this whole video though


All Night (Live) - Brad Simpson & Matoma

Mamamoo saying boy group names giving no shits about the media

MTMTE 32 Chromedome and Rewind (Fan Animated)

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Ok I just got back from watching Own It and I read this comment saying how JK dances in a manly and powerful way while JM dances sexily and smoothly and now I have scenarios in my head that I'd rather not have because it's ruining me

They have these overall characteristics in almost everything they do. They’re living alpha/omega.
This whole video though…What even is this video

Mark is one of the kindest and most genuine people i know, I don’t think he deserves all this hate


If you have a couple of free hours then you really should watch this interview of Danny.

He is such an inspiring human being, I just absolutely love the way he sees life. I think, if you are going through a hard time, this will help you and will make you think differently about your situation (It happened to me).

missmoth42 replied to your post “the reason why markiplier and the one with the green hair came out to…”

Really? But I felt like Jack (the green haired one) made one of the most unbiased videos I’ve seen of this whole situation :/ Though I do agree Mark’s video was weird and just bad, as much as I like him. He didn’t say much, and most of what he did say, I felt was said in a vague and almost disrespectful/hypocritical way. After all, it doesn’t matter if Felix is a good person (which I honestly believe he is), he fucked up and was disrespectful af too

y’know what? youre actually right about jack’s vid. I didn’t see the whole thing cuz Ive heard enough defending of felix. but it just bothers me that his more honest response gave him the most dislikes. now hes getting shit because he was more honest than markiplier, who was kissing felix’s entire shown ass.

like, if that doesn’t show that people praise their elites to the point where dont wanna hear a remotely bad thing, then idk what does.