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A lot of fanfics write that Dick doesn't really drink alcohol much and that Jason likes Scotch. What do the comics say (if anything)?

I know Bruce never drinks, Jason gets pictured in bars often having a beer, I believe I’ve seen Dick and Babs enjoy red wine and also beer together.

okay fun/random thing, WAY back in the mists of time when parents freaked out that superhero comics were making their son’s gay (the 1950s, it was a thing) comic book publishers came up with a “Comics code” which was mostly about sex, but is also why there’s no swearing in comics, or not much any ways DC ditched the code formally in 2011, but old habits die hard, I’d guess that’s why you don’t see much hard alcohol in comics, the code

but to answer your question I’ve never seen a comic in which Dick says he doesn’t drink, or a comic where Jason drinks scotch, I’ve seen them both drink beer 

  • Mabel Pines chose love over fear and bet the whole universe on the word of a con man and won.
  • Mabel Pines didn’t get the summer romance she was looking for but in the end she was okay with that because she learned to love herself.
  • Mabel Pines thinks that every woman she meets is beautiful, including herself, and if you don’t understand how radical that is you’ve never been a twelve-year-old-girl.
  • Mabel Pines met a creature she idolized and it told her she wasn’t good enough and she punched it right in its smug stupid face.
  • Mabel Pines was terrified of growing up because of everything she might lose, and the narrative didn’t blame her or break her for feeling that way.
  • Mabel Pines cared more about friends and family than magic and mysteries and not only did the narrative validate that, her scrapbook ended up being the most important object in the show.
  • Mabel Pines is glitter and sweaters and cheesy pop songs and blurry group selfies and the biggest smile in the crowd and she’s also so, so, so much more.

This isn’t a “your fave could never” because those are weird and needlessly combative, but look, I know what kind of narratives girls get. I thought that my fave could never. And then she fucking did.

a v-day reminder:

•it’s okay if you haven’t dated a girl yet
•it’s okay if you haven’t kissed a girl yet
•it’s okay if you haven’t done Other Things with a girl yet
•it’s okay if you’ve only been with boys
•it’s okay if you’ve never been with anyone
•it’s okay no matter how old you are
•you’re still sapphic
•you’re still valid
•you don’t need to be in a relationship immediately
•it’s okay if it takes you time to find a girl
•(it’s okay if you don’t end up with a girl, non-lesbian sapphics)
•you’ll get to be in love someday
•you’ll get to be loved someday
•don’t worry

What if

Rowan never finds Aelin. What if Maeve is forever one step ahead. What if he has to return to Terrasen alone and with a failure weighing his shoulders down. What if we still get Aliens pov. We get both of the their pov. And we can read moments when he was barely a footstep away from her. What if she is pregnant? What if she loses the child? What if she is never free from Maeve until she is old and grey. What if one day she is freed. She is brought to the castles of terrasens doors and when they are opened the strangers do not recognise her.

Except for an a middle aged lady with elides face and lorcans height. What if she screams for manon. The last surviving person from the wars. What if she sees Alien, old and dying and just cries. What if Aelin, with her dying voice asks for her mate. What if she begs for him. For her family. For every person who had fought for her. What if Manon has to tell her that they are dead. That Dorian had such beautiful sons with her but no magic could keep him alive forever. That Chaol and nesryn returned to the east and never came back. That aedion and Lysandra died living the lies Aelin had set for them, never able to produce a terrasen heir but madly in love. What if she speaks of how Evangeline died an old lady and how elide died a mother. What if she tells of how Lorcan died with her, his heart broken one too many times.
And yet again Aelin asks for her mate. So Manon brings her to him. Lying in his chamber bed, as greying and dying as her. What if Rowan sees her and just, he can’t do anything and Alien cries and she mouths sorry to him a hundred times over. What if Manon leaves and Aelin crawls into Rowans bed. What if she tells him once more of what she has been through and he holds his hand to his heart. Never letting it go as he kisses her. And he holds her as they cry. And eventually they fall asleep. And forget to wake up again.

And great I’m crying.

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to have been in the queer movement for 20+ years, to have studied queer theory, to have contributed to you potentially enjoying the rights you have today because I was part of a groundswell of lobbying and direct action in the 1990s….

…to have a 15 year old who’s spent maybe 8 months being political and has never inquired about queer history anonymously message me, “EXCUSE ME QU**R IS A SLUR LMAO OMG EMBARRASSSING AN aCTUAL ADULT WHO THINKS IT’S OKAY TO USE QU**R!~!!!!”

Dude, we are a slur. Queer folks are a slur to conservative straight people. Everything we are will be used as a slur by everyone who hates us. Gay is a slur. Lesbian is a slur. People will try to use all of our words against us. Don’t fucking let them get into your head to the point at which you’re telling actual queer people not to use the words we’ve used to unite ourselves and empower ourselves for decades. 

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Hi! Do you have a tag for Magic!stiles? It's one of my favourites

we have a magic!stiles tag but here are some more!

Indelible Marks (2 works| 275,695 | Rated M)

The house never burned. The pack is strong. Derek will never need to be the alpha, and his sister is a troll. (Actually, most of his family is like that.)

Derek is an apprentice tattoo artist, and Stiles isn’t old enough to get ink of his own yet. But that doesn’t stop him from being interesting…

Castle On The Hill (5/5 | 10,793 | Rated E)

“Is everything okay?”

“Define okay,” Stiles lets out a small, resigned, breathy laugh and wets his lips with his tongue, head still bowed.

“Is that fire I can hear?”

“Yeah, I’m burning my clothes.”

“Why are you doing that?”

“They have blood on them?”

“Scott hasn’t said anything.”

“I – Scott doesn’t know.”

“What?” Derek’s voice falters slightly and Stiles swallows again, trying to remember how to inhale “how does he not know that your clothes are covered in blood?”

“He knows about the blood, he – he doesn’t know why it was there.”

“Oh,” Derek says, pausing for a moment, “why was it there?”

“I killed someone.”

Safe Mind (1/1 | 4,434 | PG-13)

Derek goes missing for a while and comes back full wolf. Only problem is that his mind has gone wolf too, and for some reason the only one he’ll allow near him… is Stiles.

A Thousand Fiery Suns of Angst - Just Press Play (2 works | 20,934 | PG-13)

All Stiles wants from life is to learn to control his magic, keep his grades up, and not die horribly while saving Beacon Hills from supernatural threats. It’s all going pretty well until Derek Hale, werewolf extraordinaire, has to go and ask him on a date. That asshole.

flint & tinder (9/9 | 43,593 | Rated E)

Casting spells, chasing monsters, wooing your coworkers and fucking them in their offices - it’s all in a day’s work for Stiles Stilinski. 

Time to Begin (1/1 | 20,752 | PG-13)

Stiles learns some heavy-duty magic, and Derek convinces him to send him back in time to fix all the mistakes he’s made. But Derek ends up making things worse, and Stiles has to think creatively to save him. And everyone else, including their younger selves.

Okay so the song that David sings about rainbows in the white room to give his message to Syd triggered a lot of ideas in the old noggin and I’m never using that word again my head.

The colors in a rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. And put all those together, you get white (in the perspective of physics not art). Legion is a very colorful show and not in the way that it’s pretty (which it is but that’s not the point) but like it messes with your head throwing you and David for a loop.

I think considering the fact that Legion (AKA David Haller) is multi-powered mutant with multiple personality disorder, and each of those personalities harnesses a different power. Each of the colors might be symbolic for each personality. But for now I think it represents each facet of his mind.

Let’s start with red.

  • Red: red clearly represents the monster or the parasite that he is so afraid of that’s taking over, call it the yellow eyed devil or the angriest boy in the world, but that is clearly what red represents. The fear that extends from his childhood.
  • Orange: orange represents Syd, and just everything about her. From the start its been her. Whether it’s her coat or the ribbon in her hair. The color orange always seems to point towards her.
  • Yellow: yellow represents the hospital and the false sense of security. The lies that he’s had to live with and the false thought that nothing can hurt him there when he’s already in as much danger as possible.
  • Green: green represents freedom, peace, tranquility. So far, the only people he’s expressed love for is Amy and Syd. The first time we see adult Amy and she promises to talk to David’s doctor about getting him out, she’s wearing this lime green coat. The first time David manages to escape the hospital as Syd, her wheeley bad is also this bright green. Everytime David goes somewhere to calm down when he’s at Summerland, he goes to the lake with the little wooden port and he’s surrounded by foliage and the lake’s water has a layer of green algae.
  • Blue: blue we don’t see a lot of but I want to make a connection to Oliver Bird and his weirdo ice cube in the middle of the astral plane.
  • Indigo: indigo represents his love and his lust for Syd. When they do the mirror kiss, when she goes to talk to him in the middle of the night at Summerland, when they sleep together for the first time.
  • Violet: also hesitant to make a connection but I want to talk about Lenny in Chapter 5 and the old house. And how we finally see the true evil and madness within.
  • White: when a rainbow-colored top spins at a certain speed, the colors blend and form white. Which is what I think happens to David, when all his personalities or moods come together and stop fighting each other for one second, he relaxes and feels safe. So when Walter shoots at Syd and David, Syd screams the white room, the place where they genuinely touch each other for the first time. The safe place.

See, at my college~ there are all kinds of old traditions, and superstitions. Cassie and I never really took them too seriously, that was until Cassie disappeared for a week and came back completely different. On this campus, it’s not abnormal for people to suddenly change. But we don’t talk about it, even if they know. So we don’t talk about Cassie anymore~

[[okay, so the cause of this was not my own idea or any of that and is the fastest of doodles because I’m obsessed. The idea belongs to @charminglyantiquated who started this whole elsewhere university thing. I just couldn’t get the idea of two people who went to this university together and one of them gets replaced leaving the other to deal with a changeling best friend/roommate. I might do more with this but I had to get it out of my head or I was going to explode]]


(( A whole day and 100 layers later…..

Okay so! This askblog is a year old since yesterday, the 25th(with almost 4k followers ), and I decided to draw all my favorite variations of Cronus that I’ve drawn previously (whether they’ve showed up on his blog already or not ;0 ). I can safetly say that I never really expected to get this far, and I’m forever grateful with all the followers that have stuck by my side! You rock and keep this blog kicking! ))

Big Hero 6 AU Headcanons

Okay guys here me out…

  • 23 Year Old Katsuki Yuuri as genius at street skating
  • He never finished college and gets into illegal skating competitions
  • He and his older sister Mari live at Minako’s ballet studio/house upstairs.
  • His sister busts him out of trouble and takes him to her local college lab/skating rink that she graduated from
  • Yuuri is impressed by all of the skaters and their high tech skates
  • Yuuri meets Mari’s skater friends, Viktor and Chris who are TAs of the skating program, Phichit who is a student heavily involved in social media and developing inventions for hamsters, and Yurio who turns out to be 15 accepted under special scholarship for his Agape winged skates design
  • Mari shows him her senior project, a robotic poodle nurse, named Vicchan in memory of their passed poodle
  • They meet Dr. Yakov Feltsman, head of the department and doctor of the most well known skate tech company
  • Yuuri decides he wants to finish college and enters the Expo
  • Yuuri presents his Eros project
  • The accident happens and Mari dies after hearing Dr. Feltsman is still inside and rushing in
  • Yuuri stays holed up in his room for days as Minako checks up on him.
  • Yuuri hurts himself from the blade of his skates, signaling Vicchan to operate.
“Dummy” (Suga x Reader)

“Can you write an min yoongi angst/ fluff where he gets jealous over an old guy friend and gets really clingy, please and thank you. :3″

Title: “Dummy”

Character: Suga // Min Yoongi (BTS)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 978

Originally posted by yooingi

(wow okay he looks so precious here!! gif credit to the original owner)

Min Yoongi’s way of trying to hide jealousy never seemed to work. You were whistling as you were finishing getting ready, having had that same song stuck in your head for days. He smirked. Although he didn’t like to admit, the sound of your sweet voice softened the very roots of him. He followed your voice in the shared flat. He found the bathroom door, slightly ajar. It allowed him to glimpse at you poking various make up essentials dangerously close to your eyeball. You opened your mouth out of concentration: an essential process when applying mascara. He pulled a sneering expression. “Min Yoongi I will beat your ass,” you uttered without even meeting his eyes.
“Aish, I didn’t fall in love with you for your sweet talk,” he countered. You span around to meet the owner of the deep voice. “That’s news to me,” you trailed off. You span back to face the mirror. “I think I am quite the charmer,” you continued, your words slightly slurred from pulling another strange face. He didn’t budge, taking in every delicacy of the expression. He was all cute sarcasm until you dropped the fact that you were seeing a guy friend.

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“there was a magic show, and this guy – you’ve probably seen it – the fake guillotine, hand pressed, and they put the potato there, someone puts their neck in the brace, and they slam this thing down and the potato down below chops in two, but the person’s head doesn’t fall off, right? and everybody gets very fascinated by that, oh my god, and when he puts the blade in place and he pushes it down, it goes through that neck hole… but it never chops anybody’s head off. okay, so he wanted a volunteer out of – i’m out standing in the crowd watching this show. and he wanted a volunteer out of the audience, and some quite beautiful little sixteen year old girl gets up there, laughin’ all giddy and stuff, and i start getting caught up in this, i said wow. right at that moment i departed reality because logically i should have been able to ascertain that that could not happen; you’re not gonna get away with chopping somebody’s head off in the middle of helena, montana, the capital city. but the concept of it was so raw and so titillating, i said wow, gee, i gotta watch this.” – serial killer edmund kemper remembers his thoughts at a magic show.

okay so i know Catcher in the Rye is like the whiniest book ever full of Rich White Boy™ problems but I love it??? i’ve always loved it. i loved that i could read that book and relate to someone over Depression Feels even if Holden’s life is completely different and vastly more privileged than mine. i get that CitR is annoying but i honestly can’t stand people hating on it

plus there’s the joy of calling people phonies that just really never gets old

Saeyoung + children angst

A few quick little angst dabbles for Saeyoung as a continuation of my ‘MC dies at childbirth’-hc’s. Formatting is diffrent because I’m on mobile - Michelle


- He never blamed them for anything
- Does anything for his prince and princess
- But can’t help but feeling sad for your daughter to look so much like you
- Doesn’t spend as much time with her as he does with his boy
- One day, when the twins are 7 years old, he asks if she could help him wash his baby car
- She says that he really doesn’t want her help
- Confused Saeyoung
- Then she says: “It’s okay, I know you hate me, daddy”
- His heart breaks and he asks why she thinks that
- And then she explains that he never really looks at her, gets sad when he does just like when he sees your picture, that he barely talks to her, does all kinds of cool and fun stuff with her little brother
- But most of all because there was this one time when she was looking at pictures of you in a photo album and started yelling at her
- Saying that she could just 'look in the mirror and see the person he loved so much, couldn’t live without and was taking away from him’
- He kicked himself for saying that
- In a way he treated her the same way his mother treated Saeran and it made him sick
- His little girl looked so heart broken in front of him
- They both started to cry
- He promised her to be the best daddy for her that he can be

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While i'm behing the 2CT, isn't it strange that if they are twins, absolutely no one had made mention of the twin? Like, our!Ciel comes back and they're all happy of his return but no one asks about the other twin? Never? His parents are mentioned plenty of times throughout the story, but not the twin?

Hmmm… I’ve been asked this question many times, answered it many times and yet I still get the same question from time to time, so I guess this really is one of the major issues people have when it comes to 2CT^^;

Anyway, I’m lazy so I’ll just copy and paste my old post, hope that’s okay! xD


Assuming the 2ct is true, I personally would answer this question as following:

If someone in the manga explicitly mentioned the other twin, e.g. Lizzy explicitly asking Ciel “What happened to your twin brother, [insert a cool name like ‘Ciel’ here]??”, then the 2CT would no longer be a ‘mystery’ (not even a ‘theory’), but a ‘fact’ and the fandom wouldn’t need to discuss it, would it? ^^;

If the ‘2CT’ were supposed to be the 'plot twist’ Yana has been planning since the beginning (as she wrote in this post), then of course she wouldn’t let the characters mention the twin explicitly, but keep it as ambiguous as possible until the right moment for the revealing has come.

Also, there’s Sebastian’s Cinematic Record (ch61-63) which showed us the story of how Ciel summoned Sebastian and later returned to the Phantomhive manor. However, we were only shown fragments of the whole CR. For example, there’s the scene where Ciel reunited with Tanaka in the hospital corridor. Then we ‘jump’ to the next scene where we see them them in another room. We actually missed the most important part of their conversation, namely Tanaka asking Ciel questions like “Where have you been?”, “Who’s that tall, black-haired guy??”, “How did you survive?” and maybe also “What happened to your brother?”. The same applies to Lizzy and Madam Red‘s flashback scenes, too; we’ve only seen a small part of their conversation. We don’t know what they talked about prior to/after that scene.

So my answer to your legitimate question “Why did nobody ask after the other twin?” would be: “Because Yana hasn’t shown us those moments (yet)!”


As for the question why people talk about Vincent and Rachel in front of Ciel, but never mention his twin, that’s strange indeed, but I can think of some possible reasons for that:

1) some people (like Tanaka) maybe know Ciel’s true identity but keep silent on it for his sake and avoid talking about the twin

2) if two children get kidnapped for 1 month and only one of them comes back, then it’s not difficult to guess that something very terrible and traumatic must have happened to them. Maybe they don’t talk much about the twin in front of Ciel because they don’t want to hurt him particularly because he obviously suffers from survivor’s guilt (ch91).

3) Let’s wait and see, maybe there is a good reason for all this (for example, maybe Sebastian’s demon power erased everyone’s memories of the twin lol sorry just jk) and it’s just that we haven’t been shown it yet!

Best Friend Chenle
  • im shookt that Chenle actually gets requests ??
  • like he’s not getting that much love i’m-
  • thanks to the anon for requesting this ,
  • ngl but chenle is such a best friend material i honestly want him to be my best friend
  • but he’s my son so-
  • okay let’s start

  • so you knew him ever since y'all were small kids

  • like around 5/6 years old ?
  • and you never once thought that he’d be your friend because he was always more to the popular side ,
  • while you were quiet and people didn’t notice you that much
  • until this sunshine came up to you one day when you were 8 and was like ,
  • “ Y/N !! let’s go play together hehe ”
  • then he pulls you towards the playground
  • and you couldn’t reject him because he was already jumping excitedly waiting for his turn to slide
  • so cute ahh
  • and after that he started talking to you and hanging out with you during break time
  • and almost every week he’d bring you a packet of juice ,
  • “ for my cute best friend Y/N !! ”
  • fast forward to years later ,
  • y'all are closer than before and your families are like best friends too
  • so lots of sleepovers and parties together !!
  • the first time you brought chenle over for dinner at your house , your parents were suspicious and were like
  • “ is he your boyfriend ? you’re only 12 it’s too young ”
  • “ no dad he’s my BEST friend ”
  • “ why is he holding your hand though ”
  • “ we’re always like that dad it’s normal ”
  • “ don’t get too close to him ”
  • then chenle and your dad becomes best friends too as time goes by
  • one day you caught both of them playing video games together
  • and your dad came up to you and was like ,
  • “ you know .. actually i won’t mind if he was your boyfriend ”
  • “ dad we’re only bestfriends ”
  • “ yeah sure sure ”
  • okay back to chenle
  • he’s really cheerful and positive so you hardly ever feel sad
  • because he’s always telling you jokes and making you laugh without fail
  • but if you get really sad though ,
  • his protective and caring nature would take over , and he’d stay by your side 24/7
  • he sings and dances for you
  • he has thousands of selfies of both of you in his phone
  • and in each one y'all have a unique pose and facial expression
  • he saves your contact name as “ #1 💯 ”
  • because he always tells you that you’re the bestest friend he could ever ask for ,
  • where you saved his as “ superstar bff ❗” because he’s always surrounded by other girls
  • “ don’t worry , i won’t leave you for any of them ”
  • “ no chenle i’m not your girlfriend , you have every right to date anyone ”
  • “ but i want to protect you forever until you find someone else ”
  • chenle why are you like this you’re a smol kid yourself
  • and coincidentally , you met renjun and almost immediately , you fell for him
  • and of course chenle would find out first because he caught you staring lovingly at renjun during breaktime one day
  • and he had this big smile on his face ,
  • “ aw Y/N’s in love ”
  • and the next day you received a text from an unknown number
  • “ hello , is this Y/N ? ”
  • “ yes , who are you ? ”
  • “ ahh .. i’m renjun ”
  • and you sat there staring at your phone in awe for like a few minutes
  • before chenle snatched your phone away to reply for you
  • and he had a proud and happy expression on his face ,
  • “ thank me later , hyung seems to be interested in you too ”
  • okay but chenle’s really open about skinship
  • like he gives you big and warm hugs all the time
  • and he doesn’t mind holding your hand or having his arms around your shoulders even in public
  • he treats you like a boyfriend but also like an older brother ,
  • like he’d nag at you to finish up your school work ,
  • to cooking for you and treating to meals
  • he’s a really fun best friend too ,
  • like he always have plans ready for the both of you ,
  • be it ice cream dates or trips to the carnival ,
  • to exploring different places together
  • he’s up for any kind of adventurous trips with you too
  • he always has your back , and he supports your decisions fully
  • he tries to act all mature with you when in fact he just turns into a small kid in the end
  • like you could just be watching a comedy show ,
  • then you’d see him trying to contain his laugh
  • but he bursts out laughing in the end even if the joke isn’t funny
  • and he falls on the floor laughing too
  • when he’s feeling really good he would randomly pinch your cheek ,
  • “ you’re so cute ”
  • “ wow that’s so random chenle ”
  • “ hehe i know ”
  • he teaches you chinese too when he has the time to
  • and one time he teached you a phrase to say to renjun ,
  • “ 仁俊你很帅 ” ( Renjun you’re goodlooking/handsome ) and lied to you that it meant “ renjun you’re nice ” instead
  • and you believed him and when you said the phrase to renjun the next day ,
  • you were left blushing like mad and renjun couldn’t stop giggling
  • so you almost choked chenle to death
  • but chenle just laughed and apologised so you didn’t do anything else
  • he’s too cute you know
  • tbh he’s just such a fun person to be with
  • like you’re left with no choice but to feel happy and be positive when you’re around him ??
  • i love chenle everyone
  • stop sleeping on him !!

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taylor swift 100% can sing, but that doesn't make her influence any less..well, weird. she's a nearly 30 year old woman who, for the entirety of her career, has been selling this idea to young girls that purity and being a clean, delicate doll who never lets a man lay a finger on them is the way to go. that's harmful!?! how do swifties not see that? yes, she can sing. she can still be problematic!! lmao like she claims to be feminist but romanticizes virginity and she slut shames!! not okay

where did you get this from? the comments section on youtube? literally none of what you took the time to type out and send here is true and i’m concerned for you as a human being 


Okay so this snake is six (?) years old, and only this big. He’s got stuck shed everywhere, especially over his eyes and he’s never IN HIS LIFE had a heat source. He’s got one hide and one really freaking dirty water bowl. He belongs to my younger sister and I told my mom how her care for him is below adequate, so my mom took me to PetSmart to get a few things to improve his living situation.

Today, I’m going to clean this guy’s enclosure (it’s not been cleaned in…years, literally) and weigh him so I can order some appropriately sized prey from Perfect Prey. Honestly, I’m hoping my younger sister will just give him to me so I can stick him in a nice tub and start to fatten him up. My sister forgets to feed him, sometimes for two+ weeks, and that’s why his growth is so stunted. I think he needs a vet visit and a good bath and a full tummy and a warm bed.