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Young goddesses realm is red

this bad idea was brought to you by a friend
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Game of Thrones Hunger Games Simulator Session 1 Day 1:

What happened to “We don’t hurt little girls in Dorne”?

Our first casualty! Also, Jesus Christ, Catelyn.



Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale

Wrong Stark brother, Jaime.

Bronn and Oberyn: Doing God’s work early on in the game!


Badger Dad forces Genderfluid Murder Daughter to kill her one of her last living biological siblings: Dead Inside Bird Son or Savvy Redheaded Daughter. She decides to kill the Dead Inside Bird Son.

Robb: Jon! Brother, help me!


Jon: Long live the king.

(End of Day 1)

Our Dead:

Jorah Mormont

Tywin Lannister

Sam Tarly

Stannis Baratheon

Tommen Baratheon

Margaery Tyrell

Rickon Stark


Joffrey Baratheon

Ramsay Bolton

Bran Stark

Robb Stark

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nickname(s): em, emmy, m&m, & memmy

gender: female

sign: proud gemini

height: i’m p sure 5’7

time: 8:40am

birthday: june 5th

favorite bands: i only rlly like solo artists tbh

favorite solo artists: quinn xcii, chelsea cutler, & blackbear

song stuck in my head: flare guns by quinn xcii

last movie I watched: i think it might’ve been the rugrats movie (don’t judge me ok)

last show I watched: the end of the f***ing world (i love it sm, watch it, you won’t regret it)

when did I create this blog: some day in september or october of 2016

what do I post: edits & sometimes cc!

what did I last google: brandon woelfe (for an icon, shush)

other blogs: my cc finds @bbyfinds

do I get asks: yup!

why did I choose this url: bc i use the term “b” “bb” & “bby” quite often, & i play the sims & also bc i have the attitude of a 5 year old

following: 134

followers: 310

average hours of sleep: if i’m lucky, 10

lucky number: 13

instrument: i used to play the clarinet in middle school, does that count?

what i’m wearing: a coke sprouse sweatshirt (bc omg i’m obsessed), suuuuper soft pants, & gray socks

dream job: probably a programmer

favourite food: i love pizza (ofc), chicken salad & taco salad

last book I read: i honestly don’t remember

3 favorite fandoms: probably the phandom, sims community (?), & cole. fricken. sprouse.

tag 10 3 people: i taaag @cosysim, @b-bj, & @lunar-pxels have fun :)

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nicknames: som som, somyomyomyomya, somyaaaaa

gender: female

sign: pisces

height: 5’6”

time: 11:28am

birthday: march 5th

favorite bands: uhhh I don’t have a lot…. i listened to P!ATD a lot?? florence and the machine??

favorite solo artists: uhhh rihanna, adele, darby walker, zella day

song stuck in my head: stand by me

last movie watched: bad genius (yes i know it’s not in english)

last show i watched: brooklyn 99

when did i create this blog: no idea! july maybe?

what do i post: edits, gameplay, shitposts

what did i last google: chiara scelsia

other blogs: @euphonycc

do i get asks: yes, and i try to answer them quickly but lack of motivation

why did i chose this url: aEsThEtIc

following: 150 people

followers: 729 💕

average hours of sleep: eight??

lucky number: five

instrument: guitar, piano, singing

what am i wearing: a red sweater, leggings, black flats

dream job: professor of aerospace engineering

favorite food: dark chocolate

last book i read: heartless, i cry every time

three fandoms: harry potter, marissa meyer, and b99

tags: @cosysim @slythersim @harrybuts @honiedew

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Nickname(s): Ugly, Sweaty, Loner, Stonka, Phester 

Gender: Female

Sign: Capricorn

Height: 5′1 last time I checked

Time: 1:19

Birthday: January 12th

Favourite bands: One Republic and Imagine Dragons

Favourite solo artists: Ed Sheeran and Maroon 5

Song stuck in my head: Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

Last movie I watched: Ptff I don’t know 

Last show I watched: Marvel Runaways

When did i create this blog:  One year ago in June

What do I post: My legacy, edits, and random shit

What did I last Google: Shape of You on Youtube

Other blog: Caprifinds, Capriposes, Caprilots, and Caprirandom

Do I get asks: Yes and I love getting them

Why did I choose this url: Because Im a capricorn and I love the Sims

Following: 168

Followers: 458! Thanks you all so much! <3

Average hours of sleep: 5-6 on weeks days and 7- 9

Lucky number: Its been 7 since Kindergarten

Instrument: I don’t play one cause I suck

What am I wearing: A plaid shirt with dark jeans on

Dream job: Vet

Favorite food: Spaghettios

Last book I read: Percy Jackson The Battle of the Labyrinth

3 favorite fandoms: Percy and Annabeth, Ryan and Emma in Webtoon, and Alex and Nico in Marvel Runaways

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                                                   —  Love Doesn’t Exist                                                       

                                            There’s No Such Thing As Love; 

tag yourself: bts members edition

jin: always there to comfort people. cherry blossoms. contagious laughter. likes satisfying videos. really kind and thoughtful. adventurous. eats the last slice of pizza. sends compliments on anon. pure aesthetics. has different shades of highlighter. fashion icon.

yoongi: sleepy 24/7. grabs coffee every three hours. curses a lot. awkward but fun when you get to know. straightforward. sarcastic at times. have a soft spot for puppies. everything is black. good drinking buddy. a chill person. doesn’t understand gaming. puts phone under the pillow before sleeping. acts tough but is an actual softie.

namjoon: messy room. always carrying a book. knows when to talk and when to listen. likes to recommend songs. opinionated. “quality over quantity” mindset. prefers beer over vodka. astrology addict. snores when asleep. blanket hogger. likes to watch sunsets. loves deeply.

hoseok: likes sunny weather. athletic. uses “lmao” a lot. gets drunk easily. always the center of attention. charismatic AF. says “i’ll fight you” but won’t actually fight you. wears heart on their sleeves. trendsetter. powerful yet unaware of it. dances in the shower. likes forehead kisses.

jimin: knows how to charm people. hardworking. loves compliments but gets shy. laughs a lot. daydreamer. likes to be the little spoon. has A LOT of pictures on their phone. clumsy. good listener. hates conflicts and resolves them. loves looking at the moon. goes with the flow.

taehyung: dog person. video games. sunflowers. knows how to adapt on social gatherings. clingy and loves long hugs. takes a long time to wake up. uses nicknames to people a lot. likes anime and old movies. doesn’t know what’s going on most of the times. likes to wear pajamas. intellectual yet complicated to know.

jungkook: night owl. cares more for others than oneself. has a ton of unread messages. competitive and hates losing. likes to send memes. always bored. god-tier on games. follows instincts. hopeless romantic. enjoys all genre of music. hot chocolates and marshmallows. binge-watches series after midnight. kid at heart.