this will never happen to me again

Hello Everyone!! I know this is a bit of an in-opportune moment in the comic, but hey! I wanted to celebrate anyway :)

A Turn for Change is turning one today!! It’s been a whole year since the comic’s launch on Tapastic and I just want to thank everyone so, so much for sticking with me and reading this wild comic.

When I started ATfC I had zero experience with comics (and story-telling) and it has been such a ride figuring out how to produce a webcomic this past year. I’ve learned a lot about how much work it takes for projects like this to happen and I’m still learning - hopefully I’ll never stop. Somehow this comic that started out as a way to get my OCs together has turned into a sprawling story that I’m just starting to get the jump on!

Thanks again for sticking with me so far and here’s to another year of Change! :D

It’s strange because I push people away, yet I get so lonely.

August 9, 2015 | 12:39 pm

I cried again today. My aunt called, my father’s sister, saying that my dad is sad and blames himself for what’s happening to me. I can’t handle any one else more blaming themselves for what I’ve become. There’s no one to blame but myself. I cried my eyes out to my roommate. But she assured me that they will accept me, support me, and will never leave me. I hope so tho, because I have a fear of abandonment. It’s strange because I push people away, yet I get so lonely. I’m sad again. When will I be happy?

  • Molly: What are you still doing here, Jim? I threw you out hours ago
  • Jim: You can't throw me out of my own home! I'm the most dangerous criminal mind the world has ever seen, you have to FEAR me!
  • Molly: *rolls eyes* Sure, Jim.
  • Jim: ...After what happened tonight, I never want to see you again
  • Molly: I never want to see you again either. In fact, I hate you
  • Jim: I've never hated anyone more
  • Molly: Every nerve ending in my body is electrified by hatred
  • Jim: There is a fiery pit of hate burning inside me ready to explode
  • Molly: So it's settled then
  • Jim: We're settled
  • Molly:
  • Jim:
  • Molly and Jim: [snog the hell out of each other]
The Great Guy (Kang Haneul)

Type: Fluff

Haneul looked at you for a moment “you lied to your mother about being in a relationship?” he asks again as you groan. Haneul happened to the super handsome neighbor who you had a big crush on then he because a really good friend. “She never leaves me alone. Constantly trying to set me up with guys I wouldn’t touch with a 30 foot pole” you tell him as he pats your shoulder lightly. “Now she wants to come over and meet this great guy” you exaggerate as you throw yourself against his shoulder.


That’s how the situation escalated more. “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Y/L/N. I’m Haneul. Your daughter’s boyfriend” Haneul said as he stuck his hand out for your mother to shake. “Oh honey he’s so handsome” she said as she took his hand. “He treat you good?” your father asks as you made a sound. “You treat her good?” he asked Haneul who simply wrapped his arm around your waist and brought you close. “I treat her the best I can” he says as he could feel your hand against his heart. You looked at him his heart was beating rapidly but you pushed it off as he was just nervous of your parents. But it was more than that to him.


Haneul held your hand as you two sat down to eat with your parents. He smiled lightly at you giving a light squeeze in reassurance before looking up at your parents “what do you do?” your mother ask “I’m an actor” he said as your dad instantly made a sound “acting is not a steady living” he says “how will you take care of my daughter when your between gigs?” “I have a job” you say in defense. “She can take care of herself. She has an apartment, pays bills, shops. She’s successful and doesn’t need a man to take care of her” Haneul says backing you up as you smile and look down.

The table grew silent as the two males stared at each other with some sort of fire in their eyes. “I want to know my daughter will be safe” your dad says “how do I show you that?” Haneul asks “I live next door if that makes you feel better. I can check in every night if I have to” Haneul tells him as you roll your eyes. “Tone down the testosterone please and just eat” you say as they both look at you. “Why don’t we watch TV” your mother says as you nod.


After a few more hours of awkwardness Haneul and you waved off your parents. As soon as they were gone you sunk down and sighed. “Why is your dad like that?” he asks as you shrug “its just the kind of guy he is” you tell him. “Your father and I will not get along then” he said “you’re a grown up and he thinks you can’t handle being one” he mumbles as you pat his arm. “Thank you. I’ll tell them we broke up and then my dad will be happy yet guilty” you say as you start walking away. His hand caught yours as you two looked at each other “I don’t want it to” he tells you.

lydiiamartina  asked:

All day I've been thinking of what's happened to them all and my conclusions so far are this: Daisy is going be Skye again, since if she doesn't have powers she likely never met her parents and so never renamed herself. I am totally here for the theory of Fitz's dad being around, and I think I messaged you about that after Radcliffe said he knew him? I think Jemma isn't really dead, and Mack's breaks my heart. Any ideas? (Also I'm in the middle of reading your wizarding AU and I LOVE IT SO MUCH)

yeah, I bet that Ward’s gonna call her Skye - remains to be seen whether she’ll stick to Skye, or ask to be called Daisy. 

(honestly, I would love for her to stick to Skye temporarily, just so we can have a moment later where she meets with Jemma in front of other people, like Ward, and for Jemma to call her Daisy, and for Daisy to be all

behind Ward’s back, lmao. I just want shenanigans.)

I think it’s possible that we’ll see Fitz’s dad, although I’m like 90% convinced atm that Radcliffe’s gonna be a bigger part of Fitz’s story in the Framework. like, I think we’re gonna see Radcliffe step out of that Rolls after Agnes, who I think Fitz is helping out of the car. (I think it looks like Mallory’s hand, lol - don’t ask.) I suspect that Fitz and Radcliffe will be working very closely together - possibly also with Fitz’s dad, but hard to say abt that more definitively. it seems very likely that Fitz’s regret was centered around his dad, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll see his dad, if y’know what I mean. good possibility, but hard to say. that’s my working guess rn, anyway. 

I agree that Jemma isn’t really dead - the odds of her showing up post-zombie are very slim imho, even though giving her a Buffy entrance would be wild, lmao - I think she’s faked her death either to protect her cover, or mistakenly thought to be dead. my #goals for her is that she is in hiding from Hydra and is part of a ragtag group of anti-Hydra operatives led by Trip, secretly helped by May, and also including Mike Peterson. :-) 

I’m really worried about Mack. as much as I adore YoyoMack, Elena wouldn’t be more of a draw back to the real world than his daughter definitely would be to the Framework. I’m not sure how they’re going to be able to convince him that none of this is real - I suspect that job is going to be left to Daisy, and no matter what happens, it’s going to be utterly heartbreaking. :’( 

aw cheers, thank you!! I’m glad you’re enjoying Fantastic Beasts! it was an unusual fic for me, in that it’s very actiony. I hope you like the rest! 

OK so, basically everything hurts now. BUT

What if in season 3, months or even years passed after Starcrushed? People said that Marco has his personal pair of dimensional scissors, but do you really think Star forgot about them and left them on Earth when she definitely doesn’t want to see him again? What if we have a situation where Star and Marco changed and grew up (just slightly)? Star is almost a perfect princess than needs to clean her mess and Marco is still the adorable dork but with cool friends and an adorable girlfriend. What if they meet after time and had to restore their relationship to save both words? And then they get really awkward because they didn’t see each others for so long that they barely know who they are talking with! Probably this is not gonna happen but

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Okay but imagine the touken talk and they start yelling at each other then touka starts crying and says 'I just don't you to leave me alone' and Kaneki kinda just holds her face gently and starts crying too and quietly says 'im never gonna leave you alone ever again'

;_; w h y 

I don’t know why I have this headcanon that after they talk (kinda fight too), they sit on the couch in silence, and they start talking again like more calmly this time, and she tells him how much she missed him, and somehow they end up sleeping together on the couch? nothing sexual happened, just them together sleeping on the same couch and Touka’s head on his shoulder or listening to his heartbeats, and the morning after Yomo enters the room and he sees them cuddling on the couch sleeping like two kids and he’s like… *sighs* 😪

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Jestershipping-19. “You’re Satan.”

19. “You’re Satan.” - Jestershipping

I was wondering when someone was going to send me that Satan one for one of the Yuus XD

On another note, I should never write Demon!Yuya ever again after this 0-0

Yuri watched in amusement as Yuya sicked Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon on the students at Academia. He watched as flesh was ripped from the body, hearing the sound of bones being crashed and the maniacal laugher of Sakaki Yuya as this all happened before them.

Yuri couldn’t help but laugh himself but for a whole different reason.

“My, Yuya,” Yuri clapped very slowly, applauding the entertainment duelist, “you’re Satan.”

“Oh please,” Yuya turned around to face him. His clothes were now stained red from the blood of his enemies which only served to make his crimson eyes look even brighter. Yuri licked his lips at the sight. “I make what Lucifer would do child’s play.”

“Oh isn’t someone high and mighty this evening?” Yuri glanced over at what was left of a group of students and shook his head. “You just murder a group of Slifers, my dear Jester, that isn’t really something to be proud about. Anyone could do that.”

“Is that a fact now?” Yuya bought one of his blood covered hands to his face while placing the other on his hip. He stared Yuri down with a predatory expression as he licked the blood off his fingers, slowly, making sure that Yuri was watching the whole time. Once he made sure they were all cleaned, he tiled his head to the side with a psycho grin on his face. “Maybe I should kill you then, my prince. I would love to see what you taste like.”

Now it was Yuri’s turn to smirk evilly. “Is that a threat or a come on?”

“You tell me~”

myself, not being emotional

and ill delete your number
lie about living
and i never even spoke, it just happened
purge, live, lie

endings, anyway

keep a conversation alive
blood transfusion
keep me alive
foregone conclusion

perfection, anyway

sing about money and greed
dead dark bound bodies
waterfalling down each other
and until death do us part let’s grieve

not together, anyway

walking home again
sleeping soundly again
no worries again
silent, silent, silent


x.w, 2017

the year is 2029, january or february, not entirely sure 

I’m in a district 1 fema camp and my work partner is telling me about how this is just like blah blah blah harry potter star wars other 6th grade intro level nerd shit 

I don’t remember what happened after that

next thing i know a guard’s making me carry 100lb bag of wet salt back and forth from the north wall of the camp to the south wall in the snow

now i have to do all my work without a partner

never found out what happened to potterwars guy, but i never saw him around the camp again

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But why should people think blood relation means a lot.. Sanji himself said that the Vinsmokes have no meaning to him.. except Reiju, she's suuuuuuuupeeeeer (ohman I miss Franky and co 🤧)

Because he can’t walk away and let them get killed, apparently. As if he’s never stood between people he doesn’t know/care about on a personal level and Certain Death before (apparently Punk Hazard never happened)….

I don’t understand why people have such a hard time wrapping their heads around the concept of helping people because they’re in danger. Period. There’s always gotta be some deeper meaning to it. So obviously now Sanji’s protecting them cuz they’re family. SIGHS LOUDLY.

I’m super lame but I’ll give you so much of my heart

When 25 year old me sat there in that gas chamber the only day it did not work I remember having only two thoughts in my mind. That I wasn’t even afraid to die. And that something like this would never happen again since the human race would have learned something.
Today, 72 years later, I realize that I was wrong
—  Stella Tjajkovski, holocaust survivor (written in a Swedish news paper 27th of January 2017, only one week after the inauguration of Donald Trump)

acceptable ways to correct yourself if you misgender a trans person

  • “I went to the store with her–him”
  • “He and I–sorry she and I went to the movies”
  • “He’s–I mean they’re a big fan of Marvel Comics”

not acceptable ways to correct yourself if you misgender a trans person

  • “She really likes–oh my god I mean he, I’m so sorry, I just don’t have it down yet, you need to give me time, I mean, I’m getting it, I promise, it’s just so hard sometimes, and I don’t even know where that came from, and I’m so sorry, I really didn’t mean to, you just have to go easy on me, I’ve never done this before, it’s just, I’m getting it, it won’t happen again, it’s just hard, you get it, right?”

this has been a psa

Let me get this straight with all you invalidating ableist fuckwits.

Trauma is not “something bad that happened to you”. It’s not “a bad experience” or “a problem you once had”.

Trauma is a literal scar on your brain. Trauma is a life-changing experience that leaves a different person in its wake. A traumatic experience or multiple traumatic experiences lies their fingers in every part of your life. You can be happy again, you can cope, you can go to therapy and work out all of your issues. But you will never be the same again. Your life will never be the same again. You will always have to accommodate your trauma and take it everywhere with you.

We are not “over-reacting to a bad experience”. We are not “too sensitive”, you do not get to dictate if and when we “get over it” and you sure as fuck don’t get to dictate who or what triggers us and when.

Can we appreciate Greg Universe’s outlook on life?

Steven: Dad I want to go to Korea and learn more about my mother’s dark past.

Greg: Ok sure.

Steven: Dad help me jump a fence that is clearly marked “Do not enter”.

Greg: Ok sure.

Steven: Oh shit it’s Blue Diamond.

Greg: It’s cool, I’ll go talk to her.

Blue Diamond: It’s very clear that I’m dangerous to you, but I am crying over someone I lost.

Greg: I miss someone too, and relate to your sadness, here’s some life advice.

Blue Diamond: You’re cool, I’m putting you in my zoo.

Greg: Wait, what


Greg: Well, I’ve been kidnapped, and put in a space zoo. God knows what will happen to me, here. I may never see my son, or anyone else I love, ever again.

Greg: Might as well let this dude braid my hair, lol


Greg’s inability to give a f*ck is something I treasure.

Taking your own life. Interesting expression. Taking it from who? Once it’s over, it’s not you who will miss it. Your own death is something that happens to everybody else. Your life is not your own, keep your hands off it.

Sherlock Holmes (The Lying Detective, BBC Sherlock)

This shook me up. Sherlock knew how much his ‘death’ affected John. He will never forget it and he will never forgive himself for putting John in that kind of pain.

I like to pretend that I would slam the door in your face if I found you on my doorstep five years from now. I like to think that, given what happened, I’d tell you to get lost and never call me again. If you’d ask why, I’d list all the things you’d ever done to me, all the times you’d broken my heart and made me feel like being myself wasn’t enough. I like to pretend I’d recognise you for the waste of time and tears you were. That you still are.

But there is that small part of me that is afraid. That small part of me that would hold open the door for you and invite you in, the part that would offer you a cup of coffee and remember that you like it with too much sugar. The part of me that still craves your presence on some days and misses the way you brushed my hair from my forehead or
how you laughed too loud or swore too much or let me call you in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep.

There is one thing I’m sure of, though. I hope you never show up on my doorstep again because God, I have no idea what I would do.

—  5 years from now

god Fuck. so lena confronting kara about being supergirl one day after kara stops by and just Slowly starts to unbutton kara’s shirt but just ends up finding kara’s bra underneath. so she’s jus like “Fuck…. I Did Not Plan For This. let me Just… play it cool and just…. fucking make out with her” and then after a while lena just stops suspecting kara as supergirl.

so theyre jus fucking Dating now and kara visits lena’s office for lunch and It Heats Up Quick and lena rips open kara’s shirt yet again, but this time the supergirl outfit is underneath and lena is jus fucjing FLOORED. like lena… this Bitch, is just like “why does this keep Happening to me” like she can never find the Right thing under kara’s button down ! poor lena fjjfhfejjd

We used to call people Nazis to exaggerate, to compare someone to the worst group in human history

Like Feminazi?

Everyone’s favorite anti feminist word.

Grammar Nazi, for people being too uptight with their corrections in grammar.

Everyone threw the word around like a joke.

Everyone made jokes about it like a long dead bogey man.

But look at it now.

People are making it a legitimate term again, the word for a fascist, for a person who believes the holocaust was RIGHT.

For a person who believes genocide will solve our problems.

Think about that.

Think about how we thought we were passed this.

How we joked.

How we never thought it could happen again.

How we were so sure of this, that Nazis were the worst thing to ever happen in history (ethnocentric I know but hear me out).

That we used their likeness as a joke, not a jab at extremism, but the “ridiculousness” of someone.

But now…

Look what we are.

Look what’s happening.

We’re losing what we were, and reverted back to the 40s, making the same mistakes.

You can’t say get over the HOLOCAUST anymore.

We clearly never learned our lesson.