this will be a lot funnier if you know me

hunk: hey have you ever thought who shiros favorite is?

lance: oh hunk. oh my hunky honey bear. you do NOT want to know my thoughts on THAT whole situation

hunk: oh boy. ok I’ll bite, who is shiros favorite?

lance: fine you asked for it. it’s pidge.

hunk: …..huh. I would’ve thought you might have said keith.

lance: oh yeah he is too

hunk: ok you lost me

lance: look the way i see it is, pidge is the favorite the way the baby of the family is always the favorite. Keith is like the eldest son, born to take over the family business or whatever.

hunk: alright….so where do we fall in all of this?

lance: well pidge is first with keith running a close second so while keith may not get more desert at the table or get away with murder like pidge does, he’s given more responsibilities and will ultimately gain more of the inheritance. after him comes allura who’s sort of like the hot girl next door shiro has a crush on but he’s too shy to ever ask out. then it’d be you, the cuddly middle child who’s kind of left to his own devices cause your can obviously take care of yourself, then coran, alluras whacky uncle, then the Lions who are the family pets, then me


lance: the other middle child who’s the obnoxious class clown only there to get a cheap laugh out of the audience and kind of just there to make shiro angry or exasperated and give him more personality otherwise he’ll look boring

hunk: ….lance

lance: but then again I’m not the last one anymore cause now slavs in the picture and HE’S the one who makes shiro angry and annoyed…..although, he is a lot smarter than i am and he brings out an even funnier side of shiro so I’m probably still the least favorite…….what were we talking about again?

hunk getting up and hugging lance from behind: lance you know you can always talk to me about stuff right?

lance trying not to tear up: uh yeah hunky bear i know that why wouldn’t i know that

hunk: us ignored middle children need to stick together

lance: heh yeah

Random Assorted Starters
  1. “Well, don’t expect us to be too impressed. We just saw <insert person> in his underwear.” 
  2. “Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight.” 
  3. “The planet is fine. The people are fucked.”
  4. “Accept who you are. Unless you’re a serial killer.”
  5. “I did not attend his funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it.”
  6. “It’s not true that I had nothing on. I had the radio on.”
  7. “When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye.” 
  8. “If a book about failures doesn’t sell, is it a success?”
  9. “That’s why they call it the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.”
  10. “Don’t be so humble - you are not that great.”
  11. “I thought I’d lie on the floor and writhe in pain for a while, it relaxes me.“
  12. “A word to the wise ain’t necessary, it’s the stupid ones who need advice.”
  13. “I don’t hate you.. I just don’t like that you exist”
  14. “Never miss a good chance to shut up.”
  15. “Don’t put your wand there, boy! … Better wizards than you have lost buttocks, you know!”
  16. “Do you ever think if people heard our conversations they’d lock us up?”
  17. “What makes big boobs and perkiness so attractive to boys? I mean, really. Two round, mounds of fat and a fake smile. Yeah, winning attributes.” 
  18. “Don’t gobblefunk around with words.”
  19. “I live in my own little world. But its ok, they know me here.”
  20. “You are the shuckiest shuck faced shuck in the world!”
  21. “You should eat a waffle! You can’t be sad if you eat a waffle!”
  22. “Hooray! Hooray! The end of the world has been postponed! ”
  23. “Remind me, to never piss you off again. Christ, are you secretly a ninja?”
  24. “I can’t decide whether I’m a good girl wrapped up in a bad girl, or if I’m a bad girl wrapped up in a good girl. And that’s how I know I’m a woman!”
  25. “If there were an international butt competition, <insert person> would win, hands down—or cheeks up.”
  26. “If at first you don’t succeed then skydiving definitely isn’t for you.”
  27. “I felt like an animal, and animals don’t know sin, do they?”
  28. “How is it possible to have a civil war?” 
  29. “Other crack teams get bat boomerangs and wall-climbing powers; we get Aquatruck.”
  30. “When life gives you lemons, chunk it right back.”
  31. “What about a compromise? I’ll kill them first, and if it turns out they were friendly, I’ll apologize.”
  32. “Whoa, who peed in your Cheerios?”
  33. “I’ve had great success being a total idiot. ”
  34. “This shit is easy peasy, pumpkin peasy, pumpkin pie, muthafucka!”
  35. “Telling an introvert to go to a party is like telling a saint to go to Hell.”
  36. “I’m bad and I’m going to hell, and I don’t care. I’d rather be in hell than anywhere where you are. ”
  37. “I was feeling the height of bitchiness.”
  38. “My head’ll explode if I continue with this escapism.”
  39. “I’m placing you under arrest for murder, conspiracy to commit murder and, I don’t know, possibly littering.”
  40. “If you’re trapped in the dream of the Other, you’re fucked.”
  41. “If you can’t do anything about it, laugh like hell.”
  42. “There are times when it is appropriate, even preferable, to get an erection when someone’s face is in close proximity to your penis. This was not one of those times.”
  43. “My shoulder will never be the same. I expect you to nurse me back to health.”
  44. “Well, someone slap my butt and give me a hero cookie.”
  45. “Do things that make you happy within the confines of the legal system.”
  46. “To answer your question, you want me because I’m made of awesome.”
  47. “Vampires. They wrote the book on possessive.”
  48. “I have to return some videotapes”
  49. “I’m not the smartest fellow in the world, but I can sure pick smart colleagues.”
  50. “Of course you know, this means war.”
  51. “What I actually want to call you is a hell of a lot more unprintable than your name” 
  52. “’Can the sarcasm?’ Please, I always use fresh sarcasm, never canned.”
  53. “Nothing is funnier than unhappiness.”
  54. “You know you have ADD when Look A chicken - T-shirt” 
  55. “If you die in an elevator, be sure to push the up button.”
  56. “How very wet this water is.”
  57. “My goal in life is to have a psychiatric disorder named after me.”
  58. “If I looked like him, I’d want to have sex with myself. All the time.”
  59. “All I know is just what I read in the papers, and that’s an alibi for my ignorance.”
  60. “Hey, <insert name>. <insert nickname>. Fire! Flood! Earthquake! Revolution! Godzilla’s on the loose! Get up!”

Literally every time I hear someone say that bullying is a form of abuse I feel this sense of relief wash over me. Like, validation. This person won’t think I’m being silly or it wasn’t that bad or I need to toughen up. It was actually a tumblr post that helped me admit I’ve been abused. Like, I’ve had a mental health professional confirm to me that it counts as abuse. The NSPCC lists it as a form of child abuse. The things I’ve been through fit with descriptions of abuse. But when you say that word, bullying, you never know what people will think it means. Because it’s used to mean such a wide range of things.

I wish we used the term peer abuse more. Because bullying is like, taken seriously one minute and made into a joke the next. And you’re not expected to still be profoundly affected by childhood bullying as an adult. School isn’t supposed to be traumatic. I feel ashamed because there’s this air around the topic like, it’s just kids playing games. It wasn’t even always just the kids, but it’s like I’ve internalised that attitude that I am the joke. I am a living joke and if I expect to be treated as a person, that’s even funnier.

And I see that on this website a lot too and it puts me on guard, because with some people it won’t matter if I’m sincere and reasonable and polite, they’ll figure out a way to make that a joke because all they want to do is laugh at others. And I mean some people I know rationally wouldn’t do that, but it still feels like there’s always a chance. That’s what it’s like constantly in my head. Say and do all the right things, say please and thank you and did you apologise enough times for existing? One wrong move and you could become a living joke again!

revengeofthefans  asked:

I first want to say you're an amazing writer. How about hurt/comfort with hurt Richie? Thanks.

(Thank you!! I hope you enjoy this!)

~“Richie are you ok?”

Richie blinked and his head shifted slightly, feeling the small pebbles of gravel under his head. He stared up at the sun like he hadn’t overheard the countless times Eddies mom had gave Eddie that speech. ‘Don’t stare at the sun, it’s bad for your eyesight!’ He’d overheard her as she’d wag her finger in front of her sons face. Such a thing would only ever be something he’d over hear because his own parents didn’t seem to care enough to give him parenting speeches.

“Richie? Hello?”

Somebody waved their hand over his line of sight, Richie noticed that there seemed to be scratches on their skin….that were left behind when they pulled their hand away. Shit. His eyesight unfuzzed slightly. They weren’t scratches, they were cracks. He’d broken his glasses. He sat up quickly, so fast that he’d caught sight of his previously kneeling friends falling flat on their asses. But their eyes remained as they had been, studying Richie’s face with concern and in some of them, disgust. “It can’t be that bad, right? Tell me I look better than Stan did when he feel down that hill?” Richie chuckled.

No one answered but Eddie took a glance at him and then back to their five friends. “I’ve got some stuff at home. I can clean him up. My moms getting groceries anyway.” He offered and everyone gave a weary nod of their head and started to stand, saying their goodbyes with concern. It made Richie nervous. Eddie held out his small hands and Richie put his palms in his and pulled himself up.

“How bad is it, Eds? Really?” Richie asked and Eddie looked up at him, deciding to stand on his tiptoes and take off the boys dangerously broken glasses.

“It really isn’t that bad.” Eddie replied and Richie pursed his lips.

“I bet you’re really glad I can’t see right now cause I know you scrunch up your nose when you lie.” Richie narrowed his eyes like it’d help his incredibly blurry vision. “Man, Henry got me good, didn’t he?” Richie went to touch his nose but Eddie smacked his hand down.

“Don’t play with it.” Eddie commanded and kept his hand resting on Richie’s arm to guide him on the sidewalk. The sight of Richie maneuvering without his glasses would’ve been a lot funnier to Eddie if he wasn’t hurt. He’d compare it to a baby deer learning how to walk for the first time. Richie’s legs would become hesitant to move due to the fact that he couldn’t see for shit.

He guided Richie up the little path to his front door and carefully up his stairs. Richie had yet to stop running his mouth about the many lies he could use to make his injury cooler.

Eddie shook his head as he sat Richie down on the toilet in his bathroom. Richie didn’t really have anyone to lie to, all of their friends had been witnesses to him getting laid one in the face by Bowers. Eddie saw no point in the conversation so he focused intently on cleaning the small wound on his nose. Richie watched suspiciously at the blurry shapes. “Hold still.” Eddie commanded again and put one of his hands on the back of Richie’s head like he didn’t trust him not to jerk away, which didn’t ease Richie at all.

“That shit isn’t gonna burn is it-? Ow! Holy shit!” Richie tried to thrash out of Eddies grip like he imagined a child would do when their mother did this for them, which he’d never actually had to do before. Eddie held on tightly and finished his cleaning before letting go.

“Not for long at least.”

Richie could hear the smile in Eddies voice and smacked the blurry sight in front of him, which he assumed was Eddies hand. “Shit, this hurts.” Richie went to touch his nose again but Eddie slapped his hand away again, he pouted. Eddie started feeling his nose. “Why do you get to touch it?”

“Cause I know what I’m doing Einstein.” Eddie rolled his eyes and dragged his hand down from the bridge of his nose before pulling away, relieved. “I don’t think it’s broken, just swollen….your glass though.” Eddie glanced down at the broken frames resting on his counter.

Richie sighed. “Fuck this hurts. Say your goodbyes now, Eds. I think I’m gonna die.” Richie leaned his head back and let out a gritty sigh. “It’s been real. But the pain is too much, pull the plug-”

“Do you want an ice pack?”

“Yes please.” Richie straightened his head and smiled warmly at his smaller companion.

He fluttered his eyelashes and Eddie grabbed his hand to guide him back to his kitchen and leaned him against the counter so he could dig through his freezer. He slowly drew out an ice pack and set it carefully over Richie’s nose. Richie hissed and Eddie picked his hand up to put it on the ice pack so he wouldn’t have to hold it for him. Instead of pulling away after that, he just kept his hand resting on top of Richie’s with concern. “Your mom gonna care about your glasses?” Eddie asked.

Richie rolled his eyes. “Nah, she probably won’t even notice” he hissed again when the ice pack shifted a little.

Eddie looked down shyly. “I have your old pair if you need them.”

Richie looked amused for a minute. He’d lost his first set of specks in Eddies room a few months ago and had managed to convince his parents to get him new ones. “I found them a few weeks ago. Thought you’re klutzy ass might need em’ at some point.” Eddie shrugged and Richie grinned until he felt another sting and hisses again, Eddie cringed.

Richie had managed to convince Eddie to let him rest his head in his lap as they sat on the couch, ice pack balanced his nose. And because Eddie felt bad, he was stroking his hand through Richie’s hair and fussing with him. Richie didn’t mind though, he flourished with the attention. When Eddie had changed his ice pack a second time and sank back into his spot he shook his head. “You’re a baby y'know. It can’t possibly be that bad now.”

Richie shrugged, eyes closed behind his replacement frames. “I don’t usually get this much attention, I’m gonna bask in it for sure whenever I do.”

Eddie frowned. Richie spoke so casually like it didn’t seem to bother him that he got nothing from his parents. Eddie swallowed. “Well, I’ll always be here.”

Richie opened one eye and stared up at Eddie from his lap. “Of course you’ll give me attention, Eds. I’m your hero!”

Eddie rolled his eyes. “Not even close, Tozier. And don’t call me that, y'know I hate that.”

Richie closed his eye and snuggled his head into Eddies lap. “Yeah, I’m aware, Eds.”

“You’re such a dipshit Richie-”

“Thanks for this Eddie.” Richie interrupted him, opening both of his eyes and surprising Eddie a bit. He blushed as Richie continued to smile up at him. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I need my rest.”

Eddie rolled his eyes as Richie made no move to go take his nap anywhere else besides Eddies lap. But right before Richie closed his eyes, he sat up and pecked Eddies lips quickly.

“Goodnight. ” he teased and laid back down, leaving Eddie to think about what had just happens with a rosy blush tinting his cheeks.

steven universe ask meme.

“Go for it, bro!”

 "Wow! Everything’s changing!“ 

"Who’s terrible idea was this?" 

"No… how long was I out?!”

 "You know I can’t handle it when you cry like that.“

 "Do you remember this place?" 

"I get mad at myself! It’s what I do!”

 "I’ll fight you, and show you how bad I am!“

 "You want to pretend that none of this ever happened. You think that I’m just a big mistake!”

“What’s a chicken?" 

"Oh! I get the joke now!" 

"You are an experience!" 

"You were the one good thing that came out of this mess. I always thought you were proud of that." 

“It’s too late! I don’t believe you anymore!”

“Isn’t it remarkable? This world is full of so many possibilities.”

“How are y’all doin’ tonight?”

“Yeah, I could rave to this.”

“Why do you look like that? Why are you so weak?”

“I don’t get what you’re planning, but look! Your base is taken! Your armies are ruined! You have failed!”


“Looks like another waste of my time.”

“They kept you prisoner. They used you. This is your chance to take revenge! Come on… Just say yes.”

“You’re pointing that shield the wrong way. She’s the one you should be afraid of.”

“You can’t lie to me. I’ve seen what you’re capable of. I thought I was a brute, but you… you’re a monster.”

“It’ll be better this time. I’ve changed. You’ve changed me. I’m the only one who can handle your kind of power.”

“Please understand, if we lose, we’ll be killed. And if we win, we can never go home…”

“I thought… haven’t we… is this not how it works?”

“Who cares about how I feel? How you feel is bound to be much more interesting.”

“But you are supposed to change! You’re never the same, even moment to moment you’re allowed and expected to invent who you are.”

“Arrggh! Why do you keep destroying my things?!”

“Go ahead, wreck this place! See if I care, I already got what I needed!”

“You really think this is the end? HAHAHA! This… This is only the beginning! …Of my escape!”

“Oh my stars, you’re gonna harvest me?!”

“I’m gonna die here.”

“Yes! Feel my unbridled rage!”

“I can tell you with certainty that there are things on this planet worth protecting!”

“I’ve grown accustomed to this place, and I could probably fix the hole that I made with my giant robot.”

“What’s the problem? You’re the one getting all the good stuff! You’ve got the propeller and paint cans on your side!”

“H-2-Oh my GOSH!”

“I carried you while you took a nap.”

“I… I thought violence would be the answer.”

“You have a lobster on your butt.”

“Yes, the children are playing swords. Sorry, playing with swords.  They are bleeding.  Oh no, they are dead. Don’t call again.  …Sorry, I panicked.”

“That’s a lie. Your middle name is cutie pie.”

“It was a maelstrom of destruction and death.”

“But I think you’re just mad ‘cause you’re single.”

“Love at first sight doesn’t exist. Love takes time, and love takes work. At the very least you have to know the other person… And you literally have no idea who or what I am.”

“Get open, get honest, invent yourselves together. That’s fusion.”

“I’m not as strong as you think. I-I fell apart over this…”

“You’ll know when I’m joking.”

“I blame the cows.”

“You don’t understand! Just leave me alone.”

“I just want to go home.”

“Let’s stay on this miserable planet, together!”

“I’m done being everyone’s prisoner! Now you’re MY prisoner! And I’m never letting you go!”

“Can’t you see? I can’t stop, not for a second.”

“For a moment, I really felt like things were different, but they’re not. No matter where I go, I’m trapped.”

“I really thought I would be living alone here.”

“Don’t put me in charge! Oh, sorry. I mean, y-you shouldn’t trust me with the boat.”

“Thanks, but I’m not putting that on my body.”

“What we had wasn’t healthy. I never want to feel like I felt with you. Never again! So just go!”

“I was terrible to you. I liked taking everything out on you. I needed to. I-I hated you. It was bad!”

“You can’t outrun me, we both have short legs!”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t forget: reckless, vulgar, loud-mouthed. That’s just what makes me so awesome!”

“In the ring, nobody can tell me what to do! And if they try, I HIT 'EM IN THE FACE WITH A CHAIR!”

“You can’t let anyone make you feel like garbage.”

“I swallowed a rock.”

“I’mma win a airplane!”

“Are you trying to kill him faster?”

“I can fit! Which way to the baby war?”

“Now we’re gonna bury you 'til you’ve learned your lesson!”

“I’m not gonna let you stand there and remind me about everything I hate about myself!”

“I never asked to be made!”

“I’m just an embarrassment to you!”

“Oh man! I think my favorite round thing was in there!”

“I need everyone’s constant approval! I need to loquaciously converse so I can show off how smart I am.”

“Humans should just stop wearing clothes… be a lot funnier.”

“If you’re trying to flush yourself down the toilet, it won’t work. Trust me, I’ve tried.”

“Homegirl knows we’re gonna beat her into a pancake.”

“You didn’t need me at all…”

“Care to explain what one of my swords was doing in your room?”

“We want to stop all wrestling everywhere! Are you going to let us destroy all wrestling? Eheheh.”

“Humans find such fascinating ways to waste their time.”

“Is water just hydrogen and oxygen “mashed together”?”

“Well, that’s perfect, because I don’t want to go with grammatically incorrect people anyway.”

“You have to feel like yourself! Sweet and considerate, and only occasionally obnoxious!”

“Just today you were crying about snakes.”

“There are… different ways of being strong.”

“I’m so sorry… I almost got us killed..!”

“Humans just lead short, boring, insignificant lives, so they make up stories to feel like they’re a part of something bigger. They want to blame all the world’s problems on some single enemy they can fight, instead of a complex network of interrelated forces beyond anyone’s control.”

“I like to watch you sleep sometimes. And by sometimes, I mean often.”

“Everything I ever did, I did for her. And now she’s gone. But I’m still here.”

“That could have gone… a lot worse.”

“You always say you’ll be the crocodile, but you never commit!”

“Have the shirts come to life and possessed the bodies of their wearers?!”

“Do you understand that cartoon show?”

“I don’t get tired; I get results.”

“I just wanted to share a few more victories with you!”

“Look! I was right! My plan worked perfectly.”

“Oh, what’s 200 years between friends?”

“Please! Tell me! How can I make you forgive me!?”

“Confident and secure and complete… You’re perfect… You’re the perfect relationship… You’re always together… I just—I wanted to be a part of that…”

“We leave for one second and everything goes off the rails!”

“It’s fine, it’s fine, we’ll build it bigger, stronger, we’ll add SEATBELT!”

“Ah, sunset. My favorite time of the day… The sun goes down and the second sun gets bigger and bigger in the sky…”

“I can’t just start listening now, I’d be lost! Just like my pants…”


“Will you help me into my Birthday Suit?!”

“Try to act like a rich duck.”

“Fire Salt! Burn! Burn people!”

“None of you are the handsome one! I’M the handsome one!”

“I’m gonna bring the ocean back… or get really thirsty trying.”

“I have to protect you, what if somehow you get hurt? What do I do? I don’t want that for you.”

“Pizza rain! …But no pizza clouds…”

“You gotta take this online quiz: “Which Crying Breakfast Friend Are You?”!”

“Are you insecure about your relationships and how you’re perceived by other people?”

“If you’re the one protecting me… Then who’s the one protecting you!?”

“Some day soon we may be fighting some really bad guys, and when that day comes, I wanna fight with you! Together! So please… Won’t you share this jam with me?”

“Wow! You’re so articulated!”

“Home’s been awful! Here’s been awful! I thought you wanted to have a fun time but– Everyone’s been acting awful too! It - It just came with us. I don’t understand! Is it… is it me..?”

“We found a seeeecret way to track you, and we’ll never tell you how even if you ask nicely. MYAH.”

“Awwww! You’re like… an angry little slice of pie!”

“Wait! I have a better idea that doesn’t involve destroying the house!”

“That isn’t a very sound business practice.”

“Sweet, two doughnuts! One for me and one… for… uh, me.”

“I thought this was a dance party. Why isn’t anyone else dancing.”

“I don’t wanna hear anything you say, unless it’s “sorry”.”

“You’re choosing to take it personally.”

“Can’t you see I’m completely engulfed with rage.”

“But we made him feel like it was his fault. I keep looking into the future, where all of this has been solved, as if it doesn’t matter how you feel in the present. No wonder… why you think I don’t care!”

“You honestly think I’m not upset about what happened? I just wanted to do the right thing…”

“This is… not what I saw! I don’t know what happened, I-”

“All I wanna look at is you.”

anonymous asked:

This question might be kind of annoying so sorry about that but I'm really curious: What are your top 10 favorite comics on Lezhin and why?

Not annoying at all. I’d be happy to talk about it. :)
Well I like all the ones I’m reading/following at the moment, but my top favorites:

1. Warehouse: This is number one because the psychological+drama mixed with some tragedy is my favorite genre EVER. I’ve seen a lot of people say Warehouse is just ‘rape porn’ but I don’t see it that way. There’s something fascinating and intriguing about characters who are so haunted by their tragic past that their whole life and purpose is ‘revenge’. Even if not revenge, they have no present and their future revolves around the incidents of the past. And it’s quite tragic. But you know, when you’re reading this genre, you know there’s crime involved, you know it’s not gonna be pretty. It’s either murder, rape, torture and etc. So this and similar stories to this are not everyone’s cup of tea but uh… yeah, it’s not ‘just rape porn’ either. Warehouse doesn’t have a very unique story, but it’s the tragedy and the character’s mindset that makes me want to follow it. (Kinda similar to Guilt|Pleasure’s Father Figure)

2. King’s Maker: This is such a well-written work, not to mention the art is… fucking astonishing! It’s such an impressive work overall. Sometimes I look at one panel for minutes, just admiring the art.

3. He Does a Body Good: Well, this is a favorite for obvious reasons! But also because the art is freakin extraordinary. I love how the artist draws expressions and some panels even look like photos. Not to mention it’s a really hilarious story. I love a good comedy.

4. Save Me: This used to be my second favorite. It’s a unique story with very unique characters. The biggest flaw with this work is that it’s very character-driven and therefore really slow-paced. Which is why I prefer to wait and read like 3 episodes at once instead of 1 episode each week.

5. Following Namsoo to the Bathhouse: Ok, this one seems very simple. The story is simple and the art is not that great either but wow, does it make me laugh EVERY TIME. It’s hilarious. I love when the artists get very creative with the art and expressions and situations in a way that you can almost see/imagine the whole thing animated and it makes it even funnier!

6. Make Me Bark: Another fantastic art with a very creative artist and a great comedy. The story is very simple but it’s a very fun comic.

7. Killing Stalking: Surprised this is not #1? xD I used to love KS a lot. I loved when we were first introduced to the characters. I loved Bum’s character, I was curious about Seungbae. Season 2 has amazing art but there was so much unnecessary suspense and I know the fact that we can’t see Sangwoo’s thoughts and motives is what helps the plot and mystery but it’s getting quite frustrating and again unnecessary. Same with Sangwoo and Bum’s relationship. It’s getting pretty static! I don’t know, I still like KS, but this season definitely wasn’t my favorite.

8. Redemption Camp: Great ‘Mature’ comic with fantastic art and an interesting plot.

9. Royal Servant: I simply like the relationship between the servant and the master.

10. I like the rest of the comics I’m reading equally. They’re all fun. And I yesterday read Delicious which is a new release and I only read a few chapters so far but it LOOKS promising and it might go up in my list in the future. I’m not sure.

There’s still tons of comics I’d like to check out. Do you guys have any suggestions? (except the ones that are already on my list in my FAQ)

goblintoast  asked:

Hi Kat!! 😊 Apologies if you've answered this already, but what is your favorite Amethyst quote? 💎

Man every time she talks I feel blessed so this is gonna be hard!!

Let me see.. 

  • “Pearl! You just gave her some Shakesperian spiel about light, then got her number like it was nothing?! Pearl, you’re a total rockstar!”
  • “Whoa! You truthed him so hard, he died!”
  • “Rose said… I’m perfect… the way I am!”
  • “Hah…I know what’s wrong with me. I’m not supposed to be small. And everyone’s always acting like there’s no problem. You can be anything you want to be. No! I can’t. Huh…I can’t even be the one thing I’m supposed to be you know?”
  • “Humans should just stop wearing clothes… be a lot funnier.”
  • “Hey, uh, this is Amethyst, I don’t appreciate being called a clod, you clod…”
  • “Homegirl knows we’re gonna beat her into a green pancake.”
  • “Let’s ambush them!”
  • “Per, I'mma be really real with you for a sec. This whole time we’ve been here, you’ve just been focusing on what you can’t do. Of course you’re not having any fun. You think that all you are is who you could be, but we don’t hang out with you because of who you could be. We like you.”
  • “Are you trying to kill him faster?”
  • “I got hit by a airplane!”
  • “Yeah! Let’s mash it up! Bigger, badder, better! Ahahahaha!”
  • “Shut down by the G-squad!”
  • “WHOA, MAMA!”
  • “I never asked to be made!”
  • “Yo, Steman! My seams straight?”
  • “Man, you’ve changed! You look terrible!”
  • “Wait, can Steven fly? Yeah, I think I remember that. No no, I’m thinking of Lapis. Hey, Steven! How did you learn how to fly?”
  • “No! I get mad at myself! That’s, ugh, the thing I do. I get mad at myself and then it makes me suck at everything I do even more.”

anonymous asked:

I read ur response to that anon about Rio ur parrot and it's not that he's a chaos demon, all birds are like that!! They associate noise/uproar with happiness and fun bc that's how their socialization works!! So he's trying to play w u & have fun,& doesn't realize it is a hurtful thing he is doing!! As a fellow bird owner, a good way to get ur bird to stop doing things that hurt u (like excessive biting or screaming in ur ear) is to not respond to it which is a lot harder than it sounds (pt. 1)

Anonymous said: (pt. 2) like it takes a lot of willpower to not instinctively yell or scream aka react to what ur bird did!! But p much just disengaging with them, and putting them back on their cage or perch & leaving the immediate area when they do something bad is a great way to teach them that the certain action is not going to get favorable results of you making noise & having fun!! They repeat what they find works to make u have fun w them w/o realizing you’re not having fun!!

Anonymous said: (Pt. 3 I guess?? Just a sidenote) that’s why when I can tell my green cheek conure is getting stir crazy or is in a silly mood, I engage with her and start being loud!! That way she doesn’t start causing trouble or making a fuss!! The bird behavior thing I mentioned isn’t full-proof bc birds r chaotic deep down like u said but it works for the most part to teach them what is right and what is wrong to do to get ur attention!!

yea i know that, its just a lot easier & funnier to describe him as a chaotic screamin demon. i dont bother training him cuz i think its a fun part of his Pet Personality. like: [SCREECH] “YOURE GONNA MAKE ME DEAF, YOU ASS!” “WRAWKA WRAWKA BRAKA WRAAAAK REEEEEAAAA!!!!” “NO, FUCK YOU!its fun i like rio he’s a hell raiser

anonymous asked:

I love your writing! Can I get Jumin 707 and Yoosung reacting to a really giggly MC (they laugh at almost anything in the world) and when they're not laughing they smile a lot ;)

Totally the opposed of me.I´m always like:




  • “It´s nice to always have a smile around you.” Jumin thinks.
  • Jumin it´s is rare to see him smile.
  • And you just can´t stop doing it.
  • Some people thought that he was a robot *cough* Mostly Zen *cough* but since your laugh and smile is soo contiguous,now people see that jumin has the other expressions than just this…

Originally posted by sarahscribblesillustration

  • Obviously, Everyone freaks out when they see that you laugh at Jumin´s jokes.
  • Jumin just doesn´t care about everyone thinks of them,he just loves you and that makes him happy.

Representation of how you two look together:

Originally posted by fuckingjaix


  • He is very happy that you laugh at his jokes but then he sees that you laugh at almost everything.
  • He is hurt.

  • He thinks he is not special and he is just one of the bunch.
  • but you keep telling him that he is truly special.
  • He just doesn´t believe in you any more.
  • UNTIL he notices the different types of laughs that you do.
  • And now he knows when something is funnier to you.
  • He sees his jokes, pranks, and memes are funnier than other to you.

Seven:  “ I´m special again

Originally posted by sayrix


This makes me shiver.

SORRY I just imagine Yoosung (golden boy,innocent, giggly,almost like a kid) and Mc( they laugh at almost anything in the world and when they’re not laughing they smile a lot) .

*Puke* It´s too cloying (eww)

Sorry for the eye cancer that I just gave you for mi shitty sketch of 1 min. (I just love my “sketches” they are so shitty that they make you laugh LOL.

*P.S The one of the white with the pink hair is saeran.

Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Masterlist: Here

Connectivity test, blah blah blah.

I stole Groot’s datapad. Just kidding, I’m upgrading his software and decided to check out this “Autism Speaks” that Groot n’ Drax are all fired up about. 

What a bunch of losers! How the hell is lighting buildings up blue helping anybody? Autism Speaks sounds like a cult to me. BRB a sec, I’m gonna research some more and finish typing this. Groot can delete it later if he doesn’t want it on his blog. He knows I’m gonna do a test post. BRB.

ETA: Whoops, forgot I started this. The research took longer than I expected. I thought it was gonna be funny. It’s not. I’m pissed off at all you stupid jackasses that are lighting it up blue.

Don’t feed me the bullshit line of “what about really severely autistic people?” or “The lower functioning people NEED a cure!”

First off, shut up.
Second off, you’re a douchebag.

Autism Speaks assholes: “Lower functioning people aren’t smart!”

Where did this functioning crap come from? What’s that got to do with intelligence?

Is Groot stupid? NO! 

I mean, yeah, sometimes it’s frustrating to discuss plans with him. It’s a guarantee that you can give him instructions and he’ll only retain some of it. Usually, it’s the bits I’d call the least important. 

Don’t get me wrong– Groot understands words. He understands what you say to him. Telling him to repeat a plan back lets me know what he hangs onto and what he doesn’t. Sometimes he scrambles up the words in his head and remembers a plan out of order. You shoulda seen the time I put him in charge of a bomb with a “kill everything” button. I’m the dumbass for putting a “kill everything” button on it in the first place.

First off, Groot works best with direct instructions. Describe whatever thing you want him to do or get in as much detail as possible. Tell him to wait until you say ‘go’ and he’ll stand there all day until you say go, but he’ll execute his part of a plan immediately if you don’t give him a cue to wait. That’s the mistake I made in the Kyln. I didn’t tell him to wait until I said go get the battery. That was on me. 

Secondly, Groot depends on prompts and cues. Some are internal, some are external. He messes up if a prompt or cue isn’t clear or obvious enough. He messes up if there’s an environmental prompt or cue that looks like the one you tell him to watch for. And if that ain’t complicated enough, what constitutes obvious to him can go totally unnoticed by everyone else. 

Humies call it autism and I call it Groot being Groot. You’ve gotta be patient and go at his pace. I ain’t the most patient guy out there, but I try to be for Groot. He can’t change how his brain works; I can change my approach when I lay out a plan. 

So, to reiterate, sometimes it’s frustrating to go over plans with Groot. That doesn’t mean he’s stupid. It means you have to be patient and keep explaining until he gets it and knows what cues and prompts to watch for.

Autism Speaks assholes: “Lower functioning people are like little kids in adult bodies!”

Ugh. Stop. The only time Groot is a baby is when he’s actually, ya know, a baby

Raising tiny Groot was a riot. Nothing’s funnier than a ten inch tall angry baby tree who thinks he’s eight feet tall….then he knocks your block off and you remember how strong Flora Colossi are.  

I know what an intellectual disability is. (Drax just told me to replace the r word. Whatever.) Groot doesn’t have one. Even if he did, he still ain’t a baby unless he’s actually a baby.

We all kinda amassed an arsenal of sensory stuff for Groot. A lot of it is what people consider toys that kids play with. Baby Flora Colossi that are big enough to run around need stimulation. Being exposed to a lot of stuff early kinda helped Groot be able to tolerate a lot more chaos now than he could before. He’s still got a limit, but I think it’s higher now than it used to be. 

The toys help and Groot still plays with them. He puts stuff in his mouth a lot. That doesn’t mean he’s a kid in an adult body. He uses his teeth to figure out the texture of surfaces. If it works for him, it works. 

Oh, by the way? Swearing baby Groot is the funniest thing you’ll ever hear. You’d crack up too if you saw a tiny tree smile innocently while he calls somebody a bag of gaping buttfucked assholes.

Autism Speaks assholes: “Lower functioning people can’t communicate!” 

From the mouths of people who aren’t autistic. They’re the experts, right? (That was sarcasm, btw.)

Can you douchebags quit the function crap?

Groot communicates loud and clear if you know how to listen to him. He moves around. He makes noises. He gives off scents. Those damn huge eyes of his are like a book to me and they’re full of his bleeding gold heart. There ain’t nobody I know with a bigger heart than Groot. He’ll give you his arm if you need it. 

He lets me know he doesn’t like somebody by growling in the lowest register of his voice. You can feel the vibration if you stand next to him. Anybody who earns that growl is ‘special’ because Groot ain’t somebody who hates other people without a good reason. So if he’s growling about you, you did something shitty. Guess who’s been making him growl lately? Yep. Autism Speaks.

He’s also got this “centering” noise that’s sort of a droning groan. Kinda reminds me of monks chanting. He’ll walk around the perimeter of a space and do that over and over. Groot has a weird sense of depth perception when he’s inside enclosed spaces like ships or buildings. He said pacing a room and groaning until he hears his voice bounce off surfaces gives him a sense of its size. I…don’t quite understand how it helps him, but I ain’t gonna make him stop doing what works for him.

It still weirds me out that other people don’t understand Groot when he talks. Yeah, yeah, I hear the syllables “I am Groot” just like anyone else does. It’s less about the syllables and more about the meaning in them. I understood what he was saying before I knew language was a thing. Then all the mutilation started and… well I don’t wanna go there.

I guess listening to Groot is like listening to an orchestra play some dead guy’s music. All those flashy instruments in the orchestra work together to make the sounds we call music and that music means something. It makes you feel things that go beyond words.

Groot’s voice has all kinds of overtones and undertones. The closest thing I can equate to what I hear when Groot talks is that throat singing thing monks do, but at really high or low frequencies all happening at the same time.   There’s a lot of layers to the sound and they get more complex if there’s a lot of information. His mood affects his voice. His overtones get louder when he’s scared and the undertones get louder when he’s pissed off. I still know what he’s saying because those tones don’t change pitch.

So like I said before, Groot’s voice has a lot of layers and complexities to it. Hearing him do the equivalent to recite a ten page sonnet by some dead guy –I think it’s Britney Spears?– is gonna have more harmonics to it than hearing him tell someone to go fuck themselves. 

A lot of what he says is based on context, too. He could say something outside that sounds exactly the same when he says it inside and it’ll mean two totally different things. That’s something I figured out from getting to know him. It’s experience.

I learned something really interesting when Groot was a tiny pissed off twig. All those overtones and undertones happened at a higher pitch…and kept the same configuration. Same open fifths or major sevenths or whatever those intervals are. I ain’t a music buff, okay?

Groot’s communication doesn’t end at his voice. You’ve gotta take note of the scents he gives off, his body language and facial expression. If I talk to you, you get my words as syllables arranged in a specific sequence over a period of time depending on how much I’m saying. You’ll be paying attention to my gestures, tone of voice and the look on my face. Groot gives all the same meaning to you almost simultaneously. 

Heck, sometimes Groot only has to make a gesture and it’ll say a lot. To him, two people exchanging an emotion is a conversation. He’ll look at me and smirk, I’ll laugh because I know he’s smirking about whatever bullshit we pulled on Quill, Gamora or Drax, and in Groot’s mind that’s equal to us saying “hey, remember when..?” out loud. He looks right into my eyes once in awhile. That’s something really personal for his species. I don’t take those looks for granted, ever. 

People get so stuck on ‘talking’ being words coming out of mouths. Apply those rules to Groot and you miss out. There’s a lot of meaning in just about everything he does. He makes perfect sense to me about 90% of the time. 

I guess all you ape-based aliens can’t hear what I hear or smell what I smell. It’s a shame that the really funny stuff he says doesn’t translate too well into text. 

Now, after saying that, it doesn’t mean I pretend I’ve got a total understanding of Groot-speak or that I know him better than he knows himself. I’m not gonna go all Autism Mom™ and detail all his rough times for the internet to see. Not my stories to tell anyway. 

I know Groot well enough to tell when something’s wrong. Groot has a behavioral baseline and he doesn’t veer off it unless there’s a problem. It’s up to me to figure out what’s wrong. He can’t localize pain, so that’s when I prod him until we find the source. He can’t turn off his stress response when he’s triggered, so it’s up to me to figure out what triggered him and get rid of it to stop the flashbacks.

The SIB is hard. Groot knows what he looks like when he’s doing it. As bad as it feels to watch Groot go through it, it ain’t close to how bad he’s feeling. We figured out how to deal with his SIB together. There’s a standard procedure for his everyday freakouts. That’s how I know a regular freakout from him telling me something’s wrong. The standard procedure calms him down quick if it’s his usual sensory issues.

It’s always necessary to stop or redirect him when he’s beating the hell out of himself. Groot gets real sick if bacteria gets into his cambium tissue. He needs help to not bite himself and, like I said, we figured out what works for us to keep us both safe until his freakout blows over. I think you humies out there call them meltdowns, don’t you? Yeah. Meltdowns. Groot and I get through ‘em together.

I never stop at controlling his behavior when something’s wrong. I go through the checklist of known sources of trouble and go from there. Getting to the bottom of the issue is gonna take longer than usual because Groot can’t always tell me the exact problem when his brain is all scrambled up. He doesn’t flip out for no reason. Stuff nobody notices makes him go through the roof or triggers the crap out of him. 

Since some stupid asshole is gonna ask: NO, he doesn’t ruin my day if he flips out. It’s not like he decides to act like that. I’ll drop everything to get Groot through a bad day. He does the same thing for me.

Same Autism Speaks assholes: “Really severe low functioning autistic people can’t form relationships!”

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. I’m getting tired of this function crap. Seriously, stop it.

How many people can say they’ve known their best friend all their life? No matter how far back I look in my memory, I see Groot smiling at me. You wouldn’t be reading this if I never met him. He understands me because he was there going through his own hell while I went through mine. I’m a dickhead at him a lot, and he doesn’t hold it against me. He knows why I’m such a dickhead and he calls me on it when I go too far. We call each other horrible names all the time, but we stay away from the shit said to us on Halfworld.

We bonded through our trauma. As shitty as my memories of Halfworld are, Groot is in almost all of them. He was the only person there that didn’t treat me like dirt. He was the first person to show me what compassion looks like. He was the one good reason I kept fighting to stay alive and escape. 

Groot saved me from turning into the mindless weapon they were building me to be. I swore I wasn’t gonna leave him behind when I blew that place. He’s too nice for that dump. I’m glad we did that together. We both figured out what a great team we are. Me and Groot against the universe.

Halfworld messed my head up. I’m a certified nutcase, and you know what? So is Groot. We’re mentally ill and messed up. I think Groot takes care of me more often than I take care of him. He’s good at it. He looks out for me.  

Groot scoops me up when I get drunk, cleans my puke and piss off me and pretty much babysits me until I sober up. He never complains or bats an eye. I hate being drunk, btw. I drink to shut off the flashbacks and panic attacks. So Groot makes sure I don’t hurt myself when I drink myself stupid. It ain’t any different than me pinning his wrists behind his back and patting his neck to tell him it’s gonna be fine while he’s face down on the floor screaming. 

I had to lose Groot once to realize how much he means to me. A universe without Groot ain’t a universe I want to be in. I’m the luckiest bastard alive to have a friend like him. He died for me. No hesitation at all. He died while looking into my eyes and wiping the tears off my face. He took care of me to the end. I’ll never forget that.

I asked him why he was doing it. He said I’m his forest. Technically, he said ‘we’, which meant Quill, Drax and Gamora, too… but Groot called me family. Flora Colossi identify themselves both as individuals and by who they call their forest– their family. He sees me as part of him, like you might look at your arm or leg as part of you. I’m not gonna get all sappy and tell you what part of me is his. I think you jackasses already know.

He was smiling…he was fucking smiling. Then I got KO’ed and woke up to see my best friend reduced to a pile of sticks. 

I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do with myself without Groot. I kept a piece of him to talk to because I figured he’d want that. Then the twig I kept yawned. I realized Groot was growing back because I (unknowingly at the time) planted that undamaged twig in the right kind of dirt. Hearing that yawn was the happiest moment of my life.

So all you wannabe “autism advocates” who suck the blue sack of Autism Speaks can go screw yourselves. You don’t know jack about autism beyond stupid facts. 

You’re not celebrating your kids, you’re parading around hoping to earn a gold star for showing the world you want a replacement for what you see as a defective child. 

You see the protesters all over the internet. You see what autistic people are saying. You ignore them when they’re right in your face. Then you get mad at them for getting in your face at all. 

Ignorance isn’t an excuse anymore. You’re hurting autistic people like Groot when you support Autism Speaks, and you expect Groot to be grateful? Fuck off. I hate two-faced people like you.

I’ve done worse things than any of you jerks. I don’t deserve a friend like Groot, but he sticks around because he’s loyal like that. The autistic people you blue-wearing losers live with deserve better than what they get from you. I don’t care if that’s mean! How about you research Autism Speaks before you give me crap for saying what I’m saying? 

Groot doesn’t need fixing and neither do autistic people. You can teach ‘em how to do a lot without squashing their identity away. 

I remember hearing Halfworld employees argue about whether or not Groot is actually conscious. They didn’t think he could do much more than sit there and stare off into space. 

Guess what? I taught Groot how to read traffic signals. I taught him how to fly a ship. I taught him how to play card games. I taught him how to disable security systems. There’s a lot that he can’t do without some help, but he can do a lot more with aid instead of having it done for him. 

Teach him based on how he learns and he soaks it up like a sponge.

By the way, he’s usually dissociating when he’s staring at nothing. That’s not a bad thing unless he’s triggered. Sometimes he has to ‘disconnect’ from his body for awhile to stay calm. 

There’s a corner in the Milano he can go to if he needs to do that and everybody leaves him alone when he’s in there. Drax helped us put it together. There’s soft lights that don’t hurt his eyes. All his toys are in a set of cubbyholes hidden under a floor panel. The walls in that corner are decorated with mandalas and fractal art printed on exercise pads so he can bang his head into stuff without cracking himself open. Groot loves that corner. 

Autistic people say Autism Speaks sucks at listening. They’re right. Autism Speaks and its cult following make me sick. So you want autism gone? You want people like Groot gone?

I’ve got six words for you:

Fuck every single one of you.

Shove the blue up your collective ass. I accept Groot exactly the way he is and won’t change him for anything. 

P.S. Light it up blue, you say? Okay, I’ll light it up blue. I wish this was Autism Speaks headquarters.


anonymous asked:

Can u write a Drabble where it's basically Kol using snapchat filters all the time and annoying people (mainly bonnie, Caroline and his family). So basically kol doing the same thing as Nate Buzz on snapchat.

“Smile Nik,”

“Kol, if that’s that infernal device hovering next to my face when I look up, I’m going to take it and shove down your throat,”

Kol scowled and lowered his arm.

“Your aversion to technology is as backward as it is appalling,” he answered disparagingly.

“Technology has its uses,” Klaus said, resuming his focus on his paperwork. “The least intelligent of all being that ridiculous snap book nonsense,”

Snapchat,” Kol corrected. “And I don’t hear these complaints when Caroline’s using it,”

Klaus stiffened.

“I tolerate Caroline’s incessant need to immortalize every second of our immortal lives with a commemorative image because my love for her out trumps my hatred for that thing.” he said pointing at Kol’s iPhone.

“I find it amusing,”

“You found your own feet amusing when you were a child,” Klaus muttered.

“You’re a grumpy old sod,” Kol chastised. “Here, lighten up like a good puppy,”

Kol shoved his screen in Klaus’ face and the latter looked up, only to see an image of himself with brown spotted dog ears and a snout.

“What-” Before he could finish what appeared to be a large pink tongue flew out of his (or virtual his) mouth.

“There,” Kol cooed. “Good doggy, nice puppy,”

A menacing growl left Klaus throat and Kol was out of the room faster than Klaus could put his hands around his throat.

“Kol you know I have no patience for technology,” Elijah said with a put upon sigh. (while still adjusting his tie and leaning into the frame despite himself).

“Ooh, are we taking a selfie?”

Rebekah breezed into the room, already primping and fluffing her in preparation.

“Try to keep your distance from the camera Bekah. It was expensive, I’d hate for the screen to crack,”

“Har, Har. Move over so I’m in the frame,” Rebekah huffed. “If I’m in the picture, then the quality improves by oh… I would say 100%.”

Kol scoffed.

“Put on the flower crown filter,” Rebekah insisted.

Kol lifted the screen and Rebekah titled her head, prepared to pose for the frame. Rebekah’s scream ran through the room as her face contorted into what can only be described as demon-esque instead of the glossed image of her face she was expecting.

“You bastard! That scared the life out of me,”

“What? I can’t help it if your true colors finally came shining through,” he shrugged.

“You’re going to hell,” Rebekah hissed.

“I’ll save you a seat,” he shot back.

“Could the two of you perhaps do this elsewhere,” Elijah exhaled.

“Bonnie wants you to stop sending her private snaps,” Caroline said, without looking up from her phone as Kol entered the room.

“How else am I supposed to let her know how utterly bewitching I find her,”

“I’m sure you’re a lot funnier in your head,” she murmured continuously tapping at her screen.

“Selfie?” he asked. “For my streaks?”

“Mmm, fine,” Caroline hummed, swinging her legs off of the automaton.

In hindsight, Kol should have known better.

“The angle’s wrong.” Caroline griped. “Ugh and your quality’s terrible…”

Kol winced as he rolled his eyes and in retaliation Caroline’s elbow collided violently with his ribcage.

“You know what we’ll just use my phone,” she sighed.

Caroline held up her phone and flicked the filters until she found the dog filter.

“Oh I love this one!” she exclaimed. Opening her mouth so the graphic tongue jutted out on the screen. 

“Huh, well if you’re capable of that in real life it’s no wonder Nik is so fond of you,”

Caroline’s brow knitted in confusion before a look of realization crossed her face, causing her eyes to bug out comically wide.

“Ugh, seriously!? Kol you ass-”

“I’ll send you the pictures later darling,” he called out.

During his exit, Kol narrowly managed to dodge the shoe Caroline chucked in his direction. He managed to make it out of the room unscathed and whats more he got the entire thing on video.

for the anon that asked for how the boys would comfort their s/o after a nightmare! heyo it’s mod amami’s first post i hope i don’t screw this up

under the cut~

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Losing Streak - Tyler Seguin (Smut)

Author’s Note: This is ridiculous dominant and long, so if you don’t like dominance, don’t read it. You have been warned.

Tyler always took loosing hard. It didn’t matter how well they played, the score, anything. He just always took it hard. I had been watching the game from home, and I knew that when Tyler got home he was going to be upset.

While feeding Marshall and Cash, our dogs, I hear the front door open and close with a loud slam. I finish putting food into Cash’s bowl and when I stand up, I see Tyler staring at me.

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Kaye ,i dont know if i should ask this here, but here i am. It's nothing exactly related about the au but about art. You are a animator/illustrator, and i want to ask you about this. Since i want to follow this career you are a big inspiration to me. As a girl who decided it at my 20's (and i wasn't that focused in evolve my art before) i'm full of insecurities and doubts, Do you have any advice for people who want to be illustrators or animators? About practice, evolve your art.

Oh geez I wrote sm I’m so sorry agsjshs but I talked about art in general so it could apply to everyone as well :-) but ofc if u have animation/illustration questions specifically, feel free to ask as well!

Hello!! I totally get where you’re coming from! It’s ok to feel that way, I, myself didn’t take my art seriously until I finally decided to major in it, so I had a lot of insecurities about it as well. Even now I still feel this incessant anxiety and self doubt of my abilities, except the biggest difference is that I’ve learned to not let it cripple me. I think one of the biggest things you have to be comfortable about if you want to pursue being an artist is the thought that you can always be better. But I don’t say this in a self-deprecating way! What I mean is that as an artist, cultivating that hunger for growth and having your ideas manifest really makes a difference because it’s what will keep you going.

The strive for improvement is really intimidating and hard to tackle, I had a particularly big struggle about it last year because my vision didn’t match my skill and that was the most frustrating thing ever and I felt like I was running out of time (since I freshly graduated w no job but big loans to pay, so I was particularly beating myself up over it.) It was hard to get off that mindset because I didn’t take the idea of improving in increments. I thought too hard about improving everything all at once, which in reality isn’t possible because you can only focus on too many things before being burnt out.

So a big takeaway from those years of turmoil is that ultimately, art isn’t a race, it’s about self-discovery. Even if you’re in your 20s it’s fine as long as your heart is in it. Try as many things as you can in school and really know which processes make you excited.

For me, having short term goals and long term goals made a lifetime’s difference because then, I knew what to strive for even if it seems intangible rn. It’s a lot of self-assessment you’d have to do. Like for me, I realized that I actually have no solid knowledge of colors, so I made it a goal to work on that by taking a class on it. Some other shorter goals I have are like: Improve on expressions for today; draws funny face; hMN it could be funnier; pushes self to draw an even funnier face. They don’t have to be all serious and intimidating. If you have a purposeful goal in mind, memes or not, it’s not a waste of time!!

But yeah as I said, it’s a lot of self-discovery so take your time and know what works and doesn’t work for you. It’s especially good to reflect on moments when you have a slump. Like when I was having a slump, I realized that I really really need a mentor to learn and improve. I wasn’t getting anywhere and I wasn’t doing anything because I didn’t have the motivation to learn by myself. I couldn’t trust myself w online teaching and self-learning because being distracted is something I just can not help when I’m alone. And that’s ok! The important part is going through the measure to remedy that. And to me that was being in an actual classroom presence w strict deadlines and a mentor who cared.

As for practicing, I think the best way to practice is creating something you love, but also being hyper aware of what you need to work on technically/artistically. The biggest purpose of why I made this ask blog was to improve on my story-telling and dialogue. I love bts so I wanted to incorporate that in my road to improvement. And it’s crazy because Ive learned so much in these past few months! Before this, Ive never written a full-fledged story or extensive dialogue but I kept working on it, and there’s just so much visible results :’-) 500+ pages of dedication and love and hard work 😭

But yeah the key is consistency but also a lot of self-care. Keep grinding but also take care of yourself. Immerse yourself in other hobbies as well, literally everything you do will contribute to being a better artist so don’t feel bad for “slacking.” Passive media consumption stockpiles creative ideas eventually, and even if it doesn’t, rest is a positive effect for your well-being as an artist. So yeah!!

Art in general isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to be hard either! Work hard, with purpose and dedication!! But also w self-care and love in mind :-) I hope this helped even a little!

anonymous asked:

So, whats it like talking with the gods? did you get into all of this?

talking with gods is pretty much just like talking with another spirit. i just have a lot funnier encounters with gods so that’s what i draw.

as for how i got into witchcraft, the basic rundown is:

  • as a child i never believed in anything supernatural, specially not fairies, not even the tooth fairy
  • however ive always had the ability to see auras and i thought it was synesthesia since i have other forms of synesthesia already
  • i met my best friend Other Brain and 6 years into knowing him he told me he could straight up see ghosts and other things, like as if they were actual people walking around (there have been some Incidents due to him being unable to tell if someone is alive or dead, its honestly p funny)
  • i was skeptical, so Other Brain proved supernatural stuff is real by setting off the equivalent of a spiritual grenade in his house and basically turned us into a paranormal activity movie
  • (it was terrifying but listen i had NO doubts after that night)
  • turns out, Other Brain had been taught spirit work by his crazy powerful grandma and two separate shamans, so he starts teaching me
  • also turns out im a natural for it bc of my mom who unintentionally prepped me for magic
  • about 2 years after i start learning from him i say “this is fucking witchcraft” to which he says “what no its not” and then 2 weeks later says “ok youre right it is”
  • bam im a witch now

I’m currently listening to the Order of the Phoenix audiobook. It’s a lot funnier than I remember, probably because I’m now inclined to laugh at Harry when he’s being an angsty teenager (sorry Harry, I know you’ve been through a lot, I don’t think I’d cope nearly as well as you have, ilu <3)

Justin told me, “I think we’ve always tried to be [inclusive], it’s just early on we didn’t necessarily have the tools or the understanding of how to be that way. I think mainly that’s because we grew up around people like us. So that was our default. But that expanded. ‘People like us’ has gotten a lot broader since we’ve had a much broader audience.”

The turning point was furries. It was around episode 30, not even in response to a listener’s letter, but to a Yahoo Answers question from a thirteen-year-old furry wondering about coming out to his family. The brothers’ comedy comes from escalation, each taking the previous joke farther and to sillier lengths. In this case, the joke—the “joke”—was about how freaked out and disturbed they were by furries.  

The next episode, in the middle of answering another question—from a listener afraid of being made fun of for being in their school play—Justin segued into an apology. “Like, if you look at us. Last week we talked a lot of yay about furries, but to cover up the fact that we are all right now, as we record the show, wearing furry costumes.” Griffin said, “I’m a lynx.” Travis: “I’m a sexy cow.” And Justin? “I’m an apologetic tiger, because I feel bad to our furry friends.” Griffin chimed in, “I feel wicked bad!” He continued, “Let’s put this question on pause, cause we need to address this. I think that hatred comes from fear, and fear comes from misunderstanding.” And the brothers owned up to misunderstanding furries, and thanked the listeners who’d written in to set them straight.

As Justin told me, “Afterwards, we got these tweets from people who were like, ‘Hey, I’m a furry, and I like your show, and that sucked.’ I don’t know who we thought was listening, but we certainly didn’t think furries were, ‘cause we didn’t know any growing up. Once we realized that we hurt these people, we felt like garbage about it. So we were like, let’s make the decision to learn, and talk to these people, and celebrate them and become wildly pro-furry. What we realized is, isn’t it also a lot funnier to be wildly pro-furry. I think it’s funnier to be really into everything, permissive of everything.”

It’s not that they’re pretending to be pro-furry because being pro-furry is silly. The McElroys decided—and the success of MBMBaM proves—that actually being enthusiastic about everything opens the door to better comedy. Justin: “We realized it was a lot funnier than saying no all the time. It dovetails with basic improv rules. So we just started saying yes to fucking everything. You cannot trip us out any more!”

You know what the McElroys remind me of?

There’s a character in Community, Dean Pelton, who is a side/recurring character in the show. He’s rather effeminate, gets great enjoyment out of extravagant costumes and outfits, regularly crossdresses, and eschews the term “gay” because it’s not an expansive enough term. (Pansexual and genderqueer are most apt for him.)

And during an AMA, someone told show creator Dan Harmon that as a genderqueer person, they loved Pelton and how open and positive the character was.

Harmon’s response was gracious, and pointed out that with Pelton, often the joke was not that he was a weirdo or an outcast or anything like that. The joke was… happiness. That this person was performatively queer, and that the joke wasn’t at his expense, but that he was happy and people like that could be happy.

And that feeling is a close relative to what I feel with the McElroy content. It’s the same thing we say about jokes about race or gender or sex; make sure the joke is with the group, not against them. Comedy used to put down the downtrodden is bad; comedy used to uplift is one of the great goods.

I dunno. They just make me happy in a world where, right now, a lot of forces want to hurt me. And that’s important.

MBMBaM is almost never explicitly political, but—sad as this may be—in late 2016, inclusive compassion became a political act.