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Okay guys, real talk here. Over the past three months or so, I am hearing so much stuff about racism, about police brutality and hate crimes toward people of colour, especially the African Americans. I’m Australian and we deal with the same kinds of stuff here, there are a lot of instances of police brutality here and general racism. 

I see racist shit popping up on my news feed, if anyone posts anything remotely racist, prejudiced, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, etc, you will be blocked immediately. I will not have it, there is nothing I hate more than a racist.

I am probably the whitest person you’ll ever meet, on top of my already fair skin I have a condition called vitiligo. I have a black father, who, despite what people think, is my biological dad and I was lucky to be raised by interracial parents, seeing all this bigotry over someone’s skin, it really gets to me. I don’t understand it. I’ve been around racism my whole life and it’s disgusting and I will not stand for it, if you’re racist, unfollow me, I don’t want your toxic white supremacist hate anywhere near me. 

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[What about your fear of spiders—do you kill them?] No, I hate killing anything. I can’t bear it. They’re probably more scared of me than I am of them. I have to get someone to move them. [What would you do if you and an equally scared woman were in a room with a spider?] I’d just tell the girl to kill the spider. Women have far more backbone than men anyway.

If somebody breaks your heart, Don’t get mad…get even. But not in the sense of being malicious and mad. You might be miserable as fuck but you fake that shit and make them think you are having the time of your life. Get dressed up, go the fuck out, post tons of pictures. You make them think you don’t give a damn what they’re doing…even if you do. Because the one thing people hate more than anything is when motherfuckers are having fun without them because A. if they care trust me…they’ll notice and they’ll text you. and B. If they don’t text you…you shouldn’t be crying over them because they are probably an asshole.  

a little psa

Hi, this isn’t directed at anyone specifically i just thought i should bring it up now but I get a surprisingly large amount of people who talk to me who often say stuff like “oh im sorry for annoying you” and “you are probably super annoyed with me” and then go on a super self deprecating tirade and talk as if im some weird person to be put on a pedestal and to say the least… makes me a little bit more than uncomfortable mainly because i cant really say well, anything without that person likely getting super upset and thinking i hate them and i dont want that to happen.

 i get how it feels to be anxious to talk to people especially people you look up to but………please dont do that. i have anxiety myself and stuff like that just makes me feel like an awful person. and repeating “no! no! im not mad! its cool! its ok!” over and over gets really exhausting and like i said, uncomfortable. part of my Bad ChildHood Trauma Package is absoloutly losing my marbles when people act upset around me do to having to be hyper vigilant of emotional cues so i wouldnt get Oh You Know if that helps you paint a better picture. 

same with people totally idolizing me and whatnot. im just some fucko!!!!!! i make funny posts and draw semi decently.
despite my reputation im an incredibly nice open person to talk to! you talking to me isn’t making me upset or uncomofrtable, its the way some people treat me and themselves when talking. im just an ordinary person with a semi infamous blog and im pretty sure all the people im friendly with can back that up.

this post isnt to make you guys feel bad. its so you guys can stop thinking you’re annoying/bad and realize that stuff really wears me down. 

I know I’ve kinda lowkey been trying to support everyone who wants to do KS cosplay and my main point as been that it’s pretty doubtful antis would literally try to do anything in public because imo they’re probably not that assertive when not behind a computer, but the more I see them hating on cosplayers, the more stressed out and anxious I get about my own KS cosplay plans. Part of it is that the con I’m planning to cosplay Bum at is a “for queers by queers” thing and I’m really anxious that people are going to like… accuse me of being cis/straight and more than that accuse me of being a cis woman which I am not but like I’m sure antis don’t give a fuck about triggering my dysphoria because they’ll make snap judgements about whoever……

What NOT to Post on Tumblr and Why
  • Anything about hating puns. You will get nothing but puns in response.
  • Comment, “Supernatural can’t have a gif for THAT”. There will be four gifs posted before you refresh the page.
  • Anything about hating Benedict Cumberbatch. You might get murdered by the high-functioning sociopaths.
  • The word “Always” on anything that is not HP related. The Potterheads will have a field day taking over your post.
  • Dismiss either the 9th, 10th, or 11th Doctor as unimportant. There are more Whovians online than there are posts on your dashboard–have you found the end of your dashboard yet? Just trust me on this.
  • Intolerant stuff on people of different genders/sexual preferences/fandoms/OrAnythingReally. ….If this actually needs a reason, you should probably get off Tumblr because we are a very diverse internet community and we are proud of it so you will get offended frequently if you stay. 
A Smile Is the Best Revenge

Request: Hi, I love your work :) could I request Gerard imagine where the reader is a famous pop singer and them dating has cause a lot of hate from the readers fans. Like very fluffy and love. Thanks x

I sighed quietly as I went through my Twitter feed. There were more tweets than usual today. Probably because I was spotted going into the MCR concert tonight. I tried to go to as many as I could to support my boyfriend, Gerard, but every time we do anything together publicly, I get tons of hate on social media. Usually from Frerard shippers who hate me for “stealing Gerard from Frank” or saying that “Gerard is just using me as a cover up so people don’t think he’s gay”. Then there’s people who aren’t Frerard shippers who try to tell me Gerard’s to good for me. I’m usually pretty good at handling negativity, I am a singer after all. I’m able to brush off all the people who have something rude to say about my voice or style, but I can’t stand when they bring up Gerard. It kills me. I felt my eyes beginning to water as I read the 30th “kill yourself” in the past 5 minutes. I heard the dressing room door slam, signalling Gerard returned from the meet up the band was doing after the show. “honey, i’m hooooome” Gerard sang loudly, slightly wincing at how raspy his after-show voice sounded. 

“H-hey” I said, trying to quickly pull myself together before Gerard noticed. When I turned to face him, his face immediately fell from the happy alive look he got when performing to complete worry.

“Baby, what’s wrong? Are you okay?”

“Y-ye…no” I chocked out, deciding it was too late to try to keep this facade going and just give in.

“Come here, babe” Gerard murmured as he pulled me into a tight hug. I clung onto his sweaty black parade jacket as he stroked my hair. He held me until my sobs eventually settled into sniffles. He eventually pulled away and looked deep into my eyes. “Do you want to talk about it?” He asked gently while guided me towards the small sofa. I pulled myself together enough to explain, already knowing Gerard’s reaction.

“Well…I was reading my Twitter notifications…” His head shot up. He let out the breath I didn’t know he was holding and grabbed my hand, intertwining our fingers.

“Y/n, I told to not even get into that. All those people re just jealous of you” I nodded, I knew he was right, but I already have body image issues and when I read the horrible things people say about me…it’s hard to not believe them. 

“There are so many, Gee. Why do they all hate me so much? I’ve been a good girlfriend to you, right? I try so hard to get them to like me and seem cool, but nothings working. I know I don’t deserve you bu-” Gerard interrupted me with a kiss. He placed his hand on my cheek as his lips worked against mine. The need to breathe soon become critical and we stubbornly pulled away from each other. 

“Don’t ever say you don’t deserve me. I anything, your way out of my league. Your beautiful, talented, funny, smart, have a kick ass taste in music and I love you more than anything in this world. Don’t ever let them get to you. Your out here, living your dream with a guy who loves you and their just bitter they don’t have that. I’ll always be here for you. Fuck y/n, I love you!” Gerard said before giving me a quick peck on my forehead, my heart felt like it was gonna explode the whole time.

“What do I about them Gee? How do I stop it?”

“You can’t. They will never stop. But we can raise our middle fingers high and proud, ‘Fuck You’, and smile. A smile is the best revenge” His motivational speech made me feel better. I smiled and looked him in the eyes.

“Your right, fuck ‘em”

“There’s my girl” Gerard smiled before wrapping his arms around me, pulling me into his chest. We laid on the sofa quietly before any of the guys could come and tell Gerard it was time to get on the best. With his hands rubbing my lower back and him whispering “I love you” in my hair, I felt beautiful for the first time in a very long time.

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multiples of 3 for the latest ask game!

3: Do you smoke?
Ugh no. I’m actually anti-smoking.

6: Age you get mistaken for
17 or 18, sometimes even 15 😂

9: Got any piercings?
Already answered.

12: Relationship status
Single af.

15: Favorite movie
Probably “School Of Rock”.

18: Most traumatic experience
Can’t think of anything rn tbh.

21: What I love most about myself
My taste in music / sense of humor.

24: My relationship with my parent(s):
Well, it could be better tbh.

27: A description of the girl/boy I like
I have more than one crush, but let me tell you they’re both metalheads with long hair.

30:What I hate the most about work/school
People, mostly.

33: What words make me feel the best about myself
Idk man lol

36: Where I would like to live
In a Scandinavian country, probably.

39:My favorite ice cream flavor

42: The last thing I ate
Bolognese spaghetti 👌👌👌

Thank you!

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Teen Wolf?

god where do i begin??? probably with the fact they drove away arden cho. no one really grieved allison’s death, which is so unrealistic. the story line really gets confusing, they try to do too much at once and the small nuisances get lost, i’ve rewatched the damn show like twice now and i still get lost sometimes. okay this is more than one thing lol but!!!! they anger me, i love the show and i really want the best for them.

send me literally anything and ill tell you something i hate about it

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That paper actually sounds kind of interesting, but to help distract you can you tell me what your favorite superhero movie is currently and why?

it is interesting, when i came up with the topic i was like ‘oh yes dijah this is amazing, 10/10 for creativity and originality’ but then i started writing it and i just kind of went ‘fuck’ but thank u anyway anon

hm my favorite superhero movie is probably x-men: first class, i’ve seen it fifty billion times actually more like 7 times but who’s counting? and i just??? love it so much????? i hate watching movies more than once bc i get bored since i know what’s gonna happen, but that movie just always gets me, every damn time. my bff showed it to me, and i was never really into superheroes or anything and that movie changed my life tbh like damn. i just love it. i love everything about it. my favorite scene is the beach scene because as we all know, i’m a slut for angst

5 things female fighters hate to hear you say.

1. ‘You look more like a ring girl than a fighter’ - no, no I do not. 2. ‘Why would you want your face to get punched? You’re too pretty for that’ - oh sure, why don’t you serve a little MORE condescension with that statement. 3. 'I’d hate to be with a girl who knows how to fight’ - why? Are you that uncertain of your masculinity that you’re concerned I’ll overturn it? 4. 'Can you punch harder than me?’ Probably… But now I’m under pressure. 5. 'ANYTHING REMOTELY SEXUALISED’ - it’s not a joke, you don’t see me asking that football player if he likes rubbing his foot all over balls do you?!

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Pairing: NicoMaki
Words: 2732

A/N: Please don’t kill me for errors. It’s 2am.

Maki knew she was losing time with every passing day, but it wasn’t until that day, one afternoon in mid-February, did it hit her. It probably wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t feel the way she did; it killed her more than anything else in the world. She hated that no matter what she told herself, it would come back and even stronger. Out of all people to feel this way, it had to be her. And out of all people to feel this way for, it had to be Nico.

It wasn’t a very warm day; the wind blew past the courtyard, ripping right through the redhead’s open textbook, rapidly flipping through the pages before Maki could put a hand on it, the other hand holding her skirt down. After a few seconds, it finally slowed down, giving the first-year enough time to fix herself.

Despite the constant disruption of the wind, Maki enjoyed days like these mostly because she was able to escape the loud noises of her classroom to sit in the always-empty courtyard during breaks. It wasn’t like she hated her classmates or being around Rin and Hanayo, but she was used to the quiet since she was always home alone. As sad as that sounded, it was her life and she didn’t really mind it.

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  • Me in general: I don't know about kids. They seem like so much responsibility and there's always the possibility of either the parent or the child getting hurt. I don't think I would be able to handle it if anything goes wrong with my child, worse if there's more than one. I'd be an anxious wreck. And what if I don't do a good job or if my kid hates me? That just sounds like a fate worse than hell. What if my partner treats the children bad or if they do something I disagree with? Would that jeopardize our relationship? Children are so complicated. I just, am not really sure about it. I'll probably just adopt a dog or something. haha.

Michaela and Oliver definitely have each other’s phone numbers after that night she spent hanging out at the apartment and Connor probably pretends like he hates it but really he doesn’t hate it at all. And that’s why Michaela was so quick to say she’d tell Oliver if Connor did anything bad, and why Connor told Oliver he could ask Michaela what happened at the sex party, because they’ve already started talking to each other separate from Connor and obviously there’s enough trust there that Oliver could count on Michaela to tell him the truth and not just cover for Connor. And while I’m talking about these three, can we just stop and appreciate for a moment the fact that Connor “aww you think that we’re friends, that we’ll chat about boy problems” Walsh is, in fact, friends with Michaela, and apparently now regularly talks about boy problems with her. And not just his own.

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Not to take the side of the rude anons or anything, but for the past week or two, you’ve been cluttering up everyone’s newsfeed with the more-than-occasional anon-hate replies, and even independent posts talking about them. I follow your blog for fashion stuffs, etc, and it’s really getting annoying that you keep giving those people the time of day. You're always going to get hate mail, but you don't HAVE to acknowledge it. In fact, that's probably the reason they keep coming back- you respond.

Let me just say this - if the way that I choose to run MY blog somehow does not live up to YOUR needs - please, feel free to click that unfollow button.
I do not run my blog for you.  I am not getting paid for this.  If it bugs you so much that I have made one (yes, count that, one) individual post referring to how health trolls are annoying, then feel free to no longer have me on your dash.  It is incredibly silly and presumptuous of you to just assume that I’m ‘cluttering up everyone’s dash’ with who I choose to respond to.  What’s even sillier though, is that you are complaining when the vast majority of things I have been posting are not at all negative.  If you actually scroll through my blog right now, you’ll see just how much you are exaggerating and being obnoxiously rude.

This is a personal blog.  You don’t get to choose who I respond to or how I run it.  Instead of realizing that this is MY space and letting me run it how I see fit, you are actively choosing to send me something negative because it’s not living up to your expectations.  I don’t think you get to talk about what’s annoying when you’re sending this kind of shit.

Also, for your information, I tend to ignore/block 80% of the hatemail that I do receive (which is what I will be doing to you if you decide to message me again).  If you actually cared about what I had to say or my personal posts, outside of just being a source of fashion for you and not an actual person, you would know that when I do respond to these kind of’s always for a specific reasoning.  

Honestly, I’m perfectly happy not having followers like you.  If you expect my blog to be foxes, sunshine, rainbows, and 100% of what you want to see all of the time - go find another blog that is specifically catering to you because this is not one of them.

I hate the Kardashians with a passion. I know what I’m saying probably isn’t new to some of yall but I truly truly hate them. To the point that every time I see them, I just get so angry! I don’t even wanna reblog photos of North on here. I just don’t want to entertain anything related to those people. I know they don’t know me and they have more money than me, (because some of yall would comment about that under here) but it just upsets me to see them on TV or anywhere else in media. I wish all of them would just disappear off the face of the earth.