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Question, do you hand draw all of these. I'm sorry I was just curious

All my comics are hand drawn, then scanned and shaded in Clip studio paint! 
I also add in word balloons and such there as well, as you can see with the pages: 


1000cc and GTR playing around 😏
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If it’s at 5PM PST why does my TV guide shows it will be airing at 8:00PM PST? Does that mean it’s a replay? I live in California but the times don’t seem to add up to me

It must be a replay because it says on all platforms that the show is 8PM-11PM EST which is therefore 5PM-8PM PST. Here is a link to the about page fro AMAs:
- Kylie

there should be a neotag ‘family photo’ where we just reblog the same image over and over adding our neosonas until it’s a full page of ridiculous sparkle pets

so like I post just Rainbird on a big canvas, then someone adds their Neosona next to them, then the next person adds theirs and so on and so on

only problems? man that would be a loooong post to reblog :\ hm also if people reblog from different sources, the family get broken up… maybe if the first person tags the second who tags the third and so on? idk


(Kinda) important news!

Guys, I’m not raising your hopes up or anything (I absolutely am) but I will finish writing the LBRB story in March and post the first chapter around then. I’m finally starting to be happy with how it turned out and now I am literally just skimming for grammar mistakes and plotholes I might have missed (maybe add even more little stuff as well, because that’s how my mind works).

I also promised my bro, who helped me a LOT with gathering ideas, that I would put the first chapter up near his birthday and I am going to keep my word.

Welcome to 95LineNet!

Acceptance Post

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Do you use any mods in your game? If so which ones? Are there any you think are necessary to play the game to it's fullest potential? Like ones that you just can't play without?

I do! I love me some mods!

The most essential mod, that I honestly probably couldn’t play without, is MCCC. In addition to all the cheaty things it adds, it also adds story progression. It’s nice to have other families hooking up and breaking up without my prompting, you know?

Other mods I’m currently using:

Other Mods I can personally recommend, but I’m not CURRENTLY using:

ETA: OH DUH, how did I forget POSEPLAYER?! Shame on you, Kit. Poseplayer’s kinda essential if you want to get particular shots in game… Since EA interactions only go so far.

just read a report on the implementation of alternative gender markers to the binary ones we have atm. and it talked of lots of stuff like the medical system and treatment of intersex kids, and also legal recognition of gender minorities…

and it was overall very fascinating, and also it essentially showed some pretty good points and elaborated a lot on anatomy, reproductive rights, parental/partner laws, and a lot of stuff like that..

and also discussed the relevance of gender markers, and referred to various political debates… and it was like over 20 pages long, really insightful. it was made in collaboration of like all the major queer orgs here.

and idk, it looks overall like it’s pretty viable to either get rid of the binary juridical system, to add to it, and to change its very apparent flaws.

i like also that it came with some pretty good points of discussing reproductive capability in laws where it actually is relevant to do so, than to go off really vague and generalising juridical categories.

a very interesting read.

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Could you link me to the info about author spotlight or your FAQ?

My FAQ just mentions that I do Author Spotlights every Wednesday. I honestly do them at random. Typically, after I read a story I’ve liked, I’ll go to the Author’s page to check out the rest of their fics, and add them to my growing list. 

If you’re an author that wants to be spotlighted, you can just submit the link to your author’s page, and mention it’s for an author rec in the box. Or you can message me directly with the same information. 

This rule also applies to anyone wanting to request other authors that they’re a fan of and would like to be spotlighted!

If you have any further questions or want to know something I haven’t answered, you can ask me again! :) :) Hope this helps!

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i'm in love with your story and i've been wanting to make one of my own but don't know how to get started, both story wise and gameplay wise. any tips?

Sandy’s Masterpost for writing a Sim Story!  ✍

I’m so glad you like my story! But I know how it feels not knowing where to start when it comes to writing, it’s so frustrating. So, below I’ve put together a bunch of helpful links that I’ve either used in the past or believe will be useful to you, and any other aspiring storytellers! 

🌸 Inspiration: 

🌸 Planning:

🌸 Plot Developement:

🌸 Character Development:

🌸 Dialogue:

🍁 Pose List Rec:

🍁Lot List Rec:

🍁 Mod List Rec:

🍁 Tutorials:

🍁 Reshade:

❄️ Character Page Rec: (for your blog)


❄️ Some Stories/Legacies that Inspire Me:

This is everything I could think of nonny! I am by no means a great, or even a particularly good storyteller, but I sincerely hope this post helps you, and others, get started! If you ever want to chat more, come off anon and we can talk story ideas! And that applies to all of y’all! 💖

You know what I want?

I want The Defenders to be mentioned in the Marvel movies. The Avengers have been mentioned here and there in the separate series but never the other way around, it doesn’t have to be something big either like

  • Peter stumbling across Trish Talks while listening to the radio on his phone or aunt May being a fan
  • Pepper mentioning Ward or Rand while talking business or just a simple “Ms Potts Ward Meachum is on the line for you”
  • Steve reading about Daredevil or Luke (because lets be real Steve would have been a vigilante in Brooklyn back in the days if he could)
  • A TV in the backround showing footage of Punishers trial
  • “Karen Page wants an exclusive on Spiderman, she knows you’ve worked together”

Little things…