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are you trying to recruit others into ur crackship? is that the only reason that you create art/meta? Cause thats a bit odd. What do you care if your ship is large or small? People who like it will look in the couples tag. There is no reason for it to be in the main tag and honestly that is for any non canon ship.

Lol I never respond to this kind of anons, they are delete as soon as I get them… But ☝ this is what I was talking about guys. 😂😂 If it’s a Crack ship then why does it bug you so much, my friend? Just ignore it. 😊 #wewillnotbebullied


I failed with the photoshoot so I resorted to photosynthesis :D

i was tagged by all these lovely sunshines for the selfie tag: @mvnghaos @jamlessjisoo @imperialidiot @officialseungcheol @wounu @thesoonyoungs @seoftmin @cutiepatoodie @minghaeo (shizzles i really let it all pile up…)

i tag anyone who wants to do this????

(late) Day 7 of @klancemasweek 2016: Morning / Snuggle
Keith still can’t believe he gets to wake up to the most annoyingly beautiful face in the world (and maybe beyond).

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Dudes, chill. Besides, I bet Bendy has plenty of dames throwing themselves at a star/superhero like him! Maybe

“…Did I miss somethin’?” -BTDD

this all better be fake like i cant believe that silver is actually considering killing flint when all flint has shown him is love and support. he is literally willing to fight and possibly die in order to save madi for him and silver is just “FUCK YOU” like what the hell you’ve got this man that has completely opened up to you, has devoted himself to you, and you’re just gonna turn against him?? this is either all deliberate misguidance or they are literally doing this and using madi as an ‘instrument’ to break the most beautifully developed relationship in the show

have you ever had this thing when you plan to do load of stuff on your day off, yet when your day off comes you just lie around doing nothing with excuse “it’s my only day off, i deserved to do nothing”

so I just recently managed to get the entire Dark set in botw and I realised that there are a few seconds that the camera on the sheikah slate goes out of focus
so basically this happened

harry: *does anything*

some bitter ppl here on tumblr dot com: *write a five page essay about how that’s Wrong, Disrespectful, and OT4 Erasure™️*

I might regret posting this, but when i first got in the snk fandom, i felt so overwhelmed bc i was “welcomed” by the ereri part of the fandom, because that was all i could find at first, so i was like “is this really all it is??” “There isnt a ship for the cute girl and the other guy?” (Because i didnt know the names yet) i wanted to ship eremika since the beginning, but i for some reason assumed that was a popular ship because it was already Canon but i just havent seen the episode where it happens.
Then i started to see SO MUCH Mikasa hate, i was like what did this girl do She’s awesome so far!
My Point is, the first things i saw from this fandom was ereri shippers hating on Mikasa, at the time it almost seemed like people where mad because she was interfeiring in their Yaoi ship (because That was like 97% of the ereri fan art at the time)
I like to think that has changed, but sometimes stuff like That pop on my dash again and it’s like… Guys… This fandom has been here for a long while now.. maybe grow up??

The fact that Bette Midler didn’t perform at the Tonys has really annoyed me. Is it that much of a bother for a leading lady to participate in what’s commonly known as the pinnacle of the theatre season? She’s the titular character in this classic musical for fuck’s sake! If David Hyde Pierce could stand on an empty stage for three minutes by himself what was stopping her?!