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A cold Façade

Fandom: Harry Potter (Marauders Era)

Pairing: Sirius Black (young) x Reader

Warnings: none just some angst and cuteness

Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a marauder era! Sirius x Slytherin! Reader where they hate each other and James accidentally gives Sirius amortentia -it was meant to be a prank for Snape to be in love with y/n- but turns our y/n really likes Sirius then realizes he’s under the spell and ofc gets upset and Sirius makes it right with her somehow. Can you make it really angsty but has a happy ending?

Word Count: 4k holy moly this is my longest so far I think

You looked in your mirror tightening your tie and neatly tucking it into your sweater, you brushed your curled hair behind your ears flattening any loose ends. You laced your shoes and patted down your already freshly ironed uniform, a slight sent of fabric softener being released in the air as you did so. You put a lot of effort into your appearance, the way people saw you was important to you, unlike some people.

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[January 17th]

I had my first day of classes today! I think that I might drop Geology and I’m adding Western Civ! Ahhhhh I’m so excited and happy about the semester starting!!!

Also I vastly prefer posting photos of my notes and stuff rather than my bujo so I doubt that I’ll be posting much of it in the future. Plus I might be going back and deleting my posts since the start of the new year. 


Yuri “Rudy” Yang - Yuna’s little brother (I think in game he’ll be seen as younger because I made him second so he’ll be her younger brother instead). 

Geek, Perfectionist, Loner 

Computer Whiz 

Wants to be a popular livestreamer/gameplayer 

EDIT : Nope! Changed my mind. He’ll still be the older brother no matter what the game says. :P
10 tips to get your life together

1. Start a skincare routine

I know this sounds silly but this is a very easy and simple way to make you feel motivated and organised. Starting a skin routine will not only make you feel better, it will also make you feel healthier and more confident. It only takes 10 minutes, morning and night, and you can cater your skin routine to fit your personal needs. Also it will make your skin look AMAZING.

2. Start a diary/to-do list

My tip for this, coming from an excessive procrastinator, is only put 3 things to do each day. This way you don’t overwhelm yourself with tasks, and it is easy to complete and after you have done it you will feel a lot better about yourself. Instead of doing 15 things in one day, do 3 things a day for a period of 5 days. Starting a to-do list/diary will give you the push to actually do what you have put on it. Writing down all of the things that you have to do will make the tasks seem easier and it will be less overwhelming.

3. Read a book

Reading a book that you enjoy, not one that you have to read, is a great way to clear your mind. I recommend reading for 30 minutes before going to bed. Make sure you have the book in a physical copy, not on your phone/other electronic devise, as using these before bed can negatively affect your sleep. This kills two birds with one stone: Reading, and not going on your phone before bed

4. Exercise!

Whether this is 15 star jumps in the morning or 3 hours in the gym, exercise is a great way to feel more confident about yourself. Also, when you exercise, your body releases endorphins which make you happy! :) This will also help you to be healthier which is an added bonus.

5.Do your homework the night you get it

Obviously this is only if its possible, but leaving your homework until the night before its due in is a terrible habit to get into, which just ends up in you feeling stressed. Getting your homework out of the way the night it’s set will help you feel more prepared and less worried.

6. Read ahead

About to start a new topic? Read ahead. This means you will be ahead of everyone in your class, which will make you feel more confident, and it means that once it is taught to you, you will have a better understanding of it and if you don’t understand anything, you can ask once it is taught.

7. Clean your room every night

Cleaning your room every night will mean that you will feel more organised and you won’t have much to clean up the next night. Trying to work in a messy room will make you feel unmotivated and you will be more likely to procrastinate.The same goes for if your desk is messy. A clean room is a clean mind!

8. Make your bed in the morning

I see this posted everywhere, but still people don’t understand the importance of it! Making your bed in the morning will make you feel prepared and you will start your day will a clear mind. Its one thing off of your list of things to do.

9. Drink lots of water!

Being dehydrated can be a cause for headaches, fatigue and many other things that will make you feel unmotivated and down. Drinking at least 5 glasses of water a day will not only make you healthier, it will also make you feel generally better and happier.

10. Get at least 8 hours sleep!

This one is so important! For teenagers, 7 or less hours sleep is considered as sleep deprivation. Being sleep deprived can cause things such as: Bad concentration skills, a lack of motivation and also decreases your chances of remembering something by 40%! Enough sleep is crucial for having a good day and getting those A* grades your aiming for!

Any questions, feel free to ask!

ProJared and SpaceHamster are really good examples of how Internet personalities can have wildly different boundaries and comfort zones with fans and how both are equally deserving of respect. Jared actively courts flirtation from adult fans while Jeff dislikes even discussing what he finds attractive in another person, and both approaches are valid!

As fans, it’s important to keep in mind that celebrities have just as much a right to give and deny consent as anyone else, and what one person might be okay with won’t necessarily fly by another person, even when the people in question are friends with similar content and audiences. Just like with people you meet IRL, one person saying yes doesn’t necessarily mean the next person will have the same reaction.