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I was at my therapist the other day and I told her about my newest OBSESSION that turned out to be Villainous. Well, she handed me pens and a piece of paper and said “draw it!” and I was like “now?!” and she was like “yes right now” and well okey here you go, have a drawing on shitty paper of Black Hat being proud af of his scientist

Skyrim Fanfiction

I used to be the DM for a D&D lunchtime club at my high school. It was my final year as a student there so I had decided to hand over the position of club leader to one of the other members. Just for fun, I set up a final quest where they would have to infiltrate the castle of the Dungeon Master and defeat her to gain control of the D&D world. Since the DM was in control of the world, she was invincible so the PCs had to explore the castle to find items that would counteract her invincibility. One such item was a notebook full of her poorly written fanfiction and thus, this conversation occurred:

Ranger(OOC): Oooh bad fanfics! This character is basically you, right? So does this mean you write fanfics about yourself?

Me: (sighing) Yes I do

Ranger(OOC): Will you read them to us?

Me: NO

Mage(OOC): Come on, please! Just a little bit, you don’t have to read the whole thing!

Druid(OOC): I know! Roll a d20 and if you get an 18 or higher you have to read us part of one of your fanfics

I’d been rolling pretty low all lunch so I thought it would be fine and it would get them to shut up so I went for it. I got a 19. At least it wasn’t a nat 20 I guess…

Ranger: YES

Me: (head in hands) …what do you want me to read?

Ranger: Didn’t you joke about writing something called ‘Dragonbride’ once? Read that one!

And thats how a group of sixteen year olds got me to read out part of a really bad fanfic I wrote about myself and a character from Skyrim. I hope the Ranger is having fun being the new club leader.

on mello ‘sacrificing’ himself

I used to think that Mello didn’t intend on dying, but it just seems out of character for him to ‘accidentally’ show Takada his face when he already knew that his name was going around. He knew that Kira was connected to the whole event at the warehouse where his name first came out, so he must have known Kira had his name; and since he knew Takada was connected to Kira, he had to know that she probably had his name. 

Furthermore, he had to consider the possibility that his plan (whatever it really was) may have not worked– that something went wrong and Takada unexpectedly got away, and that the second she got away she would kill him. Mello’s a genius and it would be too stupid of him to ‘accidentally’ show his face to her like that– anyone with a brain could think much. 

So, if he really intended on dying, it would’ve been a pride thing. He knew he couldn’t surpass L on his own. After the explosion, he lost all of his resources and was left with just Matt. From that point on, he knew Near was going to confront Kira very, very soon and he knew that he couldn’t capture Kira alone. I’m not sure if I believe that Mello considered the possibility of a fake notebook, but if he had, then he understood that whether his suspicions were right or wrong, it was still a lose-lose situation. 

If he was wrong about there being a fake notebook, Mello loses because Near was right, there was no flaw in his plan and he would apprehend Kira before him. If he was right about there being a fake notebook, Mello loses because Kira would win, killing Near and his team, and Mello wouldn’t be able to apprehend Kira on his own. 

Both possibilities, Mello is unable to defeat Kira by himself (which I believe the whole putting-down-chocolate-being-sad scene is about; his realization of this). 

Apparently he would rather die than admit to Near that he can’t solve this case alone. Even though theoretically, through figuring out the flaw in his plan, he beat Near, who was too arrogant to consider the possibility that he could be wrong (IF he even figured out the possibility in the first place. Halle thinks so. Near doesn’t but Near’s belief isn’t stated in the anime and Halle’s is, so idfk). 

Anyway, kidnapping Takada is Mello’s way of mocking Near by means of showing him that he would have lost whilst helping him to defeat Kira at the same time. Talk about going out with a bang. 

But at the same time, it doesn’t seem like Mello’s style to purposefully die. He likes credit. He likes attention. He wants to be the best, so why would he kill himself after essentially winning? Maybe realizing that he could never fully surpass L on his own was too much for him, and that he would rather die than work with Near – he left the orphanage for that much. I don’t think he’s prideful enough to WANT to die, but at the same time, he could have always just told Near about the possibility of a fake notebook. Instead, he chose to risk his life in order to shove it in Near’s face. I’d say that’s pretty prideful, so maybe he did want to die. 

Or maybe this whole ramble is completely wrong, because instead of realizing the possibility of a fake notebook, he realized that Near was going to win and kidnapped Takada as a desperate, impulsive, last minute thing– something for which he’s known to do. 

All and all, I think this all boils down to opinion, but either way, I do believe that he heavily considered the possibility he would die in his kidnapping stunt. 


Wow, hey! I know I know I came back pretty suddenly in a bang just a little over two weeks ago, and so it makes sense that after a year or so the blog would gain some new followers. But, holy shit guys! 

Like, 9 days ago the blog had hit 3,000 followers. Today it’s just hit 4,000. A couple weeks back when I had started up again, the blog had 2,100! This blog has nearly double the followers it had when I started back up! That’s crazy!

I just wanna say I’m so glad you guys are enjoying this blog. It’s fun to draw, and I wish I could answer every ask the blog gets. Unfortunately, on busy days, this blog can top in at 100 asks a day. I either try to get the mass, or the unique ones. So please, never be disheartened if your ask doesn’t end up being answered.

I’ve also gotten a bunch of messages from people saying that they enjoy the blog. I’ve read all of them, and each and every one makes my heart swell. Thank you for liking my stupid drawings and writing.

I hope I can keep this whole thing interesting and fresh at every post!

technically i hit 1000 a good month ago but i was too lazy to make a bias list then so let’s lump them together into one okay cool

you guys ??? a year ago i was rereading the hp books and was like, fuck, i want to make a mcgonagall blog. so i made a mcgonagall blog, with no idea if i’d even have any idea how to write her, if i’d be accepted into the community, if the blog would last longer than a month or two – and now here i am, one year and over 1000 followers later, just…feeling constantly grateful to be a part of such a great community. i’ve had such a good time on this blog, and as y’all know if you’ve known me for more than two seconds, i’ve been able to develop minerva so much, and you’ve all been a part of that and supported me in it, and for that i can’t thank you enough.

thanks for letting me spend a whole day recording myself talking about minerva mcgonagall to answer your questions. thanks for letting me spew 4k word metas about her life. thanks for letting me shitpost about how she’s gay for rolanda hooch. (wow u guys, i can’t believe professor minerva isobel mcgonagall is a self-insert. i am so gay for rolanda hooch.)

anyway. it’s just been wonderful, and i’m so grateful for the friends i’ve made and the fun i’ve had on this blog. so here’s a lil bias list to say thanks?? i can’t include all the ppl i want to bc that would be like all my mutuals so there’s absolutely ppl missing from this and i’m sorry!! – but regardless, know that i love all of you for being here, and esp if we’re mutuals, consider this a personal hug from me, okay???

some of the people on this list i’ve spent countless hours talking with ooc and developing our muses. some of the people i’ve threaded with a bit but would love to interact more. some of the people i just see on my dash, smile, and hope u know that i love u even though we don’t talk. and some are new faces i’m excited to get to know! okay?? (also, for the most part, the list is in the order of my following list, so the ppl i’ve been mutuals w/ for longest are at the top and the most recent ones are at the bottom, just if you’re curious about the order!!)

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So this blog stays clear of discourse but I have been noticing something that I want to discuss. Usually when I mention it to people who don’t belong to my group when they are discussing it I am ignored or just not noticed. This isnt an angry rant or call for justice, just a thought I’d like to share.

I am posting it here because all of my followers are here and I want to be heard.-Destiny

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// tfw the silence falls on diana killing ludendorff and a 3 year old girl just goes ‘yeah !’ with such enthusiasm that the cinema starts clapping her and u start having feelings about young girls with good strong women role models hol dme i’m having feeling s

anonymous asked:

wait how is black hermione the correct colour??? isn't she white?

((OOC: I’m assuming that this is a reference to the fanart I reblogged where, in the tags, I said something like “HERMIONE IN HER RIGHT COLOUR!”

I had been referencing her dress. I came to love Harry Potter through the books moreso than through the movies, and in GoF, Hermione is described as arriving at the Yule Ball in periwinkle-blue dress robes, with her hair in an elegant knot at the back of her head. So in those tags, I meant that I was pleased that the artist had drawn Hermione in the blue dress, which is what I always picture, rather than in the pink dress from the movies, which I never cared for.

On that note however, though in the films Hermione is white [played by the lovely Emma Watson], to me, Hermione is black, and that is how I picture her when I read the books and fanfics and everything. And I welcome you to the world of fan interpretation, where everything’s made up, and you get to decide what everything/everyone looks like!))

Absolutely Smitten || Dustin Henderson x Reader

Request: “ Fluffy Steve Harrington little sister having a crush on Dustin. Maybe Steve takes all the kids to the arcade and he watches how Dustin and her are crushing on each other? Idk over protective Steve cause older brother Steve would be sweet. Okee thank you💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 “

Summary: When Dustin asked Steve for girl advice, he didn’t think it would be to help him with his little sister.

Warnings: Swearing

Pairings: Dustin x Reader, Steve x Sister!Reader

A/N: So, I’m still getting used to this whole fanfiction/reader thing. So, full apologies if they feel OOC, I’m trying super hard and the more i do it, the better it’ll get hopefully?

Though he would never admit to it, Steve was more than happy to take the kids to the arcade when they asked him. The place wasn’t his usual scene, not that he really had one of those anymore, but the kids seemed happy. 

He leaned against the ticket counter as he watched Max try and teach Eleven how to play Dig Dug. His eyes shifted over to where his younger sister, Y/N was playing Dragon’s lair, with Dustin and Lucas yelling in her ear on what she should be doing to win.

At the sight, Y/N and Dustin shared briefly, he frowned. They looked meek and awkward, with flushed cheeks. It wasn’t long before he realized what that look could mean, but he didn’t want to jump to conclusions.

After another hour, Steve was a hundred percent sure about what going on. He watched as his sister and Dustin, glanced at each other with the other wasn’t looking. Or stood far too close when sharing an arcade machine. They very clearly liked each other, and while he knew Dustin was a good kid that didn’t mean he wanted him moving in on his little sister. 

With that in mind, Steve pulled Dustin aside and narrowed his eyes at the boy, “Did you wanna tell me something?” He asked frowning at the boy.

Dustin’s dopey grin stayed on his face even as Steve glared at him, “What are you talking about?”


“What about her?”

“You know what.” Steve crossed his arms, “I saw how you looked at her, honestly did you think I wouldn’t notice? You’re pretty obvious.”

Dustin’s smile fell and his cheeks burned red, “Shit, really? Did you think she noticed?” He asked glancing over at the girl, who was now watching Eleven play Dig Dug. 

“Well, no-”


“No, not great.” Steve answered giving the boy a look, “When we were talking about girls, I didn’t think you meant my sister!” He snapped, before clearing his throat as a few people glanced at him. 

“Well, I don’t know. I just thought you’d be okay with it?”

“Why the hell would I be okay with this?” Steve was bewildered at this point, that was his little sister. Sure, she’s in middle school but that didn’t mean he wanted her dating.

“I just, I thought we bonded. So you’d be, you know? Cool with it?” Dustin offered and shrugged his shoulders, “Besides, it’s not like we’re little kids or something.”

Steve sighed lightly as he looked over at Y/N, Dustin wasn’t wrong. She wasn’t a little girl anymore, and she did seem to like the boy back. He looked over at Dustin again. The dork was an okay kid, and Steve had taught him himself.

With that in mind, Steve pinched the bridge of his nose and gave a groan, “Fine, but if I hear you did anything stupid. I’m kicking your ass dipshit.” He said leaning down to be at eye level with Dustin, “Got it?”

“Yes, sir.” Dustin saluted with another goofy grin before running back off to his friends. Leaving Steve to smile slightly, and roll his eyes.

jluve82  asked:

I know scary movies are out, but what about Supernatural? 3 reasons to watch if you don’t already: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins.

(( OOC: Supernatural is actually what helped me get to a point where I could watch a scary movie without going into a full-blown panic (although when I first started watching it I got five episodes in and had to stop watching for like… a year, then pick it back up later). 

I mean… I still don’t watch scary movies voluntarily… but when I’m forced to, at least I’ve gotten past the whole “crying for hours after” thing. ))