this will be a heartbreaking comeback

Can I just say how beautiful the vocal line are in the NCT 127’s second mini album ? Their vocals mesh so well together and have this sweet high and smooth sound. The melody, harmony, high notes, back up vocals, and hidden vocals are just perfect!!


On this day in music history: December 3, 1968 - “Elvis” (aka “The ‘68 Comeback Special”), airs on the NBC television network. Directed by Steve Binder (“The T.A.M.I. Show”), the special is a major turning point in Presley’s career. Having spent the majority of the 60’s making two to three films a year, Elvis had not performed in front of a live audience in over seven years. Scheduled to be aired during the Christmas holiday season, Elvis and his manager Colonel Tom Parker are ambitious to the make the show more than the singer performing Christmas carols. The program features him performing elaborate production numbers as well as in front of an intimate studio audience with members of his original 50’s era band. Initially, Presley is hesitant to performing in front of a live audience, but Binder reassures the singer and offer support. The special is both a major artistic triumph and a ratings blockbuster, setting the wheels in motion for Presley to re-establish his music career after nearly a decade of making movies that had tarnished the singers’ reputation both musically and image wise.

Please come back… I miss you so much. I know I fucked up and I know you won’t come back and that you probably shouldn’t, but I’m so lost without you. But I guess it’s too late for regrets now. I hope you’re happy, I hope you’re fine. I hope you think of me once in a while.

BTS + Youth

This is an observation, not a theory, about their music videos since HYYH era to now. Enjoy!

First, I want to clarify that there is a difference between theme and a concept.

“The key variation is that while a theme carries a larger area, a concept does not. It restricts itself to a selective idea. This is why under a single theme different ideas can develop.”

“A concept is an overall idea, a thought process, forming the base of a design, and then you design a them which depicts and expresses your core concept.

Thus, a theme reinforces the concept. The theme is a communication bridge between your concept and the user of your design. It helps the user to understand your concept;”

Now if you understood these definitions, I’m gonna expand what BTS really wants us to understand, or what I believe they want us to understand, from their comebacks.

In I NEED U MV, their theme is the struggles of depression, suicide, heartbreak and so on. But the concept? Youth.

In RUN MV, their theme is the complete opposite of I NEED U, whereas they’re having fun altogether, and sort of rebellious. Again, their concept is still about Youth.

In Young Forever MV, their theme is that they’re in a maze. But what does it represent? Or what will you do? You have to find your way out right? I believe that the maze represents that you only have one path. You have to keep going on. And in terms the concept it’s still about Youth, that can’t stay in one place forever.

In Blood, Sweat and Tears MV, their theme is about Demian. To which I firmly believe that it’s about discovering the good and evil. Realizing that not everything is about rainbows, everything nice and fun. And also, the character in the book he has emotional dependency, which is a part of growing up.

Now we have Spring Day MV, the music video has various themes from different books. But without comparing it to the books, we can see the temporary presence of the members in some scenes, or most of the scenes that they’re alone. Or how the time flies fast, but Jungkook was still standing there but in the end, he joins with them. The clothes, to which could symbolize they have outgrown them and lastly, the season changes from winter to spring.

We might have overlooked their actual message with a member’s death, or the books relate to the music video. Their theme only supports their concept for every comeback. For full whole setting, its all about growing up. Facing the world where in we experience realizations, independence, maturity, and so on. For the whole past comebacks, it is about Youth. It’s about us.


And hence the title, You Never Walk Alone. They want us to feel that you never walk alone, with the struggles or happiness you’re currently in.