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yuuri changes his performance in the grand prix final not because he wants to raise the base difficulty enough to win – not out of desperation to close the score gap and get gold – but literally just because he wants his last performance to be the best homage to victor he can give. that is so. he’s so. he’s full of so much love this wonderful amazing talented gryffindor i love him so much


Black and white photos fail to do justice to the bright colors that pilots painted their planes in World War I. Here is just a small sample of documented German Albatross fighter biplanes. Unique markings and colors helped identify pilots to each other in an age before on-board radios. The fighter wing commanded by the Red Baron was so garishly colored that British pilots called it “the Flying Circus.”

the wildest thing for me is listening to a musical and having no idea what the plot line is so i just end up sitting there like

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I was incredibly privileged today to meet Joy Lofthouse, 94, who flew Spitfires in World War 2 as part of the Air Transport Auxiliary, one of the vaunted ‘Spitfire Ladies’ and a hero and inspiration to all ladies everywhere, especially budding pilots. She’s a patron of the charity I support and volunteer for, and came as part of our Veteran’s Day today, to visit with us, drink tea and admire the beautiful Spitfire that did a flyby and landed for us all to have a gander at (the Spitfire itself flew 143 sorties during the war, including D-Day).

I was lucky enough to have 20 minutes or so sat with Joy on the flightline, watching the Spit refuel before it came over to us. Her memory was astounding; we spoke in detail about her wartime experiences as if it had all happened yesterday. 

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Coming back from art death to give y'all my interpretation of the BATIM Steam Summer Sale image…and some Damn Gay apparel, modeled by everyone’s favorite gay blueberry~ I had originally promised a certain other bendy blog (you know who you is~) that I was gonna draw Trendy in a shirt that says “Damn Gay” on it after a joke, but every attempt I made was a bit shitty, so I decided on swim trunks? :D

Yeh, this was also helpful in curing my art block. So yeah, enjoy!


Tan solo buscaba una mágica manera de devolverte a este mágico rincón que es mi habitación…… Donde siempre me sentí como un gran explorador, pues tenía ese gran placer de recorrer hasta la parte mas íntima de tu cuerpo…. Besar y redescubrir cada una de tus pecas, cada uno de tus lunares…. Y descubrir por fin tan majestuosa tierra, sentirme Colon y descubrir hasta el más pequeño pedaso de tu ser, Colonizarte, nombrarte mía, decirte que sos mi sol, mi cielo, mi Maga, que no importa el como, el cuando, o el porqué, que te esperaré, aunque nos separen 419,1 kilómetros de distancia siempre estas presente, en cada frase de mis escritores y libros favoritos, que leo a Rapsoda, a Carlos Garcia, a Lotus, a Quetzal, que leo a esos poetas que siempre te traen aún en días fríos grises y de lluvia, por que lo que siente mi corazón es que quiere volar una y mil veces a tu lado, que soy un cobarde pues debería decírtelo directamente aunque sabes que es por ti que mi corazón da brincos y tumbos late rápido a destiempo o en sincronía si es junto al tuyo… Si es teniéndote cerca que el se siente en más confianza, veni volemos de allá hasta acá, convertite en mi aeropuerto donde quiero aterrizar cada vez que pueda tenerte tan cerca tan mía, veni y demostrame que el amor no tiene otra forma más de hacerse más que volando, veni y recordame lo que es sentirse etéreo. Lo que es sentirse amado, querido, valorado por la mujer que es y siempre será magia.