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What's happening with Jin stans running out of patience? What's happened to make them feel that way? (Although I totally agree)

in the new interview there was mentioned line distribution and it was all excuses again, some shit abt jin’s voice color  "not matching" their songs and it caused some of us to get mad and then it kinda exploded bc we were reminded of all the times people were telling us that everything’s fine and that we’re overreacting 
just a typical day in jin stans neighbourhood 

One Night to Confess

Summary: When people get drunk, bad things usually happens. Well, not for everyone, but for you, yes. It was the first time you drank that much and bad luck made sure that at the same evening the person you loved called you. And unfortunately you told him things so embarrassing you want to disappear. Like confessing your love to him on the phone.

Requested? Yes, by anon

Pairing: Reader x Derek Hale

Word count: 1861

A/N: Okay I was a bit tired when I started writing this imagine so I’m not really sure about it, but I hope y’all like it! (the gif isn’t mine, credit to owner)

It should’ve been just a normal evening. A calm evening with a few friends that mysteriously turned into a party where the whole city seemed to be invited. So obviously alcohol made its way somehow to the house. Everywhere around you there were now people of your age having fun, dancing and drinking. And you? You were looking at them, uncertain. Everyone seemed to have fun and you wanted to try. You never really drink alcohol, not that you didn’t like the taste, but you had never felt the need to drink much. So you never got drunk.

And you had no idea what the effects of alcohol could have on you.

“Y / N!” Your best friend came behind you, making you jump. You were very focused on your glass of beer that remained untouched. You still hesitated to let yourself go.

“Hey,” you greeted her without leaving the amber liquid as the party went on without you in the house.

“You’re not drinking?” She asked you, taking a drink for herself and hopping to the rhythm of the music, inviting you to do the same.

“I don’t know …” You told her before confessing that you never got drunk and that you were a little scared.

“Y / N. "Your friend told you seriously before drinking her whole glass, grinning and looking at you. "How can you never have drink? Go! Enjoy it, it’s party! ”

You smiled at her and she gave you a friendly pat on the shoulder to encourage letting yourself go. You looked one last time around you and saw them again, teenagers who seemed to have so much fun. So you made your decision.

You wanted to have fun like them.

You drank your whole glass under the victorious cries of your best friend, proud of you.

One, two, three, four, you lost the count, but damn it was good. You didn’t understand what held you back all this time, it was like you had no worries, you could do everything. Like you were invincible and everyone was at your mercy.

After a while, a little tired of dancing and feeling kinda hot, you decided to go take some air. You hadn’t had so much fun for a long time, it felt so good to let go!

You had just come out in the fresh air when your phone rang. You glanced on the touchscreen to see who could call you so late at night … or was it the morning? Your phone also indicated the time, but stuffed as you were, you couldn’t see what numbers were displayed because everything was tangled. And you took at least a minute to decipher the name of the person who was calling you.

Usually, you would have been excited if he called you. Your heart would have beaten so hard and for a second, you would have blushed. The person who called you at that particular time was the person you were in love with. So in love and so incapable of confessing to him. But alcohol came to your head and it was late, or very early. That’s why, despite the danger of saying things that you would forget or regret the next day, you answered Derek.

“Heyyyy Derek!” You saluted him, staggering on the street in front of the house where the party took place.

"Y / N? Everything’s fine?” His grave, hoarse voice said in the hollow of your ear and you imagined him for a moment whispering softly words … or exciting ones. You laughed for no reason, raising the doubts Derek already had.

"Y / N you’re drunk?”

“Nooooooooooooo, I don’t see what you’re talking about, Der, me, drunk? Pffff, you know me better than that,” you added as you sat on the sidewalk feeling the world turn around you. “Hey Derek you know what. ”

Your mouth was pasty and you had trouble talking, but you weren’t going to stop. Your filter was gone, burying under the numbing effects of alcohol.

“When the sun rises on Beahon Cills …. Beacon Hills … it’s … as beautiful as your smile because … because you rarely smile like the sun rarely radiates but as soon as you smile I can tell you that my heart shine!” You tell him, proud of your blow.


"You don’t know what to say uh!”

“Y / N, you’re drunk, I’ll call you back later,” he started but you didn’t let him finish.

“Wait, Der … Derek! I have to tell you uhm something imtorpant … important! ”

You heard him sigh at the other end of the line.

“ I’m in love with you! ”

And it was only on the next morning that you realized what you had done.

“Oh shit …” You mumbled with your pillow against your face in an attempt to stop the world from turning. You’re head hurt so much, it was horrible, as if someone was hammering on your head and every blow sounded and gave you migraine even more.

But the worst wasn’t nausea or your head about to explode. It was all you said to Derek on the phone and you remembered that too well. You had loudly declared your love for Derek Hale, using your poetess talents, singing how beautiful his beauty was, even more beautiful than the sun itself and how successful he was in making you happy with almost nothing. That your friendship was the most perfect thing for you and that the love you held for him was, in your opinion, as indestructible and magnificent as a rough diamond.

And the worst?

The worst thing was that he rejected you. Again and again. Until you were too tired and hang up to get home by taxi.

Shame and sorrow lived in you. You told him. Confess everything. And now he knew, he had rejected you and he would laugh at you or worse, he would tell the whole pack your pitiful speech.

You would’ve liked to disappear in your mattress and never leave this hiding place again. But you had to leave your room one day. You glanced from under your pillow to catch your cell phone and grunted under the sudden light.

It was past noon, but it wasn’t what marked you. It was rather the notifications of missed text messages and calls. The name of the person was written on a white painful light that in this situation was very dark.

Derek Hale.

You put your pillow back and shouted all your embarrassment in it. The day was going to wait.

You did your best to avoid him. As soon as you knew he was around or somewhere near, you would immediately go in the opposite direction. Your friends and the pack found your behavior strange and even worried about you. You had become almost paranoid, seeing Derek everywhere and imagining a discussion with him after everything you had said. And that thought alone managed to put you in a bad state, embarrassed enough to want to bury you alive. You ignored all his messages and his calls.

And obviously, the inevitable happened.

Derek stuck you a few days later after classes, gym class to be precise. Your best friend, that traitor, knew your feelings about Derek and planned everything with him. After gym class, while you were in the shower, she pricked your clothes. So of course you waited until the locker rooms were empty to take out a towel and look for your clothes that your friend had put in your locker. And it’s by going back into the showers and grumbling that your vengeance was going to be terrible that you finally put your clothes on. But what you didn’t expect, on the other hand, is the muscular silhouette that awaited you and that blocked the only exit. You didn’t need to look at him twice to recognize him, only a glance was enough to know it was him. His build, his way of standing with his arms crossed. And you had nowhere to fly, no excuse to give him without looking suspicious of something.

You were trapped. Your friend was really going to pay for it!

“Y / N,” Derek began walking toward you and your heart began to pound as the red rose to your cheeks when you heard your first name pronounced by his mouth. The embarrassment was read all over your face like an open book. “We need to talk about the other night. ”

“What night?” You avoided his question by feigning ignorance, while slowly retreating.

“The one I called you and you were drunk.” He added with that serious look of him.

"Ah? I don’t remember any call,” you lied. “Besides, I don’t remember anything about that night,” you added, pointing your head with a nervous smile. You stepped back as he walked toward you. And you knew that soon the wall was going to stop you from escaping.

Suddenly, Derek stopped moving forward and leaned his head to one side, a slight smile on the corner of his lips.

“When the sun rises on Beacon Hills,” He began with a slight smile. "It’s as beautiful as your smile because …” He went on. “Because you rarely smile like the sun rarely radiates but as soon as you smile I can tell you that my heart shines.” He finished before regaining his seriousness and raising his eyebrows. "You don’t remember that?”

The tears invaded your eyes without being able to hold them back. Of course you remembered it, you didn’t avoid him for nothing! But him doing all that, organize that plan to get yourself in the locker room only to make fun of you, it was too much.

You were already embarrassed. Now you were really hurt.

“I hate you …” You muttered as you picked up your gym bag and headed for the exit, but Derek blocked you.

“Derek let me go,” you say calmly, trying as much as possible to hold back the sob of shame that rose in your throat.

“I’m in love with you,” was all he said and stayed where he was. A true marble statue. He was still laughing at you about what you said to him on the phone, you knew it.

“Stop …” You tell him trying to pass by him, but he held you back by putting his hands on your shoulders.

“No, you don’t understand,” Derek said. “I’m in love with you too. ”

You looked up at him without understanding, his face so close to yours.

“But you rejected me …”

“You were drunk, Y / N. I wasn’t going to confess my feelings and wondering if you would remember the next day. ”

This time it wasn’t tears of sadness and shame that invaded your eyes but rather relief. Your eyes remained magnetized for long seconds before your mouths came toward each other for a sweet chaste kiss.

“So it’s true that my smile is …” Derek started, smiling.

“Shhh …” You laughed, giving him a friendly tap on his chest before hugging him.

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How would the RFA members +V + Saeran feel about having a large-chested (F cup and above) MC?

Wow this slightly mediocre work was disappointing my writing is faltering but: Always remember you don’t have to have a large chest to be sexy and for those who do, you don’t have to feel concious about it, you’re sexy whatever size you are in! Also I tried my best not to make them sexualize breasts too much because nope. Everything they do in this headcanon is with consent slightly NSFW


  • When he first saw you at the RFA party he totally was not staring at your boobs he was
  • Trust me he tries really hard to avert his eyes but he just thinks you’re so beautiful
  • When he asks for a dance and and she’s got her boobs pressed up against him he can’t help but blush a bit
  • MC notices though and asks yoosung about it one day
  • “Hey Yoosung you’ve been staring an awful lot at my breast eh?”
  • He was as red as a tomato and his steps faltered
  • “I- I uh I didn’t mean to! Trust me I swear I-I don’t want you to think I have disgusting intentions or something”
  • “Yoosung you’re my boyfriend, it’s totally fine I mean do you want to feel them?”
  • His nose started to bleed as he stared at her in shock 
  • “M-maybe next time”
  • MC was laughing her ass off though 
  • When the initial shock died down and Yoosung was feeling extra bold, he cupped them and gave a little squeeze
  • MC shrieked and Yoosung got on the floor to apologize
  • “Y-yoosung! it’s okay I mean I did offer you to feel them I was just… surprised”


  • Oh he is into it
  • To be honest you can be any cup and he’d love you regardless 
  • He didn’t notice it obviously the first time he met her when they were under attack
  • But when they got home and Zen was making her some tea did he realize
  • She has F cup breast??
  • Oh my god
  • He would feel a little jumpy around her because she’s just that alluring but he obviously won’t do something she doesn’t want to do 
  • Whilst they were sipping their teas he would suddenly snicker
  • “What’s so funny?” 
  • MC asked
  • “Oh nothing it’s just echo girl and her D cup boobs are nothing compared to my girl”
  • They both choked on their drink as he said that
  • His body felt hot and he wanted the ground to swallow him right then and there
  • But MC started laughing and scooted closer to him, staring at him dead in the eye
  • “You wanna touch them?”
  • Zen gripped her waist and propped her to sit on his lap, an emotion starting to rise in the pit of his stomach
  • “Don’t mind if I do”


  • Jumin doesn’t really have a specific preference for appearance so he nearly doesn’t mind MC’s breasts at all
  • One time she asked Jumin to make her custom gowns that revealed her bust as she modeled them to him
  • But his eyes didn’t really travel far south where she wanted him too
  • What can you say? MC’s damn proud of her boobs and she wants Jumin to notice them
  • But when one particular night Jumin was stressed out from work
  • He plopped down straight to bed and draped an arm around MC, holding her close
  • He felt the warmth of her body as he laid his head softly on her chest
  • It felt really good to him and MC swears he was purring
  • It was that time that Jumin started to notice it more
  • During sex he would pay more attention to it
  • He finds it very sexy and wasted no time complimenting them every now and then
  • He knew what MC’s signals were, and that for the past few weeks she’s been trying to get him notice them
  • And boy was he late


  • Being a large chested woman herself she totally understands
  • She finds it really sexy but pays more attention to te care
  • She knew how hard it was finding bras that size and helps her out with it
  • Helps her pick the colors of MC’s underwear tbh
  • When MC’s back was feeling a little sore because of the heavy load up front
  • Jaehee is ready with a massage
  • If it ever happens to her too MC’s ready aswell
  • They’d bond over boobs
  • And when they get intimate it’s their bust they roam their hands on


  • Seven saw you in the CCTV
  • He knows
  • He just wasn’t expecting how it would be when he actually saw personally
  • He was quite flustered to be honest
  • He’ll be stuck alone with this woman in this small apartment?
  • He’s starting to get really hot
  • But with all the hacking job he’s doing it’s quite easy to forget about MC
  • wrong
  • MC is all over him
  • He would play with his hair and would compliment his clothes
  • And when she’s looking at what he’s doing over his shoulder  
  • She’s pressed up against him and he could feel e v e r y t h i n g
  • Seven had to move to a farther corner so he wouldn’t be distracted
  • One of MC’s pajamas were a tank top and when he saw this, he stopped functioning for a moment
  • “P-Put some clothes on godammit!”
  • “What are you saying I do have some clothes on”
  • He flung his jacket straight at her face


  • V this poor cinnamon bun is blind af he’d never know visually
  • It was actually embarassing how he learned
  • He was with his walking stick and was feeling around with his hand when it landed on something warm
  • He was actually pretty confused
  • Until he heard MC yelp and heard her back away
  • “Oh! I’m sorry did I accidentally touch your bum? I am very very sorry”
  • MC was giggling and grabbed his hand guiding her towards the couch
  • “No V that wasn’t my ass”
  • “It wasn’t? What else can be so… big”
  • MC was cackling at this point
  • “You haven’t seen or felt large chested women, V?”
  • “Well I guess I have now”
  • He was calm saying this but deep down he wanted to get out of the room as fasr as he can
  • He felt so embarassed and MC knew this because of the light pink dusted across his cheeks


  • Hell yeah his girl has the sexiest bunch
  • He’d be so into it 
  • Whenever she comes to visit he would be all up on her
  • He just finds her so attractive
  • With permission, it’s been sort of a tradition that he’d just casually place his hands on it while cuddling
  • MC didn’t mind, it felt relaxing
  • But everytime Saeran did that it’d put him on the edge
  • He’s so rough with her when they’re making love
  • He’d mark her all over the chest area claiming her as his

Once the working day began, the King’s time was not his own, and George’s diligent attention to business meant that hours left unoccupied to spend with Charlotte were limited. But when free to choose he demonstrated unequivocally that what he really wanted was to be left alone with his wife. His fine home, renovated at huge expense, was contented domestic retirement. There seems little doubt that the King’s feelings for the woman at the centre of his meticulously created world were deep and genuine. When George fell ill in 1762, it was suggested that he leave London to improve his health. He told Bute bluntly this was impossible unless Charlotte accompanied him: ‘Nothing in this world could make me go without her.’ His love for his wife was as strong a feeling as any he had ever experienced. ‘I know,’ he confided in Bute, ‘that the loss of her I have now would break my heart.’

A Royal Experiment: The Private Life of King George III - Janice Hadlow

AN Here’s that Damon Salvatore imagine that an anonymous person requested, thank you for requesting something and I hope you like this!

Summary: Reader is sick, and too stubborn to admit it, and won’t take a few days off. Eventually, she passes out from exhaustion and Damon is there to take care of her.

Warnings: passing out, light cussing

Damon Salvatore

A sneeze escaped your nose for what seemed like the thousandth time that day, as you walked throughout the halls of the hospital you worked at. You couldn’t take a sick day off, you needed the money. Anyway, it was probably just allergies.

You’d be fine, at least that’s what you told yourself. Your coworkers, however, thought otherwise.

“Y/N, if you’re not feeling well you should head home. One day off won’t hurt you.” One of the nurses said. You shook your head with a sniffle,“I’m fine. It’s just allergies.”

She sighed,“I really doubt it. The flu is going around, you may have it.”

“I don’t,” you told her. One of the other ones huffed,“Fine, but don’t get us sick. No one wants your nasty germs, we see enough of them as it is.”

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what are your fave slow burn fics ?

hi anon! here they are:

All my days (I’ll know your face) by inkingbrushes
Something about Yoongi has Hoseok feeling like he’s fine, like he’s going to be okay. It might be nostalgia. Or it might be that he just feels at home with Yoongi.
(Or, the one where Hoseok proposes in public and Yoongi blurts out, are you out of your fucking mind?)

‣ The Sweetest Devotion (Hit Me Like An Explosion) by inkingbrushes
Yoongi supposes that throwing up on someone isn’t a very attractive way of making a first impression.
(Or: Yoongi is an uninspired producer and Hoseok, well, Hoseok is something between a dream and a miracle.)

‣ Oops, Sorry by VeryGhost
Min Yoongi was peacefully playing the piano when he gets a text from a stranger.

‣ and the thrill of the chase (moves in mysterious ways) by inkingbrushes
Yoongi is in a gang and Hoseok is a nurse, they fall in love, or something like that.
(For the prompt: Gangster AU where Yoongi is a high ranking member of a mafia and Hoseok is his regular civilian boyfriend he’s super protective over.)

‣ i have five senses (and they’re all for you to use) by taberune
“go to sleep,” yoongi says, and the walls between their rooms disappear.“i can’t.”
“i know you can’t, asshole. i can hear you thinking about the universe.”
– it’s hard to keep secrets when your mind is linked with six others and yoongi swears he’ll die before he lets the world know that he’s in love with hoseok.

sorry this was so late! but these are the ones i have for now!

- admin may

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I wanna cry so hard ;-; mx got 2nd place but :( i want them to get 1st so badly!! I even voted using 50 accs BUT WHY!!!! ;-; omg i feel so useless...DX GIVE MONSTA X THEIR LONG OVERDUE 1ST WIN!!!

noooo don’t feel like that.. this is not the end of the world your efforts  means so much for mx and we just have to be positive about it and  the time will come for mx one day like come on we reached 1M views on shine forever one day we are growing day by day anon it will all be fine one day okay?

Yooran Week Extended Day 2 prompt

And here is #2! It’s a short fluff….this is the follow up for the Video Game prompt from @yooranweek

“Saeran, I’m fine!” Yoosung said for the millionth time. But Saeran insisted on taking care of Yoosung as if he was sick. If anything, he felt exhilarated. But he let himself be babied because it was making Saeran feel better. Yoosung sighed and leaned against the pillows against the headboard.

“Nonsense! After what you just went through? Just, stay still ok? I’ll get dinner and be right back.”

As soon as Yoosung heard the door close to his apartment, he threw the blanket off Saeran had wrapped around him and ran to his laptop. He logged into the guild chat, setting his headphones on.

“You guys won’t believe what just happened to me!” he screamed into the mic.



“What’s going on?”

“What did he say?”

“Just shut up and listen! I got sucked into the game! I was playing for real! I smashed monsters and my friends helped me beat a dungeon boss and I was able to get back! It was incredible! But also scary. I mean, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to get back. And I think I asked Saeran to move in with me. That was unexpected, but it’s kind of a blur, my adrenaline was going and I was just so scared I wouldn’t be able to get back!” he fell silent and after several seconds, he was inundated with a round of laughter.

“Good one Yoosung.”

“Man, you really had us going!”

“Sure sure, as if Saeran would move in with you!”

“That’s what you find unbelievable in this?”

“I agree, Saeran’s pretty fucking hot! I never understood what he saw in Yoosung, he could have another super hot guy!”

“Hey!” Yoosung interjected. That had really stung. “You guys suck!”

“Sorry Yoosung, but, I mean, you’re you and he’s….HOT!”

“Screw you!” Yoosung yelled and threw his headset down, logging off the chat. Tears sprang into his eyes. He knew that his guildmates thought Saeran was super attractive, especially when he was in his edgy look. He suddenly regretted posting any pictures of Saeran, but he was so proud of his boyfriend, of actually having a boyfriend, that he wanted to show him off. He had needed to prod Saeran to let him take some pictures and usually Saeran looked uncomfortable, which just made him look sexier.

“What are you doing?” Saeran set the bag he was carrying on Yoosung’s dresser and went over, slamming the laptop closed. “Where you playing LOLOL again?” Saeran sounded horrified.

“No!, no, no, no!” Yoosung stood and held up his hands. Saeran looked like he was about to breath fire. “You…you’re back really fast!” Yoosung stuttered. He stumbled back to the bed and scooted into the blanket, holding it up to his chin, grinning at Saeran and batting his eyes.

Saeran was not having it.

“Then what were you doing?” he was slightly less angry, but only slightly.

Yoosung pushed the blanket down around his waist and shrugged. “I wanted to tell my guild what happened, but, they didn’t believe me.” He admitted.

Saeran sighed, grabbing the bag and sitting at Yoosung’s side. He caressed Yoosung’s cheek. “I’m sorry babe, but, can you blame them? Don’t let it get you down! We know the truth.” He smiled and kissed Yoosung’s nose. “I didn’t want to be gone too long, so I just went into the convenience store. It’s not much, but, here.” He handed Yoosung a prepackaged meal that looked less than appetizing. Yoosung took it, a frown on his face.

“I know it doesn’t look so good, but, I didn’t want to be away from you for too long! After all, I promised not to let you go, didn’t I?” Saeran grinned, running his hand up and down Yoosung’s arm.

“Oh, no, it’s not that.”

“Then what is it? Are you tired? Would you rather sleep?” Saeran asked, concern written all over his face.

Yoosung put aside the meal and wrapped his arms around Saeran’s shoulders, smelling his scent, thankful to be in his arms once more.

“Hey, what is it Yoosung? What’s wrong?” Saeran pushed him away and gazed into his pained amethyst eyes.

“It’s stupid!” Yoosung croaked out, the tears finally falling slowly and silently.

“If it hurts you like this, it isn’t stupid! Tell me!” Saeran wiped Yoosung’s tears and cupped his face.

“They…I…I might have blurted out that I asked you to move in and…” Yoosung sniffed, trying to catch his breath, he didn’t want to look at Saeran, but he hadn’t let his face go so he continued. “They said you would never move in with me because you deserved better, deserved someone hot, like you. Or, something like that anyway.” He wiped his eyes with his arm and tried to stop his tears, but that had really hurt.

“Those motherfuckers! Why are they your friends? Who the hell do they think they are? They don’t know me! Fuck them! Fuck them all! Hot? The only reason they don’t think you’re hot is because they’ve never seen you naked! All they see is that cute, sweet, innocent face and think that you’re just like them! You’re hot babe! You’re hotter than me! You can go outside right now and find a dozen guys like me! But you won’t ever find another Yoosung!”
Yoousng’s body heated up at Saeran’s tirade. He rushed at Saeran and kissed him, locking their lips together, tasting the sweetness of his tongue. He was right, fuck them, they didn’t know anything about their relationship. Saeran was his, and he was Saeran’s, it didn’t matter what anyone thought about them. He loved his edge lord boyfriend and he always made Yoosung feel desired, wanted, needed!

Saeran pulled Yoosung down the bed and climbed on top of him, pushing the convenience store food out of the way. How could anyone think this man was not hot and sexy? Saeran could never keep his hands off the blonde, his fingers itching to touch him constantly. And those eyes! He would die happy if the last thing he ever saw was those eyes!

Yoosung’s doorbell rang and they separated with a wet plop of their lips, staring at each other. It rang again and again. Saeran rolled his eyes and climbed off Yoosung. They walked together into the small living room, Saeran opening the door. Saeyoung and MC rushed in and practically tackled Yoosung. Saeyoung had pressed a paper bag into Saeran’s belly and he had to grab it or it would have fallen to the floor. He closed the door and began to take out the food they had brought over. Well, at least they wouldn’t have to eat the crap he had gotten. They couldn’t stop touching Yoosung and they exchanged a glance. Yoosung looked dazed, but happy. Besides, Saeran wasn’t going anywhere now. Yoosung had asked him to move in and he was going to start tonight. He smiled at his boyfriend, thankful for all the happiness he had brought into his life.

If Elias Wrote Sonnets

aka Erehe trying to be #kul for Creative Writing class

I would write a poem for you to know
But words’ll fail, like they always did
I would write a poem, even so
Baring emotions I always hid
For reason’s thrown out the window and
I am filled with devastating hope
You overwhelm me, you drown me, yet
You help me breathe, you help me cope
Love’s an emotion I’ve put under guard
Only hate let me survive so far
But you whose hands hold my heart
Let me love more than restrictions could par
I know one day this feeling will kill me
But I’ll be fine as long as I love thee

6.28.17 // Wednesday

• I am so oblivious to the passage of time I literally almost wrote that today was Monday
• anyways so I ordered a cushion foundation today and I hope that it’s the right shade for me
• rly I just wanted to make this post to say that I am craving chocolate chip pancakes So Badly but I rly gotta reign it in bc I need to get back to my focused pre ramadan self
• I literally stayed the same weight all ramadan which I guess is fine I wasnt trying v hard to lose it but I wasnt working out as hard and I feel like my body isn’t as in shape as I had gotten it but that also might just be me being in my head too much
• anyways idk why I typed this out but I hope yall are having a beautiful day and I hope that you find the balance and energy to help you get to where you want to be 💘

Today was my first truly good day in a little over a month. It almost feels strange. I’m simultaneously wondering how I can feel like this and how I could not feel like this.

I couldn’t tell you what the contributing factor was. Why today of all days I woke up fine, went about my day fine, and am winding down fine. Maybe because the meds are finally kicking in. Maybe because a friend was defending her Qualifying Exam and needed support. Maybe because I’m slowly breaking the cycle. Maybe because I’m being very gentle with myself. Maybe because if you do everything on the list of things to manage depression all at once, they finally start to work. Or maybe this was the natural course of things.

I’m allowing myself to experience it fully but cautiously. It is tempting to think “Oh, I’m better now, I guess I need to start doing everything all at once right now.” But I’m being careful. There’s a lot of moving parts, and I can’t assume it’s stable enough to withstand a total shift back to normal life. I don’t want to throw anything out of whack. So I’m not working any more than I was. I’m still putting of high stress/multiple-step tasks. I’m still eating protein bars and heating up my meals.

It’s only one good day, and I could lose it tomorrow. But it’s still one good day.

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not a headcanon! but!! do you have any advice for aspiring jojo headcanon blogs? :')

Of course! But be warned I honestly knew nothing about running a jojo headcannon blog when I started so have some personal tips.

-Please please please, do not let yourself drown in requests. If you feel a lot of pressure coming from a full askbox, please close your askbox and finish before you feel overwhelmed. It’s really important not to let that happen cause I remember one time I got over 20 asks and was like “hahah fuuuuck”. So if you want you can make a limit of how many you can handle.

-Go at your own pace, I know no one likes a rushed request cause there’s a lot of typos and sometimes a couple sentences don’t make sense. So if you feel like you want to post once every day or two that’s fine. If you feel like posting three things at once that’s fine too! It’s okay as long as you’re not burning yourself out yo.

-Usually when I write requests I take a break everytime I feel like I run out of ideas about the character. I’d draw or watch some videos. Helps me recharge and when I come back I feel like I’ve got more ideas.

-If you can’t think of something for the request. I like putting myself in their shoes and think like them. Most of the time I get a little bit of an idea of how I can word it out.

-Don’t feel obligated to do every single request. I get the same requests all the time so if you already did something to what they asked, just link them to it. Also if you get requests for something you’re not comfortable just be upfront. Don’t feel bad for saying no to something that you don’t like.

-Dont forget that this is for fun and that you really shouldn’t force yourself to write if you’re disinterested in it. If you find a new fandom you like maybe you can make it a multi fandom blog

-also when you do make it please tell me your blog I’d love to check it out.

Come on cry with me cause I can’t be crying all on my own  that’s sad

Love potions but like nothing happens

♡Don’t imagine Keith or Lance accidentally drinking a love portion
♡They don’t know it’s a love potion just a tasty drink
♡Shiro rushes over to tell them but is stopped by the fact that neither of them are really reacting? ??
♡they look to be fine? Pidge what the heck u said they both just took a super strong love potion that would have them heads-over-heals for each other????
♡they. .. did ??? They should be smitten as kittens right now? ??
♡they decide to step back and just watch the two for side effect
♡they wouldn’t let their teammates suffer under the lack of control of a love potion but… if it was a dud or something???
♡then no need to worry them right?
♡so the days go on and. ..
♡the Red and Blue paladins argue, bicker, make fun, and spar with eachother as they do everyday
♡pidge and Hunk keep a close eye on them tho
♡"so like??? Did the potion not work???“
♡"or maybe they already???”
♡"they already like eachoth–!“ Pidge has to practically climb Hunk to throw a hand over his mouth so Lance and Keith don’t hear him
♡this was in fact not needed as it seemed the Red and Blue paladins where completely 100% focused
♡on eachother
♡the day comes to an end along with the timer pidge set for how long the potion would last and…
♡nothing changed
♡and nothing happened

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aaaaaa I love your art so much! And I hope Bokuto is no longer upset about being called a kouhai ;__; please give him a big cuddle!

cuddles received, happiness achieved