this will always be my favorite segment in the whole movie

Until Dawn Directors Commentary Recap for those who missed it

There was a “directors commentary” stream with a couple of the developers of Until dawn today (Tom Heaton and Jez Harris.) If you missed it, you can watch the vod here, but if you can’t be arsed to do that here’s the run down:

( disclaimer: these are paraphrased, not direct quotes. )

  • all people in the user tests killed the deer in the matt and em scene, so that’s why they added the bird scene in the first chapter that tells you ‘sometimes doing nothing is the best option.”
  • at one time, the final scene involved a big tractor chase with a wendigo riding on the bonnet/hood
  • they don’t know if the matt and em preorder dlc will ever be released. That’s a question for sony.
  • Dr. Hill was definitely a real person, but the Dr. Hill we see in game is all in Josh’s imagination
  • Until dawn will always be a playstation exclusive
  • The wolverine scare in chapter 2 was very nearly cut out. it took a long time to get right.
  • why arent the characters british? because its set in canada, and because that sort of horror movie has american characters. had to be true to the genre. it would be a completely different game if they were british characters
  • The prologue was initially intended to be a nonplayable cutscene
  • They ship chris and ashley, they think climbing class is cool, and tom’s favorite ship is sam/hannah
  • Tom’s favorite character is Emily (fave quote is “understand the palm of my hand bitch”), Jez’s favorite character is ashley, (fav quote “go suck an egg”)
  • The piece of wood that hits Chris in the basement WAS in fact josh’s handiwork. Josh didn’t like Ashley being dismissive about the the prank
  • There were aparently some interesting stories about peter stormare having to rush through a lot of lines, and he was only wearing a vest? (I really want to know what that means)
  • no plans for dlc
  • wendigos were all hand animated, no mocap
  • the “previously on unil dawn* segments were added when testing showed players were confused about the story, but they also thought it fit well with the genre
  • you can see the actual map of the game (maya file) in the psychos workshop as sam
  • part of the mythology of wendigos is that they keep growing and their limbs elongate. hannah has been around for a year and was well fed so shes quite large
  • they called wendigo!hannah “Handigo” in production
  • Handigo threw the cell phone through the cabin window
  • Handigo was the wendigo that attacked Matt in the mines
  • The stranger is named Jack, and he was the one who set the bear trap
  • At one time Ashley was going to be a drug addict but they got rid of that very early in development
  • Ashley asking Chris to shoot her and then later killing Chris for doing it was a very intentional decision by the developers, not an oversight. The reasoning was that she had been through a lot of shit that night and she’s unpredictable. Ashley intentionally kills chris too, it wasn’t just shock. (full transcript of this conversation can be found here)

Bolded the ones I thought were coolest, or the ones I’ve seen a lot of people debating about.

There’s more in the stream if you feel like watching it, these were just the big confirmations, reveals and behind the scenes info. Jez was dressed as towel!Sam the whole time, which is reason enough to go watch it.

Where are all the klance long distance aus?

  • Lance and Keith meeting online/ meeting in person but moving for school/military/ you choose
  • Lance spams Keith with memes, random texts and selfies throughout the day, Keith replies to them all. They don’t realize it but they are almost always having a conversation, even if it’s in segments through out the whole day
  • Keith isn’t the best at insigating the conversation but doesn’t mean he’s not active in the relationship.
  • One time, Lance didn’t message Keith for the whole day (he was fine, just forgot to bring a charger to his mama’s house) and Keith was having serious Lance withdrawls, which he didn’t think he could have.
  • Their favorite thing to do is stream movies together, mute the sound, and try to voice the characters on their own.
  • They facetime each other during their walks to school
  • Once they get a date of when they get to see each other again, it’s an epic countdown.
  • They will help each other pack and make interaries to schedule their time perfectly
  • The interaries are often thrown to the side with the pure excitment of just being together
  • The first time they met in person, they hugged for a full four minutes, only seperating for a moment to stare at each other’s face wondering if this was really real
  • Keith made the first move to kiss Lance, distance makes impulse control nearly impossible. Keith is always half-ready to catch the nearest plane whenever Lance is upset.
  • You better know that when they are together, they are gonna PD the fuck out that A. Nothing illegal of course, but Keith’s hand is always tangled in Lance’s, pressing firm kisses on his fingers while Lance keeps on arm around his boyfriend’s shoulders, taking pauses out of talking to kiss his hair.
  • Also everyone around them can confirm that they are the Cutest Couple Ever

fun bonus in the form of angst

  • Leaving is always hard
  • Always a lot of tears and wet kisses. Exhanges of “i love you” and “ill see you soon”
  • That moment when one of them has to physically pull away to catch the bus or plane is horribly heart wretching
  • The sudden realization that your favorite person in the world in back in a screen in your pocket hurts
  • Lance is always very optimistic, tries to keep a smile until the last minute
  • Keith is very quiet the whole way until it’s time for them to part. Lance will start tearing up at the goodbye and Keith will just break
  • It always takes Keith like a punch to the gut, he’ll hole himself up in his room the day after he gets back/Lance leaves
  • Lance tries to hop right back in the swing of things but doesn’t smile the same for the first few days when his heart can’t take it anymore
  • Soon, they begin to get back to normal, until the next time they get to meet, then it repeats
Michael Jackson's Prosecution

“Ten years ago tomorrow a jury in Santa Maria, California acquitted mega pop star Michael Jackson of child molestation and conspiracy. Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon charged Michael with molesting Garvin Arvizo and then kidnapping Gavin’s family– his mother, brother, and sister. Attorney Thomas Mesereau mounted a brilliant defense and Michael, after four months, was acquitted.

But the damage was done. Michael had sat through weeks and weeks of crazy testimony and accusations. His entire life was laid open– his finances, his personal peccadilloes, relationships with every single person he ever knew, descriptions of his body parts. His mother and sometimes his father, or a sibling, sat in the row behind him. They heard it all. Everything was on the record for his child one day to read.

By the time the jury reached their verdict, Jackson was destroyed. There was no jubilant celebration. He was done. He took his kids and left California. Mesereau advised him, “Leave here now.” Why? He knew, as did I, and every reasonable person who’d watched this circus since Jackson’s arrest in November 2003, that Sneddon had it in for him. Sneddon was not going to stop until he somehow put Michael Jackson in jail. If Michael stayed at Neverland, in Santa Barbara County, he would always be a target.

Sneddon’s vendetta against Jackson reached back a decade, to when Michael agreed to a financial settlement with the family of another boy, Jordan Chandler. It was the worst decision that Michael ever made. It created an aura around him of a pedophile, one that he couldn’t shake. It made him a target for more extortion. It turned him into a real drug addict who couldn’t always make other, clear decisions. Eventually, it would kill him.

What was the upside of the Chandler settlement? To the lawyers and advisers, it kept Michael out of jail and court in 1994. Sneddon couldn’t prosecute Michael without the Chandlers. Sneddon was defeated before he could make his case. Jackson, Sneddon felt, danced away. Instead of leaving it alone, Jackson mocked Sneddon publicly in song, taunted him. And Sneddon vowed revenge.

There are just a couple of things you need to know about that trial. Gavin Arvizo’s mother, proved in court to be a scammer and a schemer, was crazy. Sneddon found in her a perfect collaborator. She said and did whatever he wanted. It didn’t matter that her so called “kidnappers” had a full record of their time with her including receipts for spa treatments, movie dates, fast food restaurant meals and shopping safaris. When those guys — Frank Cascio and Vinnie Amen– came to me in 2004 with a huge metal briefcase filled with records of what had gone on, the first thing I remember saying to them was, “Are you sure the Arvizos didn’t kidnap you?”

I was joking, but that’s really what had happened. Gavin Arvizo had cancer. His mother, Janet, used the cancer as leverage to worm her way into Michael’s life. Michael Jackson was naive about one thing since his “We are the World” hit project– that he could save the world, and “save the children who are destined to die,” as Marvin Gaye once sang. Michael, after selling 100 million records, and being dubbed the “King of Pop,” saw himself as a savior. Saving Gavin was just part of his duties.

And that’s what blew him up. He allowed Martin Bashir to come to his house and make a documentary that showed Michael embracing the Arvizos. It was appalling. The worst part of Bashir’ heavily slanted film, called “Living with Michael Jackson,” was a segment in which Gavin– who Michael had brought to Neverland for the filming to show that he was a savior– talked about sleeping in Michael’s bed. When the documentary ran on ABC at the end of January 2003, this moment set off alarms. I wrote at the time that it was possible Michael would wind up in jail. The internet blew up.

Sneddon immediately sent his people to the Arvizos’ apartment in Los Angeles. They left his card under their door. And when Michael realized what had happened, he kicked the freeloading Arvizo’s out of Neverland. They had to return to their real life– no more spa treatments and gifts. And that’s when Sneddon found a conspirator in Janet Arvizo. The only thing was, he didn’t do due diligence. He was so excited to have someone who could help him realize his goal of putting Michael Jackson in jail, he never investigated Janet Arvizo’s background.

My favorite moment sitting in that Santa Maria courthouse? When Tom Mesereau got Janet Arvizo to testify she thought Michael Jackson was going to steal her children by taking them away in a hot air balloon. The courtroom howled. Judge Melville banged his gavel. It was the culmination of a devastating testimony skillfully delived by Mesereau. Everyone knew at that moment the jury was not going to buy Sneddon’s prosecution. Everyone, that is, except Sneddon.

There were good prosecutors on Sneddon’s team. Ron Zonen was and is respected. So is Gordon Auchincloss. They had some great dramatic moments in court. But they never questioned Sneddon’s motives. They followed him right off the bridge into the ocean.

The prosecutors were so out of touch with what was happening that on the eve of the verdict, they threw themselves a congratulatory party. In a public restaurant. A woman I knew stumbled upon them and called me immediately.

This is what I wrote on June 10, 2005:
The prosecutors in Michael Jackson’s child molestation and conspiracy trial apparently feel they’ve already won their case.

On Wednesday night [June 8], the whole lot of them — DA Tom Sneddon, Ron Zonen, Gordon Auchincloss, their wives and families — all celebrated at the Hitching Post restaurant in Casmalia.

The Hitching Post, cousin of the Buellton restaurant featured in the movie “Sideways,” is considered the best restaurant in the greater Santa Maria area.

Sneddon was so happy that he actually embraced celebrity crime reporter Aphrodite Jones. She told me he was in a jubilant mood, and the most outgoing of all the people on hand.

Said one observer, “This group was happy. There was definitely a celebratory mood.”

The prosecutor’s team was first spotted making merry at the bar, and then retreated to a private dining room behind the bar that has no door.

“They could be heard laughing and carrying on,” said a source.

Also present at what could only be termed a party were several of the police investigators involved in the case, including Sgts. Steve Robel and Jeff Klapakis.

By contrast, little has been seen around town of defense attorney Tom Mesereau, who’s kept a low profile since the jury began deliberations a week ago.

It was two weeks since the defense had rested. It would be five more days before the jury would come back with their stunning verdict that rebuked Sneddon’s entire case. But there they were, so full of hubris, certain that they’d prevailed.

In a way they had. Tom Sneddon essentially killed Michael Jackson. If Sneddon had really been objective and had investigated the Arvizo’s properly, the case would not have come to trial. But he turned it into a circus from day 1–staging a surprise raid of Neverland, conspiring with tabloid reporter Diane Dimond (whose entire career is built on her obsession with being Jackson’s snarling enemy)– to make it a big media splash. Nothing was done by the book. It was all done to ruin Michael Jackson and it worked.

The Arvizos– we’ve never heard from them again, not a peep (except for Diane Dimond’s report about his 2013 wedding where — unbelievably– at least one Michael Jackson was played by the deejay). Jordan Chandler? His father, after turning his son into a recluse and destroying Jackson’s reputation, committed suicide five months after Michael’s death at the hands of Dr. Conrad Murray. In 1996, a journalist named Mary Fisher wrote a seminal piece in GQ proving Evan Chandler and his ex-wife’s new husband had brainwashed Jordy into thinking he’d been molested. They got $20 million for their hard work. Thirteen years later Michael Jackson was dead.

The jury in the trial thought that once they’d acquitted Michael, the solid gold gates to Neverland would swing open and Jackson would thank each of them individually. They were so wrong. The gates snapped shut. Jackson was never seen again in the town of Los Olivos. Two weeks later he and his children were gone, kicking off four years of homelessness that would end in death. Neverland fell silent. Unlike with the prosecutors, there was no celebration of this bitter victory.”

TL;DR : The entire prosecution was just to destroy Michael Jackson’s image. The prosecution played a major role in his death. Please think before you make ignorant comments about the case.

Written by Roger Friedman
HBO War YouTuber Headcanons

(SO MUCH MORE under the cut)


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Epic Movie (Re)Watch #199 - The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: No.

Format: Blu-ray

1) According to IMDb:

New Line Cinema wanted Peter Jackson to start the film with a prologue done by Cate Blanchett, something that Jackson didn’t want to do. Ironically, a year earlier, New Line Cinema had been opposed to opening the first film with a prologue narrated by Blanchett, something, of which, Jackson was in favor.

2) Beginning this film by revisiting such an iconic moment from the first (The Bridge of Khazad Dum) and continuing to push said moment past where it ended in Fellowship helps to make the film unique. It won’t just be a retread of familiar material but instead something which continues to push the story forward as all the best sequels do. It also sets the bar high for all ensuing action, as this was one of the (if not the) best moments from the original.

3) This film really doubles down on deepening the relationships introduced in Fellowship, with the romance kinship between Sam and Frodo. It is their relationship which the audience invests in, it’s something personal we can attach to. Sure Frodo losing his life or soul to the ring would be awful, but seeing how it effects Sam just ups the pain.

Originally posted by tlotrgifs

4) Andy Serkis as Gollum.

Originally posted by coquillages-crustaces-et-moi

Holy shit, Andy Serkis as Gollum. Don’t let the fact that this is a CG role fool you, this is pretty much ALL Andy Serkis. Gollum’s facial features were based on his performance by the animator. All the physicality, all the vocals, the emotion, the heart, the character is Andy Serkis. He is so freaking otherworldly as the iconic character, blending completely into the role in a way only the best actors can. You don’t SEE Serkis in the part because he casts anything that is him aside to embrace the devious Gollum. And while I cannot possible undersell the importance and absolutely stellar work Serkis put into the part, a motion capture role is either limited or supported by the animators behind it. The character of Gollum is a perfect marriage between animation and performance, making you not doubt for one second that this is a real living character. Stealing pretty much every scene he’s in if not the entire film, Serkis should have been nominated for an Oscar because of his role in these films but wasn’t because it was motion capture. But this does not undermine the fact that Serkis by far gives the best performance in the entire trilogy.

5) The fact that the Fellowship was broken up in the last film allows for much more character development in this one. The heroes are not fitting for screen time or development in a scene with eight other characters. By separating them into the groups of Frodo and Sam; Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli; and Merry and Pippin, all the characters get more room to shine and be developed.

6) Karl Urban may not have a lot of room to shine but that doesn’t mean he’s not as good in this movie as he is in others. Urban is a wonderfully gifted character actor, able to blend into any role which comes his way and Éomer is no different. You don’t see Urban so much as you just see the character.

Originally posted by middleearthandjourneys

7) One of my favorite things in the entire trilogy really begins to take form in this film and that is the bromance between Legolas and Gimli.

Legolas [after Éomer threatens to cut off Gimli’s head, pointing an arrow at him]: “You would die before your stroke fell.”

8) There’s this wonderful scene in the movie where Aragorn and company are at the site of the orc fight (where Merry and Pippin last were). What makes it work is that we briefly got a glimpse of this moment earlier. The orcs began fighting attackers and it looked like Pippin was going to be crushed by a horse when it just cut away. But by flashing back to what really happened while Aragorn figures it out for himself does two things well. First of all, it follows the rule of show don’t tell. Secondly: it doesn’t waste the audience’s time by showing us what happened THEN having Aragorn realize it himself. By combining it the film’s pacing improves.

9) Treebeard.

Originally posted by akhaste

I really like Treebeard, he’s a wonderfully multifaceted character. He is able to be slow, paced, patient, but also has some deep anger sometimes. Voiced by John Rhys Davies (who also plays Gimli), the actor does a good job of making Treebeard sympathetic and interesting when (in lesser hands) he could’ve come off as boring. I dig it.

10) As with many parts of the trilogy, the Dead Marshes scene has a wonderful sense of place to it. It’s viscerally creepy and eerie, making your skin crawl and your stomach turn. Peter Jackson’s roots as a horror director really come in handy in these scene as it’s a place you know the characters should leave ASAP.

Originally posted by pendragonness

11) Can I just so: Gandalf is really freaking dramatic.

Originally posted by aivim

When he’s revealing to Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas that he’s been RESURRECTED (dramatic enough on its own) he even disguises his voice to make it sounds like he’s Saruman just to screw with them. And then we have this wonderful moment after Aragorn calls him Gandalf:

Gandalf: “Gandalf? Yes, that is what they used to call me.”

Dude! You did NOT forget your name! You remember literally EVERYTHING ELSE! You remember Aragorn and Merry and Pippin and everything. Take a chill pill, Gandalf.

(GIF originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

12) I really like the whole Merry, Pippin and Treebeard subplot. It’s largely conversation but it brings up a lot of really interesting ideas about why the trees should participate in the war. Not only that, but it very organically develops Merry QUITE well. He and Pippin both started out as pretty immature in the first film, but by the end of this movie (through the subplot with Treebeard) he’s accepted his responsibility and is ready to fight for what’s right.

13) Miranda Otto as Éowyn.

Originally posted by makebeliever

Although Éowyn really gets her shining moment of glory in Return of the King (and the best damn moment in the entire trilogy), I love her from the first moment we meet her in this film. She’s my favorite character in the entire trilogy. I love that she can cry/grieve but still comes off as incredibly strong. She always has the best for her people and king in mind, always looking to fight against those who threaten those she loves and constantly frustrated when others try to get in her way. She is a great leader and a great fighter, as no moment fills me with such joy as seeing this badass royal practicing how to fight with a sword. I just…gah! I fucking love Éowyn.

14) This is one of those lines in a movie which has stuck with me my entire life.

Théoden: “No parent should have to bury their child.”

It really speaks to the grief Théoden is going through and an honest truth. Children are meant to outlive their parents, not the other way around. According to IMDb:

One time while Bernard Hill was in England, a woman came up to him and told him about how one of her children had died shortly before then, and that parents shouldn’t have to bury their child. His confrontation with this woman affected him so much, that he asked to have a line put in about it.

15) Cutting between the three groups in the film could have easily dogged down the pacing, but the film knows when to make their cuts. The tension continues to build organically and the structure is never disrupted.

16) The conversations between Gollum and Sméagol.

Mostly I talk about how scenes like this work from a storytelling aspect as opposed to a technical aspect. And while these moments clearly illustrate the conflict and layers within Gollum/Sméagol, I am actually more impressed with the technical aspect of it. The scene works very well with two basic rules of filmmaking: Eye line and the 180 degree rule.

You can probably gleam what eye line means just from the name of it, but it’s making sure that when you cut between two characters looking at each other between shots the eyes match. Not only is that done very well here, but so is the 180 degree rule. The 180 degree rule is very simple: it means that when two character are in the same scene they should always be on the same side of the frame. Whether the shot is a wide, over the shoulder, or whatever, unless there is movement going on in the scene they should be on the same side of the frame so the continuity matches. In this scene, Gollum is always on the left while Sméagol is always on the right. Even though they’re the same physical person sitting in the same spot, the way the scene is framed just drives home the idea that they’re talking to each other because it follows the 180 degree rule. I just really dig that.

17) One of the most tragic things about Sméagol/Gollum is that for like MOST of this film he’s actually trying to redeem himself. He’s trying to be the good buy, he’s trying to help Frodo and Sam, but it is the harm done to him by fearful men which results in his regression back to a greedy backstabber. The more you sympathize with a villain, the more powerful they are.

18) I like the little update we get on Arwen and Aragorn’s relationship via flashback, but the later extended sequence with her, Elrond, and Galadriel is always something I zone out during. I like that she’s not forgotten but also the 15 minute segment where her arc is developed can feel a little pointless TO ME at times.

19) The Wild Riders attack.

While a little long, the set piece is very well done. It has interesting, well choreographed action which takes advantage of the wide space its in and a wonderful sense of tension. And it has some very real consequences, with Aragorn not being the untouchable hero trope but instead taking a fall off a cliff and being presumed dead. Also, Legolas and Gimli have their first of many competitions of who can kill the most bad guys in it and I love that.

20) A film is a story told in cuts.

Wormtongue [after talking about how it’ll take tens of thousands to take Helm’s Deep]: “But my lord, there is no such force.”

[Saruman shows Wormtongue such a force.]

21) I get that Elrond is Arwen’s dad and he’s worried about her, but she’s an adult who is living her life. Can’t he just respect the choice she’s made to live for Aragorn instead of pressuring her out of it? Please?

22) David Wenham as Faramir.

Originally posted by elvenking

There’s a lot more patience with Faramir than his brother Boromir had. You can see a far amount of grief in Wenham’s performance. He’s wiser than his brother but not as favored (as we will get a better peek into in Return of the King), which causes a conflict in him. He wants to please his father and make him proud, but he also understands that his father is not always the best decision maker. This conflict shows greatly in Wenham and he’s able to make the character very interesting because of that.

Faramir: “A chance for Faramir, captain of Gondor, to show his quality.”

23) Get friends who react to you not being dead like Gimli and Legolas do with Aragorn.

Gimli: “I’m going to kill him! [Not 30 seconds later] Bless you!”

Legolas [after thinking Aragorn died]: “You look terrible.”

24) I know the source material dates back to 1954, but I HATE the, “get the women and children to safety,” trope. Like, Éowyn proves that women are capable of defending themselves just as well as men can. But they’re constantly infantilized, LITERALLY thought the equivalent of children, needing to be protected and hidden away from danger. If they trusted women to fight in the battle of Helm’s Deep there wouldn’t be all this talk about, “Oh, we don’t have enough men to fight for us.” THEN FIND SOME WOMEN WHO ARE GOOD WITH A SWORD! YOU’RE LITERALLY HAVING TEENAGERS FIGHT, YOU DON’T THINK YOU CAN FIND A WOMAN WHO IS AS SKILLED WITH A SWORD AS TEENAGERS!?

25) Aragorn really gets to go on a great journey throughout the three films. I mean in the first film he’s a loner, a ranger who doesn’t lead men. But in this film he begins to accept his responsibility as a king and lead the fight in the Battle of Helm’s Deep. It’ll only grow in the third film and I appreciate that.

26) One thing that these films do really well is they don’t let situations get too dire. This is a story largely about hope and fighting because of that hope, so to have a battle be too depressing goes against that idea. Legolas and Gimli are great of keeping the human heart of a scene.

Gimli: “What’s happening out there?”

Legolas: “Shall I describe it to you? Or would you like me to find you a box?”

[Gimli laughs.]

27) Battle of Helm’s Deep

Originally posted by gotlembas

This is an absolutely incredible climax to the film in the truest sense of the word. While the battle is INCREDIBLY long the filmmakers do a great job of carrying the action and pacing so that it never loses your interest. Legolas and Gimil help with that, but so do the character choices. Théoden gives up, Aragorn is ready to fight. The battle has tides, it changes favor, and it really just does a great job of holding your interest the whole time.


Théoden: “Is this it? Is this all you can conjure, Saruman?”

[Battle starts to get worse]

(GIF originally posted by @welcometoyouredoom)

29) I love this exchange.

Treebeard: “This is not our war.”

Merry: “But you’re part of this world!”

30) While this film does feature a tone of development for Merry, it is Pippin who knows what to do so Treebeard will get invested in the war. So he’ll fight. He’s a tricky one, that hobbit.


Théoden: “What can men doe against such reckless hate?”

Honestly (and Aragorn’s actions prove this): unite. Stand up against hatred and bigotry together and show the world that you will not stand for it.

32) One thing I haven’t talked much about for this film which also plays a much larger factor in Return of the King is Frodo’s continued corruption. The ring is getting to him, it’s darkening him, tempting him, causing him to doubt and fear. Wood plays this VERY well, this development. It feels organic, it makes sense even if it is brought upon by an outward force. It just really works.

33) According to IMDb:

When Frodo (Elijah Wood) and Sam (Sean Astin) are in Osgiliath, Sam says, “By rights, we shouldn’t even be here.” This was a nod to the deviation the screenplay had taken from the book’s storyline. In the book, Sam and Frodo never passed through Osgiliath.

34) I freaking love this. I forgot about this exchange and honestly it gives me hope.

35) Deciding to end the film on Gollum/Sméagol deciding to betray the hobbits in Return of the King I think works really well. It resolves his crisis of identity that has been featured in this film. He tried to be good and it didn’t work so now he’s going to be bad. I think even when a film ends on a cliffhanger there needs to be some form of resolution to it.

There’s really not a weak link in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The Two Towers continues the excellence which began in Fellowship by giving each character more room to shine, continuing the battle of Middle Earth in an epic and investing way, while making sure these films still have a beating human heart to them. It’s just really great.

It Never Ends Well (Part 1)

Prompt/Summary: Based on “The Ugly Truth”, for @hunters-from-stark-tower movie challenge.

Pairings: eventual Bucky x Y/N, eventual Clint x Y/N, Natasha x Sam

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of sex, vulgarities…

Word Count: 2894

A/N: Some of the lines used in this fic don’t belong to me, I got them out of the movie, so credit to the writers. I’d love to hear what you think, feedback is always appreciated.

Originally posted by dailyavengers

“You’re late.” was the first thing you heard as soon as you answered the phone.

“Don’t need to remind me.” your eyes practically rolled to the back of your head in annoyance at your best friend, “Natasha, please, please, cover for me. I’m ten minutes away from the office.”

“Depends. What’s in for me?”

“A big hug from me.” you answered again, “Is Mr. Stark there yet?”

“No, but he hardly is here. Why are you late anyway?”

“I spilled coffee on my blouse.”

“That doesn’t really surprise me.” she laughed.

“I swear it was an accident, I just tripped.” you defended, “Anyway, I’ll be there shortly, in about five minutes.”

As soon as she agreed, you hung up and drove the rest of the way to your workplace. Soon enough, you found yourself parking in your designated spot and entering the Stark Magazine Headquarters. Inside the building was hectic, as usual, as everyone tried to complete their own tasks in time. Grabbing some documents from one of the assistants, you walked decidedly to your shared office, where Natasha was seated at her desk. You closed the glass door behind you and greeted her shortly, before going over to your own computer and starting it.

“Give me an update, Romanoff.”

“The Lakers basketball player is here for the interview, for the Sports department.”

“Great. We should send Pietro to interview him, a photographer and a couple of writers to get the article ready.”

“Already did.”

“Genius. And please, tell Pietro to do the interview objectively. Last time, he almost blew up the whole thing by arguing about what team was better.”

She chuckled lowly, “I’ll make sure to tell him.”

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Pride and Prejudice and Wrestling

Pride and Prejudice and Wrestling – Part 1

Characters: Seth Rollins x Reader, Sasha Banks, Bayley

Summary: When a superstar Hollywood actress (The Reader), interacts with WWE Superstar Seth Rollins at Monday Night Raw, sparks fly. Can Rollins overcome his pride and convince the reader to take a chance on him when she’s still recovering from a nasty scandal caused by her cheating fiancé?

Warnings: Lots of flirting, angsty longing and maybe some bad words.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a wrestler, in possession of good talent, must be in want of a Championship.

Chapter 1: First Impressions

He was just as egotistical as he seemed on tv.

It was impossible not to think that when he stood there lording it over all the other superstars backstage at the arena as if he owned the place. Seth Freakin’ Rollins. Even the name screamed that he was full of himself. Six foot one inches and 217 pounds of pure ego. Didn’t Ambrose call him that once? It made sense. Over confidence my name is Seth. It seemed to ooze from every pore of him. It was just too bad that in addition to the ego, he was also insanely hot.

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"Trending Topic" Xiumin/You- Anon Request

yee, this is probably my favorite thing i’ve written.

Scenario: everyone assumes you’re dating EXO’s Baekhyun. Except you and Baekhyun.

word count: sheeeeet, it was a lot idk 

rating: oh boy, we have NC-17 here, minseok if you’re reading this i’m sorry baby i love you

Your chopsticks clatter against your bowl when you read the talk ID, because you could’ve sworn he was doing a recording in China.

Minseok: wahhh the dorm is so lonely! >.<”

Your fingers hover over the keyboard, the air feeling heavy in your lungs. Because the thing about Minseok is…is that he can seem so carefree, detached almost. Has the most the control, the most distance. But with you sometimes he doesn’t. Masks it only barely so that you can see the intent behind it. If you squint, if you try.

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Breaking up with Min Yoongi proved to be more difficult than you thought, in more ways than one.

Angst | 715 words

Brief alcohol mention 

Breakups are hard – this is a universally known fact.

They tend to be even harder when your ex’s face is plastered to every media outlet you see, always with his face in front of you or his voice in your ears. It wasn’t fair how much he haunted you.

It used to be nice, always having his presence around. Even though he was busy with his demanding work as a global idol, it made you less lonely. Now, it just felt like a suffocating room you couldn’t get out of.

Min Yoongi was inescapable.

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phantom-of-notre-dame-7  asked:

Modern AU: Pierre and Natasha playing Twister

BLESS UP @phantom-of-notre-dame-7 YES
I wrote this on mobile so pls excuse any errors/ issues with the writing, I’ll edit later, but like this was v fun bless u

* * * * *
Pierre pushed back from his desk and stretched, arching his back, allowing the segments of his spine to click and crack back into their proper positions. He found that after spending so much time huddled over his schoolwork, the change in posture was quite the relief. He glanced over to his bed where Natasha was seated. She was in her usual position: legs crossed, a pillow behind her back, surrounded by highlighter pens, crumpled papers covered in scribbles and empty barlines, and a small bag from which she would grab small handfuls of pretzels, mindlessly pushing them into her mouth while her eyes poured over the pages of one of her hulking music theory books.

The spot on the bed had become her favorite place now that Pierre had returned to school. After so much time apart, Natasha found herself drawn to being with her friend more and more. They started spending the majority of their time together, studying, talking, sitting in silence. Pierre grinned softly as he looked at her, enjoying greatly the thought that she had a favored spot anywhere in his life, let alone in his room.

Suddenly, Natasha closed her book, the strong clap of the pages startling Pierre slightly. She laid down, stretching her arms high above her head, her legs flattened and toes pointed, elongating every muscle she could. Pierre knew that any hope of sleeping tonight would be thwarted by her scent, which would now be undoubtedly engrained into his pillows and bedsheets. He couldn’t say he was terribly upset at the thought.

“I’m VERY over studying,” Natasha said, her voice restrained, all of her energy still working in favor of her stretching joints. Pierre chuckled.

“I can’t say I’m not in the same boat. I don’t know if my eyes can take much more of this tiny print these professors seem to be in love with.”

“Wanna do something else? I was coming up with something around 90 other things I’d rather be doing than studying WHILE I was studying, so you can’t say I wasn’t productive in some way…”

“What did you have in mind?” Pierre asked, pushing a litter of chip bags and cracker packagings off of his desk into the small wire wastebin.

“Well…” Natasha said, wracking her brain for the best options she had considered, “We could watch a movie, order food, play cards…” She noticed Pierre shifting his weight, fidgeting in his desk chair.

“You alright?”

“Fine, I’ve just been sitting for ages. Back’s starting to hurt.” Pierre grimaced, leaning forward, hoping for relief.

“Okay, so then you need to move.”

Natasha shot up quickly and tossed Pierre his shoes, and began gathering all of her own things together.

“Wh- where are we going?”

“My suite. I’ve got just the thing,” she said, swooping his coat from his closet and tossing it on his lap.

“Come on,” she said, clasping his hand in hers and pulling him through the door, down the staircase, and out of the building. She did not let go, but rather lead him the whole way, holding his hand fimly, guiding him through the snow drifts and across the parking lots, up the winding staircases of her residence hall, finally coming to a stop at her door. Pierre stopped and leaned forward, hands on his knees, breathing heavily.

“Lord, Tasha. How do you move that quickly and not wanna die?”

“I work out,” she said matter-of-factly.

“Touché,” was all he could respond.

The door clicked and creaked open, revealing a common room lit only by twinkle lights and a small string of laterns, which hung decoratively over the window.

“Wait here,” she said, and she hurried into her bedroom. A moment later, she appeared with a box, though in the dim light Pierre could not read what it said. Natasha placed it on his lap, and a grim fear came over him.

“Um, I don’t know if Twister is such a good idea.”

“What are you talking about?! Twister is always a good idea.”

“I just… what if I like, crush you or something…”

“Pierre, I’m pretty strong. I think I could handle it if you ended up on top of me.”

Pierre blushed a deep crimson red and Natasha scrambled, realizing what she had said.

“OH, um, NO. Uh, no I just mean, I wouldn’t… I wouldn’t die, I’d be fine. More than fine. Oh you know what I mean.” The red in her face rivaled Pierre’s, and he began to chuckle.

“Alright. Alright. I’ll play.”


Natasha laid out the colorful game mat, the smell of which Pierre could only describe as a scent reminding him of the year 1997, a sentiment with which Natasha heavily agreed.

The game lasted longer than he expected, their arms and legs moving hurriedly around the board, twisting and turning, the pair giggling wickedly at each other as they moved. Though any time Natasha was close to him his face flushed, he found he wasn’t upset by it. Their bodies had ended up mostly adjacent to each other, only crossing over legs and arms, and the game remained relatively tame for some time.

“Right arm yellow” Pierre called innocently, and not realizing the placement, Natasha began to reach over his chest. He flushed at his mistake and apologized, to which Natasha replied, “A game’s a game.”

He began breathing heavily as her body hovered over his, her arms tensed, holding her steady, her eyes boring into his. Suddenly, she felt her hand begin to slip, and the two collapsed on the floor.

Natasha was laid across Pierre’s chest, and Pierre found himself hoping to God that she couldn’t feel the pounding of his heart. Suddenly, she began to laugh, clearly and beautifully, her body shuddering against his. Pierre couldn’t help but join in.

“Well that went well, huh?” Natasha joked.
“Can’t say it was the worst thing that’s ever happened to me,” Pierre laughed, thinking to himself that this was, in fact, one of the better things that had.

Natasha laid a moment longer, looking into Pierre’s eyes, a soft smile lingering on her face. He wondered if she knew that this might kill him.

She cleared her throat and got up, she took a deep breath, offering a hand to Pierre, still flat on his back.



cleareu  asked:

Hi, good luck with your blog (the background is so cute *-*)! I love the idea of aesthetic asks, so i'm sending you one~ What type of journals would the Matsu's have / what would they write in them / how would their journals look? thank you! ^-^

Thank you so much!! (˵ •́ ⌄ •̀ ˵) (It took me an eternity to decide on a theme and a color combination, so I’m glad you like it!) Ahh and this ask was so much fun to answer!

Like most of their things, their journals would also be color-coded, with some slight differences.

Osomatsu: The most generic type of journal you could ever find, and also quite used. It’s a very faded red with a layer of dirt and… is that a ketchup stain? In addition to a very random assortment of Anpanman, baseball and kitten stickers, there is an elaborate, very stylized title in the top right corner that reads “Charismatic Legend Osomatsu”. The soft cover has been bent so much it’s covered in ripples and the book opens easily - looks like some of the pages are ready to fall out, even. There was supposed to be a strap around it, but it’s probably got torn off at some point, only half of it is left, hanging there like a pathetic reminder of how useless broken things are.

The whole journal is pretty inconsistent, as Osomatsu probably just takes it up every now and then and writes whereever there is still space left. The first twenty or so pages are full of recorded little achievements and major events, then it slowly turns into complaining, complaining and more complaining, mostly about his brothers, and soon it’s clear why the journal doesn’t need a lock on it - at this point, he’s not the only one using it. It looks like everyone is free to pick it up and leave messages or just ramble, it’s like leaving passive-agressive notes on the fridge for each other, but slightly more intimate. There are a lot of times when complaining is clearly used to bait some of the brothers, especially Choromatsu, and they always work on him, though there are rare occasions when his answer isn’t a thousand-page novel, but a very short and quick “I’m sorry.” instead. You can see Jyushimatsu’s doodles, Karamatsu signing every painful thing he writes down, a random smudge that has “That was my dinner.” under it, a very good caricature of Totty with a lot of comments and even more screaming, and so much more… The journal is probably secretly treasured by everyone, and they keep it in a safe, designated place.

Karamatsu: A tiny journal with a smooth leather cover, a little skull in the corner (seriously, how does he keep getting things like this) and a little belt all over. It gives you the “laid-back cool” vibes - it’s fine if you want to read it, I don’t have any secrets, go ahead. Even though you know noone is really interested in what is in it.

The pages are still soft, the spine isn’t bent too far, almost like it’s never been used, but the journal is actually filled with very careful and elaborate notes. Pachinko winnings, new songs wrote, results of the mahjong tournaments - seemingly boring facts through long pages with a handwriting so neat it could make your head hurt. Nothing about how he felt at that time or what he was thinking about - all of it seems just… empty.

He does have a second journal though, a very secret, hidden one, that is a pretty glittery blue and also code-locked, containing an endless amount of song lyrics, both failures and final versions. It is very painful as you would imagine, but in contrast to the previous journal, it’s filled with emotion. It’s unknown if the dramatic melancholy is also part of his cool guy facade, or are these his real feelings, but it’s pretty sad either way.

Choromatsu: It’s a soothing combination of brown, green and gold, with a hard cover coated in a poofy, leather-like material, a little pen holder and a code lock on the side. It smells like old library books. It looks like Choromatsu writes in it quite often, summarizing his day and talking about his feelings he can’t really tell anyone else to. About the time Nyaa-chan totally, absolutely looked at his way, about Osomatsu yet again being an inconsiderate prick, about the Risingfappyski incident… everything is listed in a very throughout, meticulous manner, and there is always a “moral of the story” kind of note at the end written with a different pen. He probably looks through them when he feels lost, to remind himself what he’s learned from his past mistakes so far. There are occasional pages where you can see he was in an exceptionally good mood, with tiny drawings of flowers, clouds and other miscellaneous things all around (it’s all very cartoonish, but surprisingly cute).

Ichimatsu: The journal is shaped like a cat’s head, with a soft, squishy material and actual googly eyes. It’s very cute, something you would never expect Ichimatsu to actually possess, and you guess it must have been a gift from someone else. The pages are ruffled, some of them are torn out, the others filled with incoherent words and sentences and pretty dark, self-hating thoughts. It’s probably used as a coping mechanism or as a distraction. Sometimes there are random sketches, mostly of cats, but also flowers, inanimate objects, buildings. Anything that ends up being too embarrassing is immediately torn out and thrown away, so what else he exactly draws is unknown. He collects kitten stickers at the back and also has a few pawprints here and there made by his cat friends.

Jyushimatsu: It’s a pretty big journal, the soft cover once yellow, now completely covered with stickers. There are baseball ones, cats that are probably duplicates Ichimatsu had, a complete set of Hijirisawa Shounosuke, stars, colorful letters ordered to read “butt festival” for some unknown reason…  He rarely ever writes in it, but he loves to draw. Most of the things are unrecognizable, but he color codes his brothers, so even if they don’t look like them at all (heck, they don’t look like human, either), it’s still pretty obvious. He sometimes asks his brothers to draw for him something, too, so there are pages filled with Karamatsu’s drawings of himself, Osomatsu scribbling dicks and boobs, Choromatsu making an attempt at a Nyaa-chan, Totty drawing cute flowers and bunnies, and then ichimatsu leaving his ultra-realistic works of art of cats here and there.

Todomatsu: It’s one of those really cute, quality brand journals you order for a fortune online, that come with an additional planner, a set of stickers and a pen. It’s a soft pastel pink with little yellow and green patches, and a bunny character on the front. It has a lock. Each ten pages are a different color, and have little segments to write additional things in. Totty records his achievements for the day (though, sometimes exaggerating), and writes down his favorite songs, favorite movies, overall just favorite things from time to time. He basically writes in a manner similar to running a blog - he never shares any of his secrets, in fear of anyone ever, other than his brothers, will find it and read it through. Much like with Karamatsu’s secret little book of painfulness, you can’t really decide where does Totty’s acting begin and where does it end.

Kinktober 31 - All of the above

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 - FINAL

Shibari [23] / Exhibitionism [24]

Not long after the pirate movie, they take a break from blockbusters for a little while. Kageyama is getting antsy from the endless fight scenes, and even Hinata finds himself leaning towards scripts with more dialogue than action breaks.

In the end, interestingly enough, they both end up gravitating towards a story that is still much more oriented in actions than in words. But it couldn’t be any farther from an action movie if they’d tried.

“We’re both really excited, actually,” Hinata is quoted as saying in a magazine interview. “Shibari is a very old Japanese form of bondage, and there’s a lot of history behind it. It felt kind of fitting for both of us to take on this project together.”

It’s a quiet, beautifully artistic film, minimal cast, small budget, very much a passion project. Even the director is an old friend from their days in Japanese cinema, now trying to break out in the west. There’d been a lot of buzz surrounding the film upon its release, which meant: guest appearances on talk shows.

“So, is it complicated? The tying—you both had to learn, didn’t you?”

They’re on a morning news segment to promote the film.

“Not very complicated,” Kageyama says. At the same time, Hinata puts his head down on the table.

“I feel like Shouyou has a different answer…” says the interviewer.

“It’s not complicated,” Kageyama says again, bluntly, “he’s just bad at it.”

“Well, fortunately, we’re about to get the opportunity to see for ourselves—”

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Unseen Scream Queens: GIFG’s 10 Most Underrated Horror Ladies

We know the classic movies: Suspiria, Halloween, Carrie. And the modern favorites: It Follows, The Babadook, You’re Next. And they’re fantastic, of course; after all, there’s a reason they’re widely loved and rewatched. 

But what about the ones you gloss over at the rental place, the ones with terrified looking women on the cover that just look like more final girl fodder? And what about the low-budget discoveries that appear to be too low quality to devote your time to? I’m here to tell you, ladies: some of the dumbest looking movies can end up being favorites. 

Today, I’m gonna present you with some ladies that maybe went under the radar in Rue Morgue and Fangoria’s reviews, the ones that were nestled into movies with so many plot holes and bad writing that they were lost at sea. But even in a terrible or questionable film, strong ladies can still shine. And I’m here to introduce you to ten of them.

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nonny prompt: a Coliver Grammys AU 

“So, I’d like to welcome all of you back to our live coverage of the Grammy’s red carpet,” the reporter says with a smile into the camera to the television audience watching at home. “I’d also like to welcome, singer-songwriter Oliver Hampton to our little slice of the carpet. Welcome, Oliver.”

“Thank you.” Oliver smiles into the camera and hopes its the camera he’s been told to look at. He ran a little late with his last interview and he didn’t fully catch everything the producer whispered at him during setup. “Happy to be here.”

“So, Oliver, your story and your album are really one of the – forgive me – but Cinderella stories of the night. A total of six nominations. Among those, Album of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best New Artist. And all for your debut album. I mean, you’ve had quite a year.”

From his spot near the monitors to watch the live feed, Connor watches Oliver smile as the reporter shoves the mic in his face. He listens as Oliver gives a variation of the same story he’s given everyone else for months now. How he wrote the album right after he’d been diagnosed with HIV, how his lover leaving him had fueled his creativity, how the album–

“…is more than just an album to me,” Oliver explains. “It’s more than a set of eleven songs; it’s part of my soul. It’s me telling my story in my way and I’m just so honored and blown away that people have reacted to it in such a personal and powerful way.” 

“So, all of this, the nominations and red carpet and everything else, this is just the icing on top?” the reporter asks. 

Oliver laughs. “This…this is heaven. I never let myself dream this big so this all just feels a little surreal right now.”

The on-screen duo continue their interview; the reporter asking the requisite “who are you wearing” and other silly red carpet questions. Oliver answers everything confidently and Connor nods in approval.

During the initial album promotion, Oliver was a little nervous and unsure of himself and, in interviews, he’d often come off as either shy and reserved or stilted and aloof. Personally, Connor had found it endearing but it had made his job as Oliver’s publicist a little challenging. But now, after months of media training, Oliver has clearly come into his own, able to smile and joke with the best of them, and it makes Connor love him. I mean, love him as a client. Just as a client. Not as…as anything else. 

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caedesdeo  asked:

Clint finds out about Lovelace and ...(whatever the Andean Cock of the Rock Bucky turned up with is called) and starts trying to find someone who can loan him a potoo for a weekend, doesn't he?

Clint Barton has many life failures under his belt but I truly believe that he is the kind of man who, once he set out to find a Potoo to borrow, would manage it with relative ease. He’s actually the kind of man who would locate a Potoo entirely by accident.

Rocky Birdboa, Bucky’s Andean Cock of the Rock, is from a spinoff fanfic here

This is technically part three of A Wing And A Prayer which can be found at the Lovelace Masterpost. But it’s not like any of this makes sense so don’t feel that if you read parts one and two it will help much. :D 

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Enter and Sign In, Please (a Performance ficlet)

Sorry if you caught that link post - I decided to just go ahead and post directly to Tumblr.

Also on AO3.


[transcript of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” aired Thursday, February 14th, 2013]

Jimmy:  My first guest is one of our favorite people but we haven’t been able to get him on the show for a few years, and uh…gee, I wonder why.  He’s an Oscar winning actor and star of the upcoming film “An Ordinary Disappearance,” please welcome our friend, John Watson!

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Nursey Headcanons

So a while back there was a post floating around which talked about how the POC characters in check please don’t get as much love as they need to and I really really felt that so I decided to contribute and be what I wanted to see in the world. Enjoy and feel free to message me about any of these!! dedicated to @laratoncita and @bitttles for encouraging me to post these!!!

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DISCLAIMER: I tried my best not to mention spoilers but forgive me if I hinted on some stuff. :D This is also my first ever legit movie review (not counting the ones I did for film class haha) so bear with me. Just think of this as a fan’s personal critique :))

As an avid KimXi fan, it’s a no-brainer that I was very excited to catch ‘Bride for Rent’ in the cinemas. Honestly, my only initial expectations for this movie was that it will be very kilig and funny, just like most local romantic comedies. But post-premiere night tweets and comments made me expect for more. Also, knowing that Direk Mae Cruz was the director (and I loved 'Shes’s the One’) and Ms. Carmi was in charge of creatives (AshLloyd movies yo), I assumed there will be more to this movie than laughs and kilig and that this will be more enjoyable than 'Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo’. BHKCNCM was a great and fun movie, but ‘Bride for Rent’ is clearly sooo much better than the former in terms of entertainment value and story. They really leveled up with this one. :)

When you watch the trailer, you’ll get the feeling that you know how the story will flow from start to end. Rocco hired Rocky to pose as his wife to get money, they will struggle as a couple with a few laughs and kilig moments from time to time, fall in love, realize they have fallen for each other for real, deal with major conflict and make up though a corny reconciliation and eventually end up together. And you might say, “Ugh. Same old same old romcom movie”. But if you just give this movie a chance, you will be pleasantly surprised. I know I was. Yes, its premise is very familiar and it’s given that they will be the endgame but the entire journey that this film will make you go though will give you a fresh, new and worthwhile experience. And trust me, I have seen almost every Pinoy romcom there is and I guarantee that BFR will stand out if placed beside others.

Of course, expect to see the usual staples in Star Cinema films - the quirky barkada, the lovable family members, the that-explains-why part, the “music video” segment, the LOL scenes, the quotable quotes, the punchlines, etc. These are all things I was looking forward to. Apart from Rocky and Rocky, Lala is also one character you are bound to love. Another thing I like here is that the conflicts were established without any villains (even the slightest hint of typical kontrabidas), third parties, etc. It was just Rocky, Rocco and the circumstances surrounding them, the issues and secrets that were unfolding as the movie progresses.

“Isn’t it amazing? Isn’t it surprising? Isn’t it?” - Rocky

The performance of the actors is also something to look out for. Although I’m a huge Xian fan, I admit that there were times before when I was a bit uncomfortable watching him cry on-screen. But in this film, I can safely say that he is definitely a REVELATION like what others were saying. His crying scenes, scene with Sir Tirso, piano scene are my favorites. Yes, there’s still lots of room for improvement but he’s on his way to becoming a legit dramatic actor. So proud and happy that he’s finally being recognized for something other than being the handsome and charming chinito that he is.

Kim, on the other hand, delivered very well as expected. I am glad that she finally found her place as a “Rom-Com Princess”. You will appreciate her comic timing, her charisma, her ability cry and make it look so freaking easy and her chemistry with Xian (of course). KimXi’s appeal and magic contributed greatly to this film’s success and that was well-highlighted. They undoubtedly bring out the best in each other. But, there is so much more to this movie than just KimXi’s kilig factor. Prepare for moments that will make you laugh, brim with kilig, and will tug your heart and break you (in a good and meaningful way).

I also love how they incorporated a sense of authenticity to the film through the AVPs. It was very smart and really gave the movie a kind of authority. I was really not expecting to cry and I rarely cry in movies like this. Usually, films that make me shed tears are those where someone dies tragically (A Walk to Remember), about pet loyalty (Hachiko) or those involving fictional characters (Toy Story 2 & 3). But, something about this movie just pierced through my soul and I found myself crying in the theater (which I hate doing lol).

Even after leaving the cinema, you will feel the sincerity of the movie. I know in my heart that this movie did not just hard-sell me a love team, bombarded me with tons of kilig and funny moments and merely offered me almost 2 hours of escape from reality. Rather, it aimed for something simple yet very meaningful - that is to present you a familiar topic and make that topic relevant to you regardless of your status (single, married, MOMOLing, it’s complicated, etc) and regardless of your romantic background (NBSB, broken-hearted, man-hater, etc). I am personally quite inexperienced when it comes to love and relationships but this movie taught me a lot of things, things I will bring with me and will guide me in my future decisions.

“May puso yung pelikula”. Many films would claim this but you’ll feel it if it’s really true and not just a marketing ploy. BFR remained true to its promotional plugs and delivered more than what the public expected. The heart of this movie is to make you believe in LOVE, in MARRIAGE, in COMMITMENT and in FOREVER. I have always believed in these things especially commitment but this film strengthened my beliefs and principles about relationships. Given that you’re still not convinced about converting to a commitment advocate, the least that this movie would do is go into your thoughts and make you emotionally involved in the process even if not permanently. It will make you think of and appreciate many things.

At the same time, this film shares an important lesson about change and forgiveness. You may be wounded by your past or by particular circumstances but that doesn’t mean you have to be broken forever. There is still hope and you can always choose to become a better person and have a better life. :) My only negative comments are that there was a certain scene that’s quite similar to a scene in BHKCNCM. I don’t know if it was intentional but a different setting or situation would’ve been more suitable. And, I guess having a memorable cameo appearance would’ve also been a good touch. There were also moments when some punchlines or supposedly funny dialogues did not make me laugh or were out-of-place and probably some mushy scenes were too cheesy for others haha (but I fully appreciate them lol) and the element of predictability was strong on some parts. Lastly, the road to reconciliation was a bit rushed. A serious and heartfelt talk scene between Rocco and Rocky could have been added and perhaps a short confrontation scene too with his dad? But, the minimal flaws are overshadowed by its strengths and great impact.

I believe the best movies are the ones that present essential elements in a balanced manner and in a way that people can relate to. The kilig, the humor, the drama and the injecting of values are all well-balanced and well-presented here. What good is an artistic film or well-thought story if people cannot connect with it right? 'Bride for Rent’ managed to be both entertaining and relevant without neglecting good storytelling. You don’t go and say, “Gah it was all too mushy and corny” or “Gah it was too hard to swallow”. As Claudine Barretto’s character said in an old flick,“Parang chewing gum na masarap nguyain”. This is a movie that you will savor and wouldn’t want to spit out until it ends. You would probably even want to experience the whole thing again.

To those who are allergic to or traumatized by commitment, to married couples who feel like they’re losing that loving feeling, to those who don’t believe forever is possible.. I strongly suggest you watch this movie. As I mentioned earlier, it might not drastically change your mind about certain issues, but it will make you realize a lot of important things in life and in love. :) For those who already believe in forever or those who are currently in a happy relationship, watch this still and be reminded of why love can last a lifetime. Plus, you’ll get to laugh and feel all giddy too. :) Seriously guys, this movie has a beautiful message. It’s a shame if you won’t go and see it.

Congratulations and good job to the whole team! Kim, Xian, Direk Mae, Ms. Carmi, all the supporting cast members, crew, etc. This is definitely one of my favorite Pinoy rom-coms! And, I’m not just saying that because of Kim and Xian. :))

“Forever may not be perfect, but it’s possible.”