this will be the deth of me

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HELP! Mama has put me on DIE-it!!! Only feeds once a year!! (Says it once a day but she forget to convert to cat years! Am too hungry for correct maths but is very long time!) Have storve to deth many time already, am writing from grave to make sure mama know to give full bowl ALL day when am come back for next life.


me waiting for the sweet embrace of deth but realizing I’m 2 young to die so I’ll drink 10 Four Lokos drop acid and watch the movie Scarface and pretend I’m Al Puccini gettin killed by gangsters in my giant mansion


Just some more “Nova Butterfly vs the forces of Adolescene” sketches I did last night, sorry for Connor’s eyes, i cant fix it😔. Also the last two drawings is warning for @marionette-j2x if she done any more spoilers😋. But if she did @mrevaunit42 then call me, I’ll help you catch her up high.😁
Better watch out, Deth.😈

That was a rough day. …Just a testament to the working environment we have down in Georgia, I sat on a – before we walked out, I sat on an Igloo – and I didn’t want to walk out and start crying, I wanted to have already been flooded. I wanted the weight of her to show in my posture…So I sat on this Igloo and I just cried, you know, and I could see the feet of all of our crew walking back and forth. And I’m just looking at the ground…nobody bothered me, nobody threw rocks at me, you know? Nobody made fun of me, they just let me do my thing.
—  Norman Reedus (on filming Beth’s death scene in “Coda”)

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Don’t mind me I’m just crying over here.