this will be such a pretty movie

every time the inner cynic in me starts questioning if we’ve set our hopes too high about a canon force bond, i remember that that’s literally the only possible way Kylo will find them on Ahch-To.

think about it. the ENTIRE PLOT of TFA revolved around the First Order being unable to locate Luke or Ahch-To. they tried everything; there’s nowhere left to look and no other information for them to find. so what’s changed since TFA? 

Rey is there.

all logic dictates that Rey is the key to Kylo finding Ahch-To at long last. and the only way for that to work from across the galaxy is through their mysterious connection.
‘You’re just trying to get it as big as possible’: Capitals do photo day right
Justin Williams and Andre Burakovsky sported matching poofy 'dos.

“I used the hair dryer a little to blow it up and then it was just kind of sitting there by itself,” Burakovsky said of his ‘fro, which rivaled the height of Williams’s ‘do. “You’re just trying to get it as big as possible. When I got it kind of big, I thought, ‘All right this is pretty good.’ It looked stupid.”

Like Jayson Werth and Bryce Harper on Nationals photo day at spring training, Williams and Burakovsky looked a little like Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly’s characters in the movie “Step Brothers.” That wasn’t a coincidence.

“There’s something in that for sure,” Williams said when asked if the duo’s look was inspired by the movie. “Burky’s nickname, sometimes it’s Dale. So, um … there’s a little something to that, yeah.”

Burakovsky was asked if he plans to keep his poofy look.

“No, absolutely not,” the 22-year-old replied.

“His hair looks like that every day, so I didn’t notice much difference,” joked Capitals forward Tom Wilson…

…wait, sometimes Andre gets called Dale?

Where’s the movie in which two girls do everything together until one of them gets a boyfriend and everything changes. Except, no one gets a boyfriend and instead of everything changing, nothing changes and they move in together and decide two beds are too expensive and ten years down the line realise they’ve pretty much been dating since they were fifteen and get married and have the Disney themed wedding they had been planning together since they were five. Bonus points if they have their own dance routine.

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I was folding shirts when this family comes in. Parents, a toddler holding her mom's hand, and the little boy in a stroller. They were only in the front of the store for 5 minutes. We have a lot of tables in the front but it's pretty obvious we sell movies, CDs, TV series, etc bc of signs &the bins are huge.The dad comes up to me & literally asks "where the FUCK are your movies?" uhhh, first off calm your ass down. Second, your kids are right there. Third, go fuck yourself & find them yourself.

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You know how in chapter three Chiron kind of pretends to be someone he's not? I feel like that's sort of what Kevin does in chapter 2 of the movie. He was wanting to impress all the "cool kids" and the only time he was fully himself imo was in the beach scene because we actually got to see him be vulnerable and honest but before that he was kind of putting on an act I feel. And afterwards he also put on an act with those bullies. He was the most vulnerable and unguarded with Chiron

yes yes yes! this is pretty much what jharrel said here, Kevin was hiding just as much as Chiron but a lot of people dismissed it because they just thought that’s the kind of person he would have grown up to be, you know? your typical tough guy but that scene on the beach shows how much of a facade he put on just to fit in. When he beats up Chiron… if anyone thinks he wanted to do that, they’re wrong. Barry mentions in the audio commentary how Kevin was basically a product of the world pushing you to do what you think you need to do to in order to survive. And when adult Kevin says he never did what he wanted to do, only what other people expected from him, that speaks 1000 words because he hid so much of himself as a teenager. He was attracted to boys before he kissed Chiron so god knows how much that would have wrecked him because it didn’t match his tough guy exterior so he just continued to hide for years and years until he became the Kevin in the third chapter. It’s heartbreaking, those two boys went through so much and I know a lot of people don’t get Kevin’s character but honestly his character is pretty damn painful and I’m crying while writing this, amazing.

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younma i dont mean to be rude or anything but how is it going with the othertale movie?

i am still in the half progress of the story boarding i received too some of lines from the voice actors it’s pretty slow i know cause i only draw at my college

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>why are people mad that a significant character isn't acknowledged in the conclusion of a very emotional and winding series

First of all, don’t twist my words. When did I say Sasuke isn’t significant.
Second of all: nah. 
Sasuke has been acknowledged. Sasuke had chapter 699 animated (and you know, all of the previous chapters and fillers), Sasuke had his own novel adapted and animated (episodes 484-488), Sasuke was pretty much everywhere in Gaiden and Boruto The Movie.

Sasuke was only left out in the Hokage one-shot (by the author, the meanie animation studio still included him), in The Last (though I agree that using him for promotional reasons wasn’t a nice thing to do towards his fans) and in the Konoha Hiden adaptation (honestly? I don’t really see it as “in character” for Sasuke to take a break from his redemption arc just to go to a wedding reception, have small talk with people he barely knows and eat at the buffet, but that’s just my opinion. Idk, maybe I just have different priorities, but I feel like it would be better for his development to redeem himself and “atone for his sins” but maybe snacks and a piece of cake are more important, what do I know). (also Sasuke wasn’t in the epilogue of the novel, but the meanie animation studio added him anyways and you’re still unhappy? Greedy.)

“In the conclusion of a very emotional and blablabla” what??
Naruto as a series has more than a conclusion. Technically it ended with the adaptation of chapter 699 (episode 479) and Sasuke was there (was the prison scene too much? That can be discussed, but it’s still filler so I don’t see why people should spend too much time pondering over it). Technically it ended with chapter 700 and he was there. Technically it ended with episode 500 and he was there. Technically it ended with Gaiden (as it is the last series written by the author) and he was there (heck, it’s a mini series about the Sasukes). Technically (from a chronological pov) it ended with Boruto The Movie and he was there (and in the movie adaptation to manga, too!). Technically the show isn’t even over! Since chapter 700 hasn’t been animated and the kids are getting their own series (and I’m ready to bet Sasuke will appear, whether in Konoha or outside of it, he will appear).

So basically you’re whining about “Sasuke not going as Sakura’s date to Naruto’s wedding” (or Sasuke riding a white stallion and eloping with Naruto in the sunset, possibly running over Hinata, depending on whichever side you’re on). Stop acting like nobody sent him an invitation.

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What are your thoughts on Hairspray? (The musical, not the source movie)

I’m answering as a white person who thought they were a girl when it came out, and who is transmisogyny exempt.  There are certainly some racist and transmisogynistic aspects to the particular productions. 

There’s the white savior trope, and a clear separation of the “good whites” from the “bad whites”, which is not a useful thing.  All white people benefit from white supremacy.

They really should get a trans woman to play Tracy’s mom. I’m not versed enough in drag culture from the 80s to critically analyze Divine’s performance in the source movie, but by the time 2002 came around (I’m not sure if you’re talking about the broadway musical or the film of the musical?) we should have had a fat trans woman in that role.  Certainly not John Travolta in a dress.  It makes me pretty uncomfortable these days, as I’ve learned more about transmisogyny. 

That said, as a young fat white person who thought they were a woman, the musical was one of my favorites. It felt empowering. I had the soundtrack and loved it. I can’t even imagine this experience applying to anyone but white and femme people though. And only cis women, as long as they keep casting cis men in the role of Tracy’s mom. 

-Mod Siarl

Not gonna lie, when I found out Lumiere was Ewan McGregor and Plumette was GuGu Mbatha-Raw I fell even more in love with them than before because…Their potential??? Hello???

Disney you gave me a couple with these pretty people and I couldn’t have more time to enjoy them as human?? No, I demand another movie of these two. Make it Pride and Prejudice. Make it a coffee date. SOMETHING so I can just see these two beautiful ppl in love again aaaaah

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Please tell us about the first time they were sleeping (not nsfw) at each others places. Were there the typical questions like: "bed or couch", "shirtless or with a shirt"... I guess Cedric was very chilled and Pietro totally excited. Btw. I love them both so very very much.

aaah well the first time they slept in the same bed was at cedric’s old place, they were just hanging out and watching a movie and pietro /just so happened/ to stay there too late  and was like “oh well can i stay here for tonight?” and kinda went from there,  cedric was super nervous because his bed was pretty small! but yeah pietro was excited . they didnt fall asleep for a while they were busy snugglin

and thank you ;-;!!!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRASH! Thank you for blessing us with the gifts of McHanzo, I hope you had a great day 🤗❤

I totally saw this on my actual birthday, but since I was out and about that day I totally forgot to get back on and reply to the birthday messages people left, sorry!

I did enjoy myself, though. I had ramen at this really bomb place in LA, then we went to Hollywood to see Beauty and the Beast @ the El Capitan Theater there (it’s basically a fancy shmansy movie theater where they only show Disney movies). It was pretty simple for my 21st birthday, but I like keeping things simple. So yeah, it was pretty great, in my humble opinion.

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For drabble challenge... 118 pretty please!

118: “Your favorite superhero can’t be a villain.”

Wow holy shit, this sucks, I’m so sorry lol I hope you still like it though *cries* On FF

Also, If you want me to do one! 

Important Discussions

“The Joker.” he said smugly.

“Klaus, I asked you who was your favorite superhero, not your favorite supervillain.”

“Of all the movies and tv shows you’ve made me watch,” Klaus said purposefully staring at Caroline, “he was the only one I enjoyed and could understand.”

“Your favorite superhero can’t be a villain! And of course you connected with the psychopath…” Caroline sighed, throwing her hands up in defeat.

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So, I've seen a lot of people being upset over a white person getting the role of an Asian person in some film that's coming up. That is terrible, I completely agree, but I still have no idea what movie it is? No one ever said, so do you know?

I’m pretty sure the movie you’re thinking of is “Ghost in the Shell” :V

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yeah I thought that movie was pretty good, but hey should have stopped there though like damn dude lock your fam in a tower if this shit is gonna keep happening

I could have sworn I answered these asks back from Say Uncle (and a few from the pilot) but apparently I did not! Must have dreamed it. So here we go!

Yeah but I need that Pearl beak or bust

Okay, so Gusite isn’t a gem. I’m surprised there’s so much fanart for him, though. 

But yeah, I knew I definitely recognized his voice, just couldn’t place him. Captain Gantu is who I’d know him best as. I need to rewatch Lilo & Stitch sometime soon. That movie is fan-flipping-tastic.

@darksoul2727 @mendelpalace

It was definitely a precious resource for dem pretty Pearl faces.

@darksoul2727 @mendelpalace

Yeah, from what I’ve been told about Uncle G, it sounds like they could do literally whatever they wanted, so a crossover into another universe isn’t out of the question. I’m usually not big on crossovers for that very reason, but this just worked!


I very much doubt it. I can see the appeal, but it just doesn’t appeal to me. Now, when I was younger, like around 10 or so? I might have enjoyed it. I figure that’s probably where their targeted audience lies.


It took me a minute, but Uncle G is a Rose Quartz with his gem on his nose. I can’t believe the evidence has been there all along.

Every time someone comes to this realization or has it told to them I find it so funny, because if I didn’t know Tenrag was Garnet backwards, I would assume it had something to do with like, 10 washcloths.


Oh my god I had not realized this! I need to see them together as a group pronto.

I also need to see how Ruby and Sapphire get along with Pearl and Amethyst. What are their relationships like? Just give me more Ruby and Sapphire.


Okay but when somebody decides they want to leave the radfem community why cant we just be like ‘bye’ why are we hunting down peoples sideblogs and twitters and shit

There are better things to do with our time. We live in an era where all the music and movies ever recorded are pretty much free online. Like JFC torrent a Roller Coaster Tycoon game or something, even that would be more productive than this nonsense.