this wig is really good


Blond Skywalker genes, the secret’s out thanks to the little Matt the Radar Technician incident…


Finally completely done with lotte :3

I’m really happy how it turned out in the end, but sadly my wand will not arrive in time for dokomi this weekend…. I guess I can live with it. I’ll wear the costume again at cosday in frankfurt this july, than hopefully with my wand XDD

(I am wearing brown lenses in the selfie because I didn’t want to waste any of my clear one day contact lenses for the cos test and without lenses I just can’t see a thing xD)


I’m so happy my wig for Keith and gloves came in today, just gotta style the heck outta it for Keiths “mullet” and take my gloves in a bit i feel like i could fit a whole other person in them jesus @v@

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Andreil prompt: Tipsy/drunk Neil on the dance floor + Andrew's reaction

Canonically, Neil prides himself on being discreet and forgettable, on being able to blend into the background and do what he does without gaining anyone’s attention.

Canonically, Neil is lying to himself.

Canonically, drunk Neil is even worse.

I mean let’s face the facts. In the one instance in the series that Neil isn’t sober the kid pays some random guy to knock him unconscious.

So while I love the prompt, I’m going to tweak it a tiny bit.

So here is an incomplete list of the stupidest things drunk Neil has ever done:

  • Attempted to twerk to Bad Blood (he failed)
  • Kissed a lizard named Beth on New Years
  • Kissed Beth the lizard again at the New Years after that
  • Had a Twitter sass fight with John Stewart that lasted two and a half hours. Neil won.
  • Forgot how to speak every language except Russian, which wouldn’t have been that much of a problem, except a bunch of Russian tourists managed to convince Neil he was also a tourist from St Petersburg who lost his passport. Cue one long and useless phone call to the Russian embassy.
  • Went to dance floor, disappeared, showed up the next morning with his phone full of selfies of Neil and a guy who looks exactly like Tupac.
  • Beat the shit out of a drag queen who tried to stab him. Took the wig as a trophy.
  • Karaoke. Drunk Neil really, REALLY likes karaoke. Is he good? No. But like that will stop him. Andrew can’t stop him. (Someone please stop him).
  • The night the Moriyamas killed uncle Stuart, Neil brokes Eden’s Twilight record by drinking 32 jäger bombs. He was out of it for two days and hung over for three.
  • Kissed Beth on New Years a third time, at which point he and Beth’s owner just traded phone numbers because why ruin the start of a great tradition

To make it clear, Andrew was present for all of these expept Tupac, and it all almost makes Andrew hate Neil a little less, if he can make life this interesting.

You know i'll make a woMAN out of you

Category: fluff

Authors note: takes place in tenth grade and riley and farkle are secretly date and so are lucas and maya. But only they and topanga know that they are dating eachother. This is based off of the episode from boy meets world known as “chick like me” and there happens to be one with eric and jack but i can’t seem to remember it. Without further ado, here it is!


•farkle and riley are making out in her room

•cory opens the door then goes into “that filthy dog is kissing my daughter” mode

•farkle dashes out the window

•"You filthy animal! Ooh, I got his shoe! Lets add it to the collection.“ "Dadddd!”

•but now farkle can’t show his face anywhere near cory or cory will chase after farkle

•so farkle sprints home with his one shoe on and runs to his room

•since back-of-the-class brenda and farkle are identical to eachother, farkle calls her to make a deal

•"Alright brenda, i’ll give you ten dollars if you stay out of school for three days.“
"Minkus, i know you’re loaded, 1,000 or no deal.”

•he sent her a check using his phone like the geeky rich boy he is

•he then called topanga and shawn to tell them to meet up at topanga’s

•he explains them what happened then tells them “I need help with being a girl.”

•topanga and shawn look at eachother mischievously

•katy takes the rest of topanga’s shift and then they go shopping

•topanga does farkle’s makeup and even got him a really good wig

•he looks good but the problem is, he looks too good

•next day in history class farkle sat in brenda’s seat and EVERYONE is staring at him and zay is like “damn girl”

•zay ends up flirting with farkle

•"Hey babe, you like the movies?“
*girly voice *"Um no thank *voice crack* YOU”

•cory doesn’t suspect a thing

•but now after school lucas got caught too and got chased down the street by shawn

•since lucas doesn’t want a death threat from both shawn and cory he just goes to topanga and he gets a makeover

•"hello class, we have a new student known as Jeanine" “it’s pronounced Jay-ni-ni”

•the next day farkle looks at lucas and he knows that it’s him so he “drops” his pencil and summer-saults towards lucas desk

• “lucas, why are you dressed up like a girl?” “um hi brenda” “It’s me farkle, you idiot with good genetics!” “Oh! Hi. Shawn caught me kissing maya and since mr.matthews and shawn are going to somehow get the italian mob from Pennsylvania involved into this, I’m keeping it on the down low.” “Wait,WHAT?”

•mr.matthews then says “lucas stop talking to farkle- wait… MINKUS! FRIAR!”

•*farkle jumps out the window and falls into the dumpster*

•"Are you serious Minkus?!“ "You can’t catch me handbone!”

•*cory jerks head towards lucas* *lucas runs away in heels*

•cory turns his head towards his daughter and maya

•"Do you guys really like them?“
"Of course.” “I believe i do,handbone.” “That’s all that matters to me.”

•*lucas pokes his head into the classroom with his wig crooked and his lipstick smeared* “Awww!”

•*farkle screams from the dumpster* “Not to ruin the moment and all but all rights to the word handbone goes to me so i’ll see you in court maya.”

tonys thoughts pt 2 (performance edition)

Okay preface this by saying all of the performances were incredibly well-done and clean - everyone was seriously on their A-game. Most of this is about the choice of song itself. (Bonus I’m severely unfamiliar with the shows so I do not have examples of other songs they could have done)

(I can’t remember the exact order so these are probably not in it)

Come from Away: I felt the song choice itself was pretty strong - from what I gather it was early in the show and was a good one to feature the whole ensemble. I definitely was curious about the show after watching it. For some reason, though, the stage seemed too big? Also whose head was that…

Miss Saigon: Showcase the incredible lead? Check. Convey the intensity of the show? Check. Highlight the awesome ensemble vocals? Woah!
I do think it was out-of-the-box to do a scene and then a song, but I felt overwhelmingly confused by the first minute or so. Maybe since it’s a revival, they trust the audience to be thrown head-first in, but there was very little context. That being said, it was a powerful showcase.

Groundhog Day: It was a really cute number and the song was nice, I just felt, again, like the context was missing. Who is this woman? Where in the show is this? The ensemble involvement fun - you could definitely see the personalities and variety of the characters, which was very cute. Sidenote anyone else notice a rando standing in the wings?

War Paint: The show was built to showcase two strong leading ladies, and this performance shows us that. I don’t know anything about the musical and the song itself was fine. Forgettable.

Hello, Dolly: I don’t have much to say. They really undeserved the show and its cast with this number. Sure, the song was nice and didn’t really need much explanation, but I knew nothing about this production going in and I’m left with nothing.

Dear Evan Hansen: I was definitely skeptical going into this one, but I have to give credit where it’s due because Ben Platt was lovely. However, as a song to represent the cast of the show? They could have done better - at least a duet or a trio if you’re going to have your chorus oohing and aahing. I also feel like I learned a bunch of Ben Platt’s vocal tics.

Bandstand: For a show without a lot of nominations, I was really impressed by this performance. A good ensemble (and lead) showcase, and I got to appreciate that Tony-winning choreography. Despite any thoughts about this show itself, I thought their performance was well-chosen and very strong.

Falsettos: Even though it was out of context, they made the character relations very clear and did a good job showing off the whole cast. It was also majorly adorable. I guess if I had to nitpick, some of the other performances were showstoppers, and this one wasn’t really, as in, I felt like it was setting me up for a part that didn’t come. Also I’ll say what we were all thinking: thank god they put a wig on that man.

Great Comet: Really good use of space, and great balance between showing off individual vocal chops and highlighting the awesome ensemble. It was big fun, and they managed to convey a lot about the show’s feel despite being on a different stage. I would have liked to see a number with Denée Benton, well, singing, but this was a high-energy performance that was my personal favorite of the bunch.

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Hi ducky, do you have any tips on how to make a wig cap stay in place? Mine keeps sliding off and that makes my purple hair at work visible...

  1. Right Fit
    First, make sure that your wig cap is a good fit for your head. Some are tighter than others and they can stretch out over time. Make sure you have a snug fitting one. They can also have different size “bands” around the base, I find ones with thicker bands are more secure. 

  2. Pins and Clips
    Hair pins can be used to attach the wig to the hair under the wig but can also be used to clip the wig cap to your hair. This works best with netted caps that have gaps for the pins.

    Some people use toupee clips, sewn into the wig, to help the wig grip the hairline at the front. This may also work for clipping a wig cap in place.  

  3. Wig Bands
    I haven’t tried these out, but they are bands that go around the front of the head and give a surface for wigs to grip on to. It might work to give extra coverage when the wig cap starts to creep back!
  4. Touch ups
    Even with a very secure setup, a heavy wig might slide back and with activity the pins might loosen. You may still need to pop into a bathroom to do some touching up.   

(I forgot to add this to my last ask, I’m so sorry!!) Are there any tips on how to make a wig less itchy? 

  1. Wig Cap and Wig Liners
    Wearing a wig cap will create a barrier between the wig and your head, that way it doesn’t rub against your scalp. If the itching is from rubbing then it can make a big difference. Lightweight wig liners give an even thicker barrier.

  2. Crimped Hairs
    Some wigs have crimped hairs along the netting to help give volume, but these crimped hairs can poke through the wig can irritate your head. Looking for higher quality wigs or wigs with less crimping can make a difference if these hairs are bothering you.
  3. Gaps
    Wefted wigs tend to have gaps between the wefts, especially at the back. These gaps can allow some of the hairs to poke through and cause itching. You can get wigs without gaps but if that isn’t an option, giving your wig a comb through before wearing and checking the underside for any pokey hairs can help alleviate the issue.
  4. Your Hair
    For a lot of people, your own hair can be the cause of itching, especially if you have itching while wearing a wig cap! If you have long hair then braiding or putting your hair up in ponytail can help prevent it from poking you, just make sure the ends are pointed away from your scalp. =For smaller hairs it helps to gel them down or use a bit of hairspray to hold them in place. I have shorter hair and find that putting my wig cap and wig on while my hair is damp relieves the issue. 

  5. Allergies
    It is possible that you could have allergies to either a product used to treat the fibers/ style the wig or even the wig fibers themselves. If you are getting a rash from the wig or other signs of an allergic reaction you should not wear the wig. You can attempt to wash the wig out at home or try different wig fibers to see if it makes a difference. 

  6. Used to it
    Sometimes itching just happens and it gets worse while wearing a wig because you can’t do anything about it! Sometimes it takes a bit of mind-over-matter to ignore the itching and the more you do it the easier it gets. That said, I am not above going to the washroom to take off the wig and give my head a good scratch when I really need to  ;)

Hope this helps!
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Cosplays for sale!

Hey guys! I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and I think it’s time for me to sell some of my first cosplays that are too small for me now! ;; w ;; 

I don’t have any exact measurements because I got two of these with custom measurements, and I can’t find the original seller for the other. orz But you can go off of my sizes and decide whether you’re small enough to fit these lmao. 

My current sizes are:

  • Height: 5′2.5″
  • Shoulder width: 17 inches
  • Bust: 40 inches
  • Waist: 37 inches
  • Hips: 24 inches 

**I will be at ACen next month, so if you’d like you can pay in cash and we can meet up there! 
Otherwise payment over Paypal please!**

PM me if you’re interested! Or you can email me!

If you’d like some detailed pics of these cosplays, please let me know! 

Cosplays with pictures below the cut!

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My friend and I are having a hair dye day and while the ultimate goal is blue hair (not today bc I know going from red to blue in one day will probably kill my hair) I need to get the red out of my hair and so far it’s working better than expected tbh??


@lapidot-anniversary-week SELFIE DAY

I figured…this is a “cosplay” blog…I should do some Lapidot cosplay…there’s a hidden message for Peridot in the second sign lol…based on something I thing I saw about f*ck boi Lapis lol…
In case you can’t tell…I have on a peridot pin and some blue and green eyeshadow and tattoo chokers.
My Lapis wig is a crap show I should really fix that lol….good thing Lapi gets drawn with messy hair a lot…

My Favorite Cosplay Resources

Starting from head to toe!

  • Wigs - Personally I prefer Ebay. Wigs are cheap, buuuut you have to accept there’s a certain risk of not getting what you paid minimal money for. Still usually if you are wary you can go about with minimal mishaps. I like Ebay because of the price but also the variety. I’m terrible with wigs, so the closer at the start the wig is to the style/color I need the easier it is for me. So Arda for me isn’t really a good fit. (Though sometimes if the wig is really particular there’s nothing else than going with Arda.)

  • Contacts - Pinky Paradise. Hands down. Reliable, safe, and decently priced. Offers most of their contacts in a wide variety of prescriptions with no extra cost (which for me is super nice). They sort the contacts out in easy to find ways (by color, enlargement, etc) and most the contacts have real life customer pictures of themselves wearing the contacts so you really know what you are getting, not just some shopped photo of a lens over a stock eye shot.

  • Makeup - Honestly, I get most my makeup from Walmart. Cheap, wide variety. It helps that I don’t have sensitive skin. I can wear whatever and maybe have some small breakouts the next day. I also stop by CVS or Walgreens a lot, ton of variety and again cheap. Plus they are everywhere so if you realize you are out of concealer at the con you can usually pick up some at the local pharmacy in five minutes. For advances make up, like prosthetics, try any costume stores near you, like Party City or Halloween related seasonal shops. And of course the internet when you can’t find that one thing just the way you want it.

  • Fabric - Generally I go to Jo Anns and sometimes Hancock. These are what are local to me, and tend to have decent prices, okay selection, and for Jo Anns tons of sales and coupons. When I lived in Hawaii there were some local chains with amazing selection I liked more than these chains. (If you are in Oahu check out Kaimuki’s Dry Goods, small local store I used to really like.) So yeah poke around to see what’s around you! For especially hard to find fabric you unfortunately have to go online. It sucks and can be expensive. I like Amazon or but I’ve only done a little online fabric shopping so not my forte.

  • Supplies - This is a varied topic. Cause like Worbla, only available online. Paint? All over. Unfortunately I don’t have just a list I can tell you. Home Depo, Hobby Lobby, Ben Franklin, Michaels, Lowes, just try a balance of hardware and craft stores. And for the specialty stuff, like thermoplastics of course it’s the internet you go.

  • Shoes - Thrift shops. I love thrift shops. Goodwill, Salvation Army, whatever you have locally. There’s no guarentees unfortunately about the style and size but you’ll never get shoes cheaper. And since often I tear apart these shoes, paint them up, and otherwise mutilate them I feel a bit better about using these shoes which are already a step before the trashcan. To make things comfier you can put in inserts. If you can’t find something then internet is your best bet for the variety and low price.


  • Clothes - going to be cosplaying Shizuo and don’t really want to make a pair of black slacks? Who can blame you! So for simple clothing items you can head to my favorite, the thrift shop! Not only are you getting clothes for cheap but often also helping out different humane efforts (Like CHKD is a chain near me which is connected to a children’s hospital.) If you can’t find it in the thrift store gamble the more sure fire source is going to be Ebay! Again, used, cheap clothes. And some cheap new mass produced clothes. A little pricier with shipping and such but you can usually find low prices on basic things. Also even if it’s not a perfect match, wherever you got the clothes, keep an open mind to ability to edit the clothes into what you need.

So this is just a look into my shopping stops, I generally focus on lowering that price while trying to maintain quality. So if you are looking to do things without spending big bucks check these places out! Also for some tips on finding things on the internet, try a variety of search words, go through your big sites like Ebay and Amazon, but also Google Shopping. Annnd if you really are having trouble try Google Images then back track to the image source to what is possibly an online store. Not always but more often than not I’ve been able to find things like that!