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Theory on the Ipliers

As we all know, “Markiplier” comes from “Mark” and “multiplier”, an appropriate name for a (possible) engineer. but i say that this simple username choice lends itself more heavily to the explanation of the others: Darkiplier, Googleplier, Wilford Warfstache, Mark, and all the rest. THEORY TIME! GET COMFORTABLE.

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(this theory really focuses on mark, dark, warfy, and google specifically, though it applies to all, like yandere, santa, and the rest.)

Mark is a multiplier. he has created multiple channels for himself, multiple different “characters” that have helped build his iconic image, and now he has a team of multiple other people all working for/with him (he’s even colored his own hair a bajillion times). “multiplier: to multiply” is literally in his name. it’s in most of their names as well. but, like how mark is more than just multiplier, the others are as well.

what was the first icon from mark’s channel? what continues strong as his signature accessory? what can be found on every tee-shirt, mug, fanart, and all the rest of the merch? the Warfstache.

mark built himself a channel playing the most popular video games at the time and being a silly fool. warfy then borrowed some screen time, and, being warfy, firmly established his character from his first appearance as a slack-jawed, investigative, take-no-crap reporter. warf was the first, and warf is unique. while dark and google and the rest keep their “iplier” names, warf does not. he goes proudly, and loudly, by his full name, establishing the role between himself and the viewer as celebrity and adoring fan, right from the beginning. that’s his style.

dark appeared next, albeit more patiently, slowly, and carefully than warf. dark didn’t even give his name away, he didn’t take a whole video, he just slipped in. small, subtle, terrifying. dark rocked mark’s community to the core, and only now has he been established, fully exposed, and given the spotlight (but even that was over shadowed by warf). his established relationship with the audience is the lover, the charming boyfriend, to unrequited love. but he still gives us the chose.

the next (that i consider one of the big ones) is google. google didn’t go by his full name either. in fact, he appeared twice, at the same time, on two channels, and with two different endings. google has also confessed to being a robot, and he strives to serve the audience, as well as murder us and ruin our stuff. google cares for the audience the least.

still with me so far? now that we know who we are messing with, here’s the root of my theory:

mark, dark, wilford, google, and all the rest, are all multiplications, or clones, of themselves, and each other. mark might be the original, and most human, but the others are all his equal, and coexist.

each iplier is a basic template, with a different shift in character focus for each. (if you know Thomas Sanders, you can consider dark, wilford, and google as Tom’s “Sanders Sides”, with one big difference…)

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mark is the humanity side. he has a human body, a human personality, and is OVERFLOWING with human empathy and emotion. we all know mark and his bleeding heart.

wilford, the second oldest, is harder to pin down. he and google both want to get to the truth and get answers and spread a little chaos, but in slightly different ways. so, while wilford is more interested in mental stimulation, be that through questions or pain of torture, google is more interested in getting to his goals in an entirely physical manner. the entire basis of google’s character is that he is the physical embodiment of a nonphysical program, and warf revolves around the fact that he wants to make people think, reconsider, and answer questions, the most effective mental stimulation around.

dark is the emotional side of things. think about it. what was his entire goal in “date with markiplier”? to get us, the audience, through our emotions. he charms us, elevates himself and his care of us above mark’s, and offers to provide everything we could every need or want. the first thing he accuses mark of is insulting him emotionally, going back on his word, his promise. dark is, i would say, even more emotionally deep than mark, simply considering their different reactions and actions in “date with markiplier”.

all of these sides have a physical body, clearly, but also have a nonphysical side. dark gets in your head and physically wrestles mark. warf has escaped death and interacts with time. and google can somehow appear at two places at once, and when prompted by computer errors.

these guys can’t kill mark, and mark can’t stop them. they can’t lay a hand on each other. they exist through each other, not within each other (like how the Sanders Sides are all in tom’s head). they are not demons, or viruses, they are simply multiplications, all be them imperfect copies, of each other, living independently.

each other’s imperfect equal.

here’s the kicker: unlike the “sanders sides”, these guys don’t exist in tom’s head (or mark’s head). they exist in our realm, through our interactions with them. mark needs the feedback and human connection. it’s why he does youtube and why he keeps doing youtube, he’s stated this several times. wilford needs our undivided attention and adoration, as he puts us immediately in the role of cheering fan. dark revolves around our emotional commitment and vulnerability with him. he wants himself to be our everything, unlike mark, in this case, who wants to be our everything. and google is a walking paradox of himself. he needs us to serve and answer our questions and solve our problems (and also harass) but he clearly hates us and wants to be our ruin.

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even though i didn’t mention them, this would apply to the rest as well. yandere, santa, and the several others that i can’t think of. they are all just multiplications of each other.

that’s all i got.

Imagine Sebastian working out in your backyard. You were catching up on your favorite show when the kids ran through the house screaming, video camera in tow. You follow them outside to see them video taping Sebastian - they can’t believe how big and strong their daddy is. They’re counting how many pull-ups he can do when your little girl says he must be the strongest daddy in the whole world. Your heart gushes - his must have, too, because he drops straight down from the pull-up bar. The kids take full advantage, wrestling Sebastian to the ground, attacking him with hugs and complete adoration.


Tom Hiddleston promotes Kong: Skull Island on VLIVE - Full video

Thirty whole minutes of Tom Hiddleston adorableness on Korean TV!

i just recently hit six hundred followers, and almost two-hundred posts, so here’s a little au ive been working on!!! thank you all so much for your support n stuff!


summary: …perhaps her obsession with a certain youtube star had spiraled a little bit out of her control. So what? It wasn’t like she was ever going to actually talk to him…right?

pairings: gruvia. nalu, jerza, gajev etc.

sidenotes: most italics are typing


“Juvia, would you date me?”

The question came at such an odd point in time, I felt my face scrunch up as my hand smoothed a poster across my wall. We were currently redecorating, aka moving everything around in an unnecessary fashion for the sole excuse of blasting music to the utmost limit in my room.

“I…dunno.” I answered. I felt like I knew Lucy too well to date her. I knew all of her dirty little secrets, there is definitely such a thing as too much information.

“Would you date me if I had a penis?” She revised, plucking a thumbtack from my wall and smashing it through Ashton Irwin’s chin.

“I…still don’t know how that changes anything.” I answered vaguely.

“I can think of a few ways it changes things…”

“Yeah, well maybe if your face wasn’t buried in porn so much, you’d actually have a boyfriend and you wouldn’t have to resort to using me.” I retorted, wishing I had a microphone to drop onto the floor.

“Ooh, ouch. At least I’m not creepily obsessed with what’s-his-name.” She added. That’s always her last resort, fuckin’ bitch.

“Don’t go there!” I screeched hotly, kicking a fluffy green chair over in frustration.

Of course, she was referring to icecross, my sad, sad obsession. Icecross was a youtube channel I frequented (and that’s using the word ‘frequented’ loosely). It wasn’t my damn fault that Gray Fullbuster is the undisputable reincarnate of Jesus Christ himself.

I happened across Gray’s channel a few or so years ago, it barely even took me a half minute to fall in love with him, he was adorable, sexy, funny, amazing, fucking sexy as sin, witty, perfect…I could probably google search a list of other synonyms for these types of words, but you get the picture. Trust me, you’d love him, too. Lucy’s just jealous that I discovered him first.

“I always have to go there. Sure, he’s cute, but you just…I don’t even know how to describe the level of weird you’ve traipsed across with your obsession.” Lucy said with a wayward shiver.

“You love him!” I accused, pointing my finger at her like I had just condemned her to be a witch.

You do!” She corrected, throwing an awkwardly heavy memory foam pillow at me.

She laughed at the weird poomf! sound it made when it hit my face.

I wrinkled my nose like an upset pug and threw it back at her.

“Maybe a little bit,” I admitted, licking my top row of teeth seductively. Lucy ended my room polishing when she slapped a crappily-printed photo I screenshotted of Gray during one of his videos . He had his hand midway through his rogue, wavy black hair.

It was sad how much good money I would pay to be in the same room as him when he does that.

“Creep,” Lucy whispered, pointing at the photo threateningly. “One day, this obsession is going to bite you right in the ass.”

“Sure,” I reprimanded.

I kind of wished I had listened to her.




It was late Tuesday afternoon, not that the days mattered in early summer anyways, it didn’t matter if it was Tuesday or Wednesday or fucking whattheheckisday.

I had been scrolling through my youtube subscription page for a while now, sadly I wasn’t into that much besides icecross and the occasional makeup tutorial it took a lot of work to make my ugly not ugly.

I randomly clicked and old-ish video of Gray’s, one of my favorites, Top Ten Reasons Icecross makes a Good Boyfriend. The first time I saw it I was practically surrounded in tissues, because I get really emotional when I see his smiling little baby face.

I listened to him ramble on about roses or something, I couldn’t care less, he could fucking spit on me and I’d still consider him 10/10 boyfriend material. That may be a tiny bit sad, but whatever.

My phone buzzed and I checked it, almost going cross-eyed trying to focus on the text and Gray’s face simultaneously.

From: Loosey Heartfuck-up

check this out :3

Curiously, I hit pause on Gray’s video and clicked the link Lucy had sent me. A list for the latest video conference in the Capitol was out. Pft. Lame, I already knew Gray was gonna be there. I was no doubt the first view on his video announcing it. Too bad I had no money and no options.

To: Loosey Heartfuck-up

late much??? evrbody knows hes gonna be there

A ding almost immediately.

From: Loosey Heartfuck-up

awww. don’t u wanna go meet the bae?

I rolled my eyes.

To: Loosey Heartfuck-up

duh. not like i can go anyhow, plus id probably end up embarrassing myself

I could hear Lucy’s telltale laughter in my head.

From: Loosey Heartfuck-up

course you would, ya little screw-up :P

A notification appeared on my computer screen, annoyingly covering up Gray’s paused face. Twitter.

I dropped my phone on the floor and crossed my legs, interested enough to click the notification. Apparently someone had followed me.

I didn’t recognize the person, not at first. He looked fairly attractive, and I could’ve sworn that I recognized his nname as well. Weird.

What was even weirder was that he had over ten thousand followers. I mean…fuck. I barely had three hundred, and I was following like four hundred people. (Yes…including Gray, you assholes.)

I looked at his following tab. Holy shit, he’s barely even following fifty people!

Maybe he followed me by mistake, I chastised, reality biting my ass evilly.

As if reality had heard me and decided to respond with ‘check yourself, bitch’ I got a DM from the guy, Lyon Vastia, who had just followed me.

I hit my inbox and read what he had written, which was like three paragraphs worth. Shit, he’s trying to sell me something isn’t he?

Dear Juvia

It’s been a long night, but I think I’ve finally found you. The one. I saw your profile from a distance, and it ha only taken me minutes to realize that I have to speak with you. I’ll die if I don’t.

My face was frozen. Was this guy for real? He must’ve swallowed one too many Shakespeare pills, because damn, he really doesn’t mess.

Your beauty is absolutely astounding. I find it to be unmatched and unparalleled – your humor is flawless, is it crazy to say that I believe I may have fallen for you already?

Yes. It’s really crazy, but I wasn’t about to judge, since this was coming from the girl who had clearly fantasized about marring gray Fullbuster within minutes of meeting him.

Juvia, you are a truly lovely human being. I may die if I never have the chance to at least speak with you, so I am begging you – please, respond, so I may at least have some closure.

Oh man, Lucy was gonna eat this up like fucking groceries. Man – even I was eating this up. Either this was a really sick prank (my best guess) or this guy missed his check-in at the loony bin. I was seriously doubting messaging him back.

With hesitant curiosity, and bated breath - Lyon.

I ended his message by bursting into giggles. This was just…man, this was hilarious! I should send this exact message to Lucy and see what she says…

The response box glared at me. Should I answer yet, or wait for further counsel…?

My legs jittered excitedly and I started typing anyways. I was way too pumped up to see what this guy was up to.

Are you serious? I typed back eagerly. I was still giggling hysterically, like some weird DC goon who desperately wanted to kill the batman.

He answered freakishly fast.

Of course not! I would never joke about something like this!

Heh. So this guy wanted to play, well, so be it.

cool, cool. I sent back. I know, I’m lame.

Is…there any other way I can contact you? This seems a little…informal…

Smooth. Asking for my phone number without even asking for it.

um…you are still kind of a stranger, but i can do Skype.

Nice. I hit the send button with satisfaction, no one’s gonna weasel my phone number out of me!

Of course! We have to start small, this is a blossoming relationship. My Skype is icemake17

My eyebrows furrowed. That’s…unique. My thoughts instantly swerved to icecross, as they usually did whenever something remotely icy was mentioned. I shrugged it off.

Ok, ill add you, I guess.

I minimized the Twitter browser and went onto Skype. May as well throw this guy a bone, if it was a joke, maybe I could at least give his friends a good laugh.

My hands flew to the keyboard to get to the add friends tab. What was his name again? Lion? Whatever. What was his Skype name?

My face contorted into a face of confusion and I was tempted to reopen the Twitter tab to check.

“It was icemagic, or something lame.” I spoke aloud. I typed in icemagic17 and hit add without any second doubts. Usually I wasn’t this bold when it came to making friends with strange people who claimed to be in love with me, but I was flying high on a whim and a shot of coffee. I could regret my decisions in the morning.

I hadn’t bothered adding any sort of customary greeting in the request, but I figured if lion-guy liked me so much he’d recognize my profile picture, because it’s actually a fairly good picture of me.

There was no activity from my Skype for the next couple of minutes, which was kind of weird because Twitter guy seemed pretty eager to meet me earlier. Maybe he backed out of the joke late, who knows.

Unfazed, I moved back to the screen where Gray’s adorable fucking face was frozen in time, telling me exactly why I should date him.

It was funny. I think the thing I liked most about his videos was that it felt like he was talking to me – not the whole world full of fangirls, but just me.

It was stupid, and petty. But I found solace in it.

I hit play on the video. Gray began talking about how much he liked spontaneity and traveling and the only thing on my mind was how fucking amazing it would be to date Gray. Then again, I don’t know if I’d even be able to stand in his presence without bowing down the whole time. A wicked double-standard, if you ask me.

I gently brushed a stray piece of blue hair that had fallen from my bun. It used to be blonde once a upon a dream, but ever since a video of Gray’s stating he liked girls with exotic hair, I’ve been rocking the blue locks as best I could. Lucy told me it was stupid to change the way I looked for a boy I didn’t even know. Maybe it was, a little bit. But it made me feel good about myself, too. It made me stand out. And I liked it.

“Another great thing about me is that I’m hilarious, like 30% of the time. You’ll be the funny one in the relationship.” Screen Gray stated. I felt myself nod subtly, even though in my mind I knew he was eighty thousand times funnier than me on his worst days.

A Skype notification popped up. Romeo’s back, apparently. I made the one-sided decision to finish the video before I messaged him again, on my watch, Gray took absolute priority.

Another Skype notification appeared and I hazardously rolled my eyes. Give it a rest, Adonis. I’m here all night.

With a wry smile, I reached for my phone, debating whether or not I should tell Lucy, and how. Maybe ‘guess who earned herself a stalker’ would be a good start. I typed it into my phone messily and hit send. Meanwhile, the Gray video ended and I was alone again.

Except for stalky-pants.

I hit Skype to see what he had to say for himself, probably something along the line of ‘you’ve been punked!!!11!’, but it didn’t hurt to check.

My eyes squinted at the message he had sent me.

how did you get my Skype

I raised one eyebrow in confusion. Short term memory loss much? I was so close to typing P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney it almost hurt, but I decided to be cool and give him a straightforward answer.

you gave it to me??

With a sudden heartstroke of panic, I remembered that I hadn’t double checked his Skype name to make sure I had typed in the right one. Like a crazed lunatic, I reopened the Twitter site and checked the guy’s (Lyon Vastia, I gotta remember that name…) Skype.


Apparently, my dumbassery knows no bounds, because his Skype was icemake17. I had befriended icemagic17.

My face heated up in mortification. Man was I stupid, and lazy, too. It would’ve taken me 0.4 seconds to double check the name, but nooo, I just had to go with my stupid-ass gut.

Before I could type in an apology to icemagic or whatever his name was, they messaged me back again.

god dammit. did natsu give it to you?

My mind triggered a string of memories associated with the word Natsu, like the fact that there was another youtuber by that name who’s channel was actually kind of lame but for some reason he had an assload of subscribers. I only knew him through Gray’s channel, weird as that was. I kind of considered myself friends with Gray, like his friends were mine, ad his enemies were mine. Natsu was somewhere in between those two, so my feelings for him were mixed.

idk who that is

I typed back an answer, absentmindedly forgetting to tell the person that it was my mistake that had led to us becoming contacts.

Oh well. Out of sheer boredom, I clicked his contact and decided to surf through what little info it could give me.

His picture was fuzzy and weird, I could tell that there were multiple people in the photo and they were on a beach of some sort. An extrovert. Excellent.

But that didn’t really matter.

Because what really hit me – and this is hilarious, so pay attention – was the name.

Gray Fullbuster.

“Oh shit,” I remarked, my voice raising to a high-pitched squeak that could rival the sound of a squeaky toy being stepped on by an obese person.

The only thing left to do now, was scream.

Jealous (Calum Imagine)

A/N: based loosely on the song Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy.  Requested by Anonymous.  Masterlist.

You flung yourself into his arms when you saw him.  His cheek was cold where you kissed it, and you wondered vaguely how long he had been waiting for you by the stage door.  "Babe, that was incredible,“ he mumbled into your ear, his arms still tight around you.

You pulled back and beamed at him.  It had been the best performance of your life.  You had poured your heart and soul onto the stage as you danced, nailing each move with precision and never missing a beat.  "Thank you,” you replied, and he kissed you.

“I mean, I knew you could dance, but… wow, that was amazing.  I could watch you dance forever.”

“And I could just stand here like this forever,” you replied.  "Although, it is a little cold out here,“ you added.

"It is,” he agreed, unwrapping his arms from around you and taking your hand, guiding you to the parking lot.

“Did the boys like it?” you asked, knowing that they were probably annoyed from waiting in the car.

“Yeah, they did.  Maybe more than they should’ve.”

You laughed.  "What do you mean?“

He shrugged.  "I’m just protective of my girl, is all.”

You nodded, smiling at him as he opened the passenger side door for you.

“Finally!” shouted a loud voice from behind you.  You turned to find three large guys crammed into the backseat.  "Don’t you two have any consideration for the rest of us? We’re freezing in here!“ Michael exclaimed.

"Great show, Y/N,” said Luke, in a quieter tone.

“Yeah, it was really quite good,” agreed Ashton.  "I just wish Calum wasn’t so mushy about it.  You should’ve heard him, Y/N.“  He put on a high pitched voice.  ”‘Oooh, my girlfriend is the hottest woman alive!’“

”'Oooh, she looks so good up there, I’m so proud!’“ Luke joined in.

”'Oooh, I have a boner just watching her!’“ Michael teased, and the backseat burst into laughter.

"Fuck off,” Calum said from behind the steering wheel.

You took his hand again as he pulled out of the parking lot.  "Come on, they’re just that they don’t have hot dancing girlfriends,“ you said, shooting a glare to the boys in the backseat.

"You’re right,” he replied, gripping your hand tighter.  "What a bunch of losers.“

A few weeks later at rehearsals, your instructor had an exciting announcement for your class.  "I’m very pleased to inform you that four of our very own have been hand-selected by a very prestigious band to star in their music video!”

You gasped and looked around the room, your shocked expression mirrored in the faces of all those around you.  Your instructor clapped a few times to silence the room, before continuing. “Now, the ladies who have been chosen for these roles are…. Sheila, Isabel, Katarina, and Y/N!”

You sat in shock as your classmates congratulated you and patted you on the back.  You couldn’t believe it.  Working for a huge band like this was really such an honor.  But… it was suspicious.  "Madam,“ you said, raising your hand slightly to get your instructor’s attention.  "Madam, which band?”

The other dancers quieted down so they could hear her answer.  "All Time Low,“ she replied, beaming at you.

But you were unsmiling, and unfocused for the rest of rehearsal.  You barely even thought about it when a rehearsal schedule for the music video was pressed into your hands at then end of rehearsal.  You clenched your fist around the packet of papers, too preoccupied in your own thoughts to even glance at it.

You slammed the front door shut behind you.  "Calum,” you yelled.

“Up here,” came his voice faintly, and you trudged up the stairs.  He sat on your bed, shirtless but wearing sweatpants, holding a guitar in his hands and looking down at an ink-filled notebook.  He looked up when you entered the room.  "Hey babe, how was rehearsal?“ he asked.

"It was…. unusual.”

“Unusual how?” he asked, looking back down at the notebook.

“I uh… I got some good news today.”

“Oh yeah?” he asked, his focus still on the words on the page.

“Calum, look at me,” you said softly, and he finally glanced up.  "I got offered a job on an All Time Low video shoot.“ you said flatly.

His eyebrows shot up in surprise.  "Whoa, what?”

“Yeah.  Did you have anything to do with it?”

“What? No! I mean, at writing the other night I was telling Alex about your performance, but I never imagined he’d… wow, Y/N! I swear I didn’t tell him to hire you.”

You breathed a sigh of relief.  "Alright.  Now I won’t feel horribly guilty about taking the job.“

"That’s really an incredible opportunity, Y/N.  And you’ll love Alex, he’s the best,” Calum said with a smile on his face.

And it turned out that you did love Alex.  The video shoot was exciting.  The four girls selected each got paired up with one of the All Time Low boys, and you ended up with Alex.  He made jokes all through learning the choreography, joking that you pushed him when he fell, continually saying he had a broken ankle, saying that you made him look better than he actually was.

Getting on set was a whole new atmosphere, so full of energy and anticipation.  Your costume was a Victorian-era ballgown, complete with a corset, and you felt amazing in it..  You found that partner work was your favorite kind of dance, because you could feed off of the other person’s emotion to get a dance just right.  And Alex made it so easy.  He was always so full of compliments, and always knew just what to say to make you laugh.  It wasn’t difficult to see why Calum adored the guy.  

As the video wrapped, you felt almost sad that it was over.  But it had been an exhausting process, and you couldn’t wait to get home and cuddle with your favorite boy.  You removed your costume for the last time and said goodbye to the other girls, all of the crew, and finally, the band.  They all thanked you for your work, and Alex kissed your hand.  You laughed and headed home.

Once again, you found Calum sitting on your bed with a guitar in his hands, staring at a notebook.  But this time when you greeted him, he didn’t look up at you.  He didn’t say anything.

“Is everything alright?” you asked.

“It couldn’t get much worse, actually.”

“What’s happened?” you moved to sit down next to him.

“Can you just be honest with me for a second?” he asked.

You reached for his hand, but he pulled it away.  "Calum, what’s going on?“

"Are you cheating on me?” he asked, looking you directly in the eye.

You felt like you had been slapped.  "Of course not! Why would you even ask that?“

He looked away again.  "I knew you two had been getting close on the shoot, but I never thought… I’m getting tons of messages on Twitter about rumours.  Lots and lots of rumours, Y/N.  And you know what all those rumours say?”  He didn’t wait for you to speak.  "They say that Alex has been seen creeping off to a dressing room with his dancing partner on the shoot.  For long periods of time.“

"Calum, are you joking right now?”

“And then this picture emerged,” he continued as if you hadn’t spoken, and held out his phone.  On the screen was a blurry photo of Alex kissing your hand, just hours ago.

“This is ridiculous.”

“Is it?”

“Yes! Because I didn’t cheat on you!  He was struggling with the choreography, so I helped him out with it when we had down time! And that hand kiss is just one of the gestures in the dance, he was just being funny.”

“Oh, is that what they call it these days? 'Struggling with the choreography’?” he asked nastily, finally looking at you.  But his eyes were cold.

“Oh my God, I’m telling the truth! Why don’t you believe me?!” you asked, exasperated.

“Why should I?” he countered.

“I don’t know, maybe because you love me?” you yelled.

He looked back down and didn’t say anything else.  Tears began to well up in your eyes.  "Fine.  Call Alex, call any of them.  I’m telling the truth.  And I’m done trying to convince someone who doesn’t trust me.“

You walked from the room hastily, knowing that he wouldn’t follow.  Collapsing on the sofa, you finally let the tears fall.  You curled up into a ball, letting all of your emotions turn you into a disheveled mess.  It almost didn’t feel real.  The boy you loved, having no trust in you.  How he believed online rumours instead of you.   How he didn’t care to listen to your side of things.  You wished you could wake up from this nightmare.  You wished you had never taken the video shoot job.  You hated that you still loved him.  You hated that you cared about him so much that he could hurt you so badly.

You heard his feet on the stairs.  You quickly sat up and wiped your tears away, not wanting him to see how much he could affect you.  He stopped at the edge of the sofa and stood there silently for a few moments.  "I’m an idiot,” he finally said.  When you didn’t respond, he continued, “I didn’t call anybody… I didn’t have to.  I believe you.  I trust you.  I’m an idiot for not believing you earlier.  I just… I just get so jealous because I never want to lose you.  Because I love you.”

Letting out a breath you didn’t realize you’d been holding, you motioned for him to sit next to you.  He did, and wrapped his arms around you.  "We really need to work on that jealousy thing, Hood,“ you said, snuggling into his warm torso.

"I know, I’m the worst.  And you’re the best.  I just can’t stand the thought of you with anybody else.”  He was silent for a few moments.  "Maybe we should just get married.

You laughed.  "Calum Hood, is that a proposal?“

Now it was his turn to laugh.  "Is that a yes?”

You smiled.  "Sure, if you get a ring and get down on one knee.“

"That can be arranged,” he said, taking your left hand in both of his.  His fingers rubbed gently against your fourth finger.  "Did I mention how much I love you?“

"Did I mention how much I love you too?”

what we learned from the easter baking video

- they have a creepy bunny suit apparently 


- phil is a strange person

- the chick wants to kill phil

- you can soften butter by putting it in your pocket

- unicorns lay mini eggs

- the whole video is a lie

- the difference between boiling and simmering

- phil should never go full northern

- phil always washes his hands

- phil has an interesting apron

- phil wants that scent pumped into his coffin

- phil is feeling crazy

- dan has a cool bedroom

- easter is about eating babies


- you will have a great heart attack if you eat them all

One Punch Man session @ AFA fan report

- The hall was full house. Lots of people are standing at the back and the sides of the hall.

Yoppi and Reiko was the emcee for the session

He was smiling (and adorable) throughout the whole session. He said that this is his first overseas promotion of an anime. (Everyone cheered)

They showed a video of the intro of the anime. Fans cheered when they show Sakupyon, Mamo, Namidai and Ishikawa Kaito character(he had the loudest cheer)

During the interview:
- he had chicken rice when he reached Singapore. The MC commented that all seiyuu/guests say the same thing. Having and liking chicken rice(lol). Its like a must eat list when in Singapore.

- Furukawa Makoto said he feels good to beat every villian in one punch. But Saitama can’t find the satisfaction of it.

What he felt about Saitama character when he first saw them
- “What a clean head, but it does not play a part in the character development in the anime” but “i would like to shave my hair like saitama.”
(Fans on the floor were saying “NO”, “DAME”, showing an “X” to him. Some did say yes, go ahead and do it. Everyone was shocked when he said he wanna shave his hair. Lol) (I don’t think your agency would allow you to do it)

- He is frustrated that he is restricted to voice Saitama loudly as his character is more laid back, chillax type on the outside. But his passion is burning inside, just that saitama can’t express it out. Unlike Genos(Ishikawa Kaito) have been voicing; expressing his character at max.
(Fans screamed when he mentioned ishikawa kaito.)
He really want to show his senpai that he really made an effort that he is hyper and energetic for his character. But Saitama is the laid back, very chill type so he can’t express much.

- Yoppi asked Furukawa Makoto who is his favourite character in OPM. He asked if does it have to be a hero or villain..
Then he answered that besides his own character(Saitama), his favourite villain is Zombieman, due to Sakurai Takahiro characterization in manga vol. 9 drama CD.
He had a great impression of him during the first meeting? Where they do self introduction and Sakupyon was really funny doing intro.

After the interview, he did a live dubbing of one punch man. (First episode of OPM. I think)

He requested for a re-dubbing of the shouting part. (I felt he was quite nervous for the first one that he was not satisfied with it)

Lastly, he choose (by drawing lots) 10 winner for the OPM premium.

(Ps. Thank you MyAnime twitter for the translate tweets. Cos i almost forgot the interview talk. Was enjoying too much that i forgot what they’ve talked. I did a Charlotte fan report too)



I have another art opportunity, or, artportunity, for your fanarts to appear in ACTUAL videos on my ACTUAL channel.

I want to start making my Pokémon team more connected with the story, and also use this as a trial for any future nuzlockes I do which will also hopefully be brimming with fanart.

The dudes and dudettes on my team right now are likely sticking with me in their current form for a long time (until they evolve or I see something REALLY COOL, and even then the only one I’d likely substitute would be Scraggy).

As such, I would love to see arts of either 1) the whole team looking cool that I can overlay at the beginning of the video, possibly with bonus trainer, or 2) an individual Pokémon from my team of your choice that I can put at the bottom on the Poké party section (meaning a potential 6 different fanarts on the screen at any given time!)

I will of course give full credit in the video descriptions for anything I use.

Images need to have transparency for easier editing. Thanks!

To clarify, the Pokémon are:
Chou the ADORABLE yet slightly quirky Quilladin, Bub the beefy Wartortle (with sunglasses), Birdface the quick and feisty Fletchinder, Puck the scrappy Scraggy (maybe bonus scars. Chicks dig scars.), Teep the cute and charming Tyrunt who tries so hard to be intimidating, and Zoey Zozo Jr. the haunted Jigglypuff (with signature warpaint).

No deadline, I’ll just rotate any superduper cool ones that appear every couple videos or something I don’t know. Pokémon.

Thanks mates. Thates.

Use the #2poke4zoey tag so that I can see them, or message me, or whatever.

From a McFly fan

It’s really strange seeing Gifs and Videos of Tom with his kid being reblogged with tags that say they don’t know who is, beyond being some adorable guy with an adorable baby boy.

Let me introduce you to Tom Fletcher:

Here he is during the Early days of McFly

Here he us during the Emo days of McFly

And here he is being part of one of the best pairings in he history of british pop slash.

And here he is, with his band mates extroadinaires. 

He wrote the whole composition of a song, which besides him singing along to the piano-based melody, included individual parts for a full orchestra. It was called She Falls Asleep. He should have won an Ivor Novello award for it, however critics didn’t think a pop band was prestigious enough for an Ivor Novello.

A sequel to the song was later written for McFly’s 2008 album Radio:Active, by Tom and his band mate Dougie Poynter. That song is called Down Goes Another One.

All Hail Tom Fletcher:
Prince of Pop Rock
Self Professed God (but not in a creepy way)
Father, Husband, Everlasting Band-member 


TITLE: Welcome to Howell’s
AUTHOR: @danhowellsaesthetic
RATING: Eventual M
WARNING(S): n/a for this chapter
SUMMARY: Dan Howell works as a waiter in his family’s diner, appropriately named Howell’s Diner and is enamored by Phil Lester, a school crush who is a year older than him and just so happens to be a regular customer.
AUTHOR’S NOTE: Sorry this is a week late. For those who don’t know, PRR is a huge collaborative fanfiction where writers contribute one chapter to the story – it is literally Dan and Phil’s One Word Story Game, except on a much larger scale. 

Chapter Navigation: 1



The next few weeks had gone about as smooth as the frozen butter that Phil was attempting to spread on to his newly ordered and slightly burnt piece of toast. Dan had continued to be a blushing, stressed out mess whenever that perfect, raven haired boy entered the small family diner. His worries increased by at least 15% every time that familiar jingle chimed throughout the room from the door opening at 10:32 sharp, every single weekend.

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