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Ending 10

Sooo… I was rewatching the ending of Yuri on Ice episode 10, and I couldn’t help but notice some…very important aspects and details of it that I’m sure were overlooked.

The most important would specifically be the continuous switching of phones. Between three people.

First, we see Victor’s phone:

It’s pretty obvious since his background is Makkachin. But look:

One might argue that Victor is Russian, so why would the language on his phone be English? Well, Victor has literally traveled around the world all his life, knows English fluently since that’s the language him and Yuri converse in, and its even been seen before that his phone language was once in Japanese. THIS is no surprise.

We then see him begin to actively take pictures of Yuri. Yuri and only Yuri. Yuri, this Japanese man who’d just placed last in the Grand Prix Final, and that he should have no interest in. But he does.

And what’s even more intriguing, is that Yuri is the only person he ever takes a picture of that night!! OUT OF ALL THE AMAZING STUFF HAPPENING THAT NIGHT, YURI WAS HIS CENTER OF ATTENTION BEFORE HE EVEN BEGAN STRIPPING AND DANCING.

(Just a side note, Sochi is a resort in Russia. Maybe this was where the banquet was held?)

But anyways, after this sequence, we move onto the next phone, in which I assume to be Chris’s. Why that is will be explained further down.

We see him and Victor as his background wallpaper, because of course we know that this was a moment in his life that Chris cherished deeply. A picture of him proudly standing beside his idol, his friend, and also his rival.

He then proceeds to take pictures of Yurio and Yuri’s dance battle because, hey, this is interesting and its getting sexy. It seems fun so why not take pics!

Victor is then put into the picture, and Chis is probably starting to look just a bit envious. 

Afterall, he’s never seen Victor look so happy and excited, and he wants to join in, but in a more mature battle.

The name of this is also very Chris-like.

So then, this photo comes up.

 I believe this is when the phone carrier changes. Afterall, there was a slight 1-2 second pause between this and the last image of Yurio and Yuri’s dance off. And of course, Chris cant be taking these photos, since he’s in them.

So who’s taking them, you ask? Why, none other than Yuri Plisetsky. You’re probably thinking, “No way! Yurio would never do such a thing!” 

Well, you really won’t believe me when I tell you he also took these pictures:

Yes, Yuri Plisetsky took pictures of Victor and Yuri dancing a duet. Even though he’s always trying to separate them, always calling them gross, he went out of his way to purposefully take pictures of them having fun together. 

Yurio may always have a bad boy facade, but he’s really a huge softy.

 And after episode 12′s reveal, we realize that Yurio had always been both intrigued and interested in what kind of person Yuri was. For him, this was just perfect! Even he would take interest in their dance. You don’t believe me? Let’s pull proof. 

After we see the photos of Victor and Yuri dancing, we then get a zoom out onto a phone which is not Chris’s. A ZOOM OUT. MEANING THE ENTIRETY OF THE DUET AND POLE DANCING WAS TAKEN ON THIS PHONE.

And who else would have a picture of Pirozhkis as their wallpaper? Yuri Plisetsky. And also, the language setting is Russian. Seeing as he’s still young with not much experience, it’s only natural that he’d be most comfortable operating in his home language, unlike Victor. But if that’s still not enough proof, we then get a zoom into his photos.

As you can see, he has one of his signature selfies in his “GPF” folder. But DO YOU SEE HIS CAMERA ROLL?!! HE TOOK THIS PICTURE RIGHT HERE!


And then we get a look into his Dance/GPF folder:

Like, ohh my goodness yall. This is seriously important news right here!!

Yuri freakin angry smol idc child Plisetsky took pictures of Yuri pole dancing and him and Victor having their moment. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?!!

As for a select few of the pics above, I believe he had these sent to him by Victor and Chris. And then one can argue that maybe, just maybe Chris and/or Victor requested that he take pictures for them, but still, the FACT STILL STANDS THAT YURIO TOOK OUR MOST MEMORABLE PICTURES LIKE DAMN.

kent parson is mexican.

hear me out. he’s from ny, right? nyc’s latinx population (boricuas & dominicanos, primarily, but there’s a not insignificant population of other caribeñxs and latinxs in general) is significant. they changed the face of hip hop honestly. as a mexicana, im going to make him mexican, but feel free 2 make him boricua or cubano or whatever u want ! make him latinx.

anyway. about mexican!kent.

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fuckingleavealready  asked:

made this blog just because you have anon closed but i really want say something to your self-righteous pretentious ass. First of all, if you don't like the fandom, fucking leave. If you don't like us shipping and rebloging evak also leave. If you have a problem that the gifs with sana weren't made immediately, well then fucking make some of your own. Second, you have no fucking right to tell people what should be important to them. Sana is important to you, evak is important to us. (1)

(2) Not our fucking fault that all gif makers prefer evak and want to make those gifs and pics first. As i said, have a problem with it? there are great photoshop tutorials online, get workin’. Thirdly, who are you?? to tell someone what should be important to them? like fuck off. you all are like fucking children, the moment when it’s not like you want it to be, you yell and cry RACISM!!! WHITE PEOPLE ARE TORTURING ME BOO–HOOOOO. idc what anyone says, black people and all the others can be racist

(3) and you and your little brown friends, like evenandsana and joestinski, are being racist and are being horrible. and the irony is that you came here for the same reason we all did, for evak. like i’m sorry (not really but) sana sometimes isn’t the most relateable character?? like lets be real, at the russ buss meeting,,if she smiled like even once maybe they wouldn’t have kicked her out of the buss 

i wanna start this off by saying that i would be so lucky to have those people as my friends. and id like to secondly say that i am white, and i have said this in the past. you are obviously incapable of comprehending that Sana’s season is so important considering the climate based around Islam. I’ve also said this before, i appreciate Evak as a ship, i think they’re excellent rep for the lgbt+ community (which i am a part of thanks) however, the treatment of Sana this season by the fandom has been subpar. i know that @evenandsana cannot get through an episode without having racist and Islamophobic bullshit thrown at her. its a little bit contradictory for you to say ‘self- righteous pretentious ass’ before referring to people of colour as ‘your little brown friends’ as if that isn’t a racial insult. and, in conclusion, its INCREDIBLY misogynistic to imply that for a woman to be ‘relatable’ that she has to be kind and submissive. especially in Sana’s case where she has been forced by society to close herself off in fear of being hurt. i hope you find peace within yourself, and find some sugar to balance out your salty attitude (also this is a note to anyone reading this i have no idea how to use tumblr so idk whats gonna happen when i post this hehe we shall see)

…. would like to say hi! 

So, most people who follow me have met my ir and ish kids before (or at the very least, they’ve met Hisana through Strawberry Peach Parfait), but seeing as how recently the amount of AU’s they’ve been starring in have increased exponentially, I thought it’d be a good idea to do a recap of these two in particular and all the AU’s ro and I have been shoving them into! (People have been asking ro what the ‘cola’ verses are about. :’D The explanation for that is here.) Without further ado, recap and explanations under the cut.

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lanvinlouis  asked:

I noticed you were taking prompts and maybe just how Jercicolace came to be and how the camp just knew/assumed/had bets on who was with who and it's just like yeah we're all dating each other and idk idc if it's headcanons or a fic I just need more Jercicolace in my life I'm desperate

There’s one fic in which I hinted at jercicolace, which is this one. It is still definitely jercy centric though.
As for headcanons, I don’t know if you’ve seen them all (I did quite a few, with the things you’ve asked for too.) they are here: 1 2 3 4

But because you’re cute, I’ll just try to add to it a bit?

  • Percy sneaks Mentos and Hershey’s kisses into camp because he knows Nico loves them (They’ve been around since the 30s/20s, he remembers them from his childhood.)
  • Every once in a while, they just pack their bags and leave - to the cabin, on a roadtrip, to visit Percy’s mum (& Will’s. I’ll just decide she’s still around as well.)
  • When Nico’s nightmares get really bad, the shadows start reacting, he loses control over his powers - Percy and Jason do their best to calm him down, but in the end it’s Will who lights up like a light bug and managed to stop the darkness from closing in
  • Percy is such a sucker for pet names (can you imagine him calling Will lightbug though, how cute is that.) and he and Jason constantly tease each other about being sappy.
  • Surprise hugs! Jason swopping Nico off his feet and snickering when he the boy threatens to let every ghost of the underworld loose on Jason unless he puts him down
  • Percy dragging them into the lake like a siren
  • baking Christmas biscuits together
  • they pretend not to have presents for each other, and Sally is having a hard time not laughing because they all ask her to hide them.
  • Percy and Will singing Disney songs together, at the asscrack of dawn. Nico complaining that when he gets awoken one more day to ‘everybody wants to be a cat.’ He’ll make sure they’ll get a special treatment in the Fields of Punishment
  • Percy brushing Nico’s hair and tying it in the morning
  • Will is a tired cuddler, just slumping against whoever is closest when he overworked himself again.
  • tiny love notes hidden in clothing, Nico taking the bus to university and finding a bit of paper in his jacket pocket that just has a kissy face on it
  • there’s a lot of “Shut up I know you love me” happening
Janelskiy fanfic

Okay so I can’t get this fanfic out of my head, idc what’s been going this storyline has been nagging me for a while but just very vague, then past few days it’s really seemed to have come together enough for me to feel like writing. As much as I’m disheartened by some of the things going on I guess my hopeless romantic shippy heart and me not wanting to believe the worst of Val or Janel formed into this story. Please note I haven’t written in a long time, so I apologize if this is crappy, but I have a feeling this is going to be multi chapters. Also any elements of this is just purely imagination, I don’t want any fans coming at me saying its OOC or that wouldn’t happen. Here you go, hopefully someone gets some enjoyment out of this.

Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough

“Now, I don’t want to lose you
But I don’t want to use you
just to have somebody by my side.
And I don’t want to hate you,
I don’t want to take you
but I don’t want to be the one to cry.
And that don’t really matter to anyone anymore.
But like a fool I keep losing my place
And I keep seeing you walk through that door.”

Act 1 Scene 1

"So how’s it feel to be part of Fashion Week? Did you imagine when you started your clothing line it being this successful? Do you miss dancing?” The interviewer was going through pretty much the same questions as half a dozen other interviews he’d done the week prior, but it was all part of the business. Val pretended like it was the first time he’d heard the question and flashing a flirtatious smile every now and then. It never hurt to charm the female interviewers, they tended to write things much more favorably that way.

“I think that’s about it Mr. Chmerkovskiy, thank you so much for your time, I’ll send you a copy of the article before it goes to print.” She smiled and seemed to hesitant as she let go of their hand shake. She shook her head to herself and stood up, but then seemed like she wanted to say something else. ‘Please don’t say we should have dinner, please don’t give me your number.’ He started mentally preparing himself with excuses.

Finally she signed and blurted “Off the record, I’m such a fan of your dancing on DWTS, and all your partnerships. How do feel about Janel Parrish starting in West Side Story?” She asked almost regretfully. And Val felt like a bucket of ice water was poured over him. Janel…he had no idea he didn’t know she was even in New York. His brain scrambled to find an answer without making it obviously the question threw him.

“To be honest, we’ve lost touch over the years, I’m happy to know she’s doing well and I’d love to see her perform one night.” He tried to sound as non-chalant while his heart and thoughts suddenly raced.

“You know I actually have a press pass to tonight’s opening since I have to do a quick piece on the show (perks of being an entertainment writer) and we’ll have backstage access after the show so if you want to chat with Janel…and I know it’s a sold out for at least the next 2 weeks, I was going to bring my friend with me but she got sick and can’t go…if you’d like to come…with me.” She rambled and looked at him hesitantly, then quickly added. “Not as a date or anything, I actually have a fiancé (she flashed him her left hand) but he’s actually out of town. And it could really add an interesting tidbit to your article.” Then as if she realized that might not be something he’d want, “or not, I can keep it off the record. Ugh sorry I babbling…I mean I’m sure you’re really busy with getting your show ready for Fashion Week. You know just forget it, thank you for taking your time today.”

“I’d love to go with you Ms. Young. It’s always great to have the opportunity to support old friends.” He didn’t know how or why he said it, it almost came out as a reflex. And was a bit dumbfounded at his own impulse. “Great, then I’ll see you tonight the show starts at 8 if you want to meet up at say 7ish at Art’s Cafe.” She quickly left as if he might change his mind at the last minute.

“Sure…and thank you.” He called after her as she gave him a quick smile over her shoulder and hurried off before he changed his mind. Val sat back down, he recalled how things quickly turned cold for them after their season. Sure they stayed cordial but rarely interacted or saw each. Until a few months later they felt like strangers. He could never forget the pain in her eyes during their last time together.

“So people misunderstood what you were passionate about…what you were in love with…” The tears were streaming down her face and he could not bring himself to deny the words he’d spoken during the Glamour interview.

“Come on J you know that’s not fair…of course there’s something between us…but you know what I mean…you’re being too sensitive to this whole thing because all the hate online…” he tried to wrap his arms around her but she pulled away.

“Well maybe if you just came clean…just say it outright that we have feelings for each other…that we want to pursue a relationship…but you can’t even say that can you, I guess they’re right I was just flavor of the month.” She looked at him with red rimmed eyes as she bitterly wiped the tears away with the back of her hand.

“You know the thing is Val I did fall for you, and I feel so stupid for letting my heart go for once, I should have known better…and I guess I’m just not worth the risk for you to do the same…” She took a deep breath waiting for him to say something.

“How can you expect me…you…” He shook his head and covered his face with both hands in exasperation. He couldn’t and didn’t know if it was his pride or that deep hurt from long ago that prevented from chasing after her as she closed the door. As busy as he’d kept himself and as much as he tried to move on, he did find himself checking in on her Twitter and IG accounts to see how she was doing, she had gotten back together with Payson a few weeks after their last fight, only to break it off again 6 months later. She worked in a few movies, even a new series for 2 years. Then he posts became fewer and fewer in between until one day a post said: “I just want to thank you all so much for the support and love over the years, I may be gone for a while.” With an image of a quote “There’s a great big adventure to be had in finding yourself.” He knew she was fine because every now and then her sister or friends would post a picture with her in it. He didn’t know if it was a guilt or wishful thinking on his part that in all her pictures he saw a tinge of melancholy in her eyes. He didn’t realize how long he had been sitting there lost in thought till he took a sip of his coffee and it was ice cold.

As he walked onto the busy New York City bustle his feet felt lighter than they had in a long time. There was a sense of excitement that he knew couldn’t be attributed to anything else other than the need to look into those honey brown eyes in person once again. Tonight was definitely going to be interesting.

I hope some likes this cause I’m terrible about writing and really need encouragement to motivate me to keep going and I want to get the rest out 😅, also if anyone can message me and tell me how to condense this so that it’s not making a looong post like adding the -read more- I’m on iPad.

one hundred pieces of me

(aka one hundred texts dan didn’t send phil)

you know when something happens to you and you start typing out a text to someone and then you realize it’s hella stupid and you probably shouldn’t send it? yeah. this sucks so much i’m deeply sorry i just really wanted to write something about the idea of all the unsent texts dan probably has, as a person who said they suck at replying.

summary: one hundred times dan didn’t press send, and the one time he did.

hey here’s a note for you if you didn’t know: when you start to type a text but then close the texts app without manually deleting what you typed, it saves the text to the drafts.





(draft 21:43)

your room’s so far away i can’t be bothered to get up but

(draft 21:44)

i know it’s only one wall but you probably wouldn’t hear if i’d yell you’re so deaf and

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anonymous asked:

im 14 and I just feel depressed and lonely , I feel like if I try and get help no one will understand me .

nope nope nope nope nope nope!!! 14 youre at a young age. you have not even lived half of your life. you have so much to live for! so im going to take this from another prospective ive never tried this. but im going to tell you my story. 

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on r*yharpers/l*gorobin aka solo/roy

( tw: inappropriate sexual behaviour/mentions - racism - manipulation - children - anti-blackness )

i’m getting tired of getting asked about this because every time i just have to remember every thing he did and now he cries about, or pretends to be a victim about nevermind the fact i talked to him about it extensively. so like, i don’t really have any “receipts” on him besides other people who i don’t want to imply unless they want to imply themselves (feel free to do so)

so you can call me a liar/bitch/whatever you want, idc. basically on the shit he’s done to me and my friends it’s:

  • being sexual in an environment supposed to be for minors (he also didn’t start tagging his nsfw posts until his ex asked him to, and this was after i confronted him about being too sexual around kids. this started in the supertwitter rp (a rp supposed to be safe) where he posted a picture of an uncensored dildo, and even before that he did lots of sexual comments/implications/outright written content)
  •  i have to comment that this is mostly because we’re from a groupchat that was made as a safe gc for people that like dc comics, since people who knows about it know.. how complicated it is to enjoy without running into bad people. i am also 18+, and so is my girlfriend, however we make a clear border between us and the kids as it’s more of the purpose of being able to protect them if they’re attacked (again). meanwhile solo constantly interacted with them as if he was also a minor, which is another reason said minors didn’t want to be around him.
  • he’s racist, which also showed in the supertwitter. major ones is the fact that when the admin of the group, who is not white, called him out on his racist drawings and also on him wanting to rp a jewish character when he’s not jewish (no matter what he says), he ranted to me until i said they (the admin) were right, and then he ranted to a non-white minor as to get validation. now he’s iding as a jewish character, harley quinn. on a minor note, he disregarded dick grayson being roma and has admitted to never actually meeting a black person irl. he also sent me white-guilt asks which, um, yikes lmao, especially since he tried to use me as an emotions-bin just because i’m black-latinx.
  • he also uses his emotional trauma and mental health to attack other people, even those with mental health issues (including me)
  • he’s manipulative towards minors. after i told him this and he blocked/softblocked me, he started talking to minors asking them if they ‘hated him’ and he even said to many of them that he wouldn’t know how to deal with it if they stopped being his friend/implicated that he needed them to stay his friends despite knowing they’re minors. 
  • he also vagued about me and about said minors after they expressed discomfort and cut contact with him. i don’t have a picture of what he said, but i screenshotted my post (first picture under the cut) about calling him out on it because he had blocked me, before he asked me to deleting the post (after lying he’d work on it, which, he didn’t.)
  • he posted once that he should be able to act the way he wanted around minors because he’s emotionally/through trauma a minor (and by ‘whatever he wanted’ he means being sexual/making kids uncomfortable).
  • also idk if this is problematic but three kids felt so pressured by him linking his wishlist in said chat (and on his blog.. over and over and over) that they bought him things due to that reason, and they told me this personally… i think it’s important to highlight.
  • also after i said i wanted him not to talk to me nor interact with people around me, he constantly tried to get in contact with me and even went so far as to message my girlfriend. he also wrote posts implicating i’m attacking him with this information when i talked to him about it. (also this is more personal but he accused me of lying and being an evil person for ‘lying about being his friend’ which um i never did and we never talked, he just made me uncomfortable.)

tl;dr solo has done a lot of shit that he consistently refuses to recognize, and while he posts and says he’ll work on it, he does it by constantly making excuses for himself and crying about it, as to make the person calling them out the ‘bad guy’ (and tries to manipulate other people into hating said person too), then continues doing the same thing over and over. 

also another thing.. that’s unfounded and i don’t know.. if it’s wrong but there’s a lot of people who have DID who have told me personally that he’s most likely faking his DID, since he started iding as roy harper around the same time he started dating mav, who id’s as jason todd (for those not in the fandom, it’s a popular pairing). also he’s dating his alter which is apparently not a common thing/something people with DID do? (also he used to be really insistent, even to a point of erasing other people’s sexuality/validity, about being gay and his alter is a woman… feel free to message me about this and i’ll delete this part of it if this is ableist in any way

edit: “i’ve seen people w/ did date headmates. it happens. what doesnt happen is you realize yr a system and start dating yr headmate withing a few months. that’s weird as hell tbh. as someone in a system: the fuck man. personally i think his system is fake but i wont say that on record bcos i have no real evidence. i just… no one ever goes through all that so fast. it took me YEARS to be comfortable w/ being a system and i still dont have it all figured out and hes dating his headmate in like 2 months? k”  “ just yeah… system shit is complicated but he had nv heard of systems when i strted dating him and like…. it happened so so fast i have a hard time believing its real. i told him i was part of a systme and he was immediately part of one too, i told him i had bpd and he immediately had it too…. i get not being aware of everything but it was weird” (this is by mav, his ex, who gave me permission to upload this. he has DID).

i talked to him about this, several times- the last time i did he blocked me everywhere, then unblocked me when i accused him of doing so- i had a long conversation to him in which he said he would ‘work on it’ before blocking me. and then i got told by a friend of mine that he went into another chatbox and tried to manipulate people into hating me by showing them screenshots of what i said. which, thankfully, didn’t work. (i have pictures of this under the cut, too.) something to know is that i used to id as a trans guy and went by ‘gabriel’ or ‘leo’ then, so some screenshots allude to that.

also he was a fucking shithead to mav, his ex-boyfriend, and mav actually posted about it here so you know, make of that what you will. tw: sexual harrassment, racism, anti-blackness… )

also there’s more stuff that also goes beyond what he did to me and my group of friends that said friends screenshotted. 

screenshots + more things he’s done under cut.

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please read through my gem tag before sending me asks pertaining to this post involving how i handled the situation/am being mean/am hating on gem or anything like that

so something really bad happened today and i need to get it out and i really don’t want to make this post but i kinda want people to see what gem (sxlveons on tumblr, formerly kawaiilwhitegirl, officialgemmifer, gemmifer, moderatelyoutrageous, and officialpancakejunketsu - her RP blog is cutiekamui and it’s where she’s most active) did over the course of a few weeks

this is kind of going to be long and it won’t seem like a big deal but i’m really upset and stressed so please bare with me because it gets worse even though at the beginning it may seem trivial

tw for rape, sexual harassment, emotional manipulation, guilt tripping

also i changed my mind you can reblog this idc anymore (i cleaned it up a bit to have more info)

edit 2/23/2016: there’s a much better callout here as this one is old now and her behavior only ever got worse (up to and including transmisogyny, stalking, more gaslighting, harassing sexual abuse victims about their abuse, and a lot more) after i initially posted it. i might clean this post up at some point due to its length and how outdated it is but for now i urge you to check the newer callouts here and this one here.

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If you skipped out on Scandal, you truly didn’t miss much.

I don’t know what to make of that episode. But I really fail to see how Olivia’s changed. The only thing I can see is that she’s more self aware as evidenced by her conversation with Abby, which was a good conversation. Really, the only good scene in the episode. 

I don’t see how Jake and Olivia’s relationship is any different from 2B except for the fact that they are jerks to each other. I honestly can’t tell if they enjoy each other’s company. REALLY endearing. It’s very hard to make the case that they should be in a relationship, especially after Jake’s random ass, nonsensical rise to the NSA. THE FUCK? It’s like they’re transferring the worst qualities of Fitz and Olivia to Olake. Girl, I guess. The fact that Fitz called Jake for his help and then Jake proceeded to lie about being with Olivia reeks of 2B, and it’s TRASH really. We’ve seen this before. [SIDE NOTE: PLEASE FUCKING MISS ME WITH SOME OLE FAUX ASS OUTRAGE, RESPECTABILITY POLITICKIN’ ASS CONCERNS ABOUT OLIVIA ON HER KNEES FOR JAKE. They’ve been fucking post choking for two seasons now. And I don’t see how this is any different. Did I want to see it? Well, of course not because it’s Jake. And they have the most bland, Sunbeam bread ass chemistry I ever did see. But if you wouldn’t be mad about her going down on Fitz, then I TRULY don’t want to hear it about Jake IDC IDC IDC]. 

However, it’s unclear to me what role Jake and Rowan will play on this show. How will Jake being the head of the NSA have anything to do with OPA and the election in general? I’m sure the writers will find away to tie it together, but I’m just not interested because it doesn’t make any sense. 

The biggest issue with this episode, this arc, and the show more largely, is its thesis statement, which for all intents and purposes seems to be: having power at all costs. But the idea of power is so vague. You could interchange the characters’ use of word power with toaster strudels and it would make the same amount of sense. “YOU HAD A TOASTER STRUDEL, BUT NOW YOU DON’T. YOU’RE MISSING ALL THE GREATNESS  THAT IS A TOASTER STRUDEL. DIDN’T I TELL YOU THAT TOASTER STRUDELS ARE EVERYTHING. YOU DON’T GET JUST GET A TOASTER STRUDEL. YOU TAKE A TOASTER STRUDEL. HAVEN’T I TAUGHT YOU TO LOVE TOASTER STRUDELS.” That’s basically what Rowan’s speeches sound like because there’s absolutely no clarity or meaning behind Scandal’s idea of power. So at this point, I’m like WTF are you talking about? What power structures are you talking about? Surely, it’s not just the ability to boss Fitz around. How is that power? That’s just the ability to influence decisions, which Olivia was doing in the white house and out of the white house.  

This episode was really just exposition. There were a few good character moments, particularly from Abby and Fitz. I’m here for their new dynamic so long as it stays platonic. Olivia is as hard to read as ever. She displays an assertiveness that I think was slightly missing. But it’s the same level of authority depicted in seasons 1 and 2. I don’t see how it makes her different. She is, once again, wary of intimacy as evidenced by her wanting Jake to leave after sex and removing his hand from her face when he tried to touch her. But again, we’ve seen this before post kidnapping. This time though I’m not sure that I understand where it comes from. Is it the abortion? Is it the break up? 

Who knows? Just some knee-jerk reactions. 

shebasborg  asked:




things i noticed my third watch lmao

#1: that moment when they’re both “sleeping” and the balcony scene. i HAVE SO MANY WORDS ABOUT THIS. ok im hella overanalyzing and probably reaching idc but something just hit me about this as being really…intimate?? in a personal way and in a way that the show rarely goes to. we’ve seen akane and kou freely talking about their thoughts to each other and when people say that’s oh yeah strictly platonic/mentor-mentee relationship there and i can’t help but agree sometimes like yep i can’t fight you on that. but this – i cannot for the life of me see this scene in just a platonic light at all

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