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[TRANS] non-no Magazine 2017 Aug Issue - THIS IS HIM


from SUGA
“One of my favorite people among all the people I’ve met in my life, our reliable leader. He’s an artist who has been doing music ever since he was young so I get a lot of positive influence from him as we work together.”

“Someone who does what he has to do till the very end at where he is.. He’s a cool hyung with a lot to learn from. He knows I’m working hard on composing music so he teaches me many things very kindly.”

JIN is..

“The members’ hyung who went to a cafe together with me before debut, talked with me for a long time and gave me advice. He keeps fooling around with dad jokes recently, but Jin-hyung’s really cool when he’s serious! (laughs)

from JIMIN
“We spend a lot of time together playing games. I still remember we bought each other’s game console about 1 hour before we headed to Japan and played in our free time even after arriving. His skill is… one level above me?(laughs)

SUGA is…

from JIN
“Lamb skewers, furniture, goods… He’s interested in a lot of things but when he goes shopping, he only buys music equipments. This is an exclusive information only I, his roommate, knows.”

from V
“Yoongi-hyung’s really interested in Japanese lately so I often see him studying hard. And I think the way and the things he talks about have become more interesting than before. (laughs)

J-HOPE is…

from SUGA
“A kind guy that energizes me by my side when I’m tired. I once carried Hobi to the infirmary when he collapsed back in trainee days. He doesn’t like talking about it but… I talked about it already. (laughs)

from JIN
“He’s into shoes and slippers so Hobi has the most shoes in our dorm. Oh right, I gave him a cute pair of shoes for his birthday this year and he wore it to Japan, so I was very happy. (laughs)


from J-hope
“His broad back is attractive! And he has a special sleeping habit, he often makes sad sounds (whimpers) when sleeping. Even though when he wakes up and I ask “Did you have a nightmare?”, he says “I don’t remember”. (laughs)

from V
“He’s so shy when talking in Japanese or English that even I can feel it looking at him. He looks really cute like that. I don’t know if it’s because of the effect of makeup (laughs) but he became really cool!”

V is…

“Good-looking face and skilled at performing. Furthermore, his passion for making good music is twice as strong as others. I think he doesn’t show it that much, but I hope many people would know he has that (passion for making music) inside.”

“We fight sometimes but he’s like a friend who often fools around with me. Last time we promised to go to Jeju Island together but eventually couldn’t because of my personal matter… We’re close so we’ll plan again some time soon (laughs)!”


from J-HOPE
“A member with stronger desire to improve for music and dancing than others, but sometimes he also has the cute maknae-like side like a spoilt baby. I have to use my strength when I hug him since he’s tall, so I can sleep well. (laughs)

from JIMIN
“The maknae who works harder since he was young than any of the members. He’s the same age as my real brother so I look after him well, but at some point he has started to feel like my real brother. Whatever he does, he’s cute.”

JPN - KRN © cher_bts
KRN - ENG © ktaebwi

After a semester of constant animating, here’s my 114 final! It’s been a lot of fun being able to animate Peggy all semester, I’m glad I chose her as my character. I’ll eventually upload the rest of my Peggy tests~ The prompt for this one was the character has to look for something they can’t find, and it had to be exactly 15 seconds long. So it’s super short but it took like…a month >_< Hope you like~!

An Unexpected Surprise - Part 5

Requested: Yes

Word Count: 2,672

Warnings: A very mean mother

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 6]

Y/N looked at her exposed stomach in the bathroom mirror. She was wearing a sports bra and a pair of gym shorts with the elastic waistband rolled under her growing belly. She was now 7 months pregnant and the summer heat wasn’t helping. She was constantly hot. She walked around with one of those water bottles with a fan, keeping herself cool when she needed it.

As Liam predicted, things didn’t work out between him and Hayden. Hayden didn’t want to be with someone who would constantly put her second, or in this case, third. Plus, she knew how important it was for Liam to be a father to his unborn baby. She decided to break up with him. Liam didn’t fight for her. As much as he liked her and would miss her, his main priority was the baby.

Shortly after, Y/N moved into the spare bedroom across from Liam’s room. He was there for Y/N 24/7. He held her hair back every time she got morning sickness. He went grocery shopping with one of his parents to make sure they wouldn’t buy anything that would make her sick and he always managed to sneak in her latest craving in the shopping cart, which was constantly a pint of her favorite ice cream.

Also, he wouldn’t hesitate to run out in the middle of the night when she was suddenly in the mood for tacos. He would stay up with her and watch random movies on Netflix when she couldn’t sleep. He would make sure to write down all of her appointments with Melissa and Deaton on the calendar in the kitchen. He would walk with her around the neighborhood every morning and evening to make sure she was getting some exercise. Liam made sure he was on top of everything.

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Snow Days - Part 1

Genre: fluff/angst, highschool!au

Pairing: reader/jungkook

Length: 3.2k

Summary: Although you’d been warned about the snowstorm that would affect your area, you decided to go to school anyway. Several hours later, you were trapped in the library, the weather too severe to go outside. Fortunately, you had your headphones so you could listen to your favourite artist: a boy who went by the name JK. Unfortunately, you were stuck with the new transfer student, Jungkook, who was a right pain in the ass.

A/N: if you’ve read my other stuff, you might be thinking ‘another school au???’ and all I can say is yes I’m totally not sorry they’re loads of fun to write
also I base all of them off the korean high school that I went to not officially but that’s another story so obviously they do things very differently to american high schools, so hopefully it still feels realistic for you!! especially as I have no idea what american high schools are like
p.s. the title is for a really lame joke i’ll make later

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 [End]

The cold air blew up your shirt as you waited for the bus, sending a shudder up and down your spine. You bounced a little on your toes, hoping the movement would keep the blood flowing as your breath rose in clouds. The snow that covered the ground was old, but news stations everywhere had been forecasting heavy snow on the way, so you decided to brave the public transport while it was still running.

The tip of your nose stung slightly as you sniffed, but you didn’t want to take your hands out of your pockets to blow it. You’d been trying to keep in as much heat as possible since you left the house, so you continued to sniff miserably until the bus arrived. Clambering on, you made sure to sit next to one of the heaters at the side, the metal way too hot to rest against for long period of time, but you were willing to burn off your skin at that point. It’d been a harsh winter, and you were sick of the cold.

Finally warming up as the bus trundled down the road in the direction of your school, you eventually blew your nose and took out your phone to put some music on. Over the winter break, a music app called Quaver had grown in popularity, and become the best source for musicians to get out their music. Swept up in the hype, you downloaded the app and went searching for soft ballads to help you sleep through the sounds of winds and storms, and you’d come across a singer called JK. His voice was soft yet mystical, and every time you closed your eyes you could picture yourself standing next to a frozen lake with a warm fire at your feet. It was enchanting. You hadn’t stopped listening to him since.

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To Care, or not to Care ? (Stiles x Reader)

Requested by @hannazk : heey can you do a imagine where y/n is stiles girlfriend and he’s spending a lot of time with lydia and y/n get’s jealous and fluff and stuff like this? thx!

A/N : I’m not a huge fan of jealously that leads to anger or confrontation, so I twisted it a bit, I hope it’s okay :) Also I gave a first name to Y/N’s father just because I find it awkward to write (Y/F/N) and I feel like it sort of breaks the flow of the story to have too many « blanks » like this. I chose a very generic name, you can disregard it if you don’t like it. Also I don’t like throwing my readers in media res (in the middle of the action) so I added a bit (a lot) of context first, before really working on the request. JuST DEAL WITH ME OkAY

Also, I really like the first 4k words,but then I feel like I messed it up

Set between season 5 & 6.

Word Count : 9,2k (listen, I have no self control)


Living in a small town truly was an experience of a kind. It was like living on another planet to a certain extent, while also being just an hour drive away from a bigger city, and all the entertainments it offered. After your parents’ divorce, you were torn away from the big city you were born in, and lived all your life. Your mom left with the new man in her life, claiming she needed some time for herself and to see the world. That didn’t leave you many options besides moving in with your dad, who just so happened to come from a small town, and now that nothing held him back in the city, he wanted to go back and live there.

You obliged, not putting up much of a fight – you were a bit of  loner and never had many friends or anyone worth causing more drama within your household. You didn’t have a boyfriend, your closest friend hadn’t given any news in tn days and when your dad assured you that his birth town was just big enough to have a brand new Theater and Starbucks, it was settled.

Everything happened in a blur really. Your two stories apartment in Oakland quickly emptied and it was like all trace of your passage here vanished from one day to the next. The first seventeen years of your life had been erased, and yet you couldn’t bring yourself to feel anything besides mild annoyance, because putting all your stuff in boxes – with the perspective of having to unbox them a few days later – was the exact opposite of what you had planned to do for the last couple weeks before the end of summer break.

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Skinny Love | Jungkook | Pt. 2

Summary: You and Jungkook have been friends for a long time, probably so long that you can even consider one another best friends. You can spot each other in any crowd just by the bond you share, and you communicate sometimes in your own language. But you weren’t content with being ‘just friends’. You wanted more, but what itched at you was the question of if he felt the same.

Potential Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (Female)

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Future Smut, 

Warnings: Mature Content—cursing, drinking, mentions rape.

This is a College!AU that takes place in the states, so use of English names will appear. There will now be four(?) parts to this. (I’m trying to get chapters out quicker so the shorter the chapters the quicker). Enjoy part two and please don’t forget to like this and give me feedback.


Chapter: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04


You haven’t spoken to Jungkook since Saturday, facing him would be a difficult challenge that you weren’t ready for. Avoiding him at all costs until you were rid of the embarrassment that ran all over you was the goal for the month, maybe even the year. It was stupid yes, as much as you bit your nails out of the fear of possibly running into him on campus, you knew that someday you were going to have to speak to him. After all, he is your best friend and communication means a lot to him.

He texted you more often than you’d like, at times just to tell you that he needed to talk to you, other were just to check on how you were holding up with a few funny memes just to make you laugh. See the thing you loved about Jungkook was his ability to understand people, especially you; he’s patient with you as he knows that opening up took time and he’d wait as long as he needs to. Still, that doesn’t mean he can’t coax you into the water.

Kookie ⚠️🍪 12:38 pm

Respond back so I at least know you’re alive.

You 12:39 pm

I’m alive.

Kookie ⚠️🍪 12:40 pm

So do you want to talk now? I haven’t seen you in so long. You can’t avoid me forever.

If you really wanted to never have to face the embarrassment of seeing him and knowing that rejection would come; then yes you could, in fact, avoid him.But it was so hard to not want to see him, it was so hard and exhausting trying to hate him for something that wasn’t even his fault. You wanted to tell him that it wasn’t him you truly hated, but yourself. You were the one who fell for him and it hurt like hell having to watch him go through girls over the past few years. You did it to yourself, and you couldn’t punish him for not feeling the same way but everyone knows that if you were him, you’d want to be able to feel the way you felt freely without any guilt.

Really, you were going to text him back (you told yourself a million times) maybe a meme to try to cheer yourself up but your body wouldn’t allow it. The only thing it allowed you to do was curl up in bed, have your heart beat more quickly than it usually did and have your mind clog up with different ways to cope, one being almost impossible at the moment—to just stop loving him. You weren’t fucking ready to stop because even though loving someone who did not show mutual feelings was hard; in the process, it felt so unique and beautiful and you might never have the same experience again. You might never get to fall in love again. Especially with someone as special as Jungkook.  


It was spring so that meant the weather was getting warmer to the point where you could go outside with just a light jacket on, however you find yourself wearing the long sleeved shirt that Jungkook had given you as you walked with your cousin and her friend to one of the restaurants on campus. The likelihood of running into Jungkook was putting you on edge as the kid knocked on your apartment door twice a day, once before heading to lecture hall which was a few minutes away from your apartment and once after returning from the lecture hall. You weren’t answering your phone nor your door so it was safe to say that you were getting kidnapped by Jungkook the next time he sees you.

‘The Bar and Grill’ which was nicknamed ‘the bag’ by many was the go to place for you whenever you wanted to just feel inspired and write poetry or whatever it might be that day. Their WiFi service was excellent, the food was amazing and just by taking one step into the place meant that you were going to be treated like family.

Even in Spring the owners had the heat turned up to a degree where it was comfortable to eat and relax. You saw some people from your classes, many of whom you never took the time to speak to because their partying ways did not appeal to your reserved ways. You preferred to stay home and relax with friends instead of going to some random person’s house and mingling with strange people at strange hours. Jungkook was like this in a sense, only he loved going to the parties for the booze.

“Huh,’ Nina scoffed in disbelief, ‘this place is nicer than I expected.” 

“How do you go to school here and never even been to The BaG? Matter of fact how to you live with us and not see the inside of this place?” Most days you and Jungkook went here to chill as he practiced singing and you attempted to do homework which resulted in him pushing your binder away and telling you listen to this song with him. He would let you lean on his shoulder, and every now and then feed you one of his french fries, being careful not to get any sauce on his white t-shirt. 

You felt yourself being nudged a bit, your cousin telling you to stop daydreaming about Jungkook and to start ordering something before she made you pay for your own meal. But how could your mind get rid of Jungkook when you knew that he was waiting on a text back and that he was set on making you talk to him. Knowing Jungkook he would search this whole campus just so that his stubborn ass could find you. “Fuck my life,” the realization of something that was sending you into panic hit you. 

“What happened bubs?”

“We come here a lot, usually on Thursday’s too. I don’t know man I think he might come here.”

“I think it would be good if you speak to him. You can’t avoid him forever.”

Your cousin sounded like Jungkook so you tuned her out.

Your eyes ran through the various people here again, making sure that you did not see or hear anything Jungkook related. You set your attention back to your cousin, the things that she was saying getting lost in your head as you thought to yourself. Wait a fucking minute. You looked back to a table of four, three women and one man, smiling at one another, all was good besides the fact that she was girl Jungkook was fucking that night at the party. 

She probably sensed that someone was staring at her as her eyes met yours in what was the most awkward experience of your life. For a few seconds you both stared at one another, not wanting to give up dominance or the challenge for that matter. “Who the fuck are you looking at?” Renee asked you and tugged you by your arm making you sit back properly in the booth. While your cousin had saved you from looking like an idiot you also wanted to punch her for making you surrender to the female. 

“That’s the girl he slept with.”

Silence filled your table, the only sound being your vibrating phone. 

Kookie ⚠️🍪 5:30 pm

I can’t believe you went to the bag without me. I’m hurt 😭

“Guys he’s here,” Nina said looking past your head and towards the front of the restaurant. “I recommend you speak to him but if you want to duck you can do that.”

You looked at your cousin, your heart racing as Jungkook spotted you and made eye contact with you for about a second. “I’m going to the bathroom,” she got up from your side of the booth to give you room to leave and you quickly walked to the bathroom ignoring Jungkook’s calling out for you.

Being in the bathroom made your breathing slow down by your head was mess knowing that he was probably waiting for you right outside the door and you’d have nowhere else to go. Trust and believe that if there was a window in here you be the first to climb out of it. 

You went over to the sink, running water over your hands and eventually washing your face from the oil and hoping that the somewhat cold water would help cool you down. From your neck up everything was hot, your hands were still shaking and your head was spinning as your tried to steady yourself by grabbing the counter. You can do this, nothing bad is going to happen.

“I don’t know why you thought you could avoid me.”

Jungkook looked you up and down with a little smirk as your cousin and her friend both gave you apologetic looks. It really wasn’t their faults to begin with, Jungkook was going to sit there regardless and wait for you all night if he had to; he’s such a stubborn boy. Fine then, if he wanted to talk then you both could talk. You fixed the collar of the shirt, feeling more self conscious as he knew you were wearing his shirt, but you doubt he would mind as he gave it you. 

You frowned at seeing how tense your cousin looked. “We’re going to take a walk and then I’ll come back. You know what I want right?” She nodded and told you that it was fine and to take your time. “Are you coming?” You asked Jungkook as you walked off knowing that he would follow behind. 

Getting outside made things worse as you realized that you would essentially be alone with him and no one would be here to save you just like that night at the party. But if we wanted to get technical Jungkook did stop you from running off and into God knows where in your drunken state, so you could count that as saving you. “This is awkward,” you can’t possible hold your tongue back as you both walked along the sidewalk. This meeting was awkward and it wasn’t going anywhere. 

“Well you’re the one who wanted to take a walk so I’m assuming you wanted to say something to me.”

You couldn’t help but be annoyed by him, “I need you to stop stalking me.”

Jungkook shook his head, “I’m not stalking you. I just want to know where we stand because you’re doing a fucked up job of communicating with me.”

You wanted to say something, anything to retort his accusation (that was true) but you couldn’t because he was right and you were wrong. He had every right to be pissed off because you’ve basically been acting as if he didn’t exist, like he was just another person but he was so much more than that to you. “I’m sorry.” You really were and Jungkook knew this that’s why you were quickly forgiven. 

“You have to speak to me, that’s how we work.” He wrapped an arm around you and for the first time in days things felt normal between the two of you. Naturally you wrapped your arm around his waist and moved in closer to him as he squeezed your shoulder. 

“I know but you know how I get with things like this!”

He chuckled, “I know and that’s why I kept reaching for you. If you liked me you should have just told me.”

“And face rejection and probably losing our friendship. Makes sense.”

“How do you know I was going to say no? I would have said yes, and I’m not going to stop being your friend due to some minimal shit. We’ve been through so much that things like this is nothing.”

His words had comfort you, it brought certainty to your mind now as you knew that he wouldn’t let how you felt about him effect your friendship with him. Jungkook was always good with words when it came to you, he said something cheesy things here and there but they meant a lot to you because you knew he meant everything he said.

Your words were caught in your throats for a second but you managed to get them out. “Back to what you said about how we work, you’re right, us talking to each other makes us a good team.” You hadn’t noticed but Jungkook was staring at you as you spoke about how important it was to finally get everything off your chest. The night at that party, the years of loving him—it was like they were all kept wrapped around your heart, squeezing it tightly. But as your heart was about to burst it slowly unraveled, revealing things in a different light.

Jungkook smiled, you could see his two front teeth that resembled a bunny smile. “We make the best team. Can we sit my legs are getting tired.”

You hadn’t noticed how far you had walked until you looked back and saw that the restaurant was in the far distance up two blocks. “Yeah sure,” you sat on the nearest bench by this florist shop that was thankfully closed today. Wouldn’t need people telling Jungkook that he should buy flowers for the special lady in his life—you. Whenever you both hung out in the city he’d be on the same side of the sidewalk with his arm around you as he held you close, and you would have your arm around his waist to balance it out.

He was awfully close to you as he scratched his head like he always did when he was nervous.


Why does he look like he’s thinking about something deeply?

Why is he smiling at me?

Why is he leaning in?

It happened. The kiss. It was amazing in a weird way, here you were kissing the boy you’ve loved for so long in front of random people who were walking by. The kiss was sweet, his lips were soft, and his hands were warm as they caressed your cheek and your fingers were perfectly locked in his hair. This was happening.

He was the one to pull away, the charming smile he carried before still on his face. He was content, his heart was filled with happiness. You were a blushing mess, but like him you were content, and your heart was filled with more happiness than you thought was possible.

“I should have asked you first I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” You were quick to answer so you sunk back in embarrassment, but Jungkook took your hand rubbing his thumb over yours.

He opened his mouth to say something but only a chuckle could be heard. “I wanna be with you. I don’t care about ruining something that’s too strong to break. I wanna be with you.” He looks at how your fingers were intertwined with each other, this was what he wanted to do everyday. He wanted this, he wanted you. And he didn’t need to think about it last night, in fact the feeling of wanting you, needing you, missing you although you were never truly apart from him only dawned on him when he was sat in that restaurant watching you walk out of the bathroom you were hiding in.

He retraced his feelings back to the ending of senior year where he was unsure of whether to ask you out or to let you be. He let you be from fear of rejection and fear of drifting apart. But now that you were here with him, he wasn’t going to let you walk from again, not after knowing that you felt the same way. He was not letting you slip through his fingers. Not today.

You never did give him a solid response. You simply said ‘me too’ but you were unsure of diving right into a relationship with him as you wanted him to clear his plate of women he had on his tail, and you also needed time to process how quickly your life was going to change. You were still going to be best friends no matter what, but actually dating him and being his. The thought was all sweet and steamy but the reality of it was much more than that.

“Oh my God just fucking go out with him.”

“You’re thinking about it too much just suck his dick and marry him.”

Okay so your cousin was definitely right but Nina not so much. Still though you were going to need to process this whole thing and that meant separating yourself from him for a while to look at the picture clearly.

“Y/N open up it’s me Jungkook!“

Well damn, so much for separating yourself from him.

we-the-replaced  asked:

You got any tips on how to deal with some wicked depression?


Step 1: Pretend You arent here.

What I like to do is play Zelda and in Zelda everyone loves me. I play it all day every day and do nothing else and pretend I’m not here. Any time away from this miserable world is a blessing. Video Games were invented for us depressed people ;)

Step 2: It is not permanent

Just remember: Someday you WILL die and be reborn as something cool like a snake. So whatever happens here just like do it! Cause one day you will be in a life that is good, eventually, and then you can just have fun. So just relax for now.

Step 3: Candy

Just eat a fucking ton of pudding. We will all die someday. Might as well eat as much candy as you can now. I love fruit roll ups.

Step 4: Just look at a bunch of pictures of sexy bara men

This one is self explanatory.

Hope this helps!

I was going to share an in depth thing of the convos I’ve had with amy but I cut a lot of this out because I don’t want it to seem like im using amy for popularity or that im just boasting…now that she’s a real part of the team on marks channel it just seems appropriate to talk about now I guess? 

 it’s one story that warms my heart whenever I remember it and wanted to share

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cooltoy101  asked:

What do the dads do for valentines day?

((this is…so cute I’m such a sucker for valentine’s day. Alsoooo Amanda isn’t mentioned in these bc she would presumably be away at college at this point. Most of the kids are mentioned so I figured I would throw that in there))

-he’s the KING of valentines day. they don’t call him Goth Prince for nothing
-HOWEVER! The first half of the day is spent with Lucien. They go out to lunch together and exchange gifts. Lucien really appreciates it and Damien enjoys the time with his son. Afterwards Lucien goes out with his friends
-he takes a note from his manga and makes you some homemade chocolates/whatever sweet you like. It’s all heart-shaped
-he sets up a little picnic in his own garden. The blanket is black and also heart-shaped
-he buys you all sorts of gifts but also writes you a song. That’s right. He doesn’t sing (although he CAN sing, but it’s just not the way this song is meant to be performed)
-It’s entirely instrumental and he plays it for you under the moon and stars. so fucking romantic
-rose petals and candles all over your room. Wink

-Any time you bring up maybe making plans he says, “Valentine’s Day was created by Big Corporate and given a traditional Christian background to trick us into spending money and pressuring single people into thinking they are somehow imperfect for being single. Galentine’s Day is cool though”
-you eventually drop it and think “Fuck, fine, I’ll get Robert something but I guess we won’t be doing anything. Whatever”
-He 100% pulls out all the stops on Valentine’s day. He actually gives you that whole speech so that you don’t get your hopes up bc he’s afraid of disappointing you
-but he takes you out to dinner at a REAL fancy place and buys you a fucking diamond necklace?? If you’re like “Robert aren’t diamond necklaces kind of…feminine” he’s like “it looks fucking good on you fuck off” but he’s all blushy. he just wants you to like it
-ALSO HE CARVES YOU A LITTLE STATUE OF THE TWO OF YOU. It’s small and cutesy and It took him a long fucking time to make

-The day before VDay he has an open-mic night but it’s Valentine’s day themed. So this year you’re invited to that in the evening
-but he wrote you a song. And it’s slow and sweet and so absolutely fantastic, and he makes you sit on stage so he can sing it right to you
-and he actually starts crying? He gets really emotional because man he just. He just loves you so much
-you guys do valentine’s day the day before VDay because Valentine’s day is reserved for Carmensita, and Mat sticks to that
-except this year is a little different. Mat takes her out during the day but then you all go to dinner together and then to a movie and it’s a really sweet family day

-Valentines day is really cute at the Christiansen’s house. Joe decorates the whole house for it
-and you two spend the evening baking and spending time with the kids
-but then after the kids go to bed he pulls you into his lap on the couch and gives you your gift. It’s something really sweet and dorky, like matching margarita glasses or “His and Xs” pillows
-he then proceeds to tell you all the things he loves about you. He strokes his fingers over your hand and down your shoulders and whispers sweet nothings into your ear

he and Smashley take the girls out the day before Valentine’s day to do something as a whole group, like take them to a theme park or on a shopping trip or something
-and then on ACTUAL Valentine’s Day Ashley has the kids and Craig and you go on another camping trip ;)
-It’s not particularly unique; of course, he gets you a present, but really the trip in and of itself is a gift for the both of you. You rarely get to spend that much time together without anyone else around
-lots more kisses on this camping trip

-he and Ernest don’t really DO anything but he gets Ernest a gift every year. Eventually Ernest starts getting him gifts, too.
-I headcanon that Hugo is a very very lazy cook
-but when he sets his mind to it? Hugo is fantastic in the kitchen. So on VDay he makes you a whole homemade meal
-and it’s incredibly romantic. He sets it all up at the dining room table and plays music and dims the lights
-and it’s just a lovely dinner together. He gets you something small but expensive and meaningful to the two of you, and you have a very traditional and genuine valentine’s evening

-he gets you something like…very not-romantic? Something useful and boring like hedge trimmers
-and when you’re like “…Thanks, Bri, this is perfect” he just LAUGHS and pulls out his more ~personal~ gift
-which is a literal CRATE full of your favorite snack and your favorite drink, whether that be alcoholic or not
-he doesn’t give you traditional gifts but damn they’re good
-other than the gift exchange, you two don’t do anything particularly valentines-y!! You both decide to spend the day with Daisy instead, and it’s actually a wonderful day. You go to the aquarium with her

kingshadows1001  asked:

I got a prompt. maybe everyone forgets it's kirishima's birthday except bakugou n like baku leaves a gift or card or something for him that says "happy birthday shitty hair <3"

lowkey this got away from me I’m sorry lolol but yesss bless you! And happy birthday Kiri

Kirishima usually always woke up in a good mood. He enjoyed the mornings; they were quiet and peaceful and he was always productive during the first hours of the day.

However, this particular morning was different.

He smiled as he turned off his alarm, glancing at the date on his phone before getting up to start his usual routine. He felt an abnormal amount of energy surge through his body as he changed into his workout clothes, slipping on his favorite pair of running shoes before leaving his dorm and going on his usual morning run, repeating the same thought in his mind.

It’s my birthday!

This overabundance of energy did not dissipate after his run nor as he showered and got ready for class. Actually, he seemed to be getting more and more excited as the minutes passed.

His entire body buzzed as he walked down the halls, greeting everyone he passed with a bright smile on his face.

“Yo Kiri!” He turned around to see Kaminari jog up to him, falling in step together as they continued their way to class.

“Hey Kami! Great day isn’t it?”

“Wow what’s got you all happy today?”

His smile faltered slightly but managed to keep his lips turned up. “I’ll give you three guesses bro.”

“Shit man you know I’m bad at guessing.”

“It’s true!” Both boys turned when they heard a high-pitched voice come from behind, both jumping slightly as Mina wedged herself between them, throwing her arms over their shoulders. “Wait, what are we talking about?”

“Just why Kiri is happy.”

“Oh, he’s always happy though! Did you fry more brain cells Kami?”

“What! No!”

Kirishima listened to his friends banter as he walked with them, chest slightly tightening at the thought that popped up.

They forgot my birthday.

Kirishima tried to shake off the fact that two of his best friends seemingly forgot about his birthday. Maybe they’re tricking me? Yeah! That has to be it! They’re probably planning a surprise party or something. He snapped out of his thoughts when people started to talk amongst themselves, realizing then that he wasn’t paying attention to Aizawa’s lecture whatsoever.

Leaning over his desk, he tapped Kaminari on the shoulder, pulling the other away from his conversation with Jirou. “Hey man, what are we doing?”

Kaminari blinked at him  for a moment. “Dude were you not paying attention? Are you feeling okay?” He tried to reach out his hand to feel Kirishima’s forehead but the redhead gently swatted it away.

“No dude I’m fine,” he gave a reassuring smile. “But seriously, what’s going on?”

“Partner research paper over the reason and effectiveness over one of the hero laws.”

“Ah okay. Wanna be partners?”

Kaminari gave him a guilty look and spoke quietly. “Sorry Kiri, I told Sero last time that I would work with him.” He stood up and gave Kirishima’s shoulder a pat. “Sorry again bro but I think Bakugou still needs a partner!”

Kirishima looked over to Bakugou who was just staring out the window, not caring about what was happening around him.

He took a deep breath and plastered on a smile before standing and walking over to the blonde’s desk. “Hey Bakugou!” he exclaimed with as much enthusiasm as he could muster. He watched as the other turned around, signature scowl on his face.

“The fuck do you want, shitty hair.”

“Be my partner?” When he didn’t receive an answer he started to panic slightly. “For the project!”

“And why the fuck would I want to work with you on this shit?”

“Because I need a partner and you need a partner!”

“What makes you think I need a damn partner dipshit?!” Kirishima took another deep breath.

“Come on man please?” He clapped his hands together in mock prayer, staring at Bakugou whose gaze was locked onto his.

“You better not fucking slack off. I won’t fail because your dumbass isn’t smart enough to do a simple ass research paper, shitty hair.”

Kirishima beamed at him. “Thanks man! I owe you!”

“Fucking whatever.” Kirishima swore he saw a faint trace of a blush on the other’s cheeks. He watched as Bakugou packed up his bag and started to head towards the door. Kirishima just stood there, confusion evident on his face as he watched Bakugou’s retreating form.

“Are you fucking coming dumbass?” Kirishima’s head snapped up at the other’s harsh voice.


“The fucking library, where else?” Kirishima smiled and grabbed his things to follow Bakugou.

They studied together for a few hours. Well, more like Bakugou yelled and Kirishima felt like he was about ready to pull out all of his hair with how stressful it was.

Once their research session was over, Kirishima dragged himself back to his dorm room, feeling more physically drained now than he did after his run.

“Yo Kiri, you look dead.” Kirishima stopped walking as Sero walked up to him, concern etched onto the other’s face.

“Yeah thanks Sero.”

The other seemed to think for a moment. “Hey, if you want, Tetsutetsu from 1-B is throwing a birthday party. It might make you feel better!”

The redhead felt a sharp pang in his chest and tried to hold back a choked noise that threatened to escape.

Oh yeah…it’s my birthday…and no one remembered.

He forced a smile. “Nah man it’s cool. I just need to rest a little and I’ll be good as new!”

He knew his excuse was weak at best but he hoped that the other would look through it. He started to shift nervously on his feet as Sero seemed to analyze his entire being. The other shrugged eventually.

“Alright man I hope you get rest!” He wandered off down the way Kirishima had just came from and, again, the redhead found himself alone.

Sighing, he continued to his room, mind moving a mile a minute. He mulled over why none of his friends remembered his birthday, the topic eventually leading to him thinking about what his family used to do for him every year on his birthday.

He smiled softly at the memory of breakfast in bed, full of all of his favorite breakfast foods, which led to a multitude of activities, all of which he did with his parents. He specifically remembered his birthday two years ago and the paintball incident and couldn’t help but chuckle.

All of his memories seemed to flood back at once, leaving him feeling slightly empty inside.

He sighed again, finally reaching his dorm room. He opened the door not-so-gently, cringing as the doorknob ricocheted against the wall. He threw his school supplies randomly in his room, feeling to exhausted to actually put anything away properly and flopped down on his bed, face first.

He laid like that for a few minutes, eyes closed and trying to relax. He gave up a few minutes later, huffing and pushing himself to sit up. He cracked his eyes open and stared at his backpack like it personally offended him. Something was sticking out of one of the compartments and Kirishima eyed it with curiosity.

He stood and walked over, carefully picking up the paper. Upon further inspection, he saw that it was a letter. He turned it over in his hands, admiring the way his name was written with such perfectly practiced calligraphy on the backside, fingers gently ghosting over the ink.

Gently, he turned it back over and peeled up the flap, careful not to rip the envelope or whatever was inside. He pulled out the letter portion, noticing that it was on fancy, customized paper. However, it was not the paper that caught his eye but rather the note written on it. Immediately, he knew who sent it.

Happy Birthday shitty hair Kirishima

Kirishima read over that very brief and simple line many times, feeling warmth spread through his entire being. He walked out of his room and next door to Bakugou’s, eyes never leaving the paper even as he knocked on the door. He didn’t even realize that the other had opened the door at first.

“Go away shitty hair.” He looked up in time to see Bakugou attempting to lose the door.

“Wait!” Kirishima shoved his arm through the door and activated his quirk, successfully stopping Bakugou from shutting him out. The other opened the door wider and glared at Kirishima.

“Now what the fuck do you want?” Kirishima held up the letter but didn’t say anything. Bakugou crossed his arms, leaned against the doorframe, and gave the other an incredulous look. “Of you’re not going to speak then get the fuck out asshole. I need to do shit and it doesn’t involve y-”

“Thank you,” Kirishima interrupted. Bakugou raised an eyebrow, prompting the other to continue. “For the letter. It means a lot to me.”

“It was just a stupid fucking letter. I bet your other shitty friends got you better crap anyway so go pester them.” Bakugou turned to walk further into his room.

“Actually, everyone else forgot.” The other froze, Kirishima’s words causing him to turn back around. “You’re the only one that remembered. Even my parents haven’t called yet actually.” He could hear the sadness in his own voice, too upset to actually care as all his emotions from the day crashed down on him at once.

“Well I was right about them being shitty ass friends.” Kirishima chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck. “Is that fucking it?”

“I-uh…yeah? I just wanted to tell you how much it means to me that you care.”

“Tch nobody said I fucking care. Now leave.” Bakugou swung the door shut hard, causing Kirishima to flinch back due to the sound. He stared at the door for a moment longer before looking back down at the note, a smile taking over his features as he started to feel happier.

I’m glad Bakugou remembered.

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RFA+Minor trio with an MC that has tattoos? Like more than one?

I think that tattoos are so cool and I’d love to get one myself eventually! But they look so painful so kudos to MC for being brave and getting multiply tattoos! Anyways, thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • You decided one night to sleep at Yoosung’s apartment since the two of you were helping each other study for exams
  • Since you didn’t have and pajamas with you, Yoosung offered you a pair of his
  • He went to ask you a question from his biology textbook but he squeaked in surprise when you were just finishing putting the over-sized shirt on
  • Seeing you partially naked wasn’t what surprised Yoosung, it was the tattoos that covered your back and shoulders
  • You giggled at Yoosung’s realization and apologized for not telling you about your tattoos sooner
  • Since his parents always frowned upon him getting tattoos, Yoosung could only dream about having one of his own so he asked you all about yours
  • He whined about how jealous he was of all your amazing tattoos and you asked if he wanted to get a small one of his own
  • With your encouragement, Yoosung got a small tattoo of an LOLOL symbol on his back so that his parents wouldn’t see it and thanked you for giving him the support he needed


  • You and Zen were both excited to have the day off so you decided to go to the beach together
  • Zen runs into the room where you’re changing to grab something and lets out a surprise ‘oh’ when he sees you
  • It was the first time that he’s ever seen your tattoos, you had one of your hip and a few more that decorated your upper back
  • He waited until your were fully changed to ask if he could look at your tattoos, thinking that they look like pieces of art
  • It surprised you that Zen didn’t have any tattoos with the way he marveled at yours so you asked him if he wanted to get one of his own
  • Zen agrees quickly since he’s been on the fence about it for a while but with your support, he finally gets one
  • Even though he considered getting a tattoo of himself, Zen got one with rose petals surrounding the date that the two of you met on his upper chest area
  • Zen couldn’t have been happier with the result and was most excited about the meaning behind his tattoo


  • You and Jaehee were out at the mall buying new swimsuits for yourselves
  • Jaehee made you try yours on first but she was shocked when you opened the dressing room door
  • Not only did you look awesome in your swimsuit, Jaehee saw your tattoos for the first time
  • You had an ankle tattoo and some on your upper arms and you giggled as her eyes went wide with admiration
  • She couldn’t believe that she hadn’t noticed your tattoos sooner and told you how cool you looked with them
  • Jaehee has always been interested in getting some kind of meaningful tattoo but it was typically frowned upon in the C&R building
  • You told her that if she really wanted to get a tattoo she should and that you knew the best places on her body where she could cover it up easily
  • She decided to be adventurous and told you that she wanted a meaningful one to get with you
  • You had to tell Jaehee no to the BFF tattoo idea that she had originally suggested
  • Jaehee and you get small matching tattoos of each other’s favorite flowers, Jaehee was happy that you helped convince to do something that made her feel happy


  • Jumin had asked you to go to a fancy dinner party with some of his clients
  • He had bought you a dress that, when you put it on, revealed your tattoos
  • You cursed under your breath just as Jumin walked into the room, his eyes widened as he saw you upper back and upper arm tattoos
  • Jumin had the stereotypical idea that people with tattoos were either lazy or trying to be punk but all of those thoughts left him once he saw you with your tattoos
  • Instead of scolding you for not telling him sooner, Jumin started gently touching your tattoos as he asked questions like if it hurt getting them, how you decided on the designs, why you placed them where you did, and so on
  • He apologized for saying such harsh things about people with tattoos in the past and permanently dismissed the stereotype since he knew you were an amazing person
  • You curiously asked Jumin if he’d ever consider getting a tattoo and he nodded, wanting to show other snooty business people that those with tattoos should not be looked down upon
  • So Jumin got a small tattoo of a your initials with a small cat paw print next to it, you watched amazed as his face kept a calm manner when he was getting tattooed
  • Jumin crushed the bogus stereotype of tattooed people and felt proud to have something so meaningful on his skin


  • Seven had finally finished his work for the day so he thought that it was about time to mess with you
  • He saw you sleeping on the couch and smirked as he grabbed a cup of cold water and dumped it on you, exclaiming that you needed a shower
  • Before you could get your revenge, Seven’s saw through your wet shirt to see you had tattoos
  • You shrugged and picked up your shirt as you showed him your tattoos on your lower hip and upper arms
  • Seven was immediately in love with your tattoos and declared that he wanted one himself and started asking you about your tattoo experience
  • You flick his forehead and say that you’ll give him the most painful and embarrassing tattoo if he ever pulled a prank like that again
  • After much consideration, Seven has you go with him whenever he decides to get his own tattoo
  • He ended up getting a tattoo of a small galaxy scene on his upper arm and shoulder and now wears tank tops all of the time to show off to everyone
  • Seven wants to have more tattoos like you someday and even suggested you getting a tattoo of his name on your butt which earned him a night of sleep on the couch


  • You and V were sorting through his photos on a hot summer day
  • The air conditioning to his home was broken so you went to change into some spare, cooler clothing
  • V had to do a double take because one you were wearing nothing but one of his oversized tank tops and boy did you look good and two he saw your tattoos for the first time
  • He saw your ankle tattoo along with your upper arm and shoulder tattoo and was immediately in love
  • V said that tattoos were their own form of art and that he loved all of your tattoos and would always support you if you ever wanted more
  • He set up a special little photo shoot to showcase your tattoos and kept most of them because he loved how the tattoos look on you
  • You question V if he ever considered getting a tattoo and while he has, he’s never had the courage to get one
  • But with your support, you and V end up getting matching tattoos, small infinity symbols with each of your initials on your wrists
  • V firmly believes that you’re his soulmate and is pleased with how the tattoo turned out


  • Ever since escaping Mint Eye, Saeran had always been disgusted with his tattoo on shoulder
  • He hated it with a burning passion and that hatred spread to all people with tattoos
  • One day after Saeran was calming down with you from a panic attack and the two of you were cuddling, he noticed a strange mark peaking from the side of your hip
  • Saeran cautiously slightly lifted up your shirt to find that you had your own tattoo on your hip along with a larger one on your shoulders
  • You noticed the deep conflicting ideas in his eyes as he immediately apologized for saying rude things about those who have tattoos
  • Sitting up, you gently grabbed Saeran’s face and made him look into your eyes as you said that tattoos can have happy and meaningful purposes and not just horrid past memories
  • He never really understood what you meant by that until the day he proposed to you and asked you to be his wife
  • Instead of ordinary wedding rings, you and Saeran decided to get tattooed wedding rings to help enforce the idea to him that tattoos could bring happy memories
  • Every time Saeran looks at his ring finger, he smiles as for once in his life he was happy to have a tattoo


  • You and Vanderwood sighed simultaneously as you both walked through the front door soaking wet from the unexpected rain
  • The storm had ruined the perfect opportunity for the two of you to have a rare date since he was typically out on missions
  • As Vanderwood helped you take your wet jacket off, he noticed a strange dark mark on your shoulder
  • He thought that it may have been one of the many hickey marks he given you but this was too large even for him
  • You noticed Vanderwood’s pause and explained to him that you had tattoos on your upper back and lower leg
  • Vanderwood mentally face palmed himself for not seeing them sooner but then took a minute to admire them
  • He’s always found tattoos to be cool and he’s wanted one for himself except for he’s never had anything meaningful enough to put on his body
  • You casually ask him if he wants to go with you to your next appointment and he immediately agrees, knowing the perfect tattoo to get
  • Vanderwood walked out of the tattoo parlor with a cheetah print on his upper right chest, vowing one day to have as many tattoos as you
My Boyfriend’s Bestfriend - Dylan O’Brien Series

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part 2 - part 3


“hey mami why don’t you come shake those drinks over here” some middle aged asshole said “why don’t you go fuck yourself” I snapped he reached over and grabbed my arm startling me “listen here you little bitch-” the man was interrupted by this cute dark haired man “let go!” he shouted firmly “whose this your boyfriend?” the man asked me “yeah now take your fucking hands off her” the dark haired guy demanded “fine” the man let go of me “she wasnt worth it anyways” he spoke under his breath.

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#36 [Karl Anderson]

Requested, #36: “If you use one more shitty pickup line on me, I will throat punch you.” (Prompt from here.)

Word Count: 1,295

Author note: Here is the first story from the June requests! And it’s finally a Karl story! This is just fluffy and sweet. First time writing in first person POV as well.

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The first time it happened, I had been getting a post-show meal with Dean and Roman at a mellow 24 hour diner we’d stumbled upon during our travel to the next city for RAW.

When Luke had walked in, it was like his eyes had honed right in on me. We had friendship history from his previous tenure in WWE, where we had become ‘irritate CM Punk with our antics buddies’. It was a very deep bond.

Karl, who was trailing behind him, I had only recently gotten to know. He was friendly and seemed to have a good sense of humor. Plus, he was nice to look at. Granted, many of the men of the WWE were easy on the eyes, but it was always pleasant to have more around.

“Mind if we join you?” Luke had asked with little room for disagreement. I’d shifted over in the booth, allowing Karl to slide in next to me. He took the menu from the table, his eyes scanning over it.

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Shameless 07

Words: 4,583

Summary: This one I almost didn’t want to write, but it’s prevalent to the story and vital info in here, so it had to be included. There’s no warnings I can think of. Sam finds you in a bar after the incident in the gym and convinces you it might be time to talk to someone about what’s happening. That’s the best summary I can give right now.

Shameless Chapter 6

Shameless Series

The bar was surprisingly quiet for a Saturday evening. You’d been here for a couple hours now and the crowd hadn’t grown all that much as you watched from your worn out barstool. The amber liquid was burning less and less with every sip you took from the tumbler in front of you.

Was this your 7th?  Maybe 8th?  You’ve been here too long now and your drinks were starting to blur together.

It’s been a long time since you’ve drank this much. You’d made it a point since you’d left your early-twenties that you would be more mature, more responsible, less…drunk.

But tonight, oh boy, tonight you were going to do whatever you could to numb this agony residing deep in your chest. Bucky’s words were so fresh as they replayed in your ears over and over.

“…only one desperate enough to keep coming back…”

Well, if he hadn’t hit the nail right on the head with that one, huh?  You were desperate. You were pathetic. You were not worthy. You were weak.

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A Tale Of Two Lobsters: my LOFT 89 experience.

taylorswift, (sorry in advance about my rambling)

So I guess I’ll start from the very beginning! I was graciously given a ticket to go to 1989 Tour OTTAWA by my dear friend lindslovesswift a month or so before the show. (Which is SO NICE. Like who does that!?) So the day of the show came and I went to the venue super super early to check out other peoples awesome costumes, make some friends and also meet up with Lindsay and the girls she brought with her! I was there for probably about 5 hours before doors and was walking around outside when all of a sudden I saw Kevin, from TN, taking photos of peoples costumes for Tays website! He came up to me and was like “…oh my god thats HILARIOUS. TAYLORS LOBSTER.. like from friends!” and I was all “YES. SOMEONE GETS IT!” And then proceeded to explain to him how Tay and I talk online and stuff and he said it was super nice meeting me and hoped taylor would see my outfit (oh and where they were set up inside haha.)

So then I went inside the venues restaurant and sat while Lindsay and the girls ate some food before the show.. and all of a sudden my tumblr and twitter BLEW UP because taylor liked my little post about meeting Kevin. It was UNREAL. Note: Even while all this was going on though I was still 98% convinced I wasn’t meeting Taylor but was okay with that! I just really didn’t want to get my hopes up because its nearly impossible for it to happen.

Anyways! Doors open and we rush to TN’s booth. (SO COOL btw.) I eventually get near the front and Kevin’s standing there with his iPhone, playing 1989, and goes “okay guys whats the next song?” and I say “OOTW. Obviously!” and he looks up and goes “HEY ITS THE LOBSTER LIZ!!” and I kind of die. I say hello and that its so cool he remembered me and he goes “SO.. I didn’t realize how big of a deal you were when we met.. like.. Taylor really likes your posts and stuff and when I was backstage… someone was talking about you a lot back stage… BUT you didn’t hear it from me!” and he casually laughs as I TRY NOT TO CRUMPLE UP ON THE GROUND. We take my TN photo and he goes “SO nice to see you again Liz.. I hope I see you really really soon ;)”……LIKE OKAY SURE KEVIN SAME!

We get to our seats and Vance Joy begins (SO crazily talented btw) and then its getting near when Taylor’s coming on and then… Feel So Close comes on and I instantly lose my shit. Tears are forming, I can feel it, the time right before you realize Taylor Swift is an actual human being and is in the same room as you. UNREAL. WTNY starts and she comes out, flawless as always, and I am so into the show. Honestly, as cliche as it can sound, I really wasn’t thinking about LOFT 89 because the show is such a production you really do get lost in its beauty. So.. its about when IKYWT is ending and Lindsay taps me on the shoulder and goes “OH MY GOD I THINK SOMEONE FROM TN IS COMING OUR WAY.” and sure enough it was Steph.. she comes to our isle.. walks past the other girls I’m with and stops right at me (I’m in the middle of the row) and goes “Im here for you, Liz. Taylor asked me to personally come and find you tonight because she really wants to meet you after the show in Loft 89. Do you think yo’d be able to come?” AND I START SOBBING. “OF COURSE OF COURSE I WANT TO COME.” and so she gives me the wristband and paper and I hugged her SO tight and kept thanking her and she goes “Don’t thank me, thank Taylor, this is all her!” She then gives wristbands to Lindsay and the girls also because I explained that she gave me a ticket and I want them to come with me! I look up and see Taylor just talking to the crowd and I start sobbing again because I finally realize that I am meeting my hero. After the show ends we all met up, went over the rules in LOFT and then proceeded to go down the stairs of the deep arena, into where it was. I saw the door way and was just beyond excited. like.. I had been imagining this moment for 8 years and IT WAS FINALLY HAPPENING.

Once inside Loft 89 I immediately screamed “OH MY GOD THE PIZZA!” And ran right for it and went ham. It was SO GOOD. I took a polaroid with the pizza, the inside of Loft, Taylor’s carpet inside and well.. the one with tay. My phone died shortly after finding out so I let all you guys know and then realized “oh crap.. HOW am I going to get my photo with her!?” Thankfully I brought my own personal Polaroid camera to take photos on throughout the day (like with the busses and stuff) The inside of Loft 89 is SO SMALL but its insanely cozy. There were only about 15 of is in there so it wasn’t super crowded or anything. It literally felt like I dream. Tay also had a really dope playlist going, which included Haim, Flo Rida, Echosmith, Lorde, 5H and more! I tried to take in as much as I could haha.

Then.. Taylor walks in.. and my heart pretty much stopped. Her thick, stock heels made her this gloriously tall goddess of good smells and amazing hair. (P.S TAY. I KNOW EVERYONE ASKS THIS BUT WHAT WERE YOU WEARING? YOU SMELT AMAZING.) She talked to 3 other groups before she came over to me.. and then I look over and All I see her do is walk over to me and go “HEY BUDDY!!!!” And wrap her amazingly long and strong arms around me as I tippy-toe up for out hug. It really was the best hug I’ve ever received. “ITS MY LOBSTER!” she says as I say it back to her as well. “So.. I kind of saw your post and I just had to meet you. We’ve been talking online for so long I felt it was about time! Also your shirt is amazing!! where did you get it?” Me: “Taylor I kid you not, it was a solid 2 day search on eBay for ANYTHING that was even kind of lobster related” she’s dying of laughter and goes “SEE thats the problem. No one else really appreciates Lobsters or lobster patterned things like we do. They just don’t get it.” we then proceeded to quote scenes from “The One With The Prom Video” (the friends episode where the whole Lobster thing came about) back and forth to each other and it was INSANE. We were laughing and doing Phoebe Buffays crazy voices and It honestly felt like I was talking to one of my long time friends. She then signs my blown up polaroid (and when she drew the lobster for me I felt the tears brewing.) I LOVE IT AND CANT WAIT TO FRAME IT!! We then got into talking about some of my own personal fears (that I’m not going to go to in detail about because somethings I do want to keep to myself) but it was about how Im very nervous to go into my twenties, and Taylor basically said that

(you) can’t go into your twenties having a predetermined idea of what is or isn’t going to come out of them. You could have the best year of your life be 20, you just don’t know like.. oh perfect example!! I thought 2013 was going to be my best year because, you know, with the whole 13 thing, and then it just turned into the worst year of my life and having people just message “DIE SLUT.” to me every time I was online… but then you have years like 24 where its your best year you’ve ever lived and it makes up for everything. In your twenties you’ll look back on it and probably have a favourite year. Thats something to look forward too. But for now, just don’t be afraid of whats ahead, because living your life being afraid isn’t healthy and you deserve the best, liz.”

(It took everything in me not to sob. She is such an angel and I will hold those words with me forever.)

We also discussed 90′s television and my best friend homoheroine and how having abby in my life because of her and her music is something I will forever be grateful for. She loved hearing that. Then we took our photo and I asked if it was okay if it was on a polaroid because my phone died and she says “YEAH Thats so perfect” and she goes “okay we totally have to do Lobster claws” “LOBSTER CLAWWWWS!!!!! *photo takes* Oh.. thats so awkward people are staring.. its okay guys!! its just an inside joke.. we’re lobsters hahaha” and then I go “well I guess in 30 minutes we’ll find out if it happened LOL” Taylor then hugged me and moved on to talking to Lindsay and the other girls and everyone else in LOFT 89. As she gave me her final hug, she said she loved meeting me and hoped we’d see each other again soon.

The most insane 10 minutes of my life. EVER.

Taylor. I am so beyond words for how much that night and getting to say everything I’ve ever wanted to say to you, meant to me. I love you so much its unreal. Im sure my 11 year old self would want me to say “Thank you for showing me its cool to love Tim McGraw” because she got picked on A LOT for loving country music, and you helped her realize its okay to love what you love and you shouldn’t let anyone interfere with that. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU. I’ll see you online, and in OCTOBER FOR 1989 TORONTO!!

Love always,

Liz. (Your Lobster.)


Ok guys strap yourselves in because I’m about to take you on the wild ride of the night of May 10, 2017. So I went through a lot mentally to get these tickets but I got them. Then the night before something happened with my friend and I’s ride. I cried my eyes out that night thinking we weren’t gonna be able to go but then we found a new ride so my hope was back. I really wanted to get to the barricade. I’ve been having a pretty shitty year and this was the only thing keeping me happy. So the next morning, our ride was two hours late. I’m sitting there thinking we’re gonna be at the back of the queue but when we got there we had pretty decent spots. We made some friends and had a good time. Then there was the problem of people cutting which pissed me off. It was getting ridiculously out of hand. I decided to abandon all concert etiquette and bulldoze my way to the front because my god I deserved it. By the time we got there I was stuck behind 3 tall girls. For those of you who don’t know, I’m 5'0. Yeah I was pissed and the barricade was right there. Concert started and I had the time of my life. However the girls around me were sort of bitches and I thought a fight was gonna go down. Eventually my friend (god bless her) managed to shove me to the front and I was right by the barricade. I swear van and I made eye contact for a split second before he closed his eyes. It happened. Singing along with my favorite band at the top of my lungs was such an amazing experience and I’ve been lucky enough to experience it twice. Their stage presence is the best I’ve ever seen and out of all the concerts I’ve been to, I enjoy theirs the most. It’s weird because I feel so at home and a sense a of belonging at their concerts. I could go on and on about the show but I’m just gonna say it was absolutely amazing. Now our oh so precious ride got into some trouble and my friends mom had to come get us. She’s pretty strict so I was concerned we weren’t going to get to meet the band because she would want to leave. Thankfully at the end, she was still 70 miles away. My friend and I waited by the gates, through hunger, cold weather, and rain. I see people standing up and of course we follow them. Now we’re standing around like dumbasses just talking until my friend says “oh my god bob and bondy are standing right there.” They were talking to the crowd about something (we were in the back). We could not believe our eyes. I got around to bob and my god he’s an actual angel. He’s so sweet. He turned towards me and I asked him for two things. I asked if he could take our selfie because I was shaking too much and then if he could sign my shirt. I’m still shaking while writing this. He was so gentle and sweet and took the picture. I expected him to move on because there were so many girls but he asked me about my shirt and signed it. God his arms were around my waist for so long fucjfigja I’m dead. I love him so much like you don’t understand. I love him I love him I love him I love him. My friend also loves bob a lot but she was like cowering behind me. I asked him if he could take a picture with my friend and she was like “no no no no”. I had to ask him again and he said “of course!” He was so gentle and sweet and took his time with us even though there was this crowd of people. I felt so calm around him. I told him he was great today and he said “thank you so much. Hope you enjoyed the show.” Then we went around to bondy and I was waiting for a while. He knew I was there and kept looking at me but the other girls kept going up to him. I’m so passive omg lol. Anyways he turned towards me and I told him how they’ve helped me out in so many weird ways. And he was like “oh well I’m glad we did something” and kind of laughed and said he’s glad. Then we got a picture and god his hand was on me for so long. I didn’t have a sharpie on me (I asked a girl for bobs but she left). Bondy was like now we just need to find a pen and I was like um I don’t have one but I mean that’s okay if no one has one. I mean I was fine. I was dumb and didn’t bring one but No he turned around and started asking for a sharpie and oh my god I think I died a little on the inside. This girl handed me one and he signed my shirt. I shook his hand said thanks and I hope they have a good rest of the tour. I was a mess. He looked at me right in the eyes and said thank you. He’s so intense and smooth and cool ahhh. After that he had to leave but bob stayed for so long. Eventually everyone started calling him but he took his time and still took pictures with people. I have a video of me yelling “bob you’re an angel!” and he looked so confused. It was hilarious. So yeah that fucking happened.

BTS Reaction- their crush randomly draws and takes pictures of them

This was requested by @pinkypieeg (thank you for requesting something, and also omg this is so cute!!) 


He would most likely love it, because it means they pay attention to him and enjoy looking at him almost as much as he does. Would be oblivious to the possibility that they like him back. Also, probably poses for some of the pictures or drawings. Of course a large part of him is using this as a way to get closer to his crush, in hopes that something more would come of it.

“I’d say get my good side, but I don’t have a bad side anyway” 

“Does this position work for you? Can you capture all of my beauty this way?”

“Ah, you’re so talented! Look at how realistic this looks! …Oh, that one is a picture? Haha, well, still!” 


Would love it, but act like he doesn’t notice/care. The fact that his crush is paying attention to him would make him feel happy and cause some major gummy smiles, but mostly he’d be cool and collected. On the outside. He’d probably talk to the boys about it, but casually, so he doesn’t seem too suspicious. I feel like he’d just gradually become more comfortable with the crush,and over time their relationship would naturally shift into a more romantic thing. No official question or start date, they’d just find themselves happily together one day.

“Nice drawing, is that me? It looks nice”

“You’re talented, would you want to help me think of album cover art ideas?”


NO CHILL WHATSOEVER !!!!! The first time he finds his crush taking his picture or working on a drawing of him, he’d get excited and loud, maybe pinch their cheeks a bit. Lots of hugs and compliments, and blushing on his end. 

“Y/N! Is that me? It’s beautiful! OMG”

“Did you take a picture of me? *blushing horrendously, loud excited screeching* DOES THAT MEAN YOU LIKE ME TOO?” 

srsly tho, hugs. hugs every time he notices


He would blush the first time it happens, but then ask to see whatever drawing they were working on or the picture they had taken. He’d compliment the skill behind everything they showed him, and he’d probably drop their phone while looking at a picture and crack the screen. Would appreciate the thought, effort, and time put into the drawings. Kicks up the flirt game by 273% 

“I love seeing your drawings, your techniques are so great”

“How many pictures of me did you take? Let me see- *fumbles* Oh, sorry! I’ll replace it”

“This one is almost as pretty as you are”


It would depend on which one it was. If they were drawing a picture of him, he’d be shy and adorable, giggling and hiding behind sweater paws. If they were randomly taking his picture, he’d go to the opposite end of the spectrum, and be F L I R T Y A F ! Most likely because to draw someone you have to really pay attention to detail and focus on their appearance, which would make him nervous. And taking pictures of someone is more like ’I want to be able to look at you again later’ and he’d take it in a flirty way, because he has a crush on them. Also, if he found like a notebook with drawings of him, he’d just smile//smirk and slowly look at them all, appreciating the artwork.  

“Agh, Jagi (yep, he’d say that), why take pictures when you can see the real thing right here? *flirty wink because he enjoys making people suffer*” 


He’d probably find it cute and he’d blush about it. Confused at first, because why would his crush want pictures of him? (Obvious reasons, but he wouldn’t get it). Then he’d start doing the same stuff too, because they’re cute. Already would hug and cuddle with his crush, but does it more often now. 

“Why’d you take a picture of me eating? That doesn’t make sense. Whatever, come sit with me and watch a movie”

“Y/n, sit still. I’m trying to draw you and you keep moving. I wanted to see what the big deal was and why you always do this, so I figured I’d give it a go”


He would L O V E it, because that means his crush notices him and that’s what he wants. He’d be really happy about it, because his crush is super adorable in his eyes and he wants their attention as much as possible. He too has an arsenal of candid pictures of them saved in his phone, and he loves that his crush draws him, because he also likes to draw. Would probably become closer with them by sharing artwork with them. He’d start off shy about it and eventually get used to it. Flirting would occur, but would mostly be him sending them memes that he made using pictures of them.

“Look at this one. It’s not as good as your drawings, but I think I drew your lips pretty well” 

“Can you teach me how you do this shading? It looks cool” 

  • Side note: my laptop died when I was halfway through jungkook’s part, and I thought I lost everything. good thing my computer stays on whatever screen it dies on
  • I hope you enjoyed this~ if not, I’m very sorry and please let me know what I can do to get better
  • didn’t proofread after I finished it, but checked each part after I wrote them, so it should be okay, I hope so
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BTS Reaction To You Kissing Them Or Them Kissing You For The First Time


I see Jin being the romantic type as well as a bit old fashioned. I see him asking for your permission before doing anything. So being the gentleman he is, he’d ask very cutely if it was okay to kiss you which you would shyly nod yes to and he’d gently caress your cheek as he leaned in for a chaste peck, making your toes curl. After the kiss the little cutie wouldn’t be able to stop smiling and would even comment on how beautiful or amazing you are.

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Yoongi is the type to play it cool when really he’s dying inside. He would be admiring how beautiful you looked throughout the date, eventually building up the nerve to kiss you. Afterwards, he would feel very shy but after noticing that you were feeling just as shy he’d say something cocky like, “Aww Jagiya, am I that good of a kisser?”

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I can see Hobi taking you out on an ice cream date and him finding it cute how excited you’d get over all the different flavours. He’d then suggest taking a walk along the beach. As the two of you held hands and ate your ice cream, Hobi would eventually turn towards you about to ask for a taste of yours before noticing that you had gotten ice cream on your upper lip. He’d begin to laugh at how cute you looked and would hold you in place as he used his thumb to wipe the ice cream off. He’d notice how soft your lips were and would be unable to resist.  He’d slowly go in for a kiss and he’d be absolutely radiant afterwards. 

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Rap Monster/Namjoon: 

I feel as if Namjoon would find it really attractive if you were to surprise him by making the first move. He’d immediately smile, flashing his beautiful dimples and shamelessly ask you for another one. I can also see him teasingly making a cheeky remark in order to get a rise out of you. 

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I feel as if at first Jimin would turn very serious and bite his lip as he nervously contemplated whether the timing was right. After he decided that it was, he’d shyly lean in closer towards you but he’d have an awkward smile as he tried to keep himself from nervously giggling. Afterwards, the little bun wouldn’t be able to stop himself from bursting into a fit of giggles due to how happy he was. 

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For some reason I can see Taehyung announcing when he was gonna kiss you? Like he would turn to you suddenly as the two of you were walking hand-in-hand and say something along the lines of“Jagiya I really want to kiss you right now,” or “Jagiya I’m going to kiss you right now.” He would smile fondly at you afterwards and pat your head as he grabbed your hand and continued to walk as if nothing happened, leaving you speechless. 

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I feel as if Jungkook would put it off a lot. You would clearly be able to see he was flustered and when you’d ask him what was wrong he’d respond a little to quickly, “n-nothing, why do you ask?” He would try to work up the nerve the whole time the two of you were on your date and finally when you realized what it was he was so nervous about, you’d grab him by the cheeks and pull him into a quick kiss. He’d immediately flush red and wouldn’t be able to look you in the eye for the rest of your date but he’d have a ghost of a smile. Once you’d gone home he wouldn’t be able to wipe off the large grin that had taken over his face, instantly sparking suspicion from the members which would result in ruthless teasing. 

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Hello everyone!! So I realize that it has been FOREVER since we’ve posted anything and we wanted to apologize for taking an unannounced hiatus. Admin K has been busy with school and I’ve been busy with personal health problems. Hopefully, we’ll start posting more frequently again! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this, I’m sorry if it’s a little rusty haha (:

~Admin C

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'I always need you' Klaroline

Caroline takes a seat on a bench, where she has a good view of the training yard. She watches her daughters as they are practicing a new spell with their best friend, Hope Mikaelson. The girls don’t notice the vampire looking at them, nor the man sitting next to her and leaning against the back of the bench.

The air smells like a scent of spring, the world slowly wakes up to life after winter. Caroline inhales fresh, still cool air, feeling his presence right next to her. She used to be afraid of him, knowing exactly what he was capable of and hating him for it; he used to be the object of her scorn. Now she looks at him and she realizes that he’s been gazing at her for some time now. It doesn’t embarrass her at all.

“Are you going to sit here all day? Hope will see you, eventually,” she says, fighting the feelings he releases in her. Even though they don’t scare her anymore. “I still cannot understand it. You left her many years ago and you didn’t even call once. You completely disappeared from her life.”

Klaus’s quiet for a moment. Then he sighs, his gaze leaves her face for a while and follows his daughter, who shoves hair back away from face and laughs. Caroline watches closely Klaus’ reaction, expecting a crack on his perfect mask, but he just smiles lazily. Caroline knows he suffers. She knows him better than anyone, though she is aware that Klaus would never admit what he feels. He carries his pain deep in the heart.

“Everything I do, I do it for my daughter’s safety, love,” he answers.

He looks tired, but his voice is still strong and melodious. Caroline suddenly remembers how he pressed her against the tree and kissed with such passion…

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Hope to see more of Dyne, they look super cool.

Why yes, I will gladly blather on about my OC’s with even the slightest nudging!
(Even if there’s like a 70% chance that it’s because she’s the character with the most sex appeal I’ve posted here lol)

Super sketchy comics because my life’s been super busy~

The world in which Dyne lives is beset by hordes of demons and devils which exude a poisonous miasma into the air around them. This miasma will eventually rob any human not mauled and eaten into a mindless monster and, eventually, mutate them into a demon themselves.

Dyne, thanks to having come to possess a legendary devil’s right eye, instead grows nearly invincible and crazy powerful when exposed to miasma. However, since she’s still human, this power comes at the cost of the miasma eating away at her memories.

She’s in a bit of a catch 22: she has to fight to physically protect the ones she cares about, but doing so causes them emotional pain as they watch her memories deteriorate.

(Fun fact: Dyne was actually a conscious attempt to create a sexy warrior lady some years ago. But between my usual distaste for normal sexy warrior ladies, penchant for heroes with emotional damage, and that I was binge reading Berserk at the time… I uh… I’m not sure what happened really)

Might not be what you were expecting, but thanks! :D