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the night shift (m.)

;pairing — hoseok/reader

;summary — working the graveyard shift means you’re exhausted by the time 9am comes around. lucky for you, 9am happens to be your neighbors’ favorite time for obnoxious sex. lucky for them, you’re always up for a challenge. shitty neighbors don’t always have to be a bad thing.

;warnings — language | mild unintentional voyeurism/mentions of exhibitionism | slight instances of jealousy | unprotected sex | oral sex | face-sitting | mentions of masturbation | very mild cumplay | soft dom/sub tones

;word count — 11k

;a/n — this wasn’t the hoseok story i originally wanted to post this week but this idea really excited me. happy hixtape season, everyone!

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[What about your fear of spiders—do you kill them?] No, I hate killing anything. I can’t bear it. They’re probably more scared of me than I am of them. I have to get someone to move them. [What would you do if you and an equally scared woman were in a room with a spider?] I’d just tell the girl to kill the spider. Women have far more backbone than men anyway.

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Ooh!! How would Dabi react to falling for a hero from UA (eg they keep meeting during fights and he always ends up sparing her life )?

Alright, so this might be really long because I love writing for Dabi!! And I haven’t been writing recently because of school and the fact that my fucking computer won’t connect to the internet. On a happy note, I hope you enjoy these headcanons! [Admin Denki]

  • Dabi is in denial for most part, refusing that he could ever fall in love with a hero.
  • For a while, Dabi will pick you out of a crowd and specifically attack you. He hates what you do to him. He will almost kill you every time, but gets frustrated when he realizes that he can’t kill you. His body won’t let him.
  • Once Dabi realizes that he has romantic feelings towards you, he’ll continue to fight with you, but not seriously. It’s more like he’s playing around with you than anything.
  • Dabi will tell his partners not to touch you because you’re his. He gets very possessive in the heat of battle, not liking when your attention is off of him.
  • If one of your friends try to help you, Dabi gets jealous and hurts them more.
  • Dabi will try to convince Tomura to kidnap you, claiming that you’re fragile and easy to persuade. He wants nothing more than you switching sides. The fact that you’re a hero makes me cringe.
  • Dabi is not good at flirting and he doesn’t try anyway. He might block you from attacks or keep you from getting back up.
  • Dabi wants contact with you, so he finds ways for that during battles. He might pick you up and throw you around just so he can have his arms around you.
  • When Dabi realizes he likes you, he doesn’t like hurting you with his quirk anymore. He’ll use his fire to get you closer if anything. The burns from his fire are more reminders of his hate than his romantic feelings.
  • Dabi will probably try to convince you to see things from his view and persuade you to join him. He won’t force you to do bad things, but doesn’t want you to stop him either.
  • He will use the fact that he spares your life to get what he wants.
  • He won’t mind meeting you in secret, but it gets to be too much work at some point and he’ll just kiss you in the midst of battle to fluster you and your team members.
  • For the first time, Dabi likes leaving hickeys because then others will know you’re his. He even makes the point of running his fingers over them when he sees you.
  • Also, lots of angry sex. Dabi doesn’t have a high libido, but fighting with you does something for him and being able to take you like you’re his is the icing on the cake.
Second Chances

Words: 10.1k

Genre: Fluff / Soulmate AU

Warnings: slight description of a panic attack, swearing

Description:  Soulmate AU in which you get to see colours when you kiss your soulmate. Dan has a particularity.

Read on AO3 / @cityofdan made a moodboard for this and I’m crying

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Nothing (Jungkook/Reader)


Genre: Angst

Words: 1,779

Author: Admin Nan

Summary: “W-what?” You stood there stunned, staring back at your boyfriend who couldn’t even looked at you in the eye. (Trigger: slight mature content, cheating, heartbreak)

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Hey guys!
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  • extreme nsfw (tasteful is fine)
  • excessive gore
  • hatespeech/hate images/ propganda
  • mechas/really detailed robots

but anything other than that i’m pretty much game unless stated otherwise and i’ll probably tell you i straight up won’t do it

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Sam's heaven

(A/N): So I really miss writing supernatural and I had just watched the dark side of the moon and I wanted to write a lil something about it 

Summary: Sam and Dean are trapped in heaven, forced to relive their memories but what they both see is not what they expected 

 Warnings: angst? Swearing, that’s it :) 

Originally posted by adaav

   Dean and Sam were trapped in heaven; no big deal, they just had to avoid any and all angels, traverse through their best moments, and make it back home. That wasn’t too hard, was it?

    Dean’s memories had all been of family, of a time much happier than the one now. Even Sam couldn’t help the small smile that remained on his face as he watched Dean interact with people from his past; Like their own mother Watching Dean with his mom pulled at Sam’s heart strings; he wondered if they had lived a normal life if maybe he would’ve been dressed up in small flannel and horrendously ugly t-shirts, maybe he’d have had the crusts cut off of his pb&j, maybe he would have actually had a nice, functioning family. But that’s not the way it played out and he was stupid to hope for such a thing anyways. 

   Everything had been smooth until they reached sam’s memories; his best moments. There was one with his dog, only weeks after he left John and Dean, there was another on thanksgiving with a family that had been much kinder to him than his own, but the ones that really stuck with him were the ones with (Y/N). They had been his significant other since the day he left John, not really, but that was the day he met them. He’d gone to a diner, plopped down and ordered himself the most expensive burger he could, he deserved to celebrate after all. 

    “Looks like something’s got Mr. Sasquatch down,” His waiter- (Y/N)- smiled at him softly. “You okay?” Sam’s nose crinkled a bit as he looked at the menu. Did they- had they just asked if he was okay? No one ever cared enough about him to ask if he was okay. This person had even noticed that he wasn’t feeling okay and they asked him about it.

    “Uh yeah- just a bit of a hard day really,” (Y/N) smiled as they set their little notepad down, instead taking a seat right across from Sam. 

   "Wanna tell me about it? I’ll even buy your food for you,“ No one had ever been that kind to Sam, no one but (Y/N). It felt nice to finally have someone care, even if it was just a stranger. So that day Sam poured his heart and soul into his conversation with (Y/N), telling them all about his shitty childhood, about his father, about dean. For hours he talked with them and during some point the conversation had drifted from his past to other things, things like law school, art, nature, even animals. Not once in his life had Sam felt so comfortable around someone, (Y/N) was different like that and Sam absolutely loved it. But for now that wasn’t the memory he was reliving, in fact, it was a memory from months after they first met. 

    "Who the hell is that?” Dean whispered as he watched the memory unfold. 

   It dark outside, but the stars above seemed to illuminate everything splendidly. It was a large field, much like the one from Dean’s memory and in the middle of it was (Y/N). Sam’s throat choked up a bit as he looked at them, at their curious eyes, and beautiful smile. 

   "Sam, the hell is this?“ But Sam wasn’t listening, he was too focused on (Y/N). "Sam- Sammy, the hell are you doing?” Dean whispered as Sam walked forward, completely ignoring his brother. He was almost dazed really to see (Y/N) after all this time, even if it was just his own memory. 

   "Sorry I’m late,“ Sam breathes out as he sits down beside (Y/N), still in awe over how beautiful they looked. "I got lost on the way here,” (Y/N) smiled and laughed softly, their nose crinkling in a way that had his heart aching. 

   "It’s okay, you’re actually right on time,“ (Y/N) pointed to the sky, directing Sam’s gaze upwards. Above them millions of stars shined brightly, creating a sight too beautiful for words.

    It was their annual date night (every Friday to be exact) but rather than stay inside and watch some shitty tv shows (as per they usually did. They were poor college students after all) (Y/N) had hauled Sam along to watch the stars; They had always been a bit of an astronomy geek so they were more than excited to show Sam the starry sky.

    "Isn’t it beautiful?” (Y/N) asked softly as they looked to the sky in awe, their eyes twinkling so brightly that Sam wanted to cry. 

   "Yeah,“ Sam nodded as he stared at them. "It sure is," 

    "Who the hell was that?” Dean asked as they traveled along, coming to Sam’s next memory. 

   "I dated them in college,“ Sam Shrugs a bit. "Just a fling really," 

   "That sure as hell didn’t look like a fling,” Dean scrutinized as he glared at Sam, eyes narrowed and lips pursed. “We’re you in love?" 

   "Dean-” Sam sighed as he smiled just a bit. “I’m telling you, it was nothing," 

   "Uh huh,” Dean clicked his tongue as they walked along. “I’m sure," 

  "I promise you, it was nothing-" 

   "Sam!” Sam was interrupted by yet another memory and by no surprise it was another one involving (Y/N). 

   They pounced upon him like cat, pulling him into a nearly bonecrushing hug. 

   "I was so worried, where have you been?“ Sam had gone away for a day or two, just for a little getaway from Stamford. He hadn’t told anyone where he was going and he stupidly left his phone at home. He wouldn’t need to contact anyone, he knew how to fend for himself after all. It was such a peaceful trip that Sam honestly didn’t even think about the consequences that was until (Y/N) was cupping his cheeks and staring at him with tear filled eyes. 

   "I’m sorry (Y/N),” Sam whispers, his heart clenching as he stared at (Y/N). Even after all these years seeing their expression still hurt him, seeing their worried face and pained eyes still had the same reaction as it did years ago. “I was jus out on a trip, I didn’t think to tell anyone,”

    “You fucking idiot,” (Y/N) chides although their watery chuckled completely betrayed their words. “I was so fucking scared, I was damn near close to calling the police. God- fuck you you fucking prick.” Without any warning (Y/N) leaned in, connecting their lips to Sam’s. It was their first kiss and god it had been amazing. (Y/N)’s lips felt absolutely perfect against Sam’s and if he could he’d have let them linger there all day but there was something pulling him away, forcing their lips apart. 

   "I love you (Y/N),“ Sam spews, like word vomit that he simply could not control. "I love you so much,” It was the first time he’d ever admitted to loving someone. He hadn’t even ever told his father or brother that he directly loved them, (Y/N) was a first. Sam’s breath was shaky as he looked at (Y/N), his heart pounding wildly just as it had the day he said those three words to them for real.

    “I love you too Sammy,” (Y/N) sobbed happily as they threw their arms around his neck (or at least the best they could). “I love you so fucking much,” Sam sighed again as he wrapped his arms around their waist, tugging them impossibly closer to him. His scruffy face nuzzled into their neck and he couldn’t help it when his own soft little cry fell from his lips. God- he missed (Y/N) so much, more than anyone ever; he’d give anything to be back there, back in their arms, safe and happy, oblivious to the evil around him- 

    “Sam.” Sean’s voice is softer now than it was the first time. “Sam c'mon on, we gotta go,” Sam didnt want to leave, he couldn’t leave (Y/N) a second time but he knew he had to. So with the utmost reluctancy Sam let go, letting Dean drag him away from the best thing to ever happen to him. 

   Now they were walking down a lonely stretch of road, different from either one of their memories. The air felt heavy, depressed really, so much so that it was nearly impossible for Sam to breathe, or perhaps those were the tears building behind his eyes that were making functioning so hard. 

   "So what happened to them?“ Dean asks softly, his hands stuffed in his pockets. Sam sighs as he walks on, heart heavier than it had been in a long time.

    "After a run in with a ghost I decided that it was too dangerous, the whole together thing." 

   "So you left them?" 

   "Yep, left them heartbroken too.”

   "I’d imagine so, seems like you two were really close.“

    "Yeah,” Sam sighs as he looks behind him, back at his happiest memories, or at least where they used to be, for now it was just the same never ending stretch of road. 

   "So- did you really love them?“ Dean knew he was treading on thin ice but he was curious, mighty curious.

    "Yes,” Sam nods, looking down at the water covered asphalt to avoid looking at anything else. “More than anything in this world," 

    "Y'know…if we ever get out of here you should give them call, get some closure.” Sam chuckles dryly, a harsh sound that hurt his throat.

    “They probably hate me now or some shit.”

    “Never too late to try,” Dean smiled softly as he walked on, down the endless stretch of highway that only seemed to get longer as they walked. Yeah…maybe Sam would give them a call if he ever got out. That was his motivation now, a phone call to (Y/N) if he survived.

    Sam sighed as he picked up his phone, eyeing the small thing warily.

    “Come on man,” Dean said trough a mouth of food. “You promised yourself," 

   "Yeah, yeah,” Sam dials in their number, or the number they had previously used years ago. “I know,” He stared at the numbers hesitantly, his heart racing uncontrollably. This was it. If no one answered that would be it, that’s the last time he’d ever try to contact (Y/N). 

  So with a shaking hand Sam pressed call, waiting for some message stating that the number was now disconnected or something but to Sam’s surprise the thing actually began to ring. The number was still up and running, that meant either (Y/N) hadn’t ever changed their number or someone else was now using it. 

   Sam gulped as it continued to ring again and again and again, it was almost to the last ring when it suddenly stopped, meaning that someone had finally picked up.


    “Hi, uh (Y/N)? This is Sam Winchester-”

Nemesis Mine

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14

Epilogue. Simon.

‘Where are you going?’

I open one eye as Baz carefully extricates himself from my arms.

‘Sorry,’ he whispers. ‘I was trying not to wake you.’

It’s been a few days since the fire incident. My wings have healed enough that it no longer hurts to open them, though they were pretty badly burnt at first. Baz has slept in my arms every night.

It’s so good. It’s even better than that week we were together, because now neither of us is holding anything back. If we can still want this after being taught to hate each other for most of our lives, we can get through anything.

The Pitches have completely come around since I saved his life. Baz says that his father phoned him specifically to give his blessing. As for Davy, he’ll probably take more convincing, but this is my life, not his. It’s up to me to decide what’s the right thing to do.

I grab hold of Baz’s wrist, trying to pull him back to me.

‘Don’t go.’

‘I have to,’ he says. ‘Duty calls.’

I open both eyes and sit up. ‘Superhero duty?’

‘Yeah. I have to deal with this, but I’ll be back soon, I promise.’

I throw off the covers. ‘No way. I’m coming with you.’

He opens his mouth to protest.

‘We’re a team, remember?’ I say.

He raises an eyebrow and starts to smile. ‘Yeah.’ He grabs my hand and pulls me to my feet, planting a quick kiss on my forehead. ‘Let’s go, then.’


It turns out it’s so much easier being a superhero when you have a partner. No more trying to single-handedly lift barricades and carry injured people and fight multiple people at once. It’s twice as efficient, and way more fun.

‘I can’t believe we didn’t think of this before,’ I say to him.

We still get on each other’s case a lot. He still thinks my tail is ridiculous, though I’ve noticed that sometimes when we’re in superhero form he’ll hold my tail as if he’s holding my hand, letting me wind it around his wrist. (Plus, it’s useful when I need to whack him on the back of the head.) We fight sometimes, when we don’t agree on the best method to rescue someone or to corner a villain. We’ve come to an agreement that I get to make the decisions on the rescues, since they’re technically my assignments, and he gets to make the decisions on the villains.

I’ve watched him take lives, and there are so many things I wish I could show my past self. Like the fact that he clearly hates it. He knows he has to do it to protect others, but he’ll get really quiet in our room later, and I’ve learned that the best way to comfort him is just to hold him. I try to get as close to him as I can, just to remind him that I’m not scared or put off by it.

Whenever one of us gets hurt, the other is always there, with that same first aid kit from the bathroom drawer. It feels safer this way, having someone look out for me. I like not having to fight him anymore.

And sometimes we get to forget about everything and just be regular boyfriends.

We still have to go to our classes. We have to trek halfway across campus to get to the only free lecture hall they were able to relocate us to, while the other room is being rebuilt after the fire. Baz makes us wake up twenty minutes earlier than we used to because he claims that I’m always making us late. (We still end up being late most of the time, but it’s not my fault he keeps stopping to snog me on the way to class.)

It’s so much more than I ever thought I’d get to have.

I’m living a charmed life.

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"you're family." with damian and jason please !

I cheated the prompt again.

“He’s coming around.”

“That much is obvious.”

“You know what Damian—“

“Woah, okay. Tim, you come with me and we’ll find Bruce. He’ll want to talk to Jason now that he’s awake.”

There was the sound of a door closing, and Jason swam back toward consciousness, blinking bleary eyes. “Wha happ’nd?” he directed the question at the blurry shape that was probably a person next to him.

“Tt. You managed to get yourself injured on patrol.”

So the shape was Damian, but what was he doing here? He hated being around injured people more than absolutely necessary. He even fled when Dick was hurt, and the kid would do anything for Dick.

“Why’re you here?”

Damian crossed his arms. “As I am the one who found you, I am ensuring that you don’t ruin my work by running off.”

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B.A.P as Tumblr users
  • Yongguk: Minimalist monochrome vintage blog. No tags. Simple url (that he managed to somehow get? without extra letters or underscores?), all gifs slowed down, every time something bad happens he goes looking for the most up-to-date and well-sourced post about it and reblogs it as well as any crowdfunding. reblogs people's gofundme's/paypals etc and throws whatever he can afford their way. answers asks privately unless its an anon in which case he's very vague, really hilarious in the PM's though. simple theme. Links to his soundcloud.
  • Himchan: High-quality aesthetic photography of cities, old buildings, fashion, cars, watches, jewellery, etc. Really relatable adult humour posts. Daily selfie. Reblogs some music or sheet music then a week later has a guitar/piano cover. Always reblogs other people's selfies. Gifsets from sitcoms and emotional movies. cool url but had to use numbers or - to get it. hilarious responses to asks or @'s, always posts never private (unless requested), hilarious in PM's. fancy theme. has a cool cursor he keeps changing because he can't decide on a good enough sparkly one. Organised tagging system.
  • Daehyun: Mash of food, dogs, good-vibes pics etc. Lots of funny videos and gifsets. basic url that probably has his name in it. Has really ott tags like AHAHAH OMFG SHFHSFKJSJK IM CRYING THIS IS SO FUNNY, MEEEEEEE, SAAME!!!!!!!!, LMAOOO LOOK AT THIS!!!!!. @'s everyone in funny posts, as well has has a tag for each friend on his blog for them to check and get the Good Content. Lots of text posts of him talking about stuff that happened or thoughts he's had. Always answering asks or getting in long chain-post conversations, has a nickname for his anons, blows up friends PM's with funny things they need to see RIGHT NOW. Colourful theme he keeps changing with each season or depending on his mood at the time. Has had a few urls depending on his current obsession or in-joke. has a positivity side-blog for inspirational and motivational posts and fun songs.
  • Youngjae: Big pictures theme with small text. Mostly his photography as well as other photography that inspires him, but he can't help going on spams of tv shows or a band hes listening to at the time. reblogs the good memes. has a "WE DONT TALK ABOUT THAT" phase on his blog in like 2011 when he had a bad url and a bad theme and was into some bad content (probably shitty anime). still has a bad url now. Can't help reblogging pretty naruto fanart. tags his friends in posts but usually to make fun of them. often dealing with angry anons and snarks at them with accompanying memes, PM's only to ask "what the fuck did you just reblog?". has made a few viral textposts that were probably anime shitposts. some pastel wholesome goodness. has a secret side-blog for his anime and gaming spams. messy tagging system.
  • Jongup: Shitpost hell. Ugly theme, uglier url. next level mass memeage. spams anime, games, comics, cartoons, movies etc in no apparent order or consistency. bird posts. up to date on every fresh meme. has a few viral posts he hates more than anything because theyre pre-2014. gets really weird anons and replies weirdly. never PM's. tagging system is long forgotten, now entirely ????? !!!!! or ......., alternatively just tags 'me' or a friends name. refers to tumblr as tumblr dot hell. literally hates this hell site. wants to quit but cant. has a bunch of forgotten, abandoned side-blogs because he's given up on keeping his main intact and just made it a mesh of whatever he felt like. remembers every layout tumblr has ever had.
  • Junhong: A nice theme he keeps tweaking because he can't decide exactly what he wants. url is probably byzelo. tries to balance anime, games, movies, tv and music in a visually appealing way. doesn't care much about textposts and will reblog memes and shitposts and whatever else he can find. reblogs loads of posts about any disaster or event thats happened even if theyre uninformed or even wrong, just so he's read everything. went through a phase of bad sjw-ing and now is calmer and reblogs more informed stuff. Tagging system just for his own reference and to cover anything that might distress people. really playful ask responses but really shy in PM's. aggressively optimistic about the state the entire site is in.

If somebody breaks your heart, Don’t get mad…get even. But not in the sense of being malicious and mad. You might be miserable as fuck but you fake that shit and make them think you are having the time of your life. Get dressed up, go the fuck out, post tons of pictures. You make them think you don’t give a damn what they’re doing…even if you do. Because the one thing people hate more than anything is when motherfuckers are having fun without them because A. if they care trust me…they’ll notice and they’ll text you. and B. If they don’t text you…you shouldn’t be crying over them because they are probably an asshole.  

Non-Stop (Jim Kirk x Reader Part 3)

Originally posted by star-trek-world

That Would Be Enough
(Part 1)
(Part 2)
(Part 3- you are here)

Pairing: AOS Jim Kirk x Reader

Rating: PG for angst, language and descriptions of violence

A/N: Time to pick up steam and get into the meat of some plot~ Enjoy!

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More Than Anything // S.W

“Babe, come hereeee.” I whine, throwing my head back against the headboard of our bed. I was currently sick with God knows what. I hated hospitals, so I didn’t want to get a real diagnosis. It was probably just a head cold or something. Either way, I was sick.

“No (Y/N), you need to rest princess.” Sam muttered from the door way. I pouted slightly and I could see him shake his head. “Don’t use your cuteness and sickness against me baby.” he complained, and I giggled slightly.

“Please Sammy,” I begged, sticking my bottom lip out even further.  He grunted under his breath, and then sighed, pushing himself into the room.

“Alright, alright.” He smiled at me once he saw my face light up. “You have me so whipped, (Y/N). Honestly.” I giggled again and moved my body so that he had room on the bed. Once he laid down, I curled up on him, and nuzzled my head into his neck.

“I love you so much Sammy.” I whispered, as I closed my eyes, and started to go to sleep.

“I love you too, princess.” He replied, kissing my forehead gently, pulling the covers over us. “More than anything.”


sorry it’s so short! just a cute little blurb with lil old sammy. send in requests, my loves!!!! love ya xoxo

Hate (Derek Hale)

Warnings: None?

You sighed as you realized you had to go to another pack meeting. Don’t get me wrong, you love pack meetings. Except for the fact that Derek has to be the biggest jerk to you almost 24/7. You never knew why but he always seemed to hate you. He’d take any chance to hate on you when he could.

“Y/N? Y/N? Are you ready?? We need to go” your brother, Stiles shouted from downstairs. You walked down the stairs to see Stiles with his girlfriend Malia. Malia was like a sister to you, that’s why you couldn’t find it more pleasing to see your brother and your best friend together.

“I don’t want to go” you grumbled. “What’s wrong? You love pack meetings” Stiles said walking to the car. You got in the back seat while Malia took shotgun.

Malia slapped Stiles in the arm and sighed. “Maliaaaaaa what was that for?” He whined. Malia gives him a look and says “she obviously doesn’t want to go because of the sourwolf” She trailed off looking at me knowingly.

Stiles looked at me from the rear view mirror “You don’t want to go because of Derek?! Why?”

“Because it’s the highlight of my day to be insulted by the Alpha” I said with sarcasm lacing my voice. Malia giggled at how sarcastic I was while Stiles glared at me. “I’m still older than you, you know”

“Please a dork like you doesn’t deserve to be an older brother” I snorted. He laughed at our little sibling banter then soon we arrived at Scott’s house. “We’re here” Stiles says getting out of his car with Malia. “No Stiles, we’re in unicorn island” I say following him

“Shut up” he says rolling his eyes. Malia laughs at us then rings the doorbell. We get in to see the whole pack there.

“Finally you made it” Scott smiles. “Sorry we’re late” Stiles apologizes sheepishly rubbing the back of his head. Everyone in the room laughs except a certain sour wolf. “Don’t be, it isn’t your fault” he says almost too nice. Then he continues “it’s that idiot sister of yours. Always such a slow poke aren’t you y/n?”

You glare at him annoyed. “At least I take time to look presentable” you scoff.

“Please? You? Presentable? Don’t lie to yourself we all know you’re a low life piece of shit of a teenager” he fires.

You were stunned. Sure Derek was a jerk to you but he was never this mean. Tears welled up in your eyes as you ran to Scott’s room. You could hear Stiles scolding Derek downstairs. You sat in the bed and cried.

~with Scott and the others~

Derek’s POV

“How dare you say that to her?! I get you’re a sour wolf but would it kill you to be nice to people? Even the Stilinskis?” Stiles shouts. “Not my fault she never helps that free loading shithead” I shrug. Stiles wasn’t angry anymore no, he was fuming. “One more insult about my sister and you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna break and extra large branch of mountain ash wrap it around in wolfsbane and roll it in mistletoe and shove it up your freaking-”

Scott interrupted him “Stiles, Stiles, that’s enough. And as for you Derek. I get that you like y/n and all and it’s hard for you to control your feelings. But seriously, stop breaking the girl’s heart”

Everyone in the room goes silent and stares at me in shock. Yes I like the girl but can you blame me? The way her hair flows perfectly. And how her eyes sparkle when she smiles. “I don’t like her” I say lying my ass off.

Isaac looks at me “You definitely like her” he grins. “No I don’t” I glare. “Aww is the big bad wolf afraid to admit his feelings?” Lydia coos. “I don’t like her” I say frustrated. “Please, we can hear your heart beat. Tell her already” Scott says obviously annoyed at my stubbornness.

“What’s the point? She probably hates me” I say sitting down and putting my head in my hands. I can feel someone’s gaze on me as someone speaks. “If I know my sister more than anything, she definitely loves you. She always had and always will. She doesn’t give up easily” Stiles says patting my back. I look up at him with hope, then sigh again remembering all the things I said.

“Go get her” Malia say pushing me towards the stairs. I take a deep breathe and walk towards Scott’s room.

~Back to you~


You hear someone’s footsteps walk in to Scott’s room. You lift yourself from the bed to see Derek then you scowl and hide under the blanket.

“y/n, I need to talk to you” he says gently. “What? To insult the fuck out of me again? No thanks” you answer annoyed. “No y/n listen to me, I’m sorry. I guess I got caught up in my feelings for you and I just didn’t know how to respond” he says looking down.

I give a sarcastic laugh “you think I’m stupid? Stop trying to prank me I’m feeling bad as it is”

He looks at me with hurt etched upon his perfect face. “I’m not lying y/n, ever since I saw you, you made me feel different, you made me feel like I was a happy wolf. And we all know what I really am. I really like you, I’m sorry I was a big shithead” he apologizes his head hanging low.

Your heartbeat speeds up upon hearing the confession. Your frown slowly turns into a smile as You walk up to Derek. You wrap my arms around his neck and give him a tight hug. “I love you too” You smile.

He looks at me shocked “so you forgive me?” He asks hopefully. “Hmm. I don’t know, I may need some convincing” You say smirking at him.

He grins then leans in. Next thing You know his lips crashed with yours sharing a soft, yet passionate kiss. Soon we hear clapping coming from the door and we pull away seeing the pack at the door.

You giggle looking at them as Derek puts his arm around my shoulder. He grins at Stiles saying “I got the girl”

Stiles smiles and then he quickly makes an angry face “if you hurt her I swear to God I will-” Derek cut him off “you’re gonna break and extra large branch of mountain ash wrap it around in wolfsbane and roll it in mistletoe and shove it up my freaking-” Lydia cuts him off. “Okay that’s enough of that! Now let’s go down for the pack meeting” she chirps.

Derek looks at you at smiles as he kisses your forehead “I love you so much” he mutters. “And I love you too my sour wolf” you say grinning then both of you start walking down the stairs as a new beautiful couple

Drunk Off My Ass

A/N: lets goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Summary: Reader goes to a party with friend Theodosia. Theodosia leaves reader. You are left alone in a party with drunk college students. Philip comes over and stuff happens. (not smut you sinners) (i wish i could write smut)

Prompts: #4. “Are you drunk?” & #779. “Let’s strip down to our socks”

Request: Guess who’s back? Back again. I believe that my request was #4 and #779 with Philip Hamilton? {requested by the lovely @poorly-written-imagines }

Tags: @matsuhanna (you wanted to be tagged in all my fics,,,, here ya go)

Pairing: Philip Ham X Fem. Reader (oops) 

Warnings: underage drinking, drunk-ness, mentions of alcohol, mention of one night stands, swearing, unedited writing

Word Count:1,550 (im getting better at this longer fic thing)

AU: College (im a whore for college AU’s,,, sue me)

You and Theo, or Theodosia as many liked to call her, including yourself, shared a decently sized dorm with an ugly yellow door. You hated that door more than anything. The dorm had one tiny room that was smaller than the bathroom. Two small beds barely fit inside. You and Theo had probably gotten the worst dorm in the entire school.

One bed was used in the dorm for various reasons, such as the very fact that two beds barely fit. You two at least needed room for a wardrobe. Some days, the two of you would wake up and be spooning, leading to a very awkward morning.

Not that you two had much time to actually converse, as classes had practically consumed your life. The only times you two really talked were, between classes, before sleeping and while making (or buying) something for dinner.

Today you had no classes. All you wanted to do was relax and watch Netflix or some shit. Apparently, Theo had other plans.

You woke up to the blazing sun coming in from the window. Not to your suprise, Theo and you were spooning again. You were both only best friends, however, and neither of you had any sexually attraction to the other, nor would you ever date her. You snickered before removing her hand from around your waist and walking groggily into the kitchen.

The kitchen was absolutely horrendous. It was insanely tiny and couldn’t even fit a full-sized fridge, hence why you had an apartment fridge. It was bigger than the room you and Theo shared, but also smaller than the bathroom. That bathroom is huge.

You served yourself cereal and plopped down on the sofa, turning on Netflix, the only thing keeping you going through college. Halfway through whatever the hell you were watching, Theo practically bounced into the living room. “Woah there Theo. Are you sure that drug test came out negative?” You laughed as Theo rolled her eyes.

“It came out negative Y/N! I swear!” Theo complained, getting rather defensive.

“Mhm. Okay. Alright. Okey dokey. Cool. Yes. Good. Sure. Awesome. Fantastic. Fabulous. Fuc-” You said, smirking before Theo, so rudely, interrupted.

“I think what you meant to say was, I believe you Theo.” Theo smirked as you rolled your eyes.

“Whatever floats your boat, Cap'ain.“ You teased, smirking. “Now, Master. What was it you are excited about? Because college sure as hell isn’t that exciting.” You asked with an amused smirk playing at your lips.

“I made plans for us to go to Philip Hamilton’s party!” Theo smirked victoriously. Your smirk dropped slightly. Philip Hamilton? As in, the boy that you had a one night stand. And then walked out on? “Isn’t that so exciting Y/N! You’ll love Philip! He’s one of my great friends from my writing class!” She rambled on, excitement laced in her voice.

“Hey, Theo. Maybe I should sit this one out. I got a physics test soon and I can’t really just, not study.” You said, obviously lying. Theo noticed your horrendous lying and spoke.

“Hm. Nah. You’re going with me.” She smiled excitedly, giving you slight puppy dog eyes. You groaned loudly before accepting her offer. “Yes! Yesyesyes! I have the perfect thing for you to wear! This is so exciting! You’re gonna be a woman!!” She practically shouted, jumping up and down in excitement. She looked as if she was going to cry of happiness.

“Theo. I’m a woman already.” You laughed before Theo simply glared, her smile never leaving her face.

“Nope! Let’s go, my experiment!” She smiled largely, causing you to smile back. Theo started with makeup. She swatxhed a dark red lipstick ontof your lips and a dark red eye shadow on your eyes, with a winged eyeliner. You looked pretty damn good. Theo curled your hair and gaped at how amazing she made you look.

Finally, Theo took a box out of the wardrobe you two shared. It had the words, ‘Theodsia’ engraved in the box with an intricate flower pattern. She handed you the box before pulling off the top softly to reveal a beautiful red dress, reaching around knee-length. You felt your jaw drop before she assited you in pulling it on. It was gorgeous. “It was my mother’s dress. I’ve only ever worn it once and it wasn’t my style. It looks better on you.” She smiled. You turned to her, shaking your head vigorously.

“It’s gorgeous, Theo. But I can’t take something that belonged to your mother. It’s rightfully yours. I-I can’t take it.” You said with sympathy in your eyes. Theo simply smiled at you.

“As I said, it looks better on you than it would ever look on anyone else, including myself. My mother would have wanted me to give it away if I didn’t want it.” She smiled before you nodded your head. “Plus it shows off your goddess curves, girl! You look fuckin fantastic!” She laughed before changing into her very own black dress. Her dress reached her ankles and suited her fantastically.

When the both of you were finally ready, you both hailed a taxi. The taxi driver was extremely polite. Theo continuously flirted with him, really not caring whether he was taken or not. You two later found out that he was, in fact, married and had two children. Awkward.

After you two finally paid for the taxi ride, you both walked into the party. You inhaled sharply and breathed out, anxiety flooding your senses. What if Philip recognizes you? What if he hates you? You shrugged off those wretched thoughts as you and Theo walked in. You both sat at the bar and ordered shots.

About two shots later, Theo just left. You were still sitting at the bar, but had stopped drinking. You weren’t tipsy but had enough liquor to at least loosen you up a bit. Suddenly, a hand tapped your shoulder. You whipped around to be met with the face of Philip Fucking Hamilton. You inhaled and exhaled sharply at the proximity of your faces before forcing a smile. You placed your hands on Philip’s chest, to which he responded with a smirk, and pushed him away gently. Philip’s smirk left his face quickly.

“What was that for?” Philip slurred ever so slightly to the point where you weren’t sure if he was drunk or not.

“Your face was too close to mine.” You admitted beofre taking a sip of a shot, causing Philip to look confused.

“Why would you sip a shot? There’s like nothing in that glass.” Philip stated. You rolled your eyes before responding.

“I have no intent on getting drunk tonight. What’s it to you, Mr. Know it all?” You said, a smile never appearing on your face.

“Well. I kind of was trying to get some girl into my bed. Y'know?” Philip slurred. “So let’s strip down to our socks!” Philip smirked. You laughed loudly and Philip flashed a sheepish smile.

“Sorry Phil. But I don’t want that.” You laughed, patting his shoulder. Philip pouted like a child.

“That’s not fair! Cuz! Cuz! I um! I do stuff that’s good!” Philip slurred, the pout never dissapearing from his freckled face.

“Are you drunk?” You snorted before standing up and beginning to walk away before feeling a hand grab your wrist. “What the hell?” You said as your back was slammed against a wall, your hands pinned up, only to be met with the pouting face of Philip Hamilton.

“Kay. So. You don’t have to fuckk meee. But! If I say that I’m drunk. Will you kiss me?” Philip slurred, making not much sense.

You groaned before speaking. “If you stop pinning me to the wall, I’ll give you my number, a cheek kiss and a note reminding you to drink an asston of water.” You laughed. Philip’s face broke into a large grin.

“Deal! By the way, im drunk off my ass.” Philip practically shouted before letting you go. He was now jumping around out of excitement to which you responded with a laugh. You walked over to him and pecked his cheek before taking his phone and putting in your phone number. You then wrote him a quick note basically reminding him to drink water to assist his hangover. “Wait. What’s your name again?” Philip asked, actually having forgotten your name in his drunken state. You laughed out loud.

“Y/N L/N.” You responded, a wide smile on your face as Philip’s smile slightly left his face, only to be replaced with a smirk.

“Aren’t you that girl that I had a one night stand with? And then you left?” Philip smirked. Your eyes widened and you grabbed your bag.

“Gotta blast!” You shouted before stuffing a bottle of alcohol in your bag. You quickly ran out of the bar, Philip Hamilton calling after you. And the bartenders because you stole a bottle of alcohol, but that’s not important.

thefloatingstone replied to your post “[[MOR] one of the parts i hate the most about myself is the one that…”

I don’t get “jealous” of other people’s art, but for me, a big struggle with other people’s art is it causing m to feel like I’m nothing but “filler” for actual REAL artists in this fandom. Like I’m only there to take up empty space so people can kill a few minutes before a REAL artist updates. It makes me feel pretty worthless. I also sometimes feel the only people who actual like my art “don’t know any better” which is an insulting thing to think. And then I feel Guilty about that too. I look at other people in this fandom who are not necessarily more skilled at art than me, but they easily get 1000+ notes on everything they do while I rarely got above 300. And if it’s not the art that’s “worse” my question is always “what am I doing wrong?” and all I can think of is there’s probably something wrong with me as a person or my personality.

this is so painfully close to how i feel, too (except that i definitely do get jealous of other people, indeed to the point where it actually physically hurts and/or makes me feel sick, and i hate that part of myself so much and would love nothing more than to not be that way), that i’m just wholly unimportant filler who can’t create anything actually interesting or captivating or something anyone would be in any way invested in. i see people with amazing comics and stories and AUs that a lot of people care about and are invested in (and draw fan art and write fan fics for) and i just hate myself so much for not being able to produce something like that. and even though i do get around 1000 notes on most of my undertale drawings these days (more when the fandom was more active), it’s like…that’s just because they’re undertale, right? like with a very few expections none of my non-undertale arts get anywhere near that many notes, so even if something i draw does get a lot of notes i can’t really feel good about it? and that makes me feel like an ungrateful asshole! which isn’t to say that i don’t care about how much notes my stuff gets, because i do even though i know i shouldn’t, it’s just that there really doesn’t seem to actually be an outcome with the notes situation that actually makes me feel good.

(and then there’s the never-ending struggle of “wanting to talk about my own feelings and problems and such on my own blog” vs “not wanting to annoy people with shit they don’t care about and making them hate me”. so basically i can’t decide whether i should run this blog for myself or other people. everytime i write about this stuff here i feel like people see it as me throwing a pity party and looking for attention and ass pats, when it really is about just relieving stress and anxiety by venting and not bottling everything up because i can’t really talk about this stuff with anyone, and it makes me feel super guilty and awful.)

Ph.D. or to not Ph.D....

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my current predicament, being in school until probably my mid-thirties and then possible several post-doc positions after that and I’m not sure if I want to do it anymore. I have a lot of reasons to get out now:

1. I want to be able to save up for retirement. I can’t legally set money away from my stipend into a retirement fund, which defeats some of the reasons I went to graduate school in the first place. 

2. Career prospects are slim. Budget cuts in sciences mean there are fewer and fewer jobs available. I may get stuck either post-doc hopping, probably won’t be hired for anything other than an adjunct position at a university, and even jobs in industry are narrowing because there is less incentive for basic research. 

3. I hate writing grants and fellowships. And by hate I mean HATE writing them. I end up spending more time writing than doing actual hands on research, which again is not what I signed up for. 

4. I honestly lack a lot of the conversation skills that are required of me in this career. Can I type out a response? Yeah sure I do fine with that. Talking and communicating with other people about step by step procedures and honestly just conversation skills that other people take for granted? Nope. 

I don’t even mean to post this as discouragement for other people who want to get into science and scientific research. I just think that people should be told what to honestly expect when they go into a career and I was lacking information on some of these points. 

Currently, I haven’t made a decision yet on what I may do in the future. I’ll either just stick to this and see what happens or I may go for a completely different career path. Because opening a microbrewery in Kansas isn’t sounding half bad right now…


Okay guys, real talk here. Over the past three months or so, I am hearing so much stuff about racism, about police brutality and hate crimes toward people of colour, especially the African Americans. I’m Australian and we deal with the same kinds of stuff here, there are a lot of instances of police brutality here and general racism. 

I see racist shit popping up on my news feed, if anyone posts anything remotely racist, prejudiced, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, etc, you will be blocked immediately. I will not have it, there is nothing I hate more than a racist.

I am probably the whitest person you’ll ever meet, on top of my already fair skin I have a condition called vitiligo. I have a black father, who, despite what people think, is my biological dad and I was lucky to be raised by interracial parents, seeing all this bigotry over someone’s skin, it really gets to me. I don’t understand it. I’ve been around racism my whole life and it’s disgusting and I will not stand for it, if you’re racist, unfollow me, I don’t want your toxic white supremacist hate anywhere near me. 

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