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If you’re not Canadian, you probably won’t understand. But this band, this man, meant something more than music to us. He represented who we are as Canadians.

Every one of us who grew up listening to his music as teenagers has endless memories of defining moments in our lives with Gord’s music as the backdrop.

When I got in the car this morning and the radio was playing The Hip nonstop, no commercials, no interruptions… I knew. I don’t think I’ve ever cried over the death of a celebrity before, but I cried the whole way to work.

Gord Downie was a legend and his music will forever live on in this country.

To my followers: If you’ve never heard his music before, and most non-Canadians likely wouldn’t have, take a moment… listen to one song. His music is the epitome of sitting at a cottage with your friends and drinking some beers, having a good time and appreciating all the great things in life even when it’s a hard thing to do.

Gord, you will be missed.

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Imagine being so consumed by your own snark that you type out #firstworldproblems without first stopping to consider the weight of Louis's loss this past year. What a creep.

And if they took a second to watch the video and actually pay attention and notice the actual problems highlighted in the video that viewers could relate to they could have used it as an opportunity to shed light on those things but instead they just dismiss the whole thing as a joke. Fuck them. Way to waste a great opportunity to talk about important issues there, BBC. Pathetic.

So listen up, this is important.

Currently DC is trying to pull off the Batcat marriage thing and now Talia is getting involved.

Now, there are certain things that worry me, for obvious reasons. Talia’s treatment by DC in recent years has been appaling.


I’m giving them the benifit of a doubt, especially with the newest Talia appearances giving off a vibe that hits a lot closer to her original approach.

And the way they did lead into this does seem promising. They first start with showing Damian’s emotional termoil over the whole deal and adress clearly that Talia’s relationship to Bruce is just as loaded as Selina’s. They have a child together so Talia is a constant factor in his life even when he marries Selina.

This is good. Great even. It’s a lot more then other writers have done in regards to interpersonal relationships which get affected via a marriage (looking at you DickKor'i and Dickbabs)

Another thing that makes me hopeful is the fact that Talia is presented to be sexually active with multiple partners. It shows that she isn’t waiting around for Bruce all lonely and obsessivly (it also confirms her as Bi and you can rip that LGBT arab representation out of my cold queer arab hands!)

So here are the possible outcomes:

Wishful (best) Scenario: A polyamorous arrangement is made between Talia, Bruce and Selina. Like look, this would literally be the best case scenario that would make the least mess within the fandom. Brutalia shippers still have their ship, Batcat shippers still have theirs and if they decide to have a open marriage everyone would be happy. However, we all know DC would probably never go there (or at least not in this decade).

Best case Scenario that actually is likely:

Talia respects Bruce’s decision and her and Selina set aside their differences. They discuss the situation and how they will handle Talia’s involvement in Damian’s life and have her become a ally to the batfamily and personal good friend.

Maybe also finally setting up a redemption arc.

Bad scenario:

Talia and Selina fight over Bruce and the story just takes a shit on her to make Batcat look good. That would also make the 3rd time Tom King takes a shit on LGBT women.

Worst Scenario:

They use Talia as a way to cop out of the marriage deal. (Probably also involving Bruce cheating on Selina) Honestly I don’t think that’s likely but it wouldn’t be something DC hadn’t done before (*cough* *cough* Nightwing)

I’m not a big fan of the Batcat marriage, however I’m even less a fan of using other women as a mean to break somebody up and of writers wasting their readers time.

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I could use some words of wisdom. What should i do if the person i like isn't in a relationship, but has feelings for someone else?



“eh, that probably won’t work.  gifts’re great ‘n all, but ya don’t gotta buy someone’s affection.  the whole feelings-fer-someone-else thing never turned me away.  if i like someone enough, the challenge’s worth it.”

“eh, sometimes a challenge is fun.  sometimes, it’s not.  if they have feelings for someone else, it means they’re not lookin’ at you that way, darlin’.  but that said, feelings’re fleetin’.  people move on, they grow, their tastes change.”

“and then sometimes, they realize that what they wanted was right under their nose the entire time.”

“the important thing is that even if this person doesn’t return your feelings… you can still be friends and in one another’s lives.  it doesn’t always work out that way, but it can.”

*Lemme weigh in on this real quick.  I think the most important thing is to be friends with the person you have feelings for, although if they do end up being with the other person, it’ll certainly sting.  Something like that can even destroy a friendship.  But since you know they have feelings for someone else, you must at least be close.  

Like Mutt said, feelings can be fleeting–on both parts.  You might find someone else to be interested in, or their feelings may shift romantically toward you.  It happens.  I’ve been on both ends–but in the case of my s/o, he was my best friend that watched as I dated around before he finally made his feelings clear.  I honestly had no idea he was remotely interested in me until he started awkwardly flirting with me (Him: “If you wanted to go bowling with me, I’m sure I could get a strike.”  Me: “Pretty sure it’d be a gutter ball instead.”), soooo in your case, maybe the person just doesn’t know that you’re interested?  

Jock McLean, who worked as an assistant to George Harrison 50 years ago, noticed the depth of the relationship between the Beatles and Mr. Epstein one August day not long before the manager’s death. Mr. McLean’s job was to pick up the singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson, a promising new artist in those days, and drive him to a meeting with Mr. Harrison at the house he was renting on Blue Jay Way in the Hollywood Hills, Calif.

There was talk of Mr. Nilsson perhaps joining the Beatles’ nascent company. That’s when things went sour, Mr. McLean said.

“George was talking about how wonderful the whole thing was going to be, trying to convince Harry to join the company,” Mr. McLean recalled. “It was all great until Harry said, “The only thing is, I don’t think I could be managed by a gay man.” (Mr. Epstein’s sexuality was known by many in the industry at the time.)

Incensed, Mr. Harrison gave his assistant a nod.

‘In a heartbeat, Harry was out of the house,” Mr. McLean said. ‘George, like all the Beatles, was extremely supportive of Brian. To them, Brain was the man.” (After Mr. Epstein died, Mr. Nilsson had a rapprochement with the band and worked closely with John Lennon.)

- ‘The Gay Architects of Classic Rock’ - Jim Farber, The New York Times, Oct 17, 2017

Good things about Star Trek Discovery:

  • adorable gay nerds 

  • adorable 100% CANON gay nerds 

  • Michael Burnham in all her reckless sarcastic trying-to-do-the-right-thing glory

  • Lieutenant Commander I-actually-feel-like-an-alien Saru 

  • Actually can we just have a whole show of Michael and Saru being prickly at each other while Michelle Yeoh watches indulgently? That was great 

  • Clear effort on the background gender ratio 

  • Technobabble that sounds like they did some actual research  

Bad things about Star Trek Discovery: 

  • We’re on streaming so we can be GRIMDARK
  • Klingons are cannibalistic torturers because ?????

  • Every Klingon scene bringing the whole show to a halt because Klingon is apparently the Entish of conlangs 

  • A suspicious number of dead WOC among the named characters only five eps in 

  • Captain Mood Lighting 

  • Hooking up evidence they did the research to total off-the-wall fantasy bullshit in such a way that the seams are very obvious 

  • Every time they say ‘mycelial’ I die a little inside 

Trying out ‘Rudeboy 7A’ back in font, some really dirty slopers on here and that last move with a pop makes the whole line pretty nutty.

Taking a bit of a break from climbing and photography as it felt like it was becoming a chore. I always wanted OpenCrag to be a more social thing but it just turned into my story of climbing with the people I love which is great. But when it starts to feel forced to upload because of how social media works it removes a lot of my drive for self improvement, I find myself taking the easy way out and that a big no no for me. 

Katie’s response after the whole thing went down:

“To be fair, usually, I’ve done a lot of shows where there is a very obvious undertone in between two female characters. And for once I was like… It’s not here.

And I was wrong apparently! 

But, we were talking about this the other day, about it, and, and the great thing about what we do is like any art is, anybody can read into it what they want to take from it. So you can see anything and take from it what you like, and that’s what’s great about this show, is that there are so many different ways to see everything. 

And if that’s what you see in it? You know, take it away! It’s art.”


Like Mark Hamill before her, this is how you ally. Just because you may not have seen the character as gay, or having attractions to a certain character, etc etc etc, doesn’t invalidate what another person might see, and what does it hurt for them to see it that way? If it helps them, or gives them hope, or makes them feel brave, why would you take that away from them? She recognizes that what they’re putting out is art, and art has ALWAYS been subjective, so she doesn’t make fun of people for seeing what they see. 


I feel like you have to connect with fans; individual connection is important. It never used to be that way. It used to be—I’m talking 30, 40 years ago—the less people knew about you, the better, the more different roles you could play. There’s a pro and a con to the whole thing. What I find is that the individual connections you have with fans that transpire—once you get a great message or see some artwork, it’s really humbling. I see it as a plus in that regard.

Is this how Taako fishes?

He just fucking levitates the fish out of the water?

Taako do you even know what fishing is or is this just your own fun interpretation.

Holy shit he takes Barry out fishing with him sometime and Barry’s like, okay, that sounds like a calmer activity than I usually end up doing with one of the twins, this could actually be nice! And he’s kind of looking forward to just spending a chill afternoon with his brother but then… it is, of course, not at all what he thought it would be. Fish are flying everywhere. Barry is standing with a net trying to catch fish out of the air and wondering what he’s doing with his life.

Taako mentions a fishing trip to Kravitz years later, and Barry pulls him aside. “Don’t do it,” he whispers. “It’s not what it sounds like. It’s not what you think it is. Taako-fishing is not other-people-fishing and he won’t do it the right way and Lup thinks the whole thing is great and it’s not, just don’t do it.”

... Somehow, Still Talking About This Captain America Shit (Now With Bonus Spider-Man and Agents of SHIELD)

So now Secret Empire has revealed its Shyamalan Twist and given the readers a Good Guy Steve Rogers as well as Hydra Cap, and the kinds of dickbags who, when this whole bullshit began were dismissing people’s complaints with “oh come on, don’t you know how comics works, it’s all going to be put back at the end, blah blah blah…” are crowing I-Told-You-So’s.

But here’s the thing:

Yeah, fucknuts.  We always knew this.

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7 Reasons to See Baby Driver

This is a little out of my lane for the Knitpool blog, but I am just so excited about this movie.

1.  Edgar Wright. He  seems to be able to take any genre of film and make me like it. (I’m not a fan of car chase movies, with the exception of the Blues Brothers.) Watching this movie is like drinking a locally brewed beer. It’s not filmed. It’s crafted with great care.

2. The music in the movie is not a soundtrack, it’s as integral as a character.

3. The cinematography is really clever. Watch the movie closely, and you will see little jewels along the way. 

4. Baby has a black foster parent without the movie being about race. It’s not even a sub theme in the movie. (It’s a great relationship, and I feel like there should be another whole movie about those two characters.)

5.  Baby uses ASL without the movie even highlighting this. Language is language, people.

6. There are characters with disabilities, but this is not a movie about disabilities. In other words, the movie is about people. All kinds of people, and that is a good thing.

7. Finally, Jon Bernthal plays a tatted up jackass, and I can never get enough of that. 

Made in the A.M. Fic Fest

Made in the A.M. Collection on Ao3

1. Hey Angel: A Few Very Good Mistakes by @louisandthealien
He almost wishes there were a better story.“Fucked up pop star ends five day bender by wandering into a dive bar alone and passing out in public."That would’ve generated press, he thinks, and if there’s one thing that’s constantly on his mind (or more accurately, on the mind of everyone else around him) it’s that all press is good press, and good press is good press but bad press is great press.Besides, he’s 25 and trying to do the whole transition from boyband to solo pop star. He’s pretty sure a press-fueled meltdown is, like, a right of passage.The truth, alas, is a whole lot more boring.—Louis falls asleep in Harry’s bar. Harry takes him home to hang out.

2. Drag Me Down
3. Perfect
4. Infinity
5. End of the Day
6. If I Could Fly
7. Long Way Down
8. Never Enough
9. Olivia
10. What a Feeling
11. Love You Goodbye
12. I Want to Write You a Song
13. History
14. Temporary Fix
15. Walking in the Wind
16. Wolves
17. A.M.

I learned more about love in those few months than I leaned on my entire life. Not the kind of love you have for your family, your friends, the people you look up to. The kind of love that makes you go “oh, i kind of want to spend my whole life with you”. I also learned the hard way what “heart pain” is. Most of the days were fine, even great I would say, it was good to feel everything, it was good to feel a love I never felt before, it was good to have someone. But truth is I never had her, she was never mine but I was hers. Oh I was truly hers, I gave her every piece of me and I would give her more if I could. I learned that that’s a funny thing about love, you give, you give everything, you give everything until you are left with nothing. The day I realized she was being happy with someone and doing just fine without me, that was the day it hurt and from that day on I could only hear my heart breaking and breaking every time. This is a part people don’t often tell you. Sometimes your heart is not gonna get broken at once, it’s not gonna be fast, it’s not gonna be easily over. Sometimes your heart will slowly get broken, you will start to know what words you want to avoid to not listen to your heart cracking one more piece. And sometimes, sometimes even when you know all of that, even when you know this is bringing you pain and this is slowly breaking you, you won’t leave, you will choose to stay. What a weird thing humans do, we stay and we let ourselves get hurt. Sometimes we choose love.
—  G.P.

i love this part enough that i wasn’t satisfied with the slow panning up of the ‘camera’ - i decided to copy and paste the images together to show the whole thing at once. thought i’d post it here in case others felt the same way (and also so i can find it again)

Instagram Is A Tiny Speck In The Ginormous Oil Painting of Life

One topic I think about obsessively: Instagram. More specifically, the psychological effect it has on me.

A while ago I posted a tweet saying I felt conflicted about social media, and the responses I got were surprising. People said that Facebook gave them anxiety, only going on certain sites when their mood was stable, whilst others deleted and re-activated their accounts regularly.

Illustration by Ana Galvan

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with these platforms but they have so many pros that it makes them hard to quit. They connect me to like-minded people, are informative, make me laugh and give me an instant connection to my fanbase. It’s amazing to feel a level of relation in real time. However, in the last year I’ve noticed that every time I go on Instagram I feel kind of flat + zapped afterwards, like somebody has literally sat on my brain for 5 minutes. It’s oddly deflating.

Social media apps are designed to make us addicted to them. Human behaviour is reward based and each time we get a “like” or a message, our brains release a hit of dopamine, which makes us feel rrrreeeeal good (until the dopamine level drops and we feel real bad). Instagram is basically digital meth. So, for the past year I’ve been deleting the app off my phone for large periods of time, then re-downloading it if I want to post something. Interestingly, the feeling I get upon returning is always the same: I’ve missed nothing!

I understand social media’s appeal most when in relation to constructing a fantasy world. I’ve used it as a creative tool on every album I’ve made. Tumblr was key to “Electra Heart” and Twitter was key to “FROOT”. But what at first seemed like an opportunity to communicate our thoughts in an uncensored way has become a vehicle for us to present ourselves in the way that we would like to be seen by others. And this is what makes me feel weird about posting sometimes. A review I read of the film ’Ingrid Goes West’ nailed this feeling: “We use these platforms to lie and intentionally curate our lives”. The curating part hits a chord with me. It makes me feel icky, because I’ve surely, if subconsciously, done this - the majority of us have if we’re using the platform. How do I get around that and use it in a healthier way? Do I just delete the whole thing or do I need to be aware of the reason I want to post something? i.e. Is it to share an image I love, or is to make people think of me in a certain way? The latter creeps me out. It scares me.

Illustration by Allegra Lockstadt

Recently, a friend said he had been going through a difficult period, so he hadn’t gone on Instagram for about a month. “Why would I? Everyone is having such a great time”. Ohhh, the digital illusion of happiness. OK, some people are genuinely having a great time, and they want to share that great time with you, but they’re not having a good time all the time. And that’s the key to remember when we’re embarking on a scrolling spree into the darkest depths of existential hell at 2am. Social media is a tiny speck in the ginormous oil painting of human life. We all have problems. We present the good parts of ourselves because it’s anathema to document the true nature of our lives, which inevitably consist of moments of disappointment, loneliness and embarrassment. None of these things look pretty or cool (no, not EVEN if you put the Mayfair filter on top of them), and I can totally see how it all started out innocently. We all love sharing special moments, but because these moments hold social currency online, we’re now doing only that. It’s easy to see how people can feel disappointed when their own lives don’t measure up in a similar way.

Illustration by Lan Truong

We’re still in the infancy of the internet, trying to navigate technology in a way that is beneficial to our lives, but I sense a shift towards a desire to portray our lives more realistically. I notice more people sharing an experience or story in the caption of a selfie/ photograph that provides more of a picture of their life than the actual photo ever could. But I still wonder how we can evolve online culture into a space that is less image-focused/ self-driven, because I worry about the psychological effects that an image-focused culture might have on a young person’s self-esteem. 20 years ago, posting a stream of pictures of only my face would have been considered borderline narcissistic, but now it’s normal. And I’m not judging this - I’m talking from the perspective of someone who has done this a’plenty and who has been a part of that culture, particularly at the height of an album campaign. Maybe all Instagram has done is magnify what seems to have always been true, that humans value beauty to excess.

Ok, I’ll end this post by saying this: If I never go on Instagram again, my life won’t lack anything because of it. Assuming I use it 20 minutes a day, I’ll get back 122 hours a year - for free! The reality is, I’ll probably continue to use it, but it’s important to me to see these platform for what they are, not what they appear to be. They’re addictive, comparative, take my time and give little back in return.

I’ll leave you with my fave comment which came from @FKASimon.

Quite, Simon, Quite.

Love, Marina

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iOS | Android

  • if you record your classes this one’s so great.
  • Allows you to change the speed of the recording.
  • Remembers where you left off which is great if you can’t listen to the whole thing at once.
  • Lets you change the time of the rewind button so you don’t have to go with the standard 30 seconds.


iOS | Android

  • Allows you to easily make and format flashcards.
  • You can download premade decks about the topics you’re studying.
  • Let’s be honest, you’re way more likely to revise or make flashcards if they’re on your phone.

Forest (Studyblr Classic ™)

iOS | Android

  • You plant a tree and if you touch your phone during the time it takes for it to grow, it dies.
  • You can whitelist apps you need for studying dw.
  • You get coins for the time you focus with which you can
    • Buy different kinds of trees
    • Buy ambient sounds
    • Plant a real life tree(!!!)
  • You can compete with all your friends or on a global scale.


iOS | Android

  • Like an RPG in which you level up by completing tasks.
  • Specially great for daily tasks.
  • Every time you do a habit or a daily, it levels up by changing color.
  • You get coins to buy stuff for your avatar!
  • You can join a party and do quests, which you complete by doing your tasks.
  • You lose health if you fail to do a daily.
  • And you damage your party’s other members if you fail to do your dailies during a boss battle (really motivating!).


Android (soz no iOS version. Let us know if there’s a similar one though)

  • Reads digital notes and any other PDFs when you don’t feel like doing it yourself.
  • You can adjust the pitch, speed and choose between different voices.
  • Specially great for reading along with it and getting that visual + auditory learning all at once.

What about you, what are your favorite apps for school?

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I’m gonna go on a quick rant on feminism/femininity and Disney here.

Originally posted by disneylandwheredreamscometrue

It just riles me up when people seem to get the idea that femininity means a lack of feminism. When people take a look at the girl in the pants and the girl in the ballgown and says the one in pants is more feminist and empowering than the one in the dress. The whole point of one of the many aspects of feminism is that as women we have the right to choose to be and wear whatever we want. A woman in a dress is just as feminist as a woman in a burqa, and they’re both just as feminist as a woman in a suit or a woman in a bikini. And beyond clothing, a woman who’s married and in love is just as feminist as a woman who’s single. Here’s where Disney comes in, no one princess is a better more feminist role model than another. It’s important to have more than one type of role model yes, but just because one girl likes to fight and another girl likes to sew, it doesn’t mean that one is a better role model. All the princesses and other Disney ladies have good values to teach us and our kids in different ways and I’m gonna go through them with you.

Originally posted by badxbaby

Snow White:

For one thing this girl is 14. She is a child and her outlook on the world and her dreams in life shouldn’t be measured up to an adult’s. She’s kind, caring, and yes, she does dream of true love’s kiss. But she’s 14. When I was 14 I was dreaming of the same damn thing. But what we can learn from her is that when you care for everyone, even strangers, you’ll see that kindness returned. When she’s lost in the woods and scared for her life, she still finds the strength to be kind to the animals. In return they show her to the Dwarves’ cottage. She’s sweet and decides to clean up the place and take care of the dwarves out of the kindness of her heart and they return the kindness by giving her a home when she had none. At the end she’s rewarded with the true love’s kiss she wanted. We can even learn from the Evil Queen that vanity is a terrible thing. 

Originally posted by snowwhitecinderellaaurora-blog


The main thing to remember about Aurora is that for one thing, she met Phillip when she was a baby. The other thing is that while the good fairies did love her and take care of her, she grew up isolated and alone. She’s always had these dreams of meeting someone (anyone) else to break that isolation. But in that isolation she’s still strong, kind, and trusting. She loves her adoptive aunts, and for a side character(might make a post about that later) I would still count her as a good role model because of that kindness. 

Originally posted by goldensilverdisney


Her, I’m definitely going to expand on in another post. But, she’s one of my favorite princess. Ironically, not one of my favorite movies, but she’s an amazing character and I love her. She’s a survivor of child abuse. That’s the very first thing that you need to understand about her. She doesn’t stay happy and content with a grin and bare it attitude, she got mad. She was snarky, and she only found happiness in the little free time she had and in her pets/friends. All she wanted that night was to go to the ball. All she wanted was one night to have fun and get out of the house. She wanted one night where she wouldn’t be berated and yelled at and ordered around. And when she met the prince, she didn’t even know who he was. She didn’t even mind that she would probably never see him again. And at the end she more or less saved herself. She didn’t wait around and sing a song from her tower to get rescued, she asked her friends to get the key and help her out. She was smart enough to pull out the other slipper. There’s nothing wrong with getting help from those around you and there’s no shame in asking for it. There’s nothing un-feminist about getting help, especially when you’re an abuse survivor. And that’s what Cinderella is about. Her fairy godmother coming to help her. Women helping women. 

Originally posted by disneymoviesanywhere


The one big thing that made the Disney renaissance so great is they decided to follow the rules of Broadway musicals. One of the trademarks of this is the “I want” song. That’s the motivation for the main character and it’s the driving force for the plot. 

Ariel wants to live in the human world. That’s her dream. She desperately wants to be a human. Eric was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. Ariel is strong willed and curious. She’s the undersea equivalent of an anthropologist. She’s 16, so of course she’s going to make stupid mistakes, but she gets to live out her dream in the end and become a human. The main point and what makes her a wonderful feminist role model is that she uses that drive and curiosity to pursue her passion. 

Originally posted by mkgaud


I’m not sure I have to go into too much detail about her although I will mention, she is not a victim of Stockholm Syndrome. And to be honest how would being an abuse victim make her any less feminist? Anyway, of course she’s smart and loves reading. She loves adventure books and that’s what her “I want” song is about. She wants adventure and she wants someone who understands her and doesn’t think she’s weird for her interest. She’s a good role model not only for her love of reading but also of course for her kindness and seeing the good in people despite their appearance. 

Originally posted by moviewhorexo


She. Is. Not. A. Prize. To. Be. Won. Moving on,

Kidding. But anyway she’s great because what she values is freedom and love. I feel like a lot of people forget is the line, “when I marry, I want it to be for love”. She wants to make her own choices in all aspects of her life and she decides to leave her life of privilege to pursue that freedom. You can hear and see it sprinkled in all around the movie (and the stage show). She sees herself as a bird in a cage and she’s happiest when she’s free and litteraly flying. And at the end she chooses Aladin. It’s all about her choice. 


Originally posted by anightmarefantasmic

So unintentional racism, stereotypes, white savior trope, erasing history, and pairing her with the horrible monster aside for a moment…

Let’s talk about 18 year old Disney Pocahontas as her own character. The main thing that comes to mind when I think of her is strength and bravery. She knows herself and she knows what she loves, and she’ll do anything to protect it. She also cares about the earth and environment. All of those are wonderful traits to have as a role model. 

Originally posted by magical-rasputin


Again, I don’t think I have to go into much detail about why she’s a great feminist role model. She’s usually who everyone thinks of when it comes to great feminist characters.

But what I will say is one thing not a lot of people mention in her great feminist role model-ness is that she doesn’t mind being feminine. She knows the ”perfect porcelain doll” isn’t her, but she doesn’t mind dressing up when she can make it her own. Another thing that I’m surprised get’s as ignored as it does especially since it’s scattered through the whole movie including her very first scene, she’s smart. She’s not a fighter, she’s a strategist. She makes her chores easier for herself. She wins the game of Go on her way to meet the match maker. She figures out how she can protect her dad. She uses the weights to her advantage. She does trigonometry in her head on the fly. She comes up with the distraction and using the fireworks. And the epitome of it all, she uses the symbol of femininity in the movie, her fan, to outsmart Shan Yu and take his sword. 

Originally posted by definite-disnerd


Can you believe I’ve heard people say Tiana isn’t feminist enough? Most people know how hardworking and practical she is, but she also learns a very important lesson that you’ll never be truly happy if you don’t let loose and have fun in reasonable amounts. She’s an amazing role model just as wonderful as everyone else in the line up and her morale is one of my favorites to try and live by. “Fairytales can come true, but you’ve gotta make them happen. It all depends on you.”

Rapunzel, Merida, Anna, Elsa, and Moana:

Honestly I feel like I don’t have to do much defending for these four. Everyone on this site has already pointed out what great feminist role models they are and many people regard them plus Tiana and Mulan as the “best” most feminist princesses. I love them all too, and of course they’re all great feminist role models, I just don’t think there’s much I could add. 

Anyway, I think a /lot/ of other Disney ladies are also wonderful feminist role models but this was supposed to be just the princess lineup. and I might make separate posts for them. But if you’ll notice I didn’t take relationship status, style choices, hobby choices, sexuality headcannons, or appearance into account when talking about what great role models they are because you shouldn’t. Of course women and girls deserve more than just one type of girl to look up to, but one type of girl isn’t any better or worse than another. You can be hyper feminine like Cinderella, Not feminine at all like Merida, or a little bit of both like Mulan. You can be smart like Belle, or naive yet kind like Snow White. All of them are wonderful. 

I’ll go ahead and leave you my favorite Disney feminist hero.

(she’s amazing. google her real quick)

musicals as history of the entire world, i guess quotes
  • hamilton: alexander the great. great idea. he was great. and now he's dead. alexander the dead.
  • the book of mormon: africa, please remain christian. we will check in later to see if you're still christian when you least expect.
  • heathers: now you can buy your way out of hell. that's bullshit. this whole thing is bullshit. that's a scam. fuck the church. here's 95 reasons why.
  • natasha, pierre, & the great comet of 1812: what if russia was big? move over, lithuania, here comes moscow.
  • dear evan hansen: this guy, who sat under a tree for so long that he figured out how to ignore the fact that we're all dying.
  • les mis: wait, who's in charge of france now?
  • be more chill: technology is about to go crazy!
  • spring awakening: you could make a reli- no, don't!
  • newsies: what's on the menu? communism!
Writing is Hard, part 6: SEX

Summary: Dean and the reader have sex. Finally. FINALLY.

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Warning: Smut

Word Count: 4250ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. And the quotes are from my own Faking It series, in case anyone was curious. Hope you enjoy! (Sorry, tag list is closed!) XOXO

“You knew he didn’t quite understand why you found it so hot, but Dean had never seen himself leaning over the engine in a tight, sweaty t-shirt, hands and forearms covered in grease as he worked.”

Dean’s outside working on the Impala, and you’re reading fics about just that. Apparently, Dean working on the Impala is the hottest thing to ever grace the fandom (aside from his lips…and his green eyes…and his cocky swagger that is really just hiding adorable and unnecessary insecurity…and Jesus, these people are thorough), and you’re curious. In your actual experience with Dean, working on the Impala is just a nuisance. You have to wait longer to get on the road, Dean takes forever to scrub himself clean afterward, and for the next few hours, everything smells like metal and oil covered up by motel soap. Why do people find that so hot?

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