this will probably get 0 notes but i love this man so i don't care

  • MLM content in Mass Effect: Ugh, fine you homos here's two MLM dudes. No squadmates, only one counts towards the achievement. One is down in the basement so we don't piss off the straights by making him even marginally visible and the bi romance is heavily skewed towards F!Ryder anyway. Now get out of my Caucasian home.
  • MLM content in Dragon Age: Here's two MLM squadmates. One is entirely, exclusively gay. You can romance both of them, and their romances received just as much care and attention as the straight romances. And the gay squadmate's backstory entirely revolves around empowering him for his queerness and touches on LGBT issues in real life. Oh and if you don't romance either of them they hook up and never shut up about all of the hot, sweaty man sex they keep having, because fuck heteronormativity and fuck The Love That None Dare Speak. Oh and we've been doing this sort of thing since 2009. Anyway, what's good Montreal?

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I had this crazy idea about Genma/kakashi like, imagine Bookstore-Owner!Kakashi chilling behind the counter reading some porn when his door slams open and this very annoyed but super sexy Florist!Genma storms in heading straight for Kakashi. Genma slams his hands down on the counter, glaring at Kakashi and says "I swear to god if you don't have a book on flower meanings I'm going to murder my customer." And Kakashi discovers Genma's hot and florists couldn't give 2 shits about flower meanings.

(Thank you anon, oh my god I’ve been fiddling with like 15 different WIPs for the past 6 hours and didn’t realize that THIS is what my brain was looking for, but IT IS PERFECT.)

Kakashi is about halfway through the display copy of the newest Icha Icha book, idly swirling the dregs of the mocha Obito had brought him earlier when he stopped in to yell about Kakashi needing to fend for himself for dinner because he had a date goddamnit—Kakashi is skeptical, because this is Obito, and he’s willing to wager an empty stomach that whatever bastard has set their eyes on Obito is going to end up needing a trip to the emergency room when they show their creep colors before the second course—and vaguely contemplating whether he should reorganize the self-help section again. It’s always amusing to tell people who ask him where things are in it that he can’t help them, because they need to help themselves, and the joy those moments provide keeps Kakashi more or less sane on lazy days like this.

Sometimes he thinks he should have opened that dog-grooming parlor Gai suggested, rather than a bookstore, but then he remembers the Poodle Incident that followed shortly after and is quietly relieved all over again.

Then, without warning, the door slams open with a force that’s usually reserved for hurricanes, setting the cheerful bell above it clanging like it’s rolling down a mountainside. Kakashi startles, almost dropping his coffee, and looks up just as a pair of hands in fingerless gloves slam down on the counter.

That, Kakashi thinks, eyeing the man as he lowers is book, is a very tight tank top and a lot of very, very pretty golden skin. And muscles. Sweaty muscles, and while one would think Kakashi got more than enough of those living with Rin, who actually enjoys training with Gai and has the six-pack to prove it, these ones are particularly ropy and lovely.

The guy’s face isn’t all that bad either, even if his expression is currently just about the same level as deadly Obito’s was after that especially disastrous date with that Madara creep and the introduction to the quasi-cult he hosted in his basement.

“I swear to god,” the man says, and the words might be even, there might be a flower tucked behind his ear, but the spark in his eyes is very close to incandescent rage, “if you don’t have a book on flower language I’m going to murder my customers.”

Ah. Kakashi closes his book carefully, studying the man. That would explain the apron wrapped around his hips, embroidered with a smiley sunflower and the logo of the flower shop down the block. Kakashi hasn’t ever had reason to go in before, but now that he knows eye candy like this works there, he might just have to change that.

“That depends,” he says, offering the man a lazy smile. “Did you want Victorian flower language, hanakotoba, Hindu flower language…” It takes effort not to laugh at the expression of mingled horror and disgust that crosses the man’s face.

“God damn it,” the florist sighs, dragging his bandana off. Chestnut hair falls into his face, and he smooths it back with a grimace. The muscles in his arm and shoulder flex in ways that kind of make Kakashi want to bite them.

Kakashi isn’t staring. He’s just…observing. That’s it. Definitely not ogling. Or drooling.

“You’ll probably get the most mileage out of Victorian,” he offers, as soon as he can scrape up enough brain cells to do so. “They tend to be the most common, too.” He pushes up, stepping around the desk, and it’s a narrow space filled with displays, so he has no choice but to brush past the florist on his way by.

On an entirely unrelated note, the man has a truly fantastic ass.

“You’re a lifesaver,” the florist sighs, tucking his bandana into his back pocket and following Kakashi up the staircase to the second floor. “I’ve been open a month and I already have people asking for bouquets that are subtly vengeful or possibly interested if you try harder or—fuck, I don’t know. Why not just get a damn card? If I have to Google this shit one more time I’m going to scream.”

Kakashi chuckles, finding the correct book and pulling it down from the shelf. And if he stretches a little more than he might otherwise, making a very subtle show of it, well. No one who would mock him for it is currently here (a true miracle, and Kakashi thanks all his lucky stars for it) so he’s really got nothing to lose.

“Of all the pitfalls of the flower business I had considered, that wasn’t one of them,” he says, turning to offer the hardcover to the man. “This is the only copy I have, and it’s leather-bound and illustrated, so it will cost more. If you want to wait a week, I could order another version.”

The man smiles, and wow. Kakashi can practically feel his brain shorting out. The scowl was hot; the smile, a little crooked and very warm, lighting up his hazel eyes, is nothing short of gorgeous. “This is great, actually,” he says, taking it carefully to avoid touching it with his dirt-streaked gloves, and that is yet another mark in his favor. Kakashi appreciates a man who takes care of books. “I can display it in the store and write it off as for the business. Thank you.”

“Not a problem.” Kakashi wonders if he should push his luck, but for all his muscles the florist doesn’t look the type to deck someone for making a pass, so he decides to take a chance. “You know, I’ve got a one-time-only sale going on right now.”

The man glances up, one brow rising, and damn. Kakashi is bought and sold. Take off the price tag, no returns. He makes his smile as charming as possible—Obito calls it skeevy, but Obito also keeps dating assholes and weirdos, so he doesn’t get an opinion—and offers, “Buy me coffee and you can have it.”

Brown eyes flecked with green and gold widen, and then the man laughs, bright and warm, and grins.

He has dimples. No one should be allowed to be simultaneously that cute and sexy.

“I don’t know,” he says thoughtfully, rubbing a light finger over the engraved cover. “This looks more like a buy-me-dinner book, unless you like really spendy coffee.”

“Well.” Kakashi makes a show of considering it. “I suppose I can make allowances, seeing as I’m the owner. And since it’s in the name of keeping you from murdering people.”

“A civil servant, huh? I like a man who knows his civic duty.” The florist reaches into one of the pockets of his apron and pulls out a pale green card, flipping it between his fingers as he glances up at Kakashi through long lashes. A pause, and then he flips to Kakashi, just the barest edge of a smirk pulling at his mouth. Kakashi catches it—without fumbling, which, score—and the man steps away with a lazy wave. “I close at six. Give me a call or swing by whenever.”

Kakashi watches his retreat—and damn, that is one fantastic ass—and only glances down at the card when the bell on the door chimes again. Genma Shiranui, it reads in neat, darker green lettering. There’s a business number and a cell number both printed under it, a small smudge of dirt on one corner, and it takes a concentrated effort for Kakashi not to beam like a fool.

“Genma,” he repeats out loud, and chuckles a little at his own ridiculousness as he heads down the stairs.

There’s the thirty dollars he was charging for the book sitting in front of the till, with the flower that had bene behind Genma’s ear resting on top. Kakashi picks it up, spinning it between his fingers, and…

He’s read that flower book, and he remembers perfectly well what meaning a white violet holds, even if Genma doesn’t have any idea. What a perfect twist of fate, Kakashi thinks, and snags one of Rin’s teacups for a makeshift vase.

White violets mean let’s take a chance on happiness, and Kakashi is more than willing to do just that.

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Do you have any recs where an alive! Hale pack reacts to Steter? Whether they can't believe Peter has found someone just as snarky or if they don't think it's gonna last and whatever is Peter doing to the poor boy? The fics don't have to be centred this though, just some interesting reactions from the Hale pack would be nice. :) Thanks!

Definitely! Here’s some I liked:

The Unexpected Marriage of Peter Hale by moonstalker24

This is the story of how Peter gets married without technically dating anyone.

“You can bring your boyfriend with you,” Talia says.
Peter stops giving Henry more bits of dried fruit to stare at his sister “Boyfriend?”
“Of course!” Talia gestures at Stiles who looks around behind him with wide eyes. “I’m sure the whole family would be interested in meeting your young man.”

Proposing To Strangers by moonstalker24

At the end of a strained relationship, crime novelist Stiles chooses to hide from the world inside a bar with far too many motorcycles outside it for comfort. Here he’ll meet the man of his dreams, eat food and propose marriage, all within the first five minutes.

Peter doesn’t know who this kid is, but he’s cute and looks like he could use a break. So he feeds him. He’s not expecting a marriage proposal, but with what comes after, he doesn’t really mind.

Sweet Like Cherry Wine by ladypigswagon

Stiles growls softly. He can’t seem to get the beak right, it’s too narrow, disproportionate with the rest of the head. He sighs, charcoal smudged fingers leaving grey marks on his cheeks as he drags a hand over his face. The crow he’s studying hops closer, squawking indignantly when it sees Stiles drawing.

“I’m trying,” Stiles mutters. The crow squawks again, hopping back along the branch. The setting sun casts a warm orange glow through the gaps in the treetops. His mother will probably come collect him for dinner soon; he needs to get this right before the light fades.

This Time Around by alternativename, Green

Stiles is a seer dreaming about a pack of werewolves who die in a fire; Peter is a begrudging packmate who doesn’t really feel like part of the family.

When Stiles finally crosses the line and changes the Hales’ history forever, the two of them start up their own story.

Sanctuary by DiscontentedWinter

The Hale Wolf Sanctuary isn’t just for wolves.

It turns out it’s for Stilinskis as well.

Red String verse by gryvon

Peter had given up hope of ever finding his soulmate until the red string on his finger leads him to a four-year-old. He’s going to Hell. Or jail. Or both.

You Had Me at Canapes by LadyArinn

Stiles doesn’t mean to sneak into the Hale wedding, and he certainly doesn’t mean to have cliche coat-room sex with the bride’s uncle, but what had happened, happened, and it wasn’t like he could just leave. At least, not until he got to have some of that cake.

The Time Travel Grammar Book by Guede

Young newly-single mother Talia takes her three children home, only to find her parents missing and her teenage brother talking about strange monsters in the woods—and they’re werewolves themselves, after all, so this is worrying.

Meanwhile, Stiles, Scott, and Lydia touch down in yet another timeline. Obviously, they’re not here for the nostalgia.

The Dragon’s Wolf by DenaCeleste

Stiles is a vengeful dragon, and Peter is his mate. Stiles just has to convince Peter of that while they deal with the attempted murder of the Hale pack.

Write Me Love Notes in Glitter Glue by pibroch (littleblackdog)

The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.

Stiles is a single dad with two kids, and a real contempt for the status quo. Peter is a kindergarten teacher with an army of loyal little minions, and maybe a few ulterior motives.

Can I Tattoo a Baby? by Elpie (Horribibble)

Before he inked his first tattoo, Stiles Stilinski had filled a dozen sketchbooks.
Before he knew what he wanted to do with his life, Stiles Stilinski had a kid to take care of.
Before he threw in the towel completely, Stiles Stilinski met Peter Hale.

Life is made up almost exclusively of happy accidents. (And some really terrifying childhood memories.) But that’s okay.

(Really they’re all kind of morons, but the Buffy style asskicking doesn’t hurt.)

Goodbye to a World by mia6363

Too many of them had died… and those who were left were more broken because of it. So when Peter hesitantly admitted to knowing about a spell that would send someone back in time Stiles knew he had to do it.

Of Gods and Men by Triangulum

Peter has always had his favorites. It’s not that he’s particularly fond of humans, he’s not, but he finds that walking invisible among them at times is much more entertaining than dealing with the squabbling and politics of the other gods. He’s always been a solitary creature among them, though his sister always calls him strange for that and says that gods aren’t meant to be alone. Maybe that’s why she has a horde of children.


The one where Peter is a god and finds a favorite in Stiles.

We Were Supposed to Be by Udunie

Stiles didn’t know what he expected to see in the closet. It was like every other one down the hallway, filled with cleaning supplies a janitor could need in a hospital. There wasn’t anything extraordinary, not a bottle out of place.

Two weeks ago, Heather killed herself in there.

Omegas were supposed to have sensitive noses, but Stiles couldn’t pick up anything. It all smelled like sickness and disinfectant, like every other room.

“Move it,” Harris barked out behind him. The beta swatted Stiles’ head with his clipboard, sending his ears ringing.

Stiles moved, feeling like he was in a bubble that made everything gray and dull on the outside.

Sometimes he missed Heather. Sometimes he envied her.

Less Sass, More Cupcake by nezstorm, Vaal

Stiles and Peter are a forever kind of deal. They know that, everyone who knows them knows that, the creatures they fight are aware of that, too. What they all don’t realize, though, is that Stiles and Peter haven’t taken the final step yet.

Strange Duet by BelleAmante, thiliart (thilia)

The past three years have been a series of shocking, or not so shocking, successes for 2018 Tony award winner and two time Grammy nominee, Stiles Stilinski. You don’t typically find classically trained opera singers singing alternative folk rock to crowds at Coachella. Nor do you find indie singer/songwriters winning best actor awards at the Tony’s for their Broadway debuts. Stilinski has made it his lifetime habit to defy and exceed all expectations.


A Steter fic loosely based on Phantom of the Opera

Kindred Spirits - Teen Wolf Arc by Starkindler

Stiles was registered as Dormant when he didn’t come online at sixteen, after even his mother’s sudden death didn’t trigger his Sentinel genes. He wasn’t supposed to come Online. They said only an extreme circumstance where he feared for his survival could possibly trigger his genetics into becoming active, but they doubted it would happen even then. In other words, he was broken.

His life just wasn’t that exciting. Or so he thought, until one day he and Scott decided to take a jog in the woods, preparing for cross-country for their Senior year. It was the first half of summer, and starting early ensured they were in great shape for the start of school. There were general warnings of staying out of the woods, talk about how they could be dangerous. Stiles never believed them, because he’d spent some quality time in those same woods his entire life.

Besides, nothing ever happened in Beacon Hills.

Spinning Gold by Elpie (Horribibble)

Stiles finds himself locked in the highest room of the tallest tower, and he knows that when they come for him at dawn, it will still just be a room filled with straw.

Until Peter messes everything up.


“Your doubt, while charming, is unwarranted. It can be done, and it will be done, but first we should come to an agreement, don’t you think?”

you and me are the lucky ones by Sang_argente

“Alpha McCall, it seems like there’s only one way to settle this alliance then.”

“You’re right,” Scott replied. “Stiles and Peter will tie our packs by marriage.”

“Wonderful. Shall we set the wedding for this time next month?” Talia asked.


Temporary Claim by run_for_me

Some, of course, are off limits. Queen Talia and her husband have their special favorites who join their marriage bed from time to time. Laura has several young strapping men that are hers and hers alone. Even Derek has a few favorites—the quiet ones, the sweet ones.

Peter? The Duke only has one.

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Coldflash - fluffy au where they meet when Len is casing a museum or something and Barry is setting on the seat with the perfect view so Len tries to chat him up and convince him to move or something but then finds him adorbs and ends up with a date instead

Request: “fluffy AU”

Me: *stares straight into the abyss*

Len clutched the forged ticket in his hand and channeled every ounce of his frustration into it. He had a contingency for this, of course, but he didn’t want to use it. The whole “it looks like you’re sitting in my seat” move was one of the worst, because it either banked on him making himself menacing or defensive, neither of which did anything for the subtlety necessary in this step of his plan. He could try again tomorrow without setting back his timeline, because he expected the plan to fail, but he really doesn’t want to do that either. 

Quickly, he comes up with a new approach and hopes that he doesn’t offend this kid’s fragile masculinity and end up calling attention to himself anyway. 

“Hey,” he says, charm at full throttle and his hip cocked against the column that stands beside his desired seat.

The kid looks up and it takes Len by surprise, older than he’d originally thought and beautiful in a way that makes you want to take a step back. He looks caught, like a child with his whole arm in the cookie jar. 

“Looks like they doubled book,” Len continues, making sure to flash an apologetic smile at the other man while he holds up his forge. 

The man’s eyebrows curl up in the kind of frustration he would expect from losing a bet instead of awkward social confrontations. 

“Shoot - um,” the man’s hand flies to the back of his neck, a quick and easy tell of nerves and insecurity, “I just got this seat comped by my sister like an hour ago. Maybe … there was probably a glitch. I didn’t even want to come out tonight but it’s my brother’s last performance and I’ve been an asshole not to come at least once after opening night, it’s not Wally’s fault that I’m such a mess right now and you don’t care about any of this because you just want your seat so you can watch the play before they replace it with a stage full of artifacts like there isn’t already a museum and I’m going to shut up now.”

“You know,” he says, his tone still light and teasing while he leans forward to whisper in a most conspiratory way, “the final performance is actually tomorrow night.”

“I know,” the man says sullenly as he starts to get up, “but I can’t miss any more work. Anyway none of this is your problem, you must have payed a fortune for this box seat - I’ll go see if there’s something left in the nosebleeds.”

“Well you’re right,” Len says smoothly, “this is an expensive private box. So how about you join me. I hardly need all this room.”

The man looked stunned and then blindingly delighted. Len couldn’t recall ever seeing such a wildly optimistic smile.


“Truly. But you will definitely take your brother out to dinner to make up for missing so many of his nights on stage,” Len says, tucking away his plan and recalculating in his mind.

“Only if you’ll join us,” the man says with sudden mischief in his eyes and flirtation in his voice.

“You drive a hard bargain Mr…”

“Allen. Barry Allen.”

“A pleasure,” he says as he finally takes a seat beside him, taking note of how much casing he can possibly accomplish with such a distraction at hand, “I’m Michael Wynters.”

A blush creeps up the man’s neck, either at the work Len’s voice is doing on him or their newfound proximity. The lights dim three times quickly, a final warning before the darkness over takes the theater. Under the guise of silencing his phone he shoots Lisa a quick text.

[7:56 PM]: Change of plans. On a date. Tell Mick he’ll have to gear up for the theater and do the casing himself tomorrow.

[7:57 PM]: Rule #4, got it. Mick’s gonna love this. Have fun.

Today’s Twitter thread: Hey did I ever mention my Phantom of the Opera r76 AU?

So like, the thing is that Reaper makes a pretty obvious Phantom, right.  But Jack as an ingenue? Jack as an ingenue would be the kind of pretty young thing who survives by dumpster diving in Paris back alleys & fist fighting for cash. Probably, in the grand historic tradition of pretty, broke young actors, offering blow jobs to smitten rich dudes.

And this is where it all goes off the rails. Because Eric goes all jealous murder-spree and drives Christine away. Whereas Jack chases Gabe down, screams in his face to knock that shit off and help him practice if he wants him to succeed so bad.

Raoul’s still a thing I guess. Dunno who he’d be but Jack is trash enough to enjoy watching two hot guys fight over him. Laughs at them after for thinking it has any bearing on which one he fucks. It’s not like they asked HIM. He was just enjoying a free show.

Let’s think about the seduction scene for a sec, though. I’m here for Jack in a corset & a frilly lacy white thing that reveals his thighs. Takes Gabriel’s mask off.  Whispers, “Holy shit.  You’re so hot.”
Gabe like, “Don’t mock me, I look like a burn victim.”
Jack: “Your face is fucked up, true, but I would happily die between those thighs.”

I always found this hilarious about the musical. Does anybody care what dude’s face looks like under that mask. Look at the rest of him.
Jack: Fuck it man, just put that Red Death costume back on and we’ll roleplay our way through this.

I just love the image of ethereal, angel-voiced Jack with bull shoulders, a filthy mouth and an inclination to brawl like a drunken sailor.

Somebody really Breakfast at Tiffany’d that boy up. They put him in a corset because his copious boobs won’t fit in the costumes otherwise. Gotta rein those suckers in or he’s going to pop buttons every time he deep-breathes for a high note.

Gabe follows that beautiful voice and finds him, aglow in the light of a stray sunbeam and singing as if he’s a human nightingale.
Then Jack’s like, “What the fuck’re you supposed to be?”
Clubs him with a stand lamp.
“Keep your shitty hands off my costume, creepo, they’ll make me pay for it if it gets ripped.”
Gabriel’s dazed.
Partly by Jack and also partly because he might have a concussion.
But he focuses on what matters.  "Your voice is incredible but you need to lose that accent if you want to make it in this business.“
"What, the Ghost of Christmas Future breaks into my rooms to mug me and then criticizes my diction?  Christ, I really am in Paris.”

And in the end Jack’s been saving up his money and buys them two tickets to San Francisco. “I hear they just opened an opera house. Let’s get the f**k out of this hellhole. Bet they could use a decent director and script writer.”

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Hey, I was wondering if you could do the ex boyfriend cheating prompt but for Hanzo and soldier 76? It was so so good oml thank you!! (Also @ person who sent that original prompt I'm so sorry, I hope things are better for you💓)

No worries


The day was quiet, the trees swaying gently in the breeze. Hanzo liked these days, where it felt like the world was at peace around him. The only sounds in this forest were that of the birds and the wind in the leaves. It was a tranquil place that brought a serenity to his heart.

This was why he enjoyed to meditate her. Today though, he had come because he was troubled. More and more over the last few years, Hanzo would find himself here. Usually when he wanted to think about you…

These were in moments when he was troubled. You were such a close friend, one he could confide in and be honest about himself. One who saw goodness in him that he couldn’t always believe in himself.

The only problem was that…he was in love with you. Hopelessly, madly in love with you.

And you were in love with another.

Hanzo respected your wishes. There was no point in confiding these feelings to you: it would only leave you conflicted and guilty. You would not be able to make a choice, and it was not something that Hanzo wanted to make you choose anyway. It was because he loved you, that he only wished your happiness.

But that did not mean he could not feel jealous. It was impossible not to feel the threads of jealousy woven inside of him. And that was why he came here, to try and push back that ugly emotion, knowing it had no right to claw and tear at him this way.

Feeling a presence close bow, Hanzo began to sit up and pull his bow from his back when he saw you back along the trees, making your way toward him. This spot was one he had taken you to a few times, but never had you come here alone… something must be up.

Face blank, you said nothing as you walked closer and closer, your phone clutched in one hand. After a moment you took a seat next to him, close enough that your knees touched. He didn’t like the lost look in your eyes.

“Y/n…” Hanzo said softly, looking uncertain. 

After a moment, you looked at him. And it was only in that moment that you looked at him, struggling to keep up your composed face, that Hanzo knew something was truly wrong with you.

“Can I sit with you for a little?” you asked softly. “I’m sorry if I’m disturbing your meditation. I just…I find being around you quite comforting.”

It was a surprise to hear that, but Hanzo would not force you away. No, if you wished to stay with him while you struggled with your battles, then Hanzo would stay here and support you however you wished, whether with his voice or his silence.

“Stay as long as you need, cherry blossom,” Hanzo murmured, and then hesitated. “May I…May I ask what is wrong?”

Back straightening, you took a deep breath and he could see the pain in your eyes, clear as the morning sky. “There is nothing wrong with me,” you said quietly. But it was clearly not true.

Gently, Hanzo took your chin and turned you face. Usually he would not touch you without permission, but this time seemed appropriate to move past the question and focus on the fact that something was hurting you quite badly, badly enough that you were here meditating with him and looking like the world had shattered.

“Please tell me,” Hanzo said softly.

At the sound of his soft voice, gently probing and full of such legitimate concern…you felt your lip wobble slightly and took a deep breath as tears pricked your eyes. Slowly, you handed him your phone.

With a frown, Hanzo took it from you and turned it over. Clicking in your password, the first thing that lit on the screen was a picture. It took only a moment for Hanzo to recognize your boyfriend standing there, hands tangled in another woman’s hairs, their mouths interlocked.

“My friend sent me that a few hours ago,” you whispered, throat tightening and you continued in a choked voice. “And all I could do was feel numb, you know? I thought he cared about me, and at first I wanted to pretend it wasn’t real. And now-now all I can think of is that I need you. I need you to hold me and tell me it is going to be okay.”

It was your voice cracking on the last word and the start of tears falling down your cheeks that broke Hanzo. Gently, he pulled you into his arms, cradling you sideways. A sob escaped your throat and you buried your face in his chest.

“It is okay to cry, cherry blossom,” Hanzo whispered, not hesitating to grant your wish. “It will be okay. Cry now, my love.”

The words poured from him effortlessly. This wasn’t him pretending to care or shoulder your burdens-this was him, truly wishing he could end your suffering and wishing he could sell his soul to prevent the injury caused to your heart like this.

You clutched his chest, unable to speak as the crying continued, and he could feel you shaking violently in his arms. Hanzo did not stop you nor move you, a hand gently petting your hair.

“It will be okay, my love, my cherry blossom. I am here, I am here,” Hanzo cooed softly, cheek resting against your hair. 

It will be okay.

I will do anything to make it okay.

Soldier 76 (but we’ll do pre-fall Jack, cuz its simpler then 76 and no one dies…probably)

It has been awhile since the last time Jack has seen you. Lately life has been going to hell a bit, what with the government helping Overwatch take on higher missions and the recent rebellions of Omnics against humans. Indeed, he has had his hands full and its been exhausting.

At least, though, it has been a good distraction from a problem he’s been suffering from in his personal life….you. Jack wasn’t someone who liked to let himself run off emotion. He was a man of practicality and cautious thinking, someone who was usually depended on by many at a time.

Yet when he’d fallen for you, it was like all caution had gone out the window…until he had realized that you were already dating another. The man was a bit punier then him, a bit younger and not exactly the brightest…at least Jack thought. But you were happy and he had to respect that.

So now, Jack filled up most of his free time with his missions and being a commander. Even the time he could have taken off or been at home was spent instead at Overwatch Headquarters. You were his only distraction, the only one who made him regret and long for things outside of his current life.

But alas, friends were all the two of you would ever be, he thought.

Except then Jack got a call one day over the phone, and when he took a look it was your number. The two of you hadn’t talked in a week or so, but usually you didn’t call him during the days, knowing his work hours.

“Y/n?” he asked immediately when he answered. “Are you okay?”

For a moment, there was silence…and then he heard a sniffle. Immediately his heart dropped in his chest. Not once had he ever heard you cry, and the thought that you were calling him while crying meant something both bad and important had happened.

“Jack,” you sobbed over the phone. “I’m need you. Please, I’m so sorry. But I need you so much right now.”

The words pulled at his chest and he stood without thought. “I’ll be there in about thirty minutes,” Jack said gruffly. “Hang on, y/n. I am on my way.”

Jack didn’t tell anyone when he left. There was no time to hesitate, not a moment to lose. No, if you needed him then there was no other place he could go, nothing that could stop him. 

Taking a helicopter, he literally parked in a nearby field and ran the rest of the way. He didn’t care about the helicopter, or the fact that it was starting to rain as he ran. It only mattered that he get there as quickly as he could. 

Trudging up to your house, he noticed the door was slightly ajar. Cautiously, Jack hesitated before stepping inside. “Y/n?” Jack called, eyes wandering the hall and stairs. It was beautiful, a soft color and pictures covered the wall. It was homey, and he’d often wondered what it would be life if the two of you had shared a home instead. 

Turning the corner, Jack froze as he saw you on the couch. You sat there, your legs pulled to your chest and you were crying softly into your knees. You hadn’t seemed to notice his presence yet, or maybe you had but feared to look up at him.

Immediately Jack started toward you, but felt his boot hit something. Looking down, it was your phone and he frowned. Picking it up, he noted the screen was cracked, like you had throne it against the wall. Open on it, was a picture, one that only took a few moments for him to study and realize the issue. 

It was a picture of your boyfriend, a girl on top of him without a shirt, and his hands roaming in places they shouldn’t have been.

The anger that rose in him was swift and violent, and he had the instinct to turn and find the little monster and beat him to death. It was a feeling he’d never experienced before, but he would gladly give into it if it meant your ex would grovel at your feet.

Instead, Jack swallowed down his rage and left the phone on the coffee table, closed. Sitting beside you, he gently wrapped an arm around you and pulled you against his side.

“It’s okay, y/n. I’m here for you,” Jack said, and you immediately turned your face into his shoulder. He had never thought he’d see you cry, and honestly he was sad that it had come a day he’d have to. 

Lifting your face, your eyes were puffy and pink, your face smudged with tears as your lip quivered. “He…Oh my god…,” you sobbed, a hand raising to cover part of your face. “I trusted him, Jack. I thought…”

Jack only cradled you tighter, a hand reaching up to take yours and hold it. “You couldn’t have known he would do this, y/n. He seemed like an okay guy,” Jack said, keeping his voice soothing, the storm behind the barrier in his heart as he wished he could dry your tears.

“His hands are all over her and…and…” you struggled to breath for a moment, and his hand ever so gently rubbed your back as he watched you. When you finally caught your breath, you put your head against his shoulder against. 

“Men do stupid things,” Jack says quietly. “What can I do to make you feel better y/n?” he asked, knowing it was going to be awhile before you okay. And not just today…it would be days, maybe a weeks before you finally got over this betrayal of trust and love.

Shaking in his arms, you just shook your head. This was not ever something you had seen coming, not something you could imagine would happen to you. You had thought the two of you were happy…and whether or not he was drunk didn’t make it okay.

“Just…Just stay with me, Jack,” you whispered. “Please don’t leave me alone. I can’t handle this alone.”

Jack hesitated, then laid down on the couch with you, spooning you and facing the inside of the couch. “I won’t go, “ he said finally. “It’ll be okay. I won’t go,” he promises.

Jack lets you cry as much as you need, and wipes away all of your tears. He ends up staying the night with you, and later when your ‘boyfriend’ comes home, Jack punches him and then threatens that if he ever comes back, it won’t matter if he has a home or not because he’ll be dead. 

That’s probably the only thing that really comforted you. 

Reyna Writes: Partners Under Covers - An Alyadrien Week Prompt


For Alyadrien Week #7: AU

Waiting to post this was fucking t o r t u r e, since I had it finished about a week ago, but oh well.

Normally @siderealsandman is my enabler in stuff like this, but this time around, it’s more @bullysquadess‘s fault. :P

Enjoy! <3


When prompted, the neighbors of one Adrien Agreste would have a lot to say about him, all good things:

M. Agreste? Oh, he’s so kind, I just love him.”

“Adrien? Yes, he’s such a joy to have in the neighborhood! Always volunteers at the neighborhood barbecues, and he never has a bad thing to say about anyone!”

“Oh yes, Adrien Agreste. Just between you and me, if I didn’t have a partner, I’d certainly like a shot at him…hell, I think Jean would probably agree!”

Former part-time model Adrien Agreste made his living by teaching piano lessons for kids, teens, adults—basically anyone who wanted to learn—at the local rec center, where all the townsfolk gathered to learn a variety of skills, be it the piano, cooking, dancing, or even quilting. And he was never without business—when he wasn’t teaching at the rec center, people were practically lining up for private lessons outside his two-story home, which was grander than a few of the houses, but modest enough, considering his gigantic inheritance when his father passed. He was always ready with a helping hand and a smile, which would make him an easy target when it came to shady individuals, but he was just so pure that anyone who tried to scam him seemed to end up giving up with a thousand apologies, which he always accepted. Adrien Agreste was simply too pure for anyone to mean him harm.

That…and his lawyer was not someone to be trifled with.

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Perfect- Jason Todd

Request: Could you do a plus size reader x either Dick or Jason?

notes: this is my first time writing on tumblr and I couldn’t decide between them so I’m writing one for each, please bear with me because this jason one shot is definitely not my best work but I tried


Being with Jason Todd was probably the best thing that could’ve happened to you. You knew all about him being the Red Hood. You knew about the Batfamily. It wasn’t a secret that Jason had changed since meeting you- no one had ever seen him so happy. You were welcomed into the Batfamily with open arms, everyone adored you. The only problem anyone- meaning the snobby rich part of society who showed up to Bruce Wayne’s parties- seemed to have with you was your size. You weren’t a skinny girl, that much was obvious. But you’d always been comfortable in your skin. And that was one of the things Jason loved about you. You didn’t really care what anyone thought about you. It wasn’t exactly like you could help who you were, and you still had plenty of friends and family who loved you. And then there was Jason. But after a while, the comments and remarks and “are you pregnant”’s made you want to put your head through a wall. Or borrow Jason’s mask. You weren’t sure at this point.

“That’s it,” you hissed quietly to your boyfriend after another person asked when you were due, “I’m out of here.”

Before Jason could respond, your heels were clicking on the floor as you made your way out of Wayne Manor. Jason was right on your heels, catching Bruce’s eye on your way out. Bruce came and handed Jason keys to a random car, knowing you wanted to away ASAP. Jason opened the door for you, making sure you seated with your seatbelt on before going and getting in the driver’s seat and heading back to the apartment you two shared.

“I’m taking a shower,” you announced with a sigh as you walked into the apartment, kicking your shoes off and shutting the bathroom door behind you.

Setting the water to as hot as you liked it, you wiped your makeup off before stepping in. Jason joined you not long after, pulling you into his arms.

“You okay?” he asked, his blue eyes looking over your face.

“I’m fine,” you shrugged as you rinsed the shampoo from your hair.

And you were, honestly. The things people told you didn’t bother you- at least in the way it was expected to. It was just annoying.

“If you’re upset because of-”

“I’m not upset,” you interrupted Jason, ready to get out, “I’m annoyed.”

Getting out of the shower, you wrapped a towel around yourself and went to the bedroom to change into pajamas. Jason sat next to you on the bed before he had to leave for his night patrol, smelling like leather and his body wash.

“Hey, I’m sorry,” he pulled you into a hug. “I love you. You know that, right?”

“I love you too,” you managed a small smile for him as his thumb caressed your cheek. Sometimes you felt like you really didn’t deserve the man next to you. He was everything you’d ever wanted and more.

“Just don’t listen to what those stuck-up pricks say,” Jason smirked at you, “they just don’t know a good woman when they see one.”

You blushed at the compliment. Even though you had plenty of self-confidence, something about Jason just turned you in a puddle of girliness. You loved it.

“Suck up,” you playfully accused your boyfriend.

“Actually, you’re the one who sucks,” Jason winked at you, making you gasp and blush harder.

“You’re nasty.”

“That’s not what you said this morning.”

“Oh, get out!” you laughed as you laid down under the covers.

“I’d rather be in,” Jason cheekily grinned before kissing you.

You couldn’t even think of a response, preferring to giggle to yourself as you watched him climb out of the window onto the fire escape and into the night. You laid there for a while, just thinking to yourself. You weren’t skinny, and you were okay with that. You had the best family you could ask for, so why waste time on something so trivial? To Jason you were as perfect as could be, and that was all you needed.

mrsjadecurtiss  asked:

One thing that always gives me trouble with daenerys' chapters is that im almost as naive/trusting as her, so i always believe her judgements at first xD some characters i really don't know what to make of even when thinking critically... what's your stance on daario, is he on dany's side/trustworthy? Even she doubts him, not to mention all the older characters, so i'm almost inclined to say he might be up to something good after all; since him betraying her wouldnt be much of a twist

Daario is out for what he can get. In Dany’s case, what he can get is fucking a Targaryen queen, something very few men can ever claim to have done – and only he and Hizdahr have ever had the mother of dragons, a far rarer prize. If that sounds kinda gross, it is – I do think Daario’s pretty gross. (His naked lady sword handles, that he fondles in public, are like the naked boob lady mudflaps you see on trucks.) That Dany’s turned on by Daario, that she let him have her “every way a man can have a woman”, well, ugh, I can’t deal with her taste in men, I really don’t know why she thinks she loves him, but she’s 15/16, she’s taking control of her sexuality, she thinks Daario’s hot, go for it girl.

Despite his skeeviness, however, I do think Daario is actually on Dany’s side. That side includes encouraging her more dragonish, vengeful tendencies, so I don’t really care for his influence, but I believe he’s honest about it at least. And that he volunteered to be a hostage to the Yunkai’i speaks exceedingly well of him. That is… if the hostage thing isn’t a trick. I think it’s not a trick, and I worry that the Yunkai’i may kill him like they did the hostage Admiral Groleo– but I also worry that he may betray Dany’s side, especially if he’s found out Dany’s not in Meereen anymore. (Note, the fact that Groleo was presented to Barristan and Hizdahr as a head only, like Daario presented the heads of the captains of the Stormcrows to Dany, makes me more than a tad suspicious.)

I also sometimes worry that Victarion may kill Daario once he finishes up the siege of Meereen. (Although it’s probably Hizdahr that will end up nailed to the prow of Victarion’s ship.) But for all that, we’re going to have to wait for TWOW and the resolution of the Battle of Fire, that’s the only way we’ll find out the truth. Hope that helps!

anonymous asked:

I love your art so much??????? I'm quite disappointed that you don't have more notes on them, you certainly deserve it!!!!!!! Would you ever consider doing tutorials or speedpaint videos??

thank you!!!! that’s so sweet!!!! thing is—i don’t particularly care for notes? this blog is new, but i’ve been fucking around on the internet since i was young, and i’ve kinda gotten old-man-cynical about it—they’re nice, but what’s nicer is the kind messages i get, :’^) u guys are sweet

sadly i don’t know how to make speedpaint videos, but i can probably do a tutorial or two if im feeling up to it? what in particular would you like to know?

(ps, here have an elizaveta!)

gentlesleaze  asked:

I just stumbled upon your CS scene analysis thing and they're hilarious. I don't know if you've been asked about this moment already, but could you do their moment at the town line in 3x11 when they're saying goodbye?

Hiya! Thank you so much! And thank you for the request!

Killian’s just watched her say goodbye to everyone. 

To her parents, to Neal, to Regina.

He’s feeling sorrow at the thought of her leaving as much as the others - it’s written all over his face.

And she’s about to get in her car without even acknowledging him.

But Killian can’t let her go without saying something. 

He needs to have his goodbye with her because he’s fallen in love with her, whether she feels the same or not, he doesn’t care - he wants his moment with her too.

So he waits until she’s away from the others before grabbing her attention. 

Look at him. Now he’s got her attention he’s unsure of how to start.

This woman has stormed into his life, completely changed him for the better, rocked his world, and is now about to leave again. 

And he has no idea how to approach her now.

So he goes with casual. It’s like he knows this is probably the last time he’s going to see her and he wants it to be a pleasant memory - a fond one. 

And what better memory to savour than to try and get Emma to smile?

So he’s his usual charming self - his cool facade is on. This is what Emma’s familiar with. 

He’s not bringing up her leaving, he’s complimenting her car.

And smile she does.

But then she gets teary.

Because dammit she’s going to miss him.

She might not feel the same as he does, but she can’t deny that she has some form of affection for him. She cares about him.

She’s probably surprised herself and is thinking “God i’m gonna miss your annoying, flirty ass.” 

He may not be her lover just yet, but he’s certainly become a good friend. 

And she’s sad that she has to say goodbye before they could even begin.

“There’s not a day will go by I won’t think of you.”

Killian wants her to know she’s going to be with him, every day, even if it’s just in thought. 

He wants her to know just how much she means to him, and he’s thankful he ever met her because she’s reminded him of who he used to be. 

She’s made him want to be that better man again, and gave him the chance to be a part of something again. 

She saw Killian Jones when others only saw Captain Hook - and that means everything to him.

He wants her to know he still loves cares for her, even if this is the last they’ll ever see of each other. 

Nothing he said in Neverland has changed - she’s in his heart now and she’s not leaving.

And she believes him. She sees it. And she’s happy about it.

She knows this is the last time she could ever see him and so she let’s her walls down and gives him this moment.


Look at his smile.

This was all he needed.

He knows now. She feels something too.

She didn’t shut him down, she welcomed his affections. She wants him to think about her.

It’s her way of letting him know, there was something there. 

And if there wasn’t a curse about to rip them apart, she would have been open to exploring that. With him. 

His smile makes her smile.

And she’s not looking at him with sadness and tears in her eyes anymore.

It’s more of an understanding.

I may be wrong, but that look in her eye is more like she’s at peace with where she stands with him and there’s a tiny bit of playfulness there.

It’s almost as if she’s fondly thinking “This isn’t over, pirate.” even though they may never cross paths again, she likes the thought of them finding each other again.

As I said, I could be wrong.

But they have a moment. Hope, longing, goodbye’s all projecting from their eyes. 

Maybe they were both longing for a final goodbye kiss- a lingering thought in both their minds. A proper farewell to seal their feelings.

But it’s not the time. Not with everyone behind them, not with all what’s happened, not with the curse so close to hitting.

They’ve ended on a good note. It’s best not to push for more in such a restricted space. They’ve confessed more than they thought in this moment.

And so he backs away.

And lets her go. 

captain-crookedcloudcollector  asked:

I don't think you ever did your final write up on season 8 Kitty, you gonna get back to that?

aww man, i didnt finish it because i think ive done a pretty great job expressing my thoughts on season 8. it was freaking amazing? but im gonna write up some of what i planned for that post here.

favourite episodes:

  • two swords is good because it introduces us to the more violent fern and shows finn being a doctor for shits and giggles (foreshadowing?). i get good feelings from this ep. and these days, also sad ones.
  • high strangeness - tree trunks is pretty entertaining by herself but this episode had a glorious combination of comedy, quiet pain, and…. strangeness. seeing tree trunks be ooo’s greatest activist was nothing short of a golden meme factory. and it was a lttle sad seeing pb explain what it was all about, perhaps even questioning her own sanity here… as for the candy attacking the aliens, if you remember all of pen ward’s previous work, you sure do get a Little Pink Best Buds vibe.
  • jelly beans have power - yknow when they ended pb’s arc w the whole Being A Pragmatic Coldass back in the Cooler, i wondered if she was going to stay interesting or get boring. well, lets just say the AT crew have exceeded my expectations. not to mention season 8 SURE BRINGS UP A LOT OF COMPETITION in the whole “morally questionable science lady” area. after the whole King of Ooo stuff the princess has been trying to rebuild her relationship with her citizens, and to see her hot-headedness make it crumble apart… well it must have been like looking into your soul and seeing something dreadful.
  • All of Islands - yes this is cheating. do i give a fuck? no. uhhhh what were my fave eps? hide and seek was the part where i went “this is the best adventure time has ever been”. martin and minnie was not only realistic, making minnie my favourite side character to ever get that little screentime, it also hit all the right emotional notes as well as having a dash of humor. the light cloud kinda highlighted the differences between the humans and the oooish people, it made us all appreciate the wacky land of ooo I feel. finn could have had his life as a human and lived with his parents, but he would have possibly died during the plague, and he’d have never had all the amazing adventures that made him who he is. anyway finn’s kinda my second or third favourite character now which is a significant jump from a few years ago. 
  • all of elements because i just dont care. highlights: skyhooks was deeply ominous and had marshmalline humming greensleaves which is pretty gay, bespoken for looked like it was gonna be shitposty but ended up making betty of all people a compelling, sympathetic, and unpredictable character… the third one had the ice kingdom which i think is my second-favourite location… cloudy i didnt like on my first rewatch but on our rewatch i learnt to appreciate it for the heart-to-heart bro chat that it was… slime central had funky skating (slime kingdom ftw) and the BEST humor in the miniseries alongside jake fucking dying, happy warrior is my least favourite of the eps but thats because it was setup for the much more magnificient hero heart which is my favourite… the reason for that is because it’s worth the most analysis and has the heaviest atmosphere. from lsp eating marceline’s face to finn holding back his fear to pb going fucking nuts and all those chilling candy zombies, this was the climax of the miniseries for sure. skyhooks II was a cooldown after the climax and a sort of resolution. it could have been better but the way i think of it, we haven’t seen all the resolution yet. highlights? lsp being the hero (lol) and pb and marcy’s kingdom-takeover song. pb’s actions in elements make me think that the power made her exemplify all her negative, controlling traits. she tried to take over the other kingdoms to make people “happy” and they ended up losing all their individuality. remind you of The Thin Yellow Line? the same sorta goes for FP but not really cos FP’s only negative trait is her awful temper.
  • abstract because i fucking love jake. i know some people found this ep disappointing but i did not.
  • ketchup for best filler ep because it looked GORGEOUS, it made me SMILE, it had backstory and the tale of what Marceline did in Elements presented in such a charming way, we even saw BMO spin a tale about her mom…  I’m heartbroken that we probably wont be seeing any more guest animated episodes because this is my favourite one yet. 
  • whispers. I TOO AM DOOM. *thunk thak thunk thank splat*
  • three buckets is the best episode in the best season of adventure time, and i think it beats out The Lich as my favourite season finale. it’s sad, it’s dark, it’s sweet, it’s hilarious, it’s ominous, theres nothing to dislike about it. my favourite part was the last few minutes starting from when fern left finn alone in the cave. he freaks out for a while which makes us wonder if he might actually die in here, then the robot arm in a surprising twist turns out to have a pb-siri that thanks finn for what hes done which is cute. and finn discovers his salvation in the rock drill and fucking weed whacker. then he fights his clone  fern now COMPLETELY off the deep end, and just when finn is giving up,  well…

“What are you doing?”

“Weed whacking!”

“…What are you?”

“A weed whacker :D”

“It doesn’t have to have this… finnality!”

“F A T A L I T Y”


i think the end of this ep is more defined by what isn;t said than what is said. finn is so shocked that he can’t even talk. bmo gives us one final bout of dark humor. then we switch to…. Fern……. finally free of his shell but a mere ghost of what he was…. his look of pure rage as he gets picked up by who we believe could be a scholar of Golb…. uncle fucking gumbald. 

What a DEVASTATING finale,  and what a fantastic setup for the final arc of Adventure Time!

a comment i had to make about the last few eps is: it’s suspicious that we didnt get a followup for PB after Elements. but even though Peebles wasn’t in these eps, she didn’t feel absent either. especially with Marceline’s story in Ketchup, Fern’s remembering what he did in Whispers, and literally everything in the last 3 minutes of Three Buckets, i feel that there’s something big building up for her. we’ve yet to see the consequences Elements had on PB who was out of everyonne the most dangerous elemental, the one who took her powers to the furthest extreme. considering what happened in Jelly Beans Have Power, iiiii expect this followup to be soon. maybe it’ll be big? maybe it’ll be quiet. either way i look forward. and if i’m disappointed? well it’s happened before.

altogether season 8 is my favourite in the show for obvious reasons. i dont think season 9 has the possibility of topping it but i really cant wait to see what we get next either way, just in case it manages to be even better.  

no matter how adventure time ends, though, i think it’s going to hold a place in my heart for a long time.

Chronological List of Kastle & Kastle Important Scenes

Complete with brief scene overviews and approximate episode timestamps!

For @thekastlediaries and the rest of the kastle fam! Tbh I had 99% of this post already saved on my computer for rewatching purposes; I just reorganized it and found the timestamps real quick, lol.

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an emotional rant about chuck hansen

because I really need to organize all my tears but every time I try to say any of this to a real person I feel like an idiot, so: 

  • it should first be noted that chuck is an asshole and I sincerely wish someone would punch him directly in the face (thanks raleigh)
  • but also immediately after give him a hug and tell him it’s okay to be nice to people and maybe kiss his forehead a lil
  • because I feel like I’m making excuses when I think this but honestly this kid is So Young
  • I know he’s an adult and all, and I’m not saying he doesn’t have to take responsibility for his actions, but twenty-one is still young enough to be learning
  • and he spent more time with machines than with his father (the person who’s supposed to teach him to not do, you know, all the things he does) since he was eleven years old
  • (in the deleted scene he points this out angrily, tears in his eyes, and in the novelization he says it like it’s normal while fondly tapping striker, and I honestly can’t decide which version of this is sadder)

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Can I ask... do you have a rec list for superbat fanfics?

ohh boy… anon I hope you enjoy crying cuz I love dark, angsty stories why do you have to expose me like that. Please read the summaries plus all tags and warnings. If you need to know more about a fic before reading you can ask me, some of them aren’t tagged very well. 

Fics listed here mostly story-based with a few pwp.
I’m splitting this into parts. This got long so I had to put it under a read more.

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anonymous asked:

u still taking prompts? bc i'd love some studying amis to motivate myself thx love u byeee

Good luck with your studies anon! I hope this helps:

“No,” Bahorel says decidedly. He is watching in horror how his friends are piling books and notepads onto the table they are sitting at with their coffees. He pushes his chair back. “I don’t want to.”

Enjolras and Bossuet exchange a significant look. It is remarkable how much Bahorel, who is just shy of two metres tall, can look like a petulant toddler.

“Well, you really have to pass this class,” Enjolras says, clearly struggling with the fact that he needs to convince him of this. (Especially since Bahorel has been at the law faculty for ages. But then again he has been here for ages because he fails classes on purpose, despite having a better grasp of the subjects than some of the teachers.)

“It’s not so bad,” Marius offers smilingly. “We’ll study with you.”

Bahorel lets out an exasperated groan and gives Marius a dramatic look. “That’s the thing about law, Pontmercy,” he says gravely. “It even corrupts friendship.”

“Yes, yes,” Bossuet hums sympathetically. “We all feel your suffering, now come on.”

“I won’t,” Bahorel insists, staring at the law books Enjolras is pushing towards him with genuine disgust. “You can’t make me,”

“Oh I know that,” Enjolras says seriously. It’s not like he hasn’t tried before.

“Which is why we invited Joly,” Bossuet says cheerfully.

“Hi!” Joly chimes from the doorway.

Bahorel spins round in his chair like a man ambushed. “Were you waiting behind the door?” he says, both incredulous and reluctantly impressed.

“Yes,” Joly grins. “But only because Bossuet convinced me to.” He sits down on the chair next to Bahorel and cheerfully begins unpacking his book bag.

Bahorel sighs and Enjolras, Bossuet and Marius grin at each other. When it comes to studying Joly is pretty much a secret weapon. Sitting next to them while they’re at work and not studying yourself is just unnerving.

“You’re evil,” Bahorel grumbles. That remark seems to be directed at all of them, but Joly (who has by now unpacked a binder, a collection of different coloured post-it notes, several highlighters and a fresh notepad) is the one that responds cheerfully:

“Not evil, devious, there’s a difference. What are you all studying today?”

“Transitional justice,” Enjolras replies, contently pulling a stack of printed articles towards him. “Case study about Rwanda first.”

“Victimology,” Marius says. “Although it seems like they really only focus on the criminal law side, I wish they had theories about victimhood within civil procedures.” He smiles. “But at least some of the theories can be applied to both.”

Enjolras glances interestedly at Marius’ papers while Bossuet waves some of his handwritten notes around and says: “Fiscal law again. They lost my test results. I remember most of it though, so this won’t be too hard.”

“And I have neurochemistry to review,” Joly hums. He looks at Bahorel and smiles. “And you?”

Bahorel looks round the table and then back at Joly’s determined smile. He sighs. “Employment contracts,” he mutters resentfully.

“That sounds dull,” Joly says sympathetically. “If you need us to ask questions to practise you’ll tell us, right?”

“Sure,” Bahorel sighs.

“You want to borrow a pen and highlighter?” Joly asks. “I brought spares.”

“Yes,” Bahorel sulks, holding out his hand.

Enjolras looks up from his phone, smiling. “Ferre is coming over as well, straight after class. He’s bringing R.”

“Well, then I at least won’t be the only one not studying,” Bahorel tries one more time. “Because I’m not doing it.”

“Oh if he went to one of Ferre’s lectures that probably means he skipped his own again, which means he’ll have math to do,” Joly says with a grin.

“And Joly’s the primary reason Grantaire hasn’t failed yet,” Bossuet grins. “Well, that and his creepy talent with numbers, of course.”

“Who do you think I practiced this routine on the past couple of years,” Joly winks. “Come on, Baz, get reading. I brought snacks as a reward for after half an hour.”

Bahorel scowls at him and bows over his books. “Devious,” he mutters and he gets to work.

niteangel496  asked:

A/B/O Hc 1): (He still gets All Might's quirk) Izuku's heats do make him hornier but he's actually a little more touch starved then most omega. Not because of lack of affection, he just loves the feelng of being cuddled by someone/cuddling someone. Shouto is also touched starved do to the shit he's endured at home & because of lack of contact with his mother after she was sent away. Endeavor also forbid Shouto from seeing her because he "couldn't risk having his masterpiece damaged any further."

even without the a/b/o verse, i feel like tddk would both be a little touch starved, shouto more so than izuku because, like you said, he was literally deprived of any kind of gentle contact for a majority of his life, not just his mother’s. he probably didn’t really get to be touchy with fuyumi or his brothers (i’m talking about those good ole rough-housing stunts, noogies, smothering hugs and high fives) nor did he really have friends to experience those mandatory swimming days with, where ur butt-naked and doing stupid shit cuz ur young and allowed to.

shouto is probably touched-starved in the most mundane ways, as in physical contact we normally take for granted. he wants to be given high-fives, pats on the shoulder for congrats or comfort, and hugged. god, does he probably need to be hugged.

A/B/O Hc 2): Now that Izuku & Shouto live together they would often cuddle, especially throughout Izuku’s heat (or do more if that’s what Izuku wants). Shouto rolls Izuku into a blanket burrito on the 1st day of his heat. A habit they made since the 1st time Izuku spent one of his heats with him.

same thing, even without the a/b/o verse izuku and shouto are probably an oddly touchy couple??? you would think they’d be more conservative since izuku gets flustered really easily and shouto just doesn’t seem like the v touchy type (as shown above, he’s actually v touched starved and probably needs some hugs). they probably lock pinkies, put their hands on the small of each other’s backs, hover over each other’s shoulders, or just. like. brushing against each other. shouto is probably at first overwhelmed by the amount of affection (as, ofc, it’s izuku who initiates the touches first), but he quickly learns how to be at ease with it, since he doesn’t want izuku to ever think he’s uncomfortable.

izuku probably isn’t the only one who would have a buritto blanket :> izuku would probably buy shouto a sleeping bag like aizawa’s, as a joke because of that one time shouto kept saying he was sleepy while looking at people’s dorm rooms, but it quickly becomes shouto’s favourite snooze spot. he would often sleep in it because it feels like a warm embrace–it’s even better when he remembers how it was izuku who’d initially bought it for him.

A/B/O Hc 3): The reason for that habit was that Shouto had once heard that some omega tend to have super sensitive skin/sensory overload during the 1st day of their heat (this happened to omegas with electric/heat/fire quirk & their quirk power/energy just goes crazy for the 1st day then goes back to normal the next day). Even though this didn’t apply to Izuku, Shouto refused to risk it. The last thing he wanted to do was make his boyfriend uncomfortable around him. The habit continued later on. 

interesting!! i’ve always figured that shouto would be extra careful (in regards to anything, really), because he doesn’t want to screw anything up or unintentionally hurt anyone, especially not izuku.

andddd because i’m a terrible piece of shit–with a/b/o verse or not, shouto probably apologizes a lot. for the smallest things, he’d say sorry, or think anything bad happening was his fault, because fucking enji man. 

he would probably apologize on the behalf of other ppl a lot too. i imagine there’ve been incidents where fuyumi accidentally breaks something, like a plate, and enji gets so mad at her, close to hitting her like he had done with their mother. shouto would immediately intervene, telling enji that fuyumi is sorry just leave her alone, because he’s used to getting hurt and he never wants to see fuyumi at the receiving end of their father’s hand.

magicat102  asked:

Um.. Hi. I was wondering if you could write about Shoto Todoroki? I could be anything, I just wanted to ask you since you seem very chill with everything. And if you feel up to it maybe you could a little do a NSFW? You don't have to if you do it want to, I was just asking. By the way I love your blog! Thanks!!💜

(Hello. I’m in love with your icon ^^ Okay, and thank you! I wrote a Reader X Todoroki scenario. Note: not super NSFW/spicy, but it’s suggestive).

Todoroki finally entered the kitchen, clad in a snug-fitting tank top and gym shorts. A fuzzy, white towel was draped around his neck, and he let out an exhausted sigh. His sweat glistened, and matted hair clung to his forehead.

He licked his lips, probably unconsciously, before sitting down at the small  table you were at.

You smiled, liking what you saw. A ravishing, beautiful young man was sitting across from you. He was exquisite, alluring, impeccable…

To put it simply: he was hot. Putting your book aside, you shyly looked up at him through half-lidded eyes. “Shouto…aren’t you hot?”

He blinked, then dug his hand through the front ends of his hair. “Uh, yeah,” he said, not catching the double meaning of your words, “I did work out for the past two hours, so that explains why.”

You suppressed a frustrated sigh; he didn’t understand. “Here, let me offer you some water,” you suggested. Swiftly, before he could say a word, you got up and grabbed an ice-cold water bottle from the fridge. “A water bottle as cool as you are.” You couldn’t help but draw out your words, emphasizing their implications. Bravely, you looked straight at him as you handed over the bottle. Your fingers touched his for a fleeting second as he received the water, and your heart back-flipped.

He pressed his lips in a fine line, giving you a curious look. “Hm, thank you. I appreciate it. How was your day?”

You sighed, wanting to scream at him. Why couldn’t he accept flirting or flattery? You didn’t want to be bothered by mundane details like ‘how was your day’; all you wanted was him. Unconsciously, you reached your fingers out to his hand. Todoroki’s eyes widened; he was shocked, but you continued. You laced your fingers through his long, warm ones.

A pretty pink blush sprinkled across Todoroki’s face. “[Y- y/n],” he stammered. “What are you- I’m sweaty, you don’t want to-”

You huffed, then impatiently grabbed the ends of his towel, pulling his face closer to yours. “I always am in a mood for you, Todoroki.”

You, suddenly nervous, brought your mouth closer to his. Heart palpitating, nerves whirring, and head spinning, you forced yourself to close the distance between you two. Everything had felt cold without his touch, but now…

Todoroki’s lips were soft, yet slightly firm. You gauged his reaction, not daring to close your eyes until he was kissing back.

He was stiff, like a statue, so you whispered softly against his lips. “Shouto-chan…kiss me.”

And, he started to…he was kissing you back. Overjoyed, you shut your eyes, letting his lips dissolve yours into frenzied passion. Your hands snaked around his neck, ruffling the ends of his red-white hair. Unexpectedly, he bit on your bottom lip, eliciting a moan from you. Your cheeks reddened at your groan, as you felt abashed for sounding so needy.

Yet, who cared? You wanted to get closer to him, feel his hands all over your body, but…

“Ow,” you mumbled, breaking apart from the kiss. The stupid table was still in between you two, acting as a barrier. Sheepishly, you scratched your head. “Uh…”

Todoroki let out an amused laugh. “Well…” His eyes gleamed mischievously before he outstretched his hand to you.

Confused, you accepted it. As soon as your fingers touched his, they tingled with excitement.

He smiled, then took your hand and led you to the bedroom.

Sleepless Nights Pt 7(Newt x Reader)

Chapter 7

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 8

a/n: I’m so sorry this took so long. PS. I feel like this chapter is crappy. Anyway, should I do another chapter? Or should I end it here? Pps new chapter =fluff and smut. Also props to this chick @thesniffler she’s awesome

Word count: 2400+
Warnings: mentioning of suicide, swearing


You woke up with your hand still on his head, resting in messy curls. You took your free hand and rubbed eyes, yawning a little.

When the door creaked open, you flinched slightly, although you were careful to not wake up Newt. A head full of onyx locks peeked through, wincing at the sight of you and Newt. You felt a whirlwind of emotions at the sight of her; you didn’t know how to react.

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How they see (PoE thoughts)

My first time posting anything of my own in, like, a few years and for a fandom as small as Pillars of Eternity’s? Ya bet yer butts, so buckle down if you’re interested in this at all, because this is something that’s been on my mind for a while now, actually. Oh, and spoilers for the game Pillars of Eternity below the cut, to be fair.

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