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The Honeypot (ColdFlash from Lisa’s POV)

The Con: The Honeypot

The Target: Cisco Ramon, friend of The Flash

Lenny always talked about cons like they were missions, like they were clinical and technical and everything could be timed down to the second. As if plans didn’t change and thieves didn’t improvise. Con artists they were called because it was a form of art. Lisa had to read her mark’s emotions, beliefs, and attitudes and change her own behavior to match. That’s what Lenny didn’t get. She had to improvise and change tactics constantly to get the job done.

But she did have a few methods that were tried and true, some parts she played that worked on most guys. Like tonight, when she would play a shy, socially awkward woman, who didn’t know how beautiful she was. On a geeky scientist, this would work without a doubt.

It was easy enough to introduce herself, offer to buy Cisco a drink, and then to convince him that yes she did mean him. Then, she was joining his friends. Another round of introductions, this time to a lanky brunette named Barry and a pretty girl with straight posture named Caitlin. They both seemed just as nerdy as Cisco. They were probably scientists too. Maybe they also knew The Flash. She’d have to listen to see if they mentioned anything.

“And this is Lisa,” Cisco finished. “She bought me a drink,” he said, and Lisa graciously ignored his huge smile and the look he exchanged with Barry. “I asked her to join us.”

“I hope that’s alright,” Lisa said, making sure to look as unsure of herself as she had when first approaching Cisco.

“Of course,” Barry said, and wasn’t he chipper, just full of energy. “Tell us about yourself,” he added, practically standing as he leant towards her across the table.

“Oh no, we are not changing the subject,” Caitlin said before wincing and sending an apologetic look Lisa’s way. “I didn’t mean we don’t want to hear about you. It’s just Barry’s avoiding talking about his crush.”

Lisa laughed, a chiming, delicate sound that she’d once needed to practice for hours before it sounded right. “That’s no problem. I’d love to hear about your crush, as long as it isn’t Cisco.” She finished by sending a coy look Cisco’s way and ducking her head. He and Barry shared another look. He was eating up her act hook, line, and sinker.

Barry gave an awkward laugh of his own. “Ha no, no. It’s—I’m not—really, I’m not crushing on anyone.”

“Only Captain Cold,” Caitlin said before sipping her drink with a smirk still on her lips.

Oh, now that was interesting. Lisa gave Barry another once over. A little young for Len, but her brother would definitely find him attractive.

“Dude, seriously?” Cisco probably would have done a spit take if he’d taken a drink of the beer she’d bought him. At least that was avoided.

“No, it’s just—” Barry hid his face in his hands, and continued, muffled now by his hands, “I said he wasn’t bad looking. That’s all.”

Wasn’t bad looking? Len looked amazing. They both did. They made sure they did so that people trusted them more easily.

“You said,” Caitlin started, “and I quote, ‘he’s hot for someone so cold.’”

“That was weak,” Cisco said, more bothered by Barry’s wordplay than his attraction to a criminal. That was interesting. Was it common for Central City citizens to check out the news worthy criminals? Or was this only because Cisco, as a friend of The Flash, would have heard more about Captain Cold?

“I guess his puns are rubbing off on me.”

“You’ve met him?” Lisa probably shouldn’t have asked Barry so quickly, but this was getting interesting. A friend of Cisco’s was around Len enough to know about his love of puns?

The group shared worried glances before Barry said, “Uh no. Of course not.” A pause for a nervous, fake, forced laugh, “I’ve seen him on the TV, you know? Everyone has, right?” The others start agreeing vehemently, but Len didn’t talk much when he was arrested and reporters never got too close to the Flash’s fights. These three were horrible at lying. And Lisa was sure she just found The Flash. Maybe the honeypot wouldn’t be necessary after all. There was no point in kidnapping Cisco for the Flash’s identity when he was willing to introduce her to him in exchange for a drink.


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Year in Review: Dominic Thiem

What a year for Dominic Thiem! He had a lot of ups and downs, but still managed to finish the year off strong in the Top 5. Some of his biggest accomplishments of the season were defeating two Big Four members on clay: Novak Djokovic at the French Open and Rafael Nadal in Rome. He made it to 3 finals and won the title in Rio de Janeiro against Pablo Carreno Busta in February. At the Majors, he made it to the Fourth Round or better for every tournament (AO, Wimbledon, USO: 4R, FO: SF). He also played for Team Europe at the inaugural Laver Cup, where they defeated Team World, 15-9. While the first half of the season was successful, the second half of the season was not. Going into the Antalya Open as the highest seed, everyone had high hopes he’d do well, but he lost to the 222nd ranked Ramanathan in his first match. During his run at the US Open, he lost in the Fourth Round to Juan Martin del Potro in a thrilling 5 set match. Dominic won the first two sets, and then Del Potro miraculously came back, with the crowd behind him and won the next three sets to win the match. The loss was a tough pill to swallow, and also continued his losing streak. He went on to lose all his matches during his Asian swing (Chengdu, Japan, Shanghai) which made a lot of people question his scheduling throughout the year. Although he left Asia without any wins, he qualified fourth (current career high) for his second ATP World Tour Finals. He lost two of three Round Robin matches, with his one win being one of the strongest he’d played in a 2 month period. It is anticipated that he will finish the end of the year at #5, which is will be his highest year end finish to date. We continue to support Dominic and hope he has an even more successful 2018. BAMOS!

how…how do you causally talk to new people? asking for a friend…

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Akien stims with water magic.

He’s one of the characters from my NaNo writing, and in my main story he’s Earnest’s father. One of the great things about writing the side stuff is discovering new things about minor characters.

When I was a child I was playing around with the Doom level creator and discovered you could make cubes of floating, impossible water. Honestly that’s stuck with me and I love. I would make tunnels of water in the air.

Steve “No One Touches My Kids” Harrington was one of the best things that came out of Stranger Things 2. | Redbubble


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“Hugo–do you KNOW Ladybug and Chat Noir??”

or: Life must be pretty cool when your parents are secretly superheroes ;)

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