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I like to correct my typos after I’ve gotten at least 10 notes on a post. Those first ten souls get extra bonus points for hearting the sad typo posts. They’re on my good list. That means they’ll get stuff when I die like my mostly blank bullet journal, those cool circle paper clips and my collection of colorful felt-tipped pens.

Were other people aware that Kanye West went to Trump Tower because I just saw an article showing that like he posed for pictures with the fascist cheeto puff in the lobby while talking about how they’ve been friends for a long time and then Trump said Kanye was a good guy before going up to have a meeting…. like, Kanye is literally the embodiment of human garbage tbh.

Also, I find it sorta funny how tumblr picks female celebrities apart for how much they did/didn’t talk about Donald Trump, but then Kanye stops for a photo-op at Trump Tower and like… nothing. I can’t think of any female celebrity that could pull that shit off without tons of posts, each getting tens of thousands of notes, labeling her garbage. Like the sheer public outrage would be insane… god this website is so fucking misogynistic lol

NCT as People on Tumblr Fanblogs
  • Taeil: posts mv and lyrics analysis
  • Hansol: source of info(which were not officially confirmed yet but is true), since he knows what's going on down the basement
  • Johnny: meme maker, shitposter,
  • Taeyong: fanfic writer, his followers call him "mother", "mom", is concerned for his followers (always asking them how they are, have they eaten, etc)
  • Yuta: all posts are savage, roasts his fave celebrities
  • Kun: detective, makes conspiracy theories, also savage poster, has receipts on his mutuals
  • Doyoung: shitposter, reblogs his posts when they get only a few notes
  • Ten: mostly reblogs, but his tags are extra af
  • Jaehyun: posts info, updates, photos, videos
  • Winwiwn: always in fanfic blogs' ask box with 5 requests per day, anonymously
  • Mark: fanfic writer. whenever he reblogs smth, his tags are #ahahahaha
  • Renjun: makes translations
  • Jeno: gif maker, his selfie tags gets a ton of likes
  • Donghyuck: his posts are savage af, and always exposing his mutuals' asses
  • Jaemin: always in everyone's ask box, not making requests but asking random stuff or telling the blogger about his day
  • Chenle: posts vocal covers, gets a ton of notes
  • Jisung: that blogger whom you were surprised when you found out that he is actually a smol kid
I literally wrote this in ten minutes and it,s probably going to get no notes lol,,,,,but here goes (-:

Ok so this is written from two different perspectives, the first one being Simon and the second being baz. Enjoy even though its terrible!((((;


           He breathed him in and out for he was everywhere like oxygen. He was a fucking galaxy, no a whole different dimension, and he knew he wasn’t worthy of him. He spoke pink-orange-yellow words, yet he knew that the galaxy (no, dimension) of a boy was black and dark blue, oh so black and dark blue. Love was the only thing he thought when he saw him, colors flying across his mind in a hurry. He was a contradictory mix of bright reds and oranges  and yellows and greens mixed with deep, dark blacks, blues, and greys. But he was everything, and everywhere. He was a walking contradiction actually, a mess of flames and soft spoken words, combined with snarls and sweet whispers only few knew. Of course he knew about it, the boy was everywhere and everything to him, yet he was absolutely nothing to the other.

          His eyes were so so blue, and he was made of constellations and planets, and he was a fucking mess, yet so was the other boy, therefore they matched and that’s why they were perfect.  He knew he could never have this ocean of a boy, no matter how hopelessly in love he was, for it was like chasing after a lost idea. You have a small piece of it before it eventually fades into nothing and flies away into other seas of more nothings. And that’s maybe why his heart was so heavy, because he loved the mess of a boy, and loving him was like being underwater, not being able to breathe while watching those from above the surface breathing around him.

what i will say is like, its shitty that people will drag some random kid for making an embarrassing but otherwise harmless post until it gets tens of thousands of notes and the kid has to delete their blog but as soon as people pick on a super popular blogger for fun its like “hey! That’s not very fair or nice!” like… yeah lmao!

I get so tired of the way fandoms feel entitled to their writers, sometimes. 

By sometimes, I of course mean “always,” but that isn’t the point right now. I am not the point right now. The point is this:

It’s really hard not to consider the majority of your readers as assholes when you’ve got hit figures in the hundreds and comment figures in single digits.

It’s really hard to drum up motivation to keep writing when the only feedback you get is the impossible to gauge kudos.

It’s really hard to share your work with people who look at it and then move on without reacting, especially when you see how the most basic of sketches get ten times the notes your writing does.

It’s really hard to be a fandom writer, unless you’re one of the popular ones - and even then, that comes with its own pitfalls. Sure, you get the higher comment counts, but you also get the anons. And the rude comments. 

I don’t understand why-

I don’t like this-

I don’t think you should do that-

Dear Fandom:

You don’t own your writers. Your writers are fans, just like you. Your writers are creators, just like your artists and gifmakers. Your writers are not story-machines, insert coins here to produce words below. Your writers are not automatons who unflinchingly accept your demands and abuse. Your writers are not free of any obligation save for producing stories for your amusement. 

Dear Fandom:

Your writers are people. Your writers are artists of a different medium. Your writers deserve as much praise and feedback as your visual artists.

Dear Fandom:

Everyone can write. Not everyone can write well. Help those who can’t to improve. Praise those who can and encourage them to keep going.

Dear Fandom: 

It takes less than five minutes to type “This was great, I liked it when she kicked the dude’s teeth in!” and hit Comment

Dear Fandom: 

Fic links can be reblogged, too - it’s not just visuals and meta!

Dear Fandom: 

You think that the quality of fic is declining in your fandom? Maybe you should look at why that is, instead of complaining that your writers are lazy or careless.

Dear Fandom:

It is really hard not to hate you sometimes.

makuta-tobi  asked:

I only mentioned dA because of limited space. She does have a Tumblr and tags very liberally, but 9 times out of ten she barely gets 10 notes on a post. It's been discouraging her.

It takes time :/

And if it’s any form of encouragement, getting at least 10 notes is a pretty good ratio.

To put in perspective, I have almost 10,000 followers on tumblr but I’m lucky to get 100 notes on non-fanart stuff. Sooo…. if you’re in it for the notes and fame… start drawing fanart otherwise it’s a waiting game. But I wish her all the luck in the world, stay in there!

400+ followers???

I just hit 400 followers recently? What the hecking heck guys?? I’m so happy rn??

Srsly tho. Im like sooo happy. I want to do something for you guys, but I never know what to do!

SO, idk if this will even like happen, but if you guys like/reblog this post, depending on how many people like respond (I’ll do about a 10% so if it gets ten notes, one person wins, 30 = 3 people, etc.) I will announce a few people who get to ask me to either write one thing or make an icon set or wallpaper thing.

If this post gets less than 10 notes, then I’ll just do everyone who liked/reblogged. 

But ye. Thank you so much guys. ilyasm

Dont forget, my inbox is always open! <3 <3

I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

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We are programmed to think the quality of our work depends on how many people appreciate it. They make us think that if we don’t get many likes, it means we are not good enough. But I have learned it’s all about exposure. A person with 100k followers draws a photo of two lines and gets thousands of notes. A person with 100 followers paints an amazing landscape and gets ten notes. It’s not about the quality, it’s not about the effort you make. It’s all about exposure. The attention you will get is often proportional to the audience you target. Make sure you love what you do, and take pride in your efforts. Don’t let the lack of feedback discourage you.
—  Ira V. Simon


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nickname: olive :)

starsign: aquarius  

height: 5′2 2/3 

time right now: 8:41 pm

last thing googled: “heeya sojung” bc listen,,,,,,,,, i listen to this song like twelve times a day

favorite music artists: oh boy oh boy here we go. marina and the diamonds, birdy, rihanna, beyoncé, emeli sandé, lana del rey, fifth harmony, taeyeon (as a solo artist), ladies’ code!!!, snsd!!, gfriend!!, red velvet, and more

song stuck in your head: Heeya, the cover by Sojung …. and i am…..crying…..pls….it is so emotional….i am …. sobbing

last movie watched: i don’t know um i think it was star wars lol

last TV show watched: The Walking Dead bc its spoopy

what are you wearing right now: leggings, jean jacket, a choker, and a white lace top

when did you create your blog: um early 2015 i believe

what kind of stuff do you post: well. lots. pink aesthetic, !!ahsoka tano!!, the clone wars and star wars, the legend of zelda, and of course… kpop. sometimes percy jackson, avatar, fire emblem, studio ghibli, & steven universe make an appearance. 

do you have any other blogs: yes

do you get asks regularly: sometimes. not lately 

why did you choose your URL: listen,,,,,,,,,,, i was emo at the time

gender: female 

hogwarts house: i dont know. i never got into that sorry

pokemon team: TEAM MYSTIC FTW 💙

favourite color: purple and pink and blue idk colors are pretty 

average hours of sleep: 4-10 lol

favorite character(s): please buckle up bc we’ll be here for a while. AHSOKA TANO. ALL OF THE CLONES (all of them). CHROM! LISSA. LUCINA. PERCY AND ANNABETH. ALSO SILENA. MALON AND SARIA. AND IMPA. KIKI. KATARA AND TOPH AND SUKI. please don’t make me name my favorites i love everyone

how many blankets do you sleep with: five…..

dream job: author and actress 😌✊🏾

following: like who is following me (309)? who i follow (379)? pls help i am confused. oh well i answered both

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Hey, everyone! Here you have the final version of that one WIP that made my notes explode. I swear, after I posted it I got like ten times the notes I thought I’d get in the next five years or so.

Anyway, this is actually a birthday gift for my boyfriend Nahuel, I finished the drawing like two days ago but wanted him to see it first, so sorry for making you wait. He loved it and I hope you like it as well!