this will be my last art thing for a while maybe

Sterek Hogwarts AU

“Stiles are you sure about that last petal?” Scott crouched under the table.

“Nope” stiles answered, sweat dripping down his forehead, hand shaking over the bubbling cauldron.

“Maybe you should ask Harris?”

“Maybe you should own up to that Gryffindor tie and help me” Stiles hissed back at him.

“Or Derek?” Scott whispered making Stiles jump.

“Why him?!”

“He’s looking this way like he wants to help us” Scott nodded his head towards the table to the left where Lehey and Hale were working on their cauldron.

“He is?!”

Was the last thing the class heard before the petal slipped from Stiles’s fingers and into the cauldron. started sizzling in exactly 0.2 seconds and exploding into green slime over the entire 3 rows surrounding it.

One good thing that came out of this entire failure was that Derek Hale was the first one to run up to Stiles and help him clear the slime out of his face, while holding him in his other arm to his chest.

Stiles dreamed about those arms for the next week.

please, my king
                      a word - or maybe more.

1. please, ask the stars / what is like / to fall apart / in a wino dance.
or, even better / ask them how to shine so bright
even while dying - while you
with your immortal rhymes / are setting them all
on fire.

{a final reason to cry / and fight / and write - this
is who you are,
the dream i want to realize, / the quiet breeze
all the pillars of Art / will shake alive
until your every poem, your voice / would be the only one thing
they’d die / to howl into the night sky
- the one, last thing ever able / to set ‘em all free.}

2. please, my darling one / do ask
each and every / of those famishing words of yours / what is like
to keep oaths among their death-like teeth,
carved in their sonnets-bones of dreams / promises
all the universes and hells of erebos’ together  / were always too afraid
to even name - and please, admit
you are the one / gods used sworn upon
and long before
the sun was even born.

3. and in the end / please, know
your majesty of whiskey and dawn
you are the reason / comets still scorch / and
a champagne supernova
was ever

dreamt of / and believed / and hoped


                      a song.

—  the birth of a king, the death of a star // l.e. wildë // for inciting riots, happy birthday darling.

Shelter, a Nick Valentine + a baby drabble ft. Hancock

Had this sitting in my drafts for quite a while now. Anyway this is really short because I lost interest pretty quickly, but it also includes a drawing if you make it through the whole thing so enjoy.

Shelter was what Nick Valentine needed right now. Somewhere to bunker down, until the looming threat of a radstorm passed. Diamond City was still a long trek away, and with his precious cargo in tow, he had no room to get anything irradiated or wet.

Goodneighbor it was, then.

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                              maybe it is that i am turning into art;



the way you say my name with your hand on my throat, clutching harder;my heart / i can’t breathe, as everything becomes a soft dream between my blinking. the low growl in your voice brings me back each time; i cannot contain this, yet i do not have the words to say it.

the paint on my hands just seems to be residue from having not dried last night, when you painted the night sky on my back, looking for the moon- i found her stuffed in your mouth, hoping to make your creation the only thing that could pull the ocean closer; you’ve called me your moon, ever since.

i sit here, laced in your vulnerability while you put yourself back together, in words; remembering the nakedness between us, just moments ago. how your chest melts into your abdomen, and hardens when you speak. how the piece of lead stuck in your hand flickers when i touch it. how your cracked lips turn blushed as you bite them, hoping for mine. 


maybe it is that i am turning into art, as your love fills me. maybe it is that i have given myself away to you, as yours instead of to my words.[ it is not that i’m scared of being visible / vulnerable ] maybe i’d just rather have my nakedness be yours, as i hold yours in me. maybe it is just that i feel more beautiful through your eyes; you, the creator and i, your art, and how there is no existence, more pure. maybe i’d just rather be more invincible or unforgettable than myself. maybe i’d just rather be indestructible or unfathomable to the world; the expanse of artistic grandeur is enticing as well as palpable. or maybe my art just fails in comparison, or that i am just too contrived [even to think all this ]

but know my dear, that i have loved you, just as the creation loves his creator
but know my dear, that i have loved you, just as the creator loves his creation.

So this is gonna be my last post of the night and I probably won’t be back on again until Wednesday. I was just wondering if anyone was interested in doing a YOI rewatch with me. I don’t work Thursday and Friday so I would do it one of those days. I might look into a chatroom type thing to create for while we’re watching it. Let me know if you guys have any ideas on what website or app to use. I’m 100% new to this kind of stuff.

Also, my art school does a free convention every school year and they’re looking for someone to create a YOI panel and I was thinking about volunteering to do it (and maybe dragging @sk8r-boi-yuri to do it with me since she didn’t go last year). Do you guys have any suggestions on what kind of things I can talk about? 

It’s been a while since I last inked anything traditionally and had it turn out nice :’)
Wanted to try out one of the glittery Sakura Gelly Roll pens I randomly got in a small bunch of art stuff my dad got for free from a yard-sale or something, and figured the gold would make for a lovely accent!

This is kind of influenced/based off a sketch set I did like, two years ago? Three maybe? Mostly just the pose tho OTL

Also part of the reason I’m posting this is to let others know that I probably won’t be posting much - if at all - in the next little while.
My grandpa suddenly passed away around 11:30 last night after being diagnosed with leukemia a couple weeks ago at the most, and it’s hit us really hard, especially since it’s almost exactly two years after my grandma passed away under pretty similar circumstances.

I’m just really not feeling inspired or motivated to do a whole lot right now… which also goes to answering asks and such :/
[I promise I’ll get to them when I’m feelin’ up for it, though!]

However! I’m still super pumped for RWBY Vol. 4 though!! :)
I’m really diggin’ some of the new outfits they’ve been revealing!

Also holy shit, why are there no decent purples in both my Crayola and Prismacolor sets???? It’s all just this pink/red bullshit, lmao [that or it’s a super dark, blue-tinted purple]

hi. i’m going on a much needed hiatus for a while. i dont know how long it’ll last, i just dont think im going to post any art for a while. maybe until christmas? i still want to at least finish my touhou secret santa, but other than that, i dont want to draw anything. i dont want to draw anything at all anymore

i need some time to recover from all of this, everything thats happened these past few days has really taken a toll on me and im constantly thinking about the things i saw in those threads about me on /jp/. “[This] artist is horrible.” “lesbian drama queen.” “garbage.” “bad art.” i cant stop thinking about any of it. i brought this all onto myself and i should have never gotten involved, i shouldve just left that post from thingsjpsays or whatever alone, i shouldve been less of a cringey sjw who talks openly about her opinions. i shouldve never gotten so comfortable with being open and expressive on the internet. ive ruined everything. now everyone knows how much of a drama queen i am, now everyone who’s hated me and my art for so long is free to say as they please, now the reputation i knew is probably going to be all gone and i dont know what to do about it.

i hate using the “i’m a minor” excuse because in a lot of cases involving myself i find it pretty stupid, but honestly, i’m just a high school girl who doesnt have very many friends and has dealt with so many mental health issues and if it werent for the pills i take every morning i would probably be dead or all scarred up right now. i was finally happy this year. everything was going so well and now i feel like it’s all crumbling down all because i made this stupid mistake

i just need a break. i need a break from tumblr and twitter and i need to get myself to stop looking at /jp/ to see what new insulting things someone has said about me. people have sent me countless kind messages today and i am so thankful for that, i will never be ungrateful for the support of my followers who admire me and my art, but right now i’m in such a terrible place mentally that those words just dont get through to me anymore. i, myself, don’t see the good in what i do, what i draw, or even who i am. please don’t think i don’t appreciate your help, because i really, really do, and without it i would be in an even worse place honestly. it’s all me. it’s all my fault.

might occasionally reblog or retweet some stuff if i get bored. i just dont want to be social on social media for a while. i need to be alone. i need to think about all of this.

thank you so much for understanding and sticking with me through this difficult time.


Some Spy!Au Baby Tate stuff I head-canoned a while back. Just another case of a bunch of doodles that I like but felt didn’t have a place on there own.

One big thing I have is when Fidds is maybe, six months pregnant? Ford gets called out on a mission. IT’s supposed to be fairly simple and non-lifethreatening and Ford believes he’ll be back in a week. 

It ends up being safe, but extremely tedious, and lasts for months longer than Ford planned. Fidds is usually his contact from home base, but he chooses to contact someone else because he doesn’t want Fiddleford to worry about the delays. Ford doesn’t really think that an agent apparently going silent for four months would worry anyone.

Needless to say Fidds is very Mad when Ford gets back and basically grounds Ford from holding the baby for about a week. Stan helps out in this mission by basically playing keep away with baby Tate. (He enjoys it way too much though.)

Edit: oh, there are captions for all of these

Another school project ! Finished it a while ago but i forgot to post the finished thing after all those wips laughs

The first file is to be read from right to left o/

Once i have a bit more time i’ll be uploading the main boar phase (and maybe others ?) on society 6 and redbubble !

Sorry about my last submission, I dont name things well on my computer so i selected the wrong Onion-san thing, To make up for it, heres a Collage of the outertale pixel art I have done so far, (Random note, I have been using MS Paint for all of my pixel art so far, but I will be making a switch to Aseprite, so I wont be making as much for a bit while I learn the software, but when I get good at using it, there should be some good sprites for Outertale happening, (Battle sprites maybe?))

Inktober #10 Jump

Well, yes, this happened… A more realistic drawing from me.
Thanks for the inspiration to @ryvetted4 . you, really saved my life, dear! ;)
Finally, I think, this will be the last “kind-of-art-but-its-not” for a while. I know, there’s plenty more days behind from Inktober, but i need a few days break away from it, because it has been told to me that i’m terrible, and should search some another hobby. I know, it’s true, though it was harsh, and maybe it’s a lame thing, but I need some time to recover.
That was fun, folks, thank you.

I was going to color Ford in but forgot I don’t have the right colors for him,


Lucifer is probably advicing Sam, while Sam listens, secretly regretting not trusting in Lucifer earlier, so he says “I’m sorry,” and Lucifer politely asks Why? “You know why,” ‘for not daring going back to save you, for leaving you behind, for believing you tortured me back then’, he wants to say.
Lucifer has depressing thoughts about maybe still being in the cage, and that all of this is a lie. It’s hard to believe things are going well for once.

-Ignoring part of the bad writting from season 11, because I can.-
-Also, no one can tell me otherwise Sam didn’t have something olive-green under his shirt in the last episodes from s11 ;D-

[This is… doodle nº4, I guess. Took more time that I had planned because of reasons that doesn’t matter, lol]

It seems that I’ve beened tagged in a thing by @ask-nido-royalty

Rules:  tag 10 of your followers you wanna know better

Nicknames: Spade online, Hik in real life.

Height: over 5′6, maybe 5′8, I haven’t measured in a while

Time right now: 6:53 PM

Last thing I googled: How to flesh out chracters

Fave music artist: Don’t have one, I listen to just about anything

Song stuck in my head: Nothing at the moment

Last movie I watched: Woman in Gold

Last TV show I watched: Future Card BuddyFight

What I’m wearing now: A flannel and shorts

When I created this blog: February 2017

The kind of stuff I post: Well pokemon stuff here, mostly art. 

Do I have other blogs: @prince-of-spade, @gino-is-bored, and another in the works

Do I get asks regularly: A few once in a while

Why did I choose my URL: I wanted to start a occasional blog, but with gijinkas.

Gender: Yes

Hogwarts House: I dunno, I’m not into Happy Potter.

Pokemon team: It changes, I have no consistency.

Fave colors: I love anything that’s pastel.

Average hours of sleep: Depends, anywhere between 2-10

Lucky number: 6, 32, and 144.

Favorite characters: I love all characters as long as they aren’t bitchy.

Dream job: A freelance artist or video game designer, maybe a writer

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 big warm blanket, even in the summer.

Following: 500+, I have 98 following me, the number always goes up when I’m not looking.

Tag you’re it: I’m not comfortable tagging people so if you wanna try this knock yourself out. But I guess, @dailynanomew, @abunnydreamingofkisses, @tropical-venusaur, @the-banished-ninetales, and @ripplestarfairy. Ignore this is your not interested.

@kessaichi / @aoiichu guess what man i doodled the cuddle bugs last night and it healed my grimy soul a little

i wanted to draw something self indulgent after working on my art project for class so ofc souta and haruka became my test subjects lol the angle didn’t turn out exactly how i planned so it doesn’t really look like they’re laying down but i’m still pretty happy with how this turned out ;v;

also i used this as reference for the pose which came from this!

this was an EXTREMELY BRIEF and super quick storyboard-kinda-thing i did while listening to some bgms last night! i realized in g’n’g i just kind of skipped over the fact that gabe did get away from metatron

this is way more intense with the music, which is just “Battle / Brachydios 【ブラキディオス戦闘bgm】” but it fit the situation PERFECTLY in my mind

these are tedious so i generally don’t do them, but it was fun! it’s always around the 20th-30th picture that i’m like “THIS MUST END” because i like getting things all done in one fell swoop because i am impatient ヾ(〃゚ー゚〃)ノ


@breebird33 so i did a thing 

Based on this post. If this doesn’t sum up what happened for the last two chapters, I don’t know what will :D