this whole video though

Megaman X4 - Aiming Laser (In-Between Test)

This is actually an update to that Storm Owl fight scene I did earlier. Though this is just a fraction of the whole video. (I had trouble converting the whole thing into a gif. XD)

The entire video for the fight scene is here:

Also the most labor intensive work I’ve done so far. Making 279 separate drawings in a month and a half.

All Night (Live) - Brad Simpson & Matoma

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So I really, really enjoyed the Shadowrun CRPGs Harebrained Schemes put out a few years ago. They were well written with good characters, and the combat was extremely well balanced. Like XCOM (as I understand it; I haven’t played XCOM) but with less punishing difficulty. The thing is, I haven’t found any game since with similar combat. Most tactical RPGs are too fiddly for my tastes, or have big-picture strategy elements that I don’t care for at all (again, like XCOM). Any recommendations?

I have to preface this post with a caveat that my taste in turn-based tactical CRPGs tends to run substantially more board-gamey than how Hairbrained’s Shadowrun series plays, so these may not be entirely what you’re looking for. That said, you could have a look at any of the following:

  • Children of Zodiarcs - A fantasy title that pairs a traditional battle grid with collectible card game elements: attacks and spells are played from a personalised deck of cards, and the outcome is determined by virtual dice rolls. The deckbuilding and dice-crafting systems are admittedly a little fiddly, but they completely replace the character and inventory management elements of more conventional CRPGs, so it really depends on which you find to be more obtrusive.

  • Phantom Brave - Fair warning: this one’s a PC port of a PS2 game, and while it’s not the worst port out there, it has all the usual issues attendant thereto. If that’s not a dealbreaker, though, you’ve got a very unique tactical wargame on your hands. In a nutshell, all of your units are ghosts, and you have to send them to possess objects on the battlefield in order to take corporeal form; the nature of the object modifies the stats of the resulting unit. On top of that, nearly everything can be wielded as a weapon - including opposing units!

  • Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire - If you just want to focus on individual battles, this is the game for you. Not only is there no character or inventory management, there isn’t even any grinding or recruitment; your available units and their stats are fixed for each scenario. The closest it comes to big-picture strategy are a handful of visual-novel-like decisions in the story bits. The sides are quite large, though - you’ll routinely be juggling a dozen units at once - and the difficulty can be pretty unforgiving unless you dial it down to the lowest setting.

  • Ticket to Earth - A tactical CRPG/puzzle game hybrid where the power of your attacks depends on matching symbols on the tiles you walk across as you move about the battlefield. It’s definitely on the light end as RPG elements go - the story is basically a framing device to justify the gameplay - so the characters, while likeable, aren’t particularly strongly characterised; you may want to look elsewhere if depth of writing is a must-have for you.


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Ever wonder why Pennywise likes the smell of fear? watch ⬆️⬆️⬆️


I’ve been enjoying taking high-resolution pics of this game and it makes me sad when the tumblr resizing algorithm eats them. If you wanna play with a stupidly highrez version of Helheim above (to edit or use as a wallpaper) you can find it here on imgur (and if you make something cool let me know!).

Random unprompted Wilford Warfstache theory i had while trying to make soup

Ok, so I just had an idea. 

I remember on Mark’s wiki site for Wilford’s page it mentions that he’s said to have been in a war (idk the source I’ll have to look into it more) But what if that’s why Wilford has a disregard for human life and a fascination with weapons He’s essentially snapped, completely disassociated from the terms of life and death.

 I believe Mark did say in the February livestream I believe he said something like “like Wilford, Dark essentially bleeds into our reality.“ And sine Wilford had his weird "humble abode” in ADWM it’s possible the war he was in took place in another reality and was far worse than anything we could comprehend 

Idk I was trying to make soup and I’m not feeling good but this popped into my head


this is what it says on the wiki

“According to Mark during his Slaps-Giving | Donations For Slaps live stream, Warfstache was a war veteran sometime in the past.“

Edit 2:

It’s apparently in this video somewhere but I’m not gonna watch the whole thing.

This video is from 2012 though so Mark may have changed the lore over time or even have forgotten this