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If you haven’t read this fic where Magilou teaches Eizen how to dab his feels away, I suggest you do.

EDIT: I woke up @ 6am realizing I completely missed the opportunity to draw Magilou magikazam'ing so hard she dabs her feels away so I fixed it 

PROJECT: Welcome Back, Wang!

Hello, Ahgases! In case you didn’t know, Jackson will be coming back the 25th and his birthday is the 28th! In honor of these things, GOT7SNET will be hosting a project to spread the love and appreciation for him and anyone is welcome to participate (including those who don’t make content or aren’t members of this network). So feel free to use this project to celebrate Jackson’s birthday, encourage him to feel his best, appreciate him, and give him a warm welcome back! This project begins today, March 23rd, and ends on April 23rd.

To participate:

  • reblog this to spread the word
  • use the tag “Welcome Back Wang” on any content contributing to this project
  • make sure to properly credit content that isn’t yours (like if you’re compiling gifs that aren’t yours or using a fancam that isn’t yours to make a gif)
  • and, of course, continue to support Jackson and the rest of GOT7!

If you don’t make content, you’re free to even just make text posts or compile gifs/videos/photos/etc with proper credit that links back to the original owner. Anything dedicated to Jackson is encouraged and welcome in the “Welcome Back Wang” tag!

I hope lots of you will join or at least reblog this to spread the word!

Yuuri Katsuki's Vocals
Toyonaga Toshiyuki
Yuuri Katsuki's Vocals

I’ve been messing around with a software that isolates vocals from a song and I managed to create a compilation of Toyonaga Toshiyuki’s vocals from his various THRIVE songs (a fictional idol unit, for those who don’t know).

The quality isn’t ideal, but it’s great if you want to hear his singing without all the music getting in the way. :D

And although I think his voice is lower than the one he uses for Yuuri in these songs, they’re still good examples of the many things he can do with his voice.👌

Enjoy, and feel free to tell me if you’d like to hear more of him because I have tons of his songs and I’d love to share them!

PS: The songs used here are respectively: 3 2 1 Jump, Needle No 6, and Maybe Love. 👍

group projects in college are the worst. like shit at least in high school i knew enough about these people to know i hated them. in college, i don’t know jack shit about anyone! hell i’ve forgotten one of my professors’ names! i’ve only spoken to the guy who sits next to me in comp once to ask for an extra sheet of paper! like i say ‘guy’ but he could be 12 cats in a trenchcoat for all i know!


This star is for @markiplier, who is feeling very nostalgic tonight about his channel and uploaded the video “I Feel Lost.”

(Probable long post ahead, sorry in advance)

First of all, Mark, there are very few instances where you could disappoint us. It’s possible, yes, it’s always possible, but you have put so much work and effort, so much of yourself into this community, that we’d stand behind you (almost) no matter what - even if you don’t think so sometimes.

If it’s okay, I’d like to say that it’s okay to feel lost sometimes. I feel lost right now and I’m sure many others do too, just kind of floating and waiting for the future. And you’re right, we don’t know what’s coming and when it will arrive, but if we have to spin our wheels for one more second we’ll all go mad. I know that feeling.

You put so much pressure on yourself every day - to be better, to live up to our standards, to live up to your own standards,  to balance that with what you want to do with your life and what you want to create - that I’m sure it all combines together into this huge super-boss of pressure that’s always there in the back of your mind, whittling away at you.

The only way I know how to combat this feeling is to make solid decisions and plans on what you’d like to change, so that your wheels start to take you somewhere instead of in circles (which I’m sure you’ve already done). You said that you enjoyed talking to us in your earlier days, making vlogs and such - see if you can make more! We’d all love to hear from you more often, even if it’s just a “hey, it’s been a day” kind of thing. We love interaction from you, and always have :D Look back on your channel’s history and make note of what you enjoyed about it back then. Make note of what you want to bring to the future, and move towards that goal one step at a time.

I didn’t mean to give you advice, because I’m sure you’ve gotten enough of it already from others. Just know that you’re doing fine, and that maybe this is a turning point of growth for you and your channel! A level-up, if you will.

It’s never bad to notice something you’d like to work on or change, so don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re Markiplier! You’ve got this <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney