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hi, i was just wondering if you knew when is/was jonghyun's last blue night recordings? i'm curious to see if he'll be talking about his experience at the american concerts, the l.a one was lit LOL, also i'm not sure if you said you were going but i hope you had fun if you did !!

his final broadcast will be dated as april 2nd, but technically begin at 12am kst on the 3rd. as of now (like mentioned in the last message i responded to) we’re not sure when his next live broadcast is going to be. i could be wrong obviously but i figure the last two or three will be live so there’s a good chance that he’ll mention the north american concerts there!

and i did have fun! thank you!

Hey followers of mine:

I organized all my fics that are specifically about the magnificent and kickass ladies of TMNT on AO3, and just wanted to encourage you all to go check them out.

Only the first two are currently connected in terms of AU-verses, but they’re all really awesome in my opinion. Definitely worth the read.

Please go check them out! Show these ladies the love they don’t get in canon! We all know they deserve some, at least from the fandom!

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March 28, 2017// [4/30]
I almost forgot to post today! It’s been a very busy day. I had class all morning and I only got in one hour at the library in the afternoon. Then I had to go work on a group project for like 4 hours. It’s due tomorrow but we thought we would finish it up today to be safe. Afterward I came straight to the library 📚 I’ve been working on finishing my Cornell notes from psych this morning. We’re learning about language development and it’s really cool!