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Another thing I didn't understand about Rowling's portrayal of James and Sirius is that there is such a difference between what is told and shown. In OOTP everyone assumed James to have matured because that is what is told. Many people assumed that this is because of the Werewolf prank. But she contradicts this in DH. He apparently bragged about what happened knowing Snape had to be silent and attempted murder was not enough for him to stop the bullying.

Yeah, I totally agree.  I waxed lyrical on this a while ago (actually, I think I have some responses still in my drafts folder which I forgot about until now, ugh).

…but yes, I think it’s such a curious stance because I totally understand the narrative decision to knock James from his Hero perch that Harry had (understandably) installed him on.  I think it’s a beautiful twist that the James vs Severus war wasn’t a Draco vs Harry style disagreement as Dumbledore had led Harry to believe, but that James was someone who Harry himself would’ve reviled.

I think that’s really interesting, and a brave departure by JK for the character.  It would’ve been all too easy to make James a saint, but by explaining Severus’ extreme revulsion instead of accepting Remus’ explanation that ‘Severus was jealous of his Quidditch ability’ or whatever other nonsense, it adds a depth to the Marauders era that didn’t exist previously, and it has the consequence of making James et al as problematic as Severus himself is.  

What I find utterly bizarre is the fact that she doesn’t make James’ redemption arc explicit, and it’s all too easy to go, “Hmm, but show me how he changed?”  It’s almost as if we’re supposed to accept that he changed because Lily married him, but that’s ridiculous; one character is not the barometer of all that is good and evil in the world.

It would’ve been so much more powerful had James changed due to the werewolf incident.  Unfortunately, as canon stands, James has no such crisis of confidence, and his efforts as a hero (which he undoubtedly was) are marred by the truth that he saved Severus because of Sirius and Remus, not because of doing the right thing - because nobody who saves a fellow human from death for ‘the right reasons’ then decides to randomly attack them ‘for fun’ or because their friend is bored.

As someone pointed out the other day (@delphi-lestrange ?), if James had been given a clear redemption, it doesn’t damage Severus’ arc; even if James grew up, unless he actively apologised to Severus for his previous behaviour, he doesn’t get to go, “No, I’m good now, you need to stop hating me,” as if that erases the previous 6/7 years.

I just think it’s a shame.

Ed’s openers for tonight’s show in Amsterdam (happening right now):

01. Long Road (changed the lyrics to “without you, something’s missing”)
02. Without You
03. Just Breathe

EDIT: I’m terribly sorry, folks, but this is incorrect. A friend at the concert was texting me the songs and either he tried to troll me (not likely) or he got confused. Apparently, this is the correct setlist:

1 - Long Road (changed the lyrics to “without you, something’s missing)
2 - Trouble
3 - Sometimes
4 - Can’t Keep
5 - Sleeping by Myself
6 - Without You
7 - Needle and the Damage Done
8 - I Am Mine
9 - Light Years
10 - Good Woman
11 - Far Behind 12 - I’m Open 13 - Better Man
14 - Immortality
15 - Porch

16 - I’m So Tired
17 - Small Town
18 - Imagine
19 - Just Breathe
20 - Lukin (with Glen Hansard)
21 - Good Hope (with Glen Hansard)
22 - Falling Slowly
23 - The End
24 - Rockin’
25 - Hard Sun

Message Deleted

My mom and I were no contact for 7 years. She was an alcoholic and refused to do anything about it. I had her blocked on facebook but in 2015 she made a new account and sent me a message. It said, “I am extremely proud of you” as I had just gotten in the newspaper for performing.

I blocked her and deleted the message, even though I never delete messages- because I didn’t want it sitting there baiting me into conversation. My mom could be very toxic and I didn’t want to be manipulated by guilt.

My mom died this January 2017 suddenly from her alcoholism. She was only 54. I became obsessed with wanting to see the message one more time. There was nothing I could do on my end to see it, but my sister thought she might be able to access my mom’s account and see it in her sent folder. By the time she had tried, my mom’s account had been marked as a memorial page, so no one could see messages.

I don’t regret being no contact with my mom. I did end up being with her when she died. But I do regret deleting the message


A Day with Seconds

Promised myself to never swim beaches again this year so I could take care much of my skin for the internship (hahaha ang arte!), but then I caught myself enjoying the fresh water of one of best beaches in our town. Summer never fails to impress me, with such bizarre weather germane to its season and the people whom I enjoy with explain why summer indeed is the most enjoyable time of the year.

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On this day in music history: May 27, 1978 - “Use Ta Be My Girl” by The O'Jays hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 5 weeks, and will peak at #4 on the Hot 100 on July 8, 1978. Written and produced by Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, it is the eighth R&B chart topper for the R&B vocal trio from Canton, OH. With former Little Anthony & The Imperials member Sammy Strain replacing the late William Powell earlier in 1977, his first album as a full time member is “Travelin’ At The Speed Of Thought”, released in May of that year. In spite of spinning off the R&B top ten hit “Work On Me” (#7 R&B), it fails to chart on the Hot 100 with the album itself barely reaching Gold status. Gamble and Huff recommit themselves to coming up with stronger material for the next O'Jays album. Among the three songs the production duo write for them is “Use Ta Be My Girl”. The track is recorded at Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia in Late 1977, featuring members of the labels in house studio band including Bobby Eli, Roland Chambers (guitars), Quinton Joseph (drums), Larry Washington (percussion) and Jimmy Williams (bass). Both the producers and the group are somewhat doubtful of the retro sounding songs hit potential until after its release. Issued as the first single from the groups twelfth studio album “So Full Of Love” on March 21, 1978, “Girl” is an immediate smash right out of the gate. The single spends a total of twenty one weeks on the R&B chart and nineteen weeks on the Hot 100, longer than any of their previous hits. The success of the single drives the accompanying album to Platinum status in the US. “Use Ta Be My Girl” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

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Okay but what bothers me about mcu Nat is the fact she was supposedly working for KGB which fell in 1991 when, according to her mcu year of birth, she was 7 years old. That doesn't make any sense? It could be messy writing sure but still 🤔

See this is where my past in Media Studies comes into conflict with my inner history nerd, because you are absolutely right MCU!Nat would have been 7 years old when the KGB was split into its two successor organizations, the SVR and what would become the FSB. But at the same time, I know if Natasha had said SVR instead of KGB, most of the audience would have had no clue what she was talking, so it makes sense why the line was written the way it was. 

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Who was your very first crush btw? :)

it was my best friend who i’ve known for about 14 years now and dood…i’ve had the b i g g e s t crush on him for probably 10 years. literally, i swear on my life that i’m not even kidding. he was was my first friend so i was fond of him.he was super funny and sweet, he’d constantly make me smile and laugh. i thought he liked me at one point in year 10(that’s grade 7 or 8 for americans) because he would do some weird shit like stare at me from across the room, ask the kid next to me to move so he could sit down etc. 

i have no confidence in myself whatsoever but i manage to pluck up the courage to tell him how i felt when i was 15. it was suuuuper awkward because he just kinda sad smiled and said he was sorry and that he didn’t want to lose what we have. he didn’t want to ruin our 14 years of friendship and he thought of me as a sister. a bloody s i s t e r (dood, i was heartbroken) we’re in college now and i hardly ever see him because of our courses but the first time i saw him after awhile, he was leaning over the top balcony on the 3rd floor and he just screamed my name and waved. i waved back but everything just felt different, i’m afraid we’re not the same anymore :/ 

he has a girlfriend now btw and she’s sooo fucking pretty. she’s really into makeup and i’m jealous at how good she can do it but she’s a sweet girl and she makes him happy so i’m not gonna hate on her. 

So…no fandom has ever stressed me out as much as the SW fandom and I’ve been in many. For those who have been in it for years: How do you manage not to be totally stressed out, on the verge of taking a fandom hiatus 24/7? 

My Husband, Kim JunMeow

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Chapter o6. Kitten Love

“Your cat is over twenty years old,” the vet starts explaining the health check reports.

My mouth forms into an “O”.

“Well, we’re basically the same age, Bud,” I tease as I stroke my grumpy cat, who’s depressingly melted against the table.

“Well, in cat years, he’s almost 100,” the doctor corrects.  

My eyes widen and I pull JunMeow up to look at me.  “Dayum, you’re old and still horny?” I joke to try to make my cat happier but he’s still frowning and refusing to look at me.  His expression reads, “You betrayed me.

“…he’s nearing the end of his life…” the vet lays down the facts as gently as possible.  I never realized how fast my heart could plummet.  My body freezes in place as shock waves run down my spine.  JunMeow’s paw pulsates against my fingertips.  

“So it’s not really necessary to get him neutered.  It’s up to you as the owner,” she tosses the ball back of me but I’m too lost in my emotional eye contact with JunMeow to respond.  Having his secret exposed to the one person he wished would never know, hurts JunMeow so much.  His beautiful crystal orbs coat in excess water as he watches tears form in his angel’s eyes.  

The walk back home is a quiet one.  Instead of putting him back into the carrier, I decide to carry him in my arms.  We pass a pet store and I walk in.  Normally, vocal and giddy, JunMeow remains zealous and continues to stare at me despite what is supposed to be for him, Heaven on Earth.  I end up spending a whole paycheck on cat supplies.

“I’ll make you the happiest cat,” I promise and try to bite back tears when the vet’s words repeat again in my mind.  

“Meow…” JunMeow’s purrs are not high-pitch but soft and sad.  

“Do you want a cat condo?” I offer.  I would probably have to feed on saltines for a month due to the cost but if it makes the kitty happy…

“Meow :(“ my cute cat takes my hand with both his paws and shakes his head.  

Sniffling back tears, I suggest, “What about a cat bed?  Look at this one it’s soft and is shaped like a fish!”

Again, he shakes his head.

“How about—“

JunMeow jumps from his seat on the cart and wraps his arms around my neck.  Though, I try really hard, I burst into tears.

“I open my heart and let you into my life and you’re just going to die on me?” I tearfully choke.

Weeping along, the white cat tightens his paws around me and smushes his fluffy head against my face.  His fur gets in my teeth but I’m too heartbroken to be upset.  That night, I let him sprawl out all his toys, messily around my apartment.  We play “catch-the-laser” until he’s so tired out that he dozes off on my lap.  With a sad smile, I stroke his back.

“You can meet up with your lover as much as you want,” I whisper and kiss the top of his head.  Gingerly, so as to not wake him up, I pick him up and head to the bed to call it a night.  

In the middle of the night, rain transforms the cat, nestled at the croak of my neck, into his human form.  Under the same blankets again, just like the last few times the transformations happened over night.  Only, this time, the feeling is different.  With glassy orbs, Junmyeon cups my cheek with his warm palm and admires my angelic sleeping form.  I whimper in my sleep, “Suho…” and it causes the strong man’s lips to ripple.  Tenderly, he leans in, and presses his lips against the center of my forehead.  

Cats have nine lives, it’s both a myth and reality.  Essentially, they don’t really die nine times, instead, they are allowed to be mortally injured protecting someone up to nine times.  For Junmyeon, the first time was at the dumpster, when his human friend began to shiver and convulse with a seizure.  He hugged her, allowing her to steal away his body heat until he turned ice cold.  The second time was when he accidentally scratched her arm when they were playing and she ended up with a frightening infection that would have cost her, her life, had he not bargained one of his lives to the Heavens.  After that, he daren’t appear in front of her, fearing that he’d hurt her once again.  So for years, after he was tossed away by her family, he evaded being rescued by animal activists, opting to feed on leftovers at the back of a restaurant, and calling a tunnel his home, than to be adopted by another.  It’s stupid, but he didn’t think he could love another like he did with the angel who saved him from giving up on life completely.  

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I feel like Hanna talking about Haleb babies was a foreshadow that she will be very soon, if not already. But that makes me nervous that they will kill Caleb and Hanna will be left with their baby all alone...

@ Writers letting Caleb die while Hanna is having his baby isn’t endgame.

But it is 100% a foreshadow to Haleb babies before the show ends. Probably after the one year time jump Hanna will be pregnant or maybe there will already be a baby Haleb. There were babies on set for 7x20, but I’m 99% sure they were Emison’s twins.

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I just did some "research" and found out that Timothy Granaderos(the guy who plays Monty) is 30 ! I was very shocked. And also that he has a gf and they have been dating for 7 years... damn I'm speechless and Surprised ... in a good way though

I know!! I found out a few days ago, and ohmygod, what? How can he be so much older than me!! He is literally 14 years older than me. What the fuck?! 

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I don't think his twitter is going to be delete. He has 7 years of followers and it's already a brand itself. But he can clean his account and delete all the nasty tweets (and some pics). For me that's ok and it's going to be good anyways 🎉

that’ll be a Big Clean-out

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I hope you think this is funny but I'm gonna tell it anyway. so I have a 11 year old brother, whom has a sleepover at his friends house tonight. so we're dropping him off and I look down at my phone for not even 30 seconds and suddenly there are 7 other 11 year old boys running towards the car and are now surrounding it and putting their faces on the windows. it was terrifying oh my god.

Children are weird and odd creatures. Especially those of the male kind.

(this is hilarious thank you)


TalesFromYourServer: Fuck ADD/ADHD. Fuck mental illness. It's time for me to move on from this restaurant.

TFW you’ve been at your job 7 years as a hostess and busser, and have served in the past, but aren’t allowed to serve any more even though there are seven out of ~14 servers there who have 3 or fewer years experience; and your boss (the owner) has instructed the scheduler not to let you serve

Time to vent. Wall of text incoming.

I talked to him about it; he scares the fuck out of me… he’s so intimidating.

Apparently I’m too “spacey” and my short term memory “blips” too much, and admittedly I can be a bit chatty… I’m a great busser and hostess, and I really am a good server when it comes to the bare necessities. But I’m just too… ditzy, I guess. I was crying when I confronted him about how much I need the tip money to pay my bills. I had to apply for Medicaid and I wasn’t approved for retroactive.

I have BPD and my self esteem is very shaky at times. I am pretty sensitive emotionally especially in the face of stress and harsh criticism. He’s never been understanding of any of my medical issues, be it the epilepsy I have ADD which I am going to have treated. I have one hippocampus due to an epilepsy surgery which removed the right one, which I believe exacerbates the ADD. I really do try hard at my job. I work really hard. Customers are impressed by me when I’m hosting and bussing.

I admitted to him how he makes me so nervous. He just smirked. “What, you only want to be scheduled on nights I’m not here?”

Yes. God. Please.

He mentions that it’s not seniority, it’s not that he doesn’t care about me, but he has to worry about business. I get that. I feel like my lamentations are unfair, now.

A little more discussion. I confess how I feel like I’m not good enough. I’m still crying. He asks me, “well…? are you ready to try again?” At this point I am upset enough that I can’t answer. He’s put me on the spot. I want to say yes, but he’s breathing down my neck. I can’t say yes because I feel inadequate. I don’t feel confident that I will be good enough for you. I feel like I’m on pins and needles when he’s the manager for the night. I’m scared when he comes into the dining room and is adjusting every tiny detail on the counters… (god forbid one of the refill pitchers only be half full, we can fill them up in five seconds when we need them. It’s a tiny family owned restaurant). I’m scared that I will have one thing out of line, forget to open the slats of the Venetian blinds after the sun is out of the way, and he will be upset with me (it happened once before).

When I’m under the management of my other two managers, I feel great. I feel at ease and I do much better at my job.

Fuck this place. I’ve been here a long time, and now that I think on it, it’s becoming too nepotistic (oh god where do I begin on that one) and toxic for me. Time to find a new job, and hopefully, I don’t fuck it up. Hopefully I have a better confidence.

Thanks for letting me vent, guys. :/

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