this will actually never happen

More Post-Entranced Thoughts

I wore a bathing suit today for the first time in years.


In public.*

I’ve had insecurity about my body and wearing swimsuits for years- dating back to when I was in my teens and freaking out about being a size 8. I’ve declined going swimming and frequently felt the need to completely cover up when I did go in the water.

I don’t know what changed. I think it has something to do with Entranced? Cute people wanting to play with me? People complimenting me and saying I was attractive? Unintentional (or intentional) post-hypnotic suggestions that helped me feel better about my self and my looks? Doing an explicitly sexy thing in front of people and getting good feedback? General confidence from spending several days doing a thing I am good at?

I don’t understand how it was so easy- so easy that I didn’t even notice something was different until already being at the pool for a few hours. But I’m going to hold onto this feeling as long as I can.

If you were somehow intentionally or unintentionally responsible- Thank you.

*Very public, actually- a very popular park/swimming pool

Hold Me Close

Hold Me Close

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 784

Warnings: Nightmare, fluff, smut.

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You shot up from your pillow, hair clinging to your face as you glanced around the dark room. No vampires, no blood dripping from your lips. The only thing you could sense was the loud snoring of Dean as he drooled on his pillow. Letting out a deep sigh, you closed your eyes, letting the tears fall. You were tired of the nightmares, tired of the memory of things that never actually happened.

A small whimper left you as your body trembled, still coming down from the rush of your dream. You cursed as Dean stirred before opening his eyes.

“Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” Dean lifted himself from his side, propping himself on his elbow as he reached out for you. His hand gently rubbed your arm. “You’re shaking. Come here.” He sat up completely, pulling you against his chest. “Shh, it’s okay. I’m right here.”

He held your head against his chest as he softly stroked your hair. “Do you want to talk about it?”

You shook you head. It was no use. It’s not like you had the same dreams every night. Every single nightmare was different, but always ended the same way, with you becoming the monster.

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fatedeniedhope  asked:

Can we have first kisses with pre fall Gabe and Jack please?


  • Honestly a nervous mess but tries to act cool about it
  • He’s failing though because his nervousness is making it really hard to actually kiss properly
  • The first time ya’ll bonked foreheads
  • The second time your noses got smooshed together
  • Luckily for him, you’re an amazing sport (or just wanna kiss him bad enough, who knows?) and are willing to work on the act until it goes down correctly
  • Eventually it does
  • Once the initial lip-touching part has actually happened, he’s back to the same charming, albeit a bit embarrassed, Gabriel Reyes
  • The kiss is sweet and soft and warm
  • Then you get a billion more kisses after it, along with with Gabe trying to act like the beforehand screw ups never happened
  • He is still a Cool Guy


  • Actually prepared for it
  • It’s probably a spontaneous thing that he just randomly decides to do after walking you home after a date
  • A confident boy
  • Just kinda holds your hand after saying goodnight to create that romance movie-esque lingering moment
  • Also a cliche boy but it’s fine; he just loves romance movies
  • When you allow that kinda awkward but romantic little moment to happen, he leans in and gives you a sweet, lingering kiss
  • He should have gone into romance acting tbh because he’s amazing at the thing
  • Might give you another kiss after, then kisses your forehead and tells you that he’ll call tomorrow (which he always does)
  • Then he makes sure you get inside again fine, after saying goodnight again, then heads back home
  • Dorky grin appears on his face after he leaves your doorstep
  • Is actually a Cool Guy

so there was this nicktoons tv movie called the electric piper and i like. definitely saw it when i was a kid. and i had vivid memories of certain scenes but it ended up as a piece of lost media for a really long time so i could never look it up to see if they actually happened… anyways someone uploaded the whole thing to youtube a few months back and i watched it and im like. really weirded out by how well i remembered certain parts of it, even stuff i didnt realize i remembered

I Can't Survive When You're Not Here // #BSPromptChallenge

Day 5: Redemption

A/N: I actually wrote a relatively long fic! THIS NEVER HAPPENS. 

Her nightmares never stopped; despite catching Shepherd, and despite having the comfort of Kurt beside her at night, they still come in frequent bursts. They take over her entire body, causing her to shake and sweat uncontrollably. Her breath quickens and she tries to fight it, tries to stop it, but she can’t. The dreams succumb her completely, like waves forcefully crashing over her.

And it’s always the same dream.

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Oh my god, guys, I finally hung up all my art prints this weekend. I have this thing where I vehemently resist putting anything on my walls because I never actually feel like live where ever I happen to be living, so I keep my walls very plain. But I’ve been at my current place for almost 3 years, so I’m trying this thing called, “You Fucking Live Here, Deal With It, Hang Your Prints Up Because They Make You Happy and Deserve to Stop Living in a Flat Folder on Your Bookshelf.” 

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8, 14, 33, 77, 81, 97

8. Sexual orientation: Pansexual

14. Do I have a crush: I do, actually, but it’s kinda never gonna happen

33. My current relationship status
: Married and polyam

77. What’s a song that always makes me happy when I hear it?
: I’m Totally Not Down With Rob’s Alien by Minus The Bear

81. My top 5 blogs on tumblr
: @kitrinafawkes, @like-a-huracan, @jade-suture, @seirines, @stripperdust

97. Had sex in public?
: Yes, several times.


Guess who dared Forrest to streak? I’ve actually managed to never have this happen before since I don’t really use the mischief interactions on purpose. Colin (and Forrest) keeps me on my toes.


I dreamt that I was at my old elementary school. And we were eating lunch outside, me and Caroline, who was my girlfriend in fourth grade and then you were walking past and I was like “Wow, damn”! And then I walked up to you and I was like “Hey, do you wanna date me?” in front of Caroline.

Even if you called 6 months later at 3 am, I’d still answer; I’ll always care.
—  Unknown

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I can't get enough of your art! I love it so much. But, I'm super depressed, from some bad news, concerning my fiancé's health... could I maybe get something super cute? Anything haikyuu, or even an oc you might have. Please and thanks a bunch

Ahhh, I hope everything will get better soon, anon! Meanwhile have some sappy older bokuros~

Keith, my love. (*´◡`)/♥ Who made you angry? (Shiro, Hunk) | Redbubble