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The Making of Sanaich

How 19-year-old Sana Hiroki transformed himself into an 80s yaoi icon

Maraich is special to the Patalliro! series even before author Maya Mineo realized it. He confessed to planning to kill him off after a few chapters but saw the character had a life of its own and therefore he felt compelled to let him live. I wonder if this happened before or after Maraich was assigned to be 18 years of age, because Maya Mineo fell in love with his wife at first sight when he was 27, which is Bancoran’s age, and his wife 18. In the manga Maya-sensei also jokingly stated that Bancoran’s cheating was in no way a reflection of his own behaviors. And the fact that Maya-sensei’s now-mangaka daughter saw Patalliro as a sibling growing up kind of indirectly shows how Bancoran and Maraich’s relationship is in certain ways a representation of Maya-sensei’s own marriage. 

Maya-sensei is delightfully weird, as you would expect from the man who created Patalliro! in the first place. So a lot of the decisions he has made about his story and characters don’t fit into boxes. He said he wasn’t good at drawing women so he made all his characters gay even though the pretty boys he draws are all indistinguishable from women. 

And even though Maraich was one of the most important characters of the story, he never bound himself or anyone else to any set ways of portraying the character. Maraich was famously voiced by female voice actor Fujita Toshiko, and Maya-sensei had characterized Maraich as “a girl with a boy’s body”, despite the fact that Maraich throughout the series has used “boku”, which is the male first-person pronoun and on several occasions made it clear that he is a male and has no problem staying that way. So the whole thing is a very fluid situation and Maya-sensei is almost always just free-ranging.

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“I can’t believe you gave up your powers for me…!”


some prom doodles

Modern Cartoon recs for y'all living under a rock

•Gravity Falls

•Adventure Time

•Regular Show

•Steven universe

•Over the garden wall

•Voltron: Legendary Defender

• Rick And Morty (I stg if you say the fandom ruined it i will slap you,,,??? its fucking easy to ignore the fandom and enjoy the show jesus christ it’s still a great show)

•The loud house

•Star vs the forces of evil

• Avatar: The last airbender

•Avatar: The Legend of korra

•Miraculous ladybug

•We bare bears

•OK K.O let’s be heroes

• Ducktales Reboot

•Bojack horseman

•Bob’s burger

•Camp Camp

•Venture bros

•Milo Murphy’s law


•Wander Over Yonder

•Phineas and ferb


•Marvels Spider-man (2017)

•Spectacular Spider-Man

•Bravest Warriors

•The Amazing World Of Gumball

•Bee and puppycat

These are just some that i love feel free tell me more to add!

(I’m not gonna add anymore you can add some yourself if you want!)


Ahh, it’s time for my favorite pastime of combining AUs with other AUs. This time I played around with @mist-lightning-snap’s kwami power swap by combining it with my (slightly altered) genderbends. I also incorporated @princessofharte idea of the kwami’s retaining their personalities same as before, with Jabii being overly-confident and therefore lazy because she’s a tiny goddess of good fortune! What could go wrong! and Yuun trying to be super encouraging despite the misfortune he brings.

Some other details for this au..within an au…

  • Jabii’s name comes from the Korean word 자비 which means mercy/charity (just added another “i” to fit Kwami naming conventions)
  • Yuun’s name stems from 厄运 (Èyùn) which is Chinese for “bad luck/doom”
  • I decided to switch Adrienne’s name to Aurélie, which is something I’ve been thinking about doing for awhile…
  • I gave Marin a Chinese name, 海明 (HăiMing) which means “bright/clear sea” to go with Marin meaning “sailor/of the sea”
  • Aurélie has blue/green eyes and Marin’s are now hazel
  • “Arlequin” is just French for harlequin and Aurélie’s is just the feminine equivalent of “minou”.. I was not uh.. feeling too creative in the hero name department today (so it’s subject to change). 
  • I haven’t figured out their powers yet but they will be slightly different from Tikki’s and Plagg’s…
  • Sometimes Marin wears his hair up out-of-suit but not often. Opposite goes for Aurélie wearing her hair down. She usually has it up somehow.
  • Marin and Aurélie only know each other in this AU as heroes! Not as civilians (yet)