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I don’t even know what the dragon debacle is. But coming from somebody whose WIP is FULL of dragons? You can never go wrong by giving somebody a dragon. Like.... what’s the worst that could happen?

It all started when I filled out this prompt request and then people started reblogging it with tags that encouraged Garrick getting a dragon. It all went downhill from there.

First of all, a WIP full of dragons sounds HELLA cool and I encourage this 100%. Second of all, Alderon? Could die? Bc he’s weak to fire and dragonfire is especially nasty?

And this is why Garrick would never actually intentionally adopt a dragon.

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Oh you know what. I’ve been wondering what kind of things within the world of Suit and Jacket have happened or are possibly true but never actually made it into the story? Like what headcanons you might have for it.

-Suit and Jacket Rhett is canon bi, but he hasn’t found a label yet. This is mid-to-late 90s in NC and they’re teenagers, so they don’t have it all figured out. Link will identify gay. Their labels aren’t super relevant– they’re exclusively each other’s.

-Jack has a really messed up af life. He’s been through a LOT. He’s sold himself, he’s been in and out of trouble, he’s been traded for drugs, he’s just been through some serious shit. My heart breaks so much for him… I really wish I could explore his story further.

-The Janitor at the place Rhett and Link worked in Hollywood was bad news. Rhett and Link were pretty much only safe because they were together.

-Jacob is going to meet the BEST guy someday. He’s going to be really happy, I think. But high school will be hard for him.

Those are just a few. :)

So I’ve been watching Supergirl from the start but have not interacted with the fandom until a while ago.

I went on twitter to check some tags and like there were shippers fighting over which ship-base actually shipped Karadox first/shipped them more.

I have never seen this happen in another fanbase. To reiterate Ship A fans and Ship B fans are arguing over which fans like Ship C more. Yeah, this is wild.

The shipping environment here is insaaane. Or at least it is on twitter. Though I have come across some animosity while browsing tumblr sometimes but not to that level (I think?).

It’s terrifying but also kind of amusing at the same time.

p.s. and anyway the first/biggest Karadox shippers would be, oh idk, probs anyone who shipped them outside the CW ship, wanted to see their otp in another medium, and were satisfied by the first interactions.

Even if you called 6 months later at 3 am, I’d still answer; I’ll always care.
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I can't get enough of your art! I love it so much. But, I'm super depressed, from some bad news, concerning my fiancé's health... could I maybe get something super cute? Anything haikyuu, or even an oc you might have. Please and thanks a bunch

Ahhh, I hope everything will get better soon, anon! Meanwhile have some sappy older bokuros~

i cannot make my stress levels over the adult cast of IT 2019 clear enough. i am stressed. i think about this every fucking day.

so. i’ve gotten a lot of messages and asks about this, so i figure i’d address it.

Bakugou was not abused. Bakugou knows he was not abused.

Bakugou overheard Todoroki’s story of how Endeavor abused his family, and the expression he had on afterward says that Bakugou’s never been presented this this sort of situation before. it caught him off guard. it’s not- right. it isn’t normal

Bakugou wasn’t prepared to hear it.

and later on, he confronts Todoroki (trying to rile him up to fight him at full strength), and brings up his past. Bakugou says he doesn’t care about it. he’s trying very hard to convince Todoroki that hearing his past didn’t mean anything to him, except it clearly does. that’s why he’s bringing it up. 

he does care. he does care about Todoroki’s home life. he does care about what Endeavor did to him. he wants Todoroki to let go of that and accept his powers as his own, just like Izuku did, but in his own, round-about, angry, rough way.

Bakugou does care.

and if he were abused, he would’ve had a different reaction to hearing Todoroki’s past. he would’ve felt kinship, or a connection, maybe flashback to something Mitsuki did to him and think something like “That’s what happened to me!” or show some sort of recognition to the similarities between their pasts and history.

but he doesn’t. instead, he was caught off guard. he’s unprepared. he probably knows home abuse happens, but he’s never been so close to it- never known someone it actually happened to. 

he wasn’t sure what to do, because he’s never been in this situation before.

Bakugou lived a sheltered life. he was constantly praised, constantly rewarded, constantly told how awesome he was and always got what he wanted, and always got away with doing shitty things. even by his own mother’s admission, they praised him too much, and it gave him an overblown ego.

he was a big fish in a small pond, and he knows it. it’s why he struggled so much at UA after getting in, because he was forced to realize that he wasn’t as awesome as he thought, and it was a big blow.

Bakugou was spoiled.

later on, we see Bakugou suggest violence to corral the kids, citing his upbringing. which, for Bakugou, probably means smacking the kids lightly on the back of the head, because that’s what Mitsuki did to him whenever he made a smart remark or got himself into trouble.

that isn’t abuse. i’m not saying it’s right, either, but it’s far from abuse. it’s something common that happens in many households, and is especially common in japanese culture. it’s not abuse, and it’s not meant to be taken seriously.

look at the difference between Todoroki’s reaction to his father’s violence, and Bakugou’s reaction to Mitsuki’s slap. Todoroki looks absolutely terrified, crying into his mother’s shirt because his father hurt her, begging not to become like his father, and then pure anger at what Endeavor’s abuse did to his mother.

meanwhile, Bakugou threatens to send Mitsuki into the ceiling, in a completely comedic, not-serious manner. clearly, the slap didn’t bother him that much if he’s yelling such silly, hyperbolic statements back at his mother. 

his reaction is much closer to one he has whenever his classmates mess with him than it is a reaction towards abuse. 

not to mention, All Might and Aizawa would have done something if it were something serious. they’re two of the characters who care about children’s wellbeing the most. 

back to my earlier point, when Todoroki vetoes Bakugou’s idea, Bakugou gets angry, but then he flashes back to when he learned about Todoroki’s past. he remembers what Endeavor did to Todoroki and his mom. he remembers his own horrified reaction to learning about it.

that’s exactly the kind of reaction someone would have when complaining about something, and then remembering someone else around you had it way worse

so Bakugou immediately drops it, under the guise of taunting Todoroki, but mostly because he doesn’t wanna push the issue when Todoroki’s had a bad history of violence from his own father since he was a child. he’s being conscientious of Todoroki’s home situation and upbringing, because he knows it was Bad. 

Bakugou knows Mitsuki was rough on him. but he also knows that what he grew up with was completely different than what Todoroki lived through, and he, very clearly, drops the idea when he remembers this.

Bakugou respects Todoroki’s veto against the idea, because he knows about Todoroki’s personal history, and he’s being conscientious about Todoroki’s personal feelings on the issue. because he knows their personal experiences towards this are different, and Todoroki had it far worse, and he deserves to have that opinion on this subject respected and honored because of what he lived through.

Bakugou is suggesting smacking them on the back of the head, at most, because they’re being unruly and little smartasses, and that’s what his mom did to him when he was being an unruly little smartass. Bakugou knows Todoroki was abused, however, and drops the idea when Todoroki disagrees with it. 

Bakugou was not abused. he knows he was not abused. he knows Todoroki was abused, however. and that’s enough for him to respect Todoroki’s voice on the matter.

related meta:


Mainly I just wanted to give Sassyatta a chance to be smug. As though that never happens. Anyway, I was actually mulling over whether or not I thought they’d get a long since Moira is pretty quick on the comebacks too. It was her Ult line that did it (Surrender to my will!) – then it was easy to think that nah, Sassy Zenyatta would absolutely piss her off on purpose. To get semi philosophical on a stupid OW comic: It’s the difference between Symmetra and Moira. Symmetra is all up on her high horse because she is confident in her inherent awesomeness. Moira is all up on her high horse because she is confident in your inherent inferiority. Or at least that’s a suuuuper basic reading of the character so far. XD That’s the 30 second logic for now I guess.

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