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Sagiri Seina Last Interview

From Takarazuka Graph Magazine July 2017

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  Q: So the curtain went up recently on your final stage production. How does that feel?

  Sagiri: Of course, I’ve become unable to avoid the thought that I’ll soon be graduating. Suddenly the feeling hits me. But the play (Sun In the Last Days of the Shogunate) and the show (Dramatic S!) are both surrounded by positive energy so I hardly have time to steep in those feelings (laughs). Plus, I’m not the type that can get simple enjoyment from things. Whether it’s my retirement performance or whatever, each and every time it’s a serious fight and I’ve got to be reckless!–is my style, I believe (laughs).

Q:  During the opening day greetings you were crying tears…

Sagiri: I was. That surprised me (laughs). Some people came on their day off, and there was also a  lonely feeling because not everyone could make it so we couldn’t have this day all together. But your friends are always there with you no matter what, and I felt all over again the things we had overcome together. I was also moved by the reaction from the audience and their response to the shows, and I was so happy I thought, “Ahhhh, I’m so glad I worked hard to reach this day.”

Q: In 2014 you became the top star, with your first Grand Theatre show being Lupin the Third- Pursue the Queen’s Necklace!-   Lupin is a role that has a strong image association in the world already. What were you you nervous about at first?

Sagiri: I was full of anxiety (laughs). But, as practice went along it became more and more fun.The biggest help to me was thinking about Lupin’s appeal- how he just suddenly shows up to help people and then just as suddenly disappears. Even characters that didn’t appear in the original work were really brought to life and I could feel the perfect connection of Yukigumi members in that show. The nervousness seemed to fly away after that, and I think that was a really good start (to my top star era.)

  Q: The next show was the completely original Hoshiai Hitoyo (One Night of Stars). It ran for two performances and came to represent Sagiri Seina as a performer.

   Sagiri: That was the first time during a first read-through that I actually made a noise in my throat. I felt like it was my responsibility to bring this wonderful story, this dream that could wrap you up in it and make you cry, to life for the audience. However, once Ueda-sensei’s serious practice sessions start… (laughs) I didn’t really have free time to be making plans. I really sank into the role though, didn’t I? To be able to carry off a role so completely different from Lupin- I am so grateful to have met with such a great play.

   Q: With the acompanying show La Esmeralda the term “tridente” was coined around you, Sakihi-san, and Nozomi-san, wasn’t it?

   Sagiri: Our roles in the play portion were in a triangle as well, so Saitou-sensei was kind enough to think of a catchy term to describe us (laughs). I get the feeling that it was like, “Alright, let’s get these three to make Yugigumi even more enthused!!” (laughs). Without Yuumi-chan (Sakihi Miyu) and Daimon (Nozomi Fuuto), the tridente would have been impossible. So they are absolutely imperative—without those two this type of relationship would have been impossible.

   Q: The current Yukigumi was born with the three of you at it’s center but after that, beginning with Rurouni Kenshin, the whole troupe started to really heat up performance-wise. That’s the impression that’s given.

   Sagiri: Everyone was visually like they jumped straight from the original work, weren’t they? It was important to give Kenshin fans a show that they could totally get into as well, so we gave it all of our energy and it was also a great chance for me to  put to use various role-playing strategies I’d learned to make this really big role come to life, don’t you think?

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