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30 Days of Call the Midwife

Day Fifteen

Favourite Pyjamas - The Tardis of Nightwear (aka Shelagh’s Bri-nylon nightie)

Shelagh’s Bri-nylon nightie fits her perfectly in South Africa and yet it also fits her perfectly when she is 6-7 months pregnant in 6.5.

How is this possible?  Is there a spare foot of fabric hidden from view or is it like Dr Who’s Tardis where things are not what they appear to be.

Whatever the mystery of the Bri-nylon nightie, Shelagh looks amazing. 

Does Patrick like it?  - Absolutely.


A while back when recording the last batch of handplates stories, my friend @hatori1181 and I shared a stupid joke over Skype that Asgore would TOTALLY be the kind of uncool dad to secretly love and (attempt to) sing pop songs. Then one day this audio clip got dropped in my lap, and he told me to do with it what I would.

And then after some asking around, @friskthatbreaksreality drew up this adorable comic to go with it.

AND NOW AFTER OVER A WEEK OF THROWING A HISSY FIT because I told myself I’d edit the whole thing in Premiere without relying on After Effects as a crutch, here we are! A shitpost, haha. But tonight I’m recording a 5k video and the rest of the handplates stuff, then WHOO BOY WE’RE OFF TO THE RACES AGAIN.

oh lordy I hope this video doesn’t give me a copyright strike


April 25th, 2017

Spring has sprung! What a time to be alive! Magnolias and cherry blossoms everywhere flowers everywhere warm weather I love Toronto so much. Today was a pecan-tart-look-at-flowers-long-walks kind of day because I have my last exam tomorrow and I got out of the lab early!

I’m *officially* starting my lab project once I get back to Toronto mid-May and I’m basically living at the lab to get ready for it and learn everything I can. My supervisor left for vacation this week and left me ten cell lines to maintain, so my mornings have been kind of crazy. Also, Toronto friends, let’s meet up and look at flowers together because I’ll be here all summer!

Edit: On a side-note, my glass panel is so empty now that exams are basically over and I don’t need ten sheets of organic chem mechanisms reminding me to study anymore ;; 


Smol and cute ball of energy Xiumin hyping up the crowd (≧◡≦)
From my EXO’rDIUM in Singapore fancam!

The “my little random moments of pleasure” series - The one with the bunny - SN:12x11


❝ my dearest little brother, doo young. don’t be discouraged. don’t be afraid. keep your head up! understand? i, your brother… have to say some things to you. you are absolutely not alone. your father, mom and me will always be by your side, don’t forget that. on behalf of our family, enjoy yourself and then come over. okay? have fun, you bastard. if your life is meaningless, i will be very sad. and last of all, we will certainly see you again some day.