this will be a mainly shipper special

Voltron High School Host Club

I was thinking about this last night re-watching Season 2.  Pidge is obviously our Haruhi, but the rest of the characters just don’t match up 100% so some things need shaking up.  here are my thoughts.

-Allura could be the founder of the club and its charismatic “princess”, but less airheaded than tamaki obvs.  I say this with love.  consider: she’s the reason the voltron team came together in the first place.  I think it’s appropriate.  and as an added bonus, you get Allura being a charming host to all genders!

-(Lance wants really bad to be a player and a possibly a leader but since he isn’t either of those, I’m sticking with Allura)

-side note: I’m kinda meh on shipping as a whole tho so I’m not really interested in carrying over parallel relationship stuff from OHSHC to this crossover/au thing?

-Shiro doesn’t quite fit “the cool, wild type” but he’s the closest thing we’ve got to a Mori and obviously he has his own appeal.  also he’s now apparently a high schooler?  idk, everyone is high schoolers now.  you heard it here first.

-I guess we could also age down Coran but I think it’s more likely he’s the club butler (or just Allura’s personal butler), so…

-no Hani equivalent but that’s fine with me tbh.  I like Hani but…yeah, don’t think we have or need a Voltron character to parallel that whole dynamic.

-unless it’s a horribly hilarious subversion with Slav

-again, not a shipper, but in the place of Hikaru and Kaoru’s weird play-acted(?) “forbidden love” appeal (never my favorite thing anyway) you could always just…use Keith and Lance’s apparently-irresistible animosity instead?  just tsundere it up.  idk.  this one’s weird but it makes me laugh, mainly because I like the idea of the club guests acting like the fandom.

-alternately I know they have their own individual appeal–Keith’s tough-yet-vulnerable loner attitude, Lance’s special brand of charm based around corny pickup lines and fun-loving personality, they could totally rock it solo.

-Hunk is of course the only one without any clear parallels to make, b/c you don’t really…find characters like him portrayed as appealing in manga, for the most part?  or anywhere.  but WE’RE GONNA CHANGE THAT.  Hunk’s appeal comes from his strength, his kind nature, and his baking skills.  I guess he’s like…the husband-type??? is that a thing??? it is now.

-I had more thoughts than I expected!  I’m sure someone will turn up to suggest I shuffle the roles around some way, anyway, so who knows what will stick.

anonymous asked:

I'm not sure if this is the right place to put it, but I'm struggling with J2. I ship the hell out of them and there are moments when they're captured staring, as I'm sure you know. Random touches and touches that linger. Like at Minncon XD But then I hear them talking about their wives, and Jared always brings up Gen/Ruby. Then they post pictures with their wives and I'm like, 'J2 aren't a thing. Look at this'. And it's just so hard to wrap my head around, if they were together, then why 1/2

2/2 why would they beard for so long? And sometimes they act just as normal friends and ugh. Sometimes I wish that, if they were together, which I hope so much, they’d come out but then I get a fear that generates a physical sickness of retribution that they would get. Gawsh, I don’t know what I’m asking for. But, help? And thank you, also c:

Nonnie, we need to talk about some word choices you made but first please answer below questions FAST, no thinking allowed! 3! 2! 1! GO!

  • GAY or STRAIGHT the way they interact?
  • GAY or STRAIGHT the way they behave individually?
  • Do you scream GAY or BROTHERS when watching the panels?
  • Do you think they spoiled fans with their “bromance” too much?
  • “Bromance” or because no suitable words better than GAY?

There’s an interesting thing I’ve been observing. How long can pure Js shippers keep their sanity when the boys have no interactions? In past two months, not only hats, I see many non-hat fans are missing the boys like crazy. The point is, the Js didn’t go MIA! They’re very active in their own social media! Just not with each other!

Here more questions for you, again no thinking allowed! 3! 2! 1! GO!

  • Will you struggle when they have less interaction?
  • Will you struggle when they don’t do what you wish them to?
  • Do you read J2 fics?
  • Do the perfect Js in your heart live in an AU world you read?
  • Do you miss them in last 2 months?
  • Do you feel annoyed when there’s not much Js last two months?
  • Do you like J/D J/G selfies?
  • Would you rather have Js selfies or J/D J/G selfies?
  • Are you wives friendly?
  • Are you only wives friendly when they have no interaction with Js?

I’m asking because I think you’re struggling with your positioning. To solve it, few more questions for you. Now this is the thing I wanna ask at first place.

  • Are you a religious believer?
  • Do you think being gay is a sin?
  • Do you think being gay is a choice?
  • Do you think gay men should keep their sexuality secrets?
  • What is a closet?
  • Why coming out would generates a physical sickness of retribution?

Congrats! I finished asking. Part 1 is to identify the way you see them. Part 2 is to identify the way you ship them (fantasy vs reality). Part 3 is to identify the way you see “GAYs”. Where do your struggles mainly come from, can you find out now?

Now which picture describe you the best? (Please forgive my bad drawing)

Of course there is one special case:

Last and most important:

If hate doesn’t exist, how’d you introduce yourself, a tinhat, a fence-sitter or a shipper?

(p.s. their bearding business didn’t start JUST from 2010. As a tinhat, I believe they’re in the closet long before their career starts. Wives are just official ones with papers signed. Therefore 7 years isn’t LONG at all.)

When the answer has more questions than the Ask I’m sorry I don’t know what I’m doing I hope you don’t struggle anymore but probably unable to do it because I brought tons of questions to you please just have a nice weekend


One Piece 17th Anniversary: 6 - Relationships

So many interactions happen in One Piece, from deep friendships to venomous rivalry, from friends to enemies. And the most popular are those between the Straw Hats - their relationships are precious <3 But the one that’s most important to me is the sweet rivalry between the certain love cook and one hopeless lost marimo-head. I love these two! Yes, they are my OTP but I mainly ship them specifically because of their crazy relationship. From opening, movies, specials to regular anime episodes and fillers, Zoro and Sanji just can’t stop fighting. And I choose the anime version because I can see and hear them bickering and it just makes my day every time they interact. So I can’t really figure it out how can someone say “They hate each other!” I can talk all day long about them and how they deeply respect each other, despite all the conflicts they have. I ship them mainly because of their brother-like silly conflicts. It’s the mind of a fangirl/shipper that chooses to ship them deeply or not. ;)

Dear fellow Gruvia Shippers

I’ve seen mixed reactions, speculations, etc… regarding the Gruvia special coming up in less than a week. As someone who posts in this tag a lot, and someone who wrote an entire manifesto on this pairing… I really want to convey my thoughts to you all.

No matter what happens in the special, whether it’s mainly comedic or not, we have no right to complain one bit. Seriously, we didn’t even KNOW we were getting such a treat until a few weeks ago. Also, we are the only ones to have a special chapter all to ourselves. Multiple ads and previews (the original one from Mashima’s twitter as well) say the chapter is about “Gray and Juvia”. So what if it might be more Juvia-centric? The point is it will heavily involve Gray.  No other pairing has this. We were even lucky enough to see Gray and Juvia on a team ALONE at the beginning of this current arc. Again, no other pairing was that fortunate. What came out of Gray and Juvia being paired alone?

And what about the recent Sabertooth chapter?

(Damn they look fucking hot)

The special will be considered canon because it’s written and drawn by Mashima; we just don’t know exactly where it falls in the story line. The special is apparently going to be “funny but heartwarming”, and if you look at the Sabertooth chapter, it was exactly that. It had a heartwarming message and heartwarming scenes, but also funny ones (Rogue grabbing Yukino’s boob, Frosch ending up at Fairy Tail in the end by mistake, etc). Gruvia’s main genre is humor. Yes, this pairing has it all, but while we wait for the serious Gruvia + Silver stuff in the main plot, I think this special will hold us over. OH YEAH that’s another thing! There’s foreshadowed serious Gruvia coming in the main arc (at least it seems so, I could be wrong). We are the only pairing to receive so much in this arc already, let alone the future.

One more thing…

It’s all going to be animated.

We have so much to look forward to. Please tell me.. what other pairing has all this now? Point is, we’re spoiled (don’t even get me started on Mashima’s Gruvia twitter pics…) at this moment and can’t complain. It’s okay to feel let down sometimes but ask yourselves… do we really have the right to right now?

Oh yeah, Gruvia week is coming. That will be fun. ^^

New Years- OQ Fanfic

I am not the person to do follow forevers. 
So instead I have written just a little fic for you guys. 
So weather you are one of my followers, I follow you or you just one of my fellow OQ shippers, I hope you had a great 2014 and even better 2015.

You can skip right to the fic now.  

But this fic is mainly for my special someone secondchanceforoq. I know I say this a lot, but it is never enough and it won’t ever be. Thank you for being the absolutebest thing that has happened to me in 2014. For being there while I needed someone to talk to, for making me laugh when I cried, making me laugh harder when I laughed, and for being the most perfect unperfect you I could have ever ask for. You don’t know how much our friendship means to me, and I know it will mean as much in every single day of 2015. 

Wow that was long, had to get it all out though. Sorry guys.   


Regina catches Robin’s eyes when she is bending down in order to talk with Roland. The boy sits on a little plastic chair, one that is made especially for young children. Regina grins at the opportunity in front of her eyes and ducks down so her eyes are in the same level as his.  

“Hey sweetheart” she greets him, and takes a quick peek at Robin. He stands at the corner of the room, and tries to appear nonchalant, but he glares exactly where she wants him to look, his eyes dark with lust.

“Are you having fun?” She asks with real concern. It isn’t like she doesn’t care for the boy, on the contrary, but she also has a hidden motive, one that is staring at her cleavage not so discreetly as of right now.

Roland nods at her, but adds that he is a little bit tired as well.

She brushes off his face a black curl, and leans even deeper, so she can whisper in his ear: “Let me tell you a secret.” She starts, and Roland straightens in his chair, proud of the fact Regina believes she can trust him something as precious as one of her secrets. “I am a bit tired as well. Maybe…” She stops for a moment, then continues. “We can find a good reason to go home in a bit, OK?”

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