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Jiyong would be a little taken aback the first few times to see you swearing between words, or once in a while, maybe every few sentences — whatever type of swearer you are. But he’s not exactly got the most innocent, cleanest mouth himself… So it’d just become something that’s part of your charm. He’d egg you on at times, try to get a reaction out of you to get you to swear and then find it hilarious as hell, probably mush your cheeks up and ask how you can be so cute even when you’re using some of the most colourful words in existence. As a matter of fact, he’d take this trait from you and make fun of it both in and out of bed. Sometimes he’d ‘punish’ you for it, other times he’d make you use only swears to communicate during sex. It’d just become something part of your regular life together and indeed your sex life too. You’d tease him for swearing and he’d tease you. It’d be pretty funny to catch each other out when you both try to go 'as long as you can’ without swearing, and when you both fail, you just accept that you’re really fucking bad at keeping your words clean.