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Admiral Piett only being 5′08″ while Veers is 6′05″? Check.

Admiral Piett screaming at his men when they don’t fucking take him seriously? Double check.

What is the best way to get a company to change its products? Contacting them directly? Making a petition?

It has come to my attention that All Living Things, a line exclusive to PetSmart, sells pet shampoo and treats that have large photos of rabbits on them - 1) rabbits can literally die if bathed, and 2) they can’t have the majority of the treats they sell because of high sugar or dairy content.

I’m honestly so angry. I shop there for convenience but I’m about to just start getting my stuff from Amazon because this is ridiculous.

A few months ago, I went to Petco and saw they had information pamphlets on animal care and the one for rabbits was so ridiculously wrong and full of misinformation that I took them all with me and threw them in the trash. They haven’t replaced them. They also had the address and phone number of the vet that killed Binky taped above that - a vet who has zero experience with exotics and proved that to be 100% true.

Lastly, a Pet Supermarket just opened in my town so I went to check it out, and they are selling rabbits. I swear to god it’s such a bad idea and I’m so worried that I’m thinking about printing information to give to the shop so they can pass it on to those considering buying a rabbit.

I am so upset by all of this that my hands are shaking. I don’t know what I can do to put a stop to this. The poor marketing and carelessness of these companies is leading to the unintentional mistreatment of rabbits and small animals all over the United States.


any hopes and dreams of colouring it died with a person who didnt have a stiff carpal tunnel brace on their wrist so i might as well post it as it is


jojo gangs up until part 5….my hand got tired….

Made a movie poster parody print ft. Genji (+ name cameos)!

Disclaimer: I’ve only watched the 2017 Power Rangers movie…


Dem teef. aka Peter gets his own Ravager uniform.

Guardians tag


SHINE FOREVER dance practice
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tfw your own daughter betrays you

(Au where sebastian has to leave union with his daughter and his new husband bc lily wants two dads)