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some of my fav cast tweets from 2.10    [all episodes]



“The nice thing with Éponine is, when I did it in the West End, I couldn’t have been more different from the girl who played it before me or the girl who played it after me. Every time I go and see the show – and I always go and see them because my friends are always in the new cast change – it’s like a brand new show and you can’t help but be excited to see how someone else is going to portray it. Someone once asked me if it was weird seeing someone else play my part, but I don’t feel like it’s my part. I just feel like I am a part of her, you know? I feel so proud to be involved with this character.”

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First of all: GAHHH YOUR ART IS AMAZING AND I WNAT TO FRAME ALL OF YOUR LUMIERE AND PLUMETTE THINGS! Second : have you seen beauty and the beast ur? Thoughts?

Anon, are you encouraging my Candlestick/Featherduster OTP??? Quick doodle for you:

I saw Beauty and the Beast at a Thursday night showing and I LOVED IT. So happy with it.

(review/possible spoilers under the cut)

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Right so I finally saw Beauty and The Beast and look I’ve always loved Belle she’s my fav but now I’m just obsessed with everything and like I mean everything the movie was goddam perfect as hell in so many different ways the graphics and the animation and the clothes and the songs and the casting and I’m just so in love right now HELP

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So, there's a wonderful post floating around about how Laurent shows how much he loves Damen is ways that seem smaller to most, but considering his personality and all that he's been through, are very major. (It's a lovely post.) And it got me thinking: what if at some point Laurent overhears someone talking about how cold he seems in comparison to Damen's to passionate declarations of love--or more likely, Nikandros probably says something scathing about it to Laurent--and he starts to fret (1)

(2) that maybe he ISN’T as obvious as he needs to be, and that maybe Damen doesn’t understand exactly how much he means to him. He mulls over it for days, being a giant brooding mess. Eventually, Laurent either tries to pull something ridiculously over the top together, or tentatively brings it up after Damen prods him about what’s wrong. In either case, it ends with Damen being deeply moved–almost to tear, lbr–and saying that of course he knows. He’s always known. And then passionate sex.

ohhh i love this!! i can totally see it happening and damen would 100% reassure him that he Knows how much laurent loves him. i think a big part of how their relationship works can be summed up w/ that quote from tsp: ‘when the walls went up it was with damen inside them’, so that laurent might still seem a cast iron bitch to anyone else but damen is fully aware that laurent can be rly sweet and affectionate and he cherishes that he gets to see that side of him :’)

also idk i hc that laurent always wants to one-up damen when it comes to grand romantic gestures, so like damen comes home with a bouquet of flowers one night and the next day there are like 10 bouquets sent to their house all for damen just bc laurent wanted to treat his bf. so yeah affectionate laurent is my fav love the guy!!

When I see Harry acting as Magnus it always makes me remember of that quote “the eyes are the window of the soul” because he can makes us dive deep into the complexity of the magnus’ feelings and feel his emotions by only looking at his expressive eyes.
kara + cat | romantic comedy trailer
the show is basically a romcom anyway so why not ----------------------------------------- show: supergirl pairing: kara denvers + cat grant (supercat)


This is amazing! I think I have such a hardcore thing for fan vids that could pass as legit movie trailers because one, movie trailers are my fav, and two, they help me pretend that I will get something that I am always dying for…a legit, decently budgeted, decently casted, mainstream movie/romcom that just happens to have two women in it.

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well, what do you like besides yoi? any video games or movies or tv shows you like? maybe we'd have something in common. this is the same anon who wants to be your friend ; ;

Hmmmmm I’m into a LOT of things. Okay please allow me to go on a very long rant about some of the things I like. V/ long list below the cut

(Anon, even if nothing on this rant-like list matches your taste, you can still tell me what you like? I could get into something new, who knows! :))

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Me walking away from Wyatt and Finn ATM to avoid any of that problematic bull shit.

Chosen and Jeremy have always been my favs anyways..

(Btw I know josh is being the problematic one but I’m trying to not deal with drama so I’m letting it cool fff, I still love the entire it cast with all my heart and they’re young kids who are bound to make mistakes, doesn’t mean we gotta bail.)

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Favorite TMNT character by each incarnation? You know, best Leo, best Raph, best Mikey, best Donnie, best Splinter, best April, best Shredder, you get the jizz :)

OOOOoooooh this sounds like fun and it will take me a while haha *cracks knuckles* Lets do it! But to make this easier I’m going to just go off the animated series. So I’ll be comparing the 1987 series, the 2003 series, and the current 2012 series. So without hesitation lets get started.


1987: This version of Leonardo was the charming superhero save the day type. He was always helpful and always wanted to do good things. He also got very carried away with things like readin, playing video games, etc. But he was still a very likable character.
2003: This version of Leonardo was probably the most well-developed so far of the 3 versions. He was very serious and focused on his training but when you see the hell he went through you understand why. Hell he gets a permanent part of his shell removed and he is so dedicated to protecting his family you can’t help but feel for the guy. He was also an extreme badass in combat.
2012: This leonardo is definitely more like an actual teenager than the other 2. He’s a big nerd and loves anime and star trek knock offs. He is a still a badass though (especially in the season 2 finale). Sometimes he can be a bit of a jerk though but its understandable when your brothers don’t listen to you and other times its cause he IS a teenager and acts like it. 
Winner: My favorite is definitely the 2003 Leo still, after you see what he goes through and how he overcomes it I cant help but root for him.

Michelangelo (my favorite)

1987: Okay I’m just gonna say it. I friggin love this Mikey. He’s so likable, he’s so funny and HIS FRIGGIN VOICE! I absolutely love Surfer voices. “CHYAH DUDE COWABUNGA” No one can give a battle cry like this Michelangelo. Cowabunga became a household saying when I was a kid at the beach and pool. The only bad thing I can say about this mikey is the fact they took his nunchucks away in later seasons cause they were “too violent” and replaced them with a grappling hook which was lame.
2003: I liked the fact this Mikey was one of the most competent fighters out of all the turtles. He was creative and had a spider-man way of talking so much his enemies could not concentrate…especially Raph. Though he had many negative qualities. Don’t get me wrong I love Mikey but this one would always make corny jokes and references and then brag how he is was a champion in an Inter-dimensional tournament. That got really irritating at times.
2012: Greg Cipes was perfectly cast as Michelangelo. He was born to be him and this Mikey is pretty fun and a likable dude. The only gripe I have with this Mikey is they make him to be a straight out idiot at times, like he needs someone to hold his hand. That is my one gripe with him. Mikey is my fav and I get that he likes to goof around but he should always have a filter of when its right to and when to be serious. They’ve been fixing that through the season so I’m not too worried.
Winner: Come on dudes it goes to the 80s Michelangelo, To me this is the greatest interpretation of Mikey we’ve had so far and GOD I LOVE HIS VOICE. No one can say Cowabunga like him.


1987 and 2003: Honestly when I go back and rewatch both series they are pretty similar. Though 1987 Donnie wanted to be excepted by the whole world while 2003 Don didn’t and just cared for making inventions to expand his knowledge and to help his brothers.
2012: This Donnie is very eccentric and excitable and he’s in love with April (eecchhh not a fan of that). He’s always making inventions like the previous 2 but his main focus is to make retro mutagen to stop the Kraang. Honestly some episodes he can get on my nerves but one episode I really loved him in was the Ep he was teaching a vigilante how to use a Bo Staff and how to train for Ninjitsu.

Winner: This is a Tie


This Raph is waaayyy different than the other 2. He’s still cynical but he’s comedic with it. He’s very similar to Michelangelo and is constantly breaking the 4th wall. He also has some of the best one liners in the series. Even though he’s different from the other 2 I like him and later on in the series they tried to make him more aggressive than the others.
2003: This Raph was like the Wolverine of the series, Always loved to fight and was constantly training. Also he was such a badass and Mikey called him their secret weapon. He also has that tough Brooklyn accent which I loved they gave the 1st Live Action movie one.
2012: This Raph has his ups and his downs to me. On one hand he is one of the strongest fighters and is a great asset to the team. But on the other hand this Raph can just be a straight up jerkish bully sometimes and I hate that. If he’s angry I get it but I don’t like him picking on his bros the way he does. I know he is growing as a character so I can’t fault him too much and he’s becoming more and more likable as the series goes on.

Winner: 2003 Raph because he’s just a badass and he’s a lot like the 1st live action movie raph which was my favorite incarnation of him.


1987: This splinter was very wise and had a great voice that fit him. He did seem like an actual martial arts sensei you could have. He just didn’t do much, sure he got into fights every now and then but it was nothing too spectacular.
2003: This splinter had a much deeper story and even had a few arcs of his own which were very entertaining. My problem with him was his voice though. It seemed like he was trying too hard to sound like an Old Martial arts master.
2012: This splinter is just incredible. You can tell he was a badass Martial Arts master and now that he is a rat he incorporates that into his fighting. His voice is awesome and his fight scenes HOLY DAMMIT CHRISTMAS! You see why he is the master of the turtles and his stories can actually be applied to actual life.

Winner: No surprise here the 2012 splinter by a landslide

April O’neil

1987: I’m just going to be blunt, I had the biggest crush on this April as a kid. She was just too frickin sexy in that yellow jumpsuit and those Tig Ol bitties….mmmmm so nice. Though she was kind of a shallow character
2003: The pale one lol I thought she was pretty cool. I liked the fact that she was also a scientist and could match Don in techno babble and intelligence. I also like how she learned martial arts from Splinter to protect herself and became not only intelligent but a warrior…..that pale skin though
2012: The Booty teen haha, unlike the others this one is actually a teenager…..and part mutant…wow. She’s got a likable personality and can defend herself since she’s learning from Splinter. She can come off as whiny sometimes but she always gets the job done…..though she does have some annoying ‘Teenage’ tendencies.

Winner: 200——-I really should give it to her, but I’m shallow and 1987 April is a hottie so that’s my personal favorite haha


1987: This shredder was only intimidating in the first 5 episodes of the show then he became a joke. And just a typical whiner of an 80s villain. It’s kind of pathetic really. Don’t get me wrong I loved James Avery’s voice but the character was too much of a wimp to be taking seriously.
2003: THE FIRST VERSION, which I guess is the Utrom one…Not the Demon one or Karai. I’ll say this. THIS SHREDDER HAD THE BEST GODDAMN DESIGN OUT OF ANY SHREDDER’s in History for his first few appearances

before we found out he was an alien. To me that took away some of the badassness of this shredder cause its kind of like. Oh I’m really good at video games so Im kicking your ass instead of training. That bugged me but the design was incredible.
2012: This version of Shredder took what I loved about the 2003 shredder and keeps it grounded. He is a lethal martial artist who was like a brother to splinter but then turned to the dark side. He even stole his daughter, that’s just cold. His suit looks meh to me though

Winner: 2012 Shredder with 2003’s armor now that would be incredible.

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Top 5 RWBY fanfics?

(these are all gonna be Arkos fics or have a heavy Arkos presence) 

  1. at least it was here by usoverlooked ( @masonjo ) (prob on of my fav fanfics just in general, ive read it like twice already and will read it again soon, its soooo goood all their rwby stuff is good go read this then the rest of their stuff right now)
  2. Cast of Characters by @spyder_m (also the same on tumblr) (this was I think the first arkos fic i read on AO3 and i always go back to it)
  3. Embers of Autum by @luckyfirerabbit (i actually forgot at one point that this fic wasnt canon cause god i wish it was)
  4. Coordination by straypheonix ( @fireonallwires ) (absolutely my go-to fic when I need fluff and has never failed me)
  5. Tethys by Noscere (idk of they have a tumblr, if they do someone pls let me know!) (NSFW this fic changed me as a person it’s that good, its part of a series that I def need to read)

I actually dont read a whole lot of rwby fics, so if you have a fav and/or know a good one send me recs!!!

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Aaaaaaaaahhh I wasn't aware you're a SK fan <3 <3 followed you for the cute tkrb art but definitely sticking by for shaman king love!! May I ask, who's your favorite? Aksjsjah im just so happy to see Yoh in my dash ;;;

Ahaha yeah!! Thank you!! Always glad to see more SK fans around!! Actually I found out about Tourabu because I kept seeing Amidamaru turned into a toudan/Mankin fans playing the game and drawing the characters and crossovers in general back in the day LMAO

My fav is Yoh! and Manta following closely! AND HANA!!!!!!! (I got intensely attached to the SKF cast, I love everyone…..)

Six movies I’ll always watch:

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1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone or the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2

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I love the wonder and the magic of the first film, but the final film is my favorite for Alexandre Desplat’s soundtrack; the depth of the film; and of course my fav Severus Snape. God, I love that dynamic character.

2. Skyfall

Who doesn’t love Daniel Craig? I’m a huge James Bond fan, and Skyfall felt like a return to the classic style of Bond films, gave the character depth, had an amazing cast, and was filmed in one of my favorite parts of Scotland. My favorite Bond film.

3. Raiders of the Lost Ark

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Indiana Jones is probably subconsciously the reason I’m a historian.

4. T2 Trainspotting

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The experience of being at the premiere and watching this film with the cast and one of my favorite people on this planet, Robert Carlyle, is something I’ll never forget. But also, the movie itself is brilliant. Cinematography, music, acting, cast, how meta it is, the story and the depth of it, just everything– one of my favorite films ever.

5. Love Actually

Emma Thompson’s badass, strong female character in this gives me life. Also, Bill Nighy. ‘Nough said.

6. The Empire Strikes Back

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Star Wars was the first movie I can ever remember watching, so I’ve actually been a fan my whole life I suppose? This is my favorite one they made. Han Solo for life.

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1 of ∞ Favorite people of all times: Sebastian Stan.
Listen, we’re all crazy anxious people, it doesn’t matter if I’m sitting here and you’re there. I’m awkward, I get nervous, I get panic attacks, I get crazy, depression. [..] So, my job, I think, is always just try to remain as honest as I can and just, I don’t know, helping someone.”

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Love your stemily edits and texts/answer! What do you think about granielle? i know they are dating other people but damn they always look at each other and stay close.

well, I definitely won’t compare them with stemily and their firecrackers, these two are another realm lol

I do know that Grant and Danielle are always together on set and practically live in one trailer bc they’re both crazy about their dogs and they call it “puppy love in the trailer” or something like that lol And Grant and his brother do stalk her instagram and he always comments how gorgeous she is, which is really cute.

And they are so adorable, I just want to squeeze them :D

They btw also love not to notice other ppl on the interviews. My fav was when interviewer asked the whole cast a question and these two were like on their own wave lol

He clearly likes her, I mean, he can’t even pass her by in the booth (sorry for the low quality, idk where to find a better one). Here goes another one with tickling, smb just can’t keep their hands away)

I just love how Emily & Danielle take care of their superheroes  on and off screen it’s really so cute, I’m melting

So my summary of granielle in one word is “awwwwwwwwww”) You can see why they’re so great on screen.