this will be a project

I honestly lowkey feeel bad for brandon just cause like… no criticism all season, he does the same thing hes done ALL SEASON and only now do the judges go “well, actually,” and give him acrual criticism. Like every other designer got feedback to help them grow and improve and they just…. didnt help brandon do the same thing.

“Brandon or Ayana are going to win so I’m going to do what I want to do” go for it Kentaro, fucking go for it. He always does better when he can kind of just do what wants so I think this care free attitude is a good attitude for him.

Will Byers Headcanons (+Byeler)

Will has a small collection of novelty erasers that he absolutely refuses to use. He insists that they all have sentimental value and has a story & name for each of them.

Due to being very spacey he often misses parts of conversations leading to awkward head shaking & replies. Mike’s always got his back if he’s particularly out of it though.

Will doesn’t like how unorganised doodles look on his own skin so is ecstatic when Mike agrees to let will doodle on him. It helps them both when they’re stressed.

He gets really fixated when working on his art but Mike is content to just watch him, especially when he cutely sticks his tongue out just a little as he concentrates.

Will is so enthused by Mike’s stories whether they be for a campaign or just Mike’s stream of consciousness. It’s basically Mike’s near-incoherent ramblings with Will’s occasional “oh wow!” “what happened next?!” “no way!” and surprised gasps.

The rest of the gang are certain they have their own secret language.

Will is just eternally sleepy during the day. He can and will fall asleep at any given moment when he gets the tiniest bit cosy. Entering a room that’s slightly warmer than the one before? Good night.

However, he’s the worst for sleeping at night. Needs silence, is woken up by anything. Too hot, too cold, too restricted. Not a morning person and will be distant if he’s had a bad sleep.

Has sensory issues with audio at times. Things are too loud or too quiet or plain incomprehensible. Processing words is a big issue for him and he gets really frustrated (to the point of crying) when he can’t understand.

Gets headaches way too easily. Sounds, sights, smells — all can give him headaches. Mike is always really great at picking up on when he has one though. Sometimes has to take him away from campaigns to breathe. He always apologises but Mike repeatedly assures him it’s fine.

He tries to use Mike as a model when he begins to practise realism but Mike is a hellish fidgeter. Will can’t reprimand him though because Mike knows that he’s just as bad.