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Palutena Joins the Fray

Or “Alights” I should say. 

The number one lady from the Kid Icarus series has landed herself a spot on the roster, revealed in an anime video that I hope will one day be developed into a full fledged series. 

Honestly, I didn’t think Kid Icarus would ever get more than one character on the roster, but the more female characters the better. Not to mention she’s pretty much unlike any character we’ve seen.

Check out the reveal here (skip to the end) [❤]

Preorder: Smash Bros Wii U, Kid Icarus Uprising

As requested, the fluff version on this prompt: SEND MY MUSE “GIMME GIMME GIMME!”

And I’ll randomly generate a number from 1-45 to see what my muse gives yours from the list below.

14. A box of letters they never had the courage to send In response/sequel to this fluffy thing here

That last shot was unfair!”

“Why? ‘Cause it went in? Heh.”

Kise’s mutinous silence continued as he made his way into Aomine’s room and unceremoniously flung himself on the beanbag beside the bed. Kise clearly pictured the cocky smirk on his face without needing to look and he flung the towel draped around his neck at the ace. But Aomine chuckled then, the sound low and throaty and just so unfairly knee-buckling that for a second, Kise forgot what he was so worked up about.

“I won, fair and square. Stop being a brat.”

Kise huffed and silently fumed to himself as he continued to ignore the ace, looking at Aomine’s scant collection of video games and suddenly wishing he’d brought some of the new ones he bought the day before. 

“Are you putting one in?”

Still more silence.

“Really? You gonna keep ignoring me? It’s not like it’s the first time you’ve lost, baka.”

“Hah?! Do you have to dig it in? Aominecchi’s so mean,” Kise grumbled, making a face before returning to his full fledged sulking. He knew he was being ridiculous, but after that confession from the ace just the week before, he thought maybe, just maybe, Aomine would be nicer, sweeter, act like an actual boyfriend. At the errant thought, he took one of the game cases and flung it in Aomine’s general direction.

“Oi! What was that for?!”

More silence.

Oooh he makes me so mad! Mean, stupid, baka Aominecchi!

Kise had hoped maybe Aomine would say those three words that somehow turned him into complete jelly more often, now that the initial 'I love you’ was out of the way. That was the hardest one, right? The one that made his palms sweaty, his stomach twist itself in knots, his heart jump right out of his chest. 

But even though Aomine had confessed, there had been no difference after that with how he treated Kise. Needless to say, the blond was completely put off by the lack of affection and took it out on the ace in other ways. 

“You can sit there moping and stinking up the room or you can take the first shower. Your choice. I’m gonna see if my mom left food layin’ around,” Aomine said as he dropped his gym bag on the floor next to where Kise sprawled out. The ace affectionately ruffled the top of his head before leaving the room, an amused snort coming from where he disappeared to.

“Baka Aominecchi, couldn’t even even let me win. Would it hurt him to be nice for once?” The mutters continued, a lump rising in his throat again. It was the same reaction every time he thought back to that confession. As much as he wanted to believe Aomine meant what he said, the way the ace treated him sometimes made him doubt it. And the idea that it wasn’t true was something he refused to think about. 

Golden gaze fell on the opened Mai-chan magazine laying on the floor and Kise bent over to reach for it. Flipping through the first pages, he eyed the pictures with a sudden flare of jealousy and briefly, he wondered if it was because he didn’t look like them that Aomine wasn’t as affectionate as Kise wanted him to be. 

I just want to tell him I love him all the time and I can’t because he’s so stupid. Stupid, stupid baka. 

He felt around underneath Aomine’s bed for the box he knew contained the rest of the ace’s revered porn stash. One or twice, he thought about making the magazines conveniently disappear just to spite Aomine, but he felt so guilty about thinking it that he’d chicken out. Pulling it out, he slipped his finger beneath the lid and popped it open. The same girl graced cover after cover, her face taunting Kise, mocking him for not keeping Aomine’s attention as well as the magazines did. 

Annoyance flaring, he threw the magazine clear across the room, pages ruffling in the air as a loose leaflet detached and fell a few feet from where he sat. 

What the–

He retrieved the piece of paper and immediately recognized the heavy-handed scrawl. It wasn’t until he saw his name did his curiosity really get the best of him and as he began to read the words on the page, golden eyes widened before he made to scramble for the rest of the magazines. Sure enough, each one contained the same thing, letter after letter, all messy scrawls crossed out and smeared, and all addressed to him. 

Baka Kise,

How many times do I gotta get it through your thick skull that I'm not going anywhere? I just wanna crumple this up and chuck it at your head to see if that'll do anything to get those thoughts out. I want you. Just you. 


You're probably never gonna see this but since I can't actually tell you, guess I gotta tell someone and this is the closest thing I got. It really bugs when you talk to the harem that way. I almost decked Wakamatsu the other day 'cause he asked me something about practice and I thought he said something that reminded me of your stupid fangirls. I mean, I get you have them, I get it's good for your career, but the thought of having to share what's mine, even if it's just for cameras and all that crap, makes me a little possessive I guess. You're gonna think I'm so stupid for this


This is probably my fifteenth time trying to write this, but I can't seem to get it right. I always seem to do something to piss you off, always seem to say the wrong thing. And I know when I've done it 'cause you get this look on your face. You know the one. It feels like I did something to initiate World War III. You gotta be patient with me. I'm still trying to figure all this out. Doing the feelings thing has gotta be the hardest thing to do, right? Guess showing it is harder even though I do. And it's a kick in the pants to think that maybe you don't believe me. I'm not as open about it as you, but I do. God, I fucking do. In that mind blowing adrenaline pumping can't get you outta my head sorta way. I think I have for a while before I knew what the hell hit me. So believe in me. Trust me. Because I love you, you idiot. Even if I really suck at showing it--

What the fuck are you doing, Ryouta?

Blinking as his hand involuntarily rumpled the piece of paper now crinkled between his fingers, he turned and gave Aomine a sheepish grin. “I– ah, well, you see–”

“You read them?”

“I didn’t mean to! I was looking through your magazine and then it fell out, so I went to see if there were any in the other magazines and there were. I couldn’t help myself, I kept seeing my name and I just, I’m sorry, Aominecchi!”

“Wait a minute… you were looking at porn.” Aomine’s startled expression shifted into one that turned Kise’s entire body to jello, the predatory smirk he wore causing the blond to scramble back as his cheeks heated from embarrassment.

“I– no, I wasn’t! I was just–” He couldn’t explain the reason he picked up the magazine to begin with and he wondered if he should just let Aomine think what he wanted instead of having to admit he was jealous of some hot girl in a dumb magazine.

“…looking at my porn stash,” Aomine finished, the smirk widening as he swept his fingers along the edge of his jaw in mock contemplation. “If you wanted porn, you could’ve just said so.”

Before he knew what he was doing, Kise had jumped up and practically tackled Aomine to the floor, his face pressed against the ace’s neck as he tried to keep himself from crying out of relief or humiliation; he wasn’t sure anymore. “Only you would keep love letters in your dirty magazines! Baka, baka Aominecchi!”

“The two loves of my life all in one place. What can I say? Heh.”

“Gah! Idiot!” Kise trilled before planting one right on Aomine’s mouth to shut him up.