this whole thing is awesome idk

Commissioned my main boy Cobalt Falcon from one of my favorite artists @theasgardiandetective!!!! It looks amazing and I love it!
(If you’re thinking of getting art I definitely recommend this guy he’s the best)

DONE! Yay! :‘DD I made my fursona/Oc a little while ago, but I didnt finish the normal pic yey XD BUT! I saw @blogthegreatrouge post about vg!spring and the gang, and So! I made Vg!Mimi (or mamabird cuz I call Mimi mamabird too cuz idk what to do with my life :D) So there ya go! *squeal*


VgMimi is an Owl Kitty Assassin! Cuz Shanking people as an Owlcat thing is awesome(idk lel, thought it was cool, and yes, there are feathers and normal fur mixed together, gonna have to deal with it lol


Vg((not sure what it stands for, I’m guessing video game lol))Mimi- Belongs to mwah(me, sorry I’m really excited)

VgSpring(and pretty much the whole idea)- @blogthegreatrouge

P.S; Don’t worry @nekophy I’m almost done with goth’s birthday drawing, and sorry it took so long ;3; lots of stuffs happenin, I’ll finish it tomorrow ;w;


Gabe finally got new shit! She went the whole first leg of the campaign with only picking up a useless trinket (a little brass dolphin sculpture) but got a weapon upgraded to an awesome new greataxe just in time for the final dungeon crawl and she got the boss’s mithril scale mail. Her greataxe gives her advantage on any intimidation roll where it is in view. She’s so nice but she’s still an INTIMIDATION MACHINE.

anyway it is 5am and I am going on 48hrs w/a fever I’m in hell and idk why I decided drawing would be a good fucking thing when I don’t even like being conscious rn

Request List

✔️Clubs and Blood–Jerome smut? where he gets incredibly jealous where it gets to the point where he kills the guy right in front of you thats been flirting with you all night? and then ends with angry passionate s m u t ?

✔️Laughter is the best medicine–jerome fluff where the reader was held hostage and jerome saves her but shes hurt and he cares for her and is just super over protective? thank you so much and love your imagines!

✔️Number one fan–Can you do one where the reader is the number one crime boss/villain and Jerome admires her so much that he follows them around until he gets caught. Maybe they become partners, he gets jealous and stuff, and it has a pretty happy ending.

✔️Breaking out my baby–Imagine where the reader gets thrown in Arkham when Jerome is killed,since she was crying over his dead body and Jim saw this as an opportunity to arrest her.So when Jerome returns he goes to save her,finding her completely insane from being tortured

Jelly beans–Could you please do a fanfic where Jerome gets Jealous or one where he meets the reader in Arkham? Thank you! You’re a great reader! I look forward to reading more of your work soon! :)

Sticks and Stones? Staples and Thrones- You should do one where Jerome meets Harley for the first time after being all cut up. (Yet he’s somehow still beautiful!!) And he takes an immediate liking to her because she’s totally bad ass and doesn’t care about his scars? The rest is your imagination, I guess.

Don’t be so stupid–Could you do a rough kinky Jerome smut

Perfectly plump–Hi can you write something where Jerome reacts to someone making a rude comment about the readers weight? Thanks XxX

Lost and found–Could you do a Jerome imagine where he finds the reader after coming back to life

Monkey see monkey do–Jerome with a little kid who likes to mimick him and wants to be just like him? Murdering and all? It can be whenever in the time line

I’m the boss–I was thinking of a jerome x reader. Like maybe you’re part of the Maniax with him and you get in an argument with him during a job that gets a little rough. Maybe he pushes you against a wall or something? Maybe an “i’ll deal with you later” and so on and so forth.

Eye catching–I need me some Jerome circus imagine in my life!!! Maybe you could do one were the reader is into 80’s/90’s fashion and rocks it?. She’s blonde and loves clowns and freaky shit so when they bump into each other in Gotham’s carnival they’re both instantly stunned!? They could be super flirtatious and both as bad as one another. (P.S if you make the reader British I’ll love you for life

Has anyone seen my Harley?!–Could I get a Jerome fic? Him and Harley were already an established relationship and she was there with him the night he died, after he kills Dwight he goes to find her!! I need total worship of his face please :)) You can have whatever you want to happen just as long as they reunite.

Sweetie pie–Okay so Jerome always seems to have a sort of narcissistic additude right? What if there was a girl he’d known his whole life who he had on a pedestal? Like do no wrong, maybe even wanting the cult to worship her instead.

You wish!–Hi can you do an image of Jerome X Reader where everyone knows that the reader belongs to Jerome even after death so when Dwight tried to become Jerome he takes the reader and she keeps fighting him and saying things like he will never be Jerome so Dwight hits her on live t.v. causing Jerome to become furious and he saves the reader in the end.

King and Queen–Reader met him when he was in circus and both are crazy (XD) in love with each other. And have plans to be King and Queen of Gotham city. When Jerome is in Arkham he misses her so much. One day he find Queen of hearts card under his plate..and then Queen’s and hers entourage most epic and badass arrival in history.
I have end in my mind, but don’t want to tie you with to many details. So you have free hand, I guess. Just some mad fluff.

Sweet little monster–Jerome with a little kid who likes to mimick him and wants to be just like him? Murdering and all? It can be whenever in the time line

Have you learned nothing?!–Can you do an imagine where The reader is Jeromes ex and he finds them after they went on a date with another man and it turns into jealous smut?

Good Cop Bad Cop–Maybe Jerome could have a thing for, or be in love with, Jim Gordon’s fiancé or girlfriend before he died?And she finds reawakened Jerome instead of Lee?

Triangles–Can you do a imagine or headcanon where everyone likes the reader, as in they’re all cool with her & got her back, so when they find out she’s in a polyamorous relationship with Edward & Jerome (let’s pretend that Penguin isn’t head over heels for Ed ) they getting really upset cus shes basically everyone’s little sister & its just a bunch of funny dramatic fluff mess 😂😂😂 Also your work is awesome❤❤

Lookie here!–Hi I was wondering if you could do a Jerome imagine where he meets the reader at Arkham is always trying to her attention

Innocence is Pure–Do you think you could please make a fluffy imagine where the reader is not into the whole, “murder yay” thing (I guess you can say she’s a bit innocent), so Jerome is a bit sensitive/careful around her? Idk, something different than when the reader is a bad girl.

Now that’s interesting–I love your blog and you’re writing can I request a Jerome Smut where he’s just been bought back to life and he comes to find and sees your dating some one else and gets jealous . So he shows you who you belong to

Nice Effects!–Can I request an imagine where Jerome is back from the dead and on the hunt for his face when he meets reader and she points him to Dwight and when Jerome finally gets his face and puts it back on they can kiss and have some naughty times lol?

The best people are–reader being a normal teen girl and then being crazy and then being a maniac and then being jerome’s girlfriend or something, i can’t be more clear XD

Small but violent–could I maybe get a fic where Jerome is just wandering the streets to just cause chaos, and sees the reader and decides to mess with her. but he seriously underestimates what they’re capable of and he likes her dark side. I hope that makes sense and I gotta say I love your work. Makes my day.

Chicken noodle soup–Can you do a request with Jerome where he comes home “after work” to a sick gf and they just have a cuddly moment wrapped up in the covers and just fluff

Red as blood–Jerome request His not-so-sane plans for valentine’s day? Humorous yet smutty, maybe x

Familiar– Can I request an imagine where the reader and Jerome both come back from the dead and don’t remember each other. But then Jerome remembers the reader after a near death experience

Armed and ready–Could you do a Jerome smut where he is in a relationship with s crazy evil girl y/n and he basically gets arrested and then y/n bursts into the prison covered in weapons and saves him then they have rough sex with a lot of biting from Jerome

Entertainment–can you please make an imagine where the reader is like the hottest stripper at the club and jerome notice how good she looks and can’t stop looking at her so he take her to his place and they well you know. Thank you!!

Roof tops and dark ally ways–Can I have an imagine where Jerome stalks

Who even likes sticks?–Can I have an imagine where I’m curvy and Jerome has a crush

So for day 5 for the monster girl challenge, Mermaid! So I chose to draw Mermaid Goth as a female (since it’s well, monster girl) but not only cause it’s an awesome character but cause an old drawing I drew of mermaid Goth was the thing that started this whole, idk, tumblr account? I did have this account for a while but well nobody noticed me until I did that drawing, my earliest followers may remember it. Anyway, since Mermaid Goth doesn’t have a female design I made it myself :3 (even tho it’s not that different ^ ^’) (And no the hair isn’t purple I just shaded with that color)

 Anyway! Too the credits! 

 Goth belongs to @nekophy 

Mermaid!goth belongs to @pwnage101 

And well I guess this design belongs to me :3

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Izuku should just make a hand full of weapons with grips made out of his hair. That way if there is some horrific villain he really doesn't want his human friends to have to face he could recruit a bunch of ghosts to help wail on them. Imagining baby eating smile Izuku with a whole host of floating weapons at his back is basically the most fantastic thing ever. If I were a villain I'd lose my shit!




But it’s awesome all the same.

dark queen luthien au for me is the one where she promotes a sort of somber spring all along the north, with plants growing wild and strong and blocking out the sun for those who live below… the forest in Taur-nu-Fuin would be even more connected to her than Doriath was to Melian, I bet. Huorns and ents all thrive in this place. Maybe Tom Bombadil comes live there idk hahaha. Doriath eventually stops blossoming, I suppose…. Thingol and Melian are terrified.

Beren would at the same time be her knight and her treasure. She can’t allow him to be in danger, he is fragile. We know Morgoth had the means to keep an elf from dying of inanition, and I’ve said I’m positive he can do similarly to mortals, taking Húrin as an example, and then there is the Ring in the third age so - maybe - she manages to extend Beren’s life for a terribly long time. IDK how he finally feels about the whole thing… There is potential for really angsty stuff here, depending on how much you want Luthien to fall into darkness. Maybe he still lives, and impossibly old man forever sitting at the base of some old and twisted tree? Who knows. 

Dior exists ofc tho! And Dior’s gotta dance among the shadows of the forest of Taur-ni-Fuin. Andddddddd wouldn’t that be awesome to have a reverse Beren and Luthien, with Nimloth, after enduring a cold winter lost in the shadow of the northern forests, stumbling upon him singing the plants into blossoming? :)

in-universe ninja ship party drabble!

holy shit this turned into something huge,, i hope you like it @skyhillian!!! :0 

Prompts: (i ended up writing all three of these into one whole thing lol)

Ninja Brian was never in a good mood.

Like, ever.

As long as Danny had known him, which had been for decades, he couldn’t ever recall seeing him smile even once. And even when Brian was in a decent mood, he’d still snap Danny’s neck in a split second over nothing. But no matter what mood he was in, he never smiled. Ever. It was something about not showing weakness or some bullshit like that, Danny remembered Brian signing to him once.

But today, Brian was really fucking pissed. Why?

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105 Days Of BroTPs, day 23: Adrien and Nathaniel

Draw me like one of y… nvm I’m not finishing that sentence

  • These two would actually get along so well though! They’re both fairly reserved and everything so there would be no issue of being too loud or invading personal space or whatever, they both just suit each other
  • Adrien’s a model, right?? Imagine Nath drawing him!! Or sculpting a thing!! Or just idk using Adrien as inspiration and making awesome artwork, it would be so blessed!!
  • Nath doesn’t even really have any friends but everyone gets along well with Adrien because he’s a lovely sweetheart kind-natured person, so he would totally be friends with Nath and be really nice to him, which is just what a shy loner like Nath would want out of a friend
  • Adrien would encourage his artwork!! I mean, remember the whole “you’re really talented Marinette”?? Nath’s artwork is AMAZING and Adrien would certainly say so, which is nice because you get the feeling the tomato does not get complimented a lot
  • I bet they both love anime. You know they would. They’re dorks.
  • Adrien… probably commissions Nath… to draw Ladynoir…

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TBH I'm kind of concerned about the adaptation already, I'm honestly not trying to bring the mood down but the guy who's set up as showrunner doesn't really have a history of producing good stuff, nor the woman set up to direct the pilot...

hey, man! it’s okay! i hear you completely, and i fully understand why you’re wary. like. i wish i could promise you it’ll be good. but really, idk. so, i’m approaching this whole thing with the same attitude i have toward the ronan cycle, the same attitude i have toward everything trc-related these days:

if it’s good? then that’s awesome! we’ll have new content! we can see our kids brought to life!! and the show will even provide opportunities to fix some of the shortcomings of canon–for example, the excessive whiteness of the cast, the sometimes lackluster plot, and the fact that henry wasn’t included more from the beginning! that’d be amazing!!

if it’s Not good? then… like. i’ll be disappointed. of course i will be. but It Will Be Okay. for me, trc has never been about what’s there. it’s always been about what could be. so much of what i love about the books is in their potential, not in canon (because, in case yall never noticed, canon really doesn’t mean anything to me). so much of what i love about this series is in the fandom and in our interpretations. because, like, canon isn’t flawless. the books aren’t perfect. but that doesn’t mean i don’t love them? it doesn’t mean i don’t enjoy them? you know what i’m saying?

so, if parts of it are bad? then i’ll talk about those parts, criticize those parts, and write over those parts in my mind. exactly like i do with the books. 

and if parts of it are good? then i’ll take those parts and enjoy them.

and if, worst case scenario, the Whole Thing is an irredeemable Garbage Fire? then, like, it’ll suck. for sure. it’ll be rough. but we’ll have a great time tearing it apart together. we’ll all cringe about it like we all cringe about the horrible live-action avatar the last airbender movie, and ultimately, It Will Be Okay. it wont change the books, it wont change everything that we’ve made.

tl;dr: i’m prepared to be disappointed, but that doesn’t at all dampen my excitement. i’m really looking forward to seeing how this shakes out, one way or another. truthfully, i think it’ll be Pretty Clear how this is gonna go by the time we have a cast? but no matter what happens, it’ll be okay! it’ll be okay. i’m excited. :’)

Cas in the later part of S12

I know people are worried about the future for Cas as filming spoilers of Misha have been very vague, I am too

But lets not forget that 12x19 is cas centric (woohoo!) and that Misha said several weeks ago that Cas will be powering up somehow, be instrumental to the whole Kelly Kline, lucifers child thing and we will see a new iteration of Cas. So I doubt that the writers will kill him off, although i can never predict whats going through their heads so if he dies, they die 

But about this new iteration of Cas and him powering up, I’m really intrigued as we have seen so many versions of his character. So either he becomes somewhat similar to a Seraph again or he could become something better

An archangel 

That would be fucking awesome, Idk if it can be done but I would love that.

Hmm. This Kate vs Outlaws thing is going to be a hard sell for me tbh. Kate is awesome but I’m supposed to believe she’s a credible threat to the team?

Also Jason is on good terms with the Batfamily why the hell is she after him?

This newest clip was so weird to me, not bc it wasn’t good, in fact I thought the subtle racism shown was very true to the micro aggressions that permeate real life versus the raging racism tv can sometimes show. But it didn’t jibe well with the girl power themes of sticking together, strength in female friendships and forgiveness shown in season one, and that Skam has continued to show. Granted, I can see why Sana would have a particularly antagonistic relationship with the Pepsi max crew bc of the whole spilling-water thing in s 1, and obviously Sara’s “Norwegian” comment didn’t win her any points. BUT idk I just can’t see Julie having two female squads “battle it out” when there was a reconciliation between them shown in season one and indeed season two (Ingrid being present at Noorhelms party reads like friendliness to me).

And sooooo … did anyone notice the bus has 25 seats? And the girl squad has 5 people while the Pepsi Max crew has 20???? Ummmm I sense a HUGE AWESOME MASHED UP GIRL SQUAD forming for the Russ Buss, which would also solve the money issue.

Idk, I’m probs wrong, but I’m procrastinating on an essay so this is all I have left. I’m gonna leave and go back to the dumpster where I belong.

105 Days Of BroTPs, day 27: Alya and Chloé

Super frenemies

  • Imagine Chloé‘s redemption arc. Imagine her becoming a nicer person. Imagine her apologizing to Alya for how rude she’s been. IMAGINE THEM MAKING FRIENDS AND BECOMING BEST FRIENDS OVER TIME
  • They bond over how much they utterly love Ladybug!! And work together on the Ladyblog, getting interviews with her and setting up fan events and stuff, it would be awesome!!
  • Also imagine if Alya joined in with Chloé’s Ladybug roleplaying thing, it would be so awesome and adorable
  • ZAGSPOILERS: What if Fox and Bee became friends though, that would be so neat, in fact the whole Fox/Bee square would be neat
  • What if they swapped aesthetics for one day?? Chloé in flannels and Alya in designer stuff, wow
  • Idk how Chloé would deal with Alya’s little sisters, probably not very well, but it would be hilarious

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If you're taking yoi requests could I please have some domestic morning Viktuuri cuteness with coffee? Idk i live for that kind of stuff :) (i love your art btw, you're awesome!)

Hello~ Sorry for the late reply! 

Actually it isn’t exactly cute and  I was laughing the whole time i was drawing this, ‘cause in my headсanon first  several days yuuri and viktor sleep together yuuri wakes up earlier and just stares at viktor ‘cause he can’t believe this and several days later SHIT GETS REAL and yuuri regrets everything in his life haha

I've been tagged. Yay, I guess?

I’ve been tagged by the awesome @yellow-pips so here we go :

1)Nickname:Mainly Nilo , or Nilly but I’m not a huge fan of the second one idk why.

2)Zodiac: Leo , and a very proud one at that. Aside from the whole conceited thing of course.

3)Height: last I checked it was something like 5ft 3in? But it probably changed

4)Last Thing I Googled: where were sandwiches created ? (Don’t even ask)

5)Favourite Music Artist: God, I love basically everything but I grew up listening to Andrea Bocelli. Also Dodie has an Angelic voice. And I will always love P!ATD , MCR and FOB

6)Song Stuck In My Head: Baby its cold outside.

7)Last Movie Watched: Probably St. Trinians . What a wonderful film .

8)What I’m Wearing: a tank top and shorts do you expect to wear anything else in this heat? hell no

9)Why Did I Choose My URL: idk, I’m a Ravenclaw so I thought I’d let people know. Pretty Obvious tbh

10)Do You Have Any Other Blogs: Nope

11)What Did My Last Relationship Teach me : What an interesting, thought provoking question for someone who has never been in a relationship. That took a good 10 minutes out of my day.(jk)

12)Religious or Spiritual: Nah

13)Favourite Colour: soft yellow

14)Average Hours Of Sleep: haHaHaHAhaH WhAts tHat????

15) Lucky Number : 4 , because year four was my best year

16)Idk if he’s lesser known , but he’s definitely under appreciated, Frank Zhang will always be my fav. And also Hearth from Magnus Chase BECAUSE HE DOESNT DESERVE THE BULLSHIT THAT COMES HIS WAY

17)In this heat , none, but when the uk isnt a fiery pit in hell ,only one .

18)Dream Job: Uni Professor

19 ) Tagging: @goodjobbro72 @stopbeingartsy
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I don't know if you know this actually you don't but there's this ad of pakistani battery Phoenix where the song goes like"billu tu mera hero hai" I'm just surprised nobody's talking about it, maybe you should check that out?

Is this the one? 


Also, if this ad isn’t the most accurate representation for Shivaay’s whole life, idk what it is. Baahari duniya ke liye style and tadi and awesomeness, asal mein banda is 100% HOT MESS.COM 😂😂😂

(Btw, I was watching the India/Pak match on a PTV stream, and you guys have some real cute ads! I’m in love with the cute-ass animated Kwality Walls Donut Ice Cream ad, where it catches an almost-sixer with the “hole” and lets out the most adorable little giggle, oh my god! 90s ke amazing Indian ads yaad aa gaye!)