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Heather M?

Do have in common: 

  • I actually really like yellow lol Even if i dont own a lot of it 
  • I do find lifeboat relatable, im paranoid about keeping up an appearance so that people will like me. sometimes worse than others.
  • I didn’t know how to drive in high school either lol guess that’s not in common really if it has to go with my current self


  • I would never date the kind of dude Ram was in a million years. Or Kurt? i dont know, doesn’t matter. I wouldn’t date either of them lol 
  • I am not cheerleader material (physically lol)
  • I tend to be more the leader of a group whether I want to or not. I make make the final decisions more often than not vs. the way that she follows

espersona week - day 1: powers

 left: zhenya (женя). (she/they) basically me if but more pretty and suave with good (shorter) hair. hypnosis/perception manipulation oriented. flowy red aura. glossy, shiny. shes really good with words. charismatic. chill

right: gera. (they/he/she/whatever lol) certain aspects of my personality, mashed together, largely altered, magnified, slapped a headband on. makes the best barriers and that’s pretty much it. music enhanced by loud music. bright, pulsating aura (like tweaking the hue slider). 

the powers part is that its gera’s barrier on the drawing

Apparently my 18yrold sister wants me to convince her 23yrold bf that our whole family doesn’t hate him and it’s like???

I hate him the most lol

He’s a creep who lied to her at least once so he could go out on a date with some other girl, has never taken my sister on a date but expects her to pay for things for him, can’t hold down a job, makes inappropriate and disrespectful comments about me and my mom, and fucking lies about situations to cause drama between my sister and our mom (and me too apparently since apparently he’s the one who told her that I was conspiring against him with the homophobic grandmother). Oh and by the way apparently he doesn’t know what seasoning is??? Or what fully cooked rice is??? And he eats his steak well done???

Like basically he’s the last person I’d want to spend any amount of time around.

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Sometimes I feel we're all over-analyzing Jonsa because I have no faith whatsoever that D&D can be subtle yet obvious at the same time, GRRM maybe, but not the show. This all leaves me wondering if we're reading too much into things that aren't as meaningful as we'd like. That's what makes shipping Jonsa so hard! I think we're too smart for our own good lol. But I'm so glad for the Jonsa fandom who are welcoming and fun. I think some in the fandom would have done a better job than D&D.

This is the problem, isn’t it? To what extent, does analysing become a detriment to the narrative itself? According to my professors, absolutely never lmao xD

But I do think D&D can be subtle yet obvious. They dropped a few hints of R+L=J throughout the seasons leading up to Season 6′s big reveal. I know book readers have already been speculating about this for ages now, but those who didn’t read the books started speculating over this theory because of Game of Thrones and not the books. Of course, many go back to the books to confirm their suspicions. But the same can be said for the Jon x Sansa theory. There have been hints towards it if you’re willing to look, which can also be backed up by book hints. D&D are not the greatest, but they are pretty decent at foreshadowing, so I don’t think we’re over-analysing, any more than the people who were making metas and videos about R+L=J. Granted, some of the stuff we say are clearly tinfoil thoughts, but most of the people in the fandom acknowledge that. 

With that said, isn’t that the point of fandoms? Maybe I’m too much of an English nerd because analysing plot, characters and themes is one of my favourite things to do, but I think it’s what makes watching a show/movie and/or reading a book more enjoyable. 

I do agree the people in the Jonsa fandom are way too smart for their own good ;D And I adore every single one of them. But I am so so glad you’re enjoying the fandom and are having so fun. So glad as well that people have been nice to you. That’s why I love this fandom so much. Yeah occasionally I get hate from some anti’s, but it’s nothing compared to the sense of camaraderie I get from other fellow shippers. Makes it all worth it ;) 

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but connor was the abusive one lol

Hi there anon you clearly didn’t watch the same show as me so let me tell you bout YJ M’gann’s abusive ass

First off I’m flat up gonna say it: Conner wasn’t perfect. He wasn’t. He ALSO was like a couple months old (if that) when they started dating and had never been in any sort of relationship before. Since the “abuse” I’m assuming you’re referring to was how territorial and overly defensive he got of her.

Do I think that makes it okay? No. He needs to be held accountable for how he acted. Which he was.

And you know what?

He accepted there was a problem and remedied it. Did it take him a little time? Yeah but he got his shit together in one episode.

Then there’s M’gann.

M’gann who created a pretty little lie of a personality for herself. Who named herself after a character on a TV show.

Who, when Conner was in need of a name, suggested that of her tv character persona’s boyfriend.


Like, she literally used him as a prop. She made him into what she wanted and manipulated him from the getgo. Full offense but that, in itself, is fucked up.

Then we got to season two.

Season two where she did something wrong. Something that she knew he wouldn’t be okay with because of the traumatic way he was created.

I.E. melting peoples brains????? Messing with their heads????

The boy wasn’t even okay with psychic links at first okay.

And then. THEN. She goes and literally tries to erase his damn memory

You know, despite all that bad stuff that had happened to him with people playing with his mind??? HMMMMMMMMMMMM

Then when he breaks up with her for MESSING AROUND IN HIS MIND she goes and begins dating Lagoon Boy.

And the manipulation game starts again.

She literally just used him. That’s all that was. She used him as a prop toom to get back at Conner and punish him for breaking up with her.

She is manipulative and abusive and honestly just a horrible fucking person in both seasons… Season 2 is just when it was less subtle.

Conner isn’t perfect but after that /one episode/ he got his shit together.

Then M’gann, who has had waaayyyyy more time to mature and understand her emotions than. You know. Two months? Three? goes around using people as props and being manipulative and emotionally abusive 24/7. Repeatedly.

But yeah sure. Conner is definitely the problem

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What is your type of girl?

this made me laugh lol well if you ask @barelyup she’ll tell ya catfishes bc she’s never gonna let me live that one down but um i usually like ones that dress less femme but don’t get me wrong femme girls are hot too sense of humor gotta make me laugh kind athletic would be cool likes to drink and if they drink beer that’s even better genuine pretty to me idk

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Heyyo, if you're still doing polydins I have a request. Polydins x reader, Reader gets busy a lot with work and Anxiety. They constantly forget to eat or only eats a minimum of food before getting busy again. The paladins have to forcibly pull them away from work and make them eat and slow down. (This happens to me and voltron is my safe place lol) it's totally cool if you don't want to, I just need some comfort right now :)

I’ve never tried a polydins x reader before so I hope this is okay and  you feel better with whatever is troubling you <3

You forgot to eat again. Constantly so enthralled with the daily grind of work that the thought of consuming human food barely crosses your mind. It’s not until Shiro is picking you up from the chair and your eyes blur that you realize just how unbarebly long you’ve been at it. Ten, eleven hours now? God it’s a blur of blue screens and tired eyes now.

Hunk is on you in an instant, wrapping a warm blanket and offering you your favorite drink. The hot chocolate is always very sweet when he makes it. With just the perfect number of marshmallows.

It’s snowing outside. Pidge and Lance had gone to the store…some time ago.  You’re not sure when but they should be back soon. Hopefully. You try not to let the anxiety overwhelm you at that thought.

Your little dog hops over. They curl up by your feet to try and comfort you. Their name is Scooby. Naturally it had been Lance’s idea even though technically Keith had bought the dog. *What the heck is a Scooby?* He’d asked. A few episodes later and he was hooked. It was all that popped on your Netflix reccomendations anymore. the thought alone made you smile.

The phone next to you buzzes. it takes a few minutes to register it’s yours. Speak of the devil, the red monster is sending a text.

Shiro told me. Be safe. We love you a lot xo

It’s such a simple gesture, but it brings tears to your eyes. You’re safe here. Warm and loved and taken care of at last. When Pidge and Lance come through the door, arguing over the price of chicken breasts versus chicken legs, the room feels with warmth again. No more loneliness. There’s no reason to throw  yourself so far into your work now, because you have a family. People who love you and always will.

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Really? How does your boyfriend act?? My friend has the same exact placements with a Taurus ascendent?

My boyfriend is really hilarious and humorous, he always makes me laugh lol he’s a loud & silly person (Sagittarius Mercury). As for his Scorpio Sun, it totally shines through. When I first started talking to him I thought he was very intimidating because he had such an eloquent vocabulary and he was always being a douche to me (but it was his way of flirting; you know Scorpios are aggressive because of Mars lmao). Even today, he is aggressive and passionate. His Aquarius Moon is also cool because he’s such a different person and is open-minded, he never judges me, he listens to everything I say, and I could talk about anything with him. We have really long conversations about our interests. His Virgo Mars is apparent as well because he could be very particular about certain things, he wants things done to his standards of perfection, he is analytical, and he’s super sexual & kinky with me, etc. 💞

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Abel was NEVER n e v e r this public with Bella and people want me to believe he's being public about selena because ITS REAL THEY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH AND CAN'T HIDE IT. It makes me laugh SO hard. Everything they do they feel the need to post it because it's pr that's it just accept it damn

Abelena is a joke to me.I’m glad to say that now i dont even get mad anymore lol.Back to february i had ugly meltdowns,but now looking back i can see how silly was this.
Abelena is a shameless promo mess,They are meant to be a failure .Sooner or later.Selena can try all she want,but deep down she knows that she dont loves Abel.She  can’t keep avoiding the truth forever.


suho’s birthday countdown // D-3 ♡
↳ cherry hair 🍒

Happy birthday Zen!
Here’s my April Fools’ prank. I promised something spicy but you get fluff instead. I hope you’re not making a sad face. I’m smiling (: 

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can i hear more about the class you hijacked? (this doesnt have to be private)

I actually got out of bed just so I could go full rant about this on my  computer, so y’all buckle up (thank you for giving me this opportunity lololol)

Okay, so this happened about a year, maybe a year and a half ago. I’m gonna go ahead and make this one public for the benefit of those that didn’t follow me back then, if that’s cool.

Let me preface this by saying that I had taken literally every one of the professor’s classes before then. Partly because they were the only anthropology style class the uni offered, and partly because halfway through the second class I realized that literally everything was the same, except the books, which we never used. Even the assignments were the same, and I had perfected a system of how to do those quickly, easily, and last-minute, lol. So it was pretty much the definition of an easy A, and the prof liked me bc I was nice, actually listened to her even though I’d heard it all before, and didn’t rat her ass out for not actually teaching what she was supposed to, lol.

I should’ve known right there.

So when there was an opportunity to take a Native Americans in North America class with her, I jumped on it. I needed the hours, I obviously knew a lot on the subject already, and it would be another easy a, if history was anything to go by. 

It became one of the most frustrating classes I have ever taken.

As always, the class started the same as the others. We started out learning about vocab and models. NBD, we’d get to specifics eventually, right?

Now there are about 16 to 18 weeks in your average semester.

By week 6 we had yet to learn anything about Native history. She’d assigned some reading about the moundbuilder’s archeological sites, but nothing about the modern day. Maybe she was just taking it slow, I thought, though I was bothered by her only talking about Natives in the past tense. But she’d told me in the first class I’d taken with her (years ago by now) that she was enrolled Native, so I didn’t call it out immediately. 

We get to week 8, halfway through the semester, she hadn’t covered anything. No mention of treaties, modern movements for civil rights, AIM (American Indian Movement), the illegal overthrow of Hawai’i, buffalo kill offs, smallpox blankets, Chicago museum’s bullshit, NAGPRA (a law protecting grave sites and demanding the return of remains to their Nation by museums and sites, if the Nation will accept them (sometimes they allow the remains to be housed by the museum bc they’re typically more secure there, but that’s very rare)) beyond how it affected archeologists, the different regions, the language families, ghost dance, the flooding of lands by companies illegally, human zoos, RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS, THE FUCKING TRAIL OF TEARS, NOTHING.

Like your 4th grade history segment, as racist as it probably was, probably was more informative than this bitch was being, okay? And I was getting mad. Y’all know me. Native activism is a huge part of my life, and has been for years. Students were being allowed to say really racist shit unchecked. The prof wasn’t teaching jack. Misinformation was being spread, even by the prof.

It felt like even in a class dedicated to us, we didn’t matter. Our history didn’t matter. 

I was fed up.

Then, she pissed me the absolute fuck off. She proceeded to spend the rest of the class talking about South America.

Now, our Indigenous family below the equator absolutely deserve to be discussed. They have so many issues that really, really need to be boosted and respected. We do not raise their voices often enough. But this was a class specifically about North America, and her reasoning for making it otherwise was racist in so many ways.

First, she changed the curriculum outside of its scope because she was “MORE INTERESTED IN SOUTH AMERICA, AND WOULD HAVE TO DO RESEARCH TO TALK ABOUT” the issues I was publicly demanding to know when she would cover. As if her personal interest and ignorance were more important than our lives. 

(side note, it turns out she was lying about being enrolled and Native. Her white supremacist brother (not even kidding) had said that a Cherokee woman chief in Minnesota or some shit had enrolled them. I asked her if she meant Wilma Mankiller, the first modern female Cherokee chief. She said no, it was someone else, and in the late nineties, after Wilma would’ve no longer been Chief. I publicly called her out, and even another student jumped in to help, because there was no other woman Chief then, and there was no recognized Nation that far North. Her white supremacist brother had lied bc he felt othered while working near the Din’e on a job site, bc they didn’t include his racist ass, lol. So she’d lied her way into being allowed to teach a class she didn’t even know or care about. So at this point, I was fucking done with her, lol)

She also was showing us old propaganda films, and literally every group she discussed was being painted as ignorant, warlike savages by her and the materials. She even defended a man that intentionally exposed Indigenous peoples with no immunity to certain diseases to said diseases ‘just to see what would happen.’ She recommended his books, including ‘Noble Savages’ to us. I shouldn’t have to explain why that’s racist, lmao.

All of this is to say that I was VERY fed up, she (and the class) was VERY racist, and she was going down.

Then her foolish self decided to assign a massive project where we were supposed to ‘teach the class’ about a Native subject (y i k e s, esp. since the class was full of non-Natives). Since I was Fed Up, I decided to skip the usual schooling on cultural appropriation to instead teach everyone (including her) about just a smattering of the important things she hadn’t even mentioned in passing. :)

What followed was a 33 page powerpoint.

Apologies for any inaccuracies, and blanket tw for slurs, racism, death, csa, torture, child abuse, etc etc etc

(I added all the regalia pics bc they made me happy and calmed me down, which I was gonna need. I set the presentation up as “Man, I sure had trouble deciding what to make my presentation about. Should I talk about X? Y? Z? This? That? This? And so on until I reached residential schools and Reconciliation as my discussion topic.)

I hope those gifs work. If not, they should be under my “Oka Crisis” tag, or “n i fn a history” and “n i fn a protests” tags. I also had decided early to use the Nations actual names where possible.

Oh look, a quick and easy way to make people realize THIS IS WHY YOU DON’T FUCKING REFER TO US AS SLURS, and here’s how to discuss the issue without being additionally harmful.



Getting progressively angrier at this point. The class is smart enough to stay silent.

#MMIW #NoMoreStolenSisters. Please bring them home. Whatever it takes.

Stayed on this slide juuust long enough to stare each person in class down.

Oh look, we’re finally hitting my actual topic. Again, shit’s about to get very heavy. Please read only if you can. I will not be glancing over these to check them rn, bc I can’t. I’m sharing just for y’all to see, and hopefully reblog to educate people.

I honestly wept as I worked on this part. I can’t read it again.

Calling it out.

AYUP. Canadians are so nice and their government isn’t problematic at all

There are survivors that are my age, and younger.

Not letting them forget that this isn’t just in the past. It still wounds us.

It still hurts. We’re still recovering.

I included resources for them, including the prof, to actually educate themselves, since our school sure as shit wasn’t going to do it.

A handful of my sources.

Anyways. I was done. So fucking done. She (the prof) still tried to guide the class back and pretend that it was acceptable that she hadn’t taught them anything. I didn’t let her. I reminded them all that the only reason that this was Canada focused was bc they’d just had the Truth and Reconciliation reports, whereas the US government hasn’t put any effort into assembling data on their atrocities. Go figure.

Anyways, happy #Canada150 everybody :)

OK to reblog.


#in which Kara likes to use her secret weapon now and poor Mon-El couldn’t stand a chance

since so many ppl are asking hjhkjlklffrgh

the chance of anyone seeing me at cons is 0.001%
becauseeeee –

- im too busy dying at work to attend
- im too busy dying at work to make merch
- idk where/how to get merch made ((too busy dying at work to do research))
- i don’t know anything about conventions ((too busy dying at work to find out))
- can’t afford / no budget for these stuff ((too busy dying at work to live))
- no friends (here in NY; but i have like… 2.. back home… that talk to me regularly…haha…)
- shy
- tired 24/7
- im jaehee