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I’ve been sick for the last couple of days, which is slightly stressful seeing as I had wanted to complete all my homework in the first two weeks and need to train for my wushu performance in January…

Chapter 1: Breaking and Entering

This is my longer Gladion x Female Trainer (Moon) Fic. It has a little language but for the most part this is clean story that will have a lot more action than the first. Also you’ll finally be able to guess what was gong on in my preview pic I uploaded last week. I’ll be uploading possibly two chapters a day. Enjoy!

         The sky was already beginning to darken. As the sun descended lower in the sky Gladion shoved his hands in his pockets and fumed. Null following behind him and whimpered quietly in concern. Hau had been strong, though infuriating, but Gladion had underestimated his friend Moon. She was new to Alola and already had been chosen by the Tapu guardians to master Z power, cleared several island trials, and had proven to Team Skull that she, and her brother Sun, were not to be taken lightly. But despite all the rumors he has heard of her ferocity in battle Gladion had not hesitated to challenge her. He grimaced remembering the way her look of surprise morphed into one of excitement when he had proposed a battle.

           He huffed and glanced at the ground. If he let go of his pride he’d admit she was quite amazing. Her bond with her Pokémon was strong. He found that sometimes without even uttering a word her Pokémon knew what to do. Unlike many trainers, Moon would not stand still in battle. Because battles were unpredictable and the two Pokémon could easily stray from their trainers in the heat of battle, Moon showed no hesitation to follow as closely as she could during her fights. Quick and agile, she could dodge falling debris accidentally kicked up during battle but often she would emerge just as filthy as her partner Pokémon. Interestingly enough she would groom them after each fight as well as offer them snacks. So it was no surprise that Pokémon swarmed to her.

           Sun, Hau, and Moon were all on their island trials. Sometimes Moon would be in the lead with the most trials completed while Sun and Hau fought to catch up. Other times Moon would intentionally stay behind to develop her pokedex.

           Gladion walked up the motel steps and pushed his way into his room. He never bothered to lock the door, he had nothing that could be stolen. Null limped over to his poke-bed and laid down with a groan. Gladion knew Null was still sore from his battle with Moon. The room was small and barren. The only furniture was what the motel supplied. He had a small creaky table with only one red chair as well as a desk with a few notepads with the motel’s logo on the front. In the corner he had a twin size bed placed next to where Null was sleeping. The only redeeming qualities of the shabby living space was the large flat screen tv and the alley kitchen behind the faded green retro curtain, technically making it more like an apartment. Though nowadays Gladion found that many a night his pantry shelves were bare and his fridge empty with no money to buy any groceries. Outside he could hear through the flimsy walls a few trainers talking loudly to one another. For a moment he listened but could not decipher anything from the muted voices. The barking of a rockruff soon followed as well as the screech of another unidentifiable Pokémon signifying a battle had just begun. Gladion rolled his eyes and hoped they would quiet down soon.

           Null lifted his head as he approached, listening intently on what was happening outside. No sooner than Gladion had opened his mouth to calm Null, the front door exploded shooting jagged splinters into every direction. Null sprang forward tackling his trainer to the ground as a large chunk flew into the wall Gladion had been standing in front of moments before. Covering his face instinctively he waited for the debris to stop falling. When it had all quieted down he turned to see two muddy red sneakers sticking out from under the green curtain.

           Furious he stormed over to the familiar figure that had catapulted through his front door. “What the Hell just happened!?” he snarled. With a groan Moon swatted the green curtain aside and sat up. In her arms her rockruff, whom she had nicknamed Jackal, lay unconscious. A shaky voice from outside cried “Holy Arceus, that wasn’t supposed to happen! Let’s get out of here!” Gladion watched the two golfer trainers sprint into the tree line unashamedly dragging their belongings behind them. Gladion gritted his teeth and turned his icy glare back on Moon. She looked like a wimpod, turned white from the falling plaster.

           "Well?“ he barked when she continued to stare at him wide eyed.

           "Oops.” He threw his arms up in exasperation. “You come flying through my door, almost decapitating me in the process, and all you can say is oops!?” Moon absentmindedly brushed her rockruff before looking up Gladion with big blue gray eyes.

           "Well yes Gladion I’m fine, thank you for asking. Totally no brain damage here, na-uh. Just concerned about the welfare of your door. Typical Gladion.“

           Null cocked its head and walked towards Moon.

           "Typical? You’ve known me for less than a day how can you know what my typical self is?” Moon stared at Gladion with a smirk. “Trust me. You’re not that hard to figure out.” Gladion grit his teeth and tried to reply but Moon interrupted him.

           "Look, I really am sorry about your door Gladion. I’ll pay for all the damages.“ She reached out and stroked Null’s neck. Both Gladion and Null seemed surprised by this, but much to Gladion’s disapproval Null leaned into it and let out a happy cry. With a grunt he turned away from the other trainer as well as his traitorous partner to brood. After awhile he sighed.

           "How in the world are you going to be able to pay for all this?” Moon reached into her bag and began feeding Null pokebeans.

           "I’m resourceful. I got this.“ Gladion snorted before noticing the bright red trickle running down her face. "You’re bleeding.” She reached up and felt her head.

           "Huh. Guess I am.“ She flashed him a smile which confused him greatly. "Don’t worry I’ll be fine!” When she tried to stand he firmly pushed her by the shoulder to stay seated.

           "Listen. You came careening through that door head first. For all we know you could have a concussion or even a fractured skull. I have a few bandages and luckily the Pokémon Center is right next door.“ She pouted and returned her rockruff to its pokéball.

           "So now you’re a doctor. You’ll probably tell me next that you’re a master chef too. Or a secret agent who steals malasada recipes.” Gladion huffed and opened his bedside drawer.

           "That sounds more like your friend Hau. He wouldn’t shut up about them during our battle.“ Moon laughed and nodded.

           "Yeah! That sounds like Hau!” He returned with a small first aid kit and kneeled next to Moon.

           "Is anything hurt besides your head?“ Moon hesitated before motioning towards her back.

           "I hit my back pretty hard on the floor when I landed. I also have sprinters everywhere. But I think it’ll just bruise and then it’ll be fine.”

           "You’re optimism is nauseating.“ She shot him a glare as he wet a washcloth with hydrogen peroxide.

           "Don’t be Madion.” He froze.

           "Did you just-“

           "Make a pun out of your name? Well yes, yes I did.” He stared at her in disbelief before scowling.

           "And I thought Hau was annoying.“ Moon stuck out her tongue inciting an eye roll from Gladion. Crouching in front of her, he reached out and wiped away the blood on her face. It was a little awkward, especially since Gladion was hesitant to get too close. When the rag touched her hairline Moon winced and instinctively shied away. Grabbing her chin he muttered, "Just hold still.” He continued to clean the wound while pretending he didn’t notice how pink Moon’s face had become. He had to remove her hat to see how bad it really was. “Lucky for you, the skin’s just been scratched. You could have easily cracked your skull.” She grimaced at the thought. He pressed a fabric cloth firmly on the still bleeding wound. “Hold this on your head. We need to get you to the Pokémon center. Pulling her up before she could protest, he noticed she struggled to hold her own weight. Wrapping her free arm around his shoulders and holding her waist for stability, they made their way slowly to the Pokémon Center. He became hyper aware of every time her hips bumped into his and how close they were to each other. ‘Just stop thinking about it’ he told himself, though that only seemed to make it worse. Moon interrupted his muddled thoughts.

           "You know, I guess I didn’t have you figured out.” He raised an eyebrow in confusion. Smiling she added, “Underneath that emo-punk hoodie, you’re actually kinda nice.” He groaned and turned his head.

           "Now you’re just being ridiculous.“ He heard her giggle and despite trying his hardest, he felt a smile pulling at the corners of his lips. The double doors slid open as they approached. The nurse behind the counter looked up with a smile before faltering when seeing Moon.

           "Oh my Arceus, what happened!?” He glanced at Moon who smiled bashfully.

           "A Pokémon battle got a little out of hand…“ The nurse pursed her lips and called for assistance. Two more nurses arrived and helped support Moon to the hospital rooms. The nurse at the main desk looked back at Gladion.

           "You’re welcome to go with your girlfriend.” He tensed and turned a bright red.

           "She’s not my girlfriend! We hardly know each other!“ His voice had cracked, making it sound a little higher pitched than normal. The nurse blinked before hiding a smile under her hand. Before he could embarrass himself further he spun around to leave.

           "Gladion!” He paused and glanced at Moon who was grinning back at him. “I’ll be back Gladion! Just you wait!” He watched her turn back into the room as the door closed behind her. Sighing he made his way to the motel office to tell the owners what had happened. Shortly after a few workers came by and cleaned what they could and manufactured a temporary door out of plywood. Upon closer inspection Gladion realized the workers had only laid a slab of plywood over the doorway. With a frustrated groan he plopped face down on his bed. He found the other trainer not only confusing but also slightly maddening, though not as badly as Hau. Null laid his head on his pillow and looked up as if to say 'it’s going to be alright’. Gladion petted him silently before letting out a 'hmph’. “She said she’ll pay the damages. I’ll believe that when Alola freezes over.”

another update

Hey guys! Sooo yeah I know I’m a bit late hahah, life’s been sorta kicking my ass as of late, though I’m a spiteful bastard so I refuse to stay down.

Anyway initial plan was for me to upload the final pages for chapter 3 of growing up in one go, but seeing as I’ve been so busy in the last two weeks, I’ll be uploading one or two at a time in the following days.

Next two pages will be up in around 2 hours.

HunkWeek2016 Day 2: Warmth/Group Hugs

What better way to stay warm than to have your best friends pile on top of you?

Also I’m late on uploading this because this was more ambitious than I had anticipated. I most likely won’t be able to continue Hunk Week, but at least I made two contributions so there’s that. It was very fun while it lasted :D

Anxious- Bellamy Imagine

woahk hi. so I haven’t been uploading that frequently, and I have about a million and one ship requests to write, which I haven’t forgotten about, so they’ll get done…eventually. I’m currently on my last week of school for the term, so I’m hoping to be a bit more active over the next two weeks, which I have off from school. I think that’s all for now…. Have a good day/night! Xxxx

P.S I’m not that proud of this, I’m sorry, but I really wanted to get something up for you guys :/

Originally posted by bellrkebby

Warnings: mentions of sex

Bellamy Blake x Reader

Word Count: 592

The fire roared in the middle of camp, sparks fluttering up and away with the breeze.  We were all situated around the provided warmth, alcohol sloshing in our mugs as we laughed in a rowdy chorus. The attack on Mount Weather had been a successful one, Camp Jaha a happy place as we all celebrated the victory and return of our people. Amongst the many drunken topics that had come up, a popular one had been our first experiences on the ground, as well as the adventures that had come with them.

“Hey (Y/N)! Remember that time you slept with Murphy?” Raven laughed, elbowing the very tipsy delinquent sitting next to her. I flushed in embarrassment, though laughed along with them as I recalled the awkward memory. Murphy and I had had a thing a while ago, though to say that it had lasted longer than a night would be a blatant lie.

I quickly looked over at Bellamy, who sat on the other side of the blazing fire. He was glancing between me and Murphy in frustrated confusion, though when he noticed me staring he looked away immediately. Standing up, I watched him walk to our shared tent. Frowning, I followed him, walking in to find him sitting on the bed, looking particularly unhappy.

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AH Animation Contest - Old Timey Ryan (Entry #1)
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Wondering what I’ve been doing for the last two weeks? No? It’s cool, i’ll tell you anyway! Achievement Hunter is having a contest for an animator and I had time to make a submission for it. They gave us the sound files for their ‘Creeper Soccer X’ video for us to play with and make an animation. I made mine like a sports interview. Give it a watch and a like if you’d.. like. And other people’s animations will be uploaded over the week I believe, so give them a go too!



ok so explanation time. Borrowed my mom’s laptop and was uploading my ps files and brushes over so i could doodle with my tablet

and then my internet goes out :P it’s still being wonky so fingers crossed this gets uploaded

but upset branka to air out the frustration and stress ive been feeling in the last two weeks so don’t mind me.

heres one of the two commissions i did in my last stream, i am so sorry for taking this long to upload this, after i got my tattoo my arm unexpectedly swelled up as a bad reaction from the tattoo itself, i’m healing now but it took a while to get the use of my arm back, i will be finishing the other one ASAP so please be patient just alittle longer

<3 thankyou so much for commissioning me

i promise the second one will be uploaded before the end of this week coming 


Abby learns how to sit down and learns she needs to find a better seat!

Following some great responses to my last couple of posts, particularly when I asked how people would like me to post my photos, I hope to mix up a little my future posts. The plan is, assuming I can follow it though, is to try and upload a few small posts regularly and collate the same photos with maybe a few more in larger post every one to two weeks or so depending on if I get the chance to dress.

When I set-up this blog it was to share what I’ve learnt so far about crossdressing with others as well discuss related topics. I really enjoy interacting with you guys and would really like to hear from you. I invite you to send me asks that I can answer and post on blog. I want to keep things relevant to crossdressing and things others reading my blog might find useful. As with everything on my blog though, please keep it SFW and I will still answer questions privately if you so wish.

I would also like to say big thank you for the likes, reblogs, comments and messages I receive. The messages especially are a great encouragement and where I can I do try to reply to all but some of you I’ve been unable to. If you are one of those, and there are some who’ve left many on reblogs, I would to say a massive thank you and offer big hugs <3

I am so done with this. I’m not even joking. Why the hell do I even bother?

Someone RETYPED the subtitles from my stream. That’s even more insulting than re-uploading my video. Morning stream is officially off. In fact all streams are off. Indefinitely. I don’t even know if I want to upload the subs for part 2 now.

I spent like every last minute of my spare time banging my head against the wall to do this for you guys. For TWO WEEKS. And this person…

I’m sorry. It’s like 3am again. And I have work tomorrow.

And now I am like too mad to function.


All these super yummy and halal recipes are currently featured or will be featured in the near future on my cooking channel, Zahra’s Khana! All my recipes are halal, and quick and easy to make, not to mention to super delicious! I upload a new video every week and all my videos are captioned :) Please subscribe to my channel to be updated whenever I upload a new video and also to help my channel grow!


Question and update

After getting some lovely responses to my last post I thought I might need to make a little update. I said that I would not be able to dress after the end of May which is true but it appears many thought that meant I would not be uploading more photos during that time. Well even though I will not be able to dress I still hope to dress more before the end of the month plus I have photos from other sessions still to post so I won’t be stopping just yet. However, I will be slowing down the rate of the posts maybe once every two weeks or so depending on how many I have. So hopefully I might be able to cover most of my period of not dressing :)

Also I have a question, I personally like to upload full sessions of my dressing with a mix selfies and long shots. However, I see other bloggers, a bit like I have done over the past few days, post just one or two photos. So my question what do you guys prefer. One or two photos I would post frequently or whole sessions which I would post less often. I’d personally like to stick to less often but one big post, however, I’d like to hear what you think.

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bro you didn't really get 70 more about that shitty toaster in one night lol

nah, you’re right. i got more than 70. this gif is probably gonna take a minute to load. it was too big to upload to tumblr. this is the last 24 hours, excluding messages sent with the messaging feature. imagine this every day for over two weeks. take your rude non-believing ass out of my inbox. you didn’t have a reason for sending this other than to be a little shit. 

Fruticose lichen growing from a tip of bark. Blue Mountains NP, Sydney.

I realised late last week that I had forgotten to upload the last two micrographs! Dreadfully sorry; I was preparing my first 40-minute speech ever for the Australian Plants Society, who funded part of my Honours work on the genetic contamination of the Moreton Bay fig (Ficus macrophylla). I couldn’t be more pleased with how the talk went, and that speech also marks the beginning of my PhD. It was a good week!

2015 03 28: Derp! I re-read this post and noticed that I had described this as foliose lichen. It’s actually fruticose. They, umm, sound the same, so I typed foliose while thinking fruticose.