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demi-duante  asked:

Hi! I noticed you watch like, TONS of great tv shows, and I usually find out by your tags and such, but do you have a list of recommendations, your top favourites?

I have so many favorites, so i’m just gonna make you a list of everything I can think of.

(I’ll put a * up if there’s LGBT content in the show, prominent or not)

Here’s a list of what I am watching right now/am waiting for new episodes of, in no particular order.. that I can think of:

  • The Fosters (Freeform)*
  • The Shannara Chronicles (MTV)*
  • The Bold Type (Freeform/Hulu)*
  • One Day at a Time (Netflix)*
  • Couple-ish (Youtube)*
  • Brooklyn 99 (Fox/Netflix/Hulu)*
  • Wynonna Earp (Syfy/Netflix)*
  • Supergirl (CBS/ now theCW)*
  • You Me Her (HBO/Netflix)*
  • Legends of Tomorrow (theCW/Netflix)*
  • iZombie (theCW/Netflix)
  • Dear White People (Netflix)*
  • Crazyhead (E4/Netflix) (might be finished?? idk)*-ish
  • Sense8 (Netflix)*
  • Grace and Frankie (Netflix)*
  • New Girl (Fox/Netflix)
  • Glow (Netflix)
  • Jane The Virgin (theCW/Netflix)*
  • Queen Sugar (OWN)*
  • Little Witch Academia [anime] (Netflix)
  • Dix Pour Cent/Call my Agent [French] (France 2/Netflix)*
  • The Tunnel [Half French] (Canal +/Sky Atlantic)*
  • Any Marvel TV show on Netflix except Iron Fist
  • Critical Role (Youtube)*
  • The Magicians (Syfy)*

Cancelled TV shows still worth checking out:

  • Agent Carter (ABC)
  • One Big Happy (NBC)*
  • Galavant (ABC/Netflix)
  • Faking It (MTV)*
  • The Get Down (Netflix)*
  • Terra Nova (Netflix) (it’s been cancelled for like 6 years idc fight me)
  • Pitch (Fox)

Ended TV shows:

  • Person of Interest (CBS)*
  • Orphan Black (BBC America/Netflix) (there’s only one ep left to air so i’m putting it there)*
  • The Legend of Korra [animated series] (Nickelodeon)*
  • Black Sails (Starz)*
  • Nikita (theCW)

Haven’t watched yet but despite being cancelled, I heard it was good so it’s on my to-watch list:

  • Rookie Blue (Global/ABC)* if i’m not mistaken
  • Warehouse 13 (Syfy)* if heavy subtext counts

There is so many I’m honestly probably forgetting a shit ton. Also note that my Netflix is French so TV shows available for me might not be available in other countries, and vice versa! Have fun!



—ON a side note though i was thinking that trying to romance him will actually lead to a bad ending? Like, we can’t forget that he’s part of mint eye/he’s p much unstable and will probably unhealthily obsess over mc…BUT HONESTLY IDC IF HE MURDERS ME OR WHATEVER AS LONG AS I GET TO SMOOCH HIS SWEET ASS AT LEAST ONCE then i will die happily lmaooo

anonymous asked:

everyone says roan is the biggest bellarke shipper? what r some examples of that?? LOVE your blog sm!!

Omg thank you sm! That means a lot! 

 I’m SO glad you asked. Lemme tell you something about Roan kom Azgeda. This man was a Bellarke stan from the get-go. Idc what anyone says.  I’m not going to post every instance that I saw it, because honestly I was probably reaching at some points. But I will give you the best examples I can. Note, I am awful at edits so I borrowed some gifs and sourced them for you, be sure to check out their blogs and shoot them a follow.  

Example 1: The first time he ever sees these two in a room together, this happens:

Originally posted by killiancomeback2me

Like the great Wanheda is literally begging for this mans life despite having acted like such an uncaring hardass thus far. 

Originally posted by bellarkesdaily

He looks at them like “oh…oh I see here.” And that’s the start of it all. Their dynamic isn’t really explored until s4, especially since most of Season 3 Bellarke spent apart and Clarke was with L/xa. But this moment, Roan remembers. And he fucking USES it. 

Season 4 tho….season 4 my friend. Lemme tell you. So…okay. First of all, like I said, Roan remembers that moment in the cave. He knows how to hit Clarke where it hurts when he needs to. This mother fucker takes Bellamy hostage and he knows what he’s doing.  Just for dramatic effect, look at these two when he rips the bag off Bellamy’s head.

And this motherfucker  sees it. He’s testing her because he knows she can’t just follow through with her plan, not with Bellamy in the line of fire. 

So anyways, moving on. The next scene occurs, and the whole scene is just really important so I linked a youtube video instead of gifs.

She seriously says she was willing to sacrafice her mother to beat ALIE and he’s like, yeah same. So I guess we’re fighting then. he DOESN’T eVEN MAKE IT TWO STEPS BEFORE SHE’S READY TO BARGAIN. GOTCHA BITCH!

Moving on to my favorite episode, aka MAD MAX: BELLARKE EDITION. Bellamy and Roan are forced to go on a mission together, thanks to BFF Clarke. The first good scene is this:

They’re bickering, as expected out of them. Bellamy is still iffy with grounders and really the only thing they have in common is their relationship with Clarke. Except Roan knows that with Bellamy, it’s more. He says her name like he’s’ testing him. The way he looks over at  Bellamy and is like “except maybe…CLARKE!” And Bellamy deadass side eyes him like…bro…for real?

(Last 3 Gifs: source)

So then, not long after this, they find the body on the beach. Bellamy uncovers it, literally TERRIFIED that it’s Clarke. But it isn’t, of course.


Roan saw the way Bellamy’s hands SHOOK when he lifted that tarp. Then he sees the sign of relief on Bellamy’s face and he KNOWS that Bellamy feels the same way Clarke feels about him. He’s like, “SIGH these crazy kids.” 

But for real, I’m no good an making meta posts. This is the best I  could come up with off the top of my head. If anyone has any BONUS material, feel free to add. These are just my personal favorite moments that show #RoanKnows.


diverse book recast:  the enemy series by charlie higson  london crew leaders

the enemy is a post-apocalyptic young adult horror novel first published in 2009. The series takes place across London, after a worldwide sickness has infected adults, turning them into something akin to voracious, cannibalistic zombies.  In order to survive, the surviving children band into crews and groups, many sheltering in iconic london architectures and locations such as buckingham palace, parliament house and the tower of london. Crews possess their own beliefs and cultures, sometimes incompatible with the other kids around them,leading to street wars and crew clash. 

ekaterinn  asked:

i think i'm getting sick. :( any macdennis headcanons about them taking care of each other when sick?

  • mac goes into full mother hen mode whenever dennis gets sick, even if it’s just a simple cold. he always makes dennis chicken soup (a homemade recipe of his mother’s, one of the few affectionate gestures he remembers her doing for him growing up) and stays home with him all day, making sure he has enough pillows and blankets and someone to listen to his whining complaints. 
  • dennis is more of a nightmare than usual when he’s sick, full of dramatic sighs and exaggerated coughing and sniffling. mac sees right through everything but he indulges dennis nonetheless, rubbing his shoulders and dropping small kisses in dennis’s hair. “you poor thing,” he always says, wrapping his arms around dennis and holding him until they both drift off to sleep.
  • mac has an immune system made of steel - in all of the years that dennis has known him, mac’s only been seriously sick a small handful of times. one time, he’d gotten a particularly bad stomach virus which left dennis convinced that mac was going to die. if mac noticed dennis grabbing his wrist and checking his pulse every hour, neither of them would ever bring it up later.
  • mac is more prone to breaking bones, mainly from doing stunts for his project badass videos. dennis is fond of writing little notes on mac’s casts while he’s asleep in the hopes of getting to see the dopey grin mac gets whenever he notices them later. mac’s favorite: “even though this bone is broken, i’m glad another certain ‘bone’ of yours is still fully functional - den”

feel better soon! xx

lol about jaemin

Jaemin’s probably not smiling. 
 He missed his group’s first triple crown.
 He missed his unit’s first ever comeback.
 He missed his group performing and winning ‘Best New Male Award’ at MAMAs.
 He missed so many interviews.
 He missed his units own NCT Life.
 He missed his units first fansign.

 Jaemin’s probably not smiling. ):

He probably hasn’t seen his friends for a while other than school, maybe they aren’t even talking as much anD wants to fite ren bc Jeno is hIS. He probably wants to feel that nice rush of adrenaline and excitement of being on stage in front of hundreds and thousands(?) of people who appreciate him a lot. He probably just wants to walk freely without feeling pain - but he’s probably sitting at home or at the doctors, trying to heal because he has no other choice other than to sit and stay still. He’s having back problems, and surely, he’s not okay. He wasn’t taken proper care of since trainee days.

Ocean’s Eleven Recast

Dani Ocean (Julianna Margulies) wants to score the biggest heist in history. With the help of best friend Rusty Ryan (Lucy Liu), they create an eleven member team: Ocean, Ryan, Lauren Caldwell (Adrianne Palicki), a master at sleight of hand with a desire to prove herself, demolitions expert Britney “Basher” Tarr (Lupita Nyong’O), business tycoon Rebecca Tishkoff (Christine Baranski), surveillance specialist Liberty Dell (Olivia Munn), old friend and card dealer Frannie Catton (Octavia Spencer), Chinese acrobat “The Amazing Li” (Zhang Ziyi), con woman Sophia Bloom (Mary Beth Peil), and twins Veronica (Troian Bellisario) and Theresa Malloy (Meghan Markle).

Their target? The Bellagio, the Mirage and the MGM Grand. All casinos owned by Teri Benedict (Salma Hayek). It’s not going to be easy, as they plan to get in secretly and out with $150 million. Not to mention the curve ball that gets thrown the team’s way when Dani’s ex-husband, Tom (Bradley Cooper), shows up.

rychel07  asked:

Hi, just wanna request a jikook fic. Currently here in the hospital taking care of my mom. So something maybe like jimin's a nurse or something. Idc if it's fluff or smutty, just make it a happy story and possibly a bit long I just really need a distraction. Thanks in advance. :)

incomplete (every single jigsaw piece)

pairing: jungkook/jimin
word count: 3734
summary: jungkook finds his soulmate in the one place he’d hoped he wouldn’t. (soulmate!au - pain sharing + vampire!au)
notes: im sorry it took me so long to get this written! i hope u enjoy it if even a little. this rlly took a turn i hadn’t expected at all

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