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I don’t know why but it seems people can’t be impresen by the new gen? Are they so used to God-like power that they can’t acknowledge these kids’ strength? They can’t accept a character ’s flaws either. This applies to most of the kids, but I want to talk about Boruto here.

Some assume that Boruto cheating takes away his “prodigy” statut. Let me remind you that he has no kekkei genkai, no bijuu, no huge chakra reserve and yet:

  • Boruto knows Junken even tho he doesn’t have Byakugan
  • He can make shadow clones. While Naruto was able to spam it, it’s still a B-rank technique developed by Tobirama. Boruto managed to learn it while he still was an academy student.
  • He learned rasengan in less than 3 days it seems + unconsciously added nature type to it wich resulted to his invisible rasengan. Something that Kakashi and Minato were not able to do and took days (weeks??) for Naruto to learn… at the age of 15/16, with the help of all this clones while Boruto’s maximun is 3. 
  • Lets not forget Boruto throws this rasengan, which naruto was able to do only after he learned sage mode
  • He’s said to have the skill of a chuunin or even jounin [x]
  • Also learned Itachi’s shuriken technique

See? Cheating doesn’t took away his achievement. He just lack confidence but still try to act tough. He lives in his father shadow and has to live up to people expectations.

His achievements are not acknowledged because “he’s the 7th son after all”. And he’s always reminded that he’s the Hokage’son, though the latter does not seem to pay attention to him. He desperately wants his father acknowledgement and always compare himself to naruto.

PS: What did Boruto do with the device? Well, a raiton+suiton combinaison against a team including twins. They also knew shadow clones so it was a 9 VS 3 (boruto clones) combat

Multiple Shadow Clone Technique meaning he had more than 3 clones (his max)

And that all we know for the moment. Notice Boruto used it as a last resort