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so…  in 2 months time,  ya girl will have officially become a  manager  !

look okay i’m sorry but i just can’t get over the whole izzy & raphael thing this ep??? like it was so ooc?
like okay, breaking it down, the first scene was good, it was raphael being a good, caring person and it worked fine.
but then okay the second scene??? i’m sorry but i cannot understand why those two had that conversation about raphael’s turning and family and stuff??? it was like the least impactful person for him to talk about that with. they didn’t /know/ each other. to raphael, izzy is just someone who ///killed his clan members (whilst rescuing simon)/// and helped break out camille and burned him while doing it??? and izzy didn’t even have the same drive as clary and simon (to save their mother figure). and lmao i could talk about how izzy should definitely have stopped them as the more experienced and less naive shadowhunter but that’s a wholeeeee other can o’ worms.

raphael having that conversation with her was honestly confusing and made the whole thing less impactful. have him have this conversation with Simon, showing how he’s a good person and how he’s actually caring and showing the struggles he had as a fledgling and how he /understands/ family loyalty. show how he’s not ready to forgive simon, but he /gets it/.
have him have this conversation clary, who herself is still new to this world and doesn’t quite understand the complexity of it. have raphael show clary he isn’t evil like she thinks, and that he has his own back story. have him show her she was wrong in what she did in more ways than she understands.
have him have this conversation with magnus, a heart-to-heart with his old mentor about his past. (imagine instead of the 2nd izaphael scene that raphael went to magnus ashamed of drinking from izzy and unsure of how to get her off yin fen).

also lmao izzy shoving her blood is raphael’s face when he clearly wasn’t morally comfortable with it was #toxic has hell. miss me with that whole 2nd izaphael scene.

//Y I K E S. Someone decided to be racist on one of my posts so blooooooock!! They literally took what I was saying and twisting it in all the wrong directions. Yikes™ just yiiiikes. Not gonna deal with people like that who can’t take the idea a character isn’t 100% white only because they are ‘said in the book to have white skin’. Byeeeee.//

ohhh hey there Guys its me.. the queen of being LATE ! aka Kit :p i live in california so that puts me in the Pst timezone heh and i use she/her pronouns ! also im eighteen years old as of january… finally a real LEGAL ADULT.. so happy to be in the club x and now that all of this is out of the way, here’s some stuff about presley :p

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PSA: We all know that the m.iz is a P.O.S like 70-80-90% of the time. He’s gonna get on your muses nerves he going to make it his GOAL to push at least one of your muses buttons and have your muse get upset by any means, and I know this. I am aware that I’d like to punch him in the face 99% of the time so I give you all permission for your muses to slap the m.iz in any way shape or form they they deem it. I encourage it

because sometimes if not all the time he really needs to get a slap to the face, a reality check in order to find an equilibrium between Mike and The M.iz.

I wanted to note that the events of the first movie was actually much different in the original Japanese version than the dubbed American version, & I take both contexts into account.

To quote another post:

Likewise, Mew’s speech to Mewtwo is different in the Japanese version. In the English version, Mew gives a speech about how real strength comes from the heart, whereas in the Japanese version, Mew declares that all unnatural life (ie, clones) are inferior to the originals, and thus should perish. […] Mewtwo, having been emotionally scarred by the events of Amber’s death, betrayed by humans, witnessing its own sheer power, and pondering its right to exist (not to mention it was created by years of genetic splicing, giving it a dangerous personality), decides to prove its right to exist, now believing itself to be superior to natural life. Mew, on the other hand, believes unnatural life should be destroyed, and feels it is superior to Mewtwo and its army of clones. Only when Ash is killed and brought back to life by the tears shed by both normal and cloned Pokémon do Mewtwo and Mew realize all life is equal.

it’s not really the cheating thing that has me feeling lost but honestly now i just see maggie as an overwhelmingly sad character. she’s not like kara, who turns her sadness into positivity. maggie just outright ignores it and pushes those feelings down until she’s slapped in the face with them again. i just feel like there’s a permanent push and pull inside of her and i just see her as being really sad? and doesn’t want to show it, so she never does? she’s not bubbly or joyful and all she really has is alex ( who is never quite going to understand what it’s like to not be accepted by a family and consistently dumped / treated badly ). alex has a family and friends and would be absolutely fine ( eventually ) if maggie left her life for some reason. but i don’t really think maggie could say the same if alex left hers. idk i just feel like this’ll affect my portrayal ( maybe for the better ) and make it a lot deeper and darker than it originally was.

i officially sign my contract tomorrow or Thursday, but the job is officially mine. I’m very happy but also super sad because I didn’t realize how tired I would be till today.. I suck that I can’t simply do one reply a day. BUT I drafted them all… heh shorter threads are so much easier then longer ones so don’t think I’m ignoring you. I’m half way done I just haven’t don’t the other half. The next two days I’ll be working 12 hours instead of 10 just just don’t expect me to really to anything at all cause I’ll just be dead for sure. But Once I’m used to all of this I’ll reply for sure !!!!!! Soooooooooooooooo I’ll instead be here —-> line: k.yura92 , aim: kyura92

-love Rosie

Oh Fairy Tail is coming to the end? I can catch up. ahsjahadks

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Riko, Honoka and Tiffani sing candy store

im assuming this is the song from heathers right

sry anon you’re probably better off asking the guys if you want dreadnought: the musical to be a thing :’)

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Have you changed your name from Grey to Finley or is Finley like your birth name or something?

“Is Finley like your birth name or something” absolutely fucking not, god forbid. Grey and Finley are both names I chose as alternatives to my deadname, and Grey is a little more impersonal since I feel like I put more thought into choosing Finley, but they’re both 50x better than using my deadname [ aka my “birth name” ]. Most of my friends on tumblr call me Grey, and Finley is what my boyfriend, my best friend, and like maybe 2 other people know me as, although it’s not like I actually have a rule about “don’t call me Finley unless our relationship meets x condition”, it just kinda turned out that way. Tl;dr they’re both my real name & I didn’t change anything, I just added onto it, if that makes sense?

BOLD any which apply to your muse! Remember to **REPOST! **Feel free to add to the list!

[ COLORS ] red. brown. orange. yellow. green. blue. purple. pink. black. white. teal. silver. gold. grey. lilac. metallic. matte. royal blue. strawberry red. charcoal grey. forest green. apple red. navy blue. crimson. cream. mint green.

[ ELEMENTS ] fire. ice. water. air. earth. rain. snow. wind. moon. stars. sun. heat. cold. steam. frost. fog. lightning. sunlight. moonlight. dawn. dusk. twilight. midnight. sunrise. sunset.dewdrops.

[ BODY ] claws. long fingers. fangs. teeth. wings. ** tails**. lips. bare feet. freckles. bruises. canine. scars. scratches. wounds. burns. spikes. feathers. webs. eyes. hands. sweat. tears. feline. chubby. curvy. short. tall. normal height. muscular. piercing. tattoos. big

[ WEAPONS ] fists. sword. dagger. spear. arrow. hammer. shield. poison. guns. axes. throwing axes. whips. knives. throwing knives. pepper sprays. tasers. machine guns_. _slingshots. katanas. maces. staffs. wands. powers. magical items. magic. rocks. mud.

[ MATERIALS ] gold. silver. platinum. titanium. diamonds. pearls. rubies. sapphires. emeralds. amethyst. metal. iron. rust. steel. glass. wood. porcelain. paper. wool. fur. lace. leather. silk. velvet. denim. linen. cotton. charcoal. clay. stone. asphalt. marble. dust. glitter. blood. dirt. mud. smoke. ash. shadow. carbonate. rubber. synthetics. crystals

[ NATURE ] grass. leaves. trees. bark. roses. daisies. tulips. lavender. petals. thorns. seeds. hay. sand. rocks. roots. flowers. ocean. river. meadow. forest. desert. tundra. savanna. rainforest. caves. underwater. coral reef. beach. waves. space. clouds. mountains. underground.

[ ANIMALS ] lions. wolves. bears. eagles. owls. falcons. hawks. swans. snakes. turtles. ducks. bugs. spiders. birds. whales. dolphins. fish. sharks. horses. cats. dogs. bunnies. praying mantises. crows. ravens. mice. lizards. werewolves. unicorns. pegasus. dragons. rats. monsters. wendigos. parasites. tigers. foxes. bats. armadillos.

[ FOODS/DRINKS ] **sugar. salt. candy. bubblegum. wine. champagne. hard liquor. beer. coffee. tea. spices. herbs. apple. orange. lemon. cherry. strawberry. watermelon. vegetables. fruits. meat. fish. pies. desserts. chocolate. cream. caramel. berries. nuts. cinnamon. burgers.  burritos. pizza. **ambrosia. cookies.

[ HOBBIES ] music. art. watercolors. gardening. smithing. sculpting. painting. sketching. fighting. writing. composing. cooking. sewing. training. dancing. acting. singing. martial arts. self-defense. electronics. ** technology**. cameras. video cameras. video games. computer. phone. movies. theater. libraries. books. magazines. cds. records. vinyls. cassettes. piano. violin. guitar. electronic guitar. bass guitar. harmonica. harp. woodwinds. brass. bells. playing cards. poker chips. chess. dice. motorcycle riding. eating. climbing. running.

[ STYLE ] lingerie. armor. cape. dress. tunic. vest. shirt. boots. heels. leggings. trousers. jeans. skirt. jewelry. earrings. necklace. bracelet. ring. pendant. hat. crown. circlet. helmet. scarf. brocade. cloaks. corsets. doublet. chest plate. gorget. bracers. belt. sash. coat. jacket. hood. gloves. socks. masks. costume. ruffle collar. cowls. braces. watches. glasses. sunglasses. visor. eye contacts. makeup. hoodie. sweater. necktie.

[ MISC ] balloons. bubbles. cityscape. light. dark. candles. war. peace. money. power. percussion. clocks. photos. mirrors. pets. kisses. diary. fairy lights. madness. sanity. sadness. happiness. optimism. pessimism. loneliness. fear. family. friends. assistants. co-workers. enemies. loyalty. deception. smoking. drugs. kindness. love. hugs. criminal. lawful.

(Arma is… a bit of a glutton XD)

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(outside of some of the unpotatofied da2 zev mods) i have literally never seen a “better/sexier [character x]” mod for dragon age that i thought actually looked even slightly good


EDDIE: Oh, better far to live and die

             Under the green freak flag I fly

             Than play a sanctimonious part

             With a roguish head and a roguish heart

             Away to the boring world go you

            Where scoundrels all are well-to-do

           But I’ll be true to the song I sing

            And live and die as Gotham’s future king!

            Fooooor I am the future king!


EDDIE: And it is, it is a glorious thing to be the future king

            For I am the future king!


                                                   Hurrah for the future king!

EDDIE: And it is, it is a glorious thing to be the future king!


                                                   Behold Gotham’s future king!

                                                   Hurrah for the future king!

(Original song by Gilbert and Sullivan, altered lyrics by a very slap-happy Schemer XD)