half of this happened to me while the other half didn’t. yes laugh at me for having no friends who I can study with bye

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Nerd!Jim and Punk!Bones au where Jim meets Bones when he’s drunkenly trying to get a tattoo because his friends dare him. Bones refuses to do it of course, the wholesome, blonde nerd probably wants something stupid that he will definitely regret anyway. Jim admits that he doesn’t know what he wants really and asks again, this time telling Leonard to put his name on his ass. Bones sighs and takes the time to put Jim in a cab home. He leaves a note taped to Jim’s phone screen to call him if he still wants that tattoo when he’s sober.

[FIC] for “theartsypumpkin” - “The Best New Year” by “winters-blue-children”

Gift Type: Fanfic
Title: The Best New Year
Author: winters-blue-children
Recipient: theartsypumpkin
Rating: general
Warnings: none
Word Count: 1874
Summary: All Oliver wanted was to spend New Year’s Eve with his boyfriend. Things keep getting in the way, like work, and sleazy bar crawlers. 
Author Notes: Happy New Year!! Hope you enjoy :D

I’m so sorry, Ollie. I swear we’re almost finished up here. I’ll be there as soon as I can.

Oliver gives a small sigh as he looks at the third text Connor had sent him in the past hour. Then he glances at the time. 11:08 pm. This is probably the worst New Year’s Eve he could have imagined for them. All he wanted was to spend the evening with his boyfriend, celebrating the end of a horribly hectic, mess of a year. They had quite a few road bumps in 2015 but they had come across the other side stronger than ever. And they swore they would ring in the new year together, that 2016 would be the start of a new phase of their lives, without crazy murders, miserable breakups, or bad diagnoses. 

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Josh: Food Fight

Summary: You and Josh were bored one day…

Warnings: None! 

A/N: Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, and I would like to thank you guys for getting me 196 followers! <3  

“I’m bored!” You whined at Josh who was playing Fifa.

“Well why don’t we do something together then?” Josh asked you.

“I don’t know what though.” You sighed.

“Why don’t we bake some brownies?” Josh suggested pausing his game and turning around.

“That’s probably the best idea you’ve came up with.” You noted.

“Oi, I’ve got good ideas.” He protested.

“Yeah yeah.”

You and Josh made your way to the kitchen and got the ingredients out for the brownies.

You were on mixing duties and Josh was weighing out the ingredients.

“Hey Y/N?” Josh asked you.

“Yea-” You got cut off by Josh chucking a handful of flour in your face.

“Josh! I hate you!” You screeched wiping the flour out of your face.

“That’s not what you were saying last night.” He smirked.

“Right! You asked for it!” You said grabbing the mixture from the bowl and flinging it at him with a spoon.

Five minutes later the whole kitchen was covered in different ingredients.

“Y/N, you’ve got some chocolate on your lips.” Josh pointed out.

You were about to wipe it off when suddenly you his lips pressed on to yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer.

“I love you Y/N.” Josh mumbled.

“I love you too Josh.”

Let’s just say when Simon and Vikk got back they weren’t the best impressed with the mess you made.

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ok so Munakata lumps Fushimi with a little strain kid to take care of and of course Fushimi has no idea what to do so along comes Yata to help (post-reconciliation probs) and I just want sarumi with a kid pls... bonus points if the kid has hilarious mind-reading powers and keeps blurting out what Fushimi and Yata think of each other XD

Imagine one day Munakata calls Fushimi into his office because he has a very important mission for him. Fushimi walks in to see Munakata sitting there trying to get this like disaffected six year old child to play puzzles with him. Fushimi can probably see where this is going and tries to make a break for it, Munakata happily calls him in and informs him that the child is a Strain and Munakata needs someone to watch her for now until her parents can be found. Fushimi sighs and asks why he has to do it and Munakata just notes that of all the force Fushimi seems to be the best at bonding with children. He’s giving Fushimi the day off to basically keep the child entertained. Munakata pretty much pulls Fushimi forward by the hand and makes him take the kid’s hand before ushering them out of the room. Fushimi sees the kid looking up at him and he’s like ‘what do you want?“ before huffing and telling her to come with him. He belatedly realizes that he forgot to ask what kind of Strain power the kid has, but she seems quiet enough and docile so maybe it doesn’t matter.

Fushimi of course has no idea what to do with a kid and since it’s creepy the way she keeps staring at him while he’s trying to work he figures he should probably like take her to the park or something. He ends up somewhat reluctantly calling Yata – they’ve made up at this point but haven’t quite gotten to the ‘admit our feelings’ portion of the relationship and Fushimi’s feeling a little awkward about the whole thing but he figures well, Misaki’s got siblings he probably knows how to deal with kids. Yata’s all amused that Fushimi’s taking care of a kid for a day but he takes pity on Fushimi and offers to meet him at the park and they can keep an eye on the kid together. The kid keeps giving Fushimi these looks as they head out, like she feels kinda sorry for him or something and Fushimi finds it really irritating without quite being sure why.

So they get to the park and Yata’s there, he’s all happy to see Fushimi and is probably immediately in big brother mode when he sees the kid. The three of them end up having an adorable day at the park, Yata makes Fushimi buy the kid ice cream and then they all go over to the swingset and Yata pushes the kid really high while Fushimi sits on a bench and tries not to complain about the heat and the people and all the nature. Then later Yata and Fushimi get to sit in the grass and help the kid find flowers and she makes them both cute flower crowns. Yata laughs a little and says Fushimi looks good with a daisy crown over his head, Fushimi looks away and mutters at Yata not to act like an idiot, it’s just a stupid flower crown. That’s when from behind them the kid just calmly says 'He’s flustered because you think he looks good.’ Yata’s all like 'huh’ and Fushimi immediately denies it, the kid’s like 'also he thinks you look good too because you’re smiling and he loves your smile.’ Yata’s kinda touched by that and then he’s like wait, no, and the kid says 'you’re really happy knowing he likes you.’ At some point the two of them realize that the kid has mind-reading powers but it’s too late and they’re basically just sitting there flailing and trying to deny their feelings for each other with the kid helpfully chiming in about their real feelings after every attempted denial.