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seventeen during finals week

has tHIS BEEN DONE??? im almost done finals; i have one more, and i honestly did not learn anything from that class. my professor never posted lecture slides and just kahslkdas ANYWAY. im procrastinating hahahahakdadj //ded


  • takes breaks all the time
  • gets himself pumped for studying only to not study
  • looks at his notes, flipping through them aggressively bc he did not retain any information
  • hardcore crammer
  • manages to barely pass his classes


  • mood swings
  • will suddenly laugh hysterically in the middle of studying
  • gives up half way, leaves his things in the library to get food and spends most of his time hanging around the cafe by the library
  • prolly would hover over joshua while studying


  • has his notes all easy to read
  • willingly shares his notes with his friends
  • the type to joke around failing class even though he gets good grades
  • keeps his study area neat and tidy!


  • probably more focused on balancing his pen on his nose
  • barely took notes during the semester
  • never attended lecture or is always late whenever he shows up
  • learned all the shit by himself
  • lowkey genius fr fr


  • the type to get really into studying
  • but only when he feels pressured
  • locks himself in his room to study to limit distractions
  • lights a candle to keep him calm
  • only goes out of his room for the bathroom or for food


  • super chill
  • like too chill
  • prolly the type that says shit like “whatever happens, happens man”
  • lays in bed watching movies on his laptop
  • keeps tabs open for the study guides uploaded by his professors 
  • the tabs make him feel like he’s doing something right even tho he aint even studying


  • evil eyes anyone who tries to distract him
  • doesn’t have final exams, just final projects and papers
  • locks himself in his room and barely sleeps bc he needs to finish his projects
  • physically has to be dragged out for him to eat and see sunlight


  • reads manga instead of studying
  • studies for 10 minutes and rewards himself with a break
  • likes to walk around the library rather than studying
  • accepted his grades way before finals and knows he can barely do anything to salvage it


  • eats while studying
  • gets distracted by the food he eats that he doesn’t really study
  • super stressed about needing to study but still doesn’t study
  • works well under pressure but is highkey on the verge of tears bc stress
  • passes with a B average


  • will talk to no one
  • bad mouths professors for not teaching him anything/giving him too much work
  • gets really salty trying to study
  • super bad mood like a dark aura emits from his body and everyone just avoids him during this time of the semester


  • asks you to quiz him using the quizlet he found online
  • intense memorization
  • mental breakdowns
  • calls his mother to ask her if she’ll still love him after he takes his finals
  • gets mad at people who try to distract him


  • tries to make a rap for vocabulary words he needs to remember
  • goes to joshua for help
  • probably spends his time trying to learn pen tricks
  • has a fidget spinner and just plays with that instead
  • goes to seungkwan to show him what he can do with the spinner and gets smacked by a book


  • eats with mingyu
  • probably dancing instead of studying
  • usually gets good grades
  • has to have the older ones tell him to study or else he wont
How to Date an Ed Ch. 13

How to Date an Ed
Chapter 13

Kevin grabs the dorks hand and walks through the parted crowd. He tries to think about what the hell just happened, but all that’s running through his head is static. The red head vaguely recalls grabbing the smaller male’s hand and dragging them into an bandoned classroom, where he flings himself into  a desk and stares blankly at the white board at the head of the room. Glazed green eyes search for an answer to what the fuck just happened. His brain slowly kickstarts to recall the past ten minutes.

Okay, so they were outed by Nat. Asshole. What’s his game? The athlete can still feel the panic that sped through his veins, the shock when the dork laughed it off and lied through his gaped teeth, the short relief when he thought they could pull this bluff. And then the teal-haired asshole of a friend demanded they make out like a couple of freshmen in high school. Rage and fear had filled him at that point, he remembers it clearly. He- above all else- did NOT  want to kiss the dork he might be considering a friend. And he wasn’t going to. He even had cooked up a plan claiming about Edd being too shy or some shit. 

But then he looked at the dork. A defeated slump had graced his shoulders, his eyes had dulled- practically lifeless!- and a sad smile had adorned his face. Kevin never knew what people had meant about a sad smile until now: when someone is smiling, but you know that they would rather be crying.  The dork-fucking martyr- had told him that he could take the Eagle anyway. That he would be fine. That, essentially, these past few days of panic, drama, and heavy secrets being revealed meant nothing. 

The rage and determination that had roared inside him at that moment nearly overwhelmed him- the red-head remembers this; he could barely see straight when he had grabbed the sock-headed genius. He remembers saying something about rewards not being worth it or some shit, while mentally psyching himself to go through with the peer pressure. He had tried to imagine the dork as a girl, but that didn’t really work; it was still the dorky genius standing there. Kevin barely remembers thinking, ‘Fuck it,’ and-

Holy shit, he kissed the dork. The memory finally clicks into clarity. He didn’t just kiss Eddward; he almost got to first base with the sock head. That first brush of the lips, he barely felt it, in fact. He honestly thought he had missed and was kicking himself on having to do it again. But then the next kiss happened. And, nope, it was fact- the smaller male’s lips WERE that soft. After that, it was almost as if someone was controlling Kevin; he couldn’t STOP kissing the dork. Over and over, and with more urgency in each kiss, the whole world- and his mind, apparently- had stopped and left the two of them alone.
That was when the genius started to kiss back. Shyly, as if he didn’t know what to do. And, wow, that was much better than just him doing all the kissing. His arms had moved on their own by then- they had locked onto the dork and pulled them closer together, which had caused some sort of bubble of excitement in his chest. The redhead had then changed the angle of their kissing- much more comfortable- and a moan had escaped the other’s throat, sending a pleasurable tingle down his spine. 

The two had to finally part for air, which was a bit of a shame, Kevin had thought at the time. He really could have done that forever. Green eyes had blinked at that thought as a cold bucket of reality was dropped on him. Suddenly everything was too loud, too sharp, too bright. The athlete had turned to look at the crowd that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere- or were they there the whole time?- and he had told them to get lost.
Which brings him back to where he is right now, in an empty room with a genius of a man with the softest lips probably known to mankind. Who just so happens to be looking quite terrified and concerned at him.

“Kevin? Can you hear me??”

Oh shit, has the dork been talking to him this whole time? From the look on his face, he’d put his money on Yes.  He nods at the frantic young man jerkily. He’s not entirely sure what to do or think right now. Two things he knows for sure though: He kissed the dork in front of him and LIKED it, and he is TERRIFIED of liking it. Worse, he is pretty sure he wants to do it again.

“Thank goodness. I had feared you had gone into catatonic shock. Are you alright?” the sockhead asks.

He shakes his head no. He is not alright. Is he alright? Is it okay to like kissing a man- a gay man? His whole world has been thrown for a loop, so more on the side of “trying not to panic” would be a good answer. 

“Kevin, please speak to me. I know a panic attack can leave you speechless sometimes, but you only making head gestures is not ensuring me of your wellness and is raising my anxiety.”

Kevin’s face scrunches up. So much for trying not to panic. Whelp, guess it’s time to try and console the dork- and by console, he of course means look macho and bullshit his way out of this.

“Panic attack? Over what?”

Blue eyes blink at him, looking relieved and confused, “Why over kissing me, of course.”

There went trying to look macho.  Maybe they could just ignore it, like it never happened?

“I do apologize for my inadequence over the action, as well as for you having to fight your morality over it as well." 

The redhead looks at him, feeling very awkward about the conversation, "No, you were fine. I just don’t really know how to feel about it, I guess. I mean, I kissed you, not the other way around, dork.”

Pale cheeks flush at that comment. Can someone still get embarrassed at this stage?

“Yes, well, I still feel a little guilty about it; your one rule about not having to kiss me was quite clear, so despite you initiating it, I still think that maybe-”

Kevin glares at the man standing over him. Did the smaller man actually think he was manipulated into the kiss?

“If you even suggest about ending this now, I’m gonna deck you, dork.”

Double D stares confusedly back at him, “But why? All of your rules have been broken, why shouldn’t we terminate? It’s not fair for you. I had already stated you would still be acquiring the Eagle, why hurt yourself by continuing this farce with me?”

At that, Kevin stands up. The dork was right, though, on all accounts. Why should he keep this facade up? 

Is he bored? Possibly, but that would be a shitty reason to keep doing this.

Curiosity? He knows that’s part of it; the dork is very interesting and he wonders how this is gonna end.

Honor? Another possibility; he really doesn’t like half-assed projects or events. That’s one of the reasons he and Eddy never got along. And if he breaks the deal now, he’s gonna feel sleazy, and the Eagle would be forever tainted with that sleaziness.

…He genuinely likes the dork? As a friend, absolutely. Despite only truly knowing him for a little bit, he can tell that Edd is a good guy. Quirky, but good. As anything else…? He doesn’t know; probably- which scares the shit out of him- but that’s not going to stop him from wanting to be the dork’s friend. He’ll just shut out the weird thoughts and any other unwanted emotions. Like a normal person.

Nodding, he stands in front of the dork, finally noting on how much shorter the other man is- barely touches his chin.

“Because I like you, dork. And I’m curious at what crazy adventures we’ll get into during our two weeks of dating.”

A gasp escapes Eddward once Kevin answers. Kevin likes him?! Even after being peer pressured into kissing him! What alternate dimension did he fall into?? 

“B-but you know that after the stunt we just p-pulled, we’ll be expected to… t-to..” the genius falters, feeling his cheeks aflame. He’s talking about future kissing sessions with Kevin,TO Kevin! Did the athlete not think about this?! To his astonishment, the tan male shrugs.

“Yeah, I know. But you don’t kiss bad, so it’s cool, I guess.”

Edd’s heart jumps into his throat. Kevin doesn’t mind kissing him?!

“Plus, you kinda need to practice on someone before you go out into the real dating world.”

Embarrassment floods the young genius’ system. So he has no talent in the kissing department, and Kevin feels bad enough to give him lessons discreetly. Lovely. Some hope rises in his chest regardless; Kevin DID say he likes him, more logically as a friend than anything else, but just that would be enough, Edd thinks.

“I would appreciate the practice, I suppose. Thank you, Kevin.”

A white grin greets him. Be still, frantic heart!

“Cool. Let’s actually get to class then.”

The sockhead nods and follows the taller male out of the classroom. It’s not until the pair have almost reached to the genius’ next class does he realize- they’ve been holding hands this entire time.

Eddward sits in his class in a daze. He can barely take proper notes; the genius wonders if he’s dreaming. Everyone believes he is dating Kevin Barr, which is in fact false, yet if he squints mentally, even he could believe it to be true. The red head never ceases to amaze him, not only by agreeing to this absurd request, but also by overcoming his own rules-willingly- as well as staying to fufill said request to the appointed date. And becoming more charming by the minute. The sockhead can’t stop himself from grinning. 

Kevin liked kissing him. Or, he doesn’t mind it, which is just as good in Edd’s book. And good Lord, he liked kissing Kevin, despite the germs that come with it. A flash of heat strikes him, causing his cheeks to glow bright red and a warm sweat to break out on his back. His accursed sweater sticks to him as he tries to cool down. 

“Mr. Vincent? Did you need to head to the clinic?” his teacher asks. Eddward glances up at Mr. Daggonait, a tall man with shaggy silver hair, who looks quite similar to one Professor Snape-only with glasses and a much less menacing stare.

“Oh, no, sir, my apologies for any disrupt I have caused,” the young genius chirps, quite embarrassed about being called out. Gracious. He needs to focus on his class work, not be daydreaming about Kevin and their fantasy dating life. Shaking his head, he gets back to the English questions that need to be answered.

Fuck. He can’t concentrate on anything. Not his physics lecture- which he really should be paying attention to- not the many eyes staring at him, not how once again the asshole from yesterday’s class left gum on the bottom of his desk and is ruining his skinny jeans again- nothing. All he can focus on is the memory of pale pink lips on his and wrestling with the urge of wanting the feeling again. Fuck. He’s straight, God dammit! There should be no physical reason he would want to kiss the dork 'til the end of time. Yet, here he is, ignoring his physics teacher (who is starting to walk this way, shit.)

Kevin tries to look like he was paying attention for the past fifteen minutes as the professor steps in front of his desk. Mr. Jagone is a tall slim man, who looks like he stuck a finger in a live socket; his black hair is spiked in all directions. His cold blue eyes are covered by some hippie looking glasses as he crosses his arms.

“Mr. Barr, care to tell me why the rest of the class is so fixated on you today? Or as to why you aren’t paying attention to me either?" 

Tan cheeks burn with embarrassment and rememberence. Couldn’t his classmates be a little more subtle? Okay, let’s see if he can bullshit his way out of this.

"Sorry, sir, but I was trying to figure out a physics problem. I just can’t seem to get to a right answer.” The older male perks up at the answer, smiling slightly.

“I’m sure you’ll figure it out, Kevin, but just like my lecture is about today: there are always exceptions to every rule. Even in physics. Speaking of which, turn to page…”

Unfortunately for the wild-looking scholar, Kevin’s mind checked out right then, pondering over what he’s just learned. An exception to every rule? Even sexuality? The cogs in the athlete’s head start turning rapidly. So, theoretically, he-Kevin- could be a hundred percent heterosexual, and still find a guy attractive?? The red-head takes off his hat and ruffles his hair in shock. It’s the only plausible explanation- he must be attracted to Double D, who is the exception. Green eyes roll into the back of his head as he groans and leans back in his seat; of COURSE his only exception would be the sockheaded genius. It’s completely ironic, if he thinks about it. He terrorized the man when they were younger, and was seriously regretting doing this stupid deal, so now God- or whoever is running this shit show- decided to make the situation worse by making him be attracted to the dork. 


Needless to say, the jock races out of his class the moment it’s over, on a hunt. Where is that teal-haired bastard? His fist has an appointment with the other’s face. Kevin finds Nat in the library, bothering some mousy-looking girl. He sneaks up behind his friend, taps him on the shoulder, and sticks his fist out to the left. He waits for the other male to do his signature feint and watches as he dodges right into his knuckles.

“Ow, what the fuck?!”

All the people in the library shush him as Kevin grabs him by the shoulder and tosses him outside. Sometimes, the red head is very thankful that the areas of the school are in completely different buildings. This is one of those times. He stares down at his friend who is holding his face gingerly.

“Dude, what the actual fuck?” Black eyes glare at him.

“That’s my line, ass. What the fuck was that shit show this morning?” Kevin asks calmly, cracking his knuckles. It’s Nat’s fault. If he wasn’t peer-pressured (honor-pressured?) into kissing the dork, he wouldn’t be having these weird exception feelings or whatever. Him and Double D would have just been friends, and they could have looked back on these two weeks as a laugh.

Nat glares even harder, if that was even possible, “Dude, that was your shit show. I gave you an out; I heard Double Decadent give you an out! Don’t get your man-panties in a twist because you actually liked kissi-”

The red-head covers the other’s mouth with his hand, “Utter one more word and I will end you.”

One teal eyebrow raises haughtily, but he nods. The athlete lets go, then pokes his nose threateningly.

“I told you not to tell anybody, though. So, back to my line: what the actual fuck, bro?”

Nat grimaces, “Well, yeah, you said not to tell anybody, so I discreetly told everybody. So, I actually didn’t tell anyone.”

Kevin face palms, then thwacks Nat upside the back of his head, smirking.

“Smartass. You knew what you were doing. You just wanted the deal to be over so you could get into the dork’s pants faster.”

The teal-headed male holds the back of his head and sticks his tongue out, somehow being able to chuckle.

“Heh, guilty. What can I say? I REALLY wanna touch his butt. And the King shall have all the butts!” Kevin chuckles and shakes his head.

“Dude, being weird again.”


“Are you even listening?”

Eddward waits outside his English class for Kevin, who isn’t here yet. Perhaps he needed to use the restroom? His pondering screeches to a halt as he spots a familiar figure. Oh, no, not again. It’s Lucas Tucker, and oh lord, the man has spotted him. The sockhead feels his knees lock as the blonde approaches him.

“Hey, loser. Where’s your boyfriend?”

Is the man actually trying to have a decent conversation? Mayhap Hell is a real place and has frozen over after all.

“I don’t believe he is here yet. Erm, how are you today?" 

The taller male brighten up at the civil comment, and leans on the wall next to the young genius. Eddward shifts his weight, slightly nervous. Tucker is in his bubble.

"So I heard you two had your first public kiss today.”

Black eyebrows crinkle in confusion. Why would the bully want to know about that?

“Yes? I don’t understand what the big deal about that is, however. Couples do that sort of thing all the time, correct?” The blonde nods, brown eyes never leaving Edd’s face.

“Yeah, but those couples never stay together for long. Maybe a week; a month at the longest.”

Edd can’t help but gasp, not only in horror, but because the blonde is now officially way too close for comfort. Back up, back up, back up, back up! Tucker blocks his escape with his arm, effectively trapping him. The smaller male can’t help but groan; of course Kevin is nowhere to be found when he ABSOLUTELY NEEDS-

Before he can finish his thought, two different shoes kick Tucker’s side and send the large male flying.


Double D stares in shock at Kevin and Nat, the latter striking some sort of superhero pose. He watches the red head roll up his sleeve- oh dear, his bicep is almost bursting, be still gay heart!- and stroll up to Tucker in obvious anger.
“What did I fucking tell you, asshole?” the blonde on the ground tries to scramble away, but his back hits a corner. Kevin towers over the blonde, looking very intimitading. Tucker babbles apologies and begs for mercy. Blue eyes widen as a tan fist raises in the air, ready to strike.


Kevin freezes, and slowly turns to the younger man. Edd’s blood freezes in fear; the red head has one of the scariest faces he has ever seen. This isn’t just furious, Kevin must be completel bloodthirsty- a feat that not even Eddy has been able to drag out of the athlete. Swallowing thickly, Edd slowly -slowly! Knees, please work- walks over to the redhead and gently grabs the fist. Which was a bit high up, so the sockhead had to get on his tip toes. Gradually, he sees Kevin relax, dropping his fist. Edd holds onto his hand, lightly leading him away from the crumpled heap of pathetic on the floor, Nat trailing behind them.
Once they’re far away enough, Edd lets go of Kevin’s hand and drops to the ground, doing his best not to hyperventilate.

“Holy shit, Double Damn! That was badass!” Nat gushes over him, patting his back a little more than roughly.

“W-what? Me? No, you and Kevin were the ones who saved me; you both looked very heroic,” the sockhead mutters, gaining feeling back in his knees. The teal-headed man shakes his head vigourously.

“No way, dude! I’ve never seen anyone not only stand up to Kevin when he is beyond pissed level, but also calm him down enough to walk away from a fight!”

Eddward looks at Kevin at that statement, who just tucks his hands in his hoodie pockets and looks away from the other two. The genius can feel his pale cheeks flushed. Though by what emotion he is not entirely sure.

“R-really? I just felt that Tucker had more than enough. Not only that, but the school really does not approve of violence; I didn’t want you two suspended because of me,” he mumbles. He hears more than sees the redhead turn towards him.

Lightly, he is startled when the athlete suddenly drops to his level, green eyes locked onto blue. Edd feels his heart racing. It’s just like before; when Kevin had kissed him, the emotional hurricane that is stirring inside him is raging.

“Thanks, dork. I really don’t need a suspension right now,” the tan male smiles at him. He smiles back and suddenly, Kevin gives him a quick peck on the lips and hoists him back onto his feet. The pale man cups his mouth, feeling his face grow hot. Somehow that quick peck felt MUCH more intimate than the kissing session from before.

“C'mon, then. We’re off to Wendy’s today,” Kevin states, grabbing Edd’s hand and leading them to his car, all the while both of them ignoring the jeering Nat.

“Aw, you two are really cute together! Why did I wanna break you up?!”

“Shut up, Nat

Schizonephilim’s experience with an abscessed tooth...that nearly killed them

Hey everybuddy! Aunt Scripty here. Today’s post is a guest post by @schizonephilim , who was kind enough to share their story of a near-fatal abscessed tooth.

I’m always welcome to posting interesting personal stories that writers can use for inspiration and details in their work, and if you have a story you’d care to share, go ahead and submit one!

Note that I haven’t edited this post for content or for grammar.

Thanks so much to schizonephilim for their openness and for sharing.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


I’ve really been enjoying your blog!  Reading more realistic medical advice, I think, will really help my writing.  :) (Awww, thanks! ~AS)

In October 2009, I had gone to a local concert with my mom, and I was having the time of my life.  I noticed in the breaks between the two main performers that my left jaw was starting to get sore, but I attributed that to all the screaming I’d done at first.  By the time it was all over with and we had driven home, however, the pain was steadily increasing, and I realized I probably had an abcessed tooth.

That was on a Saturday.  By Monday, my jaw was beginning to swell, so I managed to get in to see my dentist, who gave me a round of antibiotics (500 mg of penicillin, 3 times a day) and pain meds.  I was in too much pain to go to work, so I called in and stayed home.  I took the antbiotics religiously, making sure never to miss a dose, and I was in so much pain that I seemingly ate the pain pills like they were candy (I REALLY don’t recommend that), but neither medicine seemed to have any effect.

Wednesday rolled around, and the swelling in my jaw (and the pain) was getting worse.  Also, my jaw was beginning to stiffen, making it harder to open my mouth to eat or talk.  I went back to my dentist, and he gave me another prescription of antibiotics (now 4 times a day) and more pain meds.  I also got a note for work for the days I had missed so far and drove it to my job so my boss could see that I wasn’t exaggerating my situation.  I remember he’d made the joke, “You sure you didn’t break your jaw?”  All I could say was, “If I had, it’d probably hurt less.”

When Friday came, my condition had deteriorated.  I could barely eat between the pain of chewing and my jaw stiffening to the point I could barely open my mouth, I mostly stayed in bed with an overwhelming desire to sleep, and I struggled to get any sleep because of the pain.  My dad wanted to take me back to our dentist, but he was out of the office that day.  His staff was in, however, and they were able to refer us to an oral surgeon in a nearby town.  I was in no condition to drive, so he took me to the oral surgeon.

As luck would have it, it was raining cats and dogs when we got there, and the oral surgeon’s office had lost power.  He still saw me, though.  Without power to his equipment, he couldn’t do much of anything in depth to look at me, but he listened to us and he could see for himself what sort of condition I was in.  He put in a call to my regular doctor to get me in, and I was off back to my hometown to see him.  Before we left, he told us that if I started having difficulty swallowing, I needed to go to the ER immediately.  (Better than waiting till it was hard to breathe, he said.)

My doctor took one look at me, listened to me and my dad (mostly my dad, because it hurt too much to speak), and prescribed three shots of Rocephin (sp?) over three days.  I received the first shot there in his office, and the next two over the next two successive days at the hospital because his office was closed on the weekends.

When Sunday evening came, I had reached the end of my rope, so to speak.  I had already received my third shot of Rocephin earlier that day, and the round of new antibiotics was just as ineffective as the penicillin.  My jaw had swollen to frightening proportions, and the lack of rest and constant pain had driven me to my wits’ end.  It was, in fact, getting difficult to swallow, but that was overshadowed by the rest.  I had my mom take me to the ER, where we had to sit for a few hours in the waiting room before ever seeing a doctor.  They were completely unable to take my temperature, since I couldn’t get my teeth far enough apart to fit the thermometer through them no matter how I tried.

I live in a small town, so we don’t have an abundance of specialists.  When I finally saw the ER doctor, he referred me to an ear, nose, and throat specialist (ENT) at a hospital about two hours away.  My brother drove me the two hours, and I arrived at about 1:00 on Monday morning.  I went through triage quickly and was put in an exam room.  While we were waiting for the specialist, a med student came in and explained that she had heard about my condition and wanted to see for herself.  I didn’t mind, since I figured if she ever saw that situation again, maybe she could learn something.  After all, it’s not every day that an abcessed tooth gets that badly out of hand.

Once the ENT came in, I finally, FINALLY, was able to get a dose of morphine, and let me tell you, the relief from having the pain eased was so sweet I wanted to cry.  He sent me for an MRI so that he could see exactly where the pockets of infection were.  Luckily, I don’t have a sensitivity to iodine like my dad does, otherwise I would have been in real trouble.  Once the MRI was over, they took me to a different room than before, and I was left to wait with my brother again.  I can’t remember if I had my second dose of morphine before or after the MRI was done; my memory is understandably a little fuzzy about that detail.  I remember hearing what sounded like a man screaming in agony in another room nearby while I waited; I imagined that he had been injured in an accident and had broken bones, but of course, I had no idea what their particular story was, and I didn’t ask.

By the time the ENT came in to see me again, that second dose was wearing off.  He explained to me exactly what he was going to do.  The infection was structured in a kind of honeycomb way, so simply opening and draining wasn’t going to work; they were going to have to scrape the infection out.  He gave me a local anesthetic, but before doing that, he explained that because the infection was acidic, it would burn off the anesthetic quickly.  I didn’t feel the incision just beneath my jaw when he made it, but every other sensation was agony.  I felt him scraping inside my jaw and neck, pushing out mounds of pus, and the smell made me want to throw up.  For those who are unfamiliar with infections of that nature, it smelled like meat that had spoiled in the refrigerator…but it was my meat, and it was right underneath my nose.  My brother held my hand through the whole procedure, and I was clenching my jaw and holding in the urge to scream in pain.

Once he was satisfied that he had gotten out as much as he could, he washed out the area with a saline solution and packed it full of what looked like gauze ribbon.  He explained to me that he couldn’t stitch up the area, since that would be inviting the infection to come back, and he left probably an inch or so of the ribbon hanging out of the incision, and taped gauze over the area to keep it covered.  He said that it was for giving the infection a path to travel out, which made sense to me.  I was given follow-up appointments and discharge instructions, along with one last dose of morphine and a prescription for more (different) antibiotics and pain pills.  It was somewhere around 3:00 or maybe later when we left, and it was about dawn when we arrived home.

It took me about another week to recover, and at least two weeks to be somewhat back to normal.  I wasn’t told at the time, but when I went to the ER in my hometown and was sent to the larger hospital, the doctor had told my mother that I had to go right then, that it couldn’t even wait until morning.  I was on the verge of sepsis, and I only truly appreciated that fact later.

One last interesting tidbit about my experience.  When the ENT was scraping the infection out, he said that he was going to send off samples to see exactly what sort of bacteria it was that had caused all this trouble.  On one of my follow-up appointments, I thought to ask about what the results had been, but the doctor, despite searching the computer database and even calling the labs at the hospital, couldn’t find any trace of the samples.  To this day, I still have no idea what bacteria had caused the infection that gave me so much hell and, if not for the ENT and the wonderful other doctors and nurses and their expertise, would have been the end of me.

Deadly Secrets

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Part Four

Master List

Pairing: Jared x Reader
Word Count: 1,684
Warnings: language, drinking, angst
A/N: Part four is here! Italics are flashbacks. If you’d like to be tagged let me know, in an ask (it’s the best way for me to keep track)! Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is crucial! :)

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Piece by Piece (1/?)

Requested by anon : A fic based off Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson. This is going to be a multi chapter fic. I have no idea how many chapters yet but I like the idea so I’m gonna see where it takes me.

Title :  Piece by Piece

Pairing : Derek Morgan x Reader

POV :Mostly Derek’s but switches occasionally

Word count : 1273

Not beta read, sorry for the bad grammar and any typos

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“Are you sure she will be okay with this?” Reid asked nervously as he and Morgan stood outside Y/n’s door.

“Of course she’ll be fine with this, she loves us. And besides Garcia will kill you if we didn’t invite her to the picnic” Morgan chuckled knocking on her door.

He secretly couldn’t wait to see her face. He envisioned her with messy hair, big round eyes and gaping mouth. Maybe she would be wearing shorts, or barely any clothing, or naked or…

“Who are you?”

The men looked left and right trying to identify the voice. “Did you hear that?” Morgan asked Reid.

“I’m down here”

They looked down to see a little girl peeking through the doorway.

“Hey sweetie is ….”

“What’s your name” she pouted, eyebrows furrowed in anger as she pointed at Morgan.

“Derek. And this is my friend Spencer. We are friends of Y/n’s is she here?” He replied crouching down.

“I need to see some ID please” she ordered, crossing her arms around her chest.

 He smirked and showed her his FBI badge. She pulled it from his hands squinting at the photograph and then at Morgan’s face.

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Hi!!! I was wondering if you could do something based on the bad ending for MC. Like...when Rika's cult comes to take you away and then your game ends. I always thought about how heart breaking that must be for everyone, you suddenly disappearing without a trace and them knowing it's their fault. Could I have all of RFA + V & unknowns reactions to this (set as in all of those characters & mc are already in a relationship in their own routes) ?? Ah this is a weird request I'm sorry~

Disclaimer!! This contains a lot of spoilers


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On Azula

Lokgifsandmusings: I received a remarkable and moving essay after responding to this ask regarding my intent on my series of Azula metas. In my view, it is the best framing of the disputes around Azula and how I’m choosing to close this set of analyses. I urge anyone who is a fan of ATLA to read it in its entirety. It is a note that assumes I am the reader, but I don’t think its meaning will be lost on anyone:   

I want to preface this by saying that I find your meta fascinating, that I am aware you have no desire to excuse or decomplexify Azula, and with reassurance that I, also, think she is a painfully complicated character. Unfortunately, I do suspect much of the pushback against your critique comes from a place of dismissal and a desire to comfortably write Azula off as “born evil”.  

Having said that, I think it would be a mistake to view all disagreements on this as stemming from that reaction, or from ignorance (either on the part of the viewer, or Bryke) of intersectional issues, or with the “born evil” point of view.

queertoons talks about lenses and that’s absolutely accurate. As an alternative lens, I offer the fact that my partner finds it incredibly emotionally difficult to watch ATLA because he was physically abused by his father as a child and he now suffers complex PTSD as a result. The Ozai-Azula-Zuko dynamic is especially painful for him because it mirrors his father’s favouritism of his sister, and the way she became a secondary abuser. Almost certainly out of some kind of survival instinct and he very clearly blames his father for ruining her chance at healthy development. While she may not be consciously aware of it, she absolutely was abused too, even if she was never subject to violence.

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Okay, in an attempt to be helpful and not just a grumpy old man about this:

To people complaining nobody reads their lore  (and who are genuinely sad/wondering why)

Like any other creative content, getting any kind of fan base takes patience, practice, and time. Nothing will magically be handed to you. Throwing stuff out into the abyss and hoping someone sees it and responds is well and good, but if you’re really looking for readers, you have to specifically make the effort to get that attention and keep it. You’ve got to make content that works on the platform you’re using. Content that’s interesting. You’ve got to make it often enough that people have something to read now, and are always looking forward to what’s coming next. There’s a lot of factors to consider. Here are just a few things you need to keep in mind: 

1) People want quality writing. You need to keep practicing so your lore is actually good. Developed, intentional, polished. The more you do it the better you get. Not making content isn’t going to get you anywhere. Having a huge pile of lore with barely any notes is still going to benefit you more than not writing anything because at the end of it you’re a better writer. People want good quality content. There’s no getting around this, you’ve got to put in the practice. 

2) You need to know your platform. Putting lore on tumblr is probably going to be more popular if you write short snippets and vignettes. Small stuff that doesn’t always need a “read more.” Think about the worldbuilding posts that get notes here: Someone writes a couple paragraphs that start with an interesting idea and explore that idea, and keep it brief. Start with that format. If you see a popular post, look at what makes it good and try doing that. Images also help; drawings, graphics, edits, photos. That’s just what tumblr is made to share. Use that to your advantage.

(If you’re wanting some attention on FR, it might be less straightforward because FR isn’t designed to count your popularity by a simple number count. The site is designed for you to build up your lair mostly for your own benefit. You will have to put effort into writing in the creative forums and writing interesting bios. Dragon bios should be brief, good for short stories, summaries, or brief info dumps, while the forums are great for posting longer stuff, content that is updated daily/weekly, etc.)

3) Make content that is interesting. They will not care enough to comment on lore that has nothing interesting about it. You can’t always just write for yourself if you really want attention for your work. Think of what makes each character interesting and write about that. Play it up. All those other uninteresting lore details are boring until people are actually attached to your characters. Write humor, too. People get attached to what makes them laugh. They will relate to and remember a character who makes them laugh. Humor draws people in quickly. It’s one of many strategies to get people interested fast. But it’s not the only way. Get creative.

4) Be the attention you want to receive. Do you complain that nobody reads your lore, but you don’t read anyone else’s? Do you participate at all in the community you want to succeed in? Read other people’s lore and reblog things you like, comment your thoughts, and share feedback and critique. Commission artists to illustrate your characters, especially if you don’t draw yourself. Commission other writers write about your characters. Send hatchling letters. All of this boosts your own popularity while also helping others.

5) Be part of the community outside of your creative work. Make friends, chat with people, maintain a nice presence around the site and on the tumblr community. Be yourself, but remember your general personality will effect who wants to read your work. 

People who are “popular” are inherently good at these things, often from practicing in the past, or they naturally are outgoing and social and they just enjoy it. But they are always putting in this effort. Always. You can develop your skills in gathering a fan base just like any other skill. Keep it up, it takes time, it can be hard work, but there is a lot of success to be had. Remember, there are always people out there who want more fun lore and interesting characters to read about! Your audience is waiting for you!

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kc + "you’re my professor & u have this intricate tattoo poking out of your shirt but i can’t tell what it is, so after a few weeks it finally drives me insane to ask about it & u tell me you’ll explain it at the end of the semester if i get an A" au

Went odd in a different direction with this one! Hope that’s okay because otherwise it would have gotten ridiculously long.

Can’t Let It Go

The problem, Caroline had decided, was that he just didn’t seem like the type. That’s why she was fixated.

Klaus Mikaelson refused to fit into the neat little box she’d built for him in her mind and that was annoying. Caroline was an excellent judge of character, always had been, thank you very much. And she hated being wrong.

Almost as much as she hated admitting that she might be wrong.

It was Klaus’ first year teaching, but Caroline had known that before she’d even set foot in the room (he had zero entries on ratemyprofessors which had made her a little leery). He’d told them as much during the first class. All wry smiles and dimples, amused and self-deprecating, joking that the school was giving him a trial run and he’d appreciate it if they were gentle with him. She’d never been the lust after the teacher type, far too focused and intent on proving herself, but she’d be lying if she said Professor Mikaelson didn’t do it for her.

Maybe it was the accent, maybe it was the crisp shirts and well fitted pants. Why he bothered for a summer class that met from 6-9 on Mondays and Wednesdays, when most of her other professors weren’t willing to put in nearly as much effort into looking put together in the daytime during the regular semesters, Caroline didn’t know. But she wasn’t going to complain. Not when his ass looked like that and the thin cotton shirts hinted at some truly excellent shoulders.

Hey, she wasn’t exactly pleased to be doing summer classes but it was a necessary evil. Any little nugget of joy she could find helped. It’s not like she was planning on making a move.

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“Babe?” You heard your boyfriend call from down the hall. You glanced at the clock on your laptop. It was 4AM. You had been up all night cramming for your anatomy final. You weren’t even done studying yet and it was already so late. “Yeah?” You called out, already knowing what he wanted. 

“Come to bed. It’s late, you’re going to need to rest for the test or you’re going to forget everything you just studied.” He said as he walked into the living room. You turned to look at him. His curly hair was a mess atop his head. His eyes were red and he was rubbing them. He clearly had just woken up. “I’m not even done yet.” You frown at him. 

Your boyfriend walks over to your desk bends down, wrapping his strong arms around you from behind your chair. He nuzzles his face into your hair. “Pleaseee, it’s not good to stay up this late, baby.” He whispers softly. “Calum, no. If I don’t make a good grade on this, I wont get an A.” You frown. You lean your head back onto his chest and he places his head on top of yours. “You already know this stuff, baby. You’re going to own this test.. but not if you don’t get some sleep. Sleep is important too.” Calum huffs, he’s always like this when you’re up studying. He always worries about your sleep schedule. 

You frown and look down at your notes. He’s right, you decide. Without any sleep, you’ll probably be too tired to even function tomorrow, much less do an entire test. “Fine, let’s go to bed.” Calum gives you a tight squeeze. “Yay! Let’s go. I can barely sleep without you anyways.” You giggle as he takes your hand and leads you to your bedroom. 


Imagine finding out that people are saying things about you behind your back, so Sherlock attempts to cheer you up.

Requested by: Anonymous.

Author’s note: To the anon that sent this, I know it’s late, but I would just like to let you know that you shouldn’t listen to those people who are saying things about you (if they are) and that you’re by far 100 times better than them. Don’t retort, just move on. They aren’t worth it.

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Wedding Plans

i.e. a Barisi ‘ficlet’ which is almost 5K because I wrote it with a fever and I especially don’t know when to stop when I have a fever. btw I have a fever right now

2 anons and @deepbutdazzlingdarkness requested this prompt. It’s a trope I love, so I figured I’d write it. I tried to make it fluffy. I almost succeeded. Consider this fluff with a twist.

~ ~ ~

#47 - “My ex just invited me to their wedding and I need you to be my date so it doesn’t look like I’ve spent the last few years failing to get over them.”

~ ~ ~

“Do you have any plans for the weekend, Carisi?”

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Pay Attention | Mark

Request: HIIII. Can you do a mark tuan smut where he teases you during a film showing in school

Authors Note: Sorry I’m posting this so late I ended up getting really sick and I’m still somewhat sick so bare with me if this scenario sucks

Word Count: 1,113

Genre: Attempt at smut

Originally posted by mark-yientuan

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How BTS would react to you being underweight because you don’t enjoy food

Request: Hiya! Could you please write a bts reaction to their s/o being underweight but only because they don’t enjoy food that much and only eat when they need to? ❤️❤️ @georgieeahemmings  

AN: Hi!!! I just wanted to say that this request was really different from what I usually see (in my opinion) but if you can relate to this please eat more okay? I understand if you genuinely don’t like food but you still need to be as healthy as possible and it’s not safe to be too underweight. Just remember that me and all of the BTS members want you to be happy and healthy :) Also heads up for another really long AN at thw end please read it?

SEOKJIN: There’s honestly no question, eomma Jin mode unlocked and I’m a little sorry for you. As soon as Jin realizes that you’re underweight he’d probably attack you with questions about if you’ve been eating well, and when he finds out that you haven’t he’ll immediately assume the worst. Once you tell him your actual reason he’d probably be really confused, seeing as how much he loves food he wouldn’t understand how someone could dislike food.Putting his confusion aside he’d definitely be very worried about your physical health. ngl I see him as the type of person to force feed his S/O, or guilting persuading you into eating more with a long lecture. Would probably find new recipes so that he’s cooking food that you look 24/7, even on days that he doesn’t really have time, because he loves you that much. I like to think that he’d force you to be part of eat Jin.

 “You like strawberries right? This recipe has a lot of them so you’ll like it”

Originally posted by theseoks

YOONGI: Would be casual about everything. He would probably bring up your weight in an everyday conversation. “Why don’t you eat jagi?” I feel like when you tell him he why he might think that you don’t eat for more serious reasons, but won’t push it too much. I feel like he would just randomly give you food and lowkey glare at you until you eat. On occasion maybe even do aegyo to make you eat, or feed you? Ever since he asks you about your eating habits he may bring up different foods that he personally likes more often. Probably takes you to restaurants for dates more often. I see him as the type of person to be really concerned about your mental and physical wellbeing, but try not let you know it because he wouldn’t want to worry you.

                                   “Have you ever tried this before?”

HOSEOK: I don’t think that he would notice at first, but once he does he probably wouldn’t say anything to you directly. He may ask the other members for advice, on how to subtly get you to eat more, but as I said earlier he’d probably not want to embarrass or upset you by asking you up front. I see him as the type to leave you food in the fridge with cute little notes.

              “I made this special for you jagi so eat up! :3 -Your hope″

Originally posted by hobipd

NAMJOON: I think that he’d be really confused. He’d notice that you were underweight almost immediately, but mark it off as nothing but when he notices that you barely eat he’d get concerned and probably stay up late at night thinking about “why”. He’d never seen you express any issues with your body image, so his big brain would be rushing to connect all the pieces. If he couldn't figure it out on his own he’d probably confront you about it privately. Once you tell him he’d immediately start to think of different ways to get you to eat more and/or to enjoy food more.

                 “You need to be healthy so I can love you for eternity”

Originally posted by hoseokxx

JIMIN: He’d probably notice that you’re underweight when you first start dating, but be too shy to ask you about it, and as your relationship progressed, he still wouldn’t want to upset you by asking (like hobi). I also don’t think that he would want to ask the other boys for advice either so I can imagine him staying up late at night, going through pages and pages of the internet looking for ways to get you to eat more, and how to tell how to tell if you were self-conscious. He’d be using his new tips ASAP!

       “We should go to this new restaurant! They make the best food!”

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

TAEHYUNG: Tae would probably notice as soon as he meets you, and before dating he’d probably be encouraging you to eat. He’s the type of person to make sure that everyone around him is healthy so when he grows to really care for you there’s no way you wouldn’t put on weight because this cutie is the most persuasive person on the planet.

                                             “Dinner time jagi!!!!!”

Originally posted by exoticmaknae

JUNGKOOK: I feel like Jungkook wouldn’t be able to figure it out on his own (Kind of like Hobi). Like he wouldn’t really notice that you were underweight until one of the other members brought it up. Suddenly it would all hit him and he would probably feel pretty bad for not noticing it sooner or by himself. He’d probably confront you one on one when he gets home. “Why are you so underweight”, straight to the point and blunt af, no sugarcoating whatsoever. Once you tell him he’d probably react in a way similar to Jin, and tell you about why you should be eating properly, and why it’s dangerous to be eating so little. I don’t think that he’d force you to eat but I can see him constantly reminding you to eat.

                            “How much have you eaten today Jagi?”

Originally posted by officialwookkibby

AN/ These were all really similar my bad >//<. I felt really weird doing that emoji thing i promise that I won’t do it again bc I cringed at myself. I have no problem when other people do it but it’s strange when I do it. 

It was kind of hard to wirte this because I don’t want to glorify being underweight, and I don’t want to write something offensive either. Do you remember when the BTS ideal age thing was going around? And the ideal height & weight thing messed up their reputation a little bit too so I didn’t want to write something like HE WOULD LOVE THAT YOU’RE UNDERWEIGHT.

Mainly because I don’t think that’s true for any of the member.


All of these reactions are how I genuinely think that they would react to this scenario.

Also Joonie’s quote thing sounds mean so to clarify it’s like he’s saying that you need to be healthy so that you’ll live longer so that he can love you longer. It sounds like “If you’re not healthy i will not love you forever but that’s not the context i swear. 

Also I’m not sure but I think that Yoongi’s gif isn’t working?? 

The names of the accs where the gifs are originally from can be found on the actual gif and none are mine!

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If you're in the mood, here are some cute sleepy prompts I've been thinking of: Harry making you a beautiful date but he's sick so he falls asleep in middle and you don't want to wake up him so you just cuddle and he is so upset in the morning but it's cute. Liam is a really cool guy and you think he would never go for you but he's sleeping and he pulls you towards him and says your name. Niall won't go to sleep cuz he's working so u lull him to sleep

A/N: I’m strictly a Harry imagine blog but I really do like the request you made for him so I’m going to do that now :-))

Harry wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead as he watched the candle he just lit flicker and then begin to grow to illuminate your kitchen. He had worked tirelessly to prepare the two of you an “elegant” meal of pizza that he had ordered from the local pizza joint (after failing to make homemade pizza). Harry watched the clock tick as he anticipated your arrival back home from work. He ended up making it home from tour an extra day early and he wanted to make the reunion a special one with pizza, candles and kisses—the holy trio.

The heaviness of Harry’s eyes strengthened as the minutes ticked by and the bright light of your car’s headlights were no where to be found. He sat silently at the kitchen table and watched the candle flicker in the dimmed kitchen. 


Your P.O.V.

The sun had completely set in the sky by the time you actually pulled up into your driveway and the idea of ransacking your own fridge sounded like a perfect idea to you. Your stomach growled as you pulled your key out of the ignition and proceeded to head to your front door. As soon as you unlocked the lock your eyes widened at the sight before your very eyes.

Harry was home.

Harry’s head was slumped onto the table and light snores faintly left his lips. A candle was placed in the middle of your dining room and surrounding it was a box of pizza—that was most likely cold at this point.

You smiled at Harry and walked over to him quietly so you could be sure not to wake him. The familiarity of his skin against your lips made your heart feel at ease and made you feel like you were truly home.

You briefly pondered the idea of waking him up but decided to let him sleep since he was most likely adjusting to the different time zones and needed to catch up on sleep desperately. He’d most likely be annoyed in the morning knowing that you didn’t wake him up, but you knew Harry and you knew that he barely slept while on tour.


Harry was at first unsure of his surroundings as he opened up his eyes to be greeted by an odd layout. Never before had Harry fallen asleep at the kitchen table, but he supposed that there was a first for everything. 

He then remembered why he was at the table in the first and scanned his eyes around the room to see if there was any sign of life around. The sight of your purse on the counter alerted Harry that you had come home and the note he spotted in front of him also caught his attention. It read:

I know you’re probably annoyed that I didn’t wake you up but I know you barely get any sleep while you’re on tour so I wanted to let you sleep. (See, I’m a good person.) But anyways, if you happen to see this before I wake up please come and wake me. I get too much sleep so you waking me up isn’t going to bother me. I love you so much and I’m SO happy you’re home.

Love, Y/N

Harry quickly got up from the table and headed into your shared bedroom where he found you sound asleep. He smiled to himself and decided against waking you up. He instead climbed in the bed next to you and pulled you into his chest while watching the way your nose twitched slightly as you slept and the way your chest rose and fall.

Tonight, We're Regal.

Tonight, we’re Regal

Pairing: Ziall

Word Count: 8.4K

Summary: Management finds the boys a really nice hotel, one fit for royalty. Zayn thinks Niall belongs in places like this and decides to treat his love to a bit of regal likeliness

Or that one where Zayn and Niall have sex in a really nice hotel and have a bit of fun with gold and red things and shiny skin. 

A/N:fuck fuck fuck this took a really long time and i have no idea what i just wrote but please like it because i’ve never done something like this. Like half of it is edited. Whoops.  

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iminyourceiling  asked:

So I recently lost the flash drive that had all my writing projects on it. In my infinite wisdom, I forgot to back all of it up somewhere. Do you have any tips for rebuilding a lost portfolio?

Sorry to hear but this is why everyone screams at you to BACK YOUR SHIT UP! RIGHT NOW! At the very least, use something like Google Drive. Even if you had old versions and drafts, you’d be a lot farther along in the task of rebuilding. 

Also, cold hard truth: You probably won’t be able to re-create everything. Pick one project and start writing down everything you remember. Stream of consciousness, note-style, whatever you can to get it out of your head and back on a page. THEN BACK IT UP. The project you pick will most likely be the one you love the most, so that should be the one that’s easiest to re-do. 

Then, work on trying to remember anything you can about any other pieces you’d written. Bare bones are better than no bones. 

Face it, whatever you can resurrect won’t be the same, but there is a good chance it will be better. A very good chance. 

I can’t find the link and I’ll add it if I do, but I read someone recently discussing a colleague’s short story writing style: He’d write the story, then throw it away. And I mean toss it out, no copies. Then, he’d do the same again the next day. Write and chuck. Only on the third pass would he consider that the writing had begun, and use that one as his first draft. 

The rationale is that what you write at first is crap. What you remember the next day is better. And what you remember the third time is the true essence of your story.  

So consider this a chance at re-starting your portfolio with only the best nuggets of ideas. Get writing. And BACK YOUR SHIT UP.