this will be the last ok

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Netflix death note is already bad bc they made light an ugly greasy white boy instead of handsome confident japanese honor student lmao

im crying… honestly as an asian i dont mind them doing a western adaptation and thus having white people but why did they make him so greasy i mscreaming 

light is supposed to be, as you said, this handsome cool-headed confident slick guy you would never suspect to be a serial killer

not an internet dweller slathered in grease i 

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Got any Rhys x Lucien headcannons

I don’t ship them in a healthy loving relationship way, in case that was unclear, i ship them as an overinvolved performative hatefuck, so that makes “headcanons” abt them a little… not as cute as ship headcanons usually are. 100% of the delight of this ship is that they’re both snarky assholes with hearts of gold, but Lucien is Captain No Chill who gets up in arms about every little goddam thing and Rhys is High Lord of Being A Little Shit and Pissing Everyone Off so together it’s like holy shit, Lucien’s constant low-level anger could power a small country.

with that established, headcanons:

  • After the first time they fuck, Lucien is like “THIS IS A ONE TIME THING ONLY” and Rhys is like Mhm ;) and then after the next time they fuck lucien is like “OK THAT WAS IT THAT WAS THE LAST TIME” and Rhys is like whatever you say babe and then after the third time Lucien is like “I’M SERIOUS WE’RE NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN” and Rhysand is like right. ok. sure. and then after the next time….
  • I’m SO into Rhys finding some way to sexually humiliate Lucien in the court of nightmares. think slutty outfits, heathen rituals, Rhys publicly groping him and Lucien can’t say shit because etiquette/politics or whatever.
  • Rhys finds out Lucien likes to have his hair pulled, to Lucien’s chagrin-but-not-really as then Rhys predictably, gleefully exploits the hell out of it.
  • Lucien always complains about the perfunctory post-coital cuddling (“your elbow is digging into my side.” “your chest is too hard, it’s not comfortable.” “For cauldron’s sake, you’re like a furnace and I’m hot already, stop trying to hold me.” ) and it’s 10000% just compensating for how embarrassed/ mad at himself he is about the fact that he just had sex with Rhys AGAIN and clearly really enjoyed himself. Rhys knows all this and finds the complaining endearing in its predictability.
  • They sometimes accidentally approach emotional intimacy (lucien develops a ~suspicion that there’s ~more to Rhys~ than the Wicked Dark Prince act) but they’re both babies abt it so there is one comically ineffectual attempt to DTR (define the relationship) and then they just give up and snark and fuck and that’s the extent of it.
  • Rhys is usually pretty Collected and Smug about the whole affair but later on he starts seriously getting on Lucien’s case about hanging out with Tamlin ( “He doesn’t deserve your loyalty, Lucien” “You’re literally inside me right now, can we have this conversation some other time??”). It causes petty bitchy fights that often turn into more fucking.
  • fp: hi!! im so sorry i didnt text you goodnight last night, i fell asleep while reading!! im sorry if i worried u!
  • me, lying: haha dont worry i figured it was something like that!! im fine dont worry about it :)
  • what actually happened: *had 3 panic attacks, almost relapsed, had reoccurring suicidal thoughts, kept thinking fp would leave me, still has an overwhelming amount of anxiety*

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I'm so confused. I'm guessing they were shooting the promo, because Julie posted a similar photo last time they did, but the only person who would be able to get into that club is Even in terms of age, did everyone get a fake ID.. What's going on?!!

ok, so thanks to @skamforfaen who showed me this yesterday:

martinbeyerolsen Selvpromoterer nytt program i dag. Martin og Mikkelsen starter 2230 på NRK1 (1930 på @nrkmartinogmikkelsen

so sadly, the picture julie posted yesterday had nothing to do with skam but only with the promotion of these two norwegian comedians’ new tv show!!

Ok… posting last one from the meme like this cause I thought it said “Outertale”…

And it wasn’t outertale o-o

Sorry! I misread!!! But here is the Outertale version!

[5 of 5 - Self in UT AUs]

Just… vest with fluff. And floaty hair! Goodness - and I bet I would be wearing my galaxy pattern Vans…

But yee that’s the last of them! I will turn on the asks now and any suggestions for this meme will be deleted! Thank you everyone for the suggestions!

(honestly I am surprised that no one said Underfell but *shrugs* might do that design on my spare time when I have time!)

Anyone: *looks vaguely in my direction*

Me: “hey do u wanna hear abt fish?? :D there’s so many cool fish and I just got this big tank and these are the fish I’m thinking abt putting in it and this fish is rly cool and I wanna get These fish one day in the future but not right kow.i have t wait, u see bc they get rly big and can’t properly accommodate that right now but see THOSE fish don’t get AS big so it’s a bit more conceivable that I could get one right now aren’t these fish so cool? Also I would never get one of these bc they tend not to do well in captivity but they’re SO COOL look at these 500 pictures of them I have saved on my phone, and-”

Them: *backing away in horror, trying to figure out how to get out of this conversation that they didn’t even want in in the first place, trying to look politely interested while they plan their escape*

Ok but seriously, despite that last post, I firmly believe that Adam Jensen (and any other character) should look how you want them to look naked. Don’t forget that Deus Ex canon contradicts itself more often than a politician. All these are technically canon:

Adam has a fleshy, hairy dingus:

But he also has a vibrating, metal dingus:

He’s got Robot Thigh-Highs™:

But also Yelena Fedorova legs with two toes:

Robot legs with all toes, in-built high heels, but with a fleshy dingus:

But also no dingus:

And no leg augs at all:

And, my favorite, My Little Pony and Bambi legs:

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Allow me to clarify, because context is hard: you cannot legally enforce a contract clause that requires someone to hide their sexuality in the UK. Please do not argue that "if it's effective we wouldn't know about it". We know about NDAs, we know about super injunctions, we know about various financial dealings; ALL of which have been challenged in court and yet somehow in the entire course of UK history no one has ever gone to court to fight against being contractually closeted.

OK, but by your logic there are two possible reasons for your last statement:

(1) It has never happened and so no one has ever needed to try to enforce this law,


(2) No one has ever brought an enforcement action because they know there is no basis upon which they can state a claim.

I mean, I know I live in a more litigious world than most, but the idea that a claim has never been brought on a plausible cause of action because industry has been kind enough to acknowledge they shouldn’t do something and not do it seems to be a bit of a reach. On the other hand, no lawyer taking on a claim that they know has no basis (because they could be sanctioned for failing to bring a colorable claim) seems very plausible.

Using your logic here, there are lots of things that are illegal in contracts that people have taken to court and won verdicts on. These things are explicitly illegal – underpayment, gender discrimination, whatever. Industry still does it, employees sue, employees win, industry is punished. But this one illegal thing, just this one, no one has ever sued on. Because industry decided this was the one illegal thing they wouldn’t do, even if they believed it to be profitable for them. I’m sorry, but no matter how snarky you are with me, this argument is unpersuasive.

Another point you’re not getting: why is the UK law different than any other non-discrimination/equality law? It’s worded the same as most U.S. non-discrimination policies. We share a common law. (While the precedent diverged in the 18th century, the foundations are the same and it has developed largely in parallel). Why is that specific law the supposed basis for your argument? Yes, they signed the original contracts in the UK, but they also signed numerous contracts (especially with Columbia) in the US over the years.

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i'm very behind with all this last name stuff what's going on i'm so confused??

ok this is gonna be a very speedy breakdown:

  • 80′s comic has McClain as Lance’s last name 
    • he’s white
  • New show: VLD
    • Lance is brown
  • he’s revealed to be cuban
  • people still use his white last name
  • i ask everyone to stop
  • arguments
  • arguments
  • whitewashing
  • death threats
  • me providing facts
  • me being called a racist (????how???)
  • i finally start to gain some support
  • Josh Keaton throws a grenade in it by saying that he, a half latino half on his mother’s side and white on his father’s side, does not have a latino last name and therefore Lance, a fully cuban character, doesn’t need one
    • ???????????
    • comparing apples and oranges
    • ????!!!???????????????
  • me: explodes

and that’s it

i drew this cuz i had to get a x-ray for my lungs today. i noticed day by day it was getting harder and harder for me to breathe. I kept coughing up green and red so yeah.

Things ain’t lookin too good for my lungs dude.

i’ll finish off the last commissions and other art i owe tomorrow. Just make a master post and send some individually cuz i think that’s the last day i got left to do stuff for quite a while.

then i think that’ll be it.

I’ll be ok. can’t stop me ya know. but it’ll be ok.

that might be the last for this month and for quite while.

kinda funny cuz the nurse was telling me that i needed to take my clothes off for the x-ray. So i just started taking my clothes off right where i was standing and he was like NO NOT HEREEEEEEE!! THE DRESSING ROOM!!!

then im like oh yeah that does make sense.

i feel i’ll be fine. but like after tomorrow and the day after that i’ll be needing to step down for a long while for my lungs to get treated from whatever is happening. i don’t get results till next week. 

i’ll still answer messages if ya need something. other than that we good.

peace out baby

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ghostie goo can i have some good vibes? my best friend has been treating me....p bad lately and they keep talking about suicide and posting a bunch of stuff they know triggers me and i ended up relapsing p bad last night... my first month of being sweet 16 has not been very sweet Yikes anyways i hope youre doing okay please stay safe buddy ilyvm good vibes to you aaa... ~🐧

gOOD VIBES if they’re treating u that badly pls Reconsider Ur Friendship ok aaaaaa