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bit of a disaster, aren’t we? [bellarke, the 100]

Clarke breaks her ankle and really would prefer that Bellamy not find out about it. She has a feeling he’s going to get mad. (She’s right.)

This is complete and utter fluff with a side of Minty.

“On a scale from one to ten,” says Clarke, “how ridiculous is this?”

Monty raises an eyebrow, scoots his chair a little closer to her bed, and gestures at the surrounding medical equipment. “I mean…like at least an eight.”

“I was going to try for seven,” Clarke says primly, smoothing out a wrinkle in her (very uncomfortable) hospital gown. “An optimistic seven. People get injured. That happens.”

“It’s not the fact that you’re injured that’s ridiculous,” Monty notes. “It’s how you got that way. You fell down a flight of stairs, Clarke.”

“Yes. True. But—”

“Because your shoelaces weren’t tied.”

“Again, true. But that doesn’t—”

“While holding, like, a bazillion canisters of other people’s pee.”

Clarke scowls at him. “That’s my job, though. Doctor. Doctor-in-training. Sometimes we carry pee—err, urine. Not ridiculous.”

Monty laughs warmly, clasping her forearm. “Yeah, see, the individual components of this: not ridiculous. But when you put it all together: you tripped over your shoelaces at work, fell down a flight of stairs, broke your ankle, and almost concussed yourself. But at least you didn’t get covered in pee.”

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  • me, meeting chris jackson, pulling a legal pad out of nowhere to take notes as he signs a picture of his face from 2008: so what was it like to kiss mandy eight times a week?

what are the kami?

***please note i am no expert on shinto, this is from years of research & conversations with people who practice it.  

kami does not simply mean “god” in the typical western sense, the very concept of kami is hard to explain simply but there is a way to get a grasp on their existence at a base level. it is said that there are over eight million million kami, & perhaps many more, all inhabiting the natural world. our world. kami are not split apart from nature, they are apart of this world like we are. 

kami refers to the essence & energy of any phenomena of the world. they are the ultimate sense of wonderment & bewilderment. for instance, when you look at the sea, the sky or the mountains; that awe? the kami.

one of the most common concepts of kami is that kami are the life source of all that lives. kami are a property of anything sacred & natural. all kami have a life-giving, harmonising energy & a truthful will but that does not mean all kami are necessarily “good” or “bad”. 

shinto at large revolves around harae ( ) purification. it is why before entering a shrine you must purify yourself using water since you are entering the utmost sacred space of the kami, you want to feel & look your best, don’t you? 

here is a basic breakdown of kami as divine spirits & beings: 

  • kami inhabit every almost every living thing 
  • kami are the forces & objects of nature itself ( e.g mountains, rivers, storms ) 
  • animals can become kami 
  • in some rare cases humans can become kami after death ( e.g. ancestor spirits, souls of the dead ) 
  • also includes the kami who created the universe itself 

why is this important? amaterasu is a kami. she is not only just a kami but she is the prominent & important kami. her existence as a kami is reflected in the way flowers sprout from her touch, the reason why she is so warm & light all the time. why she is so affected by the seasons & the position of the sun. she is apart of the world. she will always be apart of it, never, ever separate. 

Okay so I’m in the middle of my second true pacifist run in Undertale (trying to get everything I missed the first time) and I finished up the date with Alphys and headed on over to start the True Lab segment

And on a whim, I decided to check out the trash can by her computer, and

WOAH WOAH WOAH WAIT WHAT?? Why the heck haven’t I heard about this little detail before?! WHO WROTE THIS AND WHEN??

Not really related: wandered upstairs and discovered where Mettaton is inbetween his boss battle and the final one:

The Proposal

Summary:  Sam’s pushy boss forces him to agree to marry her, hoping to secure her stay in the U.S. and avoid deportation to Canada. But first she has to meet the family. An AU based on The Proposal.

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Sam Winchester x female reader

Word Count:  3175

Warnings:  Some language, the reader is not a very pleasant person

Author’s Notes:  Multiple viewpoints, Sam and the reader. Please let me know if you would like me to continue.

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Paper dreams || Paella


The little bell above the door of Rags and Bags sang its little song as Paul Patts strided in with a bunch of papers in hand.

They were Ella’s prospectuses.

He’d spent a couple of hours at the library with them– first making copies of ‘em, then looking up the schools and making notes on his own. All of this felt old school. Last time he’d looked at universities like this– as if there was a purpose to all of it– he’d been 17. Eight years ago.

But there he was again, dreaming online. He felt like a fool doing it and in the end, he’d stopped half-way through his pile, folded the papers up, tossed them in recycling. Not Ella’s copies though. His hand paused on those. And with a tired huff, he’d swiped them from the desk and started out of the library– down to Rags and Bags to give them all back.

He owed her an apology too, to be frank. He’d been bloody strange in the end, awkward with the papers when she’d set ‘em on the bar (after he’d asked) and hadn’t shown his gratitude. He was gonna fix all that, give ‘em them back, and put all this back to rest where it belonged. He didn’t need these paper dreams. He didn’t have the paper to pay for them.

Ella looked up, seeing him and immediately looking surprised. Paul swallowed, but he smiled.

“Er, hey. Is this a… bad time?” he said and looked around the store.

anonymous asked:

I'm glad you like it, cause I love choukei fantasy aus! I don't have any plan for how it all happens yet, but one thing I DO need to happen at some point is Oso taking a peek at Karas research notes which say smth like "Rare species, not dangerous or a threat to anyone, spends a lot of time eating and sleeping" and Oso gets SO offended because HOW is he not the most amazing creature hes ever seen in his entire life?! Why cant he see that hes CLEARLY the biggest, scariest dragon in the world!??

Any Choukei is good Choukei to me, dear Anon! And that’s pretty canon!
Oso rewrites all of his notes and plays himself up to be the biggest, baddest, strongest, handsomest, smartest dragon in all the land. He has more than eight abs! With new abs being discovered every day!

Eventually Kara comes back from wherever and catches Oso trying to swallow his original notes. That lizard is in trouble XD (TBH Kara finds the new notes incredibly funny)



Thinking on it, I suppose Chibi-Usa technically doesn’t exist right now since Mamoru’s been dead for eight months or whatever, so I do note that when I say this. But somewhere Chibis is like “WHY IS IT ALWAYS MY FUCKING PEOPLE.”

I find it all tremendously sad from many different character-based angles, and like I said a few posts ago, I’m actually pretty on-board with how this has played out.

It truly sucks though how this season (and, in a lot of ways, the entire series) never really knew what to do with Pluto and Hotaru. One of the greatest travesties of Stars is that it didn’t give them the time and space they deserved to make this moment mean what it should have.

SuperCat Week Day 8: Creator’s Choice: “Bad Kitty…Cat?”

To View it on AO3, Click Here

I wanted to do something superhero themed (Yeah, I know, duh), but with Cat as the obvious villainess…mostly because well, black cat suit, and it makes me giggle like a freaking eight year-old (yes, I can be that immature). I’m hoping to write a story to go with this for the…wait for it…Teacher AU day (hehe), though as slow as I’ve been writing lately, I don’t have as much faith as I’d like that I’ll get it done in a decent amount of time (baby Carter story to go with art still in production, but the first scene is almost finished).

Art Notes: This is actually the third version as the first two were not good at all. Kinda like this one though. And I’m happy with my reflective glass technique (glass is just hard).

 Finally, please observe the artist’s wishes and don’t repost, claim you painted it, put it up on Instagram or any other douchey behavior.

Lead Me Not To Temptation

TITLE: Lead Me Not to Temptation


AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine being chosen to be Loki’s wife, and while at first you loath the idea, you came around and actually fall in love with Loki, and he falls in love with you. But the day before the wedding, Odin changes the arrangement and suddenly you’re being whisked away to marry Thor instead. You and Loki manage to have a secret affair and things are perfect, until you fall pregnant.

RATING:Mature in later Chapters


Kari had never seen a creature like him; he was without a doubt, the most extraordinary horse. His mane and tail were long and wavy; each of his eight legs was strong, all donning perfectly polished hooves and groomed hair on the fetlock. He truly was a magnificent creature.

Thankfully he had been let out to grass when she had arrived. The stablehand warned her not to get too close, but that the horse tended to remain fairly stationary as he grazed; only cantering around after his initial release into the paddock. So she simply found a bale to sit on and began to draw, grateful of a distraction.

Loki, it transpired over their lunch, was worse than she had ever feared. He was truly horrible to her, and there was nothing she was going to be able to do about it. She was under no illusions, her own behaviour left a lot to be desired, but in her defence, he had started it by being so cold towards her. He had been right, she too had wanted nothing to do with the marriage they were being forced into, but she had never planned to take out her frustration on him, while clearly he had decided to do so with her. But as it stood, she did not have to think of that horrid lunch, instead she found herself enjoying the glorious afternoon’s sun and a new model for her sketches.

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anonymous asked:

Hey ! :) Could you please tell me for what reasons do you think Ja'far may be half-assimilated ?

Hey :D

It’s merely conjecture from my part, but I think that considering his personality, time with his household vessel, and the fact that we know Sindria went thru some really hard times at first (including a few skirmishes with Al Thamen), it’s not difficult to imagine that he might have started to get assimilated if driven into a corner. 

On the other hand, I wouldn’t consider his “cat-like” eyes as evidence; same with the colouring of his eyes, as it has been so inconsistent even within Sinbad no Bouken.

As a side note, I have recently been wondering about the possibility of Ja’far not being assimilated, and instead, fulfilling his end of a certain deal he made a long time ago… .

anon asked:
what did u mean by assimilated in the post about the eight generals? x.x i dont remember anythin about that

Ah, this was stated by Masrur a long time ago:

Speaking of which, the latest events made me think about something else he said in the same chapter…

Rather Be.

My wife hadn’t noticed my stares following her or the light chuckles I emitted as I watched her parade around the vast bedroom floor, her feet twisting in every which direction while she sang her heart out to a loudly playing Selena song.

It was an image I had to capture so I slyly took my phone from my back pocket and began to hit record to share this hilarious moment with all on social media. She was far too engrossed in getting the lyrics correct and spinning about to take note of my presence.

“Myyyyy love. Don’t throw away my loooove,” she belted out. It was fascinating she could even move about as fast as she was with the baggage she was carrying alongside her but it was just like Y/N to keep moving about as if it was nothing.

At eight months pregnant, she may have been advised to take it easy on the bedroom dancing but did that stop her from climbing on top of the bed and belting out popular songs every morning at the top of her lungs to wake me up?

Never. It was like clockwork. She’d spring up around 7:57 am every day before my alarm rang out to make sure the ‘sweet’ sound of her voice was the first thing I heard and trust me, there was no sleeping through that.

Going unnoticed long enough, I cleared my throat loudly which seemed to grab my flustered girlfriend’s attention. “Oh! Babe! You’re home.”

“Yes,” I chuckled. I removed myself from the door entry I had been leaning against and made my way towards her, pecking her lips gently in greeting. “How was your morning without me?”

“Grand,” she spewed sarcastically. I knew exactly where her complaints were stemming from. She hated to be here every morning alone. Sure, she had close girlfriends who would stop by and visit her every now and then while I was off doing what I had to do but for the most part she remained in the bedroom catching up on television shows she was really already caught up on. There were only so many episodes of Gossip Girl she could watch and so many times I would have to sit through listening to her complain about a Dan and Blair union, whoever they were.

Once she got far enough in her pregnancy, work had to stop and she wasn’t used to having to sit inside all day. She was normally on the go as much as I was and not being able to do those same things put a damper on her mood.

“Come on,” I said as I motioned to the bed. She followed without hesitation, laying down first, before I lay next to her. “Mmm can I just lay here all day?” My eyes fell closed as I wrapped my arms around her, my head gently resting against her raised stomach and the belly I was so used to rubbing in the middle of the night when she complained of aches, pains and discomfort.

“I would let you,” she smiled. “She likes your presence. Much less hurting Mommy.”

Nothing bothered me more than knowing she was in pain and I couldn’t offer the help she truly wanted. Sure, she’d downplay it sometimes but when I’d roll over and see her grimacing in the middle of the night, I knew she was just trying to act tough to save me the worries.

I raised my head some to place a gentle kiss to her stomach before returning to my previous position, my breathing seeming to fall into rhythm with the way hers fell. This was the only place I wanted to be.

Fresh Dirt

Request from @ellen-reincarnated1967: Sam and reader have a child, named Charlie. Calls Dean Unky Dee. Reader wants to get back into hunting. Angst, fluff

Warnings: Demon attack on kid, blood (kinda?), not really sure what else

Tags: @iwantthedean @kbrand0 @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @daydreamingintheimpala @d-s-winchester @ilostmyshoe-79 @one-shots-supernatural @supernaturalxreader @abaddonwithyall @harley7509 @blacktithe7 @bovaria @emissary-from-hale @danceswithjensen
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The Many Faces of River’s Sweetie
(Taken from entries in River Songs Diary in Doctor Who: The Etenrity Clock)

 Six: I fear this was the payoff of all those conversations with Three. He was aiming for my hair and fell some way short. Also, is that what it looks like when you put clowns through a wood chipper?

Seven: Surprisingly Scottish! Always thinks big. Would have loved to get my
hands on that jumper - and thrown it into the nearest supernova.

Eight: Velvet and frills again? So passé. But oh my word - GREAT DIGS! Got
lost in the cloisters one afternoon I could have sworn I heard some American
begging to be let out.

Nine: Leather jacket. Funny accent. Big ears. And don’t mention the war!

Note: Need to buy more mnemosine recall-wipe vapour. Can’t keep hopping
into my sweetie’s life without it!

(Part 1)


ladies meme: favorite female crime solver

charlotte “chuck” charles - pushing daisies

twenty-eight years, twenty-four weeks, three days, eleven hours, fifty-one minutes.

“i suppose dying’s as good an excuse as any to start living.”

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Title: Chapter One
Author: iwillstillopenthewindow
Pairing: Kageyama Tobio & Hinata Shouyou
Summary:  According to Kageyama Tobio’s mom, the perfect way to spend the last day of his winter break is to accompany his eight-year-old cousin to a birthday party. It’s a chance to get to know other people, and who knows, maybe he’ll find someone who also likes his favorite book, ‘Who Stole My Volleyball’.
Note: For the wonderful Caitlin ( tatsumiyaa ) // reposted

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