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Any chance you could please find some that Yuuri and Victor are married, but no one knows they are AU. Like, "Victor is a famous skater and he's married, but no one has a clue who his husband" is kind scenario? Thank you!

Hi! Thanks for these requests! This is a really fun AU! (Most of these fics are based off @skygemspeaks post which you can find here!

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Identity Reveal

Who is Coach Yuuri? by glitteryimagay, Teen, 24k
Nix, Fish and Frankie were over the moon when they were told they were chosen by skating legend Victor Nikiforov himself to be taught at his rink in America. But upon arriving, they are informed Victor was asked last minute to be the choreographer for the Olympic US Skating Team and instead, they will be taught by the rink’s head coach, who they know nothing about! This is great!

The Internet Exists For a Reason by tomorrowsdreams, Teen, 2.8k
Katsuki Yuuri amazes people even without them knowing who he really is. Thumbs up!

Comfort Zone by BertholdvonMoosburg, Gen, 8.9k
Yuuri decides to go back to school. He’d really like to experience being normal again for a while, and he wants friends, not more fans.It’s hard to keep two lives separate. Love this!

Yuuri Katsuki, MA by BertholdvonMoosburg, Teen, 10k
Two years. Two years she’d known Yuuri Katsuki, since that welcome reception where he’d looked so uncomfortable and she’d invited him to the pub. He had been a mystery at first, friendly but closed off. When he finally let her into his life, she found a real friendship with this warm, expressive, gentle man. And with his warm, expressive, extra-as-fuck husband. Thumbs up!

My fun fact is: by stillmadaboutpetra, Gen, 6.3k
Yuuri fails to mention to his new non-skater friends who he is or who his husband is. Or that he even has a husband. HAHAH THIS IS GREAT

Ethical Dilemmas in Sport Psychology: When Googling Your Friend Gets Weird by Adrianners, Teen, 1.5k
Grad student Yuuri is late to his study group, but nobody has his phone number or university email. One “Yuuri Katsuki Wayne State” Google search later and… Why does Yuuri have a Wikipedia page? Awesome fic!

Showing Results for ‘Katsuki Yuuri’ by Ferrero13, Gen, 3.9k
Victor makes it his goal to get Katsuki Yuuri, figure skater, to the first page of Google results. There is no way he could let such a brilliant skater be overshadowed by Katsuki Yuuri, winner of some stuffy academic medal, who is probably 50 and balding. I LOVE THIS FIC SO SO SO MUCH

A Real Life Cinnamon Roll by Seito, 2.1k
Yuuri Katsuki’s students knew three things about their new teacher:
1) he was adorable
2) he was extremely passionate about teaching them
3) based off the lovesick expression he often wore, his wife was a lucky woman. I LOOOOVE THIS FIC

How do you not know? by missykristy, Teen, 4.5k
Yuuri Nikiforov-Katsuki, after retiring from competitive skating at 27, decides to go back to school and build on top of his Communications degree. He becomes the Teaching Assistant to a first year Japanese class and is more than happy to stay silent about his career. But honestly, a quick Google search and he’s there. How could you not know? Fun read!

And the answer is… by nessiesaur, Gen, 1.5k
Yuuri Katsuki is adorable, but also one of the most mature people in their class. Yuuri Katsuki is in her study group, which definitely saved her ass on the midterm. Yuuri Katsuki is…wait, who is he!?

A Prince in Disguise by lourthor, Gen, 5.1k
The one thing his classmates know about him for sure is that he loves his husband. Such a good fic!

Long time no see by ddugeun, Gen, 4.8k
“Mum? What’s wrong?” he might be 27 and retired, but his anxiety never gets easier about the smaller things.
“Yuuri! Oh, don’t worry, nothing’s wrong!” Hiroko chirped through the speakers. It’s not quite enough to quell his nervous thoughts just yet. “I got a letter for you in the post; it looked quite important so I opened it incase it was time sensitive, and it turns out it’s a high school reunion invite!” High school reunion AU… you have to read this!

icebreaker by Cesare, Gen, 6.1k
Marianne gets to know Yuuri Katsuki mainly because she never heard the name “Yuuri” before their class together. AWESOME fic!

five theories about victor “my husband” nikiforov (+ one fact) by dadvans, Not Rated, 2.1k
No one knows the truth about the strange, well-paying man who comes into the bar three times a week and only talks about his husband. But everyone has their theories. Rec’d by my followers!

Yuuri, Victor, and their Chain of Surprises

Victuuri Week 2017 – Day 1 – Victor Prompt – Surprises

As a kick off to Victuuri Week 2017, let’s take a look at one of the biggest themes in Yuri on Ice: Surprises! Specifically, all the times that Yuuri and Victor surprise each other within the course of the show.

More below the cut because this ended up much longer than I had initially planned. :’D

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The Wedding Planner (Part 5)

Summary: Being a wedding planner is all fun and games until suddenly you’re saved from an accident by the man of your dreams–later discovering that he happens to be your latest client’s fiancé. 

Word Count: 1,302.

A/N: Finally a new part! Sorry this took a while to post, went through a slight hiatus but not anymore. Hope you enjoy, and as always, feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Wedding Planner Masterlist

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YURIO - YURI ON ICE META - Yuri Plisetsky and His Crush on the Other Yuri?

Recently, I saw an interview from Kubo-sensei which suggests Yurio might have a crush on Yuri. I had been thinking the same thing for a while, but it wasn’t until I saw this and yuuriyurio-plisetsky’s meta that I decided to get these thoughts out on paper. So here is my contribution to the Yuri Plisetsky meta!

I’m going to dare to say that Yurio noticed Yuuri before Viktor did.

We’re taking this from the top. Back into history when Yurio was a wee lad. Now, Yuuri is 8 years older than Yurio, so that means he’s probably been in the senior division of competitive skating for most of Yurio’s skating career. I believe that Yurio has admired Yuuri for a long time, the same way Yuuri admired Viktor when he was young.

Why would little Russian Yurio even notice a Japanese figure skater, who didn’t even make GPF until 23? Well, because they have the same name. That alone would have drawn Yurio’s attention. He even makes a point to emphasize that when they first meet and to make sure Yuuri knows who he is.

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have some Rhodey taking care of Tony post-kidnapping hurt/comfort. I wrote it with slash in mind but it probably passes as a close brotp as well, if the ship isn’t your thing.

Rhodey groaned as he relaxed into the bed. JARVIS turned the lights off and Rhodey settled back further into the pillows.

Today had been a crazy day, especially after the bringing Tony home and the press conference that had followed. Rhodey was exhausted, not having slept since the flight from Germany to New York. Tony had been antsy on the flight from New York to California, and Rhodey couldn’t convince him to rest. After everything that had happened, Rhodey was just ready to collapse into bed and pass out. He rarely slept in a real bed these last couple of weeks, refusing to leave Tony’s bedside in Landstuhl Regional in Germany. Most nights he slept in the chair by Tony’s bed, keeping an eye on him and barely getting any sleep.

He had hardly been able to keep his eyes off of Tony since they found him. Three long months of searching and, shame though he was to admit it, his mission had begun to feel less like a search and rescue and more like a recovery mission. Of course, he would have kept going anyway, exhausting every resource and pulling every string, never giving up until he had found Tony. But he had been beginning to doubt Tony would still be alive when he did.

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Some thoughts on the H50 season 7 finale (SPOILERS)

I’ve been thinking about this radiation sickness thing. 

Okay, thinking isn’t the right word. The Danny in my head is sick with it, even though I’ve already promised him that it’s not going anywhere near any of the fic lands I’ve already written. The fact that there’s a Danny out there SOMEWHERE who’s facing the idea of losing his Steve forever is more than either he or I can really handle, and we both try to avoid each other so we don’t combine into some sort of Super Worrier Panic Death Spiral. 

But my inner writer has been chewing over it for entirely different reasons.
H50’s grasp of proper medicine is only slightly higher than my six-year-old niece’s, and it’s entirely possible they’ll just hand wave this away they way they do everything else. If that happens, both my inner Danny and I will breathe an enormous sigh of relief. But if they don’t, the plot just doesn’t make a lot of sense from a writerly standpoint.

Because the thing is, in the terms of crime fighting television, it’s an extremely *weird* narrative choice. Because I can totally believe the writers are capable of killing off Steve for good, esp. since Alex has expressed an interest in leaving the show at the end of season 8 (if writing is the Force, TV writers are absolutely on the Dark Side), but killing him slowly makes no *sense* according to the show’s format. 

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Interview with Hermann Gerland
  • FCB: Mr Gerland, you've accompanied Philipp Lahm for many years. Are you on first name terms?
  • HG: We're on first name terms.
  • FCB: Since when?
  • HG: Since I started working with the pros back in 2009.
  • FCB: But you've known Philipp Lahm much longer. When did he come to your attention for the first time?
  • HG: In the summer of 2001. Philipp played for the U-19s then, but I promoted him because I needed a full-back for the reserves. I'd seen him play for the youths.
  • FCB: And he convinced you straightaway?
  • HG: I still have strong memories of his first match for my team, when our reserves faced Burghausen in the Regionalliga Süd. We won 2-1, and Philipp played, well, as he always does; he turned in a flawless display.
  • FCB: And off the pitch?
  • HG: Philipp was very mature at 17. To my knowledge he hasn't made any significant mistakes or attracted negative attention to this day. He was punctual, he worked hard. He's always trained outstandingly well, and he's never mouthed off about other players, neither in his youth nor today as a superstar. He gives young players advice, he's a role model. He's never lost touch with reality, as demonstrated by his social commitment via his foundation. Philipp has done an incredible job for all these years.
  • FCB: So he's a perfect player for any coach?
  • HG: As reserves coach I enjoyed the two years with him, and I'd have liked to enjoy him longer. But it would have been disastrous not to let him play in the Bundesliga, it just wasn't possible. Arranging that wasn't easy. Renowned coaches declined until Felix Magath accepted.
  • FCB: Some Bundesliga clubs will have regretted it.
  • HG: Two years ago I ran across a scout working for a Bundesliga club. I'd recommended Philipp to him back then. We talked, and he told me: 'I've watched Philipp Lahm and seen the same things you've seen, that he's an outstanding player. But my people didn't believe me.' That's a nice little story.
  • FCB: So he joined Stuttgart.
  • HG: Philipp was able to play in the Champions League that way. After only three months he was the best man on the pitch against Manchester United, so Alex Ferguson wanted to sign him. That says it all. Philipp went on to win almost everything there was to win. He only failed to win the European championship. The only sad thing is that he hasn't been named Player of the Year, which I don't understand. Sure, Philipp doesn't play in a spectacular manner. But if he's sidestepped only once or plays a bad pass everone's asking: what's wrong with Philipp today? That's the mark of an extraordinary career.
  • FCB: In terms of height Philipp is smaller than many other players. In what ways has this influenced his style?
  • HG: Philipp is very fleet-footed and hard-running, that was his advantage. And even though he isn't tall his jumping power is enormous, and he's strong in the air.
  • FCB: So training headers at the pendulum has paid off.
  • HG: Of course Philipp worked with the pendulum. All my reserves did, Mats Hummels too, he still does today.
  • FCB: What was your reaction when you learned Philipp would retire at the end of the season? Did you talk to him about it?
  • HG: No. I only told him: 'Philipp, it doesn't count if you ask me. I'm watching you during training and in matches. You're performing at a top, top, top level. The fans will be sad. Your footsteps will be very big, your shoe size notwithstanding.' I always tell my players: play for as long as can, you have the best time of your life as a player, especially if you play football like he does. I think he could have continued at the highest level.
  • FCB: How sad will you be?
  • HG: I'm always sad when players I've worked with leave or retire. It was the case with Basti Schweinsteiger, now it's going to be the case with Philipp. But he's made his decision, and I wish him all the best. He probably thinks: 'I'd better retire before everyone's starts saying: Philipp should finish his career.' Now he can focus on his family. I hope he'll return to football in some form one day.
  • FCB: What's your impression of Philipp in the last few days of his active career?
  • HG: He trains as he's always done. Maybe he'll notice after one or two months that he still wants to play.
  • FCB: He can call you then.
  • HG: He's always welcome in the youth academy, he can join us in training. Perhaps the U-19s or the U-17s, or even the U-15s, he might fit in in terms of height (laughs). He should come if he feels like it. He's a very, very welcome guest. I think I'll invite him at some point to talk to our young players about his career.
  • FCB: Many legends have played for FC Bayern: Franz Beckenbauer, Gerd Müller, Uli Hoeneß, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Lothar Matthäus... How do you assess Philipp Lahm?
  • HG: He's absolutely in the FC Bayern team of the century, on a par with the greatest players.
  • FCB: Do you think you'll work with a player like him again?
  • HG: I'm told again and again there's a second Philipp Lahm whenever a talent is a bit smaller in terms of height. But if someone scores three goals that doesn't make him a Gerd Müller. There aren't many players like Philipp Lahm. He's exceptional.

Again, a wild headcanon appears!


Since sleepy Todoroki who just wanted to go to sleep is way too cute, here comes a new idea. (I’m referring to one of the manga chapters where the kids just moved into the dorms)


Todoroki is actually as lazy as one can be. He would laze around or take naps during the day, much like Aizawa, if he had the time.

And here comes the problem – up until now, he never had the time for that.

Apart from school, he was at home most of the times. And once he was there, at his so-called home, he had close to no time to himself. Endeavor had scheduled him a training regime to make sure that his “masterpiece” would one day surpass All Might. And even though Todoroki kind of silently rebelled against the flame-hero’s plans and didn’t do as he was told, he still trained as often as he could. After all, he wanted to become a top hero without using half of his quirks. Todoroki knew that he had to train hard in order to become one of the best without using his left side.

Even when he didn’t train, the time apart from that was not there for napping. He had homework to do, or eat something, speak to his not-so-close family members and then he still had a normal sleeping schedule. It was all very tightly scheduled, and there was never any time for naps during the day.

Until Todoroki moves to the dorms. And suddenly, he almost has too much free time.

They don’t get much homework anymore, since the vacations had already begun. He doesn’t need to train, since their regular lessons have been replaced by training and he doesn’t want to overdo it.

Sure, he could hang out with his friends (friends, the term is still new and exciting for him) but even they wanted to be alone from time to time. There are moments when Todoroki is just kind of there, sitting around uselessly without anything to do.


And then, there is this little voice in the back of his head that reminds him that he could, in fact, take a nap. He is a little bit tired and he has some free time, so he could…

But it just doesn’t happen.

Even when he tries, he lies there, staring at the ceiling, waiting for the fatigue to overtake him and lull him to sleep.

But it still doesn’t happen.


Finally, Toshinori concludes that he is so used to filling his time without something useful that he doesn’t know how to do something useless, or even do nothing at all.

So he gets up again and goes to ask his friends. And by friends, he means everyone from class 1-A.

In reciprocation, he regrets that he had the idea to ask every last one of them.

He gets a wide range of helpful and not-so-helpful tips.


Jirou suggests a sort of lullaby.

Kaminari explains that he tires himself out by overusing his quirk.

Izuku knows a wide range of useful things but in the end, none of them seem to work for Todoroki.

Iida gives him a lengthy explanation how sleep and falling asleep works – during which Todoroki almost falls asleep, but only almost – before they conclude that Todoroki had not even listened to half of the explanation.

Bakugou he doesn’t even ask. The boy would probably blow him up if he did.

(Later, Bakugou shows up and barks at him for not asking sooner. Then the explosions-user explains that he tends to read something until he falls asleep.)


Once Todoroki has asked almost everyone and got nothing really helpful out of it, he is close to giving up.

It’s, surprisingly enough, Kouda who approaches him shyly and suggests one last thing.


Todoroki looks at him for a long moment before he repeats incredulously, “Something loved?”

“W-Well, yes,” Kouda fidgets slightly, wringing his hands together. “I-I mean like, a stuffed animal, o-or a pillow that you’ve used since you were a child…”

“I don’t have something like that,” Todoroki interrupts him.

“O-Oh,” Kouda sags in obvious disappointment, gaze directed to the ground. “S-Sorry, I didn’t know. I just thought… that something familiar would make you feel safe, and at home. That helps me when I can’t sleep…”

Safe. At home.


Todoroki frowns, wanting to explain that he had made his dorm room into an exact replica of his room back at his family residence, so he can’t get any closer to home than that… before he falters, blinking in surprise as a new thought arises.

Safe and at home don’t mean the same thing for him.


He thanks Kouda, wandering off to ponder that new thought. Home… that had been the family residence, up until now. Now, the dorms felt more like home to him than the other place ever had. But since he still can’t fall asleep just like that, it’s obviously not enough.


So when the dorms are what he considers home, then what does safe mean for him?


Todoroki is still pondering over that later, when they have all eaten dinner together and gathered in front of the TV for one of their movie nights. Todoroki is nestled in between Toshinori and Izuku – how exactly he has ended up here, he doesn’t know, he just has the vague impresion of Mina literally pushing him over here because “let’s start already! Go, go!”. 

It’s loud in the living room, nineteen people talking over each other because each has a different movie he wants to watch. Only Todoroki and Toshinori don’t say anything about it. Their teacher is obviously content with whatever they decide on, and Todoroki is too lost in thought to really think about movies and such.

A few minutes into the discussion, Toshinori shifts uncomfortably, trying to take weigh away from his left side. He leans to the right, and bumps accidentally against Todoroki, who perks up at that, glancing over curiously and a bit startled.

“Ah, excuse me,” Toshinori mumbles, trying to shift away again, but then he freezes and grimaces in pain.

Ah, Todoroki remembers now. The ugly scar in Sensei’s left side. It has to hurt sometimes – Endeavor’s scars hurt sometimes, too, and All Might’s scar was by far larger and deeper than any other scar Todoroki has ever seen.

“It’s okay,” he assures his teacher, scooting closer to Izuku to make room for the man, “Try to get comfortable.”

There is a grin flashed his way for that, and Toshinori reaches out to ruffle his hair in thanks before the retired hero shifts so that his arm lands over Todoroki’s shoulders. This way, they both fit easily and comfortably on the couch.

Todoroki holds very, very still at that, eyes wide as warmth floods him.



Kouda’s word come back to the forefront of his mind.


Home and safe.

He sits here in the middle of the room, amidst the noise – people arguing and friendly bickering, loud laughter when someone jokes and groans when the puns get too worse. There are twenty-one talking and laughing people in one room, and it’s entirely too loud and too warm and there is an arm over Todoroki’s shoulder, holding him in place so that he can’t get away…

… so that he can feel that he’s not alone here…

Home and safe.

Oh, Todoroki thinks again, and a hesitant smile makes its way onto his face.

Without further ado, the boy shifts around, pulls his legs onto the couch and leans heavily against Toshinori to his left.

Toshinori jolts and then freezes, barely breathing, as Todoroki lays his head against his shoulder and just stays there. “Ah… Shouto?”

“Is it okay if I take a nap, Sensei?” Todoroki asks without looking up, eyes trained onto the loud bunch that his friends are.

“Uh, sure,” Toshinori blinks down at him, before a crooked smile tugs at the corners of his mouth. “If you can sleep through all of this.”

“I think I can,” Todoroki glances up at him, and there is an almost ashamed, yet happy smile on his face. “I feel at home and safe here.”

“Ah, I see,” Toshinori grins back at him, “Sleep well then, my boy.”

And if Todoroki is asleep when the movie night starts, still nestled in between his teacher and his best friend (who blinks in surprise and then shares a grin with said teacher), then nobody says anything about it.

But Mina and Tooru sure as hell take some good photos of it.

Two Steps - Part 2

Hey everyone! So i kind of fell into a deep hole of watching Roswell so I didn’t post until now. But I’m going to try to do better :D So just to explain again, in this story, every part has a bit from the past and a bit from the present (after she’s admitted she fancies Luke) I have it all mapped out in a timeline to make it more clear that I just might post after I’ve posted all the parts, but if I post it now, there will be some major spoilers. 

Thanks you guys so much for reading!!!

Part 2:

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Moving Out and Getting an Apartment, Part 3: Questions to Ask about the Damn Apartment

STOP. Before you do anything, read my posts on Preparing to Move Out (Are You Sure?) and Finding the Damn Apartment.

Alright, so you’ve gotten to the point where you actually believe yourself when you say you’re adult enough to live on your own. You should probably seek psychiatric help, but on the off-chance you’re right, and you’ve already figured out what you want in an apartment and found some that look promising, I’ve compiled a list of topics to ask about when visiting possible apartments.

Yep, that’s right: you’re going to have to talk to someone. Someone who needs to think you are an adult. Someone who will determine your worthiness for that hellhole of an apartment. It’s time for an Adult Conversation.

Too fucking bad.

I’m assuming you’ve already done the research I told you to do in Part 2. God have mercy on your soul if you didn’t, because I’m not going to cover questions related to the things I told you to look up. Sucks to be you.

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Episode 9′s Final Scene, An Analysis of the Images

A lot of people have posted on the words said in the last one minute and fifteen seconds of episode 9, and for good reason. But I want to take a look through the lens of the emotions displayed by the characters in the images we’re shown. Partly because the animation in this entire show is top notch, and the way the animators convey what their characters feel is just so damn human that I want to take a second to applaud it. But it’s mostly because what struck me most in this scene is the facial expressions of the characters and how raw this scene feels. It doesn’t need any words at all, because the images do such a good job conveying what is going on, and what the characters are feeling, and their relationship to each other. The whole show is like this, but this scene struck me in particular. Because we’ve been seeing Viktor displaying a lot more real, deep emotions recently (the carpark scene, the run and kiss, his dilemma over leaving Yuri). But this scene takes the whole fucking cake.

Both of them in this scene are so full of emotion and it’s reflected so well in their actions and their expressions.

Firstly, Viktor comes alone to the airport to pick Yuri up. Fukuoka Airport is about an hour fifteen by car, and an hour forty by train from the town of Karatsu that Hasetsu is based on so we know it isn’t exactly a short trip. And when Yuri came home in March for the first time in 5 years no one came to Fukuoka to pick him up, Minako meets him at the train station in Hasetsu but he makes it that far by himself. Viktor and Yuri haven’t seen each other for maybe 48 hours by this point. But Viktor still makes the extra trip, alone, to see Yuri a few hours faster than he would waiting for Yuri at the train station in Hasetsu. And that alone says a lot.

 But that’s not all, because Viktor looks like shit.

His hair is disheveled, and his eyes have bags, he looks kind of listless sitting there waiting for Yuri to show up. Nothing like the glowing, radiant star we’ve seen thus far. He has clearly not been doing well at all, the last 48 hours have been rough ones. And a lot of that is probably the stress of coming so close to losing his life-long companion, Makkachin. But Makkachin is fine, as we see, and is well enough to join Viktor on his trip to pick Yuri up so he has probably been out of the woods for a while. And yet Viktor still looks rough. But I’ll get back to this later.

Viktor’s immediate reaction to seeing Yuri is to jump up and run. He doesn’t wait to see if Yuri is running to him first, he just takes off for the door to get to Yuri as fast as he can. There are parallels to Episode 7, here. But the tone of the gesture this episode is much different. In Episode 7, Viktor could barely contain himself he was so proud, and excited, and all he wanted to do was surprise Yuri more than he surprised Viktor. That is definitely not the case here. Viktor is upset, not excited.

Yuri’s reaction to seeing Viktor, though, is shock.

Yuri probably figured he would be on his own until he got to Hasetsu like usual. He wasn’t expecting anyone to be there waiting for him, much less Viktor and Makkachin. Yuri wasn’t looking around expectantly for Viktor as he walked out of the terminal, he wasn’t looking for anyone. He was walking looking down thinking about what he was going to say to Viktor until Makkachin’s barking got his attention. That’s when he notices Viktor is sitting there waiting for him and he, too, takes off running for the door. There is no hesitation in his response, either. And the look of desperation on his face is so intense.

And the same look of desperation is mirrored on Viktor’s face as they run.

This is the single most intense moment of the series so far, for me, as far as the emotions shared between these two go. The Episode 7 kiss ain’t got nothing on this sequence of Yuri and Viktor running for each other, desperate to reach each other even five seconds faster. Because we know how much Yuri missed Viktor, he told us himself basically the entire episode just how much Viktor being gone affected him. But we didn’t have any idea about how much Viktor missed Yuri, or how it affected him, until right fucking here. And he looks just as desperate to reach Yuri as Yuri looks to reach him.

They’re looking at each other the entire way, too. Neither breaks eye-contact until they’re in each other’s arms.

Yuri’s face as he runs to Viktor’s arms just says “are you really here right now?” because he wasn’t expecting this, but damn if he isn’t going to throw himself at Viktor as fast as he can because the only thing he’s needed since he narrowly skated into the GPF was a hug from his coach, and friend, and the man who taught him what love is.

And then we get the most emotional expression we have seen from Viktor yet. I’ve made a lot of points in prior posts about how Viktor has spent years emotionally distancing himself from everyone around him, and how in earlier episodes we don’t get a lot of genuine emotion from him, but as the series has progressed we’ve gotten more and more. And all that character growth culminates in this incredibly emotional moment where they are so desperate to get to one another and Viktor looks so upset, and sorry, and like he needs this hug just as much as Yuri does. 

This is so reminiscent of Episode 5 where Viktor holds his arms out for a bleeding Yuri, but the tone is so, so different here. In Episode 5, it was because he was proud of Yuri. Yuri had done well, it was in celebration. Here, it is the opposite. They were separated, and Yuri did okay, but he barely skated through. He didn’t even make the podium. He is disappointed, and hurting, and he fucking missed Viktor like hell. But this hug is for comfort as much as it is an apology for Viktor leaving Yuri to fight alone when Yuri needed him most.

Viktor’s eyes are closed as he embraces Yuri, and this is the last clear shot we have of Viktor’s expression for a few moments. But the amount of emotion on display here is second only to maybe the carpark scene. He is sorry for leaving, and angry with himself for letting this happen, and concerned about Yuri’s mental state, and relieved to have him back in his arms all at the same damn time, and it’s probably the most complex emotion we’ve gotten from him in the series so far.

This hug is so emotionally charged I get choked up every time I watch it. He is so relieved to have Yuri back in his arms, and he looks like he never wants to let him go again. Because they’re both at really low points, here. Yuri did not perform as well as they both know he can, and Yuri almost missed the GPF - the goal they’ve been working towards together, that Viktor promised he’d help Yuri win - all because Viktor wasn’t there with him. And Viktor knows that, he’s probably been thinking about it for most of the past twenty-four hours. 

On the other hand, Yuri looks nervous on top of being upset. 

Because he has built it up in his head that he’ll have to let Viktor go eventually (a lot of people have posted other posts expressing exactly what I’m thinking on this, so I won’t rehash here) but Yuri has decided that after the end of this season he’ll be retiring and he’s about to ask Viktor a very important question, so he’s nervous, but also a little sad. Because he’s about to ask Viktor to stay with him for now, all the while thinking he’ll have to give Viktor up in the end. His eyes are angled away, he’s upset. Unlike Viktor, who just looks relieved to finally be back with Yuri, even if he is upset with himself for leaving in the first place.

And then Yuri pushes Viktor away to ask him to stay, and we don’t really get to see Viktor’s face for the majority of this sequence, it’s blocked by Yuri’s arms and the camera angle throughout. But we do get a glimpse of Viktor in the reflection of Yuri’s glasses as Yuri pushes his away:

And it’s dark, and blurry, but damn if he doesn’t look hurt, and confused. His eyebrows are raised, his eyes wide, his lips turned down in a frown. Like, “why are you pushing me away right now? I just got you back in my arms, don’t push me away right now.” 

Maybe he thought Yuri was going to tell him he wanted a new coach, because we know Viktor isn’t all that confident in his abilities as coach and Yuri did just flub a really important skate because Viktor left him alone (no matter if Yuri himself demanded that Viktor go back). He has probably been doubting his abilities as coach for the past 48 hours, which explains why he looks so haggard. And why his first words to Yuri are about how he has been thinking about what he can do as Yuri’s coach going forward. He’s been thinking about what he lacks as a coach, and what is best for Yuri, and his failures. But instead of blaming Viktor (which he would never do), Yuri asks him to stay with him until he retires. 

Which Viktor obviously wasn’t expecting. Because though we don’t get his full reaction, we do see the bottom half of his face:

And that looks like surprise, to me. His mouth is hanging open, he looks caught off guard. But he quickly recovers, and kisses Yuri’s hand. And he looks damn relieved. Like, he thought he was going to have to give Yuri up to a real coach before Yuri asks him to stay.

And then THIS face. The “of course, you idiot. Like I could consider going anywhere” face!

Which Yuri also wasn’t expecting. Because he doesn’t believe he can hold onto Viktor forever.

But the response makes him happy. And this fucking endearing smile. Just, the amount of love reflected in this one screen cap:

And Yuri steps forward back into Viktor’s arms. His expression is different this time, and he just looks content. He looks relieved. Viktor is going to stay with him, for now. They’ll go to the Grand Prix Final together, and he can hang onto Viktor a little longer.

Except Viktor then tells Yuri that he never wants to leave him, in so many words. Because that is what Viktor is implying. On first watch, I got scared. Because of the word choice used it kind of sounds like Viktor might be acknowledging that he’ll have to leave eventually, which is why he wishes that Yuri never has to retire. But on rewatch three of this scene, I ignored the subs and just focused to Viktor’s tone of voice. And he doesn’t sound sad, or morose. It doesn’t sound like a “we don’t have nearly enough time” it sounds like a fucking promise. Like “I have no where else I’d rather be than with you.”

And Yuri realizes that Viktor doesn’t want to leave him, just as much as he doesn’t want Viktor to leave. Maybe more. And he cries. And it’s different from episode one, where he’s crying alone in the bathroom because he lost, and episode seven where he is having a meltdown in the carpark because Viktor just tried to shatter his glass heart in an horrendously unadvised move.

These are tears of relief. Because maybe he won’t have to give up Viktor, after all.

So as I’m still salty about Addy most likely getting retired let’s talk about what American Girl is doing rn

Because I usually try to keep this blog positive but americangirlstar is p*ssed so let’s have a friggin discussion

Here’s the thing with American Girl thus far:

  • They are focusing too much on their Contemporary Dolls

American Girl was created in the 1980s by Pleasant T Rowland. She was inspired by the history around her in Colonial Williamsburg and decided to write a line of books to teach History to girls through girls like them, accompanying them with “beautifully crafted dolls and accessories that fed a girl’s imagination and taught history through the lives of its young heroines.” (American Girl Ultimate Visual Guide, page 10) 

Now, remember that. American Girl was created to teach girls history through their dolls and their stories.

Which leads me two the fact that FOUR Contemporary Dolls were released this year.

[Pictured: 2017′s Contemporary Characters, with Tenney Grant, Z Yang and Logan Everett on the top and Tenney Grant, Z Yang and Gabriela McBride on the bottom]

And while it is nice to have a Black Disabled GotY, a Korean Doll and the first boy doll, their stories don’t really teach much except for the usual “be yourself” stuff. 

Also released this year were two BeForevers (half as much as the Contemporary), and one of which was a re-release with NO COLLECTION and the other of which hasn’t been released yet. 

[Pictured: Felicity’s Collection, including the doll, accessories, three books and undergarments; nothing else, which is much less than the other dolls]

That’s not all. Ignoring all the advertising Tenney has gotten with the BeForevers not getting much, what else shows AG’s shift in focus? The movies.

Originally, AG released movies exclusively for their Historical Characters. Samantha’s came first, followed by Felicity and Molly. Kit’s was even released in theaters. (Which I remember, because I went to see it and brought by Nicki doll along too)

After that? Chrissa- the 2009 Girl of the Year- got a movie. Now, by this point, Girl of the Year was kinda a side thing. Yeah, they got cool stuff, but they weren’t overhyped or anything. Chrissa changed this: she was extremely hyped, getting a huge collection, TWO gal pal best friend dolls and a movie. I remember seeing trailers for the Chrissa movie before the doll was even announced to the public: They called it “The Girl of the Year Movie” and it was a big deal. 

After Chrissa, it started to die down a little with Lanie and Kanani, but when McKenna rolled around, for some reason she was also given a movie and big collection. Well, ok, that’s fine, until Saige came out the next year, also with a huge collection and movie. Then Isabelle, and by this point we all kinda realized that American Girl cared WAY more about the GotYs than the Historical Characters. The next BeForever movie didn’t come until 2016, with Melody and Maryellen, both of which were Amazon Prime Exclusive.

Which I guess makes sense from a business standpoint- according to page 14 of the Ultimate Visual Guide, it takes only two years to make a Girl of the Year and three to make a BeForever, since they have to make sure everything is Historically Accurate.

But here’s the thing: it’s not just that the focus is now on hyping up the Girls of the Year. Let me repeat what I said earlier:

Rowland was inspired by the history around her in Colonial Williamsburg and decided to write a line of books to teach History to girls through girls like them, accompanying them with “beautifully crafted dolls and accessories that fed a girl’s imagination and taught history through the lives of its young heroines.”

The way this is stated expresses that the books came first, dolls second. Which brings me to…

  • American Girl seems to be more focused on playing it safe than creating interesting stories… and that’s a problem.

I don’t know about you guys, but I didn’t ask for American Girl Dolls every Christmas as a kid because I liked the dolls (though they are beautiful!). I wanted them because I remember the stories. I beggede for Josefina and Kaya because I loved their stories. My sister asked for Kirsten and Addy for the same reason, my little sister can’t talk about the dolls without bringing up how great Felicity’s books are. The reason American Girl has lasted this long is because the stories draw us to the characters, and we relate to the girls. 

I don’t think American Girl understands this.

According to rumors, Samantha and Addy are going to be retired this year. Let’s look at what happens in their stories:

  • Samantha lives in the 1904 Suffragette Period, learning about the Women’s Rights movement, and helps her friend escape poverty and abuse. She learns about Child Labor and speaks out against it.
  • Addy lives in 1864, during the end of the Civil War. She is born a slave, and in the first book she watches her father and brother sold and then escapes with her Mama to the North, where she learns about freedom and tries to bring her family back together.

I could literally write an essay on how important the Addy Doll is (but this post is already to long so tl;dr I’m upset that AG thinks it’s a good idea to retire her). These two aren’t exclusive in their mature storylines: Kirsten’s best friend died on her way to America, Kaya also escapes slavery, Josefina and her family are dealing with grief from her mother’s death, Kit’s books deal with the homeless situation in the Great Depression, etc. 

The thing is these storylines work because they’re not sugarcoated. We want to see a character struggle so we can cheer when they finally succeed. These were also realistic things that would happen to these girls: the girls feel real because real things happen to them.

But here’s the thing. I think American Girl is trying to get away from that, to write “safer” storylines. Look at a newer historical character: Maryellen, from 1954. What happens in her story? Well… she talks about how she had polio once- before the story, and it doesn’t really affect anything until she later tries to get people to vaccinate their kids. Her sister gets married. She wants it to snow on Christmas.

And… that’s about it.

And that’s a reason why the re-focus on the Contemporaries isn’t that great: the Contemporary Dolls have nowhere near as complex storylines. Just looking at the newer ones, Gabriela’s main focus is Poetry and Student Council, Z just likes to make movies, and Tenney gets a freaking record deal at the age of 12-13! How many little girls can relate to getting a record deal? Probably the darkest storyline would be Chrissa getting bullied, which is NOTHING compared to Addy having to escape slavery.

It seems that the refocus is less because the Contemporary Dolls make more money (though they might), and more because their stories are safe. You can’t have soccer moms yelling at you for a GotY who just likes gymnastics and doesn’t have to face racism in the 1860′s. You don’t have to deal with the problems of the past if you can just market to girls who like doll clothes and expensive doll furniture. 

Which is why retiring two of their most significant Historical Dolls seems like a big misstep to me; Samantha tells girls about Women’s Suffrage and Child Labor, Addy tells them about finding freedom and dealing with racism in a crappy society. Retiring them makes it seem like AG’s trying to sweep all that “dark stuff” under the rug. And they can probably argue “Well, we have Felicity to talk about feminism and Melody to talk about anti-segregation.” Well, Felicity is a cool doll with a great storyline, but she doesn’t live in a period of change for women’s right and children’s rights. Melody is a great doll, but her storyline is more focused on her singing- she does experience racism in her life, but she lives in a town that is not segregated: she learns about segregation from her cousin, kind of passively experiences changes instead of taking part in the activity around her. While Addy and Melody are both interesting characters, Addy faces more difficulties and has a much different story than Melody. 

I think I got a bit off track? But my point is basically that American Girl has forgotten that their main draw is their storylines. That’s why a lot of older girls still collect the dolls; we love the stories around them and the characters the dolls represent. But AG is trying much too hard to play the stories safe, and thus the company doesn’t seem as good now.

Seriously, ask a girl who likes AG to tell you about Mia St. Clair. Chances are they won’t tell you much. Ask them who Felicity is, and they’ll get way more into the topic. Because she’s far more interesting!

So, uh, yeah. 

- Mod Samantha

Decisions, Decisions (Part 4)

Prompt: Imagine Tom Hiddleston has a crush on you and he is feeling jealous of James McAvoy on “The Graham Norton Show” because James talks about how great the chemistry was between you, his co-star, and him in your latest film.

Warnings: language, sexual content, adult content…?

Word Count: 3450

Note: Beta’d by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes​ - This fic would NOT be possible without you, and @amarvelouswritings​ - who let me badger the hell out of her. Thank you both a million! Used @theartofimagining13​ imagine

Also, some of the timelines are going to be off in this, to make stuff fit, and James’ wife and child are nonexistent - nothing against them, just easier to write if he didn’t have an ex wife and child.

Tags: @wordacadabra   @frenchfrostpudding @lisssays @cocosierra94

“What’s the update?” Ida demanded as soon as you called her on your way to the set, sitting in the back of the luxury sedan.

“A hello would be nice,” you tried.

“No time for hellos! Did you score or not?” she said frantically, making you grin at her.

“A lady never kisses and tells,” you answered.

“Good thing neither of us is a lady, so tell me, woman. You never called me last night so I’m assuming something happened!”

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- That’s an endangered species. What would be the scientific purpose of killing it?
-  Don’t point that gun at him, he’s an unpaid intern.
- Interesting specimen … 
- They say you’ve got the crazy eye! 
-  Is this my espresso machine? Wh-what is-h-how did you get my espresso machine?
- Well… uh… we fuckin’ stole it, man.
- Son of a bitch, I’m sick of these dolphins.
- Oh, shit! Swamp leeches!
- Everybody, check for swamp leeches, and pull them off!
- Nobody else got hit? I’m the only one? What’s the deal?
- This is an adventure.
- Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go on an overnight drunk
- In 10 days I’m going to set out to find the shark that ate my friend and destroy it. Anyone who wants to tag along is more than welcome.
- Thanks. Thanks a lot for not picking me.
- We made ours with a special rabbit ear on the top so we could pipe in some music.
- Don’t you think the public perception of your work has significantly altered in the last five years?
- That’s your first question? I thought this was supposed to be a puff piece.
- Is it true that this is going to be your last voyage?
- I thought aspects of it seemed slightly fake.
- I think you’re a fake. I think you’re a phony.
- I would’ve named you “Kingsley” if I had a say in it.
- Are those assholes talking about me?
- People say that when someone says something like that, it’s because they’re jealous. But it still hurts. It hurts bad.
- That man was damn rude. He can go straight to hell.
- Let’s go to my island.
- Your cat’s dead. A rattlesnake bit it in the throat. 
- She’s a rich bitch, you know. She was raised by maids. 
- I’m going to find it and I’m going to destroy it. I don’t know how yet. Possibly with dynamite.
- I’m part gay.
- Please don’t make fun of me. I just wanted to flirt with you.
- Are those hijackers?
- Nobody picked me up at the effin’ airport!
- I’m sick of being on “B” squad.
- You might be on “B” Squad, But you’re the “B” Squad leader.
- I hate fathers, and I never wanted to be one.
- I’m going to have to start locking my effing door.
- They made soup out of my research turtles.
- You know I’m not good at apologizing, so I’ll just skip it if it’s all the same to you.
- You never say, “I’m gonna fight you.” You just smile and act natural, and then you sucker-punch him.
-Do you mind if I butter you up a little before I answer that question?
- If you ever touch me again, I will kick your goddamned teeth out.
- That pregnant slut is playing us like a cheap fiddle!
- That’s it. I’m retired.
- I’m so pissed I wanna spit!
- Are you finding what you were looking for out here with me? 
- I just became a Knight in Portugal, the Presidente gave a special ball.
- Don’t be nice to [name,] s/he’s my nemesis.
- Those fucking amateurs. You left your dog, you idiots!
- We’re being led on an illegal suicide mission by a selfish maniac.
- Fuck! They wired it! Go downstairs and get me cable snippers.
- If we don’t handle this right, we’re gonna all get murdered.
- I’ll order you a red hat and a bikini.
- I’ll order you a red cap and a speedo.
- I need to find a baby for this father.
- You really think it’s cool for you to hit the sauce with a bun in the oven?
- I’ll fight it, but I won’t kill it. Now, what about my dynamite?
- Obviously people are going to think I’m a showboat, and a little bit of a prick. But then I thought… that’s me.
- I said those things, I did those things. I can live with that.
- This is probably my son. 
- I said get your ass the hell off of my boat!
- Just do what you gotta do to cover your ass.
- One of the interns just fell down the stairs with the main tracking processor.
- By the way, who knocked up the journalist?
- Next time you have a brilliant idea, whisper it to me first. Otherwise I look sort of like a Day-Dream-Johnny, you know?
- We’re a dying breed.
- You strike me as a very special boy. 
- Thank you very much for naming your bug after me. 
- I know I haven’t been my best this past decade.
- Tell them if they don’t get off my boat right now… there’s gonna be a major shit-storm.
- We got about 25-30 minutes before the Coast Guard gets here to arrest us.
- Give me that camera. I’m gonna smash it over your head.
- I’m sorry I never acknowledged your existence all those years.
- Thanks. Thanks a lot for not picking me.
- You let him change your name?!
- Do you think [name] and I have a family resemblance? 
- We fuckin’ stole it, man
- I was sort of terrified about having this baby. And right now I’m not really scared of anything. Maybe it’s my hormones.
- I’m sorry that you think my red hat is - what’s the word you used? - “contrived.” 
- You’re the most ravishing creature that I’ve ever seen in my life.
- Apparently some crooked fuckers broke into my [place] yesterday.
- Do you know that you just charted us on a course through unprotected waters?
- I think you’ll make a very good single mother. 

A Little TLC

After a rough work week, Sherlock comes to Molly’s rescue after a long couple of weeks of his own.

The last bit of dialogue was inspired by this post on @sherlollythoughtoftheday 

               Molly collapsed on her sofa after walking through the door. She had been having a stressful time at work, and in addition, Sherlock had been out of the city for the past couple of weeks on a case assigned by Mycroft and she was missing him. They would text whenever he had a free moment but she missed having his arms around her as she slept. She missed the sound of his rich baritone voice that would always calm her after a long day. Sitting up slowly, Molly decided a nice, warm bubble bath was just what she needed.

               After she gathered her things for her bath, a key turning in her door’s lock alerted her. Sherlock appeared looking just as exhausted as she felt.

               “You’re back early!” Molly exclaimed with the first real smile she had all week.

               “Solved it quickly,” Sherlock smirked proudly. She noticed the dark circles under his eyes indicating that he had hardly slept at all the past two weeks.

               “You look like you need to unwind,” she remarked, moving closer to him. He wrapped his arms around her in a tight embrace and kissed the top of her head.

               “Mm, as do you,” he added.

               “Together then?” she suggested.

               “Together,” he agreed.

               Only moments later was Molly lying back against his chest, her hair up in a messy bun, as they both soaked in a warm bubble bath. She had a glass of wine in her right hand and Sherlock had interlaced their left hands together. He pressed a tender kiss against the spot just below her ear that she loved so much.

               “I missed you,” he spoke softly.

               “I missed you too,” she replied, turning her head to kiss his cheek but could only reach his neck. He chuckled lightly at her attempt.

               “Having trouble?” he asked.

               “Hush,” she scolded playfully. “Are you laughing at me?”

               “Mm, maybe just a bit,” Sherlock smirked, placing a kiss on the tip of her nose. She scrunched it up in that way he adored. Molly unlaced their fingers to reach her arm up around his neck and pulled herself up to snog him properly. He felt as if he could drown in her; ironic considering the bathtub setting. These little moments with his Molly were his favourite. She made him feel happy and loved. He knew he did the same for her.

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anonymous asked:

serious question though. do you have any hc's for sir and king? Like what type of cats they are? or anything? =)

fuck yes? i may not know anything about cats but i love sir and king

  • sir fat cat is the first cat they get, in andrew’s last year at palmetto
  • it wasn’t planned in any way whatsoever
  • just one day andrew and neil went out for a date drive to an empty parking lot to make out to smoke and look at the stars
  • and there happened to be an animal shelter near that parking lot which they decided to check out so that they could put off going back to palmetto
  • and one of the cats is this ridiculously fluffy maine coon, recently blind
  • (he got a severe eye infection and his previous owners couldn’t afford to pay for treatments, so they left him at the shelter)

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Meghan’s Top 10 Destiel Fics

For Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day, here are my top 10 fics that are still available on AO3. There are a couple favs that have been since taken down (Lost Souls by lastknownwriter I believe is down for publication? That would have definitely made the list!) so I’m only adding ones you can go read RIGHT NOW! MAKE SURE TO LEAVE COMMENTS on all your favorite fic today!!!!

(In absolutely no order, because narrowing down to 10 was hard enough.) (Well fuck, there’s 11. Oh well!)

Apres (canon) thevioletcaptain - The angels fall. Cas lands in France. Dean comes to get him. The fluffiest fluff to ever have fluffed, WHILE being amazingly in character. Not easy to do. If you held a gun to my head and made me pick top 3, this would be there. (If you made me pick #1 I’d probably die tbh.)

Clean Air (au) anactorya - Holy shit. This is a BOOK. It’s based off a book I haven’t read (but now want to) so don’t let that stop you. It is completely self contained. Post apocalyptic (but not endverse) community lives in an underground silo. They are told they are the only humans left alive on an uninhabitable planet. Until Dean intercepts a radio signal from Cas, who is in another silo. Intrigue, world building, CB radio Destiel - UGH just go read it.

His Fucking Kids Verse (canon) subjecttochange8 - Emma lives, and Claire ends up with Dean & Cas (long before she showed back up in the show!). They retire from hunting to raise the two teens, who are complicated and surly and angsty and wonderful. I really can’t do this verse justice, it’s one of the best things you’ll read in this fandom so get to it.

Pie Without Plot (canon) apocalypse-patisserie & robotmango - Ok, it’s on every rec list ever, but there’s a reason for that. The boys take a break from hunting to run a bakery, for Reasons. AMAZING development for all three of them. Hilarious, heart wrenching, fluffy in-character awesomesauce. While you’re there, read all of Major & Orange’s back catalogs - you won’t be disappointed.

rvr ro11435 (au) @ferritin4 - Dean & Cas work for NASA (but not in space). The story is from Cas’s POV, and he is the SNARKIEST GRUMPIEST POTATO I LOVE HIM. 

The Breath of All Things (au) @twentyonelizards - Dean was paralyzed in a car accident, and is full to the brim with self loathing, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Cas starts volunteering at the care home where Dean is living. Mind the tags, but it has a happy ending (without anyone “fixing” Dean’s disability because that would be gross). One of those fics that sticks with you.

The Story of You and Me (canon) the-diggler - Dean wakes up 2 years in the future, a journal in his handwriting telling him that he has frequent amnesia, he lives in Bobby’s renovated house with Sam & Cas, and oh yeah … him and Cas are a thing. Domestic adorableness with a twist. This fic will tear you apart and put you back together. HAPPY ENDING I promise, even through some angst.

What I Need (au) Jacqueline Albright-Beckett - Dean is a surgical tech, and he’s just been assigned to the biggest asshole of a surgeon (Cas of course!). Enemies to lovers, hospital!Destiel, amazing banter and characterizations. SO much snark and sexual tension, omg!

Every Living Thing (canon) Askance - Wow. This is. Wow. Talk about sticking with you, you’ll never get this fic out of your head. It’s literally the end of the world. The boys try for a while to stop it, but have to concede that there is nothing more they can do. They hole up in an abandoned firehouse while the last Great Flood destroys the world. Angst, hurt/comfort, finding each other in the darkest times, there is great Sam development as well. AMBIGUOUS ENDING - you can read it as hopeful, or as MCD, so if that bothers you you should steer clear.

Every Man’s Got a Right (canon) MollyC - Endverse-not-really-endverse! I’ve seen a few fic with this premise, but this is my favorite. Instead of dying, Endverse!Cas gets sent back in time to the Wincheseters circa Season 2. We follow them as they go through the cases & plot points leading up to the apocalypse, with the added bonus of Endverse Cas along for the ride. I *devoured* this fic! This should have much more kudos than it does, but it was wrongly tagged MCD for a while.

Just More of the Same Verse (canon) outpastthemoat - This fic will make you ache. Cas falls, and is completely overwhelmed and nonfunctional. This is the long process of Cas & Dean figuring out who they each are now, and who & what they are together. This will pierce your very soul, but definitely in a good way. Hurt/comfort of the absolute best kind.

(Honorable Mention - Hands, From Which All Things Are Built (canon). Of the 5000 fic written between S8 & 9, this is arguably the best. Not making my “official” list because PWP is up there already, but this fic singlehandedly made texting!Destiel EVERYONE’S jam. You better not pass it up because it’s rated T. I will find you and I will end you.)

Bullet Points

Hey, Tumblr! I wanted to tell you about Bullet Points, my new favorite canonical Marvel AU, so that maybe I can convince you to love it too! So I have prepared a summary and picspam! I had not even heard of Bullet Points until I found someone on the internet saying there should be Steve/Tony fanfic set in Bullet Points. And then I read Bullet Points, and oh my God, does there ever need to be Steve/Tony fanfic set in Bullet Points.

(Don’t worry, I have written some, because I try to be the change I want to see. But there needs to be more!)

Bullet Points is a five-issue limited series from 2007 by J. Michael Straczynski and Tommy Lee Edwards. It’s definitely of interest to Steve/Tony fans, or at least to Steve/Tony fans who are willing to do a bit of work with the timeline to get them together. But I am pretty sure Steve/Tony fandom will like the premise.

You see, Bullet Points is a universe where skinny Steve Rogers is Iron Man in World War II. And he survives World War II. I knew you were interested.

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And Again Wanda and other things

On this post made by the awesome @one-piece-of-harry there has been some interesting discourse. 

Now someone has made the following points as an end of argument statement and the post is long as fuck so I’ve decided to make my own post.

- Do you at least appreciate the irony of saying vigilantes are necessary? And then supporting the Accords?

Now the person this was said to was someone who said the Avengers were vigilantes who were necessary. And I agree without a legal system in place for superheroes to operate under vigilantism was the only option. The Accords make being a superhero a legal position, and therefore a necessary service protecting people from superpowered villains/alien armies/ in general can now be preformed by a legal team under The Accords. 

- The MCU is broader than the movies, so we do in fact know that the Accords were ratified, Spider-Man didn’t sign and it involves a lot of fun documentation like DNA and fingerprints. Google it.

I have a post about the Accords here.  I would also like to point out that the Accords as they originally existed were simply a control on the Avengers because they were operating internationally, that is how they were presented in civil war.

- Peter wanting to keep something a secret from his aunt is normal. That was my original context. (I’m using complete sentences. It isn’t hard. Go back and reread.)

Peter wasn’t blackmailed, but it’s an understandable interpretation, and I don’t feel like rehashing this again. So, I won’t.

- This is the thing about “retirement” - Clint retires, but a friend of his needs help saving the world and so Clint shows up and goes to jail after the fight. In Avengers, Bruce got the Hulk under control and was hiding out off the grid; SHEILD came and brought him in to fight Loki. The qualities that make them heroes will almost will almost always lead to extenuating circumstances that will put them against the Accords. Hence my negativity. (But you are, like, so clever for calling retirement a ‘death sentence.’)

Here’s the difference between Bruce and Clint. Bruce got the whole picture before getting involved, and Bruce does not have a family he is abandoning by joining the fight. Enough said.

- Here are two things about Wanda vs. the Big Guy: 1) Wanda’s mind games are not shown to last long and 2) are less about introducing something new than they are about showing something that was already there - which is why all the other visions went to backstory consistent places. So everything about that Hulk rage was already in Banner. Whatever Bruce’s reaction, we don’t actually see what vision led to the moments that followed. It could have been mostly benign like Cap’s.

Oh my god where do I start with this one? Are you honest to god saying that Wanda is not responsible for what happened in Johannesburg? Are you trying to tell me that it’s Bruce’s fault for having a bad past/fears? Yes the Hulk already exists in Banner the problem here is that Wanda unleashed The Hulk in the middle of the city maliciously. 

What the vision was is irrelevant, the point is that Wanda attacked Bruce’s mind with the sole intent of making him lose control in order to further Ultron’s plan. She did not care about the people in Johannesburg when she unleashed a scared and angry Hulk on them. 

The mind game did not need to last long all it needed to do was trigger the Hulk. That’s what it did, that was the intention, and that makes any damage or death the Hulk caused Wanda’s responsibility. 

It doesn’t take long to fire a nuke, and a nuke is already capable of doing damage even if I don’t fire it, all those nuclear explosives are still inside it, therefore I did nothing wrong if I fired the nuke. That’s your argument right now. 

- Wanda ended up in Hydra because she wanted the chance to fight for her home and defend it. Wanda left when she saw where it was heading. Like Widow, like Tony, she’s trying to put things right. 

Wanda left Hydra when she saw where it was headed? If by that you mean when she saw that the group she was with was losing to the Avengers, then yes. If you think she realized they were evil and left, well frankly I think you need to watch the movies again. 

Wanda then joined Ultron another bad guy to continue furthering her own revenge plot against Tony (The actual reason she joined Hydra btw). She doesn’t begin to try and put things right until she is personally threatened by Ultron’s plans. 

- And here’s the thing to view Wanda as inherently, irredeemably awful also casts doubts on the Avengers who trust her, Tony Stark included. She’s part of the Avengers family before the Civil War breaks out.

Yes it does. Although I highly doubt Tony had any say in trusting Wanda to join the team, and if he did he probably agreed out of guilt. Also part of the Avenger’s family? Tony doesn’t live with them, and Clint is retired, I’m not sure how much of a family this is.