this whole thing is absolutely heartbreaking

Finally was able to watch this week’s episode

WOW. Wow is all I can say to be completely honest. This episode was fantastic. It had the perfect mix of the goofiness/light-heartedness and dark/seriousness that makes this show so wonderful. My heart broke when Reynard killed Marina. I honestly didn’t expect that to happen and I’m really interested to see how Julia deals with this. Ayeeee, Alice finally became a Niffin and then died i guess? So heartbreaking that Q’s cacodemon is the thing that did her in. And now they are gonna start the the whole Q trying to bring her back plot line which I absolutely adore. A little sad that she forgave him so easily and they repaired their relationship in the show tho, I really enjoy the lengthy process and progression of them building it back up in the books. Julia is just wonderful as always, I live for her. Margo and Eliot’s one-liners were fantastic as usual. Kady back next episode as well so I’m super excited !!!

Novak Vs. Winchester by Secretlyademigodinthetardis

Summary: Castiel, high school History teacher, has recently moved back to Kansas from England with his boyfriend, Balthazar. However, he instantly clashes with Dean Winchester, who also teaches at Lawrence High and is still mourning the loss of his brother. Their mutual aggresssion towards one another is lost when dramatic events occur, and they’re left to deal with the aftermath.

Comments: 10/10, 10/10 times 10, like 20/10. Oh my god this is awesome. I literally read the whole thing in bed and stayed up until 2am. It’s angsty and sad, oh is it sad, I had tears running down my cheeks at some points. But the ending was worth it, the last chapter was so worth it. Possibly the best fic I’ve ever read, seriously. The way the author describes dean’s emotions is heartbreaking and yet so convincing, and Cas is absolutely incredible. Gabriel is an ass but a supportive one. I have no words for how much I love this, seriously. There isn’t a lot of sex scenes, it mostly focuses on hurt/comfort, which I normally avoid like the plague but this is so good. Fluffy and angsty, domestic and heartbreaking, I cannot recommend this enough. Just read it, you won’t regret it. There’s enough sexual tension to tide you through the sad parts as well, so don’t worry. WARNING: Sam died from an OD before the fic takes place.

okay.. listen. listen.

the way takumi looks at you in the whole choose your fate cutscene thing is absolutely heartbreaking. he looks like a lost puppy and it’s so obvious that he’s silently pleading for you to side with them and i can’t handle it. one look at his face there and i’m sold. there’s no way i can go against that. i mean.. just look at him and tell me you don’t want to hug him immediately:

Have you guys ever read a fanfic that was so heartbreaking and beautiful and wonderful, something that absolutely broke your heart but at the same time made it whole again? Something that after reading it you’d just want to hug the person who wrote it and never let go because that person right there created something so amazing that it literally touched your soul and made you feel so many different things at the same time.

Yeah, i just really love fanfic writers, seriously God bless each and every one of you. You’re absolutely amazing and deserve to be noticed. 

First StormPilot fic recs

I will have more coming, as I need to go back and find some of my past favorites, and there are more wonderful fics every day, but here’s 5 great ones to start with:

Forever (Until the End) by cleverusernameloading


It’s with a sense of horror that Poe watches Finn collapse to the floor.

Because those were the words that are inked on Poe’s left forearm.

or, the whole “your tattoo is the last thing your soulmate says to you” thing

-Warning: this fic is heartbreaking.  It absolutely had me in tears.


This one has a Poe who is experienced at being dominant in bed, but adorably nervous when Finn asks to get the chance to top for once, and it’s just all around hot.  Definitely NSFW.

Naivety and Stupidity

Loved this one already, but then it had this in chapter…8 I think?

““So that is all what I mean when I say Poe is head over heels for you. He adores you, would die for you, loves you in so many different ways and aspects, and if you didn’t recuperate any of those feelings he would be able to live with that as long as he simply got the chance to be near you, to be your friend,” Caus-Lo finally seemed to finish.”

This lovely description of being in love meaning you’re just so glad that person is in your life even if only as a friend grabbed hold of me and wouldn’t let go.

room of heartbeats.

Also includes PTSD!Poe, which is def part of my head canon after what Kylo Ren did to him.  This one is OT3.

“[Friend-Poe is not supposed to be in his T-70 until the Hosnian mission,] it tells him.

“It’s not like I was flying it.” And he wasn’t, technically. He was just thinking about flying it.

Finn just looks at the two of them, slightly bemused. “I have gotta get me some robot lessons.”

“You’ll never find peace and quiet again,” Poe tells him, and BB-8 rolls over his foot.”


This one looks at how someone who has recently had the force used against him to literally freeze him in place, hurt him, invade his mind and pull information out, how would that person do when encountering force users afterwards or having his friend overhear his emotions through the force…

Coming Together

I think this is my favorite of the soulmate AUs so far.  I love soulmate AUs, especially ones where there is a name or first words said to you mark (even though I don’t believe in soul mates in real life).  I always love the ones though with Finn really not understanding what it means, and Poe’s “my soulmate is a stormtrooper? WTF?” confusion.

My next few fic rec posts: 




World Most Famous Couple Drabble #9: Private Pictures

Y/N. Will. Flip.

I should’ve never let Za borrow my phone. He has a tendency to gossip faster than a teenage girl. I’m gonna fucking kill him. Y/N can’t see these. Y/N’s TEAM can’t see these. Y/N’s FANS can’t see these. But of course, it’s the 21st century, and didn’t I know, everyone would see these.

And the worst part about telling YN?

The fact that someone else was the one to do it. 

So coming home to my crying girlfriend was absolutely heartbreaking. Y/N was on a children’s show, and these pictures were definitely PG-13. Luckily for us, Y/N wasn’t one to get naked and have proof, so the worst photo was just her in a bra and underwear. But that doesn’t mean she was horrified any less. I wrapped her in my arms, trying to dodge the fact that this whole thing was my fault. 

“Y/N, are you mad at me?” I asked, remembering all the times she wasn’t, but should’ve been, and praying this could be another.

She wrapped her tiny little arms around me and faced me. I wanted to look away so badly from her crying face that led me to want to do the same, but her eyes were so captivating, it was so hard to.

“Justin…I know. I know that you started this whole thing, but I’m not going to hold it against you.”

I looked up at her, questioning her forgiveness.

“You aren’t? Y/N, I almost ruined your reputation.”

Almost is a funny little word. And it wasn’t your fault! You had no control over what Za was going to see on your phone, and who he was going to tell. Justin, you can’t predict the future. By giving him your password, you only thought he was texting his brother cause his phone died. You can’t beat yourself up for this.”

She leaned in and kissed my lips delicately.

“Then why are you crying?” I wondered, pulling away and wiping her tears with my sleeve.

“Because…it was a little sudden. And um…I didn’t know which pictures. I mean, you have a tendency to take a lot of photos when I’m not looking. You hold a lot of power on me.” She laughed.

“Relax, baby. I don’t think Za would be that cruel.”

the revelation that rose quartz shattered the fuck outta pink diamond, and steven’s absolute heartbreak upon hearing that (and trying to reconcile it w/ the whole Bismuth Thing and clearly failing), partially redeems Bismuth The Episode, for me

there’s obviously still the problems arising from underthinking racial coding & whatnot but at least the Breaking Point & subsequent schism are a lot deeper as a plot device if nothing else


Hi Taylor

My boyfriend and I broke up a couple days ago after a whole year of dating. He was my best friend and I told him absolutely everything. I genuinely thought we would be together for such a long time. But we started fighting a lot more over ridiculous things, he started lying to me about what he was doing which only made me think that he had done something because why else would he lie? Towards the end I started getting so frustrated with it all and it really hurt me when he would say things that made it seem like he didn’t care about me anymore. Which made me more upset and it made me try and care less too. I didn’t know what to do so I turned to a close friend of mine who suggested I maybe take a break, when I brought it up to him he just completely shot it down without considering it because he didn’t think it would change anything so we broke up “mutually”. Oh did I mention it was over text too? Kinda ridiculous, can’t even call me up and say it. Lucky for me I was with two of my closest friends swiftkilledmeonoctoberthird lifeasaswiftie13 who I met because of you. We spent 9 hours together, two meals, lots of dancing, watching videos of you and lots of distractions. These girls got me candy and chocolate to make me feel a little better. Anyways, I go home and just watch Netflix and I find out that one of my “closest friends” (who was one of the first people I told about the break up) invited my ex (it’s so weird and upsetting typing those words) to her house to hang out with other girls/guys. Just because we broke up doesn’t mean she can’t hang out with him and still be friends with him but the DAY we break up? Maybe it’s just me but I felt hat was insensitive. But that’s not even the worst part. I asked her how he was acting and she said “he’s being his normal self, he seems fine!” meanwhile I was sobbing. Other than that all of my friends have been really supportive and helpful but it’s so hard. Especially when he texted me today asking for his sweatshirt and says I should just give it to my close friend (the one that texted me that he was fine). Today I went to NYC with one of my friends and while I was shopping I realized that we had our last kiss on July 9th and once again I started crying.

It’s hard-especially at night when I’m alone and can think about it but I’m just trying to stay as positive about it as I can which is so hard but I have to believe that there has to be a reason this happened. It’s just heartbreaking when you put yourself out there and get your heart broken by someone who stopped trying and fighting for you. I’ve loved your music and you since I was 7 years old, it’s always been a huge part of my life. And while I didn’t think possible, i can connect to it so much more now which is amazing from a fans point of you but heartbreaking from my current point of view. I don’t know if you’ll ever see this but if you do just know that you’re getting me through this with your music. I’m so so sorry you had to experience what I am experiencing now.

Love, Tara