this will forever be funny to me ok

BTS' Complaints
  • Jin: "I just feel like no one truly appreciates my natural beauty. Like look at me. Do you understand how much work I don't do to look like this? Ultimate face goals, right?" *is talking to a statue* "You get me bruh. I appreciate that." *kisses statue*
  • J-Hope: "I love being ARMY's hope. I do. BUT WHO'S MY HOPE?! I HAVE NO HOPE." *single tear slides down cheek*
  • Rap Monster: "I'm the LEADER of this group. THE LEADER. So why don't any of those shits ever listen to me? I deserve more than this considering my status" *hair flip*
  • V: "But why was I called 'V'? Does it really mean victory? There are so many other things it could be instead. Vacuum, vegemite, va-" *gasps* "baNG PD-NIM, YOU SATAN."
  • Jungkook: "Dear Noonas. STOP CALLING ME OPPA. I'M NOT YOUR OPPA. I NEVER WAS YOUR OPPA. I NEVER WILL BE YOUR OPPA. I'M SORRY. Lots of love, Jungkook-ah. (<-- did you see the 'ah'? That's what you use... bye)"

Ok so I’ve wanted to do this for a while and I finally did!!🌚 rather than being a follow forever I just wanted to let all of you know that I really appreciate you a lot!!💕💖💐💓💞 Have a nice day/night I love all of you!! 

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I have to ask, of all the Fire Emblems you've played, all those characters, who's your favorite lady and who's your favorite dude?


You come into my inbox and you ask me to choose??? What kind of a monster are you?!

Favorite FE ladies:

FE7: Lyndis, Farina, Vaida
FE8: Eirika
FE9: Jill, Marcia
FE10: JILL!!!! and Marcia too
FE11: Catria
FE12 doesn’t exist haha how funny we just…skipped a game!! HAHA!!
FE13: Lucina!!
FE14: Scarlet (points at icon)

Favorite FE men:

FE7: Kent, Hector, Wallace
FE8: Innes
FE9: Haar
FE10: Haar agaIN but Tauroneo is Don Quixote forever so that puts him in 2nd place I guess…
FE11: Frey
FE12 never happened ok
FE13: Geromeykins
FE14: >????????????? idk Ryoma maybe he’s relateable

Lyndis will probably always be my favorite FE lady. This isn’t even really a contest. I love the other ladies I mentioned; they all sparked something in me to make it to the favorites list–and none more than the FE7 ladies. Farina’s a damn close second and there are so many amazing things to talk about wrt Vaida that it’s not even funny. But Lyndis just–I don’t know what it was (is?) about her that still makes me happy. 

As far as my favorite FE man goes, I think it’s gotta be Kent. Most of the others didn’t maintain my interest very long. And though I did write quite a bit of Innes (grins @arthoure) it wasn’t with the same kind of dedication I had writing my FE7 faves, the biggest of which was Kent.

(Though a small part of me screams WALLACE because there are all of these AMAZING concepts surrounding some of his more serious supports. Like there’s a wealth of untapped fanfiction w/ Wallace, ngl. The dude gives amazing advice, and he’s so understanding about it… AHHH.)

Of course, those two are my FE7 flagship OTP, whatever that means now. I deleted something like 100 ‘fics about them when I purged my accounts, not because I didn’t still love the ship, but because I feel that if I were to think deeply about FE7 now, and the characters, I would find my younger-self’s attempts at writing them laughable at best, and terribly OOC at worse (not to mention VERY LIKELY LMAO). 

Anyway, eh, blame it on the nostalgia if you like. FE7 is stupid af and I love the hell out of it. 

the signs decide to go to the mall (sorry about the length)
  • Leo: aye Pisces lets go to forever 21
  • Scorpio: ooh! let me come with!
  • Gemini: me too!
  • Aries: don't forget about me!
  • Virgo: but Scorpio, we were gonna go to hot topic together!
  • Pisces: alright Leo, as long as we can get ice cream afterwards
  • Scorpio: *stands in the way of people walking, trying to decide whether they should go to forever 21 or hot topic*
  • Taurus: it's ok Virgo, I'll go to hot topic with you
  • Capricorn: *wanders into the sports store with cancer*
  • Sagittarius: *follows capricorn and cancer*
  • Scorpio: *realizes most of their friends have left, tags along with Aquarius and libra to try on hats in the thrift store*
  • (in forever 21)
  • Gemini: guys should I get the oversized sweater or the fitted sweater
  • Leo: neither
  • Pisces: *at the same time as leo* get whatever makes you happy :)
  • Gemini: ...anyway, Aries what do you think?
  • Aries: fitted, definitely
  • Gemini: thanks!
  • Pisces: Leo come with me to buy this hoodie
  • Leo: wtf why ok
  • (meanwhile, Virgo and Taurus are awed by the amount of band tees)
  • Virgo: I need them all
  • Taurus: *gasps*
  • Virgo: what!?
  • Taurus: it's buy one get one half off!
  • Virgo: I'm going to buy everything
  • Taurus: do they have a rapper section
  • (let's see how Capricorn, Cancer, and Sagittarius are doing in the sports store)
  • Sagittarius: lol cancer catch! *throws football as hard as they can at unsuspecting cancer*
  • cancer: what the heck Sagittarius that wasn't funny!
  • Capricorn: you didn't even give cancer time to catch it
  • Sagittarius: whatever, let's go check out the skateboards
  • Cancer: *brushes it off and hesitantly follows Capricorn and Sagittarius to the skateboards*
  • Capricorn: Sagittarius check this out! *rolls through stomach down on a skateboard*
  • Sagittarius: you're so dumb, this is how you do it *gets on skateboard, speeds up, crashes into a display of basketballs*
  • Cancer: I knew coming here wasn't a good idea
  • Capricorn: run!!!
  • (in the thrift store)
  • Libra: Aquarius look at this one *puts on top hat*
  • Aquarius: is that how you pick up the ladies
  • Libra: no it's how I pick you up
  • Aquarius: you wish *puts on fedora* am I cute yet
  • Scorpio: no
  • Aquarius: well Scorpio I didn't ask you
  • Libra: stop don't be mean to Scorpio
  • Scorpio: yeah don't be mean to Scorpio
  • Aquarius: Scorpio is the one who insulted me!
  • Scorpio: I was joking!
  • Aquarius: why are you so mean to me?
  • Libra: both of you shut up!
  • Scorpio: hey is that Capricorn, Sagittarius, and Cancer running our way?
  • Aquarius: what did they do this time?
  • Scorpio: who let Capricorn and Sagittarius go somewhere together?
  • Libra: did everyone forget what happened last time they went somewhere alone together? *shudders*
  • Cancer: Scorpio save me from these two!
  • Aquarius: what happened?
  • Sagittarius: I kind of released about 50 basketballs into the sports store on accident
  • Scorpio: are you kidding me?
  • Sagittarius: on accident!
  • Capricorn: it was an accident, Sagittarius was trying to show off their skateboarding skills and kind of crashed
  • Cancer: that part was kind of funny but what if they catch us?
  • Libra: relax, I'm sure you'll be fine
  • (at the end of the day, the signs meet up back at the food court)
  • Aries: hey, where are Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer?
  • Virgo: How much do any of you wanna bet the reason they're not here is Capricorn and Sagittarius' fault?
  • Pisces: it's definitely their fault
  • Gemini: are they really that bad?
  • Leo: did you forget about the pretzel incident?
  • *all of them shudder*
  • Pisces: wait, Virgo and Taurus why do you both have three Hot Topic bags?
  • Taurus: there was kind of a sale
  • Virgo: and there was kind of a lot of stuff we wanted
  • *they both awkwardly laugh*
  • Aries: you two, I swear...
  • Gemini: hey, is that..?
  • Virgo: oh no
  • Pisces: what did they do this time?
  • Leo: why are they running?
  • Taurus: I'm tired
  • Sagittarius: *out of breath* you'll never guess what happened!
  • Gemini: do we really want to know?
  • Scorpio: we're being chased by mall security!
  • Cancer: I hate all of you for bringing this onto me
  • Leo: what could you have possibly done this time?
  • Capricorn: long story short, Sagittarius knocked over a ton of basketballs and we ran and found Scorpio, Aquarius, and Libra then security found us so we started running again
  • Aquarius: why did I run if I didn't do anything?
  • Libra: I was thinking the same thing
  • Cancer: why didn't I just hang out with Scorpio?
  • Aries: security's coming!
  • Pisces: run!
My Girlfriend

My girl constantly calls herself a potato due to her weight. I have finally found the solution.

Her: I’m such a potato
Me: my sweet potato

Her: uggghhhh I’m such a fucking potato
Me: my hot potato

Her: ugh makeup takes forever
Me: my baked potato

Me: let’s go get some pokémon!
Her: Noooo I wanna stay inside
Me: couch potato.

Her: shit I got a sun burn
Me: fried potato.

Her: -makes bad joke-
Me: cheesy potato

-after sex-
Me: mashed potato

Me: ok -service potatoes for dinner-

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ok so wolf link is smug and he complimented me on my "beautiful eyes" and how he got lost in them so he is staying in my town forever

i find that funny bc most people don’t like smugs bc they think they’re creepy? idk smh

Imagine your OTP

They’re stargazing. A shooting star happens to fly by and they make a wish. Person B asks,”Hey, what’s your wish?” Person A says,”Ok, I’ll tell you, but promise not to laugh?” “Ok” Person B replies. Person A goes,”I want to be with you forever.” Person B laughs.”Hey, I thought you promised not to laugh at me!” Person A yells.

Person B finishes laughing. “Sorry. It’s funny. Because I have the same wish.”

  • 14 year old Percy: I'm not asking for much.
  • Percy: I'm just looking for a girl who's funny, athletic, has a great smile,
  • Percy: isn't afraid to take charge, is strong.
  • Percy: And call me demanding, but I like them on the tall side.
  • Grover: You just described Annabeth.
  • Percy: ok what? Very funny. I've known her forever! We're just friends!
  • Percy: And I'll know a perfect girl when I see her.
  • Annabeth: *walks by* hey, guys.
  • Percy: Hubba-hubba

RAWR to my dearest online humans; the best to grace my daily life.

This is a recollection of the greatest people you’ll ever meet. After having such a tough year filled with sadness, problematic nonsense drama, sickness and happy times, I would like to thank you for keeping up with me.

Sorry that I put up my funny face but I wanted to make something different this year, oppose to ones before.

Love you all and may 2015 be our year you guys!! We all deserve happiness and peace, however we achieve it and trying to not hurt others in the process. Sending all my positivity and good vibes from here!

And as I always say: Onwards and upwards into the sunshine.

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Happy 34th (really????) birthday to this hugely talented, beautiful, funny, entertaining, generous, modest, humble man (I could go on forever)!!! 

[PS: Let me include in this post (with the photo above) the moment I saw him for the first time, when I waved hello & he answered back (ok, many people waved, but I was the first! ;P )… <3 I hope there will be other chances to meet him soon!]


Hello guys! So I recently reached 2k followers. Something I never really thought I would get to be honest. So to celebrate I’m doing a follow forever~ I started this blog a couple months ago and I’m in shock that so many lovely people follow me ♡

This  is just a small thank you to everyone who has followed me and always reblog and like my stuff,  and to everyone who make my dash a really nice beautiful place. You’re all awesome! ^^

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Okay so in loft Taylor was singing stuff and I was talking to her about clean and asked her if she’d write out ‘I think I am finally clean’

Taylor: yeah su- wait do you want I am or I’m
Me: …
Taylor: …
Taylor: but…this is going to be on your body forever
Me: no pressure then
Taylor *pulls a cute face*
Taylor: ok *starts quietly singing the chorus of clean to herself*
Me *dies*
Taylor: OKAY you’re having I am

Anyways that’s a cute little story I never shared

3k follow forever!!

ok so a few days ago i reached three thousand followers, which is incredible!! as someone who thinks they’re irritating every single human they interact with in any way, whether it be online or irl, it’s nice to think that three thousand people decided i was nice or interesting or funny enough to follow and, in a way, keep up with me as i go through life. honestly i’m really grateful for every single one of you and love you all loads!! anyway, in order to celebrate this milestone, i thought that i’d do another follow forever, like the one i did when i reached 1k. so, before this gets any longer or soppier, let’s get into it… (also i apologize for the lack of a header, i was kind of busy this weekend and don’t have time to whack anything together)

also one last note! i’m sorry if i forgot any mutuals or anything, if you don’t see your name on here or it’s not italicized pls message me or send me an ask and i’ll fix it!!

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My first follow forever :)

Ok so I kind of hit a follower goal yesterday and I felt like I should do one of these thingies :P

And more importantly, I joined tumblr for the simplest of reasons. so i could see more of exo. When i joined tumblr i had no idea what to expect. Obviously exo pics and vids but none of the lame/cheesy/funny exo posts that y'all post which always manage to crack me up. None of the beautiful/cute/downright breathtaking artworks and cartoons that you all make. None of the twitter and instagram screenshots of exo related stuff that helps me keep upto date with a social media that I don’t have. None of the emotional/encouraging posts that are there for exo. None of the other kpop posts that help me broaden my mind in kpop and help get to know more and new groups and shows. NONE OF THE GIFS that y'all painstakingly make! NONE OF THE FANFICS ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) AND EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY, none of the most amazing people that i have gotten to meet here (i’m looking at you mutuals ;) and honestly its just been such an amazing learning experience so far and i don’t wanna let go of this ever. 

So, for this post, just wanna say thank you. thank you for chancing by on my dash everyday and entertaining me. thank you for whatever you do. and even if you don’t do any of the artwork or post any of the stuff and you just reblog? that is good enough too! in fact reblogging is so much more imp because if you hadn’t reblogged then my tumblr wouldn’t be what it is now. thank you for helping me out in appreciating a group and a fandom to its fullest extent. thank you for making me feel proud of exo, proud of being an exo-l and proud of being a part of this crazy little  world called kpop :)

*mutuals are in bold <3


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