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Part one- Dating Jungkook Would Include:

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  • Literally always laughing about something
  • Him smiling at you randomly
  • like you’ll be sitting on the couch at the dorm and he looks over at you with his most suggestive smile
  • and ur all ??
  • then your phone vibrates and you just turn to him with a pointed look like: “ISTG JUNGKOOK IF YOU SENT ME THE LINKIN PARK DOG REMIX VIDEO AGAIN IM DUMPING YOUR THIRSTY MEME HOE ASS!”
  • “… Wow, ok then… nvm…”  
  • The roast is forever on-going
  • “You’re stupid.”
  • “No I’m not!!”
  • “What’s 9+10?!”
  • “…”  
  • “…”
  • “…Fuck off.”  
  • Lowkey always looking staring at you because he just thinks you look adorable no matter what you’re doing  
  • and wow hes so lucky to call you his!
  • But v v lowkey
  • You caught him staring at you once while you two were watching anime so ur all :)
  • But oops hes blushing bc hes just a smol, tol bean and sometimes his emotions are too obvious and it makes him uncomfortable
  • He would still be a bit awkward around you when it came to serious relationship things
  • not because he doesn’t care or anything like that!
  • he’s just so inexperienced that he doesn’t want to ruin anything by being too rash or saying something wrong
  • so fully expressing his emotions would be hard for him
  • like yeah, ok, on stage he’s all “INTERNATIONAL PLAYBOYY”  
  • but at home he just kind of drapes his arms around your waist and leans his chin down to rest lightly on top of your head  
  • and he just sighs because words keep getting stuck in his throat.
  • You would have to reassure him that you don’t mind him taking his time to tell you how he feels and he sighs again because it frustrates him
  • but you wait patiently for him to be ready and thank god you do bc gIRL 
  • the moment you hear a small “I love you” roll off his lips you feel the warmth of his sweet words wrap around you like a warm hug and you just melt
  • and he can tell because you just snuggle closer to him and he’s just all :D
  • so then, the little fucker would constantly say it because he likes the way you always whisper it back to him with a ghost of a sweet smile on your lips  
  • and he just kisses you because his fragile bby heartu is bursting ; _ ;
  • and awww the moment is literally perfect until FUCKING JIMIN BARGES INTO HIS BEDROOM TO COCK BLOCK AGAIN
  • Y’all are literally always getting cock blocked tho  
  • the members will just burst through the door like “SORRY, PREVENTING SINS, YOU FUCKERS!” AND THeN JUST LEAVE LIKE NoTHING HAPpENED????
  • But sometimes when you two are lucky, and all the boys are out of the dorm he’ll just run a hand up your leg grasping your inner thigh firmly and oh shit u know whats coming (lol SPOILER: ITS U)
  • Your first time together was super shy and drawn out
  • Bby always says it was awkward but it was honestly adorable
  • like he could barely look at you  
  • bc every time he tried to open his eyes your hips would shift a little or you’d clench around him without even intending to and his eyebrows would knit together and he would instantly have to shut his eyes again and focus on not finishing too soon because he didn’t want the feeling to end
  • It was also like highkey passionate af bc even tho he was withering underneath you and he was a panting mess, his fingers were locked with yours and every once in a while he would gain enough composure to actually look into your eyes breifly and drink in the sight of you on top of him, beautiful as ever
  • And he just let your name roll off his tongue and it mixed with his as you moaned along with him and it was honestly beautiful
  • He still thinks about it sometimes.
  • V v emotional for him
  • you had to say goodbye to sub jungkookie pretty quickly though bc he accidentally made you cum really quickly once and oH MAN HOLY SHIET!  
  • His confidence made him smug and smug kook means dom kook to the max
  • Like he just grips your thigh harshly, moving up slowly until he’s just barely touching your underwear and the little fucker smirks without even looking at you
  • He teases you until you straddle him needily  
  • After gaining some experience he decides that this is how he likes you best, needy and with a fucked out look on your usually sweet features. It was so erotic that he usually lets you ride his thighs just so he can watch your face scrunch in pleasure plus he loves the sounds you make when he lets you get yourself off momentarily- win win
  • This bitch is nasty af though so don’t even think for a minute that he’ll let you actually finish before he has had a proper go at you like,  
  • You are dreaming if you think dom kook would let you come so quickly lol bYEEE  
  • If you do tho— FUCK
  • “Such a bad girl, baby” he’ll practically growl with a firm spank on your ass cheek.
  • And let’s just say that honey, you’ve got a big storm coming.
  • He’s all grunts and pants as he wrecks you completely and he bites and sucks on your collarbones already anticipating for the marks that would be left there for days to come because fuck you always wore them so well
  • Afterward though he goes back to being a fluff like he really can’t help it
  • It’s a sight though, he’s panting, heaving violently to let air fill his lungs as he comes down from his high and his hair is all stingy and sticking to his damp forehead so you reach a hand up to push it back and he just smile a lazy, sleepy smile at you and wow is the same guy who just fucked you senseless???
  • Yes, B. Yes it is.  
  • “You know I love you right?” He’ll mumble half awake and you just mumble back a weak:
  • “I know, baby… I love you too.”  
  • “Like… a lot,[y/n].”  
  • He barely crack one eye open to look at you lovingly; before he pulls you closer, falling asleep.  
  • Basically dating this hoe would be constant laughs, constant cuddles and constant memeing.  
  • Jungkook doesn’t have a lot of dating experience but he seems like the type of person who would devote himself completely for the one(s) he loves so dating him would be easy.  
  • He would constantly do his best to make sure that you’re happy.
  • He would be shy at first, letting his insecurities shield his inexperienced love a bit but soon enough with your patience, he would open up completely and you two would be that couple 
  • Like everyone knew you to be completely in love because even though you two joke around a lot and the roasting is constant, the glances that you steal are so full of emotion that no one could ever really doubt your feelings.
  • Dating Kookie would be the epitome of teenage love and it would be beautiful.
  • Beautiful for you two as you experience it and beautiful for those around you
  • It’d be perfect.  

ok i put this off for ages!!! so I wanna start off with thanking y'all sOOOooO much for 1k!!!!!! I think I turned this blog into “”“mainly Astro”“” last September or October ??? so it’s been quite a while,,.but I love all y'all so much ❤️❤️❤️ there’s not much that makes me happier than editing and talking to yall !! thank u guys so so much i love love love u <333

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Honorable Mentions ~ (aka essays declaring my love for pingu squad noot noot)

@fairymyungho ,,,shveta darling. I love u so much and ur the best mom I’ve ever had. you are literally the sweetest person I’ve ever met on here and I’m so thankful for you. sometimes I still read that email you sent me a long time ago bc it is honestly one of the nicest/most motivating/heart warming things someone has ever sent me. i love it when u send the group chat voice notes of you laughing hysterically at something one of us said they literally make me SO happy and no ! u don’t sound like a dying whale ! u sound like a beautiful majestic bird ok I love u so much. i always know i can rely on u and ask ur for opinions or advice. ur the wisest chick i know and i look up to u. i’m so thankful that i can have real meaningful conversations with u. (p.s thanks for stopping the fights w Kaylah before they get too serious ) I love u shweeda

@simplesanha gravy,,,the cause for all of my suffering,,probably the reason why I returned to being an official woozi Stan once again. Gaby I love u so much you’re my favorite hoseok Stan. I know u don’t talk a lot in the group chat (except for when someone mentions jhope or smthing shady)…but when u do….u make me laugh a lot. you’re so sweet but also so savage which I admire about u…I love u so much. u have this light about u that i really love!!!! ur so bright and thoughtful. u always have smth good to say. u are so kind and thank u for sending me pictures of dogs a lot I’m so grateful (burger king still sucks)

@pastelsuga Hanna!!!! my wife!!! I’m so grateful for u and ur puns..although they’re not as good or as frequent as mine, they’re still really gud ok and I really appreciate them. ur the best Hanna montanan/goat/egg I have ever met. ur always so happy and energetic and I love u so much I picked a gud wife. you’re literally such a goddess and I love u and ur fluffy hair !!!!! I love torturing u with jongin pictures..,u always brighten my mood and I love u a lot u nerd. ur so strong and i admire u so much. I love u even tho u put the group chat on silent a lot :/ stay tru

@joyridingmikey maru child….1/3 of the beagle line,,I love u and ur memes. over the past few months I have collected a lot of memes but I will never reach ur collection,,,I’m still amazed. I’m also amazed by ur artistic skills!! like wow!!! thank u for drawing Kim jongdae (a while ago) …I really appreciate it. truly. even tho u make fun of my height and say u don’t care about woozi the “old small man” and u like to spoil shows and u suck……I still love u. ur still one of the three stooges ,,godo lick in life Maru,,,ur still young,,,and way cooler than me when I was 13 :/ stay cool. Stan Maru.

@dinosgf-deactivated20161019 Kaylah,,,,i know u aint on here anymore but imma include this anyway,,,,,most of the time when I’m sad I go back and listen to ur voice notes tho. Kaylah,,,,,,,,,I loaf u so much. ur always on the same exact page as me,,u always know exactly what I’m thinking,,,we hate the same people, we say the same things at the same time, we’re practically the same person. if there’s someone who makes my day every day it’s u Kaylah. I never get tired of ur shadiness or ur typos. I love how creative u are,,,u truly express it through your 50 Dino urls. u are literally the funniest person I know,,,,u never fail to make me laugh. I love that we can joke around and make fun of eachother and fight all the time but still when I need something ur really there for me!! ur truly my number one fan…always being the first to reblog my edits and leave compliments. sometimes I think about when u asked ur dad to tell u to do ur chores so u could get out of a certain call ! and i just laugh out loud. ur constantly full of humor and love for Dino,…I truly admire how quick witted u are. I love u so much Kaylah. thank u for having Lipgloss jam sessions with me and tagging me in numerous pictures of dogs and jongdae. I love u so much !!!!!!!!!!! I honestly can’t even express in words how much I appreciate u and everything u do. ur such a great friend and I’d sell my left foot and all of my hair to meet u irl. ur truly so genuine and I know that whenever I need anything I can come to u. no one hypes me up more than u do and u help me love myself!! there’s no doubt that if knew eachother irl we would dominate the world. ilysm more than words can say.

@all of the pingu squad

……I love all of you guys so much. I had a really tough school year last year but I joined the sanha net and met you guys and I honestly believe y'all are how I made it through the year without breaking down completely. y'all make me so happy. there’s not a day that goes by that y'all don’t make me laugh. you guys are so supportive and always have my back, even tho y'all live far away. you guys boost my confidence so much and motivate me and make me laugh and cry and scream and I’m literally!!!! so glad I met y'all. I’m comfortable telling you guys anything and I can’t even express how much I love y'all and I hope we can all meet one day ️️️

When Dreams Come True

Title: When Dreams Come True (guys I still suck at titles help)
Words: 1900+
Request/Summary: #6 from this prompt list: “Congratulations! One of your dreams has finally come true. Let me give you a big hug and wow, you’re warm…” // Reader grows up a No-Maj-born and thinks she’s the only one of her kind until she meets Newt and the Goldsteins and discovers the wizarding world. 
A/N: Okay I meant for this to be a oneshot, really, but it turned in to much more. I don’t know how many parts it’ll be and this first part doesn’t even contain the actual part that was requested. Whoops. So this has turned into much more than the original request and has become a slow build and I’ve probably gone overboard with it and I’m really worried about how this is going to turn out. Anyway, let me know what you think and if there’s anything you’d like in future parts?


You had always known you were different, ever since you were little. You could do things with your mind sometimes, like levitate books. Sometimes you could control your abilities and you attempted to practice to try and control them. Other times, however… Let’s just say they tended to get out of hand—particularly when your emotions had run high. Once, when you were extraordinarily upset, you had caused an entire china cabinet to explode. Instances like those were few and far between, however.

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(n.): reparation for a wrong or injury; amends.
yoongi x reader
genre: angst

prologue | part 0.5 | part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8 | part 9 | part 10 (FINAL)

  • part 10: “Yoongi made me promise that i’d spend the rest our lives making it up to him. It’s funny how the world works itself out. I had spent so long trying to find happiness. Turns out he was it, all along. He was happiness.” day one/forever.

A/N: omfg wow its over what a journey wow hello goodbye wah. I know a bunch of you were rootin for a happy ending and i didnt really have it in me to break all your hearts (my bestfriends’ heart too) so i obliged. thank you so much for all your love and feels and theories throughout this journey. I’ll be doing some random one shots and scenarios the next couple weeks before releasing my next project [i’ll reveal which member focus it is next week]. I may or may not open my requests too temporarily- for some inspiration and change of scene, so keep your eyes peeled for that as well :) 

i love you guys. as always, thank you for everything you are all such a blessing. xo

Day 003 - aka: without tags you’d never guess it ;)

“I am not given to outbursts of brotherly compassion. You know what happened to the other one.” – Mycroft Holmes
(I’m so curious about the other one, presumably Sherrinford! All the theories!!)

Wow, this picture seriously almost killed me and it still turned out unrecognisable.
Actually it’s already 30 minutes after midnight here but I unexpectedly spent the whole day at the office and this drawing took forever and the light is horrible and and andandand… 

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to lay down and die now ;)

Immortal AU Fake AH Crew where the members are varying centuries old. When they die the first time they get stuck that age forever, regardless of how many times they die. 

Geoff looks the oldest, having died at thirty eight, but he’s only about two hundred years old, shot during the Civil War after turning sides against the Confederates when he realized how actually shitty their ideals were and the Union was pretty cool.

Jack watched Marie Antoinette get her head cut off, and soon after joined her, of course, as a rich woman of the time. How she lived from decapitation, who knew. 

Gavin’s actually the second oldest, born in England as a young nobleman and died from the plague, of all things.

 Michael was killed during World War One. Damn that land mine.

Ray is the youngest, who’s only been returning from the grave since he was killed in the 1980s during a mugging gone wrong. Which side he was on, he doesn’t like to say.

Lindsay died during the Great Depression, and hoards money like a dragon.

Ryan’s the oldest by far, having seen the Roman monarchy rise and fall from the small group Remus and Romulus began it with, then the Republic, the empire. He still harbors respect for his Roman gods, whom he believes are the cause of the immortality. 


FT Fluff week Day 4: Promises | Always

                                                     Lucy: Age 17   |||   Natsu: Age 18

“Dear Mama,

… Do you remember the time when I told you that Natsu and I kissed in the rain? 

It turns out, the idiot assumed that I’m his girlfriend the whole time. Nobody can blame me though, he never asked!

But… he asked me today… and… I… agreed.

He promised to be with me forever. And that he will always be mine. And he will cherish me until the end.

Gosh, I really love this idiot.

You fell in love with Papa around my age, right? Papa told me. We both can’t hide the relationship from Papa so we uh… it was funny really but uh… Natsu and I prepared a feast for Papa before we broke the news to him. The poor man almost choked on his chicken bone. Fortunately, he approved of us (after he thwacked Natsu in the head while saying that he will castrate him if he hurt his little girl. Poor Natsu.) and in the end, Papa cried because it reminded him of your love story, Mama. He told Natsu where you two met: In a business called, “Love and Lucky”. The place where you guys got my name. He told Natsu your love story and he was amazed. Although we were all crying when Papa was telling the story of your death. We miss you so much, Mama.

Papa gained his composure and told me that he was glad that I chose someone reliable. He told Natsu that he trusts him so much and that he considers him as his child. Papa admits that it’s kind awkward for his two children to get together but… as long as we’re happy, then he’s happy. He hopes that I wouldn’t get pregnant soon though because that’s what happened to you and Papa around our age.

Of course, I will not get pregnant! Yet… gosh I’m blushing.


Tomorrow, Natsu will introduce me to Grandine and Igneel as his girlfriend. I think they’ll be delighted because they even had bets about our relationship. Geez, adults should be mature and yet…

I’m kinda nervous… I’ve met them so many times and yet… ugh. This is different. But I’m sure it’ll be fine.

So, I have a boyfriend now, Mama.

I hope you approve of him. He may be an idiot at times but he always takes care of me. Ever since we were children, he’s the one I’m always with. I trust him with my whole life and it is mutual. 

I love you, Mama. Thank you for always being there.

Love, Lucy”

Goodness. I’m 12 days late. HAHA. My tablet is miraculously working in perfect condition and I’m back in my room. The repairs are done wahahah (for now). Gosh I missed drawing. I kinda forgot how I draw Lucy and Natsu in this style so uh haha sorry for the inconsistency if you noticed lmao.

                                                      Part 5 of 9

Parts: I (Puppy) // II (Together/Come On) // III (Music/Games)  //  IV (Starlight/Rain)  // V (Promises/Always)  //  VI (Count On Me)  //  VII (I Lived/Show Me)  //  VIII (Serendipity)  //  IX (Happy Ever After)

So I suddenly got slapped across the face by inspiration thinking about Dragonhawks, from WoW, and their wings. So of course I took it into flight rising because I am ever burning in pixel dragon trash hell and everything turns into flight rising for me. Everything.

so then it became some shallows-dwelling water dragon or maybe nature dragon…

….now i think it’s more an arcane dragon.

I…. don’t even know… but I like it. 

anonymous asked:

i can't tell if i'm bi or if it's just coercive het feelings bc like ever since i realized i like girls i haven't had a crush on a boy but at the same time the previous crushes i've had felt so real but thEn there's the fact that even when i was younger i never really pictured ending up with a guy and i still can't but sometimes i still kinda think abt it and i'm like "do i just rlly wanna be friends with this person or do i have a crush on them" and i just cannOt tell and idk what to do

as a lesbian, let me tell you— i also knew from a very young age that i didn’t want to marry a guy, and i just thought i was super Independent and Feminist and wanted to be single forever wow go me!! and turns out i was super gay all along; i just wasn’t able to realize my feelings for girls as romantic until much later. and i literally have the same exact problem where i can’t tell if i want to really be friends with a girl or have a crush on her— but almost all of the time it’s because i have a really bad crush on her and i’m just trying to repress it by telling myself i just want to be friends with her. 

general advice: if you’re thinking about her a Lot of the time— as in multiple times a day, even if you haven’t seen her that much, and thinking that you wish you could hang out with her or see her more— you probably have a crush on her. 

also: even if you’ve had crushes on guys in the past, if you’re only interested in dating girls in the future, it’s fine to identify as a lesbian!

this answer was kind of heavy on my personal experiences but i hope it was relevant to you! let us know if you need anything else :)

urlovelylady  asked:

Gonna be completely honest here, Jackson is the love of my life. Let's go on dates and get turnt 👏👏. I also provide maximum cuddles, love, food, support, and attention. Trust me Jackson, I got you. 💝💝💝

Jackson: I would actually love to get turnt with you? This sounds so perfect? Yes, I will go on a date with you? -turns to Jaebum- CAN I PLEASE GO THIS TIME?

Jaebum: No, we’re not done yet.

Jackson: -whispers- But she has cuddles and love! And all of my favorite things.

BamBam: And food too!

Jackson: -cries- I’ll wait for you for forever

Yugyeom: Wow, I think he really likes you!

anonymous asked:

I figured out how to turn on notifications, wow go me. CONGRATULATIONS ON 1,000 FOLLOWERS! 👏🏻 🍾🎉🎈🎊 now blow out the candles 🎂 and make a wish💙{ⅹ}

HEYY you’re one step ahead of me, I have no clue

THANK YOU CUTIEPIE!! Ahhhh you’re so so sweet!! I can’t handle it <3 <3 <3

*blows out the candles* i wish for otabek and yuri to be happy and in love forever, pls and thank

It’s been five months and it hasn’t gotten any easier. 
The sound of your name rolling off of someone else’s tongue turns my stomach into ball of knots that are so tightly wound, they seem like they’ll be stuck that way forever. 
It’s the simple, unexpected things that send me from managing to gasping for air at the foot of my bed: 
The ‘good morning’ texts, 
the picture of chocolate labs in a heart-shaped box that you said should be my Valentine’s Day gift, 
the 'wow’ you let out under your breath on New Years Eve when I walked into the room. 
You left no stone unturned. 
You left nothing untouched. 
That was your gift. 
You were in every part of me; 
you were everywhere around me. 
But now a part of me would like to return that gift
because  there’s nothing in this life that doesn’t remind me of you. 
The happiest of memories I have to keep in a box labeled,
'do not open until stronger.' 
I wonder if stronger will ever come.
I can’t see a thing without seeing you in it,
not even myself. 
I wonder how much time I will have to wait 
before I recognize myself again. 
6 months? 
a year? 
2 years? 
You left,
but you took me with you.
—  I want myself back, but if you return how can I let you go again?
SSO Fanfic

June 26th

Wow, I can’t believe I actually found my old journal. Last time I saw this was around when we moved from Jorvik to the mainland after Mom’s riding accident; thought I had lost it forever. Turns out it was just buried in the box with Mom’s riding clothes, which is why I couldn’t find it.

Kinda weird doing this after so long, guess I need to get stuff off my chest and since Mom and Dad are too busy packing and arguing (again) looks like it’s just me, myself and I.

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kyungil x reader (request)

POV: Reader
Pairing: Kyungil (History) x Reader
Rating: PG-15
Comments: Wow, this took me forever to write. So, it’s really hard to find stuff on History, probably because their name is a generic common word. That means this is short and inaccurate. :’D This isn’t actual smut, you pervs. Hopefully it turned out okay.

Summary: “A kyungil from ‘history’ scenarios, when he’s ur boyfriend after a date he invite you at his appartement. You drop your beverage on him, you try to clean your mess but that kind of turn him on.” - Anon

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Description: Dan lives alongside the mirrors, a portal to the parallel world that houses his soul mate Phil. They’ve known each other for 11 years and couldn’t be happier. The only way to cross over is to make ‘The Choice.’ A time when you give up your whole world in the your home universe for your soul mate. Only Dan is too afraid to leave his family behind. Until certain circumstances hit and Dan must make his choice or lose Phil forever. 

Tags: Original Universe; Fluff; Long; Soulmate AU

A/N: Wow that descriptions longer than I thought. Original fantasy/sci fi/ whatever you call it so just tag me if you use the idea. Currently looking for a beta too so message me maybe? 


“When are you getting over here?” He asks, staring down at his blankets instead of my face like he normally would.

I feel my insides get twisted into knots, swallowing when my mouth turns dry. “Someday Phil I promise. I can’t leave my family yet you know that.”


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anonymous asked:


Wow bless your heart I usually don’t check my asks because I assume no one asked me anything but THANK YOU

Brûler (to burn): something I’m really passionate about, especially as of lately, is makeup. I have seen my makeup art improve so much over the past few years that I’ve been doing it and what once was a hobby turned into a desired career. I could literally talk forever about makeup like don’t even get me started unless you wanna hear me talk for a few days


I’ve done it



I wish I could find the words to describe how incredible this series is. Every time I put a book down, I grin from ear to ear. Every night I went to bed whispering, “Wow…wow…wow…”

The plot was intricate, characters oh-so-lovable and others oh-so-hateable, with twists and turns on every page.

The amount of themes and symbols of morals, all profound and all interconnected- every little detail in the story was relevant to the plot in some way or another.

And I will never forget this series and joy it gave me.


anonymous asked:

nijimura having an s/o who turned blind but before that she's a painter. i need some angst and you have good angst but give me a happy ending please

wait wow this is sad anon why but lol i tried to make it angsty plese forgive me idk if this is even angst lol i’m so so sorry

You have fallen in love with painting since forever ago. You first held a paint brush even before you could hold an actual spoon. You loved putting life into blank canvasses of various sizes, giving them more color, more life. You loved painting, the feeling of making the bristles of the brush dance on the white surface, leaving wonderful traces that would soon contribute to the over-all beauty of the master piece. Landscape painting was your forte. You have always loved the idea of capturing the scenery using the concoction of colors you have in hand.

Painting was your first love and losing the ability to see killed you in so many ways. It was an actual heartbreak for you. The people talking about you in the hospital didn’t help, either.

What a waste of talent I feel sad for the prodigy. You’ve been hearing the sentence for so many times already and you just wanted the people to stop already. You didn’t need them to add more pain to your current situation. Every night, you would find yourself curling up into a ball on your hospital bed, crying your heart out as desperation flowed through your veins. You wanted to see what kind of room you were in; you wanted to know the colors present in it; you wanted to get a hold of the paint brush; you just wanted to be the same old you again.

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Fantasy Fulfilled - Luke Hemmings Smut

hiii its literally been forever since i’ve posted something 

blame the season but w/e i am here with schoolgirl!kink luke 

im rly super sorry if it sucks i need to get back into the swing of writing, so don’t judge me thx

yall know you can request anything in my inbox k

warnings: smut ! wow ! what a concept !

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