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I was at my therapist the other day and I told her about my newest OBSESSION that turned out to be Villainous. Well, she handed me pens and a piece of paper and said “draw it!” and I was like “now?!” and she was like “yes right now” and well okey here you go, have a drawing on shitty paper of Black Hat being proud af of his scientist

on mello ‘sacrificing’ himself

I used to think that Mello didn’t intend on dying, but it just seems out of character for him to ‘accidentally’ show Takada his face when he already knew that his name was going around. He knew that Kira was connected to the whole event at the warehouse where his name first came out, so he must have known Kira had his name; and since he knew Takada was connected to Kira, he had to know that she probably had his name. 

Furthermore, he had to consider the possibility that his plan (whatever it really was) may have not worked– that something went wrong and Takada unexpectedly got away, and that the second she got away she would kill him. Mello’s a genius and it would be too stupid of him to ‘accidentally’ show his face to her like that– anyone with a brain could think much. 

So, if he really intended on dying, it would’ve been a pride thing. He knew he couldn’t surpass L on his own. After the explosion, he lost all of his resources and was left with just Matt. From that point on, he knew Near was going to confront Kira very, very soon and he knew that he couldn’t capture Kira alone. I’m not sure if I believe that Mello considered the possibility of a fake notebook, but if he had, then he understood that whether his suspicions were right or wrong, it was still a lose-lose situation. 

If he was wrong about there being a fake notebook, Mello loses because Near was right, there was no flaw in his plan and he would apprehend Kira before him. If he was right about there being a fake notebook, Mello loses because Kira would win, killing Near and his team, and Mello wouldn’t be able to apprehend Kira on his own. 

Both possibilities, Mello is unable to defeat Kira by himself (which I believe the whole putting-down-chocolate-being-sad scene is about; his realization of this). 

Apparently he would rather die than admit to Near that he can’t solve this case alone. Even though theoretically, through figuring out the flaw in his plan, he beat Near, who was too arrogant to consider the possibility that he could be wrong (IF he even figured out the possibility in the first place. Halle thinks so. Near doesn’t but Near’s belief isn’t stated in the anime and Halle’s is, so idfk). 

Anyway, kidnapping Takada is Mello’s way of mocking Near by means of showing him that he would have lost whilst helping him to defeat Kira at the same time. Talk about going out with a bang. 

But at the same time, it doesn’t seem like Mello’s style to purposefully die. He likes credit. He likes attention. He wants to be the best, so why would he kill himself after essentially winning? Maybe realizing that he could never fully surpass L on his own was too much for him, and that he would rather die than work with Near – he left the orphanage for that much. I don’t think he’s prideful enough to WANT to die, but at the same time, he could have always just told Near about the possibility of a fake notebook. Instead, he chose to risk his life in order to shove it in Near’s face. I’d say that’s pretty prideful, so maybe he did want to die. 

Or maybe this whole ramble is completely wrong, because instead of realizing the possibility of a fake notebook, he realized that Near was going to win and kidnapped Takada as a desperate, impulsive, last minute thing– something for which he’s known to do. 

All and all, I think this all boils down to opinion, but either way, I do believe that he heavily considered the possibility he would die in his kidnapping stunt. 

So this blog stays clear of discourse but I have been noticing something that I want to discuss. Usually when I mention it to people who don’t belong to my group when they are discussing it I am ignored or just not noticed. This isnt an angry rant or call for justice, just a thought I’d like to share.

I am posting it here because all of my followers are here and I want to be heard.-Destiny

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// tfw the silence falls on diana killing ludendorff and a 3 year old girl just goes ‘yeah !’ with such enthusiasm that the cinema starts clapping her and u start having feelings about young girls with good strong women role models hol dme i’m having feeling s

(On mobile so I can’t add pictures but… I’m pretty sure when Arthur rolls out from under the van, you can see how much of his arm is left since his sleeves are up. Looks like when Mystery removed the arm he took the whole thing to the socket.)

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I don't think that kid is a clone. If he was Melvin would've gone gone up to you and George saying "hey guys check out my clone! I made him myself!" At some point.

“Yeah but… It’s Melvin. And we’re a lot older now. I don’t think he’d really care about one-upping us.”

The thing that always bothers me about this kind of angst and the resulting fandom drama is the double standard. People not holding Emma AND Killian to the SAME standard. The show is equally guilty of this.

I’ve already made my qualms about this whole thing being redundant and OOC clear. But let’s go with it. We’re dealing with two people who have decades of insecurity, are broken in heartbreaking ways, trying to come together and make a lifelong commitment. Okay. 

Mistakes are being made. On BOTH sides. People who stan one character over the other are NOT allowing their fav to make a mistake. Killian fucked up in not confiding in Emma and trying to burn his memories. Emma then gives him a speech about trust and gives back the ring. Killian then compounds his mistake (allowing his insecurity to rear its ugly head) by thinking he needs to leave to find the man Emma loves and wants to marry.

But here’s the key thing that people are missing: HE CHANGED HIS MIND. Killian wasn’t on the Nautilus to run, regardless of his earlier plan. He was there to tell his friend that he was making the RIGHT choice and going back to make things right. The ONLY reason he’s not in Storybrooke right now is because of a VILLAIN.

If you want to argue that Emma’s reaction is understandable given her walls, then you HAVE to argue that Killian’s decision to DO WHAT SHE ASKED AND FIND THE MAN SHE LOVES AGAIN is EQUALLY understandable. Killian tried to do it the WRONG way, but then decided to do it the RIGHT way. He was stopped from doing that BY A VILLAIN.

Now trapped, Killian KNOWS what Emma’s initial reaction will be. He knows her. He fully expects her to believe that he left without a word, abandoning her like everyone else. IT IS KILLING HIM. 

So based on that I understand why Emma is initially reacting this way. It hurts me, because she literally JUST gave him a speech about trust, but she has her insecurities too. She has a history of pushing people away. Put that together and we have the packing things up scene. However, I was just as upset at Killian for keeping his secret as I am at Emma for not believing in him. They are both making a mistake and NOT trusting in their TRUE LOVE. You can admit that and still love them both. It is possible.

Killian realized his error and tried to make it right at the end of the last episode. He was stopped by a villain. I FULLY expect Emma to realize HER error and try to make it right by the end of THIS episode. And no doubt, be stopped by a villain. That’s how this show works. 

look okay i’m sorry but i just can’t get over the whole izzy & raphael thing this ep??? like it was so ooc?
like okay, breaking it down, the first scene was good, it was raphael being a good, caring person and it worked fine.
but then okay the second scene??? i’m sorry but i cannot understand why those two had that conversation about raphael’s turning and family and stuff??? it was like the least impactful person for him to talk about that with. they didn’t /know/ each other. to raphael, izzy is just someone who ///killed his clan members (whilst rescuing simon)/// and helped break out camille and burned him while doing it??? and izzy didn’t even have the same drive as clary and simon (to save their mother figure). and lmao i could talk about how izzy should definitely have stopped them as the more experienced and less naive shadowhunter but that’s a wholeeeee other can o’ worms.

raphael having that conversation with her was honestly confusing and made the whole thing less impactful. have him have this conversation with Simon, showing how he’s a good person and how he’s actually caring and showing the struggles he had as a fledgling and how he /understands/ family loyalty. show how he’s not ready to forgive simon, but he /gets it/.
have him have this conversation clary, who herself is still new to this world and doesn’t quite understand the complexity of it. have raphael show clary he isn’t evil like she thinks, and that he has his own back story. have him show her she was wrong in what she did in more ways than she understands.
have him have this conversation with magnus, a heart-to-heart with his old mentor about his past. (imagine instead of the 2nd izaphael scene that raphael went to magnus ashamed of drinking from izzy and unsure of how to get her off yin fen).

also lmao izzy shoving her blood is raphael’s face when he clearly wasn’t morally comfortable with it was #toxic has hell. miss me with that whole 2nd izaphael scene.

RevaLink Kissing Practice

“Hey Link? Care to fill me up a bit on how exactly are we going to do this?”

“Just shut up and trust me” the Hylian chuckled, a sound that Revali isn’t used to since his blond partner rarely talks.

Link placed his hands on his cheeks, slowly caressing his feathers while staring at his forest green eyes. His other hand trailed down, to his shoulder, then his arm, and finally his hand, wrapping it around with his.

The Hylian has his eyes closed, hiding his gorgeous blue eyes. Link buried himself in the crook of Revali’s neck, the Rito sighed at their peaceful moment but no matter how sweet the moment is, he was still curious and impatient.

“As much as I love this, this isn’t exactly the kiss I was expecting”

“Shut your beak, I’m onto it” Link grumbled, humoring his Rito boyfriend. He lifts his face from its comfortable position from before and started to pepper Revali’s face with tiny kisses. Starting from his beak, to his cheeks, and his neck.

Revali started to snicker, not because he was amused by how Link was ‘kissing’ him, but he was slightly ticklish when it comes to his neck. Link was slightly confused to why he was snickering but he continued anyways.

“Okay, okay that’s enough Link”

“Aww why? Not up to your style? If you wanted something more steamy then you should’ve told me” Link wiggled his eyebrows, half serious, half joking.

“Keep your mind out of the gutter. I’m just ticklish”

“Oh? Is that so?” Link had the biggest shit eating grin on his face and Revali does not like it.

“I swear to the goddesses, Link, if you dare try-”

Too late. Revali squawked as the Link pounced on him, both if his hands were on his neck, tickling him so hard that he swore he could see the heavens.

“L-link! Get off me this instant!–f-fuck’S SAKE STOP”

“Hmm, nah”

After a couple of minutes, Link finally gave some mercy and let Revali breathe. They both went out of the room, Link’s straw colored hair was a mess while Revali was still catching his breath.

The Champions decided not to question them.

A/N: There’s no plot whatsoever here. I just wanted to practice a fluffy kissing scene with 'em lmao. Revali’s probably OOC lol. It’s my first time writing him, as well as Link! So this is a whole new thing for me.

It’s probably OOC of Link to speak but eh, I hc that he has selective mutism and talks a LOT when he’s with the peeps he REALLY likes/is confident to be with. For Revali, I hc that his sassy/narcissistic personality is just some sort of shell? Idk but it’s my headcanon that he’s a big ball of fluff on the inside. I’ll try to improve writing their personalities more next time (´∀`)

(I also gave up on editing the italics, I’ll probably fix em later)

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Honestly it's nice to see another person who is scared of commitment, single as a Pringle, demisexual, and a hopeless romantic. Soul twin

((OOC: Just skip to 0:45… or listen to the whole thing…. because this movie is gold))